Monday, June 9, 1890

Trenton Times

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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - June 9, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey 'rettiim VOL. VIII. NO. MONDAY JUNK, 9, 1090, TWO CKN'10 FOUND AW A I ERY GRAVE Terrible Accident to a Sunday Fishing Party. SEVEN MEN WEKE DROWNED. One They Ruleaaed Their Hold Upon the Overturned Boat and Sank Beneath the Waves of Boston Harbor. But One Man Was Saved. BOSTOS, June A sailboat with eight young men on board was capsized in the waters of Dorchester, Sunday, and seven of the eight lost their lives before aid could reach them. The names of those drowned are: The Names of the Drowned. James Husband, aged 18. Albert Lombard, aged 25. Edgar Muloney, aged 23, Lawrence McTicrnnn, agod 28. John Sullivan, aged John P. Troy, aged 18. Joseph Tufts, aged 21. The Boat Was Overturned. The only survivor of the accident is Wal- ler Quin Ian. found unconscious, but clinging to the boat. All were resi- dents of South Boston and all unmarried except ilcTiernan, who leaves a widow arid an 11-raonths-old child. The party set sail at 3 a. m., intending to mnke a voyage about the bay and put in at Sqimntum for dinner. At the boat was about a mile off Thompson's Island; A heavy squall caused the sail to jibe; the tiller became jammed and the boat quickly upset. The Boat Sank And Rose. With the 'exception of Lombard every member of the party could svv 'an, and all regain the boat, but the boat, feet in length nnd nhallow, soon filled with water under the weight of the eight men. AH it sank the flevsn swim- mers released their holds, but the boat slowly came to the surface all took hold Hgain. Thin wu repeated several times. At IvTploney attempted to swim to the shore for help, but he had not gone a half mile when his companions him throw Dp both hanrii) and disappear beneath the waters. But USB Alive. At lust a watchman on a South Boston pier sighted the upturned boat and re- ported it to James and Edward Clark, two brothers, one of whom had saved several men from drowning. They put oft from shore, but. when they reached the upturned boat there wan only one man clinging to it nnd be half frozen, wholly and unconscious. The others hai} one by one been overcome. Quinlan was taken to the shore, resuscitated from him ob- tained the, story of the accident. A Desperate Struggle for T.lfe. Quinlan says that one of his companions, he doesn't know who, clung to his leg, but he himself was too weak to even reach a hand to him, and he soon dropped off. Two besides himself clung to the boat, and just how long. they fought the chill waves Qnin. Ian cannot tell, but it was fully an hour. Jiint before the Clarta reached the over- turned boat Quintan's two companions re- laxed their hold and dropped into the soft. Tne sole 'survivor was apparently dead when the Clark brothers reached him, but by the time they reached their home of life were visible In the half drowned youth. Two of the bodies have boon ro covered. DARING MAIL ROBBERS. A Northern Pacific Train "Held Up" bj Four Highwaymen. BISMARCK, N. Dale., June The most1 daring train robbery ever committed ecent convention in the alleged nomination oi William A. Stone for congress and to re- quest the county committee to order a new primary election. Among the speakers wiis Hon. B. F. Jonea, ex-chairman of the Republican national committee. Resolu- tions in accordance with the purpose of the meeting were adopted. NEW YORK, June 0. When tlbo City of (IMoftqro nvrivil pft iiriprotorfl of hi rnnv i'pnn -M> old -1 :1 nnf.i >b'" fho '-nitf< i jitoi: bnfiod on A BIG SlEAMER'S PERIL Ihe City of Rome Crashes Into a Rock. HER STEM WAS BADLY BATTEBED. The Ptuwengers Made a Wild Rush for the Deck, but Were Reassured by the Ship's Was a Close Call for the Ocean Greyhound. LONDON, June steamship City of Rome, from New York, arrived at Queens- towu at 10 o'clock Sunday morning in a damaged condition, and reported having met with a narrow escape from sinking off Fastnet light. While proceeding slowly In a dense fog the steamer struck a rock bows on, and the passengers, alarmed by the Bhock and the crash, made a wild rush for the decks. They were met by the officers of the ship, who succeeded in allaying their fears by stifling own, inasmuch were not then aware of the extent of the damage. She Was Badly Damaged. The signal was given to reverse and back, which the engineer promptly obeyed, and the vessel was removed from her perilous position. Examination of the bows was then made and it was found that the stern of the ship was broken and her bulwarks stove, but the full extent of the damage she sustained will not be known until the vessel is dry docked. Several ladies among the passengers were made ill by fright, but all things considered, the passengers behaved well. The steamer halted only an hour at Queenstowu and at 11 o'clock steamed for Liverpool at half Bpeed. Praised by the Passengers. The passengers united in passing a reso- lution praising the conduct of the offlcers and crew of the ship in their trying posi- tion and unanimously commended the care- fulness of the captain in sailing at greatly reduced speed at the time of the mishap, though the vessel was many hours overdue and endeavoring to prevent the lowering of her record. Cardinal Manning's Silver Jubilee. LONDON, June 9. Cardinal Manning oel- ebi-ated his silver jubilee, the twenty-fifth annivery of hia elevation to the dignity of archbishop in the Roman Catholic hier- .archy, Sunday, he having been appointed archbishop of Westminster on the death of Cardinal Wiseman in 1865. A large num- ber of foreign diplomats and other promi- nent persons were present in the cathedral in honor of the occoHlon, and the Earl of Rlpon presented die venerable cardinal with an illuminated address of congiatula- tlon, to which Cardinal Manning made a feeling response. In the course of his re- marks he announced that a large sum of money had been subscribed and paid over in honor of the occonion toward the debt of thexathedral. Emperor William and Labor. BERLIN, June William is devoting himself assiduously to reading petitiona on the labor question. His friend- ly attitude toward the working people already caused a division in the Gei-inan Liberal party in the The party, which had formerly boon united in opposi- te Binuiarck and the throne, is now divided, many members showing a tendency to ap- prove the action of the emperor and to sup- port hii policy. Even in Rniuia the czars council Is considering a bill to compel em- ployers to support employes Injured in the performance of duty and to require an em- ployer to pension the widow and children of any employe losing his life while at work. Tne Lion and Bear Are Friendly. BBBLW, June 9. The Berlin Krenz Zel- tnng Jparus, upon what it regards as indis- putable authority, that Sir R. D. Morjer, British ambassador to Russia, is the bearer of secret dispatches from the czar's gov- ernment to London. It also states that the relations between England and Russia are ot the friendliest character and declares that the czar spent thro" eveuingn last weekdn company with Morier at the Brit- ish embassy, upon which occasion pre- snmably the dispatches which the latter Is to convey to London were formulated. President Cariiot Censured. June French Radicals are harshly urlticitilug the action of President Caruot forjjardoning the Orleann, on the ground that the penitentiary rules were violated in his Their regula- ordain that a prisoner cannot be par- doned until he has served hall of his time. then only on petitioning the head of the state. -MASSACRED BY INDIANS- Two Hen Killed and Two Seriously In. Jurod by Cheyenncl. MILES June following par- ticulars of the i scent attempted nnvuflore by Northern Chayennes are brought here by Frank Carson, a settler on the border of the Tongue River reservation. One night not long ago about twenty stole or pounds of boot from James S. Ferguson's ranch. They woie discovered while departing with the booty and were pursued by Ferguson and forty of bin men. The meat WM recovered. A dajsafter- wanl Forgiixon and six of his meu were ro taming to .the ranch at night from a trip when they were ambushed along" the road by Indians. was shot through the heart, dying instantly. One of the men was shot in the and died the next day. Two received serious Wounrln, The Indians nave since booU thoroughly artued and the have become so alafuied that'many of them have aban- doned their- homes and away. It 'is from .fort Keogh that tuetwocom- panies at the Tongue River agency and Rosebud are connidered sufficient to cope with the Indians, And no more Iroopt will be ordered oat for the present. "Held Up" by Bandits. T.Aiituo, Tex., June 9. The stage run- ning between here and Guerrero, MtUico, was held up by Mexican bandits twenty miles down the Rio Grande. One paagenger was robbed of 1700. The other, Mr. Beaver J. Priggen, of Victoria, escaped into the bush and made his way to Guerrero. Theie were only two passengers aboard. Cashier O'Hare'K Freak. BRIDGE, N. Y., Jtme Jnmes O'Hnro, cashier of the Erie railroad freight office, and whose sudden disappear- ance gave rise to the report that he was short in his accounts, has returned hurt and showed the affairs ot his office to be all right. No renson is given for his mysteri- ous disappearance. LONDON, .Tun I TO PREVENT ACCIDENTS. Tests of n New Kallroud Eloc- trie Hunger Signal. WASHINGTON, June satisfactory tests of a new railroad electric danger sig- nal have just been made on the lialtlmoro and Ohio railroad near The device consists of au electric circuit formed 'by a Brush contact underneath the engine, wit ban iron rod laid between, the rails. With suitable batteries and telegraphic ap- paratus the engineers ot trains coming from the same or opposite a mile or a mile and a hall of each other, are notified of the proximity of their trains with unerring certainty by the ringing of au electric bull, and then as soon as this dangerous proximity is noted telephonic communication, through the rail and rod .can at once be established and the en- gineers after stopping their trains may talk with each other. The tests made in the presence of a num- ber of newspaper correspondents and elec- trical experts and others were highly satis- factory, and will undoubtedly result in the adoption by the Baltimore and Ohio road of a cheap and certain extra precaution against collision of all kinds, which, in spite of extraordinary care, are likely to happen, aud do sometimes happen, on all railroads. Run on a Sunken Bock. SAN FRANCISCO, June 9. The whaling bark Lancer, which left this port in Xo vember last, is reported to have been lost in the Japnti sea. The bark belonged in New Bedford and was commanded by Cant. Cleveland. She was bound for the Okhotsk sea. She ran further south in April last, and while following a school of whales ran upon a sunken rook. The ves- sel was badly sprung and made water free- ly. By the assistance of the pumps she was kept afloat until she reached Vladivo- stok, where it was discovered that hej in- were too great to be repaired. She was soul and broken up. The captain and crew shipped on other whalers in port at the time. She Could Not CAPE MAY, N. J., June Robert Meade Smith, residing on Beach avenue, discover ed arrange young woman upon his veranda in an unconscious state, with her clothing soaking wet. Three physi- cians labored all night before restoring her to consciousness. She that she was Miss Carrie J. Law, of Summer street, Philadelphia; that she had tried to drown herself in the surf, but could not keep under the water, and had dragged herself to the nearest house from a lonely spot far up the beach. She is but 33 years old. Grief over tho dtatl} of a sister had driven the charm of life away. She was sent to Philadelphia to her friends. Riddled with BnclHhot. BELVJDERE, N. J., June suicide of Abram S. Rice, of Hainesburg, neav Knowlton, is the sensation of Warren county. He had been ill several month's with dropsy. Saturday.the cennns enumer- ator called on him and questioned him closely about his disease. The enumerator left him very despondent. A half hour afterward Rice went to his room, took his gun from the wall, rested the butt on the floor, leaned his left breast against the muzzle and pushed the trigger with the ramrod. His heart riddled" with buck- shot. A Rumor About Sir. Blaine. NEW YORK, June Star's Wash- ington special says: The quid mines are associating Mr. Elaine's name with the presidency of the International Three Americas bank, capital which, unijer the recommendation of the recent Pan-American congress, is now before congress for n charter, with the names of many of Mr. Elaine's friends spoken of fla A Is that Impurity of the blood which produces unsightly lumps or swellings In the neck; which causes running sores on the ariim, legs, or feet; which develops ulcers in the eyes, ears, or nose, often causing blindness or deafness; which Is the origin of pimples, can- cerous growths, or ing upon the lungs, causes consumption and death, n is the moat ancient of all jJIseases, very few persons are entirely fnfe bom It. How Can It Be By taking Hood's Saruparnta, which, by the remarkable cures It accomplished, haa proien Itself to be a potent peculiar medicine for this dfnenxe. b you suffer from scrofnla, iff Hood's Sfe-tparllla, "Every spring my wife aM children have boon troubled wltb scrofula, my little boj, throe years old, being a terrible T-Mt spring he was one rows of sores from head to feet. and all have been cured Of the scrofnla. My little boy is entirely frco bum sores, and nn four of my children look bright and healthy." W. B. PassnflS City, N. J. Hood's bjr 8. 1. HOOD 4 CO, Looull, VMS. 100 Doses One Dollar Superfine ChocoUtu a specialty. ImmAtiig euark. NEWAUK, X. June --.John J. Brap- nigau and killed by a Pennsyl- vania railnml train last evening. His father and bivtbcr met a similar fatu on the same road. Francisco Fiatola W4s fatally stabbed nij-ht during a over curds. His assailant, an Italian, name unknown, escaped. Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar baking powder. High- est of all in leavening strength. U. 8. Gov- ernment Report, August The latest novelties out in Toadies' ind Children's fast-colored, boat quality hose, among which plenxe note following famone, absolutely fast dyes: The Y. 8. F., the Star, the Daisy nnd Gloria Dye, which chal- lenges the whole world for its equal in quality and extremely low prices. The reduces prices are and upwards. Our next novelty are new styles jnet out in Children's HatsandCaps, to which we pay especial study, and always had the name of-selecting the prettiest, handsomest assortment of Infanta' and Children's Caps and Handsome Hats reduced to 25c. and upwards. Fans 1 Fans I Fans I All styles made, along with Buck- les, Poc ket-books, Corsets fine brie Underwear, Gauze Underwear, B'bbons, Gloves of every descrip- tion, Mitte, The Real F.state, Safe Deposit, Trust and Investment Co., SO 28 w 8T A M; 8-x' m- --W, TEENTON, N. J. a general banking Allows interest on deposits, subject to check at sight. Bents boxes of various sizes In its flre and burglar proof vaults, the mnter R'clusively keeping the key. Aula as agent for collecting rente and for purchase or sale of real estate. Executes trusts of every daccrlptlon, as Administrator, Guardian, Trus- tee, etc. Loans money on mortgage and on col- lateral. Agents for Cheque Bank of London. Cheques for good in all parts of the world. HUGH H. HA HIM, President 8. Lii-iibB, Vice President. ADA F. Secretary, BARK en GUMEBK, JB., Treasurer. WII.I.IAM Q. MOOBI, Cannier. Hagh H. Hjmill, T N. Adams, Qnmmtre, Esq., Bogers, Gummore, Jr., James Buchanan, Waih'n A. Boebllug, Owen H. Locke, H. 8. Little, L. B. Bisdon, 8. Meredith Dickinson, J. B. Gaskill. Edward Grant Cook, Edmund 0. Hill, N IlHam g. Yard, A Ibwl Clayton. A farther supplement to the ordinance en- titled "An otdinance making provisions for the reduction and payment of the debt of the city of pissed June 6th, 1643. The annual payment of five hundred dollars, made In puranance to the above entitled ordinance, Is no longer neeos to the extinguishment of the city debt therefore, The of the City of Boctlon 1. That the yearly payment of five hundred dollars oat of the animal Income of the city of Trenton to the Sinking Fund, authorised and required by section one of the ordinance entitled "An ordinance making provision for the redaction and of the debt of Jont Stk, 1843, be henceforth omitted. Soo. 8 That hereafter In the cre.tion of any bonded debt, the Common Council shall, In the ordinance authorising the pro- vide for the payment of the bonds when due, by having annnal payments made to fond, to be styled "The Sinking of inch a sum of money oat the yearly In- come of the city u will in the aggregate be sufficient to pay the principal of rach bonda at their matnrltr, and tie money thus jwld to the sinking fund shall exclusively ap- plied to the payment of snob, bonds and to no other purpose whatever, and shall managed and admlnlatered by the Commla sloaer of the Sinking Fund, pioilded IB the fourth, fifth and sixth woUons of ordinance to which this Is a Bee.- 3. That all ordinances ind of Inconsistent be an are hereby repekd, 13CO. AttoMt: Pi 'Itvt Jno. C. OWIRB, City Cletk, ApprOTtd Jnne 6th, 1SOO- A. A, 8TT1BM, Vayot. [Adv'g f.t-, DELICIOUS, S I RENGTHENING TO THE NERVE'S. Tea and coffee cheer but do not nourish. They even leave an injurious effect upon the nervous system. Indeed there is no beverage like "BEST GOES FARTHEST." It stimulates and nourishes as none Other, leaves no bad effects and is a flesh-funncr of the most approved aj-VAN' HOUTKVNfOf'OA Tbr .tronir itm y take It with pK-uBiire and (hf wenk Impunity. The exciting- nf tea and coOVe urn h.i, ,1 by H, .irudy Hie, und nrrvoai -llxirden urn. re- lieved and prrvflitril. to the "I.iirBt-Kt lule la the world 54 Umbrella iiRnB1 Celebrated Spring Styles now on Bale. StAte Staoot. STKWAK'i: HAMMOND YOUNG LADIES and OENlLKMRN rMMKiJlAxjc HKB7IUJS U COUNTING-BOOM. SUCCKS3FUT. CAJfAHT.K, KNKKnKTlC WOKKrCKS. NO BMAlTEBING, NO NON-EfiSEN'l'lALS, NO NONSENSE in OOUR8b.- OF TKAINING. Modtni Mathods, Saccuafnl The Shorthand Hepartment Offers theveijr facilities for acquiring skill in Stevogiaphy. HAym AND. SUCCESSFUL PKOGUESe tHJABAMTKKn. Morning, Afternoon anrl 01- U Shorthand. BEGINS MONDA gwH-i1. an. Fer On'-frn arldi f THOMAS J. BI'KWART, PR.HUIPAI, Box -Baft, N. J. 10 And 13 Sonth Grnene Street. I 4 I WIiJK-AWAKK, fKOOKKSSIVK TKKNTII CKNTURY MKKCIIAN'T NKVKK WAITS FOR KVRNTS IIK MAKKS lie buys fearlessly in large quantities from the fountain-head of the manufacturing world, and by his indomitable enterprise creates price and quality occurrences which would never have been brought about under other circumstances. This applica- tion fits the house of SIlAKfT.KSS "KOTllKKS, and explains why their store is always first and foremost with high qualities and low prices. LABURNUM The Qneen of Silk and Wool Dress Goods, 42 inches wide, a Yard. Becent Invoices of these superb toxtnrea have brought na a gnat variety of new shades, among which is the favorite UKKAM. MEN'S GOSSAMER Shirt', with French Jersey neck, elastic ribbed aim and finished scam, 30c. Bach. Drawers to match, with carefully finished flatten bands, patent adjustable strap and elantic ribbed ankle, 80o. Each. These goods are worth fully 60c. each. THE SHARPNESS BROS. Genuine K.d Walking Gloves for Ladies, 91-OO s pair, are unquestionably the best hand-wear on the market for the price. The same may be laid the Monsquetsire Eight-Button Bnede at a f sir. Fit and shapings touch the perfection mark in both instances. FiqnWte shades in Tens, Modes and Slates, FT-Y SCREENS Z4x3i fsc. HSc. These Screens are so made as to fit win- dows of vations sizes, and are substitutes for frames made to urder. ADJUSTABLE SCREENS, covered with woven 25c. to 6Oo. each, to 30x40 inches inclusive. Masons' Glass Fruit Jars, in nil FIGURRn CHINA SH-KS In pretty colors and Black and White, go the way of all Silks and doocend from 65o- and 75c. to 39c. and 49c. a Perfectly new and eminently desirable <n way. Decidedly the Host Prominent Bilk Offering of the s-wn. BEAUrlFUT. LIGHT Weight Ttntunp, for warm wear, in Double- Warp Mohairs, have boon marked dowu to-day from SOo. to 8Oc. a ifnl. Tbeee goods ire soft durable, and shown in both Plain and Striped offsets A very (handtit AlapU; of Trimmings, 1 Jam, Goods, ever ihowu in of almod oSOij- aVlnj jar to make on t .k.-., such as Qermantown J .Shetland Fit Ribboni, n I'j, Oiuamtnti, fanoj Buttons, einip 0, I All the makei of OoTPDt Including tbe eelleb.ated 0. P. Con-it All mott dcdnble of tor Oenta Childi O'Uielt' Hair, Nat-.J wool Merino flit'- U1 all. G. ,1 1 '00, lroa 1 St A I i" Advertise. YOUR "WANTS"

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