Tuesday, July 1, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - July 1, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey VOL. Vm. XO, 2355. TKKNTON, rUKBDAY AFTFJRNOOX, JULY 1. 1890. TWO CKN'l'8 IHREE BOYS IN TLAMES. Frightful Explosion at a Stand- ard-Oil Refinery THE AIR W HI LL1) WITH HBE. Two of the >Utliiu and OthvlH VittL Jiniljly Burlittl Jnjxir (uuijlit I lie fioin u Holler Over llflj- lilt Isi Tuij acres ol flaim WIM hit tic tin int. u at the WtTiiirlitrd Oil s works Mon daj IliLlin tiiusid In the i xplouioD of an oil link car is wire in Jured 1 them Tulullj Ilicir names are as f bliKlitlj buiucd and McLtonnH Vmrtcw, lujuripJi may result fiitull) MiDonill John 14 j ears old fatally btfliKJ died lint niKbf U IJuial 12 old fatally buiued diul lust nifcht (J Neil Jolm badl} burned John fact and hands Ituraed Seth ljuintd about the body A tTlgtUful .Mllotk An olnmu ol {luck "bitter sinokf 14 M n to sluut into tilt air after the exph MOII f ill bj tic it sheets ol ihc sli ck i i jiii the explosion brukL 111 the neighborhood and wliof k tilt- and residences squares Ihi in nil great pro- and a iiiunljer of tanks Here ablaze before the llienn n to work Ihirtttn Hurried There were seven railroad Tank euis on firo at ene tune Ine 370 barrels of lift) iulloils each or over 18, 000 gallons to the tiuk Besides these an immense upright tank called pn agitator, took fire anil burut-d furiously, the flames leaping to a ln.hlit of 1 "J fitt tars, ajiumlxtof ordinary box cari, were burned Tho apor Urcd The fire had a curious origin Ihe tank La3 tXwndil.i '1 rallniad strike-s and was two ou the road It contained n tjditli i and the ex posure to the hot sunslnue of the post few da) ha 1 generated u 'ICT( vf g Tht iiicu were getting u pump out the oil, and ilium au 1 John Fed Igo had gone upon the t-ank to open it As the) did s> thej the gasoline vapor and Pedigo down In a mo- ment the column of gasoline had reached a lire under one of the boi'ttrs over fifty feet awaj and the explosion followed The oil was scattered in direction Kurt? and Pedigo wele picked up as soon as possible and taken home inspector bkene was taken to his home wliereheis receiving medical attendance Three Little Ablaze Three little Dannj 0 Ixelll and An drew and Joiui McDonald, w-tce walking along the railioad track when the explo- sion occurred I hey were slightlj to the enit of the tank, and tho wind blew tho blaze direetl) d >wn upon them Shrieking with pain, tin} impulsiv el j jumped back ward and into the clear spate on the west- cm side of the track Their clothes were ou fire, and they r-in down the track with the bright blazes streaming after them As goon as the bjstandera recovered from the horrilied shock occasioned by their awful condition they pursmd the three boys. Covenug them witli coats they soon extinguished the flames and laid them un der a tree near by When -sn-utU fitpL WM made to rtmcne Ocelli's clothes a greal piece of his flesh peeled off his face and body at the si touch He was con BCIOUS, but never utttred a cry A CARNIVAL OF DEATH Over Une Hundred FutalltiBB In tlilcnf from Heat Julj 1 Ihc canmal of_ death continues here There were over sixty sunstsokes jesterdaj, eight of which were fatal ithm the past week there have been nearly 1 000 prostrations with a death list of over 100 >.me unknown men were picked up in the streets unconscious Mon day, ami uearl) M) deaths from all rjiusft were reported during the dav bolera infantujii inanition and convulsions al. traceable to the intense heat are the chie dfn i tHJiioiig children Ijphoic has made great strides since the term began One week inoreof this murderous and Chicago cannot escape an epidemic o; some kind Hundreds of animils an advanced state of decomposition in the gtreets and allejs The) have not been moved since they dropped dead Deat horses are Ijmg in the business district It is estimated that hundreds ot dogs anc have been killed by the heat while th mortality among horses and cows has been so great that department can't handle them A Big Strike at PolKilIle PouSMLLL, Pa The presidenl and general manager of the 1 ishbach roll ing mills of the Pottsv ilk Iron and Stee company refused to sign the w age scale and 800 men havestruek Iron workersallover the country hav e signed this seali It is to the effect that the emplojers will continue the present rate of vviigts until there is an Acvimce-m thy price -of iron, when -there will be mi increase of w ages 1 he men are ver> quiet and oiderlj and no disturbance appri liewUd Jt ifi-hanlly-uuisiiile tha he Ktnkt will be SBltled next week Asmin N T July 1 Dr Henry A De Siuigts, au old and well known phy siplan of tins placu, has bgen arrested upo a warrant issued bv Justice Crego an' sworn to by Ameruus Rogers, charging the doctor w ith malpi actice upon his niece Minnie Ropers a briiitiful JonnK eirl o 18 years Dr Dp s n s Ii i i Absolutely Pure. A baking powder. HI gh of ftll In leftvemng strength U. 8, GOT 0iiiment THE QUARTET CONVICTED LUctloii ,n 1 uiitul (.ulltj of I rind Ti i si t 1 )il) 1 1 Ii in is I1 ill on h Mot hi lit i i mi is Hut aid tiHVf 1 1 d tm U lal f'ti fiHU U ll till tit U fill t L llMt-t t 1 ul n lit Ii y 11 11 ii uiii 111 I it.ltotht )f tllL UIl )UIlSel f lu i i if 1 niLii e n it u i 1 h it the itlj (will I JtiUi U t h Ii n the i 1 inn tn it it mis i i u i r u tt. w tl th i I U IILU is tiH in i iwui iii t k br i i h i lining iij) foi ll t If us u 1 11 iut i I i In (JT u it tht 1 titt r uiaimed thiit Un !ui i 1 i to tin 141101 u (.L of tl L ilefe-nd 11 t tn 1 h> di iilfd t'u tun t nspiracj all i i pi u I i Ut r U j Ii Id in his 1 MIU lr -.1 si! 1 tin h fin 1 nit- h ul a linitted 1 1 1 i 1 ir! K ip tU I in itn I tntit s at l hi. ill- md he s ud hat the TitT i 1 i i abun 1 tun t f i iMrrr- Urtt- tin ir 3i i 1 ttetrl H" fiJisj Vtt run imfxirtifil th Jntlut Ljp I i u Alt t IIP ivtm tit 1 ji uf UjUUiLtLdjiu H LI toimnj lit j 1 11 ill j is impns nin ut or i tint orb tli Prostcut-or uiitld iu Ul the other sixtj indicted (.In t ion c t rs Us qiiu kh as possible I I is of the Hudson Count} I ill tt Ktf jnn who figured pr inniij utl> is i wituesf the ron j tt-rl ekv.Utiit t-ffi WIIT arruittd- hmt II t 111 ItlSl.) (it) Ull LUUlljltllllt uf Ml that! I ODjnndl cliiirmau of the Demo (run ujiunuttee of Hudson iiiu wh> chirked Alttiuus with per jnrj in fhlsply ,t 'U b t friudi trial thilht was offered a bundh of the fraud ulent ballots hi O Donndl on the f >rt eh c i AltenuH f hail to x itniii ition THE NEWS (N BRIEF Frt-oh Tips fnnii the W Ireu Carefully CUD. a J K Miller of I- J has madfeHjtjtlKution for atithprity to the National bank of wood T H ind ttsHotlat'td t tnitdt t-jjjthtft linn to nrpauize the Milts Nation il batik jf i PH Ihe will of tht Hte fharlo M Da Costa fhi nis beui adrmiun To at Niw jrs. Mr Da >-t i Colum hm collect s-100 OX) im1 and iniscel Ian t ons libriri V r of charitable in I lul iuus rtls hljLial beiiUcsti I ut members of the New ork and New Inr-n br dge (oinininhiou opened t) i r c ibsrnjition bo All the J tf n -sharth at MixJ a sh befu t ikcn bro id s Y (14 ir f ictor> at Ph mouth Pa. ht( n closc-tl on an at ta< hment obtained bj Peter Kn ippa P i the has reached Pans III ifr IS I hf t- nit for thf census expired June JO 1 lie of t ithtr the heal prif-t of Pittsbnrg Pa ih so seriously ill th it de ith u ir led is not far off 1 h( jnier hah armed at lltrmud i anil LT the las mtr of the ible from H ilif I ho Roman Catholic cathedral of SU Pelt rand Paul the corner btone of which laid Kept b was consecrated June -ii) at Philidelphia with most imposing leremoin at a point twttity miles w Pitfburg on the and ike Hie railroid The onh lasted in rjund Grant being knocked down m t and Wise MX times Ihe seconds, of IIP tatter claimed a foul alleging Grant nd hit the latter was down I lie tl P men were still wrangling Will s ple present I iborers Detained Tuh 1 Itillans are 1 1 1 tt tht. barf e office on the charge 01 laboicrs The} came here rr Pt Iro Italy in charge ofAngelo I tvi, ft titv- While _unbioni r prouii'-cd waa 1 K) a He recruited the f i no detained and paid their passage i New ork He refuses to disclose the i inn s of the liuffalo parties The whole iOt will prnlwlilj be 'ient A Dendly Storm Con Mm s 0 Juh 1 electrical toi m isitcd this citj about f> o clock lasl and was the suertht and raosl leatructive tltat struck Columbus ISyearsold.w mmstantly kilh d standing beneath a ttee w Inch is d( molished by lightning ilham js T7 ye irs of age met a similar death -ionic half other persons were Uunnc-d or knocked downjDut not serious hurt Ihe wind was fierce ant wi re tipioottd, roofs of scores ol t il I nigs blown off and great damage In u TUg Strike of Stevecfores (in July The stevedoies' strikes n tin 1 rhish Valley Steanmhip line o s k IMS Wen followed by a genera k i n ill tho other lines It is estimatec fft (rt 4m t jQQjBorj.ure.fmfc i a Kami of wages from twenty to twen (tnls in hour Most of the lines i nod s' JO lent new men to get i ii To I xnmlnr- Col Dudley N w July 1 Tallmtidge A- Mar tin whoarHwung P C Loiinsburj as the Uf j stirt i of the Republican h ague for IHIU claimed to be for campa iiinim.' lined from Judge O'Gor nan, of the superior court, a diiettedto Joseph loung of Washing i for the examination of Col W W w ho it i-i claimed can tell Roi thing Hating concerning the matters ttstilied to h> Al before a referee Plucky Itov and tlie IJurfjlar RodUsrfR N July 1 Dr Palmer'f esidtntp at Lock port was entered at ll n'cloc last night by a burglar Dr Pa tin r H son found the burglar at work an( hiMiim m the eyn The hurglnr riit I nift sUbhod the hoj In (lie arm juinpec (n tht roof of an adjoining building and n t nwa> witn a wallet containing 1 ht fa nih w ion the porthwhilf the rob bu> wash nirf committed and knew noth inj; ihout tt until it was Until the blood IB of impurities 1 Js uneleRt to attempt Ihe cure of any dlncnRp Rheumatism, which IB traoeafole to an aold In the blood, has been oured, In numerous cases, by the uaoof Ayer'a BarRapftrllla, ex- ternal treatment being of no avail. IN HONOR OF HENDRICKS An Imposing Monument Un- _veiled at Indianapolis, r IHE UHtUAIOUY LXIKCFSES. Mrs linelled the Memorial, Senator Tuiplo Delivered thu Address mid tin. Hoonler 1 ot t H Ode to the De id StuUttiiidii Kind INDUS vioj is July 1 of the great- est crowds In Iiamipjlis saw thronged tht swelteinifi stieUs todav to witness the dedicati m (f the ut-t. UH nze mon- ument li thf latt 1 homos V "Hendncks Ihouran Is paru In n P pniftilp and a nuuibu of sunstrokes occurred owing to the intent ht it Lht committee on ar- doubtless averted many fatali- ties LuiiDgTu water barrels scattered HEMHHCRS along the. line of march burgeons and ambulances were also provided for division The __ The dedicatory exercises occurred on rha stole hou-iffyiuunda m the -presence of immense thronp Governor deliv- ered an addrc-sof welcome after which President of the monument associa- tion, was installed as permanent chair- man After the nnocation had been pro- nounced Mr Hendncks' former pastor, Joseph S Jenckes, patriotic songs were sung by 500 school clwMren As Mrs Hendncks the dead statesman s widow, pulled tin c Ji 1 tliut ljuiehed tl t, it llama that the statue the Induui ipolis Light find a <-alutf of nine guns, one gun for each letter in the name of Hendruks Ihe ode to Hendnckb svutten b} James AS hitcoinb Riley the Hoosier poet' was tin n read f isher, ofHnnmero and was recced with deafening applause Ihe exercises closed with Senator Turpie s address a brilliant tribute t tin dead the sing- ing of the biar Spangled Banner and the Kt is s f i of Vineennes How tie Monument as Built. Soon after the Mce president's death sev eral gentlemen who had been close friends of the statesman undertook HEMlRICLS MONUMENT the task of riising money for a substantial memorial The Hemlricka Monument com- LuihBion accordingly organized with Judge John Holman as president and R C J Prndleton as solicitor of funds Mr Pendleton visited everj state in i went the-contri- butions were liberal The monument is, therefore one built by the whole people, but to Indiana s credit it may be said that the most 01 the money was contributed by her citizens Mrs Hendncks was consulted m all things and at her suggestion Mr R H Parks of Florence Italy, was c "ted fw the h< iipUir The was begun In March 1R88 and was therefore completed in less than two years The from which the pedestal is constructed comes from the Bavano quarries, and is the finest, Mr Parks says, that was ever brought across the Atlantic A Description of the Monument. The base of the pedestal, which is about twenty nine feet long and twenty three feet wide consists of three courses each about twehe inches wide and raising to the die in the center On each side of the monument is a niche, the one in front con taming d (orations Those on the sidea facing tht mth and north cont dn the fig ures of Justice and History while the one faring, the west, or properly the northwest, is vacant The body of the pedestal shows -four fluted columns at the corners, each surmounted by a globe bearing bronze or namentation Above this rests the dome stone massive and beautiful, bearing the t'Hp' die upon winch stands the statue ol Htndncks The1 only the monument is the name chls eled in the front niche and mounted in gold leif Below trhm nnnle is ft bronze wreath of laurel and oak that is nearly three ftct in diameter This beautiful wreath was cii'-t nt thi? Rojal foundry ai ftome-ftml took H meciul at the Paris exposition Itwastnst from natural top of the nrdt n Uniter States hbidd m H-Inure! vine gian full} from it A I fgiirr of Iltrolr The figure of Iltn lucks, which Is of heroic fiuos toward the southeast down the broad walk tlmt h ids up to Indiana's magnificent stnto house On his right sits-the gonral figure of Jus ticp and on lui left thntiif History Th( fltatesninnisroprpsented as standing firmly on hifl left fi of, with his right foiward His right Imn 1 rests ensilj in his whirh IR mihutfoiud at the top nnd his left hand nntiuns n pare hnu nt roll His frork co tt is t hi own 1 IK k on the right Bide and hi st mils addressing an au- dieiuf his face wi ning an expression ol concentrjitton un It arm stness 1 ho mode, la of the bioii7< slMtut s WIIP mado in Sculp tor Parkn stmh in 1 I ir m tlii m were No matter what may be the Ills yon bear from indigestion A dope, of Ayer'n Cftthartio Ptlln will eaae you without question Junt try them once and be (insured, they hare much worse dyapeptiog ourM You 11 find them nio9 nod ftmply worth the price. Bent to thi K ij ill foundij m HLH t to be in bi< Jiuu thu Uork Done The miiiii si itru inch IH f n feet ilx incht s hit-h au 1 L li of tit j fig rM i-t m j'l wjtlwttit seams I h r tl i Id (jfr-t k 't i ttie b Ij Mi H u In larger i pi t tght and t i t h ilf heads to the IM h 1 be hgure in bi i over one ton an 1 i half A a SEW OHK JuU 1 M iid trpi I i r i n, Hnnnd'i nan lur PT- DeUctut Hannuin and J rink a clerk in tin law ttth e of Gib- bons btt n urcesUid oil eomj hunt of Claude H ttmore, a reporter of IheNew York World fur the larcenj of flj) et- more claims to hast paid thu sum to the prisoners uid utluers for polu e protection" to mn an allnped t, imbimp houae m this nfy 1 hp fnnr prisoners pleaded not guilty and were paroled x. i i ination RoundfHRHn and Detects e Logan were susptn It d from uo-lue by In- spector HUMS pending examination by the poliLL LU mi issiuueia I nch'o Indict nil nts RocriFsri-R Julj 1 A sealed indictment has been opened against 1 horn is thf txdecteUuo who Uiot Mr an 1 Mrs Stoddnrd in last The txTdt tt cine has alrea h btra ttnliu-tcd f i n u U i in the second d our mind to Hood's Sarsaparilla do not be induced to Uke any other A Boston ladv whose exarnj'e is worthy imitation, tells Ler eiireiience below In one store where I sent to buy H iod s Sarsaparilla the clerk tried to Induce me buy theirowiilnsteadoj Hoods, hetoldmetlieir s would longer, that I might take it on ten i lost FIGS CF OAl FORNIA, Coi i v 'h tl t n L Jn.it il i (it n ti k i to 1 L tavl to tl'tr htm Til i'i n 'Ujg ti! I_RI ib'e ai t i t L 1 u Lima ncrt tut hil'itu 1 CuiislT pit on ml tl dc- pu i1 o in OliC'u 1 till BOWELS. It I IT t 'en 1) known to "LtANSE Th'E SYSTFP EhtECTUJLLY W 1 n u c or Locsupatcd PURE BLOOD, REFRfcSHINO SLEEP, WEALTH ind fiTRFNOTH NATURALLY V-CLLOW o L N usmrt it and all are delighted uith it ASK YOIM DRUG ilST FOR Tf JL i LJij i MANUFACTURED ONLY BY CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO 'rll Y07K N ft o OF TRFMON lo Cct days' trial, that it I did net like it I need not pay anything etc But he could not prewil on me to change I told him I had taken Hood's Sarsaparilla, knew nhit it nas was satisfied with it, and_did not want anj other wnen I began taking Hood s SarsapanlU I was feeling real miserable with and SO Weak that at timss Lcstuld hardly Hood': stand I looked like a person in ionsump- tioD. Hoods SarsaparUla did me so much good that I wonder at mjstll sometimes, andmjrlriendsfrequentlysneakof it MRS A GOFF, 61 Terrace Street, Boston reiKejiijr.. br C I HOOD A CO Apothecarlei IOO Doses One Dollar ANGKT.O CAMERA'S GENERAL .CONtEfllONEEY, Superfine Chocolates a specialty An inunense assortment of Caohona, Lozfln- ges, Drop, Cough Candies, Nut Candies, Car- amels, Mixtures, Penny Goods, Tnrktsh Candies, French (.reams, French G laces, etc Prices moderate 205 SOU I H BEOAD BlBEJffl', NEXT TO BEOAD.8TEEET BANK. ANGFIX) CAMERA, CAPT, MWS BEST SERIAL, of the Social of our Army. IWO SOIDII'KS, la Now Running IN I'AF'i U ON PAGE FOUR. The highest conit in the ladies- say our Jumbo Chontmit for size and prepare loh beats them all Our small stove for Baltimore Hea'cvs is the th t K Our sfovo and egg for collar heaters hard, hot and lasting Trj ft ton of our NO. 2 CHESTNUT. EGG AND STOVE FOE BAK NO A SPECIALTY. Broken Egg, Pnckwheat and Soft for manufacturing purposes always on hand. Klock and Kindling Wood to ault the trade. Wilson Stokos Notice js hereby tctention of Common Ponnnl pnrBUftnt to A ruiolut passed by said Council April 17th, 1890, to cause acei tarn latfual Bewei to bet uslruuU-J in the said city begit mog at the inttraec tion of the center hnea of Prospect streel and Eutherford avenue, and rum me thence easterly-through the center of said Euther ford HvpnriR ahmit more or less to the ceutfci hie of Marion street, thence southerly through tho center linfi of Marion street 475 feet more (r Its to a pout at or near the center line of BeFlevue avenue, anc thence to connect with sewer No 7 now laic in said Pellevue ue Such persons as may object to the conf-ttuction o' said sewer are h City Clerk Dated JuilL 17lh, [Adv g fee 6-18-10 iyj AYOR'8 OFFICF, TRINTON NfWjrHSFl June, llth, 1K90 J To CharlfD H McClicsi Cbi.f f Puln-u are hereby directed to enforce Chap ter 14 Sect on 174, of the city orlmances Hgainst all persons violntnig its provisio is excepting on July 3d 4th and 5th Said ordu ancc reads as follows SECTION 174 That if aiy persons shall file discharge, or let off any gun pistol squib, or other firework within this city within two hundred yards of dwelling honse, stable o any other building, every such person or persons so offending, and be lug thereof duly convicted shall forfeit and pay such (ffeise the sum of five dollars, provided that nothing herein shal be construed to pr Military salutes without any of the public streets lanes or alleys of this city ou any public occasion A A SKIRM, Mayor. 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