Tuesday, August 5, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Text Content of Page 1 of Trenton Times on Tuesday, August 5, 1890

Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - August 5, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey 'iftreni VOU VIII. NO. L _ _ _- _ NFARING DEATH'S DOOR. The Fatal Button Will Pressed Wednesday Be niINJSM-1 II All 1 ii lliU ui, Ihe Ihi" liiin ICi iiilnli i it by tin Di illi hit tti Morn- i n 1Iiii.li in Mlll- Will Iti Ihillled inn nt it Vntniui AMU l s N r> Inm present Indltati u s Vi ill 11 K in in It r vs ill In ix eetlted betui nil in 11' iv 1 it ik un the miirninn f d War den DiiikUin Mid last juijit that hi Jia'l neut mvitiii ns t. t'n ut wit- nesses on lnliv ifttiin n bi f irt betook his Imrin 1 ti t Niw ik and that these vvitni si tn to bt at tlie prison atTotloik I n lav tvining Following U a cop) of tl i nn it iti n 111. I ititlmi f V L Illlts 1 U1HUH Ill tlld WIlYlT' last vv i M feaifi 1 ul J u is tarh in the n S i it is inorniiiK i Kumnlir V urdeti i u tht following list 1> w nt at tht pribou il 1011 il I f NLH for tuiits sintt hf nt Kenitnltr tfiitt tt w the hour of tlii' week lis could more than liki I il will see tin md Durston lias of those who an to to witness tht f Dr C J M TKKNTON, TUESDAY AFTKKNOOX, AUGUST 5. 1890. MR. HARRISON ALARMED. IN TWE BASEBALL WuRLD Fresh Tli II m In f u i 1 inerly lau in th f tfie 'statt lu Rune linn 1 I) 11 1, of AI ban} Dr I' "-mthwi k of Biffilo Dr K C a f N "i rk Dr (.t rgu t tell of Hull i Dr M D inn Is of Buffulo Dr 1 irks lowkr of HuJTalo Dr I If iiku- f N lork Ixuis Bftlth of Ml nn intiri nf tht stntt board of hi il''i D U I Ntllis of AI biinj Dr (f x. s n Ji hn H Mans field of limn liuuli IluktrofBuf t 1' 'I s M Mm i! iin 11 r- ill 11 "spilie.il i il 1 il l IV it tnhfltl-tl- W lil-I- caused b) tht Jedth t{ J I j Ini Is if P i i i Ini n smil I i 111 i 1 h i at Hi n I. Nil i fi Hi ins, us nl I in 1 lit I't lining! n K f I i A M I o vis a i i I r toinlnUtid still! le it V i-l ing him" If in tht hi u 1 will aet is K ntli f J v (KB pit i s wi it t on t d l I Of rir Of tllt-t W aril silvi r d 11 irs I- r ink H m v h IT 111 n ij grant r it vin 1 i i 1 In Olvmpit t ml f N drl Is, t Hit iiiifitt.il fl ill at of the Ll) 'i rk elutridan of Jiulfalo expirt elettn i it 1 i nil ins h tti p s an Dunlap i f N C H Hnutli) clan Sen nuts of the law See The [irs ns havt also been notified aecfif to I i v to bt-jtrcstiit in their ofluial i B yuimb) district attornev f I- nt ountv ll i v er A Jenkins sheiiiT of Liie county Judge Henr) A Ini N f the supreme tourl.who sentenced Ktmmitr Hec trltnin Hirnis IntirvlevMtl fact tl it tht mine of Fleetrnlan Barnes of Ki In sti r d is not appear m Warden Dm- i IL il I st HedRomo comment I iM I he warden is tbongbt to be muth annov-d by the publication of the mtervit'w w ith Mr ifirnes which ap- peared in The Kcihster Pjst Impress i In.trn i to bt appoint ed an I it is j i bible MrTiamcs will be nun id i- tin third when the final arrangemints in in Mr Birnesdid not have charge of ili.efttrh test4? of the dyuamo a-s is t unit i wa.s present aud is intim iteh uqn unit 1 with the ma chiner) ami his is therefore desirable Intlei nr-t of the interview referred to tht rt ort. r isked Mr Birnts Do tli it tht apparatus will work efftttu iliv it Will Kin aim "As nn elet 11 tett'r Hiai e -no doubt that it_will No t'titinim who understands the subject an 1 fcnrms vvlmt the apparatus tloiihtj-h rt it M ill kill hun, "Do )ou think fh it he will suffer any from the shotk 'No Hit el Mroli will be applied to his skull and spinal eoliimn m such a way that the current will paralvze the brain instantly ilistrny ill fn order to feel un the stusation must be earned 11 tin bnm bv tht nerves "Do vmithjjik tin n any break of the skin hope n t If there should, the papers would in ikt snth i fuss we have that n iv nle 1 agunst Keeper MeXaughton an 1 Mr- Dnrston hope he will not be uted Tnuch the Button' "I suppose v on anil Durston are the only outs w ho know the time of the exe- cution? "Wt arc the onT) nnci time of day will the execution "It wont t lie pi ice between 7 In the morning and d at night It will be tn the fore part of the week Ihe man who will touch the liuiton lives in Auburn 1r Keinmlcr lie lily for Dpith It can he stall tl n the most reliable an tthority that t In st ntsof Krmmler s physi cnl and meiital receutl) pub- lished, are nnfnun Ii 1 Hi is as quiet as usual, amuses linn i If us he. has done foj? months past bv pr u tftTng Ills leeentlj ac quired actoniplishmi nt writing eats heartil) and sin s w 11 He pisstsnim h if hiMiiiK vvnting cirds rending from Ii s P.i lit ind talking vv ith his ket ptrs Hi i n t idvisir thi' Hev Di il 1'ie ihapl un ol the prison Dr 1 iUs v isiti d him during the da) and spent in in than an hour talk tngto-hnn fibmit the herenfter lie vras calm and npi I'td his niftssii ns of faith without app ue i im id in H' his liiard notliing of tin mm us in .11111 itnuiuith off r I ii t- J H k Dt in] M in M r bin 1 In (hunt, t w 1 h if, ti dent of tin Di pi -it i n 1{ la i h f uioil-h dt lid i ipt Ulan M i ipt Ity J.1 J illi un H V thr nation tin i dud nt H irs f r n M ir ll I i h n't r I I s r lint UK i an in 1 h f I th J t 1 tvvi en nni i s 1 v 1 i bus k i-.lt id fill i- r -i- I in mil r f ite i i- nn tin id 1 M un 1- Kl VMl t itr i t r Mr It New i rk I H f-at h' 'iif but th wirt returnt I h ick drn t r I ht ti nth inti rn i In its si -sio'i lil ill Thi wah il ruis 1 i i bittli fr in tin iiu in i 1 ills di nt u ;f II n Iin i- 1 u _ rt jlutionari lea It rs Pir4l f MI tli n th Hilti ii ire 15. i'n'1 ili'i V sui' aniiuit di I Phil idtljilu il'tiblii I i> it, PS for libfl adl ir T re n I 1'r si i h t uf itiuer of 1 rtiu_'tit. f I he IT A DEADLY It lli.lll- Kllllll lllll j in I at Itittni I Mi inl HIS KEIATIYE'S IHMJJR. Mury S Dimmlik 'Vearlj tarried Out to Sen anil t xhaiiKU ll I lucky Spectiilom One of on the Hand C KI I- M u PniM N J AUK 5 Ihe bathing M nin 1 at Cape Ma) P !nt was the Htent M >n 11) afternoon of lid niLiit, occ isiuntd hj the narrow escape froni drow.iniiK of Mrs liimmiLk a niece of President H urison, and Miss Florence ol Philadelphia ihese ladlea had hi i n diMng from a raft attached to the old sti imli ml landing, hut finally took a swim out from shore ihe president and Ills daughter Mi-s McKee, standing if Cither on the heach watching the merry tu r 1> _ th r attention was attracttd to the fart that Mrs. Dim mick and Miss wire heing car- ried out tn the tide Ihe crowd on the beach n the state of affairs about tin Mint time because "Miss HazzaidtnTBw up ht r arms as if exhausted To the Keatue Mr limk tht assistant of Dr bfewart at Cape Mn) Point sprang at once into the w iter and swam toward the ladlea, wink out o t he orchestra fiom the house also went to their assistance Mr Buck w ho is nn expert swimmer and one of the life suing corps reached Mrs Dim mil k and told her to hold on to him 'she had not aware of her danger and told linn she nt eded no assistance as she was getting alTng comfortably Mr Bmk, tol 1 her to hold on quitkU, -and then foi-tho -first JHIMJ- she- there w ts d uuter and she did as she was told Ihe rescue, however, wa-s no easy matter 'Ihe four continued to go from rather than toward the shore I here was no boat near a little rowing shell, tl as boon as It was launched The President Eiclted In di i n't some one do something'" asked Mrs Mi Kee excitedl) '1 he pri sidcnt, too show cd great concern at the situation and turning to a man who was sitting calml) in a bugg) told him to dint i-quitklj as possible to the life saung uution for help aud a boat Ihe man was off like the wind and soon the boat armtd with a Btunh crew of o irsnitn Mr James Robert Mt Kee, the president s son in law, who was among thebithtis alsowtntto the ass of ircl "DTmrnick Before the lifeboat armed Mr Buck and the muiitiau succeeded in bringing the ladies in All four were much exhausted Mrs- Dimmlck was less so than the others, though she was pale and nervous Miss HazzarTT became unconscious and was carnt 1 to a cottage which is second from the president s Mr Buek famltjd as soon, as lie reaehtd the shore with his burden, aud when he revived he fainted again The Danger Great The prc d nt expressed much concern at the lick f provision for assisting those In danger at this point of the bathing (jroiijlll In -jy-Ul nf ticmg a fat u o i IcUu ne said he thought the current there was very strong, and as the tide gnug out and tho wind blow- Ing the danpt r wab v ery great Secretarj Blame and Mrs Russell Har risou who had TenTamed. at the president's cottage viewed the scene of excitement through fn Id glasses, not being at all aw are of the commotion on the beach until the presi it nt Mrs McKee and Mrs Dlm- niick returned Both of the rescuers be- haved gallantiv the musician with so much modest; th it his name could not he ohtamei Mr McKee behaved bravely, but, being less of an expert than Mr Buck and the iDusitian, he was of less service The aiTair r i used much excitement here, and it is believed arrangements will prornptlv made to keep a lifeboat anchored ri At-Bufful i- t I- Buffalo Bont u i 4 N k i t-mu itratt Plnladeljhi Base I its M Lit i III tltvelaul Ila.se Iin- and i i Hit fi 1 r tl At I I It v Un anj Buslull Base I it- (.Intak, B Killnlk, Al UR k Br. klvn Pnt-l irt 1 and -Ilitli Chicago BiHal lill-l nh Cnitnii ati Bru kliu V I t fi v- has tt ritit fail M 11 f 1 I the Him h la-t 1 in i( platt s an 1 i vt h l It N i Wt I i 1 J Sti n tat v Pro u f iiir )trtrs und flnit n ison and the IK en tlu nilt. rnuii ul tlie b mr 1 f of tin 1 his full t uisi hi t 1 the c nl> one d to n for is ns it r The- i I mint In the d'-nel Pit HI h who 1 1 ir 1 ihl in her i ns struck h r tl t 1 id Mth a tth Hit huOuni iittrftn 1 nnd in a iiHiKiit tliL in ii wire I i Ih fuiit ftU Till tliL O of thS 1 cr mnie shuitRs filliunl Ul uni' lout in 1 fought one dnotlur Mdous- with sur's if 111 iri. ,11 f f h' r I M I- 1 II k s II I nlllM In i ft n unit tl -Tfoti nil 1 i I m_ an 1 a i i i IK n t tw )1 i n tht wri iti st t U Liiulitnn I IM aiu ind ill irt are to 1 S 1 u is n Inns Dnr idi 1 u in died I r-, UL in a rt in ide it r -t il of Oilil fell n i i A uit( unit nt f thi Pitilinhs Mlltllt 'u In kpcnil nt Oi I r f 111 1 I illnnx ix IK Inn ind ci it IHL 1 ij ilui the i tn 1 iraile i hnrsdaj mid n irntj f t i em h 1 ij ind cM-iniM J 'Iin (_ I in r ilisMmo is of tin opininn tint the intons t iking p irt in the M mil par ide n I liursd 15 contain n t 1 >s than I 000 uniform! il men iinnitise Unt MN 1 t n eiei ltd on Iin1 1 iki fi nt 111 ar the Vnditoi iuni hert, ill be hUd the canton ind ult mil irT contests Ihree in i d Mnti s irnu ofhiiishne heen in it It tak'1 cntiri1 of the contests in i ilxKthi niihtii) council met in I i l mm and spent sueral hours II-, ihsiirjt the TlTmis of the Patiiarchs In tin iflirnomi ,tll the cheul Iiir-. hiue thus tm nnntd mtt on the 1 iki fruit and with imlitan and imo ,-eKHn'illli-s holslt-d tht thlte fl reiag- the oi It i tin stuis and stnpis, the p itn nchs hiiiuir anil the inadian i i N- ark w i H 1 B i i s t 1 ai 1 llnni L. II J iif. Ilitt-n 6 Base t l JI in I N V Li r rs H tin t Nf H It nes Od i II 1 i I 11 At i I v i _t n 5 I .i i J Jin it IVilui i-i. I r- ,d C 1 td 1 i< liNni m s If t I n i il nl K All-, I 1 II i r ll Of George '-t the n uljta imui who tl on bo ir 1 tl t ad t I- f( ti i i Vu i ort t k i 1 iei M ndis -LM r 1 Id itt llSOucl {.kin ul I I jurtb fwenli th llitrt 110 I allljt ivLrs Ihe c< 1 i 1 5 Peter Lefler was f' inul n] in tbt ri ftr of bin store in tlu iltt rn w ith a bullet his In il in 1 his f IK i ilmost en tir U <atui n ut, ts In a luttr to lit i u in "M 1 i n 1 Iti t tn 1 h n f in tt nti n t j mi it '-ui an I inlei him biK r n th niian 1 d 1 ars Hi I nittd t 4 i i nt n an 1 in i 11 d 1 ui the _ in 1 two frun U wlul tailiti-i tUiL k di II! xitc w re ami ul t tlur 1 lit ung told iw w In n ont ot them a "t k -'ink iu in tlu fact 1 f ni i s< 1 t n 1 nu r th it lit hi', gun in 1 fn 1 tht bill striking II i u k just ab tliL bt irr lit) inrt w j on tlit Hliek the boi le sit i IK tt About 800 men are out on a strike at the Carbon Iron works The trouble dutis from July 1, at which tune the pud lUrs to the number of W re fused to work as tin firm would not sign the scale prtpired b) the Amalgamate! association J iglit of the sixteen furnaces were started with oiored men, and a gen pull strike was ordnpd A Mm Itsmiin's Human Target NEW'iniK the n fthoet-mg ga-Hery nt Rowen w as ar< idi utally fdiot m the breast by a uistmiir at his gallery and died shortly alt 1 That dlstention of the fitornnch which many people feel after eatlne mavbedne to 1m proper mastication of tre food, bnt Inmost cases It Indicates a weakness of thedljteBtive organs, the best remedy for which Is one of Ayer'8 PHto, to be aftor dinner Jostpb 1 lick l 10 Brookh n, was Ir iw n 1 u "Sen LOU n en ek Thomao i-- 'riwucd in all t bout ill arn Ki IUHP ij je irs Id was run i I u I-land trim it the yard at Busbwu k LIIUU and instantl) killed Emperor Uillfau An "i I- landing at OO on i of in 1 rt of il Edinburgh ret t n 11 band plaud tlu 11 thems 1 he enij 1 1 admiral s umf nn queen and tin un, 1 1 In tl i and Prince JI nn grounds uf i i I NEH lot K pnmplimts of ill tr Indians who Ii u Ii in ui- or flft LlTfjltH I I IMUNTTNG DONE IN Jt FIRST-CLASS MANNER, AND AT SHORT NOTICE AND FAIR PRICES, AT THt Trenton had a luon the C41H1 around the l.iifiulu Bilt 1 he condition and H nt made bv the itlj leturned from ther 1 is been s-rt n ith l fHliHM IliTlTT? u f of their and nthi r in i i if HQ muhnn i itt s ant hot il itb i Jones I s< 11 pt t uti n i t naiiow c -M ii 11 hilcihiMiiu m Hooper, six miles fi M i here, he dtcidtd to H1VJOYU -Both tho method and results. bj rup of Figa is taken; it ia pleasant and refreshing to tlie aud acts gently yet promptly ou the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, the sjs tern effectually, dispels colds, head- aches and ami cures habitual con-tipalion. of Figs is the only remedy of its bind ever pro- dtimd, p'pnsing fn thn taote and ac- crptalile to the stomach, prompt in its action find tiuH bciicficial in its eft! cts, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many exctlknt qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular known huiip of is for sale in 50c -and 81 bottles bv all leading drug Any lehablo druggist who may nofTlHive'if mtt pro-' cure it promptly for any one who to try it. Do nut accept any bubstitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRAHCISCO CAL. lOVtSVtlLC, KY Hew fOHK, M f. Makes tlie llviq f m my people mNorilile, causing distress after eating, sour st Miiacli, sick head iclie, h ir hum, loss of appi tlto, a faint all gone frehng, bad taste, coated and. o! DiStreSS the tmwels Dyspipsndnrs After KPt wri" of n p res careful at ntimi Eating n, ,1 i remedy 1ik< II U Mar-.aiiarllla win I i ts gently, yd i Illi i nl v It tones tho stum i h regulates tin tion, creates a k il ap- petite, hanhlie, I u-ho and refreshes the1 ninul I hive huntr iillnl with djspepsh I hul hut llttlo in tlf and wh it I did i it (l1 "10 "r n10 iiim, good Aflir i itiiiR f ul 1 have a faint r tlr d, all gone fc fillip a' tliouRh I hid not t iiijthlni; My ti ul In was aKKrivitul by my business lint UK Mst spring I toik Ho il s fTir naparllTa, ill 1 mo an Immenso ami nut <f Rood appetite, ami my r "1 il and salMlid the crivlng I Ii id previously experi nud" OFOROK A I'A JE, Treasurer WILLIAM U MOOSE, Cashier DIEEC.TOE1 H sh H Hamlll, T N Adanii Barker Gammere, Esq Harry I irs Barker Gummore Jr Janes Wash'n A Boeblmg H Like, II 8 Little, L B h.nd in B Meredith Dickinson J E Oaikill Vdward Grant Cook, Ed ma ml Hill William 8 Yard, Albert layuin Latest Novelties IN LADIES', MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S Stylish Parasols At almost First Cost I'm es along with a new arrival of all atylea Sun I lubrUlaa for the hot weather, one of wlmh Snn I nibrel- las every lady should Also a new arrival of in A P ml roideriog anil -KJouncmKS of tho very tiiiest material and workmanship at aueh pri T53 as aro helow anything over heard i f Again, we have received another hig lot of those beautiful (.hildren s Hats and Capa, for the sale of which wo have such i wide reputation aa this Go to for n Thild s Hat ind it will look twice aa handsome junt on ac count of the stylish hat' Jnat received three cans more of our famous Fast Color Hosiery and inanyNov oltloa for the vacation time I i i r OPPOSITE CITY HALL N B Onr goods poslilvoty warranted Terr host. lave Tho "TIMMS" aont to your Surmnor Addrooo. fc

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