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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - April 5, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey VIII. NO. TKKNTON. 0AIU11UAY SfRUCKBTiwOBUUElS l be Strange Adventure of Mr. "F. W. Chmns. HE WAS TAKrN FOR A BURGLAR i, wnlle Endeavoring to Enter the Besl- denee of Charlei L. Adams Ha Wu Seriously Memorandum Book Over His Heart Saved Hit Life. Mousi VKRVON, N Y, April Ti-Ments of Mount Vernon are much excited over a mysterious shooting affray in which P W Chivvis, of the dry goods flrui of Conklln Chivvis, which failed a year or two "go at Twenty third street and Sixth New York, for nearly was severely wounded early yesterday moru- Ing Mr ChlTvis spent Thursday evening at the house of J C Smith, a neighbor, and at 2 a. m skirted home. 'He was accompanied part of the way by i F Wright, principal of grammar school No 7, of IXew York, but rr-ldent of Mount Vernon When the two parted Mr Chivvis started across the In the direction of the residence of Churlei L. Adams, which is near his onu. It is said that he entered the vestibule of Mr Adams' residence, probably mistaking itfor hisown, U led b is key in the lock and was shot by Mr who mUtook him for a burglar Saved by a Memorandum Book. Mr Chivvis reached Ms home unaided, but swooned upon being admitted Doctors were hastily summoned by Mrs, Chiwls, and their investigation disclosed the fact that one bullet had penetrated the left breast, and, ranging downward, lodged above the right hip just beneath the aWr, A second had pierced his coat above the heart, but had merely shattered a lead pen- cil in the veal pocket and buried Itself in a memorandum book. The bullet was re- moved from the wound above the hip It did not penetrate vital part, and Mr Cbivvis Is expected to recover Atlaraa' Story of the Shooting. Mr Adams admits that he fired at some one who tried to enter the house yesterday moming Burglars have been prowling in thin vicinity of he said, "and about 3 o'clock this morn ing my wife heard a noise, I went down stairs to investigate, and I heard someone outside say 'Go back.' Just then I saw a man ti ying to put a key in the door, and I immediately commenced to fire through the glass door "Two shots went through the door After the firing the man at the door went away, And I knew nothing about Chivvis being hurt till I received notice at my office thai he bad been shot, and that I was charged with having shot him They were Perfectly Sober. "Mrs. Chivvis does not believe that hei husband was shot by Mr Adama, bat thinkt be was the victim of footpads A few ago, she- says, he met a suspicious looking man Jn. the road and knocked him down. Thin fellow, she believes, may have shot him for revenge Mr Smith, who is a member Of tha firm of J B Brewster Co wai soon yesterday at his office He said that the first had of the shooting wal when he was commg to thin city on the train Both Mr. Chivvis and Mr. -Wright were perfectly sober when they left bit house. He knew nothing further about the affair An Invalid's Terrible Deatb. PATKBSON, N J April 5 Carrie Yonng, aged 40 years, was burued to death in her rooms on North west street, this city Tho woman been ill for several days and was visited and cared for until a late hour Thuirtlay night by friend She had left her bed and attempted to walk with a lamp in her hand, when, being overcome by wealmesK, she fell and her clothing caught fire and she was slowly roasted to death, Ihe floor was veiy little burned. Hobody discovered the blare nor knew of the accident until a boy called Friday with t> The woman's husband had de- serted her The charred remains were taken to tba morgue. A Judgment for Slander. CHICAGO, April 5 Judge Anthony has entered judgment for favor of Mrs. F. against her husband, Aaron 8 Williams, in her stilt for for slander The action is the first in Cook cuunty where tbe wife sued her husband ouoh ohargs, and u may bo supposii, the suit is one of many outward sigus of ex- ceedingly strained relations between the couple. Mr Williams is a retired capital- ist, who lives on the side, and is said to hare an income of Williams is a handsome and cultivated about 50 years of a K1 Andtnother and a levlfng member of a fashionable west side chuuH Murderer "Cinnamon's" History. KTOOBIOH, H Y April 5 The real name of Frill Cmnamofj, who hilled Pilot Aber- nethy in New York, is Frederick Zimmer- He was born at Rondout, where Ms father stilt resides. Fred followed Dela- ware and Hudson canal, wai a reckless character and figured in the local criminal courts He is now a fugitive from Justice, having left town to evade for a rob- beij committed >n 183i. wal known here as a qniet and {KAocable man His funeral took place from St. Jiisph's church today. Goodell Improving HASHPA, N H April 5 -Dr. 8 G Dear- bail, of thin city, and Dr Norris tbe family physician of Govemor Goodell, made a thorough examination found tbe governnr'n condition much improved. His stomach difficulties have portly disap- peared, the use of bis Hmbs has boon In measure and he sleeps better. channe for recovery favorable. The doctuu advise h'nt to his mind from all matters. ANOTHER BENDER FAMILY The Chleborads Accused of Many Dark Deeds ATWOOD, Kan April J Judge Bertiom has sentenced Graoiau Chleborad to fifty years m the penitent! r) for murder Chle- borad is about X) years old will prob- ably not live to seive his time out. The crime of which ho wus convicted was poison- ing his younger brother, Jooeph, last Decem bff btrange to say, although there was proof positue of stiychnine in the dead man s stomach, and every circumstance pointed to Graclau as the murderer, the jury returned a verdict of murder in the second degi ee, acquitting Mrs Chleborad, Gracian's wife, who was indicted with him The judge, however, made amends for the jury's action by pronouncing a neutenca that virtually amounted to life imprisonment If the evidence of Chleborad's neighbor" is to be believed, the poisoning of Joseph Chleborad was tbe last of a series of mur- ders that if investigated will prove ai horrible as the Infamous Bender crimes that were exposed in Cabeth county, Tfansas, in 1873 1 he Chleborads lived on a claim thai was originally by Mr Shaw whc mysteriously disappeared Evidence Indi cated that he was murdered for bis money and his body thrown into "n abandoned well on the not far from the Shaw dugout After awhile the Chleborads, con sjsting of a roan and bis wife and three sons, of which Gracian was the oldest, took the claim In the course of timo Mrs, Chleborad died mysteriously and her place of buria] was never known The event occasioned comment but the people scorned to be afraid of the Chleborads and it was never Investi gated. It was generally believed, however that she was murdered and her body tbrowi into the well Later the old man died suddenly, and thi neighbors again suspected poisoning Thii was followed by a fresh burial in the well This crime was, charged to Gracian Chleb orad and his wife, Mav A few months latei one of the bi others disappeared and Oraciai said that he had gone to Nebraska, but thi boy never came back, and it is supposed well received another victim Last Decem ber young Robert was poisoned and the mur derer was detected by a party of neighbors who met Gracian with the body of the boj on his shoulder making straight for the old well. He was arrested and the murdei proved An effort has been made to the county commissioners dig out the old well, now nearly filled up, when proof of all thow horrors is likely to appear The Bennett Lnw as an Issue. Wis, April leading Democrats of Madison generally have strongly defined views against making the Bennett law an issue in the next state campaign, aiid yet if it is made an issue they will almost to a man vote against the Republicans who are responsible for 111 enactment Mayoi M R Doyan is a notable exception, and declares emphatically m favor of the law and that he will vote for it Ex-Congressman Burr W Jones wai inclined to be cautious m bis utterances. It is too early to talk, about such he said "I d rather say nothing about itr Ex-Postmaster Gregory, once Democratic candidate for congress in this district and a warm personal friend of Col Vilas, is op posed to making the law a state issue Mayor B U Pinney, the ablest lawyer in the state, said "I do not want the Benneti law made an nor have I soen any Democrats who do" George Rwymer, editor in-chief of The Madison Democrat, expressed fear that the victory in Milwaukee would cause the Democratic state convention t< take up tbe Bennett law as a state imiie Ihe Actors' Baseball Clab. YORK, April 5 Actors' Base- ball club, known as the Five A's, have de- cided on a very unique schedule for ths coming season The regular season will be- gin on June 2 The club will sail up the Hudson un the steamboat City of Albany, which has been chartered for a month, and play their first gatne at Newburg After that games will be played at Ponghkeepde, Rondout, Albany, Troy, Kingston, Goshen, Middlctowu, Hudson, Youkers, Bridgeport, New Meriden, Narragansett, As- Imiy Paik, Long Branch, Philadelphia (with tbe Reporters' Atlantic City and Cape May The teann and guests Kill live entirely on the steam boat during the whole of thfrjomuey. The trip is certain to prove a financial succsss as well as a jolly jannt SIGNED BY DAVID B. HILL 1 he Corrupt Practices Bill Re- ceives His Approval THE tOUnxm'S MtMOKAMUJM He Bays Much <iuml Will Result from tba Blow at Bribery and Othei Evils WorklDBinen and too Political Pay Envelope Ai April Hill filed The WlcMel Vosre. Boeiow, April 5 body of the m.n who on Wednasday evening last fell from tbe Boston and Lowell railroad bridge into the Charles river and drowned in the proionce of many people, to him were w" today and identified as that of Mlohtel Hoore, aged 30, of Hudson. He Imei. widow and an infant child. For the Amateur Championship. Hnw YOBK, April 5 a meeting of the Athletic union last night mlttoo on basuball announced the following entered for the championship: New York, Berkeley, Hew Button, Detroit Michigan Hnrd'ered by a Harbor. April a general foir in a barber shoa on Third avenue, Brooklyn, last night, Pete Murphy wan stabbed and killed by Antonio Manionl, a bstber who claims that Murphy first struck Mm In tho face "ffnsn the spring time drowiyand to the Im and lUte of the blood. To ram- irouMe re Newspaper Hen Choose Officers. HARTFORD April 5 the meet- ing of the Conn cticut Press association in this city the following officers were elected Piesideut, Thomas D Weaver, of The Hart- ford Post vice president, Francis Atwater, of The Mcnden Journal, sectary md urer, W U Countryman, of Hartford, chairman of the exudative board, T W Wood, of The Bridgeport FoBt. trus- tees of the Stevenson fund are CoL L. L. Morgan, of The New Haven Register, W. H Stevenson and A H Hall, of The Hartford Post A Ftttal Boyish Qaarrel. jEtKKBSONViLtB, Ind., April 5 John Aldridge, aged 16, and William aged 17, car employes, had a boyish quai rel at noon, which resulted in b ing on the head nlth a "shoe" cistiug wielded by Aldridge Oleason died thirty minutes after, he was struck AI- dridge Wns arrested, makes statement. He is a brother BetUe Aldridge, who died in the of George Jakel, her lover, some months Btrice. It it sud the mui der of OleMon was antirelj un- provoked "Jersey Jim" Murdered t NEWARK, N J April 5 body of a nan knonn as "Jersey Jim" was taken out nt the Italian dive of Blbo last night and spirited away by iMltntm, The police arrested Blbo and four of his countrymen and are now Marching for the of "Jersey Jim It U that he was stabbed to death A Beballot tinder the Old SiWPOBT, R L, April supple- election here today for two reprs tcntatlves la being held under the 614 voting system Through an oversight the law es t the Australian nas not made to apply to such elections. de- fect was corrected, bnt not in to provision for today's election. Nearly Hnndred on Strike. April 5. JBetwt seventy-five and a hnodred employed at Russell Erwln's in'Kew Britain, are on strike tot nnifgriu in- itJod of the proent traded Boston Gets Sullivan. Bon-toy, AIM H Boden signed Martin Sullivan, of fotuitrly of the Indianapolis Chicago M outfielder for the Boston League A to Resume. SHAMOKIN, PB April 5 -work at thi Henry Clay colliery, which has been idle three monthe, will be resumed Monday, rivmft employment to men Phoulfl your children fco tsim ith tl n croiv the following memorandum with Senator Baxton's bill entitled Anacttoamend tltli 5 of the ptnal code relating to crinies against the elective franchises which was signed by him last evening "This bill is generally known as the 'cor- rupt practices act It illustrates what ex cellent legislation is possible where a effort to serve the public good is manifested rather thnn merely a desire to theexecutne Tbe principal provisions ol the measure were first recommended in my annual message a year ngo, and were incor- porated In the Linson electoral reform bill of that year Unfortunately for the public welfare, however, wben proposed m legislature by the minority they were re- jected by a party vote Their enactment was again urged in my annual message ol the present year, and having afterward boon inserted in this bill (Mi Saxton's) they received vote In botb branches of the legislature It thus appears that the proposition which was i ejected w hen orescnted by Mr Linson, one of the minority, was adoptee w hen put forward by Mr Bajtton, one ol the mijonty K Political Pay Envelopes "The most valuable provision" otthe bll consist ol the prohibition oJ 'political paj that device by which thousand! of noikmgmeu weie intimidated in the re- cent pi esideutial election, and the require mtut that candidates for all offices shall fll< witliiu ten days after each election venfiec statements m detail of their election ex penses in default of which they shall bt deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and thi luccessful candidate shall forfeit MB office In my opinion this feature of the bill would have beeu considerably strengthened had the quo warranto provisions of the TjinsoE bill been added, by which proceedings foi ousting the successful candidate m case ol fraud might be brought by the candidate receiving the next highest number of votes without the necessity of a previous cnmiua] conviction pi oviJeil it appeared that neithei the contesting candidate nor his political agents 01 committees had used any col rupl means to promote his election It Would Fncuurage Prosecutions. "Juries will flnd a verdict m a civil ac tion, the effect of which will oust a man from his office without sending him U prison, when they would not convict him ol a crime uron the same evidence This, as said in my recent annual message, would en couiage prosecutions and put a premium upon honest candidacy In England tnli feature is regarded as having accomplished more for the purification of elections that any other reform that has been tried A Blow at Balbery. "The bill also embraces two other material features It makes criminal offenses of e large number of improper practices ing the purity of elections not covered by statutes and contains and broader descriptions of prcsenMflTenses, as better to secure their punishment "It also provides that any person convicted of bribery under the act shall, in addition to any other punishment prescribed therein 'be eifluded from the right of suffrage foi a period of five years after such conviction Tbis is a new and most important provision and may be productive of most excellent results Legislature and Executive. "Tbe whole measure, so far as it goos, L meritorious and if enforced and sustained by an active, vigilant and enlightened pub he sentiment is capable of accomplishing some practical and genuine reform If all the alleged reform bills passed by tbe legli lature were as carefully and honestly framed and advocated as the one before me appear! to have been there would be less conflict be- tween the legislature and tbe executive The measure is cheerfully approved "DAvro B HILL." PROHIBITION IN IOWA Assistant Postmaster General Clurkson Says It Is Fullnre. W iflHiNOTON April 5 Postmaster General Clarkson, ot Iowa said In interview that the prohibition law has proved a failure in tbe large cities of hi. state "It has had seven years he and while it proved an admir able law for the agricultural counties and the towns it has failed to flnd the public opinion to enforce itself In the larger cities and In the counties on the MlnslMippi river, which are largely settled by people of European birth It is an fact it cannot be enforced in such localities without a constabulary, which the temper of the Iowa people would never permit The legislation to enforce It has boou as severe autocratic as would ever be permitted by a tree people "The Republican parly has never boen united in support of the As-many as or Republicans have boon opposed to it, but have gone along with purty, willing to oee the experiment tried. Now that it has been tried seven years hin failed in part, they Insist that the law should be amended so as to give prohibition to the 80 per cent of Iowa where public opinion favors and enforces it, but that 8om< othnr methods of regulating and repressing traffic should be given to the 20 per cent of the state where experience shown II never can be enforced Mr Clarkson indorses the action of th< Iowa conference of Anti-Prohibition Re- publlfwns in everything but its demand foi a silent platform He believes the prcoonl legislature should modify the prohlbitloi laws. APRIL 5. 1090. A BIG RAILROAD DEAL A Report Tliut tliu t underbills Bought tho Muikov Sjnttirn tu I linos says bu u rfctu td fi in New York that tin anilcrbllts Imvu ti uglit the Mack liulr id bjHtotn II o system em tntuis the I Lvinsvillti aud Ht LOUK Hit tile I1 uni'WilU and ludlau apoils Lv insvtllt mil Itrro Haute Peoria, Decutui anl Lumsulk tlic lell Llty and Ciinnellt n tli Ulna is and St 1 ouis ami tht K Up 11 Jn ptranlM unt riiou rail rouils a totjl f Ou< inihs hi regard to this repoitiildui Mi J ruwott a railroai! c mtrtut i of th h c stil 1 last night I lit ii 1 u iiiunimu 1 binvday that the Vainlei bilts hiul bought tho Cincinnati int Mltluniui load ftom Mr Muckiy unl 1 txullent nations to be- lieve it triit 1 ut I lo not know to the other ro i t ill M ic ey system 1 he Michigan lines noul 1 bt. a good feeder for tbi tour and as the latter has to the Michlg in rou 1 to get into Indlauapolii tbe roid would bo ubeful to them (it-netal Mnnager bvaus of the Mackey Bjstem Ims 1 It the city aud there was no otlui clhcial f the Mackey system here to bt inUruoweil Wnckey has for some time hem Hating for the purchase of the L11 anil Eastern Illinois, but it Is not kuunn if he has yet secured control of that r ud i1 wo Umbrella and Celebrated on Spring IIATTl'-H, in State VOTED. Hudson Codnty Dead Hen who Ited Their Ballots JuKSETCiiY, Aprils the investlgn tion of the senate committee into the Hud son countyfrauds the First district received attention yesterday Miss Annie Collinx, ot No Warren street, testified that Will Jam O'Brien and Charles Donohue an strangers to her, that James Collins, hel father, died two years ago, and that hei brothers, James and John, are minors. Al thiou names were on the list of votvis. Justice of the testified thni Barry, James Fagan and Robert Walsh did not reside at No W arren street Charlei J Carroll tnew thit T LoJta voted aftei death, but could not say how long In tht mass of testimony about such frauds wen many amusing stories A calculation showed that 355 illegal votei hud boen on fioti tions names, or those of people wLo hud re- moved or were dnftd Tbe Democratic and the Republican cltj executive committees of this city hnve ap pointed a joint committee who have o greed to suppress intimidation and fraud at tbl polls this election Churchill to the Fren LO.VUON, April 5 Randolph Church ill has written a second letter to the In which he ridicules the proposition that thi land purchase bill u a tranqaillling pacifying; measnVi. On the contrary, he serU, it is certain to lead to jealousy and rfr pudiatinn among whow lords nfpiwovaO. Fl ve years of con tinuoui repudiation, he believes, "ill exhaust tht cash guarantees and compel recourse to thi contingent guaraotees, thus throwing Ire- land into a state of anarchy iiever contem plated A Afanonfo Deelslon. Itinn., special to The Tribune from Cedar Rapids Ta, In the famous of the Cernean Scottish rite against the Grand lodge Iowa, Judge Preston hat overruled "no- tion of the defense to throw it out of court on the alleged grounds that the court no Jurisdiction in the matter, the Scottish rite not being an inco.poiatsd body The Cernuu consider thii a decisive victory A Prominent Jersey Mason's Sololde. NEWARK, N J April 5 -David B Safe ten, a past grand commander of the Knlghfa Templars of Now Jorsoy, committed sul dde yestcrdnv by hunting himself in cellar of his hniKn m thii city He wnn 74 years of tl n wm duo to suffer from fm' ii l i 1C JCllrOT 'IBtnF "Sllnnnhv night OhMJj nn V nh immedlnw relief. This remedy allnys inflnhi- Ten were Injnred BT Lonis, April 5 the south bound Omaha fast mail on the Wabash road wal rounding a curve a ahort distance from tlu Bt Charles (Mo) depot Friday night thi train was derailed, five cars going into thi ditch. The train consisted of a and ex press car, a mucker, chair oar and two sleep srs The entire train rolled down the steej embankment while going thirty miles ai hour W E. Bcboop, of this city, had hii right leg broken In all about ten pawen gers were Injured, but none seriously Amonj those in the first sleeper were Grand Secre tary Allan McDowell, of the Free Masons 01 Missouri, and Judge Theodore Brace, of thii city The accident is attributed to the bad condition of the tracks The names nt the injured are J G Crockett Stuart, lav, cul on the back Mrs. P L. Pullman, Omaha, shoulder broken-f George C ulp, mail agent head bruised and left hand burned, Harvey Smith, mail agent, nose broken and ecalp out, W E. Schoop, mail agent, leg broken O F Guthna Bt Louis hand bruised W E. Stains, Atlantic, la nervous shock, L. Bosslter, St. Louis, badly bruised about fao Bid head Wholesale Shooting In Kentucky FT UHINOSBURG, Ky April ness and violence have again made their ap paarance in Rowan county The United States revenue men made a raid a week, destroying various stills, and thing! are now being made decidedly uncomfort- able for them and the people who are, thought to have given tbe government m foi motion Ephraim Cooper has boon shot from ambush by in unknown man Bar! Bumgartner and Bim Cooper were toti killed in a flght Friday, and George Hogg son of the sheriff, was shot yesterday Hi Roberts was bushwhacked yesterday And very seriously wounded Nelson Egac was called to his door Tuesday and shot Killed by a Falling Viaduct. CHICAGO, April 5 Wilson wai Instantly killed and Frederick Goldberg badly hurt by the falling of a viaduct in Union Stock yards. Both men were em ployed by the Stock Yards company as car penters, and with a score of mei were en' gaged in elevating about forty feet of a viaduct that runs through tbe company': property The work was almost finished when a support gave way and a heavy tim ber falling struck Wilson on the head, pin ning him to the ground and causing instant death. Goldberg, who was working with Wilson, was struck by a fulling timber and knocked some distance John Wanamaker's Appeal Denied. WASHINGTON, treasury de partment has rendered a decision on an ap- peal by John YVanamaker, of Philadelphia, from the assessment of duty at the rate of 50 per cent, ad valorem On certain bead orua meuts imported by him The articles con silted of squares, and strips of cotton net embroidered, some with beads and others with metal tnread me appeal on the arti cles embroidered with metal thread was allowed, and duty fired at 80 per cent ad valorem, while the articles embroidered witlj beads were held to be dutiable at the rate apiouiod. Driller Dawson Hilled BmiH'8 FERRY, Pa., April 5 -At 1 30 o'clock the boiler at the TJniou Oil company's well, on the Btuart (aiui, in the Hookstown field, exploded Ollie Puppard, a driller and Iftred M Dawson, tool drsfs-r, were at work. Peppard wan on the derrick and escaped in- jBiy was standing near tho boiler, bis body found nearly a mile away in s cornflnld nlth the top of his head blown off Tbe boiler wn btnfftt to atom" "IMtOI U< A Tj that Impurity of the blood which produces unsightly lumps or swellings In the neck; which causes running tores on the tums, or feet; which develops in the eyes, or nose, often causing bUndnejs or which is the origin of pimples, can- aoUlp or which, fasteu- upon the lungs, causes consumption and derfi It Is the most ancient of, few persons are entirely fi STHJWAIIT HAMMOND u YOuNG LADim OFNJLIFMKN In the COUHUNG BOOH fer IMM Kin Are d SUCCESSFUL CAJr'AKT.K, Presents in the m elegant form THE AXATIVE AND NUTRITIOUS JUIOE Of FIGS OF CALIFORNIA, Combined vuth the medicinal virtues of plants known to be most beneficial to the human system, forming an agreeable and effective laxative to pettua- nently cure Habitual Consti- pation, and the many ills de- pending on a weak or inactive :ondition of the KIDNEYS, LIVER AND BOWELS. It is ti most excellent remedy known to "LEAHSE THE SYSTEM EFFECTUALLY When one is B lions or PURE BLOOD, REFRESHING SLEEP, HEALTH and STRENGTH NATURALLY FOLLOW Every one is using it and all are delighted with it ASK YOUR DRUGOIST FOR NO BMA1TKRING, NO NON-ESSENll, NO NONHKtfsE In Ite OF 1 HAWING. Modern Snccwafal Teaching, Individual Attention, flatin factory Progia- The Shorthand Department Offers the very beat facilities, for acquiring skill in Steton.aphy. RAPID AND STJOUKfiSrUL PKOGRW Horning. AfUiuOoa and x in Shorthand. Far nd worth 1 13, (13 for J9.CO ftr CMId.ea'l K- _ Sniti OrelcMti UlXmUNG MAHE TO ORDFR. li Am ti t rank? dr' wi'k, right to tte IVo. S State, dor. Wftr.cti gt LOOK OUT 1-OR BARGAINS By Ttood't nhjeh, by Antes It ptoien itself to tie a potent peculiar for 'his If you s-ffer from tij Hood's BarssparilH ARR ARRIVING AT Uonbled with Mrofula, my little boy, Old, being a tei.lble sufferer. spring be was one rnus ol soies from Iwid to feat been Bttred of the soishto. My little boy is entirely free from IONS, four of my children look bright wd hetlthy." B. Ar" Fassale City, K. J. Hood's (tarsaparllla fl.slxforfl by 6 I HOOD CO, Apottieftriei, IOO One Dollar ANGKM) CAMKKA'8 "to. Snpernno Cream An immonm nmortment of Cnngh OandiM, Nnt MlKt lies, Penny floods, Turkish Trnnoh t rfns, Fionch etc. Prices moflc-rnfo 80U1H BROAD STBRHT, TO BBOAD STRKfcf BANK. WALUS1 JbANCY STORK Every day, among which are new styles of Fine Hosier; and light Fancy Onr is absolutely die of poisonous dye staffs, which to to wearer of inferior of We have purchased the store Noith of us and intend to build on the two lots I he lined "Lore in irenlonl we mrurt rid of our stock to do thia, RHADY-MADIi CLOTHING I We wa..-nt our to give positive tisfsxillon, both in qnalUy and we bm .tctirtd complete line of Infanta1 One Kobe. Drir i for infanta' "Ml Kid Gloves onr In the Teit baat Bring yonr floe Silk Um- now fer before j i L J I O U< BB Goto NOR Vl T GRHKNK lAdverlisc, YOUR "WAN IS" INTER

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