Thursday, March 27, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Text Content of Page 1 of Trenton Times on Thursday, March 27, 1890

Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - March 27, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey 1" eitimi VOT- VI IT. NO. SHERIFF FLACK RESIGNS. i he Convicted Divorce Conspir- ator Leaves His Office. THE PEESS BIT! FKiY ARRAIGNED "Inhumanely and Cruelly Persecuted by Sensational and Partlnan Newspapers" Protests That Be Hal Committed Mo Crime Aguiutt Anybody AIHANY, N Y March 37 -At half past 10 evnning Governor Hill received the of Sheriff Flack, of New York eonnty, which was handed to the governor at the executive mansion by Mr McDonald, Bbnriff Flank's clerk The resignation reads The Sheriffs Letter. 8MIKlri''8CWlClL, COUHTY COURT HOUSE, Clll AND COUNTY OF NEW YORK V March 26, 1890 To KTCellency, David B Hill, Governor, Albany hereby resign the office of of the city and county of New York. I have boon convicted by a court and Jury of the crime of conspiracy, and while I still protest that I have committed no crime against any human being or against the state, and that I have boon most inhumane- ly and cruelly persecuted by sensational partisan newspapers, and while I an; informed and believe that the offense ol which I have been convicted Is not one wliloh works a forfeiture of my office either of Unfit or by action, I neverthe- 1: that a person convicted of a Criminal offense, no matter how innocent he may be, ought not, as a matter of propriety, to continue to hold public office I therefore resign mine, in the belief I shall yet be vindicated in the courts, end that the time will come when my fellow citiier't, trill Icpow pnd say that whatever may made, I have haen et ofc crlnia, I request that my successor may be immediately appointed, to the end that I may at once torn the office over to him Yours, rejpeotfully, JAMES A FiAut who will Succeed Flack? Governor Hill, when asked by a United repi esentative about the appointment Of a successor to Mr Flack, said he harl given the subject no consideration whatever A MARYLAND SENSATION. State Treasurer Archer Accused ol Steal Ing Valuable Securities, AHHAPOITS, Md., March S7 govern- or last night Ipld the following communi- cation before both houses of the assembly, wbich created a most profound sensation E E Jackson becomes my painful duty to In foiui you that information reached me In Fred click on Saturday evening last which convinces ma that there HM been a misappropriation of the state securities In the hands of State Treasurer Archer I believe that at least two of Baltimore city hold notes of Mr Archer, secured by bonds of the kind belonging to the state sinking tuaA, one being secured by Piedmont and Cumberland bonds, another by ticosury relief bonds and that another loan was negotiated by Mr Archer and Frederick City bonds wera, deposited as collateral, bearing the some of the bonds belonging to state sinking fund The gravity of In formation In such that it becomes Imperative upon me to communicate It to yon at once. In order that an Immediate Investigation may be made and such further action taken as may be to protect the state's Interest L. VICTOR BAUGHVAN, Comptroller Grovei uor Jackson states tbat he has en- deavored, to communicate with the treas- urer but has boon unable to do so, and it been repotted to him that the treasurer la ill at his home at A Joint Cv, five n-as appointed to In- Archer's account! It U ilated that Mr Archer is on his deathbed at Bel'lr The Nun's Flight was Fatal. WFBT CHKSTBB, Pa, March Leo, who from the Villa Maria con- Tent and was recaptured, died 7-jlerday of paralysis of the heart It pocrs thnt Sister came to the convent month> ago from the pariah of the Church of the Qesu, Philadelphia, and took the white veil She has since then been one of the most devoted of the order A week ago she wit w'th <yid a day or, so her Brain, It is said, became affected It was while laboring under a hallucination tnat the leaped from the window and at- tempted to The physicians lay her death nM exposure. lue Freestone Cotters' Loekout. BonON, March 27 carpen- ter, building mechanics are being thrown out of work bemuse of the continu- ance of the freestone cutters' lockout. Not- withstanding their idleness every branch of Me building is in sympathy with the Freattone Cutters' union. The freestone cutters are firm as the stribn begun four -MO, not a member having ro tared Hore half tSo nmW airfi found euiployuient In tow.n outside of New England One wife Too Many. BOHtON, March 27 Edward J Powell HcCabce was arraigned in Cambridge wtyh bigamy. Katharine testified" that be had married her In New York on Sept and that she left him months later on account of cruel treatment. Alice M Hanscom, of North Cambridge, testified that McCabeo had m.-. rfed her on Feb. 24, 1886. In default of ball he was committed for the gi and jury. A Bralgr.nt'i Sulddo; TOM, March iW. Ittvh And.iaon, a German shoemaker, 65. who from many with his fam ly nine month" TKKNTON. TIIUKSUAY AHTKKNOON. MAKG'II 1890, TWO returning to Qermany and to pay their The old man will he buried by the city wife Harder at Boston. March 27' Charles Cowllshaw, afniultnre salesman, who wv discharged for killed hit wife aged 35, in their ho-ve at 87 wUvt, by cutUng her throat with rator. He refnios to give any TUP for the act, except that the woman .aMsd" htm A pw.lilnc Home Bnmed. KtrchW-Alargedwellihghottse on Hammond street, Newton Center, owned by H, Kn.pp Dy -yp 1, Teabody, was btu ued. Loss ou house and fa. snred. AfalnKt llulv on Hides. BOSTOK, March X! Home Market club has ndoptcd i-oso utions setting forth the imp sil ion of ndnty on would be superlati Til teWa only iionrro (mm the Hire's OcraKh Cure fetrof the molt del- BASEBALL NEWS "Bnck" Ewlug Injuno- Him Refused. NEW YORK-, March 37 third decisabn on the question of tho reserve clause as usec by the National league was rendered by Judge Wallace, of the United Btates circuit court, in which: he took a position similar to that of Judges O'Brien, Arnold and Thayer refusing to grant the injunction for which the League prayed This decision was in thi case or Mr Day agalust hit former captaiu William Ewing The opinion is an ex haustive one covering the case In detail ant giving some severe blows to the League con tract for its inequality In the course of his opinion Judge allace says "The term 'right to reserve' is ueod in the contract in ihe sense that obtaius in base ball nomenclature, and that it is intended t< signify an option, the character of which was well understood bj baseball clubs am professional players when the present con tract was made As a coormu condition which places the player practically, or a' least measureably, in a situation where he must contract with the club that has reserved him or face the probability of losing an en gagement for tho ensuing season, it is operat- ive and valuable to tho club But as the basis of au action for damages if the player fails to contract, or for an action to enforce specific performances it is wholly nugatory In a legal sense it is merely a contract if the parti s can agree "However this may be, the players were not in a position to act independently, anc if they had refused to consent to the term' proposed by the clubs, they would havedom so at the pelll of losing an engagement The facts, therefore, are not such as to per- mit any weight to be given to the acts o: the pai ties as evincing then own construc- tion of the contract It follows that the act of the defendant m refusing to negotiate with the club for an engagement lor the season of whilea breath of contract is not the bieach of one which the plaintiff can enforce The motion for au injunction is denied Nn Truth In tile Story BYBACUiK N Y March 27 George K Flayer of tho Syracuse. Alncri can Baseball club says, that in his opinion theie is no truth in the story that Syracuse, Rochester and Toledo are to be dropped from the Association that I ouiwillc s f i a ohise is to be sold and that Washington, Indianapolis and Detroit are to be admittat: to the American ranks He says Syracuse was given a fram IIISP with no pnnrlttlonf-ut Inched and tbat (WO wouldn t huj byi u cuse's franchise aloue nnd it would take ag much more to buy his coutracts with players so far sigued To Help Do the Players INDIANAPOLIS, Ind March 37 oni ers of the Indianapolis club practically ad- mit that there has been no bona fide sale of the ludmuopolis ball players to New York but that an arrangement has been eutertd into by which the League is solidified and strengthened in its light against the Brother- hood, and has foimed im alliance with the 4sbocnitioii, so fur as Indianapolis is con orned, m doing" the Players association The scheme is a highly satisfactory financial one for the owncis of the Indianapolis club Altfton'H Colts Stilke a Snag JNEW OHTFANS Muich Times Democrat's Galveston special says Ansou's Chicago National team was treated to a huge surprise yesterday afternoon in their match with the tralveston nine Auson's colts were outbntltd and outplayed at evel y point and defeated bj a score of 10 to 0 Philadelphia Brouklyn JACKSOXVILIK1 Fla March -T Bi oiherhood game h i e yesterday afternoon resulted as follows Philadelphia, 8 Brook lyn, 5 Both teanm left lor the north this morning The Brooklyn Ljague team will sail for New Yoik via the Clyde steamer Cleveland Defeats Chicago. MFVPHIS, Tenn., March. Cleve und Chicago Brotherhood clubs played here yesterday afternoon, the first named winning 8 to 3 Thn University Team Downed. CHART OMMviLTif, Va March Boslo i Brotherhood club defeated the Uni- versity of Virginia team by a score of 15 to a Rev. John Westall Dead FALL RIVER, Mass., March 27 Eev John Uestall, pastor of the New Jerusalem church here and one of the beet known preachers in New England, died March iS, aged 78 He was born in England came to America in .830 and in to this city, where he acted as a designer at the Ameri- can Print woiks for thirty years He was always Interested in educational movements and anti-slavery, temperance and similar reforms From Brown university he re- ceived the honorary degroo of A. M In 1862 he visited Europe and m 1875 the Holy Land On1iis return from the latter tour he accepted the pastorate of the New Jeru- salem church. Mr W estall leaves a widow and two daughters Senator Ingalls Denonnced. Kmi, March 27 Farm- ers' Alliance of in convention at Topeka, passed among other resolutions the following- "Notwithstanding the fact that John J Ingalls has represented Kenans for eighteen years in the United States senate Ills a difficult matter for his constituents to point to a single measure he has ever cham- pioned in the interest of the great agiicul- tural nnd laboring element of Kansas, and we will not support by our votes or influ- fluence, any candidate for the legislature who favors his re-election to the United States senate The resolutions also de mand the election of United States senators by the people Mot Dead, but Bloh. PRII AiiiLFMiA, March 27 James McCauley, who has been living in abject poverty for a number of yean at No 208 Phoiter street, this city, has recently learned whom snppoood was dead, is a wealthy miner at Burke, Bhoshone countyt Idaho His fortune is estimated at McCauley has boon communicated with, and hit eibacle to noon join him in hta westoiu home The Coffin Floated Down Stream CLARKSVILI K, Tenn March 27 un usnpl accident happened while the driver of hearse was crowing a croak much swollen by the high water The hearse contained the coi pse of a colored person, and in cross Ing the creek the water came np so high that it rinsed the doors of the vehicle to cnm? npen anrl tha rrirHn floated down stream The body has not been recovered. Shot nt n Woman and Hit a Alan, NEW BEDFORD, Mass., March A Lawton, a discharged employe of Miss Nellie Chose, went out (o her farid at Dart- mouth last night t'A demanded a toam at the point of a gun. Meeting Mlns Chase on tho load Lawton discharged tbegnn, at her, but the charge nntered the face of Frank Jtofforn, who waj driving He is in a oritl- cnl condition When Macbeth ironically nrtcd, "OiuisHhon mlniiterlo a mind he little know that t" i IN SENA IE AND HOUSE. An Interesting Debate on the Anti-1 rust Bill. IN6ALLS AND THE CONSTITUTION The Kansas Senator Pays His Respect! to the South and Talks About Affali Before the Southern Sec and the Constitution In the Put WASHINGTON, March 27 the trans- action of routine business, the senate pro- ceeded to consider the anti-trust bill The amendment offered by Mr Stewart to inser the words "or of the value of money bi which such cost may be advanced or re- was agreed to Mr Spooner offered an amendment giving the courts authority to issue writs of injunction prohibiting an restraining combinations from procoodini any further m the bnfliness except to w__ up its affairs. The amendment and the bill sufficient To utille it to tw HI lUisam one repienetitathe In the (if th UulUd btlites, and he defended tin irovis ion of the K ubtltution of tho ttintory ei tending the light of suffrage to vnjuieu Mr Uoiker) (Me said that aflu lliu ter ntor> hu 1 been organized fouiUcu yttir the vok-i rast In IbSb aggregated but on of which had been cast by fcuiaks The bill was nothiug more or lesa than partisan measure designed to perptluat the pontr tt the Republican part) it (ilk the Idaho I ill soon to folk w) shi bi nailed a bill to ad 1 thrte elettoial and two senators to the Republican uiluinn m 189J Woman and the Ballot Mr Oaks (Ala said that no new state bad ever mine into tho Union on the torm pioposed m this w unit n n ere u have the light to vote and to h M olllce It was a dellcite question, and lie UK ker with appn upon tlu tendency toward intension of the right o franchise suffrage hud been i mil th ju I0ment i historj was that it is not wiso u entnis governuuut to women THC LAKE SHORE WRECK Report of the Ho tid of Kill, odd Coiiimlp HIOIK t s ALBAM March lh hoard of nil road commissioners have made a report c their of the accident ou th Lake bhore and Michigan Southernrailroa on March (J at Hambuig in which six per sons weie killed and tn nt) one injured The beard finds that Conductor Houghta ling was criminally culpable in not bavin his tram put in condition at Dunkuk Hi conduct m attempting to stop the tram by pujling the bell cord as he stated, or by pul nig the luake coid showed confusion of mint: hen he left Dunkirk with the rear cars i the condition they were he should at leas huve notified the sleeting car conductor am the porters oncl reai bmk iimn of such fac that they might have bteu ou the look out Ihe board is also if the opinion tlm Engineer Kdnard P Mi iiey showed bat judgnitut m leaving tlm station, iimsmucl ns Huughtalmghud infmnid him thatthei was no ulr 1 lake on the rear cars Tb Cowell coupling nlnch gave way, is con dc limed by the I oaidas in the highest degre daugeious and the niilioi 1 officials are mild ly for withholding news of thi wieck from the rn 1 rotest Niw An impoitau' nn ctlng of iniuitifuc turt is of clear Havana cgaiswui hi Id to b a committee to g( to ashingtnn and protest before the wajs Hud me iris committee against the passage o the prop sid schedule if duties su Havana tobacco inclu 1 d in the MeKmley bill It is claimed thit tho passage of the bill will en tnelv destru) the mlustiy of making strictly clear Havana ugirs in this countiy anil he the cause of thioHinfe out of woik over 1 puople now employed in that branch ot the business A committee om posed of Joseph Seidmbt-rg of Key W est, Fla A Aiaumuln of lampi Fla an 1 W liarmtt nf this cit> was upp< luted to go to Washington Resolutions were adopte I ie questing all Havana ciguruiakera through out the country to hold moss meetings pro lesting against the injustice, as proposoel by the MeKmley bill Attorney Atkinson Mnrrierml NFW YOIIK, March H Atkin- son, aged 44 a lawyer vvis killed last even- ing at bis office No Bioadway, by Felix Palmei aged "M foremim of a gang of safe movers who were removing a safe from the office Atkinson had some words with Palmer who finally struck him ou th berly, US N by the Newtou club at Its club house in Newtonville last night Prom- nent among those In attendance were Gov- ernor Brackett and staff, Lieutenant Gov- >rnor Hale, Commodore McKann, Mayor Burr, Capt Matthews, U S N Command- ers Day and Newall and Col tluff Bought by the Standard. LIMA, O, March 87 Standard Oil company has consummated the Durohaw Peculiar Peculiar In combination, proportion, and of Ingredients, Hood's Banapa- possesses the curative value of tbe best (Down reme- vegetable IIOOQ 3klnfdom. Peculiar In Its strength and economy, Hood's Sirsiparilla is the only medicine of which can be One Hundred Doses One Dol- lar." Peculiar In Its medicinal merlti, Hood's Sarsaparllla accomplishes cures hitherto un- the title of "The greatest blood purifier ever discovered Peculiar In its "good at Is more ot Hood's sold In Lowell than of ill other blood purifiers. Peculiar In Its pheuuuienul record of no other! CCll I lai preparation ever attained so rapidly nor held 10 steadfastly the confidence of all classes of people ecullar In the brain-work which It represents, Hood's bines alt the knowledge which modem research _ medlca! science has I O I iSCII developed, with many years practical experience In preparing medicines. Be snre to get only Hood's Harsaparilla SoMbralldniggtitii Prepsredonly bye I 100 oniiigui .11 uiur in l l l ID Ohiu tlu I itn L u i t tion wu t t i I I s 1 1 i proptrt} i IIM-I., in a lory in Jiff rtut UK i i i two large ri lint 1 1 s An in F HI iiu s PHII ADH I Mm au Italian f i IH t i j( stabbed b> Ml Im I II M i I II tryuiau I he un 1 i i tn u more tlian u t u I i t I t i rel and in luis nil u l i tl The assailant lias t j Inn 1 A 1 I ,1 Mardi lh st( u a, Men s Pr itet tu u i n I p I n f t, atlon to tli s in M s i i I i in i ity o purpf se mi 1 in t i n l H f i s ei gaged in th in sj in, niinod ties of tin 11 I i Inn I mi Is i is s to be attaint 1 A Win rlliiit OltUi il In I M HKEHNO a M II h n H havelxonpiefirel L, list (I s late trustee f tl l s I theft of utv i i tviru thousand djll is si is n w i muiibpi of the COUIK il mi 1 11 i u i it I) nucrutii politician M oolun Vlills s, PAISmK Miss M 11 h I he U ate i Dell buaw mil ill U In nulls a bun (ill tt i u u n un Uir i foreclosurt tj Ii H Hil i ol Staf ford Spunks (Hin lh pi t e j u 1 liticKKJ 1 urt of the mills be put It opei atlon at i in o Inhiiuitin l-iillni s sintinco lint Mir h Hul il I itch 00 years f a0c IIM u 1 I in caustm, th tlentli t his lai nht i s ill gitnnate elnlil <l il tlufith i has heen senlcn 1 t impi n i nt fii lif. in Kingston p mteiitini Mm Hi in i DIIJ s i k HAVI mm i M iss M i h l t lom mittee i f tin j uin }n nj i u (tht mastel i I tnuil making the wen k dnj i in h is in I tin pay t- lO per day (in b i April 1 Cen n Sm Mnich, Maj Om Vho- field, whose neailqiitti teis in j nt ton, has boen temp inn u to thi command of the III] iitmuit of Missouri formel ly undel (Oilnnuil f (r n Llook Patti V w Vi rk NEW YORK, Maidi J snng las' evening foi the fiist time dnimn bii com pany's pieseiit visit tu th s i itj Ihe in which she ajpeuretl Semirannde by Mossim H M S Alacrity stnkis u Km k HOMI KIIM Mardi M S Ala ilty struck ou u i ex k in this haiborlast niLht and was1 badly u <4yfcuHlii their moderate coat A Coat that doesn't lack one of the fashionable detaila at A good, neat Coat as low as AXYATIiSftCO., PDU'H AND CHKSilTOT Sl'KEElS, THIIITEEN1H AND GHE9TJS u I STBPETS, IT A. IB.T T A HAD N MAN Bought hta panto of AMKRJCAN ULOTHINQ AND TAILQpimG 00, he would not hmTt how orach wind thiongh coat '-iU. We are clothing the Men, Bo.i and with t BE8) TAILOR-MADE GLOlHiHG Atmnrhl Philadelphia Oniiu liadtn to-Hay tn SAHPI.K OVKROOATM for S9 and and onr H AMPLE fo, OMM'm'l and Sulta OwoMto. Oi-OruiNO MAnfi it) ORftFK. IvMnambfa, out il Vk in tht U--UJ to "r-l tilth, and rigdt ,iAng j, A M HI .08 KM! dor. Wtrran gf. LOOK OUT I'M BARGAINS We have purchased the store North of us and intend to build on the two lots j l he linust Glorc in I mi Inn 1 we nvi Btl rid of our (b do thit, KliADY-MADIi CLOTHING I L t i v: c c 3t f ii MKHCIIAN1 rAH OKING BI .10 Noitni r.t __ e -r i vKv.Sv.l ?i

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