Friday, May 9, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - May 9, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey VOT- VI IT, NO. 9810. TKKNTON, FKIDAY AKTKKNOON, MAY 9, 1890. TWO IIERGUILl WAS PROVEN New Jersey's Borgia Convicted by a Jury. SHE TRIED TO POISON HEB SON A History uf the I'nimtili ill Crime Charted AgaitiMt A autlrrKilft, of Burling, ton, N. She Uecrlvetl the Motion Made foi a New Trial MOUNT Hoi n, N J May 9 Van dergrift 1ms been found guiltj of the at tempted murder of her son She wai charged with having attempted to take hii life by poisoning him with croton oil AJ soon as the virdict of the jury was re corded Mrs Vandergrift's oounsel moved for a new trial. The judge's charge wai delivered to the jury Wednesday afternoon men the jury retired, but could not Rgret du a verdict So they were locked np foi the night. Thursday It was rumored thai the jury had agreed on a verdict A rusl was made for the court room, which wai soon crowded to suffocation Mrs. Hears tbe Verdict. Mrs Vandergrift was brought in to heai the verdict of the jury She faced then with apparent unconcern Not even when the foreman said, during the most pro found silence "Guilty, as she stand! charged in the did she shofl any emotion She was at once taken baci to jail, while her counsel moved for a new trial. A Sketch of the Cilme. The crime committed by Mrs Carrie E Vandergrift is one of the most heinous evel recorded During the first fortnight in April she gave her own son, Frank C Nor man, repeated doses of croton oil, with th< intention of poisoning him. Dr Walter E Hall, the family physician, was summonec in due time, and fou .id his patient suffer ing from collapse. All the symptomi pointed toward poisoning by eroton oil The oil is a violent and irritant cathartic either causing death by collapse from weak Tifrvtj or fatal ulceration of the intestines from prolonged use. As Mrs Vandergrift was a leading social light as well as a pillai in the local Methodist church, Dr Hall de- teriiiined to take every precaution befon making any accusation agaimt herwhicli might afterward prove to be unfounded The Woman Watched. With this aim the doctor called to his as listance Drs Gaunt and Pugh They both Juhesitatingly agreed with him in his diag nosis of young Norman's ailment as poison ing by croton oil Then the three physi clans determined to watch Mrs Vnnder giift They found that the only customer! that the local druggist had for croton oil were Mrs Vandergrift and her servant Berenice Kane Tn order to test the muttei still further an innocent drug was on on p Hho.iM I A ntlmM i I iMn Pm' lie paved by JWltawirntt'npropt'itlcn. Ao to I hottlo of Ulr Confth Cure on Sanwpurlllnlntlio host f ul ''Iff In nr it olntlnnto canonHin- economical blood mcdlolno In tho Ptnntnneous, nbrolntflly pure and K'rket, Because tbe most pure and conoon-1 Price worth a bottle, I U-bcell THB BASEBALL WORLD National Lengue. At Fhllaxla uhia- Philadelphia 00000410 8 Boston 000100300-4 hits Philadelphia, fl, Boston 11 Errors Philadelphia. B Boston 6 Batteries Nichols and Hanliw lekery aud Clemeuta Attend ance, AtCletelaul- Plttsbuig Cleveland 1411001001-1 Base hits Pittibmg, 11, Cle> eland, U En ore 8, Batteries Sowtters and ikon, Lincoln and dimmer Attend 6i5 At Chicago 201 I 0 IS 3 0 0-18 Cincinnati "is hits Chicago, 17, Cincinnati, 11 Errors Chicago, 2, Clnuunati, 2. Batteries Hutchison -nd Nagle, Viatl and Baldwin Attendance 891 At Krooklyns aud New Yorka to have plaj ed oft a postponed Kame here today, but it had to be postponed ajfain oil ac count of wet grounds Players' League. At Brook, yu- Brooklyn 70000001 S-10 Boston 20100841 Base hits Brooklyn, B, Boston, 5 Errors Brooklyn, 'I. Boston 1 Batteries Weyhlngand Dalle} Dalsj ami Kelly Attendance, 251 At Philadelphia 11840410 1-ir New York t Base Philadelphia, 16, New York, 8 Er- rors Philadelphia 4 New York 3 Batteries Knell and Ciuss O'Day and Brown Attend ftnce, 1 tW At Cleveland 08301310 Buffalo 200010002-5 Base hits Cleieland, H Buffalo 7 Errors Clmeland 1 Buffalo 1 Bultenes Magill and Snyder, Haddock and Mack Attendance, 700 At Chicago- Ohli-auo 5 i 5 1 0 4 0 2 1-20 Pittsburg 101000080-5 Base hits Chicago, 21, I'ltuburg 6 Errors Chicago, 5, Pittsburg. 6 Batteries King and Farrell, Stalej and Carioll Attendance, American AJUUUlatlun. At Syracuse- Syracuse 10200422 Rochester 100000022-5 Base hits Syiacuse, 12, Rochester 11 Errors Syracuse, t. Rochester, 0 Batteries Keefe and Brings Fitzgerald and McGture At Toledo- Toledo 7 Louisville Base hits Toledo, 9, Louisville, 6 Errors Toledo. 2, Louisville 8 Batteries Cushman and Rftge. Ehret and At Columbus- Columbus St Louis Ease hits Colunvbus, 4, St Louis 1 Errora Columbus, 1 St Louis 2 Batteries Oastright O'Connor Stlvett< and Vnrle The Brooklyn Athli-tic game postponed on nccount of wet grounds Atlantic Association. At 18. Wilmington, 5 Base hits Baltimore, 12 Wilmington, 2 Errors: Baltimore, 4, Wilmington, 8 Batteries Raker Townsend, Pyle and Black Other games postponed on account of rain A NEW ELECTION LAW. Wnat Bnpresentatlte Ron-Fit's Bill Pro- vides For. WAIHINGTTO, 9 Representative Rowell (Ills.) has introduced in the house his national election bill which he was in structed by the house caucus committee on elections to prepare for presentation to the committee The committee instructed Mr Rowell and Mr Lodge (Mass to prepare bills embodying the theories of each con- cei utag a federal election law. Mr Rowell introduced his bill in the house before sub- mitting it for the action of the caucus com mittco in order that it might be printed and placed in convenient form for examina- tion by the members. Mr. Rowell's bill does not propose a new federal election law, but aime to improve the present system of federal supei vision of elections, as provided for in the super- visors' law of 1871 Mr. Rowell took the Hoar bill as a basis, but he makes the pro- visions of his bill more radical. The bill changes the present method of appointing federal supervisors of elections. By the bill there are to be appointed and commissioned donble the number of supervisors required, so as to have ft sufficient number of super visors ready for duty in case their services are required The number of supervisors serving at each election is increased from two to three. Under the present law, it is claimed, supervisors of elections have little if any power in the country districts, while those in the cities have power to count the ballots and make any investigation and in- spection that they may see fit. Godfrey Defeats Cardiff. PROVIDENCE, May the Gladstone Athletic club rooms last night George God- frey, the colored pugilist of Boston, whip- ped Patsy Cardiff, the Peoria giant, in the siilccuth round. There were people present. The trophy was awarded to Gnrt'njy Godfrey weighed 172 pounds and Cardiff 176. Cardiff was remarkably clever in dodging to avoid punishment His left eye was completely closed dunug the strug- gle. Godfrey used aggressive tactics, stand- ing right np to his man Neither received any body punishment In the sixteenth round the men came together at the wore eftime.and clinched near the ropes, when suddenly Cardiff fell to the floor upon his face. He was seized w Ith nausea and suffer- ing from exhaustion This closed the flghl and the purse was awarded to Godfrey Tne Tracks Will IU-main Down Awhile HARIKJRD, May B. Justice Blatchford, of the United States supreme court, hai granted a writ of error in the Church sti crossing case, recently decided against the New York and New Kngland railway by the supreme court of this state. A peremp- tory mandamus ordering the tracks taken up was issued by Judge Thayer in the su- perior court Wednesday. The writ of erroi takes the case to the United States supreme court. Buiued by an Incendiary. GBEENSBUBO, Pa, May incendiary applied the torch to the elegantly furnish- ed residence and large bam of William Gnnt, of North Huntington tow uflhip. Both .buildings, with their contents, were de- stroyed. Mr. and Mrs. Gant were absent at the time Loss, insurance, HO, 000. There is no clew to the incendiary. The Senior Crew Won. BOSTON, May the Harvard races on the Charles river the '90, or senior craw won by three quartets of a length from '91 latter wete two feet ahead of '98, and '93 was two lengths in the rear. Distance 17-8 miles; time a little under II minuton. Pope Emperor William. ROME, May pope received nuihberol German pilgiims. His holinesi bestowed high praise upon the Catholic spirit in Germany and took occasion U eulogize the emperor's to the condition of the worklnguian. Re Strangled the Twin.. AHOELK8, Gal, May Gonsaloi a prominent rancher near San Jacinto, h been arrested on a charge ot strangling t hotel of which the town offand food and shelter for those who still unprovided for The Keeper's Story. Keeper E F Mainwarrlng pipe story as the origin of flre, and said "I awojje with a start about mid- night, trembling and covered with perspira- tion An inborn instinct told that some- thing was wrong Without waiting to dress myself, I bounded dowu stairs and on opening the door of the idiot depart- ment I was thunderstruck to see that the interior was all ablaze, in fact, it was one mass of flame and the smoke was over- powering. I attempted to open fte door and rescue the poor inmates who were all securely shut in their cells1 as usual, but WAD driven back by the heat and smoke. Locked In the Cells and Doomed. "I saw that the poor idiots were doomed that nothing could save them I then aroused the paupers, telling them, M plainly as I could, what had happened. In some instances the poor people dared and it was neeessaiy to carry them bodily from the house and tuiu them loose in the yard and fields There twelve in- mates in the idiot asylum and they must have been overcome by the heat before J awakened, for I heard nothing from them, and they must have roasted like pigs in a hole. How the fire originated Is a to myself as well every one else It must have been a case of spontaneous tomb Eight Blackened Bodies Visible. During tbe day thousands visited and curiously into the where eight bodies could be counted, dis- figured and charred. There was httle to show that they were the bones of human beings. It was utterly impossible to iden tlf> any of them Ine Names of the DenH. The names of the idiots who perished were- Atwood, Austin, Almeda, county Bailey. Columbus Benedict, Adella, county. Dibble, Debornh, Bainbridea. Gallagher, Sarah, Norwich Gray, Liura, Qreene Hills, Sarah, Afton. Preston. Warien, Lucy, county. The loss to the county on buildings and contents will probably reach insur- ance, Ihe Male Inmates Escaped. The male inmates all escaped. were about eighty inmates in the pauper and idiot department, which were in tbe main building The buildings occupied uy the pauper and insane were both completely destroyed, onlythe foundation walls remaining Three chimneys stand is monuments in the midst of the scene. The insane department was in a separate building to the south of the poorhouse and divided by a driveway. There were forty- three inmates, and iu soon as the keeper, William Hall, was acquainted with their peril he opened the doors of their cells, al- lowing the inmates to leave their and enter the halls and thence make their on cape to the open air Four or five of took advantage of their liberty andevading the vigilance of the could not be found when wanted. The posse of sheriff Is scouring the entire county in search of tho fugitives. Two, who w captured, wero found five miles away, and (Viisted vigorously before they allowed flwoisehrs to IK lotukri A dry, hnr-Hnf rv pt run bronchia! tubes in A of Irilt' Tion, whtrh If not loaAto hron- phi tin. Mo prompter remedy can than Avcr's Oheiijr Pectoral, which IsDlJli odyne and expectorant. A YEAR'S LABOR STATISTICS utei< tling Kt poit ol ommlstlom i I'eik N, u s h 0111 llhiim M t Ihe Hiinu il rtput ul (oinmisMiim i I lalicii itn 1 tu tlio Ii ni-l i in i 11 ic u 1 iti-1 1' 1 ikis in ii-. In tht Ii MM thin I I [II I I I 411 i -Inl un! n turn I -tun n pii ji t hat it- tin Cliai tlslli siitiin that chit uu I this st U( IP IIM; i' T7T pc fill- hmn In i wilt 'I repoil dii luise of Ii MII- uport mi nf hoiu the question of biuott duinu tht past four jot! s out ot 7 I establishim nts i ii d inadi ui no ott it 1 hi tiumh gn i n to sti ikt is t n ind) follim Ihi sSop U id hul liidti iinoNiniiiit il !s i-often us not dont in a hulT an 1 qim 1 I In nuinhii of and LCiils in MtriKp- tin past !m n- IM 4s 14ti 'i he i inn nt resolir on loi sulimitting tn of fa peopli i pi ihiliition amend mtnltothi si iti on-Mt ntion adopted u inj tiet'ii p issed qii goes to tlit piopli pnis tlie ordeal of the ill i (hi Clio be takt n in 1-H the annual tax p H-I 1 lin tati oftaxaltoii fin Mils n In I mi a thounniiil ul asstsstd ion I i I tiie rutt >i or vl I1' i t hau last year A BIG LAW SUIT An Utempt to Dilii lh i d nun trustu s tn N horn the) all then interests mid property, reivl aud IHISOUA! The trustees assumed control ind ment of the entire intirests of the tinsts It is claimed, on the part of the state that by entering into this trust agnemeut the Standard Oil company sum mined itf propert) to the nine trustees md was n party to the formation of a ti ust u Inch is Injurious to trade and conmien e The petition very long, but sti ipped ol its legal M'rbage is as follows That by entering into the trust agrtemeut with other corporations, the Standard Oil com pany nested all its property in the uire ol the trust, and thus annulled the coiporate rights conferred upon it by the state oi Ohio Attorney General Watson he was not instigated to tiring the iiut hj any other oil delears Ponell on the stand. Lmi F Hot k, Ark., May 9 I he s-ession of the Claj ton wasenlnened In the introduction of Pinvell Clayton as a witness His testimony lated principillj to the killing of old man Hooper fath t of Tom TIoopi r nou dead (hire If you have made up your mind to buy Hood's Sarsaparllla do not he Induced to take any other. A Boston lady, whose example Is worthy imitation, tells her eiperience below In one store where I went to buy Hood's Sarsaparllla the clerk tried to Induce me buy their uvm instead of Hood's-, hetoldaietbelr's would longer; that I might take It on ten 10 Get rtiys' trial) that if I did not like It I need not pay anything, etc. But he could not prevail on me to change. I told him I had taken Hood's Sarsaparllla, knew what It waa, was satisfied with it, and did not want any other. When I began taking Hood's Sarsaparllla I was feeling real miserable with dyspepsia, so weak that at times I could hardly lloocIV stand. I looked like a person In consump- tion. Hood's Sarsaparllla did me so much good that I wonder at myself sometimes, and my Mends frequently speak of It." MRS, EI.I.I A. Qoirf, 61 -Terrace Street, Boston. Oaroaparilla Sold by all druggists, f 1 ilx f or 55. Prepared only by C. I. HOOD t CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Hus. IOO Doses One Dollar of Oixr.lln Wnlnm, (1'lnf frtiilj, IIM, Sulk- of ftll VPAK LO CAMERA'S GENKBAL CONFKtmONKBY, -4e. Superfine Cream ChocolatM specialty. An immense assortment of CaohouB, LOMO' ges, Drops, Cough Candlea, Nnt f-ndiw. Cur- smolfl, MixtnrM, Penny Goods, Turkish Oandiea, French UfcitnB, French Glvr, rto. Prices moderate.- 205 SOUTH BROAD 8TBBET, NEXT TO BROAD STKF.hT BANK. PBOJT. a ii n i-- in i i t i- i I k 111 mi; Joliu M Mun nut ni i, i PIMM 11 luytoo, who mMi 111 i in [HI brother hat! nut hin., t i l< it Ii 1 i 4 rnunler Thf Ht iti unlii M i [so nut one trued in the mint llnnpt i In i laniu d had been shot tn n Ins own ii-'t 1 foi ilit- purptisL1 of tflluiK whether or nut In1 liul to the election, iMi to pn truud tit the lls Jh Mplud tliat he hud care fulh autiotitd tlu pohtK i tins against crooktd k Itutlti'i rropcrt} Vttiwheti. -An attnthinent in the sujii of (MXDmM Iteen here on of (itn Hi'Ujamiu I'1 Butler in an action of tnntnut bj the First Na- tional bank of New bim port Die writ imaniHt Btnjaniin T Butler of Lhy ell and I bin Hojuton of Wt-B. Neu bin pott foi HUM h o-parttu rs unitoi tin firm mum of tht I'entui ket (oinpnii) and is returnuble at Nilem on the Ihst Mondiu in in the mtperioi con it Hilton siud Fdltiti Gruhiim. M KditortJralmm of I be nit] bus t iniifjit suit against Heiiiv foi ilauiitties for hlwl 1 lu alleged lilti 1 mtaiiudin the let Mi Hilton to the district ittoim ib it suit loi nminal libel IK bitjuuht against I be 01 Id on account of it- itt u kupon Mi Hilton In tills let tt i tin i and piopi n toi s of the papei ufirifd to as nusdiatitx liars black maileis and skunks Del iivaiu'ri Ticket II Del -1'bnt) nine deh iti s it1 at t In s< KSUIII of I'mluhittoii st at i 111 un I Kt Hum of DOM i is nomi natt d foi governor Danit 1 M (m tn a loc il uid man of (onnl nominated for A platform of twpntj setttoiih was adopt ed a st iti untial (ominittee appointed and nustd for tbe campaign fund Bi tin ui k Muy Lend on. (1 Manjuis of has invited Uinmnrck to visit England and the pnjbabilitiea art that tlu baiiu will the invita- tion and iLCOtnpan; Count Herbert Bis maick is shortly to the ot the moM form THE I AXATIVE AND NUTRITIOUS JUIOE OF FIGS OF CALIFORNIA, Combined with the medicinal virtues of plants known to be most beneficial to the human system, forming an agreeable and effective laxative to peiuia- nently cure Habitual Consti- pation, and the many ills de- pending on a weak or inactive :ondition of the KIDNEYS, LIVER AND BOWELS. It is th- most excellent remedy Itnown to "LEANSE THE SYSTEM ErrECTUAUr When one is Bilious or Constipated PUftC BLOOD, REFRESHING SLIM, HEALTH and NATURALLY FOLLOW. Every one is using it and all are delighted with it. ASK YOUR DRUOQISt FOR 1C XL IX- MANUFACTURED ONLY BY CALIFORNIA FIG CO. am FMNGISCO, E, atna that tTir llTid In Trtntoi. 10 FkOar ultilfJHitt pn ftnd flhtp ffoodl Eld fur un delifd. ad Rtanip for C LC1ICB8 UFO O 145 Hth i .1 .i OPPOSITE CITY HALL. We control the Pwuol tiitdc of and we fall? giiarantM that ear and XTmbrallu of the Teij material obtainable, and also of the Bneit workmanihip. All of our at whlch cannot be besten In the large nor apjwhore elM. Also opened bsa ilooV of fine Kid Gloves tn all and prlcoi, wmanted lor their dnrabllltj. to- gether with a fnirilne of 811k and OloTea and Children's T Oor- Ktf.Flne Honleij. Under Otfinvtt. Umbrella and Vaiina Bmporln.. IN THR Ulflf, i -or illix. j. x Celebrated Spring Styles now on 16 Krmt PURE SOLUBLE CHEAP. Rich Digestible Stimulating. Nourishing. Having a peculiarly delicious flavor a food and drink combined at a half cent a cup and fit for a prince. "BEST GOES FARTHEST." HOUTFNS I III <M patented and In llollunil It M mnd analyntathat by thniperlul titMittnfnt A-( H of the leih-fo. ..ling while the whole of tho tibrnn i n nil an I rwniU: ulu m (he world tnr iv Hui nv u..d .nd ,1 b, dootori OA h., unclerjon.. th. I. Incrou.ed flftr tent.. ,d nod tuke no other j R f TRIMMINGS AND NOTIONS Trimmings, No- Goodo, Oloyw Underwear ever before ihowu in thto dly, oonil'tlng of every thing thmt gOM to op store, inch u Oennantown Wool. Ribbons, JBW-I-J, Ohmllle On-nmente, i'sncy fringe, Fancy Tidiw, Bnttons, Gimps, OolUn, Cn.To, T-OM, Krabroideriee, Powders. Pernimes, uthen, Nail Tooth r All tbe leading m.kee of Co. jl Including the celeU.tod 0. P. Commit FecrliWalBta for wix All the most desirable of Underwnftr for T Qnntt Children Camels' Hair, MedicMri Srarlot Natural Wool and MolinO Ckxxlo a fall ivworluient and at that will be satinfactoi; to all. S 123 and 125 N Street f ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. 'I1. II- H- X''X' J. 14O Si'URRT, FOBMKBLT HAMPTON Tl-ioii, H, J. IIAn -mis MAN Bonght panto of thi AMKKTCAN AND TAILORING oo., hi would not haT. how mnch thi whintlad thiongh emt art clothing the the but BE8I TAILOR-MADE GLOHIINO than Philadelphia yri Onr Ituden to-day ut SAMPI.R OVKROOA1U Woxlh and and OOI 8AMpT.1t werth (19, (13 and f 14, foi tor t Bnlte Orercoita. UtOrulMG MADE TO OBnF.R, inn Ii thi bat Iwnn rt'il with, right to M 1 1 1 1 i c J A r fto. 8 State. Cor. I U'.UItlNC-IN We've made a telling lot of figures in Ladies' Summer Drcoass, embracing a good line of seasonable materials aud becoming styles for Home Wear and Traveling Prices tell only part of the story. The Suits themselves are their best advertisement. LADIES' CHALLI8 DRE8BE8, from up. LADIES' INDIA SILK DREriSES, from up. FANCY COMBINATION DKKHHES, from up. THE NEW TAILOR-MADE DHE88E8, with Shirt Waists, from np. LADIES' GINGHAM DRE88KH, from up. LADIES' 8ATINE DBE8HE8, from up. LADIES'' CAMBRIC from up. 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