Tuesday, March 25, 1890

Trenton Times

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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - March 25, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey VOT- VIII. NO. TllKNTON. TUK8DAY AKTKKNOON. MARCH 25 1890. rwO MORE GRIEF FOR FLACK. l o Be Ousted from the Shenfl's Office HILL TAKK8 ACTION. The Com I. ted Shirlll Inquired to Show Cauao Wily He hliuulfl lie Re- fui Preparation. A Prying Ilttporter I ontentpt of Conrt. NEW YORK, March )-J Out) of the clos- ing n ts m tho drama in which bheriff Flac'i has played tho punupal part was performed jestsrday afteinoon It consist- ed In the se: vmg of this convicted public official with an order n quiring him to ap- pear before Governor Hill withm eight Hays to show cause jyhy he should not be re- moved as sliei iff of this county Theta papers were served upon the sheriff in his office at 8 SO o'clock j esterrtay afternoon by Col E L. Judson, of Governor Hill's staff They consisted of a letter from the governor in forming Mr Flack that charges had been prefei red against him by the attorney gen- eral, and nstifymg him to appear at Albany within the prescribed time, and a copy of the charges These accusations had evi- dently boon preferred immediately after the news of Mi Flack s conviction reached bany and were presented to the govei ner at once The Charges Against Flack. Attorney General Tabor's communication to tne govornoi says that charges are pre- ferred against James A Flack on the ground the latter is guilty ot conspiracy in hiving, while sheriff in conspired with others to commit certain ucta for the ob- struction of justice, and particularly to falsify, Institute and maintain a certain action for divorce in favor of his wife against himself which were specifically set forth in a certain indictment found against him in the court of generil sessions, and for which crime he has been convicted Flack Hill Be Keady. Tho paper further says that though this does not create a vacancy in the office of sheriff, it presents pi opar gi ounds for the removal of the sheriff Flack read the papers and told Col Jud- son would be ready m time Then he gent them to Els lawyer, Judge Horace Rus- sell, and referied reporters to the latter Judge Russell, however, was just as un- communicative D'puty Street Cleaning Bernard F Martin was of the first to call upon the sheriff after Col Judson left. He spent several minutes in conversation with the latter, but what passed between them could not be learned. Judge Barrett yesterday postponed his judgment in the Flack case until next Fri- day, ID order to satisfy himself as to the proper course to pursue The Spy In the Jury Room. The moment Judge Barrett took his seat Judge Russell arose and saitl "On behalf of the defendants in case I would re- spectfully ask your honor for a little time before sentence is pronounced in order that I may examine the p ipers and prepare for the motion for a new trial I have not been able to examine into the episode which oc- curred on that night sufficiently to take definite action I refer, of coui se, to the presence of a spy in the jury room while the jurors were deliberating" The spy re- ferred to was Dilworth Cboate, The World reporter, who was found concealed in the jury room In granting Judge Russell's re- quest Judge Barrett referred aa follows to the spy incident L n For Contempt ot Court. "Since the adjournment of the court I have given the matter very careful atten- tion. I have found a case where the court of appeal intimates that the grand jury room is part and parcel of the court, and that a contempt committed in juiy room is a contempt committed m the presence of the court. It may be a clone question, but there is certainly some justi- fication for the idea I desire that a rule to show cause shall issue against thin per- son, Mr Dilworth Choate, to show whether he should not be punished for contempt of court "This will afford him an opportunity to obtain counsel The district attorney will dictate to the stenographer an exact tran- script of what took place, with affidavits of gome of the attendants in court "If itbeghowu that this person in our presence agreed not to publish what he Mid wiitten concerning the proceedings in the jury room, and if he has since published It, aa aggiavation of the contempt adjourned the court O It is generally believed that for the defense will make the presence of a spy in the jury room the foundation_qf a plea for a new trial ,__ The Brotherhood's on Strike. BOSTON, Mnrch Delegate Clinlrard, representing Caijjenters1 38, 67, 213 and 601 of Boston, ordered a strike of the carpenters employed on the new g, and stand of the Boston Players'League club yesterday afternoon, and all but seven of the thirty carpenters and laborers em- ployed struck work. Mr Clinkard tfayi that he had failed to induce the Brother- hood to give the work of building the (rand stand and fences of the Congress street grounds to such contractors who conformed to the union's requirements by paying 12.50 for a and allowing an hour and a half for every extra hour worked. Tjiit night a compromise wan effected, Cou- tractor Hayes agreeing to hire only onion men at union wages, nine hours Inntead of ten to be a day's work A Burglar Friend. WITKFHBARRE, Pa., March Several men were recently arrested for the pott- office robbery at Nicholson, Feb. t One of them hat made-a Impli- oatmg one of his companions, Je la a number of robberies in Mew Detectives went to the house ot Jrna'i father, Joseph Thomas, at Dalton, to ooaroh the premises Before they gained artintu sion the old man cut his throat with a It appears that he WM also implicated IB the robberies. He may recover Two Man Killed. JfAguvirii', Tenn Mnrch 25 north bound "cannoir ball" train on the Louisville Nashville railroad ran into a luisplwd at Linck'a depot, in this city, wreck- ing several freight n (niton m court for the glnmn, of tlif net ion The vrgetablo rlntdom IB tho only sonrpe from Which the of Hire's Cough euro aio hence no fear of banning the most del1 A COUNT IN TROUBLE A Flttlburg Gill's Tltlid Ilunbund Ar rested ut Philadelphia PHILAIU.' JHIA March Jo di Mon tercole, the Italian who married Miss Vir ginia Knox of Pittaburg was anested at Broad und Chestnut slieets last evening for distributing libelous cuculars on the public stieeU. He was immediately given a hearing and committed to jail m default of bail tor a fui ther eai lug Monter cole followed his wife to this counti 3 altei she was compelled to leave bun on account of his brutali and has been sui ported ID poverty strie'ien quaiterb by tbe Italian colony He never attempted to do anv work and it is said, frequently demand d alimony from his wife tne refusal ot v hi h prompted him to defame Her character Aimed will a large bundle of circulars an 1 accompanied by a poorly clud Italian lad th count took a stand on Binad stiiet, mm the Hotel Bellevue, and begau the distribution of tht circulars, which read as follows uni keieby obliged to tall the public attfiitu Q m> present sad condition which w o.s ct n sed bj a drunken and lis olutod Homto whom I bal the misroi tuuo ti in trry on the lOth of Octubi i fins uoliiiu whose former nil m a is irgnn i Kh born m Pitts Pa did not net honestl) in hpr marilage for hhe hft me tno montt 8 afiei date fin 1 now refii'-cs a dn oice to be gr nil 1 t( nn.' lie rest I will ttll pus ruall} inthec-ouit Kesi e tfull COUHT Di MoNTtncoLE day long the count frequented the crowded streets and force 1 pedestrians tc take his libUnus tirculai b until a p iliceman arrested him When ho was taken to the central station, in the i it} hall, the count vehemcntl) de ouiiced the actions of the police and became very u digimnt when be was searched Nothing w is lound upon him but a few circulars and lie w i b locked up About h o'clock he lu ou the oakeu bench and soon fell a e ,1 Count dl Mou tercole is the sou of HII Irahnu count wuobe annual income is V) t John H Hallow Dead NEWTOWN, MOM, Mauli 8. Harlow, president of the mciiuiati, San dusky audCltneland raiitoni, died at his residence yest rda> ng d 7J He born in Irel uid, weut to Boston in early youth and built up an I ului and China trade in which lie am <1 a fortui For many he was piommeutl} connected with railway enterpines, having beta pres ideut of the Columbus Clev land and Cm cimifltL and a tli-i Ogdousburg and Liko Champiain an 1 t i Rome town and Ogdensl irg i uhuad He was very beneficent, giving jjj 000 for the erec tion of ac ipel here, pi suiting this city with a handsome paik, find contributing large sums to tbe nulntcnauce of the New town public libraiy He leaves a widow, five sons and a daughtc i and Jamison Canal Ciioular RotDOUT N Y March annual freight circul" lias b en issu d by the Del aware afld IIu Isoii C mat crmpauy Nuvt gallon will be resumed oil April days later than last s asjn Freight rates between Honeodale an 1 Port kiven and Rhmechff and Rjnloutaro the same as last year seventy centb pel gi oss ton The river fieight rate between Rundout and New York is tents ptr ton, b-tneen Castletou an Troy, per cargo, and be tween Peekskill and Castleton, per cargo will be paid for at the rata of tier d ty Are They His Hones0 N H, ilmch come fi oni West Hopkinton that Alfred Goodwin, who purchased a cider barrel at the auction sale of the late Firky W Beck's property, has foun'i in it a mvstenous quan tity of small bones Some of them are not thought to be human but the einct character of them has not been determined. The bones appear to have betu inserted through the bung hole The discovery of these bones is suggestive, in connection with tho mysterious disappearance of Calvin H Beck, Perley's bi oth r, several years ago Statving Miners Mitrfe Happy. Pa, March Bug- quehauna Coal company has posted notices that from April 1 the company's mines at Nanticoke will work full time during the whole ftason The minera whahave been on the verge of starvation for months are nearly wild with joy, and every bumble home in Nanticoke is- a place of thankful- ness and happiness The notice states that nanaJ navigation will open about the time named, and unless some catastrophe like last Hay's flood ootars theie will be full work tho spring and summer Closer Union Betneen Churches. NEW YORK, March Hist joint meeting of the Congregational club and the Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian unions was held last night at the Lenox Lyceum There was a large attendance and the occa Bion was considered important as marking the beginning of a movement for closer social union and Christian fellowship among the various denominations. Addresses based on this theme were delivered by Bishop An drews, Rev W U Taylor, Rev R S MacArthur, Rev Charles L. Thompson and others. The New Going Home. CHARIITRTOI, S C.March Mutrle, ot tho New York National League Baseball club, has left this city with his team for New York. is claimed by the Columbus club, Is with them He declines to say what his future movements will be Of the men who were with him here Manager Mutrie has signed only Tier- nan, R. Murphy, J Bherotte and Biefke Mutrie will consult President Day be- fore making up the rest of the team A Fatal Boiler Explosion. CAIRO, Ills, March boiler In a saw mill owned by W A Beadleq, near WicHiffe, Ky., exploded, demolishing mill and killing John Dennis and Frank Parker, mill hands, and injuring R, J, Jameson, engineer, who wiU probably di% BALFOUR AND HIS BILL He Explains the Irish Land Purchase Measure. LANDLORDS VERSC8 TENANTS The Government's Cure for a Deplorable Situation ID Ireland Introduced In House of Gladstone Sayl the Policy C ourageoui. LOVDON, Marcb 28 government1! Irish land bill was introduced li the house of commons last night by Mr, Balfour, ..who aiplalned its provisions. bill facilitates the transfer of land and im. proves the methods of purchase, tbem cheaper and more rapid tVmn thosi provided by the Ashbourne act. is made volimtai y and there is no risk to the British taTpayer, although British credit ii utiliZ3d The advance allowed the buyer is fixed at twenty years' rent, lesi the local rates paid the landlord The total of advances which may be made under bill is Balfoar on the Bill. Mr Balfour declared that a nnivemal Agreement was a necessity in Older to in crease the number of occupying owners in Ireland, aud argued that it was practicabli by reason of land being cheaper in Ireland than in England. He deprecated the policy of excluding landlords from rural social life, saying that in England tire landlordl contributed to the well being of those who were not landlords There are now, he said, five bodies for valuation and sale of land. This bill pro poses to amalgamate them into one H f tht parloi t spl tbhe 1 with h s bio id I he Kent J fll h r is t n i HcConln Guihani MI 1 thai JUL mtttt t suit d Jt it onsy i u st 1 have I eeu NEWS IN BRIEF 1-reHh lip- nil- n II nil, I The Al I u tls 1 d r i it tives hns 1 1 fi s d t J mlt i i a i til nit test nip, up; a i st the iinpi Mti n of a 01 raw I J lit n soluti u was ttd n a i isni-, ol I ut on loll nil deleiited 09 to L tou t tbe pi si It i-. purt htii) illiuin hibiniui- deuc} of th IN pit illt t IllS TfhOlVt) t Pf [I Al H uf l It HH In tut- Uoupto Murch-o li UK were intro- duced lu i isj oa t lljw H} Mr trank (Mo) by uqn st 1 i eiin vu Un) limitation for tbe pa) nient uf tho it lit us of pensions By Mr K kw tl M i I incorporate thts iintiumil Am 11 an U um 111 Sullfttgs assuciati 11 1 h s I i I 1 1 u lt-> thut beth Lud> Stu it n S is t i H Anthjuy Lut-y Btoue, Km I 1 1 M Stone Blatktttll an 1 Jiuu 11 !r i 1 and their assuLiatti tut i K (ittd i 1 Iv corporate Ii j and politic and disp L i adopt un i t i usual ucts ai t t socmtion f Hit is stated shall their light t. tbe United b) and state ati n i f u LS-U n to bold pit) t t_ all tho 1 un in rpjriittd afr- j I t i it c n prttection In tu Vho utueusot uppiupi mte uationa) I tl! Miitfam i h J> (npitullitj int t 1 mt A UK i tgage Vance, John McCauley and WiH lam Sullivan were slightly mjmed Tht causa of the accident is un nown A Bnnnwny Terrible Plunge. SHKNANDOAH, Pa., March S5 rope of the coal plane nt the Indian Ridge Ool- Kery broke yesterday and a loaded cor thai liberated dashed f i om tha top to the bot- tom of the piano and killed Michael Murti- clfln, a Polish luboref A young man named Robert Tempt at wns severely injured. Ber- eral men barely ewapud with their lives. All AllCgOU BIFMINOHAM, Ala March 25 G w Hatiinuii, of Walker county, this state, baa been arrtbled aud jailed by United authorities for pension swindling; It is leged that llai ns >u hns defrauded the gov- ernment out of Another AVr Ship Boh era ft. LONDON, Marcb 25 The Herald statM that n wealthy govommont contractor la privately consti uotiujf near London V1 M' ship ible ol i uiymg several men at A ol ed ot milos WhcnMnobcth Ironically ftBked, "fnnstthou mlnlaUjrto a he Itltle knovr that mankind would one da? be bleated with Tho Ohio ClNClUNATI, March 25 Thn more gloomy hourly as the river Orucps steadily up, find reports from above mnkn it cerM'n tbat tbe river ivill cootlnas to rue for several The rivsr is fif Lr-sti tot de.ji, it will rise to feet sosmn a certainly If comes tbe river mny rise to seventy feet. AH tbe railroads except the Chesapeake and Ohio have been compelled to abandon the Central nnion depot. Covington Newport ore cut off from this oily as far as street oar commnmcation Is concemed. The ferry- boats have been obliged to stop running be- cause they can find no landing places. Two men md one boy were drowned near Oov- ington by the capsizing of a boat. At New- port, Ky thesituation Is meet discouraging. Twenty-five families are reported and if the river rises to sixty feet the nnm- ber of families rendered homelou be connted by tbe TJphoIdini Bllhop Klner. TOKA WANDA, N. T, March 25 Evangelical conference, which is in cv-ilou in thin village, has paused a resolution con- demning the action of the committee) of miuisteis who, at Beading, Pa recom- mended that Bishop Fxjher be suspended i from the bishopric nnd tbe ministry, and announce their detei mlnatlon to uphold the bishop They claim that is Innocent of the charges against him Silk at PsUoon. PAIBRSON, N. J., 26 Coal Knelt, the well known mannfactnrera of this city Sterling, Morris hnve made an asslgument for the benefit of their creditors The Miguees are Harold F Haddon, FerriinAnd RemmolmAun and Hem j L. Owillter, of New York The firm attributes its failure to bad debts and has outstanding notes and upon, accounts to the of fne President Smtl pirates. WABHIBOTON, Marcb The president haa lasusd the usual timely warning against nnautborized persons killing fur bearing such as seals, marten, mink and sable in Alaska or Bearing sea, AH person! fonnd violating the law are to be arreifad punished according to law, and all so employed, together with thett and outfits, will be seized and for- feited. A Bit Brf Ooods failure. New YORK, March 25 Campbell A wholesale dry goods, hare assigned. '.labilities am rttlmnted at nominally the same W. TT Bayjie, a mem- ber of the firm, is president of the Cotton and Woolen Manufacturlngcompany ot Baltimore nn4 a partner In Ai amlngo Cotton and Woolen company of Phlla- (ilniiiooi Mb 111} M u h lin stnntp pISM JllK HI III 1 L, l iV MJ[ t t tho u I ltd f 1 >lh (n er tho ft Sfinbiy 3 flgun N.I ii. i Alireu till pio viding that i lot t linf, for ptiial i biU n f 1 ealth or til e 01 dmam.es imibt bo su 1 lor in th 0 i UK out an 1 Stuatd Inwii bill itl) H n tlii. nts tXHtnit ill n f i at all lit m t Jical culJ s heualor lieu di ick> mil o Hi d a bill t i abolish arrests in civil ut i i s It i i It s tiutt no coin in this HI tt'-hal h i aftn unoidtr u m a il attii u exit pt for ot (oui t f A i tilth iiiulln i CHAHI i- 10% s L Mr a wnluit st inn, iij j luxunatinj., tho force ot a Un i ulo in s pliers ht.8 swept ov r norlhtrn, wHst in and untral portions of thih st ite 1 IIH Joss of hfr- was small St v eral negrotfe wt-re killed Sututei county aud u lutt, nmii in Uni m L unty by falling Ihe railroad In dgo ovtr Hioal rivtr, near was'1 blown o-oor fiom itb pit-is fho minutes aftor a tiain had passed Many dwellings and st m s lost roofs aud spires The Baptist chinch in bumter wus bljwn liuil wtie unroofed, fences It d, trees upro( and a Piesbyterian churt h destrov td n Cb( sttr ounty ihcre was a bt. vuit blow h uccasional damage to buildings n Ho nic bpnrtanburg, iiv an Chji listen counties Kochester Wants an ROCHESTFR, N Y March J5 eiecu tlve committee of the Cbambei of Com- merce have instructed the pr si lent and secretaiy of the chamber to send a letter to the isenate committee on cities asking its members to come to this cit> and investi- gate its municipal affane J ho letter will be mailed to benator Fassett todaj nnd will ask for the t'14- giound that the city treibiner is a defaulter for about nnd it not appeur what became of a large portion of this mnn 1 here is a general movement among tbe utunns to cure an mv stigation The Montiinn Election ontest WASHIAGTON, Maich Ihe Montana election case is to come up in the senate on Thursday next The majority report, de- claring that the Republican applicants for admission, Messrs Saimdersand Powers, are entitled to their seats, will be adopted, Ihe minority report, in favor of and Clark, will be rejected. Party lines hare been drawn so close on the question that, in View of other pressing matttrs to come be- fore the senate, there is no prosp ct of any considerable delay in reaching this conrltl- sion, the final result being predetermined, It ISe Ellis Inland? ftEW YORK, March 25 congressional Cjinmitteo on imrmgidtiou not St, ected a new location for the landing ol immigrants K lis Island, m the harbor near the New Jersey side, pk ises them bet- ter than any other site yet (xarniiud The committee have requested the seuttarjr 01 the treasury to allow the prtsont contract with the Castle Garden authoiities to be continued with some mod ftcationa nnti more time hus allowed tho committee to pursue their inquiries Nat Good vln Attninpts Sniolde. ST louis, March 25 -Mrs Nat C Good win, wife of the well known comedian attempted to commit suicidu Sunday nigh at the Southern hotel by taking carboln acid. The acid was diluad, however, ant there was no difficulty t zperieuced in lieving her of the effects of the poison I is thought that her reason for attempting KUicide was because she was Jealous of an actreaa in her husband's company. BUFFAI are on th j on v.iiur p t ol Ltintulmn Niag ara Vu miti ut Lu hsh and M tli k n t ip tnl sK in I on Ion ara behind th si li i u i it t I j i it is stated, is to get L I i it H t v f >r tr t s nKii >n to i itlea and towns i an 1 foi ing purports J ue h ss is ure to pay OOOyearl) ieni A di posit of has been made with thi i is to be for tuu i un s a u n tract is finally closed and tl t n of the first two yt-ais i out pn I Miuh 1 1891 It is Btlltl 1 111 it r-x (T v 1 K I 'I in 11 N in toresttd in th i u me llie syndicate will be pp s I I v tin Huniilt m known MS 11 NjHnaiu H) li uuln hh etrlc coni[ KIU in 01 p naUd in n with JJii IMN) ij t i! i Mm on Sttikt 1 insm m March i lu imp ovt a of le IVmis) ama 1 ube w k men i all strut k last night 1 he men wanted ight foreman Ireoige U-iahum discharged Btaube ht dismissed stuiral woikmeu for etting drunk ou duty In superintendent f the w irks rtfubtd tn disLiidrgo Graham nd the men quit work A conterenco be- ween the men and iht firm will be held tc- ay when tlie mattei may be wttled by rbiti ation Death at a Hotel Ure. OMAHA, Vb Maicb Midway otel at Krarnp} binned yesterday, nd one of the gu sts Henrj Deming, a heatrioal mini, lost Ins life by jumping rom a fourth story window Ihe hotel was ne ot the bunds must an 1 best equipped in he state Ihe total loss is estimated at full) insutLd Investlji itlng thu Office, NEW "VuRh Match J.> Iho investigation y the senate i nnmitte into the sheriff's Hici. was i sum d jobtoi la) Auctioneer oppimx told diudel his with hehhpiiif ami Irs pie Iw i-w jr Smyth how e was f01 (e-d to 1ml) with the deputy :iei iffs and a sil nt pui tner Ives' pai iutr, .tayntr tehttlio 1 about the extutionsm judowSticd jul Other witnesses made diiUosUitb For the otwo of colds, porcghs ments of the respiratory no other meat- cine is so reliible as Ayei's Pectoral. U ana jVDinmpUve, In X Vt sated In- Is that Impurity of the blood which produces nnnightly lumps or swellings in the neck; which causes running sores on the arms, vi feet; which derelops ulcers In the ears, or nose, often causing blindness or which is the origin of pimples, can- ing upon the lungs, causes consti mption and His the mostanoient of all very few persons are entirely fitfe from It llowCen Jill HI Itle 1J By Hood's which, by cures U has proien Itself to bo a potent peculiar medicine for this disease. If you iicrofniat Uj Hood's Barsaparliift. "Brer? spring my wife and children bare bftAd tronMed wlth scrofula, my little boy, three years old, being a terrible gnfferer. spring he was one of sores liom headtofeet. we all totk Hood's have boon cured of the scrofula. My little hoy is entirely free from sores, and all four-of my children look bright snilmlthy." B. AJLHBKTON, Passaic City, N. J. Hood's ftarsaparilla Preptrodonlf bj 8.1. HOOD 00, AtothKCTlM, IOO IfoHt Irallar Umbrella Presents in the elegant form THE I AXATIVE AND NUTRITIOUS JUICE FIG3 OF CALIFORNIA, Combined with the medicinal virtues of plants known to be most beneficial to the human system, foimmg an agreeable and effective laxative to peima- nently cure Habitual Consti- pation, and the many ills de pending on a weak or inactive condition of the KIDNEYS, LIVER AND BOWELS. liis known to "LSmSE SYSTEM CFFECTUALLY When one is Bilious or Constipated PURE BLOOD, REFRESHING SLEEP. and STRENGTH NATURALLY FOLLOW Every one is using it and all are delighted with it. ASK VOUR DRUQOIST FOR MANUPAuiURED ONLY BY CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. BAN FRANCISCO, CAL, Kf yaw H t, ARK ARRIVING AT WAIJJS FANCY STORK Every day, among which are new etyles of Fine Hoeiefy and light Fancy Under- wear, Our Hosiery is fi-e of poisonous dye Bluffs, which u very geronn to the wearer of inferior of Hosiery. We wanant onr goods to give positive satisfaction, both in qnality and price we have received n complete line of Infrnte' Goods, a fine Cloaks, Bobu Every thing for Co.jtts and Kid Gloves our npttfaUy, in tbe veiy best mude. Bring your fine Parasols Silk Um- brellss now for coyerings before the t begins, to hare them all ready in Goto IN THE ip.iH' Celebrated Spring Styles now on Bale. i i-. IIATl'l-Ui, 16 State This season our styles intrude on the exduBiveness of the finest merchant tailoring and force themselves into popular raror by their moderate cost. A Coat that doesn't lack one of the fashionable details at A good, neat Coat as low as A. C. YATHS CO., 8IX1H AUD rHIHlEENTH AND CHES1MJ1 1TRFET9, MT A MAN IIAH T Bought bis of the AMFKICAN AND TAILORING CO., would not bow the wind whistled thjocgh bit We are clothing the Men, Boyi and with N 6E3I IAILOR-MADE CLOHIINfi At mnnh Oui u t ut flAMpl.K OvKRCOAre for worth our BAHPT.V! HUZlS, worth for for Kntt gnita Ororcovto CLQTflTNQ MADE 1O RH. eon It tho ho" _ tht iij to cAoio right to U-t A M S Statn. Oar. war ran 8f. STMWAKT HAMMOND >r> TOUNG LADIKS and HRRVIUJf In COUNTING BOOM for TMVKnlArB KnUCAiOKS, NO SMArrKRINQ, NO NON-fWFNliAIfl, NO in ita Of -IKAFNING. Methods, Bn.i fnl Af T The Shoi Offers bud facilities for acquiring .kill in RAPID AUD UKflfUrui, PBOGRVMP aUARANfKKii. MOiOlpg, AfVtuOO-i cL; BWOIK8 MQNDAx, OiA-l'. 2d. THOMAS J. UfJCWAftT, BH, TiajiivH, N. J. lf 10 and Boufh OrPOBITK W1Y HAI.t. IUJOK OUT BARGAINS We have purchased the store North of us and intend to build on the two lots flic lincsl '-Hole in irailon! rid of onr rtook to do RHADY-MADIi CLOTHING! i j i v !N J f JN c MI4ICI1ANT 10 NOKiH

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