Friday, July 25, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Text Content of Page 1 of Trenton Times on Friday, July 25, 1890

Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - July 25, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey VOL. VIII. XO. 2375. UKKNTON, FrilDAY AFTERNOON, JbLY 25. 1890. TWO CKNTS TWO FATAL EXPLOSIONS Five People Were Killed and L Six Injured. SI 1 OH -NLi.UPAJi.USON Juhu I Ulilmush and I Barker Dead ut I iifllii i Ilitml a Powder tturks Thrti) ItiUMiti Sluiu by u Mysterious luu lloimo at SatuDimh, On PUI N J lulj il Hn, granu lalingmill ii the I itlm Hitnl powder witrks nt M lint nil near here ex- plodid je-unln killing two workmen. Several otlur luj n hil JL narruw escape John 1 jshbuvh (i jmrs old, and Lewis Harkt r i us i Id wi it at m the grjiuil iting null 1 ishbaugu was working the i ulh IH and tin joung man was logging the puwdu while dottlob was Hhuling inmikr m thi null. The Itullding, Illowu to Fletea. G jb ou his ua) to the null with alottd-of powilM whin there was a uaah ttud tbi building w is Lion u to pieces As the wnckt d bull ling flew in the air and the rums fill in ".flowers around hlru a spark i doil is shirt and set it ablaze Whin the sTTioke th urrd Superln tendent HIIH.S saw 1 tshuaugh lying on the ground suit nine while a cry was luard In a fit Id 1UO surds awaj and joung Harker was seui to rmi tu his fttt aud stagger bu o 20J Conjxrtbs slrtt-t was blown up Ihurs da) rtmcpiuple m re killed and su in jurid 1 htrt wtrt thirteen ptople in the house and most of the UK upants were abktp wire hurled from their bids anil either buried under the falling debris or thrown t n t p nf it Hie explosion, which was tirnlii sh itttred the walls and in an inst uit tht e jliapsed and fell a mass of rulus Into this the flantit occupants were throw n nimflded Ihtlill il ire Mrs J Bullard ind bus Kijble 1 lie woundid are John Kobttts fractured ankle and concur uiun of the fruiu the L. b 'rate, co itiisi m on and chist, Meldoa llejwood it 1 jrt 1; slit ulder broken J A HlUltl, tl) EieiuU, bruisi i Mrs Edward fe Everett, nil, hth brui- 1 mi King I badly tnjii-re4 abeut t-iii twdf A George Maxwt 1, colored, has been ar rested an 1 julcd on suspicion He had been empl ijt 1 in the house, but was dis x.haigrd on lnv night, when he swore that he would be revenged e been busj. dll rlnj jcmm mg the-dobnu Xo signs of pi wdir or dynamite been dihcoMrtd Man} the house Sim ply collapsTd but tliose who were in neighborhood sa) that there was first an explosion, then the crash of the falling b'uildiug HE WAS HER FIANCE Andrew funning tt ould Have Ma, led 1'oor Annie Goodnlo. Nrw'ioih Julj Detectives who are the Vnnie Goodw m case have arrested Anrlrov M Fanning who Is the sumving kou of the late John H Fanning, for marl} years assistant superintendent of ptlhlll Slhliols 1 Riininjj HUB 2 Hurkm polite euuit ou the charge of being an atttssor} before the fact and was admitted to bail m the sum of He that he met Annie fTnoMwln six mouths aud always her to be a good girl He said that he was engaged to be married to her and visited her regu- larly at Miss 1 raphngen s house She call- ed him "Dim familiarly On tht morning of lulv i Fanning says he i note from her saying that she was MTV Mtk at No 1W Kast One Hundred aud 1 w euu enth street and asking him THE WUHLD Nuti in il I HI I n lul U ;ji 'i ml to i i Bw lilts N vi v. K i 11 i n( N vv V. i k I t i i iVili 0 0 4 U U 104 iruyttjn i t) 0 t> l> J tf Has) 1 Us (I nn Hr f s In J I r kl M 4 B iti I K ll JSI l (ariltfis i I I UinTalj 3irrui ti u l u u o n i ll kljli 0 U 1 0 1 U 1 Hmo H vi I i rial 4 Il'o 7 i 1 In 11 I I k ill 1 li i nijl k At I rilckff 'hila ie pv u (j u u 11 Base h la 1 I aju 111 i 1 r OTH h uitfo 1 i I i I! i I il a la! in J I i isll II ,1 1 u 1 1 i 1 1 41 1 J At Sow lork- bt b-iuls i 0 U U 1 i h U B j S SI I l s t rr n, U bl I Ji 0 Lt.ll. it mil PJU Hurt aud We At a Uhlulc UJ0001 0 d 8 u 1 1 0 J 0 U 1 Base hits A tli el c M I s ie 11 I rs Atltl-llt. 3 B...I i Lj r and i Ml -MH u auu Al 0 0 u 0 0 0 Uoljnir in o J I u Q HASH hltn ra I i I j 5. J- ri r I C >lunil n u Bull Kftofe aud At Ilnvn Hun 1 Nt-nirk 3 B.ise llavn 1 N wark t I-rr TB Haven 3 Newa K t "T'n n l n Hat- tt-riM aillllintluul H f rl Ml] r an 1 Ii I j At Harlf rl Jlni f i 1 II W .t n Bast hits Hart' rl r F r rs Hurl fnrtl 2 W. ore 1 Battrrifi Muib atii Mojra John -HiT In T r i 11 THE RAUM INVESTIGATION Tho i.iniiiltti-o on 1'. n.luns Hill sift Mr. WASHISI Tuv July i Ihe huuie. com mlttee on rulei h 11 agn' 1 tj rcpjrt in i modified form vvuh a fav irrbii" r iutn -men-ialKm thtr nwj i ion intrrdur 1 bv (i ]ir III r vi hi _, for au invebtigai on of th ire s male ayaiubt (_ommibbi jutr H lum of tht pi n Blou otllte Ihe res lulnii ,r M In that I pou goini? to the house found her in bed and appinntlv suffering great pain He suggested tl at he had belter summon a phjbit in but the girl only consented IIH to bring Dr MoGone- gal to seeTier i aiming msists That this IF al! lit knows in connection with the taae, and that in was as much surprised at li disappt irmu is anv one else but the po- lice think he knows more and in keeping quiet to slut Id somebody else Ihe detect iveshavc i the in that the girl sent Fan- ning to Mi (mm i'nl to shithi Har- rison whom sin Until and whom she wishul towtve in i of powible future trouble Ditutnts found the dead girl'i potkttbook at tin honsi of Dr MtCJonegal Thi> Strike Over. Nfcw YciitK Jul> Ihe cloik opera- tors-' strike ja settled Ihe manufacturers have agreed to of rv thing demanded Jjy A( r Ti whiih was 1 v both pirti s all uon union hands au to bt laid off and those who were locked i ut are to he taken ou The m n union h mils w ill the Iflu of lor woik whin thej join the union Iln insult contrite t kvMun is U) be ubolnl ul Dtffciunes hereafter are to be referred t) tin tvuntive. boirds of the rcspictiM unions and the Cloak Man ufactureis assouation In fun strikes or lockouts are ordired All week tailors are and pressers I'I'WOI it Absolutely Pure. A cream of turttr baiing powder High eti of ill In leavening Btrrngth U. B, QOT- tinment Eeport, Angnit the comuuuee onpinsiuns Mi ojptr s resolution IH as follows "Whereas are bung wilelv ur upttu tbe luuuagi'ijicMt ul Uiu buiuui of in which it is t hurled the present t t pelibloUB haa been engaged in selling to certain employes of tht pin-Ion ofnu shares of stuck lu a c rpiratuuor com pali} of winch lie 1? pies-rdenr -winch was organized purpose of patent refngerat ir which it is i lalined lb impratticable aud worthless and that in consideration of such purchase bald em plojcs pruujutid in office I hat naid K mrnissiontr of pen iiioiiu 1 a' recently bj i unjust an 1 par tial ruling anted and caused to be taken out of their order man} thousands of the i 'iiun of a certain attx residing in the i ity of U ashing! n and that in nJi-ratiin thereof the said at orntj has becon P a surety on the note of s t d torn missuinrin i bmk in tin, itj of ington f ir the sum jf i o i j tbuif in. Hts ihtd in it tie cinimitt i on pen TiCj 13 hi Mid t ibj are lrtri.1 v Ir ted to in quite toticernl g said llmrsday was- prealdsntial day at Hirtrauft and htllldreda of Msltorswere hire to greet the presidential party whin it armed The pirtr which consisted of Piesident Harrison Secretary Proctor P stmastcr General W anaruaker, Attoruoj denerdl Mi'ler Gen Scholeld Col Larntst aud Capt laylor of the ordnance bureau were met at tbe station a osccjrt ftud unductel to den Sniwduis hndquart- cra. Maj_John M Carion. oILthe irni means committee of the house of representation and Junes H exirume ilerk of tin sui iti were also withlhe part} ill o i ri tin presl dent TP 1 his partv ri n w 1 the HJO "tro ps including the T_ mil. 1 si ucs arm} del irhment and the rim the menjnarc'ipd well unl pre itcd a line ippeirinn" II i pumdont secretary Piottor and (jen s j, lunch pleased vuth the in ntntsof the Na 101 il giurd and ramplimi nti 1 thim 0 i their Ane marching 1 priM'Uiutuil lailj will leue at fi'M this The Arildrnt C list Time I no Inly 2> nst nun ir an ox risstnm ou the West Ptnii rail loal stunk a twoliorsptoim ml Innrat ICWKS ng near Ilerrx Station i-litdrnor ije I A gaiiK if in i u ho were constructing a s at thi roil i Ic became so frightund at tho ciduil tint the) lit go tluir h Id on a 1 i isl iron pipe Ihe pipe fi 11 into the Ii c i mil upon twi men killing out and I U mj l ing tin other Morrium foi ST L Minn Inlj I IIP Hi pub licuistite (onuntlon Kiiominilel (TOV (n tr H Mcrnam in bun ition Mirrntn SKI Nelson 74 Hrulin II The retnundir of flip In kit noiniuatpd is Inuttniiit govirnor (r S IMS statt treisurtr, Joseph li ibleter scuttiry of st ite 1 H Brow n Snlclilct at ii Snminni Ql Mais Till} MM iroltuo S Hiss a most isti nabli la d i of agp widiw (f thp late lohn s ]l tss w is foi man) tars p isl in isti r i f 01 iillltti d suit i ie nt IK i s in nut r o tage at d Nick dliiliu lit of niilau chohii bj Imiu'ug hersi If with In r poiknt- liaudki tch'ol IVniisjHniilB Mllltln Ploiiiiillnii HMiitisIU'im Pa Inh ii Iti Smini'cn has bei n nppointi 1 tin] r finl-of Pemiivh mnn hii u I ernor iinvcr MIO I ilin K Hniii Uectascd Holii rt Ii hi rt s q p eil bngadlpt gimra.of hi i Inf Both are p1 root ions from tin in lu grades rter The evils resulting from habitual eosthe neis are many and nerloun, hut Hie IIRP of harnh. dranttc piirgativen IP quite nn dsnger can. Iq Ayer'B Pull, ho-wever, Hie patient a mild pat effective aperient, nuperlor to SHE HAS'EM ON THE RUN San Salvador Claims Six Vic- tones Over Guatemala. SlULSS STLP. Oualtma.U lells a Diffeitut lulu aud Clultiin to lime tlie Jsun Sulva- doilans fiom Her lloideru-- Mtxlto Warning to Guatemala 1 V I mi i i u> hau Sahador Tds Juh Jo haa just been recened here c jnfiniuug reportH of the but cess of the s th t jn in forces tht frontiers of Gtuitfeinaluii The ?titvador aruij baa Dallied hix battks and haa (aptui d qu uititits uf arms and aminu uinitu n M mj been killed and on sides Ihe Sahadoriaa ftiTLfs art ILUA pushing tlitir wu) iuto.thft iuLcrjtAT of Guattmula and are meeting with Hiiu at step Greut euthuai- The intention is to overthrow the gov- emiui'ttt of Piesident before com- ing ti ati} agitement with triiiteinala, Sail sJiAd ir is il tormina] to fr-te- htrsolf from Un, }oke of Guuttmala aud assure her own llbtit} and Independeuce Official Accounts of tho Battle! Cm i f MfMin Julj following dispati his wire rccehed here Ihurbday by Gerouimo Pou. the confidential agent ot Si.vri.ii, July a 1B90 The Guatemalan (roveruiiiPDt with the ujUn tlon of h lj injj the traitor Ulaviceuiio ordered two of to invade our with tr [is They were Jalapa and Santa who etij y the reputation of bt-lng Ter) bnTe They drhen out of territory la j great t ittlei 1 tyo bloody battles that f d on G latfinalaa tcrntorj In which Salrad nans weie vi tcrlous causid yreat losi t the enemy capturlnjr artillery aruiB and ainnuiiti n. Salvador has proved the Justice of her cause bj f r e of arms and will not sol clt or m ept a i "ji e tbit Is not honorable From tli fatart c did o c-are to provoke war CAHI OS F7ETA. live Claimed. Another dispatch was as follows Lti-x SiLiiDoK July W 1690 We have pained five glorious victories ove Ouatf i a a Uur forces are now operating o Guatemalan lerrltory Our spoils of war ar Itiibi Dueiuji Salvadoiiao Ouateniala'ti Lt-irTereiit Sturj At the Guatemalan legation the follow ing has been received "GaiTEMAi t July Ezeta s army atta keJ the Guatemala f f rces situated a the fr jotier were dffeateil b our arm} uu ier the c jnimand of Geua PaveUati Sin The enemy retlied m tlie greatest al-n doiimg GuatcmaluQ turrit wbfc U e> nvaclaJ Their 1 >sses were hcavj an they left, m the hands of our army thiee cannon and all their equipments Foreign Relation) Merino i Warning. CITYOFMETICO July Marls cal the Mexican secretary of state has ad dressed a note to Senor Manuel Dieguez the resident minister of Guatemala, In he-says that haa decided-tt prevent any attempt at a forcible union o the five- Central Auiern-au republics, btt that she would be_pleased to see such union if it could be amicably ai ranged an w ithont coercion Merico will regard an attempt on tbe part of Guatemala to in fringe upo i the autonom) of any of th latter s sister republics as a pnma facia casus belli, and will, ithout Ing act accordingly Senor Manscal said that he would accep the explanation orTne.Cru.atemdlan govern ment that the attack on Salvador was no at all premeditated, and that it had been made in direct violation of the express in structions of the president of Guatemala. But added Senor Wariseal very sig nificantlv this eif-uss on e {Juatemafa mil do for oury-orrce, aud Meji ico eTpcets that Guatemala will declan her intentions as to Salvador without de- lay Lnder Flag of Truce. From Salv ador and Guatemala the latea news is that delogites from both countriei are now on the frontier under flag of truci dujcusslng the situation THE WEEKLY PAYMENT BILL. A Little Scheme Said to Hare ofln sorted to at St. Regis Falln, N T. July "26 i aclory Inspscto: Connolly has received a complaint from implojes of the St. Regis Leather com pany at St Regis Falls, N Y claim that the weekly pa} ment bill was avoidec by having ihe employes thel wages to a_pontractor m the person of an employe, and he gives thorn merchandise for it If the men failed to sign they were discharged The factory Inspector at once sent out the following to the company }ouacop> oC the weekly pay [aw Tlds cnpv is not sent 3 ou to make }ouac qualtjtej with Its ixlatPuce been si? jouahi, kuow of it and cave taken sti ps to avoid it Fei haps IL may n t have jnu that i sod n invitod a legal t jntest which mayrisilt in t oviuclng ou that the law re dmtf the i av ment of your eni[ 1 weekly a A to In t va li 1 by the simple uii lliod of male ng} our fir man a contractor m or ler to torn pilthtniti pair n i7e our store for your further prrflrni 1 tluTr (.oiispqueut 1 m I herewith wan 'nu tliat if Jon pontiatr In this pnhcy annouuoel tn jour einpiiirFr ov air un the 2Ist lust I si all tlie matter before the ciurts JAMES COIVNEOLY Factor} Inspet tor, '1 he inspector has also written the may ors of all cities in the state calling their attention to the wetkl} payment law and 'nformlug them that tho employes of th boards of their cities must bo pan each v. e< iV- The limiting of the JVfnpt. July estipe of the crew of the stmiaship considered ivondirful hue The fire originated In 'Miles of cotton over the boilers Ihe flre loon dam the pumps so as to greatly mpiur tin u usefulness 'ihe IfKI links fiom Land's Lnd when the lit bn ki out DllTl.' Will Foiinil nil Mon July A sensation haa juuuiatil here by the filing of tin will f the 1 U( Judge A J Davis ihodoui nent whith was datul in Iowa m ISKfJ, liakts his brother John Davis of this it} soh Inn Annuitiis are also gutn to wo illigitimale children Iho estate is aliud at (KIIHKX) (ollxnl CIlIIclll 111 Li 11 ii Out Tuly_ 25 I W Thilds, etinui, 1 nllid States consul hero was waited upon b} lift} of the lending ml prihuitul with a luautiftilly tngrossed nddiisspd and a gold hpiulccl cane ni a mark of 11 i lion ir and rcspeit in which he Is hi id bi his Ineiids in llns cit} ThoriRnndB have been relieved of Indlgen tlon and loss of by a Blnglo bottle ol Ajern t-arsapnrllla The use of tliln mecll cine ulvlnu tone and Rtrength lothe nn- organs, has made Innumerable cures of ohronlo dygpepBla, Pries JI. Worth a bottle, THE BEHRING SEA AFFAIR EieroBllullI of Opinion rullllslll ll ,111, -pt I l< II NEW Ii i Jul} -o-lhi II 'The publ ut n if thu 11 'ibpouduiii 31 t cause of li i t il n tli it frtat ci uuti list u ul U w but oi t iva} i uvti. 'vur st nib lit Ush v ug s i an 1 tl at is ui li r t )f nu navj Iht 1'lis savs 1 plot stll _, I 1 111 II ul tbe c ii full r i n it sh iws tli i u a d 1 i It v y. 111 scat il v (v 11 'iki i 11 i 1 tit I nut 1 si iti s Is sj lmpiu.ii I (Jan 1 vv ill not vi nttlt t It lllO iHIll! s ISUilln tual s It ats i tu lu i g I tl us tin. tl in t t it i- a! It VI iska [in u a 1 if ui. iss ii} is tin been ou htv u ul ju isions julef iinnii ut org in sav question i ii_s that L_r_l itauchlv inaiiitaiiitd tlon of these hiiji 1 aiidid Jue to anv jrl} ji auy respu t 1 r law an 1 t Otheiii. but Ll 11 lelngult 1 u that tbe in 1 ol Billish pat it biannie has bieu reathed N Julv J5 Ihe 111 i the aspent) uf 131 i tbe Behring si a 1 BtiuiiK ti Jtal t j be calm 1 1 aud is sulll i ut v fond of p i rd Mr H'aiut s t iu. 1 he itiplo 1 1 Jintlb f ur pla r J u o t LliL- fu L u d Tor luiit in W rld H Ju lulr Oo- Iht of the liu IKO orld 8 fa i committre of M McKenrio A 1 Ln inland M Bon f inplfted theirs h left for tod tj KIP sii 1 r1 u the entire c< n prof nun reused 1 1 of the ucw-, (T B! jrn an I hi hvn M< rn i dire l pr bnble tl i i mire c_tntr ters subj i )i U tj conhrmi cutnt jii unt u of twen rum of be fou b t 1 l-lnj) as the T t 1 n n rn m It- CM inmes A H Ui km 1 rt an> u wer i' at th ad IK 1 ucto Uf mat 1 v the i (juo- w ink n itttt in il t fair 1 n be rn, v tl the i m I ro 1 O 11 t th t t ha h 1 th eubjtct bun mintiomd to tl nual To Straighten Out the 1 ttixirxi i TV l'i Juh JU in ors of tin Huntingdon Mi ifi luring ccmpaii} nut bin to stialgi u out th tangled iff lira nf the cjiicein Ihe plan (01 settlement adopted is t iy tht com pauj'sindebtedness settnvti by trie Iroa- Car company ofNevv'iotk b} thi note the lion Car companv will b known as the Iron Lar 3 npintut com pany Tlieso notes will i n from six t twenty-months, with 0 pei cent intirest The remaining indtl te It ss will be se cured by mcnme bonds of the new organl zation, paval Ie in ten veais or sooner at per cent Ihe exclusive indebtedness o the Huntingdon Manufac inns compan will bepai 1 in IPS f company in fiom twenty fou months The labor clai u s ire to be pan on tho reorganlzatu n ot the company Two directors of the company will be from Hunting 1 11 md one b> thi outside treditors will resum, tu weeks >v.if at lei nile Again. SAIUTOGi X Y, Juh Ihe electric light war at broken oul again after an aniustiu i f three weeks Judge iappan of Pots 1 un havinggraut- ed a perm ment injur it ji lestraming th' people of tather llttfeinan s pirish fron interfering w ith the plaunng of the poles in front of the chimli tl electric hghi people appe ired on th und and com mfinppd Tn dig V lib s II I urch bell Was run and instantly SIM.IU! hundred people rushed from the "Via M n ills and drov thsiu iieTtrti pe-ople then called upon the sherilT f i tolectlou au it is believed the Ineniv s tutul bcpuinta compunv of s w 11 be illt 1 fj> tj scene Ih( i is u in a 1 excited state and- bill is trouble Is e pected An Embp77lrr AtitniptH Suicide KEWAftK N J -Si viral ago an si uw 1 that H Owens if Hauls n s rdai} if the Steam GUK rating i in j u v vv as sb t ncKountR to tlio i iibint ju A warrant i 1 aiitst m liie was placed lu cnst h whi w ariesttd at his resiih n t us! id of the detective to th i u I is (lothts btfoie going to jail Ibis w is luted au 1 ho hteppcd into his room In i w inmiitis a pistol 11 oflrcrr rtished into the room and foun I tl it htsptjs i had shot himself in tlnjj ijj a takeu to the jail in th a where the Wound was die-sul Hiihttil s IniKb AMbTI I1IHM N 'i Iillv "i lH- lie It you havo made up ur mind to buy Ilood'9 Einap-rril] i drrtmt I mdrrcpll til I il f any other A lluili n 11 h nl mo oximilr is worthy linltltlon, h Hi h r cvitt i [cm old n "In one store wl IK lv t to liny II d s Sarsipinlli tho ck rk tr 11 induci nm I uy tliclrownlnitcadoflrM Is I c told mr il 111 s would last longer, tint 1 nut lit take it n tj n lo Gel: days' trill, that U I did n t like it I need not piy anything, etc lint ho o uld not IHH ul on me to I ti II bun I h id til i n Hoods Sirsipirilla Lmwvhitititis v s tntlsfled with It, and did n t n uit any oth r When I begin liking II Ii Sirs ip mil l I wis fiellng reil miser il e ihspejsn and so weak that at tiiiua I could hardly llopd'o stand I looked like i pi rson In consump- tion Hoods Birsipirllli ilid mo so nm Ii good tint I wonder at in) HI If ikof it Mils' FLU A GOKK Cl Tirriin .SIreet, nosti u Ouruuparilla nix for 55 brC I CO Apollincarlj. M.M 100 Doses One Dollar iai i 11 11 i iut ma lull it u Hal ul I lull U slut and In l 1 It i i n., it his sum nu ii 111 t miles H i" I H i _ i i i a b in' i I I v ii u was i u k it i I i hai.e iss 1 ll 1 I 1 w i, il l i i, 11 v h 11 1 l v I v I II li 11 i I i i ii tn s( i i i ill in l r n r I r o <il i v as 1 f ll i in 1 v 11 I 1 V I! ,111, VI Illl I I H f HI II T I i f a v i i f l 1 i lu L t rnkf p s fit I iki i i f, t tru u N -I i I r f i biltlc re suit 1 I t! c tTh 11 ami t u an i the It u ni 1 nu f th In ikt inn r-r-'n-k H ilk WHS t twin bv A tli i 1 l t I i (_ in i 'x v 1 i Xi v u v l uu led tb ll tl I i i 1 n iM II Liuin was i i tl i in but u ti ui I thun bun UtuliiimL IM BHILF (lllllll TTuP l 1 i f tin Sixth dlstrlit tf u u 1 iv i mmated Johu li R ibins n f i ss Lzn 11 Iln v I publisher of Ihe 11 is si ntuii t d to Two }UUs' imp) is itiniuit n tht ibuige of sending obs ui in ut i lh tin malls Iln liililittth I -stullir Co who failtd at vv ik n istltnatid at tlSfl Otin ui i tin tstim iti 1 v ilm of the stotk at lli stitt M ut f tht business of the Pinnsvlvaiia iiailroad c nipaii} s lines ea-rt-jif 1' IHH-I; Mh-1 1-rlt; -fu J-rrne TWO" as d n u i vv il tin in sp i hug ju mth of l sb vvs i i i rr isi m ss earnings f fi i "4 in 11 ic isp m expenses of a i 1 an lu i si in m t t irnii of 1 In K rt tl it 111 tb Kip, u has bt i i in si 1 i I I i u lnf r-mati u fin ii-l 1 1 1 s s s i s t i i litid lln I ii n I 1 stu N 1 v tl t n t i s i 1 v i t In 1 i t 1- li ss i f u ii f, n, v in ins p its Ml s it li sh u i i r li mil p SIH n t tin i t i si I s I t nu t I v. tt in lib t n Is if tin r lual eh ti n bill N i is i I t m ulv ill s it! 11 i s an i i i u s in Uu UK uj. tbi 1 ill A< i l lent ou the H VI II li i Mi I iK i i (It 11 i f l h u n ti un t IIM shlj s the ImttdMit s squ i iioii i I iv llilloll took I I ut it st vv s UK last iviiiin., al nt Jjll iti! Ullfe utsid vv it h I t iv v ills an ai i lilt nt oc (illiid ou th K ilsn_i wiiu h mav pn vi f it il 1 hi s KU11 l, sunk the Ala b uu i w is t In ufl( n b r dlsi barring i -hill ISM un Is it rei i il d sinking tli ii] uu it the gun in the ti mi It niuking i si VHP wound Hit nun wis i nm i to tht In spital on boairt ship Hie bung was lontinuid Au informal rteiiti u will be uvtu at the til s -l u. J-H4g tw- A4lIHfHl aU I Book and Job Printing done at short at the TBXHMJH TIIIEI office. PURE SOLUBLE CHEAP. Stimulating Nourishing. HiMiijra dthu .us flavor a food and drink j; combine I a i h til nt a Lup and jit for a frit i. BEST GOES FARTHEST." VN II I tv u.eji.) dancl ]i IIIIK! In U bjtho mobl me ll lira i ll -P'U iiciumint VisH invar n 1m ml t tho ...liitnltrr ..f B cuu.Iltaeut. I. Increu.ed Bfli p, r lent, Z I I u roijoroj inurn I aUtibl a 1 2 t l U iri A f r is 11 ULS.und tuke Do other i7 Youmans' Celebrated Spring DOW on Rale IIM3 'Jills MAN Bonght hl( panteof th. AMFRICAN CLOTHING AND TAILORING 00., ht would not how much wind whittle thioagh hu i-ilit art clothi-g tht M.B, Boyi Childrw wtU cut TAILOR-MADE CLOTHINQ At much 1 th.. pncee Onr grtit Ittden to-d.y SAMPI.F for 99, tad (U, for for Pmnta Boita CLOTHING MADE S9 OKOFH. il tht hoait m thi 1 tt d 1 with, comt nght tlong to Prc cms in tl e r ost elegant form THE LAXATIVE AND NUTRITIOUS JUICE THE FIGS OF CALIFORNIA, Combined with the medicinal of plants known to be most beneficial to the humau S) stem forming an agreeable ard cfftclne laxatut to perrna- cure Habitual Consti- pation, and the manj ills de- pending on a wtak or aiaLtne ondition of DIP LIVER AND BOWELS. It i ti mo'-t excellent rcmedj It now n to "LcANSE THC SYSTEM EFFECTUALLY oneii Lih ui or Constipated i PURE BLOOD, REFRESHING SLEEP, HEALTH and STRENGTH NATURALLY FOLLHW en one m using it and all are delighted AS VOUH DRUCt ST_EQH_ Aio. 8 State. Car. Wurj-sn 8t 4: v% niiTNTTNG v DONE IN A FIRST-CLASS MANNER, AND AT SHORT NOTICE AND FAIR PRICES, AT THt Trenton Times J O I'rrntingr i Department WASHINGTON MARKET BUILDING, Corner of Front and South Kfoad MANUFACTURED ONLY BY CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO CAl. fnv YORK N t: Latest Novelties LADIES', MISSES' CHILDREN'S Stylish Parasols At almost First Coat I'ncefl, along with a low arrival of all stylog Sun Umbrellas for do liot weather, one of which 8un Umhrol as every lady should Also a now arrival of now ,nd Floiinnngfl of tho vary finest material ml workniHtiBhip, at such prices aa are elow ftiiythiiiK over heard of wo havn rccolvod another biff lot f those 1 odutif if hi Id ron H Hats and Caps, or tho aaioof which wo have such a wide opntfttion as this Go to Walln for a Child s Hat and It will ook twice as handsome again jast on ac- iwit of hut1 Tust received throe more of onr ainous olor Ilo-iiory and many Nov H for the vacation time A. i -i i OPPOSITE CITY HALL N B Our goods are positively warranted but. The largest variety ol sui I I I INf. (HI AM LiaiH (II All's unininTMinobi theiTuent made lu the U will be fuuiiit at" ANGKT7O CAMRRA'S Fine Confectionery Store, 2CE SOTJ-T i tanr-j KrtlllH I, t In un s i la r Ice (Hani si das Ml k Slialus I i nion i Ii vi alwajH on hail I aultli I esl Hint i in In had anil niiuli Ibesiait hi tw I i U i H 11 nv till (nt lor all JOIIV H II ODUJtl fss I X( IJi'Jl 1'rlvlen ibaiK loin inluirtlni; lone Hi si deni t I _ or i-i H I H 1 AII or ii IB It tint i Itlitri Inci wiliht pronintly atteiultd lo SOIK in I) PATRONIZE HOME INDUSiKY AND HI -i THE Trentan Watch Tlieiuost nllabltCttuUli for tbe nionej ftnii fief tlio larpp nssordiunt nt II. I.. liICKHlY'3, THE HKI.'AllI.K JFWKLtF, 120 Peny Street, Opposite Trinity M B Ohuroh (IFF K k (IF 11 F( I IH K OF I ks 1 I HKN10N 1 Mil) rilHI. HI I I Fit (H 1 III III in I Hull iti IIHII of porHonal I 4 I Isst iiuuli' pdlilloHllon will In iiifidi tn two IPITM ul Hiiu illj r I II m feo Ileoi mr ul I IMS OF TEENTDN. NOTICE OF INTtNTIOV Fiirsnant to a resolution pussu! bj Com- rnon Council July 15th noti t 13 hereby givinof the lutonlion of i mm. n Oonuoll to alter the grade of I amliortuu street lu with the, plans anil prufilii prp- pared hy C C Haven ily dated Inly ami IK hk -H, oftco Such pcnoiiB objecting tj said ihiuige of grade are requeaierl to appuir ttforuloun- cil at their meeting to In hi 11 on Tuesday evening Angnst Bth nut and be heard for themseUi a or I j 11 n scl, whou till aubJoLt DHI1I6HTI17 n 51TTPTHL in By order of the loinnion (ouniil. July 17th, [Pr's HEAD THE TRENTON TIMER The Real Estate, Safe Deposit, Trust and Investment Co., Ee.R-o.4l.aS W ST A TT TRENTON, N, J Transacts a general bunking business Allows interest on cash deposits subject to check at sight JJente bores of vftrioas siK03 m its fire and burglar proof vaults, tho router exclusively keeping the key Acta as agent for collecting rents and for purchase or sate of roal estate Executes trusts of ovorv description, u Executor, Administrator, Guardian, Trus- tee, etc Loans money on mortgage aud on col- lateral Agouti for Choqno Bank of London, for sale, good in all parts of tho world. HUOH H. HAMIIL, President HKNBY 8 LITTLE, Vice President ASA F SKIBM Secretary BAKKKB OrjMRRR (B, Trtvasnror WiniAM G Moo UK, C ashler DIRECTORS. Hngh H T N ArUms Barker Gimruaro Esq Harry BoKnrs, Barker Ouuihioiu, Jr fainoa Bmthaiiaii, Wash'n A Boebllng, Owen H Locko, II 8 Little, L B Risilon, 8 Meredith Dickinson, J E. Oaakill, Ot.ntOook, Edmund Hill, 8 Albert Cl.yton REAn THE TIMES, -j

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