Saturday, April 26, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - April 26, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey VIH. NO. TKHLNTON, HAT'UHUAY AKTKKNOON, A PHIL 2-5, 1890. TWO MARRIED UNDER DURESS Hymen Was Reinforced by a Six Shooter. HOW HUBBY BECAME A "HUBBV Ra 'Inreatened to Kill Thorpe If Bbi Did Mot Hurry Him, and Through She Fttlutad Away Befon Minister. FFBNANDINA, Pla April This town is all agog over a most sensational incident occasioned by the erratic and violent making of G R. Hubby, a city conncilnmn and the local agent of the Mallory line. Mrs. Thorpe, a respectable attractive widow, well known in society here, and a Nuo a Ua.iat MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Ayril SB. Joseph Anderson, the man whom George B. Bnch- Pittsburg, shot on the sU'tot Wednta day evening during a over Anjft. ion's wife, Is dead. He made a dying statement that Buchan the Sjfeffj and drew his revolver flrxl. The statem will be used an wldenae on the UUJ ol for murder. He Thawed Ont Olant Powder. LBADviLtK, Colo., April _ labonr employed in the Rio rail- road constiiictlon gang near here W" thawing out some giant powder at plo- sion occurred which threw several men somfi distance from the man frilled, another cannot live several others were slightly injured. A DeM. PHOBIA, Ills., April The famous young stallion Alex McGregor, 1886, kninvii by many breeders throughout the west, died in this city. He was one of the finest bred and most promising grandsons of Robert McGregor. For ChtcaKu frbW the jxxffliiaster, will give chase to her mpther and husband. A Cnncenslon mt CHKHGO, April Master Carpen- ters and Builders'association is holding a conference today with committees from the Citizens' association, the new Bosses'' Asso- ciation and striking caipenters with a view to bringing the strike to an end. The old masters in promising to meet the thro committcci made the one condition that they should come separately and appointed the time for each. This is the first conccs made by the masters. If a plan of ar- bitration is reached today it will take nearly a week to settle all the questions in dispute. Be WHM Clever, but Got INDIANAPOLIS, April Lank turd, assistant postmaster at Sanborn, was wntetved to a year in the penitentiary for rifling a registered letter. Some time a registered letter aulved at the office jiuirWd to contain Lanfcford opened the package, took. out the money and ra- sttled the envelope so well of its having been tampered with pos- sible. The money was found in his room. Another Fire In the Hllk Mill. ALLKNTOWN, Pa., flr ut.i Avor'fi Cherry ]m- benn the )i oil popular cough In ihrt vorM 'Utn constantly in- croafllng clomnml for thin remedy proves it to be the very host specific for colds, conghn and rt.'vi-l_ of throat MB. PARNELL CENSURED His Followers at His Reticence. HK LACKED COUKTEST, THEY SAY, By withholding Hla Coundence, and DU- played a Sense of Proprletonihlp In the Party Whli-h Parnell Thinks Goschen'B Offer a Trap. LONDON, April 26 Liberals are at and sevens regarding the govern- ment's hind purchase bill, Mr. Gladstone's ipoech having failed to improve their posi- tion or to encourage them to make a deter- mined fight. As the matter now stands the "bill is not likely to mejet with any further real opposition, though it will probably be subjected to a number of alterations dur- ing its committee stage in respect to its con- cwions to the landlords, which are really too numerous and extensive for many of the government's adherents to swallow. Mr. Farnell Severely Criticised. Mr Parnell is coming in for a great deal of hostile criticism among his followers for springing his scheme as he did, the con- census of opinion being that it was not only inopportune, but that in failing to the Irish party into confidence he displayed a lack of courtesy and implied a measure of proprietorship of the Nationalist membership in the house which his colleagues are disposed to resent. As a matter of fact, this resentment, not only on the part of the members of hia owu party but upon that of many of hii Liberal allies, has become so pronounced that Mr Parnell may be said to have boon ftt upon. Parnell Thinks It a Trapr The government has decided to submit two clauses during the committee stage ol the land purchase bill embodying the recommendations confined in Mr Par- Hell's motion. Mr Parnell regards Mr. Goschen's offer as a trap, his scheme being Only effective when worked by itself Prince Bismarck's Appearance. BERLIN, April 26 Hamburger Nach- richten says'that Prince Bismarck will not make his AppflaiAnce in the upper house nntil political affairs resume their normal condition Tn an interview Prince Bismarck said he would not, if it were in his power, interfere With the workinginen in any way on May "lay, nor would he display any anxiety, whinh only increases the of the agitators Socialism, he said, would yet cause trouble in Gerniany, and the man who would yield to that element to prevnnt a manifestation was a coward. It was some- times an act of benevolence to shed the blood of a riotous minority in defense of the law abiding majority. May day was not a dangerous enemy and the naming oi it for an assault ought not to be dreaded. It would only be a sham fight, like the bat- tles of the Salvation Army. Qeruians Mean Business In Africa. LONDON, April 38. The Times' dispatch from Zanzibar says the Germans have con- itructed a fortified station at Mount Kenia, thus rbmially annexing that teiiltory to German possessions, Kemmler's Iron AUBUBN, N. Y., April Kemtnler, man who is condemned to die by electricity ntxt shows no signs of weakening; truth he seems to note all procoorlingi and final arrangements with an afr of abandon that shows him to be a man oi almost iron nerve. He does not allow him. tAt to Contemplate his fate, but busies in whistling, singing, writing autogisph and listening to his keeper le from the Bible or from some popular pe- riodical. He takes part In religions sei vices daily and mnnifests a fervor that is BUT; prising to othfelo who participate. fthair, thnngh rriTrtpleted, is not yet in posi Hon. It is not Harold P. Brown's chair, but the one designed by Warden Durston. The warden is besieged Haily by newspaper from all parts of the country who to see the and It is expected thatagreatcrund Will be in the city Monday. i walton and Bis "Friends." MoNiiiEAL, April 26. The case of'Wal- ton, the express messenger who stole bom the Pacific company and WAS arrested in St. John, N. B., with the money in pcwuisioii, has nuw acquired a new inters est by the arrest of Frank Brady, Aggie Aflhton and Leard, a gambler. They arrived irom Hot and wers once taken into custody. Brady is the man who was paid by Walton lor helping him to escape, and the other mem- party are nupposed to1 have1 boon implicated in making away with the bal- ance of the money, which never found, Maine's Bhipbnlldlnir Room. BOSTON, April36. TheHerald's Aug-iata special says: year's shipbuilding season in this state showed a gieat over previous seasons, and a Direful review of the field stutns to make it safe to state that this year's building will greatly exceed that of 1689. The pVIce of building hat up 25 per cent in tha Jwrt five years, wages and the cost of material an also higher. In the forty yards now in opera- tion in Bath employiUnni. Is given to Hun, and still there lUa'dsmaini for skilled shipwrights. John L. Answer. Naw YORK, April to proposition of the Califuruia Athletic club for a contest between John L. Sullivan and Peter Jacksou, John W. Baruitt, Stillivan'i manager, said yesterday: "Sullivan will Kcept the offer on two conditions the fW.OOQ purse must not be divided; tin winner must take all of the money. Sso- oud Sullivan must have a side bet of at and not more than will furwtod his answer to California Athletic club early next week. Capt. Hassey Discharged. BiDuttttRD, Me., April 36 The recent investigation by govei bment officers of eharges preferred against Capt. William Hassey, of the Biddeford Pool life saving service, has resulted in Hussey's discharge, Capt. Lewis Topmas has boon promoted to have charge of the service. King Oeta Five Years. Pun ADEU-HIA, April W. King, ex-prefect of the Institution for Blind, who was convicted of immoral prac- tices with the pupils of the institution, wai sentenced to five years' imprisonment. Dllon-Coshliig Match Fizzles. Nuw YORK. April boxing match between Dixon of Boston, and Frank Cushing did not come oft lust night offing to a misunderstanding about engag Ing a hall Roro thrmf, fxrtd qnJnrtv rcndily yield to OnrfljWhilo rommon coughs and colds must vanish whon this val- uable remedy is nsod In time. 25 cento. THE BASEBALL WORLD National League. At Plttsburg Cincinnati 26030000 x_n Hits Plttsbnrg, B Cincinnati, 11 Errors Pitlsburg, 4, Cincinnati, 4 Batteries an< Miller, Foreman and Keenan Atuiudaui.e. 449 At Cleveland 10803000 401100000-1 Hits' Cleveland, 11. Chicago. 8 Frr.irs Cleve lund, 7: Chicago, 2 Bt'ntin ami Znu mer, HuU-hluaon and Kittredge At Boston Boston New ork game postponed un aeouul of ram At BrooklyU'PUiladelphla game postponed oa ac- count of ralu Players' League. At Buffalo- Buffalo 1 aOOOdJOO-l Chicago 30181 110 1 After l DUm would have a faint or tired, all-gone feeling, as though I had not anything. My trouble was gggiarated by my business, painting. Last Bprlng I took Hood's Bar- _ which me an Stomach Immense- amount of good. It gave mo an appetite, and my food relished and satisfied the craving I had. previously experienced." GKOBUH A Faott, WltertoVin, llood'o Sarsaparilla Bold bj d, 1 <n It. rnjnrel only fcjr 0. 1. HOOD CO., Apotlur Mi't IOO Doses One Is not nor DICKINSON'S Mftiiiu je-n' The AP th, The Peapte'i Bulldlig, LOM ind Savlagi AitoolttlM tt Trtitei. (BOARD or TRADE Organized March 2S, 1890. 2R.COO already snb- sotlbed for. Otneeru Edwin Fltzgeorge, Pres.: A. A. Sklrm, 1st Vice Pres.; E. C. Hill, Pres.; O, H. Locke, Treon E W. Mooro. Sec.; B. B. Butohlnson, Att'y. O. Moore, 0. E. Elttenhouse, QeorRo W Weber, Rederlnk B. Yard. Fred Hananpr. OWN A HOME! Why pay rent when yon can iret money to buy, or build n, iionse for ,andpav.if monthly the Ameiuiyon nowpayrpnf? those wkhlng to invnt PT month i known plan. 'l JIT monti' In five yparn i Clf" o Imck dues. Can join n' n time. Jn'4 19 percent. ppr ypir Toj printed nrntf- r giving fall In- formation call upon or B. W. MOORE, Secretary. Space No. 8, Board of Trade Rooms, '80 State street, Tttmton, M. J, The Ex-Confadeltiteft' Memurlal Day. April 20 was cele brated thioiiKhnut as Memorial ihu upon h tin- Kravfs of the Confeik'intc de id me (U'diuited Ilt-ro in Atlanta there I'liihoiute cxcmses Geus K lolinsoii K James and mam nthiii firs here The i-xtMtises (onsisteil of ImiiiKtlie corner stone of the ConffdeiiKo iti nun home, an otiitiou Col J C (_ Bhu k, of Augusta, and a pnxession to Oak laud tliu grin en decora tt-d All't ttloltin's Hillilde. PlTTSBl'KO, April -KnbfilS Muralmll, aged 45, of Buetm Vista sticct, committed siiunlu lust niglil iij bloniiiK out his lir.uns Mr Marshall WHS a hiKhU educated miin, and Ins house 11 tilled uith apparatus on which he hail been experimenting his father alwajs luring kept him Hell supplied with tnonej It LS thought that (neistudj and ronKvstioii (if the brain was the cause of the suicide liu leave.s a widow, whom he marned in Dub 1m, and four childien White t'api Are After Him. ROVDOUT, N Y April band of White Caps, guds other weapons, isited the liouse of Luther Uun- at Hal< ottsville to chastisn him for ins alleged non support and ill treatment of his imahd wife and family On bended knees he implored forgiveness and prom- ised to reform He v, as then allowed to go with the warning that if he did not behave himself the whippet's would return She Blew Out the (ins. feT P u I, Minn April 30 servant girl named Almira Strotman, of St Anna, Mum took n room at the Windsor hotel In the hotel employ s the lull of gas, and upon the girl's door beuiK broken "pen she was found dead Two ts were Uirm d on, and she hail id( ntly out the flame in stead of tin it otf Presents in the mosl elegant form THE i AXATIVE AND NUTRITIOUS JUIOE FIGS OF CALIFORNIA, Combined with the medicinal virtues of plants known to be most beneficial to the humau system, foitiling an agreeable and effective laxative to penna- nently cure Habitual Consti- pation, aud the many ills de- pending on a weak or inactive rendition of the KIDNEYS, LIVER AND BOWELS. It is Upmost excellent remedy known to "LEMSE THE SYSTEM Eft-ECTUALLY When one is Tlilmus or Constipated PURE BLOOD, REFRESHING SLEEP, HEALTH and STRENGTH NATURALLY FOLLOW Every one is using it and all are delighted with it. ASK YOUR DRUOQIST FOR rjL- it.. MANUFAOIURED ONLY BY CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAH FRANCISCO, CAL. E, KY new naif. N 1. CAMERA'S GENERAL CONFSCTlOKEET, Supufflne Cream Chocolates a specialty. An immense of Cscbous, Lozen- gai, Cough Candies, Nut Candies, Car- amels, Miituies, ?enny Goods, Turkish Candles, French (reams, French (Maces, etc. Prices moderate. 206 SOUTH BBOAD STEErJi', NEXT TO BROAD BTBEM' BANE. CAMEBA, PEOP. KPWIN PISOHBH, riuerly De ovvUator off OpviAtlve Deu- Mt Uj at College of Dental r. equipped Office In the State. Cruwu Work. ath on ALDMINOM continuous gum, Bridge work on Alnminnm at (leauy rednced Suooasnlully, Without "id wlthont the use of etner, CMlorolbi etc Bc.oored to 316 RA8X STAlK Awr to Librarr Pott Offioe, Ot FARA3UT.S OPPOSlTJs CITV HALL. We control the Parasol trade of Tienton, and we folly guarantog that onr Parjwls and Umbmllas are made of the Tery bc.k material obtainable, and also of the flnut workmanship. All of onr at ptloaa which cannot be beaten in the large eitles nor any where else. Also opened a stock of flne Kid (Hovcs In all shades -nd prices, warrsntod for their dnrabillly. to- gether with K (nil lino of Bilk and title Gloved andMitta, Children's Lace Caps.Oor- Fine Hosiery, Under l-vi T Notions, nd workmanship. GOSSAMERS These liveries of drfca, which are necw- every lidy's wardrobe, are brongbt forcibly to mind by the capricious month of ihowers. Plain Black Circulars S1.4O to C1.6O Pennant OarmeuU to Circular Shapes to C6JSO Prices convey Inadequate of beaaly aud qnallty. ROGERS "A x" Silverware comes to the front to-day and commands special attention because of tha remarkably imall priffw, which haye made for this sale only. Tea a down Table Deuert Dewert Fork" 12.49 Medium ilzed r Bememoer that th.vo offers will be ducon- tinned when we close to-night. A'l' And we are prepared to ihuw the greatest variety of China >nd gath- ered under one roof. Priced and qn.ll. tia ODB" bear in mind are tha slroiif features DECOBATttii, RNGI.IHH Hj.IV, of HAy.sU plaow, doAd from 15 to I, AMPS, compiite with thttt, "himney, burner, etc., buntifnlly 92.5O, and Compare onr with stiongut sompetitiou. 'l1 li. .A .J.-.HA, OUT I-OR I1ARGAIN8 We have purchased the store North of us and intend to build ou the two lots r he lined 'Unrc in iron Ion 1 KLOTIIINGl 10 NORTU

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