Thursday, June 12, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - June 12, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey VOL. VIII. NO. 9389. TKKNTON, THURSDAY AFTKKNOON, JUNE 12. 1890. BY WIND AND UGH I NiNG. Death and Destruction in a Cyclone's Path FATAL ItOLlS THE tLOLUS. Many Killed ur Injured In the fteyatone Ttirlble Work at Corrj antl and Ohio TraverHtd it Turuatla O June storm last evening almost the town of Eluiwood this count) A number of houses were tlemolished anel one life is known to been lost '1 he storm struck the lage shorth afterj o clock, willing from the southwest A few mojnents before it burst a calm seemed to settle) er the town and" the heat became oppres ive Suddenly there was a low, rumbling nnlse and flashes of lightning Ihe gale then swept down and cleared a path through the en tire town Houses were unroofed, chim neys blown down, windows broken and outhouses demolished A Young Girl's Thrilling Fxperlence. Miss Lilhe Kenellc} the operator at the Bee line depot, had a thrilling experience She was in the office when the storm came up Suddenlj the station was shaken to the foundation and MIS.S Kemlley sprung to the door She found the door obstructed, and fearing ever) moment that the building would tumble over sprang from a window In order to keep from being blown away she was compelled to lie on the ground Investigation disclosed that a barn belong- ing to one of the residents had bcon blown against the station Buried In the Ruing. Mr Joseph Cook and his wife and child were at home when the storm came up The house began to rock and Cook called to his wife to save herself and the child She ran out with the child in her arms anel had barely reached the open air hen the house collapsed Cook was not seen to come out, and it is believed that he was buried in the ruins A number of costly buildings were destroyed The Cyclone at Channahon. CHiNVAHON, Ills, June stoim swept over the southern limits of this town, leveling trees and outhouses and making havoc generally The cyclone caught up Dav id Drew's barn and horses, three m number, anil blew them forty rods away, making a complete wreek of the barn and killing the horses A bolt struck the house, tearing it almost to pieces 8ne of the daughters, Mrs A.nn Biffins, was sitting in the doorwav, while Ella, another daughter, was sewing m the room inside A bolt passed the head of the girl sit- ting in the doorway and struck Ella, com- pletely her M.mj hoises and cattle were killed and the damage to houses in the country anel town will amount to thousands of dollars Lightning's Detdly Work at Corry. COBHT, Pa June 12 terrific thunder stoiui accompanied bj an immense quan tity of rain passed over this city last even- ing The residence of Mrs Albert Con- noka was struck by lightning Mrs Con- ncka received such a sev ere shock that her life is despaired of Benjamin right's house was next struck, tearing the chimney away and so shocking his little 6- year old daughter that she will die The telegraph instruments at the Philadelphia and Erie office were burned and the opera- tor, C M Chidester badly injured The telegraph and telephone v, ires are down all over town Five Children Injnred. Ills Tune cyclone swept De Witt count} between It o'clock and noon A school house near Birkbeck was demolished w hile school was m ses siou Five children were injured, of whom it 19 feared two will die At Wapella the Illinois Central depot and the Methodist church were wrecked A man named House, Ining near that town, fatally hurt Tiees and telegraph poles were smashed in all directions The barn on Mrs Abbott's farm, near Wapella, was demolished and three horses killed A Circus Tent Wrecked. jACKbONTIILF Ills June 12 thou- sand people were in a tent just south of Jacksonv ille listening to a concert when a storm suddenly sprang up and the tent blew over on the crowd A scene of mad confusion ensued, the poles and heavy cam as crashing many to the giound. .Quite a number of persons were injured, the most seriously being Mrs W H Mus- grive, wife of the pastor of Grace Meth- odist Episcopal church, hurt about the spine, and Miss Alderson, of Chapin, aknll fractured Fair Buildings Destroyed. WAPELLO, la, June teirible cy- clone passed over this section of the coun- trj, destroying much property It struck the fair grounds and reduced the exhibition halls to kindling wood It then entered the city, w here it literally tore to pieces the residences of Mrs R Biggs, S Bryantj O W Iveg All the inmates were sericJiRly injured, though not fatally Many other buildings were dismantled The old hy- ilruiilio mill was destroyed The stoiiu lasted about ten minutes A Dentrnotlve Rail CARLISLF, June severe hail and wind storm passed over the entire Cumberland valley last evening, doing iwnsUlarrtble damage to the growing crops Hall fell In large quantities From the reports received here from the surround- ing country the damage to properly was heavy An Electric Light Plant Damaged. Nnw YORK, Juno 12 The Manhattan ElectncLlght company's work at Eightieth street and were struck by light- ning last evening, and a fire ensued which damaged the works to the extent of The district supplied by the company in darkness for the rest of the night One Killed, Fonr Injured. OLYPIIANT, Pa June 12 Lewis was killed and four persons were injured by lightning near here last evening Presidential Postmigtera. WASHINGTON, June president sent to the senate the following nom- inations of postmasters. B. Wright, H. McKnabb, Petaluma. Po-inecticut. C. C. Georgia, Unionvllle. New Hampshire A. A. Hall, Farmington. New Jersey George "Slvins, Hammonton. New York G W Callow; Jamaica, C. W. Schurff, Canajohnne, P. p. Conroy Wat- kind Pennsylvania-AV. R Cole, Potte- viHe; Mrs S Gibson, Fiwport, R. w. Cor- Itj, Milton Rhode F. Hobln- Jr, W I'lefleli'. Men of brains originate, the unprincipled never b" the ring be tulled. Theylnnurton HirerRoot Boer, Swam rare it. WOULD NOT LOWFR THE FLAG The Stars and Stiipts HIM Couiiiiutlou In u din itllim I 011 tint hm I1 i I i U Of eXUtOPU lit WH9 lit Itld l! 1 afternnnn In an alii nj t in the part of Co] ill [i tin i r n lint of BatU rj A it.iti mid nt KM n I it. vent an excnisinii pnu I u hi _ the American bU iinei M I n it i ill she had lowtiu) tin sins mil s s ft ago tin mini i_'iim nt til tit unor recened pi i missi m ti m !l m i Imu eminent to t ill at in ii in i iisd the St I mil t i HIM n Hit bt it w is u _ t 1 -li> by the an nil in Oitit i >i I i suisiii au excursion to the Ihous. in 1 Isl i 1 those most proimm nt in ti' iiu wm Major Brennan of this 11 h til ui gaged Batterj bantl to esuui Im t ur slomsts to ton 1 tin t it the major was mfoiin tl 1 1 mm that he must not him 1 the s i mi i until the American is h inlt Id n ilils order caused it u mm it i HI am the Foresters and then liunN lit of the steamer itu I IIM eon suited refused to the uidu ami bO informed Col Cotton The Ameiican w is fh m, u ib mil to tn bo ml because I ditl not think it u! 1 1 ok to see a body of British 1 ins con- veyed through the 11nn s md Isl mils on a steamer cat rj ing ttu M in Mnpis at her stern Ihirt nld h in nothing in the men it h tlu M urM m aschiliani Of courst di 1 n t i boat and coukl not coinptl the lower the flag I then foitrefuseillo allow the band to go on board PROHIBITION AND HIGH LICENSE National T< mp< riiiu e 1 Meets at H "V ui k NEW Yolik, June U lln Nation il Temperance congress h is opt i ed lit re i he Rev Dr Charksl Duins of tin hnrch of the Strangers was c ilh d tu pn sitlf the deliberations of the con-in 'lht ques tion, "Is btate and NititnU 1'rt Inbition Desirable and F asibh thin dis cussed by Gen Neal Dow fn in the high license side and Robert Griham flora the prohibition point of Vt tht iltcrnoon session J K I unk ork ad- vocated that botlipiohihitmnMs ind license people unite on soim piuticible restriction me IMIIC Dr Huntmpton of diite diiiiih, ills believed in eitl er prnhiJitun tr high license Both had pi m 1 fiilnrn e must find some substituti fn tin sdoon and must lessen the tlesiit for litjiior be fore we can eradicate tht of intempi r ance Improvement In tht hopitsof the poor would be one good sit p den A 11 Nettleton, of Minneipohs the founding of an Amtrican mm n Itmper ance alliance to w oik for bt ttrliws and better public sentiment' Dr V ,T Kj- nett, of Philadelphia, piohibition After several other speeches in fuoi of totJil abstinence and pioliibitmn theses sion closed At an si ssion den Wager Swayne piebided and iddresscs were delivered by him and alti i B Hill, of Georgia A H Church of M issa 0 0 How ud I N Rev A A Miner Rev Kuwaiti losby and others of the sppiktrs de clared that unless the original p u kage" decision was nullified tjy congress a po- litical revolution would be woiked by the temperance people Commencement at Princeton PRrscETm, N J Junp 12 1 he 143d an- nual commencement of tho( of Jersey took place V ednesd-n Hie follow- ing announcement of fellowshi] sand prizes was made The Chancellor dieetn mental science fellowship, Mgeworth Bird Bax- ter, of Georgia the classical fellowship, Robert P Shick Ptnnsvhnnii experi- mental science fellowship Gtorgo Lewis Shearer, California the Boudinot histor- ical fellowship, W ilham fjitibey, New Jersej, the Boudinot inodtfu Un- Ktiage fellowship Loins L I.nmgood, PennsjUama the Alexander duthiieMc- Cosh prize, E B Baxter Georgn, the Lyiide prizes, filst Junes T C'harle- ton, Oregon, second J M Pennsylvania, third fdinnnd G Rawson, New York the Mat Lean prize, George R Wallace, Pi nnsjh inn the class of 18fil prize, A L right, New Jer- sey, the Baird Edgpworth Bird Bax- ter, Georgia, in oraton I rnntis Palmer, Maine, in delnery, alter Lowric, Penn- sylvania, in poetry, Hirhe W Hathaway, New Jersey Francis Biddle pi Casper W Hodge, New Jersej Southeast club mental science fellowship, J C Green, PHD, New Jersc} No Union for the Reformed Church. NEW YORK, June la the morning session of the Reformed Presbyterian sjnod the report of thecommittee on union favor- ing a union with the other branches of the denomination was rejected 'I he icte was as 17, nays, absent, 25, and not voting, 12 In the afternoon ses- sion the committee on divorce rtported1 in favor of limiting divorce to c ises of adult- ery or willful desertion The report op posing the use of or trading in tobacco was adopted Reference was again had to the vice president's building in Washington being used partly for the liquor bubiness, and this was condemned as an indirect participation in immorality Cowles Makeft A Deposition. MONIKFAL, June condition of Cowlea shows some improvement The physicians appointed by the court to ex- amine him have decided that he is able to make a deposition Accordingly, at 3 o'clock, Judge Desnoyers proceeded to the hospital and took his sworn statement It will be laid before the giaud jury Hale is still out on parole To Race on the Tlmmea. Nuw LONDON, Conn June 12 The first colldge boat race on the Thames course will be rowed Tuesday, June 34, between Columbia, Cornell and Pennsjhama freshmen The Columbian have been here a week in active practice and are the only crew here yet The others named, also Yale and Harvard, will bo here by Satur- day A Hurneri MoNONtuiirLA Cm, Pi, Juno works of the Monongahela Manufacturing company, consisting of a foundry, machine nbop, blacksmith shop and pattern room were burned- Wednesday. Loss, lasurance, VO "For a longtime I had no appetite, was restless at nlgnt and very much debilitated. After trklnc two of Ayer's Samaparllla my strength and appetite returned, and my healtn wad completely M. Fifher, Ctawego, N. V. JONASSON'S HARD LUCK. An American Citizen 111 1 reated m Berlin. DID HE IIBLL EJIPtKOH Vi ILLUM? He Saj-ft He Was Falsely Vtcututl h} Two uuken Students The Con- duct of the Days and Nights In n Dirty Cell BFPLIN June 12 tremendous sensa- tion has bttu e uised here this weik by the arrest of Joseph Jonasson, of the firm of Jonasson Lo ot No J58 Broad- wav Ntw on the charge of hbtlmg the Emperor ilham Itappe irsthat Mr Jouasson met a couple of students one evening whom he had seen before and went with them to several places when both of them turned upon him and accused him of making objtttionable observations about the emperor ijthough as a matter of fact the latter's name had never been mentioned JonasHon Xiider Ariest Jonasson then noticed that both the stu- dents were drunk He tried to smoothethe matter over as a joke, but the} refused to listen to him and called for the police. They took Mr Jonassou to a dirt) little station house, where he was rudelv bcarch- ed and all his valuables, papers etc taken from him Air Jonasson protested agunst this treatment and called the officers at- tention to tht drunken contition of both students ind demanded to be releastd, but all his protests were in vain He was shoved into 'he Black Maria and then rap- idlj duven to police headquarters Hln Protests Ignored. Theofllctrs at this station likewise de- clined to entertain Jonasson's protests, and ordered his instant removal to jail He was then taken to a dirtv cell, com- pelled to give up his own clothing and to wear prison garb For three days and nights he was kept In sohtarj close con- finement and en food in a filthj condi- tion Meanwhile Mr Jonasson s brother, who was staying at the same hotel, be came uneas} at his disappearance, and searched the morgue and hospitals in vain He then went to police headquarters, and was told th it nothing was known of such a person He e up the search in despair ProHtrato In a Cell. All this time the unfortunate victim of the two students' drunken freak was prostrate iu a cell He first asked to be allowed to communicate with his brother He gave the address to an official, who promised to go and find him, but did not even go to the hotel, for he came back soon after and said he could not see him, and that the name was unknown there Mr Jonasson then asked that some one be sent to the American legation or to a good law jer in the city, but again without suc- cess He was told that he must wait and take his chance in the dock in the ordinary manner At length Mr Jonisson suc- ceeded in getting one of the bnst law j era in Berlin, w ho secured his release on bail, which was placed at a high figure In the hope that his American friends would be unable to furnish it, but the) were able to defeat the dope, and Mr Jonasson was set free They "ill Be Punished. The two drunken students, his accusers, now say they made the charge while drunk and therefore remember nothing about the affair But it is hardly likelj they will be allowed to go off with such an infamous excuse On the morning following the ar rest they said that all was perfectly true and that the American had libeled the emperor Efforts have been made to hush up the case, but Americans refuse to listen to such a proposal The case is still before the court There is no doubt as to Mr Jonasson's ultimata acquittal When he is really free he will move an mquirj as to the conduct of the police officials who re- fused all assistance to him and will fight the case out to the end A Hudson River Bridge Bill. WAKHINOTON, June Evarte by request introduced m the senate a bill to authorize the New York and New Jersey Bridge company to build a bridge across the Hudson nv er between New York city anil the state of New Jersey 1 he bill pro- vides that the bridge shall be built from a point north of Tenth street and south of One Hundred and Eighty first street to a point in New Jersey north of the southerly line of the township of Union or at some point on the Palisades south of Fort Leo It is to be not less than 145 feet elevation in the clear above high water mark at the piers and 155 at the center of the mam span Mexico's Phonograph Scheme. WASHINGTON, June postoffice department has received details of an ar- rangement made by the Mexican govem- ment for placing in all the postofflces in that country phonogi aphs for the use of the public The cylinders are to be sent from one point to another in the mails at the same postage rates as first cl ass matter The use of the machine is likely to become general and it will be utilized by persons who are unable to wilte The phonographs are managed by a company who pay a cer- tain proportion of the receipts to the gov- ernment Ilulned In a Few Days. CHICAGO, June 12 board of trade firm of Robert Warren Co failed to pass the clearing house Wednesday Wheat and short rjbs, both of which articles the firlu was a heavy holder, dropped sharply in price when the failure became generally known Mr Warren said that he could have sold his wheat at the prices ruling about two weeks ago to net him profit, but the decline of the last few days had ruined him A Fatal Gas Explosion. Pi i issuno, June 12 an explosion ot natural gas w Inch had leaked into the cel- lar at No i9 Pike street, Allegheny, Mrs Kipp, about 70 years of age, and her grand- daughter, Lime, 16 years of age, were so badly burned that they died last evening Mrs Kipp and the girl entered the cellar and struck a match to light a lamp when the explosion threw them up the stairs The Genenee House In Tronhle. BuniALO, June propuetors of the Genesee house are in trouble The Geiuian American bank foreclosed a mort- gage for which it holds against the furniture, and the sheriff seized the furul- ture and commenced removing it This action will probably result in the closing of the hotel. The Mules Fiuted Twenty-six SHAMOKIN, Pa, June damage to the Neilson shaft by the recent fire is about much less feared Twelve mules were found alive, having with- out food and water twenty-six Hays. A DOT of pills has saved many a fit ofslckncfs. When a remedy not happen to be within reach people are liable to neglect slight ailments, anil, of course, II setlonslll- nms follows they have to suffer the oouio- quencti. "A rtltch tn time we nine." THE BASEBALL WORLD Nittlonul Ltugut. At I hilalelulila Ntnv t. S 0 1 1) II 1 u i I n o 7 1 lillnitli t n 0 U 1 0 1 1 i 1 h I rt, i I I i r] II lulu III) I 111 Hurl U UN I Bn lit 1) vunui is u I I ill UI (in t vJI llr klMi lust n 0 3 0 0 H t 0 tl I' I lir liu 0 1) 0 0 tl I is I N II s I 1st I t V w JI unn 5 Bate hit- J 11 in St i Havtii ID fn is Jeis (it) 1 N i Ilium I Bui i a Me. Derm )U an 1 Mu H ni i ami IIutT i 1 All olhpr jjitn s s[ i j KEMMLER'S LAST HOPE GONE. Tim Milt of Hiilifiit oipus In tlu lulled stilts Clldllt I.Mi.'t Dismiss il '-ll U I si N him hi 1 ist chaptt l tif I he kt in in It i t It t t roc lit Ion c 1st as f 11 t the appi il !o tht ft tleral umrts is ct net i lit '1 is M t Hit n In it i h t sd ij In the lint il States em nit 101111, bcfcilc tllati nt (it labor fur tJit1 stitt iiiul in buhalf nf Chiirlcb 1 DurstDii nntl wartltnof Aiibuin jirison mmttl thtt the petition of Ktininiir this lohn Hart fora tjf h ibt MS eoiptis be dismiss! rl antl Judge all let at net grinted the motion and 01 (It red that kt Hindi i he rcinandi d lo the custotl) of the Auburn pnson foi the eiecutiou of the Bdittiue Judyt allac t with the oidtr filed this memoruidum ihisnrit has scned the office for tthich it allowed and there is no leason it should 1 remain in force It w is allowed Iteunse there seemed to he n (jut stmn t thcr the sen tence under w hit !i Kt mmlt r is to be put to death eliel iiotolicnd the font tee nth amend mentof the federal constitnti in Thmwas a question winch could finally de- cided anthoritatn e Ij by the supreme1 court of the I.luted St ites If it had seemed to be a question HO frnolous as not to be worthy of serious discussion t lit w nt should not been allow eel but unless it was thus frivolous, it was uot for a judge of this court to refuse it under the particular cir cumstaiices, to the most depraved criminal, and thereby deny him the chance which the statutes of congrtss had given him, to challenge the of his sen- tence "The writ of habeas corpus is of the highest right the application fur it is ad- dressed to the discretion of the judge but peremptorily It cannot be denied because the application has been unieusonablj de- layed or because the most si nous mum venience inaj result from its illow nice, and it is whollj unumteiial whether the applicant is he Id in restraint the wanton act of an individual or bv the highest judicial authority There is one other legal (UK stum touch ing thjs case remiining in tht si ite courts That involves the quest w he t her keminler shall be executed by the1 waiden of the state prison or by the sheriff of Lrle county This has been quickly taken to the court of appeals and will soon be decided Ihen Keminler w ill be rcsentenceel Four Hundred Men Struck. SCIUNTCA, 1'a Tune 12-1 our hundred men at Marshvvuod colliery have struck on account of dissatisfaction with the mine docking boss A Chair Factory Burned. PonoiiKFEPsiF, N T Chi- ohester 's chair factory In tins city was burned Wednesday Loss, in- surance, 000 Makes the lives of many people miserable, causing distress after eating, sour stomach, sick headache, heartburn, loss of appetite, a all gone" feeling, bad taste, coated _. tongue, and Irregularity of DIStrOSS theboweli. Dyspepsia does After not Bet we" II requires careful attention, fcaunS and a remeeTJilike Hoods Sarsaparllla, which acts gently, yet efficiently. It toues tho stomach, regulates the diges- tion, creates a good ap- glck petite, banishes headache, wICK ana refreshes the mind Headache I have beim troubled with dyspepsia. I hid but little appetite, and what I did eat U n distressed me, or dlti me .f "We After eating I DUrn would have a faint or tlrcrt, feeling, as though I had not eaten anything My trouble was aggi.ivated by my business, pilntlng Last spring I took Hood s Sar- saparllla, which did nio an Immense amount o( good. It gave mo an appetite, and my food relished and satisfied thq craving I had previously experienced." GKOROE A. PAGE, Watertown, Mass. Hood's darsaparilla Sold by drnggliti. nli f ?r Preyed only bjC I 100 Doses One Dollar j, A LUCKY MAN. T. F. HolluHay Uraivn 87 Iu the Deu- ver State I ottery Mr f I Hollt whtt la owner of cr stantl ;it thn soulhoaat corner of Secontl mid stroetH haa autldenU come into (OiiMdtral lo wealth boi ause ho was fortunate inoiigh to lioltl tltktt 11150 whit h drtw tho lust prut of in the Denver State Lottery Mr Hollowdj lias in other lot teneb before lut thn is his lirst trial in tho Denver lottory A wtok bt fore tho monthly drawing of tho Dmivor Stttto I ottory he in vested for it wlmlo tit kot, and on tho 14th of this nioiith ret oived notice that ho had won the drat A few after tins Mr Holloway re ceived 37[ twenty dollar gold pieces by the Wells, Parjjo I'3] rcsa Mr Holloway 13 greatly elated over his good fortune but 18 as yet uuttecldLd in what manner ho will dispose tif it Tho ottery is comparatively a now institution in this city, but has shown its mttgrity and its fair method of doing business bj tho prt inj t nmnuer m which the claim of Mr Hollouay WHS mot The claim of Mr David Oliver, of Charlotte) street Kansas C ity Mo, who held ticket !TiJb7 aid elre-w f 1..250 as tho third capital prize, has also bet n promptly met f The tickets arc in wholes and halves and are sold at fifty cents and twenty hvo cents Mr B r Hliotliie (olo is tho rest dent agent of the Company at tho head- quarters -Philadelphia Hem May 2H, 1890 THE NEWS IN BRIEF Fresh Tips fioui the Carefully iillrtl Him C1 H uU H uns unnnimoiisly rcnniiiinntt tl f r CIMKUSH the Fourth district Kt itlnii mis i f M uiie A c HIM n tin tin inta I t milriiiid a shoit di-'l iiitL uf I iht t UN caused the ilt ith tif one uf the1 engineers J II lit in- Ihe h nisi (oniniittce tin public buildings nntl gi umlstiut reptittd the (Pa j j ublic liuilding bill, amount ttiiniiti 1 he si 11 n 1 ind n tillt crit kct t hum [iioiHup in itch lit t 11 u lIiiiMird fortl an I the I nmiMU of t lulis as n I i't h III in is 1'hil I s lit ih 1 tint know he ti> bt piop ist tl foi h mi i in nit niber ship in tin Hiilem an tlub at nk wliuh bl ukballcd him, but nicuibi is nf the (lub de it rl lie hi nut In Ii ins ire nn the warpath m Montana 1 lin h ft tht n rtgular and an L; it lit i inf4 in sin til tamps of fromllftetn tntui Inc mil are firing atsettliis IIMI-.IS il m iking tho most threatening dt m insit tl i us Ranchmen qre bringing the r fimi ies mtn the settle uicnt 'Iht1 H [inllit in state cnincntion of Maine H 11 M n it an 1 w ill un eloubttdh i i mm He ti junior liurltigh h} at 111111 it i in llu t nini It ml K tif L have tie eitltd In Ii i 1 tin in i il asst mlilj of the ortlcr at t r I t A 11 FORTY WERE KILLED th. I ral A FllKlltrill Hnl I Mi.iinliiins 'sT Pi il I SHI 11 )iini l> lit pnrts Ii bet n n ti nt tl In K of tlis istrons t ti ms mil it 1 iss uf hfi and in tilt inn nu dis u isnf the I ral mount nns I lit u n i ks it I f illisk anil Nt 1 OtHI dm HIIIK h lists ii ur m htiiil lioust s, thru i Inn Ins It nli spitals and the mat: s i mplt ith It ii h p i-ni s n biiiiittl tti tit ith mil IHIIOlIu i m nli h imliss b> the dt strut1 tn ui nil' i Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar baking powder. High- est of all in leavening strength U 8. Gov- ernment Beport, Angust 17, 1889 ANGKT.Q CAMERA'S GENERAL CONFECTIONERY, IT te. Superfine Cream Chocolate a specialty. An immense assortment of Tachona, Lozen- ges, Drops, Congh Candies, Nut Candies, Car- amela, Miztuies, Penny Goods, Turkish Candies, French t reams, French Glaces, etc. Prices moderate. 205 SOUTH BEOAD STREET, NEXT TO BROAD STREET BANK. ANGELO CAMERA, Psor. The latest novelties out in Ladies' >hd Children's fast colored, boat qaahty hose, among which please note following famous, absolutely fast dyes: The T. S F the Stir, the Daisy and Gloria Dye, which chal- lenges the whole world for ita eqnal in quality and extremely low prices The reduced prices are and 25c and upwards Onr next novelty are new styles just out in Children's and Caps, to which pay especial study, and always had the name of selecting the prettiest, handsomest assortment of and Children's Caps and Hats. Handsome Hata reduced to 25c. and upwards. Fans I Fans t Fans! All styles made, along with Bnck- les, Po< ket-books, Coraets fine Cam- bric Underwear, Gauze Underwear, Ribbons, Gloves of every descrip- tion, Mitts, Parasols and Umbrellas la onr giand specialty. We only the very best made Parasols and Fun Umbrellas, along with and are daily receiving new styles at lower than truly city prices. Look at them. Call and be convinced. OFPOeifK CITY Umbrella Youmans1 Celebrated Spring Styles now on Sale Uj IIATTKR, 16 State Stroot. 31KWAKT 1IAMMOXI) HUSINER8 4 COI-U'Gl- Eqaipi YOUNG LADIEH .ad (JTMIEMEN ftr IMMFIHAiJ! EFFICIENT SFRVIOE in OOUN11NG KOOM ITS AKK SUCCXSSFUr. SfKCIAMSTS, CAFAKT.K, KNRRQKTIC WOKKKKS. NO BMArifcKING, NO NON LsHENTIALS, NO NON8KN3S in ita OOORSfc OF TKAINJNG Mod.rn Method., hucc -tnl Individual Attention factory The Shorthand Department thevery best fan] for ikill in 8Ui KAPID AND dDGCF.88j.uL HU vKVNTFFn." Monllllft ALrnoiB .nd Ev.m.g ic Shorthand. MONDAY, SwPT. 2d. THOMAS J HlEWiKT, PRTHUIPAT, Box 527, N. J. -T .i 1O and 13 South Greene Street, TRIMMINGS QrarelMtdisplayof TrimraliiEs, No tions, Fancy Goods, Hosiery, (llovnn Knd Underwear ever before ehowr Jr thia city, e'onfliBtiEK of almost eveiy thing that goos np a first Itore, snch u Zophyis, Uernia liibV, t., Jewelry, Chenille Ornamonta, twrj fringe. Fancy Tidies, Buttons, Gimps Oollara, Cuffs, Laces, FeltB, lace Powders, Porfujn Oombi, Brnahet, and AND NOTIONS. I b All the leading makea of Inclndlng the celebrated C. P. Corset Ferris WaiatB for Tjidles and All the moat desirable of Underwear for Tjuliea, Gonta Children Camola' Hair, Medicated Scarlet Natural Wool and Merino (lowlo A full vtfiortment and pricei that will be Batisfactoiy to all. B. B. and 12h N. Uroad HAH 'HUH MAN Bonpbt hn punts of the AMFKICAN i AND TAILORING wonld not innch wind th.ongh his We rrt clothing MID, Boyi ind Ohildm with 1AILOR-MADE CLOIHIN6 U mnch h i thin Philadelphia pncw. Ottr giut Itwi.n to-day OVEKCXJATS for J9.99. ind onr SAVfPIR SUIlfl, worth H3, for for Childrtn'i RniU CLOTHING MADE TO n hwt lii witk, right tlong A M 8 fior warren St. LOOK OUT FOR BARGAINS We have purchased the store North of us and intend to build on the two lots I he lines! "tore in Iron Ion! get rid of onr stock to do thin, RHADY-MADIi i L j i- v INJ i 1 i i i t j c j c H TAH-pltlNG BB J'.OISj, 10 NORHI GRKKNM STKKKT. Advcrlisc YOUR "WANTS" IN TJtKVrON TIMKS.

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