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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - May 2, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey Vin. NO. 9301. MAY 2, 1890. TWO OK NTS IHEEICIM HOURDEMAND I abor's Cry Heard Throughout the Land. A QUIET BUT DETERMINED STAND No Trouble in Any City OD Day, bnl Great Confidence in the Success of Bed Displayed at New York. CHICAGO, May 2 <lay, with Its dem- onstration by organized labor in behalf of the eight hour workday, has come gune, and the predictions of riot and blood- shed and an almost universal strike by thi trades have not been realized Labor, in dcod, was in a great measure suspended, but those who dropped their tools tor the did not do so for the purpose of up stick" and paving stones and indulging in riotous demonstrations. The Strike Fever Subsiding. The talk of strike at the stock yards IB a failure. There has been no concerted action toward ceasing work by the men, and the only trouble that is now feared is that the packers may refuse to allow some of the men participating in the parade to go back to work Squads of police were on duty at the various large packing houses, but YIW no call for their services. The decision to forego a strike at the stock yards ami the general idea among the Inmber shovers and others along the "black road" to let well enough 1 alone greatly diminished the ifangerof During thn last three days fooling in favor of a strike has been greatly allayed. A he miners' Conference. The conference between the coal opera- tors and miners lias thus far resulted in nothing When the joint committee met they were practically agreed upon a profit shin-ing system, the miners to receive the arale of prices of and to share in the profits above a certain figure. The committee reported to the convention at 2 o'clock that certain complications had arisen which made it impossible to perfect a plan at prcsnnt, And recommended an ad- journment and a study of the question, so that it could be put in operation next The Situation at Pittsbufg. PliTBUUwJ, May 2 were no labor dnmotiBliations in Pittaburg yesterday The builders, however, are agitated over the events which may follow within a few ilftja. The planing mill owuera have re- cently funned an iron clad organization for the purpose of working against any movement for eight hours to be made by their employes. It Is feared by the mem- bers of the Builders' Exchange that a big building stcike will occur within a few days. If inaugurated the strike will prob- ably include all in the nxcept "Vpen- Jpm. The plumbers threaten to nlrllie on for incraiuie of fifty cento per in wages. Three hundred tinners are now on strike for an advance of twenty- five cento per day. The new scale for coal mining, by which railroad and river coal miners' wage ratesareeqnalizedin westeiu Into AGAINST THE DEATH PENALTY. The Assembly at Albany ftusitt a Bill Abolishing Punishment. Mr Curtis' bill abolish- ing capital punishment came up on final pannage. Mr. Hitt spoke of capital punish- ment as a relic of barbarism Those favor ing advanced civilization should vote fol the bill Mr Tompkins earnestly favored the bill Mr. Blumenthal thought that Im- prisonment for life was heavy enough punishmnnt "Perhaps it is hesald, only the Lord shall determine the time a man's life shall end The bill was to The vote was as follows. Yww Abbey, Barton, Blanchfleld, BIu- menrhul, Boyce, Bradford, Brady, J Ii Burns, W. B Burns, Byrne, Ctirlatie, Clarke, Cooney, Ooons. Cornell, Courtney, Crawford, Currier, Cur Ha, Davis, Decker, Dempsey, Enures, Fish, FttU, Olbbi, Greene, Gettslnger, Groat, Gulborci, Hair, ner, Ha, wood, Henderson, Hitt, Fnpton, Albert Johnson, H. C. I Sam Johnson, 8. Johnson, Jones. Kelly, Kwngan, K'H. ITiirih, Lwmon, L'Hommedieu, Martin, Miller, JUitcbell. Mott, Mullaney, No- J J. O'Connor. J. K. O'Connor, O'Hare, Pier. son, Rhodes, Rice, Bawmiller, Bheffer, Sohmer, J. rl Stevens, Nelson Stevens, William C 8tev- Sullivan, Thompson. Tompkins, Towusend, Tr-zdway, Webster and Nays Motors Acker, Bennett, Bridges, Qeorge H Thomas F Brynes, Connolly, Dickinson, Duffy, Qsrdenler, Hoag, King, O F R J Lewis, MAM, McBride, Honaghm, Page, Pealer, Pnnrsall, Feclf, Sage, Solleok. Shoe han, Stewart, Van Bnnken, Willis and It is said that the Westlnghouse Electric IJght company has used itfl money to fur- thct bill's passage Arnuugtheother bills passed were Mr. Martin's bill for a soldiers and sailors' memorial arch at the entrance to Central park, New York. M'COY WINS. He Defeats Reagan Easily In the Tenth Round. LONG ISLAND Cm, N Y, May Kelly was chosen referee for the McCoy- fight last night after 9 long discus- sion. McCoy offeraLto bet Reagan he would win. Reagan did not accept. Mc- Coy then offered to to any man in the house, but no taker. In the first round Reagan rushed McCoy to the ropes twice, but no serious damage was done In the sec- ond round Reagan landed right and left on McCoy's face and rushed him to the ropes. McCoy looked tired. Tn the third and fourth rounds Reagan did the boxing, but was getting tired. Reagan did the rushing, but McCoy landed several upper cuts that seemed to tire Reagan 7n the fifth round McCoy Upjwr cut Reagan several times on the jaw. Rea- gan fought wild and was losing strength. In the sixth round McCoy smashed Reagan hard and all over the ring Reagan weak. Tn the seventh round Reagan waiuiedup and punched McGoy two blows to one In the eighth round McCoy landed nine blows, all hard, and Reagan made no defenwi gan was pretty groggy. The ninth round was slow, McCoy evidnrttly waiting for a vhance to get m a knockout. In the tentV round McCoy made twu hits on Rea- gan's breast and Reagan could not retiiiu a hard blow. The referee gave the decision to McCoy. Ralph Beaumont's Criticism. minors are nffeoled by thi change. The prevailing scarcity of coal miners in this district is giving great con- cern to the mine operators. The supply ii only SO per cent, of the requirements. t Eight Hoar legislation. May 2. The house com- tnittoc-on labor authorized a favorable report on the bill introduced in ,the house by Mr. Wade, of Missouri, to enforce hour law on goveiumant premlaoo. Tl he bill him boon modified by the commit- tee, and as reported it provide e'fht hours shall constitute a day's work for all laborers.workmen and mechanics employed by the govewlniAnt, except to ot< traordinary emergency to time of war ot where it may be necessary to work ing eight hours per rAJendar day ta con- olruct public works, preserve property or prevent the destruction of human life, fn all such cpnes the employes working shall on the basis of-eislithuiUS ttitjng a day's work. Whenever any con-' is made by the corporation, a persfn or persons for the per- foiinancfrof any work the contracting par- ties shall agrco that eight hours shall con- stitute a day's work for all while employed on govenfment Owned or occupied by the government Bed NEW YORK, May the labor parade and open ale maw lust night, and not more than were at the Union square meetings. Thorn wax plenty of music, some red flags, labor mottoes and a remarkably large col- uf Amoiig the speaVen at the plara were Sogius Sberitoh, P. 3. Theodore B. VVakoman, Paul Prufwwot de Leon, At other well knowii speafiers Resolutions were adopted hailing the hour day an the beginning of the Ultimata abolition of wage slavery. Way Beanroont, of the K flights of labor national legislative committee, has addressed a let- ter to Congressman McKinley, chaiuuan si the house silver caucus committee, in Which he criticises the Republicans of the house for supporting a silver bill which confers legal tender powers on the proposed bullion silver certificates for the purpose for which the national banks desire to use them, while refuging the fn. mers and busl- BMR men of the country the same privi- lege. The cauciR silver bill, which was on the programme of the house for this week, Vvlll not be brought up until the tariff bill has boon disposed of This postponement is caused by the failure of the caucus of Republican smrntors to agree to the bill adopted by the of the house. Tn Memory of IVTrg. Hayes. CINWSNATI, May 2. Memorial services for Lucy Webb Hayes were held at the Scottish Rite cathedral yesterday by the Belief cmps auxiliary of the Grand Army of the Republic. Mrs. Kate B. Sherwood delivered the memorial ad- dress. spoke briefly bat eloquently upon the beautiful life of Mrs. Hayes, her devotion to principle and earliest work in all reform She recalled how Mrs. went into the society of Washington when woman's aim was to outdress her neighbor, and how her simple, womanly attire was first ridiculed, then admired and irnlWttd; how 'her example had alwajs been for good, and had by its purity wou praise from all classes. Shot Through the Body. Thomang 1 HE CHICAGO BEEF EVIL. An Exhaustive Repoi I from the Senate Coiiunittee. JlHMOUR'S STATEMENTS DOUBTED Committee's Investigation the of witnesses Wbo Vtaretl the Wrath of the "Big Four." Common Carriers Create the Monopoly. May 3 In the senate Mr. Vstl, from the select committee on meat products, made a report and accompanied R with an explanation He said that the committee hod investigated the subject fully and had now reported four measures for the consideration of the senate The first was a concurrent resolution asking the president of the United States to in- augurate diplomatic coi [impendence with the authorities of Great Britain to bring a repeal or modification of the exist- ing quarantine regulations of the United Kingdom A National Inspection The next provided for a national inspec- tion law and requiring that aft live cattle (ball be inspected when Imported, and also cattle intended for exportation ahall be to inspection at the places where killed. Another was intended to prohibit toe monopoly now practiced to the itorage capacity of causing cuttle to foreign countries Another of the reported was intended to prevent the discrimination which now existed on all thefTftilroads belonging to the Trunk Lines Msociation, under which no mileage is given to any of the improved oattle ing live cattle from the west to the The Committee's Report. In thta report the committee says that when the examinations of nltnesses began in St. Louis it was evident that industri- ous efforts were being made to prevent the inquiries of the committee affecting inju- riously the dressed boof Interest of Chi- cago. There was no diversity of opinion among the w itnesses PS to the prices and to the fact that the methods of telling boof oattle bad boon entirely revolutionized in the past ten years. The committee gives histoiy of the combinations by which Chicago has boon able to centralize the oattle business, beginning with the Evener combination, which began In 1873, and con- tlnad five years. This combination between the throo tiunk lines be- tween Chicago and New Penn- sylvania Central, New Central and Kris which by agreement charged 1115 for carload of cattle shipped from Chi- cago to New York, and allowed certain in Chicago knowu as "Evejiuia" of amount on each carload. The result of this was to destroy the St. oattle market and to concentrate the trade at Chicago, where it has since remained. Tn the Grasp of Fonr To 1878 the dressed beef business first as- ied an important character and through antagonism the Evener combination ec-sed to exist In 1887, 75 per cent, in 1888, 66 per cent, of all the re- ceived at Chicago were used in the dr-vod bsof and canning business. This business is practically in the hnnrla of fonr x toblrth ments in Chicago A ruionr Co., Swift Co Nelson Moirls Co. and Har- WhateverdifferenceofopMion nag expressed as to the existence" of a com- bination between these firms not to bid "uainrt each other in the purchase of cattle there was no hesitation on the part of wit- nesses in stating that the control ot the market was absolutely within the giaip of thtse four houses, if they choose to ex- ercise it. Silenced by "Big FOOT." A a result of the influence of these honagg when the committee visited Chicago it found impossible to obtain and full testimony fiutn commission men or em- ployes of packing houses, In private the former stated to mvibeio of the committee that there no doubt combination existed between the "Big Four" not to compete other. When put on the stand they shuffled and prevaricated to such a degree M In many rwies to com In an BO hostile id by such influences the commltUa found their duties singularly and s that congress m the bill recent ly passed by the senate on the subject of trusts has gone as far as its pon er extends State legislation must supplement that b) congiess to punish combines operating within state lines, and active intelligent, honest officials must be found to enforce the laws enacted. Stricken Producers. In conclusion the committee says "It is impossible that the Chicago market should continue to control the cattli interest of the whole country as it does now, or that a few large operators shall retain their hold upon that market. It is only a ques tion of a short time when the problem will be that of supplying our own people with hoof without regard to foreign markets There is no excuse for panic The worst feature of the cattle le is the fact that so many cows and calves are being thrown into the market, the indication being that the producers are panic stricken and anx- ious to realize now without regard to the future There marketed at Chicago during the past jear cattle, of which 35 to 30 per cent, were cows and 4 per cent were calves No combination can keep the price of beef cattle at the present quotations What Should Be Done. "The foreign demand for American cattle is growing, and in a short time our cattle will be admitted into the United Kingdom Until we escape from the ruinous central- ization of the cattle market and its domi- nation by a few men and railroad corpora- tions every effort should be made by deep water improvement on the Gulf of Mexico, diplomatic or to remove quarantine regulations in Great Britain, national in- spection ami the prohibition of monopoly in steamship transportation to enlarge our foreign market" THE BASEBALL WORLD. National League. At Cleveland 00308040 1-11 Cincinnati 01108021 1-18 Cleveland M Cincinnati, 14 Errors- Cleveland. 7 Cincinnati Batteries Wadworth and Zimmer, Durjea Keenan At Chicago- Chicago 00001012 x- 4 Pittsburg 100000002-8 Base hits Chicago, 4, Pittaburg, 8 Errors: Chlcsgo, 2; Pittsburg, 4 Batteries Baker and Wilson, Sullivan and Klttridge Phiudelphla New York game postponed on ac- count of rain Brooklyn Boston game postponed on account of rain Players' League. At Cleveland 201 100000-4 Chicago I 0200SOO 5 P-ic hits Cleveland, 8: Chlogo, Errors' Cleveland, 1, Chicago, a Hattsrles Balcely and Butollffe, King and Boyle prooktyu-Nett York-game postponed on account of rain. Philadelphia-Boston game postponed on ac- count of rain Plttsburg-BulTalo game postponed on account of rain American Association. At Rochester 000000014 5 Brooklyn Rochester, 5; Brooklyn, 10. Enurs, Rochester, 9, Brooklyu, 8. Batteries Callahun and McKeogh, McOHougb and Bowers. At Toledo- Toledo ..180000911-8 Columbus 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0-8 Bflie hits' Toledo, 10; Columbus, 7 Errors. Toledo, I, Columbus, 2. Batteries B Smith and Sage, GsoCj-lght "id O'Connor. At8t St. Louis 000 1 00200-8 Loiil.ville 80081 000 z-e Rue hits' 8t Louis, 7; Louisville, t St. Louis, B, Louisville, i Batteries and Fju-le, Strattoft and Byan. Byiocuse Athletic game postponed on account of rain Atlsjtttle Association. At 1, New Haven, 11. P-se hits: Wllmlbglon, g, Haven, 10 Wilmington, 6; Now rTaven, t Batteries: anilWilllamg, Dttan and Hofford. UttlimlUlf Jt 1 count of tuiii Newark Ha 1 1 Cot I of rain of the fuuitli inniiif, st r L.UMU n a t hi M nl 178 West Vimitli Mm I my mi two me li who w fit luokiiik'Hf smut dm mom I rmgn Ho tuniLfl funn tin1 i_ IM In --Hi t more gyoils to v, H tin u out of the doui nm' It nl diamond rings uilmd it (it' 1 In crossed tliB Htreit to Home stittt and nm ning through to Mi Kn land sin it disup peared An tmomphu nt Sin pair had bet n stationed ut tlu intMinu tnttn store, had grasped the duoi knob and at tempted to unpiHon the pi opt it'tuis until the robbers had esiapeil A took in the situation and the mau at the dooi lint the thuif brokt away aud ran Intothuiinnsof a polut'imtn who locked him up at the Central polite station The felloe piu Ins name as Will lam Walter Varnev l') a shoeniakfi from Mobile, Ala- DELICIOUS, STRENGTHENING TO THE NERVES. Tea and coffee cheer but do nut nourish They even leave an injurious effect upon the nervous system. Indeed there is no beverage like VAN COCOA, "BEST GOES FARTHEST." It stimulates and nourishes as none other, leaves no bad effects and is a flesh former of the most approved type HOl'TEVSltM-Ol ,n n 1 Tho ,t. tou j" take 1C pleasure und the weuk with Impunity The effects of tea und coffee by lifle.uncl nervous are re- lieved and prevented. to f.iirgeit Mble In the world." ASK FOB VA> AVI) TAKK NOOTIIKK. M and Presents in the most Hegint form THE LAXATIVE AND NUTRITIOUS JUIOE OF FIGS OF CALIFORNIA, Combined with the medicinal virtues of plants know n to be most beneficial to the human system, forming an agreeable and effective laxative to ptnna- nently cure Habitual Consti- pation, and the many ills de- pending on a weak or inactive :ondition of the KIDNEYS, LIVER AND BOWELS. It is th- roost excellent remedy known to ttfAHSE THE SYSTEM EvECTUALLY When one is or Constipated SO T MAT- PURE BLOOD, REFRESHING 8LIEP, UBALTH and STRENGTH NATURALLY FOLLOW Every one is using it and all are delighted with it. ASK YOUR ORUaolST FOB iftno' Celebrated Spring Hl.ylea now on Rale. IIMll-H, 16 Wiust under consideration the importation of new miners, in which eveut he expected. feveral hundred workln8men in for fight hours. In Bayonne City, N. J 125 on strike for an increase of 85 par frrr in their Thebos-'uia wUlprob- ablif giant demand. Fuiry250 cntrerB in and about London, Conn struck for ntnshonrt' IM k a at ten jinv For Odd Ololnntlon, PROVIDBNW, R I Mny ft leglsla- luiA has appropriated tlfl.onO the cele- bration of the centeniu y of Hnmiiel Sinter's erection of the first coCtan mill in this country, at Vmvtm kot, m 17fW or 1791 Thn city ol )ms MHO ppproprlntH for tin niiiiin in Hftvo It handy to oronpi colored, from Fairfax county, Va., In com- pany with anothnr colored wm) ar- rested by Policeman Harper at Olney, Pa., near this city. They broke away and ran, the nfltaer flring after them. did not stop, afWrwarrla Stewart appeared at the Jewish hospital suffering from a bullet wound in the back. The bad gone through his body, coming out of the abdunien, and the doctors sny that the man Wilt-Ale. A QtiOibjgr 0f Unvglaries have boon committed in the neighborhood lately, and it is thought that thcoe men are connected with them. fhe Irish Not Dead. DETROIT, May Rev. Dr. O'Reilly, of the Nanonn! cabled the following to Mr. Joseph Kenney, at Dub- lin: "Send today liwt Week nearly the---ma Utterances to the con- the to not United Press O'Reilly said the receipts had been He denies that the league is dead, an charged by Rev. P. A in a public speech ifwtwook. um, May 3. The schooner Rapid Transit aiHved ftoin ToiUne Bay. Capt. White denies the charge of selling hiring nt St. Pierre. Tie Crew of the, Fiona hoarded hln vessel and despite his protests threw overboard all but eighty ot of fish. His schooner not a flshenuan, but in, a tradd. tne BOSTON, May Cardiff-Godfrey mdtch, ichedulea to take place at -Par- nell Athletic club, boon postponed The rccsoh given for the postponement Ii that Cardiff did not think he rfuald.Meive a fair show in Boston The contest will take place in providence at some fnlure Two world's Fair TOLEDO, 0, May to the legislation providing for a World's fair, Oovernni Cntnpbell has nom- mi'tt'd (is conimiosloncpi frmn Ohio Messrs Tlrncyp VI >tt, ni Hud William i bio, (n In (ntVA H1 von of itolfon.l ils olne being entirely free from all dangerous draw. power'ul are due to the ment existed, and, while the committee doca not wish to conUadlct his statement, it is convinced that even without Rg.Je meut among the principals, their have brought about all the possible of inch an airsngement. The overwhelm- ing weight of testimony is to the effect that (Kittle owusio going with their cattle to the Chicago and Kannae City markets find no among buyers. It admitted the parties or their agsnta combined to AT tlip price of bocf to the conuumer and so to koop up cost in their own Interest. It is admitted that they bavean agioonlent not to Interfere with oh other m certain markets and locali- UM in the sale of their meat. It is proved bvjond doubt that they acted together In meat to the Soldiers' home at Hampton, Ga., and public initiations at Wishlngton, D. C., the hid being made by one >nd the supplied by each In turn under the contract aq awarded. Detroit anor other in Michigan and at Ptttobiug in order to force them M buy droned meat. TjwCfnAouj The committee ot Mr. Ariuonr that boef cattle hud td muikthui populatioa during the paw five and then quotes hum a report of the department of agrlifliltnre to thnt'in- itead there a in the proportion of cattle to population since 1888. In reaching his conclnalon the committee dtuiotninatos Mr. Armour did not Into Muonint eltker the increase in the trade our population. The tcntlmony of the two Armours is dissected by the cuui- mittoe to prove its unreliable character. Railroad The oommitteo says that no one factor been more potent In revolntlonixmg the methods of marketing the meat supply than railroad trnnsportntton, The enor- nions power yielded by thB Trunk Lineos- aocintion is almoif Incalculable This asso- ciation, dominating the Central Traffic as- sociation, controls thn entire traffic of the oonntt'y in the of the rnthoRd com- panifi AR inomilt of tlm ooiiCTiitriition of rnttln tr "In ni f MIIUH n, i -poit tbn j_ t 11 t'r >__t-forjc o" "nf urir JVofo rol TJ Is <hm to nhlllful comblnutlon 01 the most poworfnl In- edients. Nothing like H liaa ever been at- Makes the Ilrei of many people mlseraWe, causing dlstrem after eaiing, sour stomach, tick headache, heartburn, loss of appetite, a faint, all gone" feeling, bad taste, coated tongue, and irregnlwity of the bowels. Dyspepsia docs After nftt weil 0 at ue BAMPT.F. OVKROOAlU fet worth H3, and (14, and onr HAMM.H worth nd far fox OaiW'.o'l Suita aid UUXIHlNG iO OHIiKR, P-mamber, Ii t .t 'Vt witfc, aid right t. A M I 'I I 1 A GEN BRAT, CONFJCO'lTONEBT, -JLS, x-i'D, iT w -x'O, ;tc. Snperflne Cream Chocolates a specialty. An immense annortment of Cachous, Lozen- ges, Diom, Cough Candies, Nat Candies, Car- Hiztnrea, Fenny Goods, Turkish Candles, French Creams, French Glaces, etc. Prices moderate. 205 SOUTH BROAn STREET, NEXT TO BBOAD 6TEEET BANK. ANGELO CAMEBA, Psop. UAMlVCONn fer In Men's Wear the dark Cutaway Coats and Vests and light Trousers continue in popular favor for dress. Our assortment comprises blues and blacks in Diag- onals, Corkscrews, Wide Wales, Serges and Cheviots. A large line of handsome, stylishly cut Trousers in Checks, Stripes and Plaids. A. C. Yatcs Co. Eqoipi YOUNG HRWIUK in the OOUN'ntlG BOOM. SPKCIAT4STS, NO SMAl-i-BRTNQ, NO NON-HfflHNTiATfl, NO iti OF TKATNI5G. Mode.u Baoa fal The Shorthand Hepartineut Ofien but facilitiw for acquiring ilnll in RAPID AND 8UCUKSHFUL PBOGRtof Moiling, (Jl- in J. Box N. J. 10 and 19 flvnth Gro3i.e XUiJ 1TATES 6th and Chestnut Sts. f: STORKS) i3th and Chestnut Sta. 147 TO 181 Sell their Front Sale and Exchange Stables, Ni'lT FOUBlH fftKRRl, YORK cm, OH MONDAY AND THURSDAY, 200 HE AD OF WES I PRN Buslnera, work, Driving and Saddle Horses, PAKA3OT.S I i i OPP08ITK CITY HALL. IJOOK OUT BARGAIN We have purchased the store North of us [and intend to build on the two lots l he lincsl Glorc in ironloii! rid of oar (took to do thin, RliADY-MADIi CLOTHING! A-KJ rlsl horr- H t Welder, without reserve. All or money on aoooualof v pound western Horses go so low at .fiiirqthot more than the aipenswof flip fn Hnw York will be saved to Jjndleloue i >l We control the tnde of Trenton, tad we fnlly gnarmntoo our rs UmbrollM ore made of the ver nktetUl ohtdlnable, of the flnest workmftnnhip. AH of onr gooVI) prices which cannot he boat on in the largo cities nor mnywhere olde. Also opened heintifnl flno Kid QlovCR In nil nhades and prlo-" for their durability, to- gether with fall lino of Bilk I.lsW CtloTM Mltti, Cbtldreu'i Tmce Cor- Fine Under M I 10 NOKitl Advertise STKKKT. YOUR

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