Thursday, February 13, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - February 13, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey VI IT. NO. TKMNTOX, TIIUKSUAY AirrwKNOON, FKttRUAKY 13, 1890. IX SENA IE AND HOUSE. "I he Row Over Rules Still in Full Blast. DEBATE HELD Members Deliver Speeches Favor- tng and Attacking the Stand by Speakei maed Indian Commissioner Appointment Confirmed by the Senate. WASHIMJTOI., F b 13 the house the debate on tho code of rules was continued. The house met at 11 o'clock in continuation of the previous day's session Mr Dockerjr (Ho the proposed code Of rules would relieve congress of the necessity of repeal- ing at least BO far as the surplus concerned He predicted ttmt at "idol the session the surplus would hare A at, was a tyrant, was a god. _The apeaker omnipotent, yet lacking in one of tne attributes of omnipotence he was not the yesterday, today and. forever He there must be some defect in the speak- BI'S nBion which enabled him to see a otMt when he sat in his chair, but which wonWjBot permit him to see a Demociat when a wag standing at fnll height claim- ing recognition He had come to the con- clusion the spoiler shoold Be doood nlth CoL Mnlbeny Seller's eye water eiter- Intel "ally and etemnlly. (Lunghter.) Ho hid seen the same recognise a Republican before he had risen from taji charr or had raised bin voice, and he reminded of the lieutenant governor of western state, who, calling to the door keeper, said: "Go out and find Senator (-tan- son. He is somewhere about the capitol 1 ell aim he Is recognized and me floor. Henderson Warms Up. Mr Henderson (la.) said that for the last lew weeks the country had vr itnesovd scenoo iineq.mled in the history of the gavein- ment. The speaker of the house, backed every Republican member on the floor, mnking a stand for the rights and liDerty of the people. battle had bronght on Booties, exceeding in monitions proportions (in all excepting brutality) any that had ever occurred in the national capital Only one picture stood out strong- er in history, and that was when a Demo- cratic club laid the immortal Humner on the floor of the senate. Wit, ridicule and the rantmgs of a mob had boon presented to 66, 000, 000 of people Epithets had been hurled broadcast from the other aide of the chamber at the presiding officer Language Which should have expelled its users had T ntfceroil and over the -wires. "backed by a were the speeches to which the country hnd boon trcitcd. Gentle men could not be called to account for thfa language Let undeistand that the country had punned through a fleiy furn-oe which had eliminated the northern dough- (ace Gentlemen on the other side under- took to control this country whether they were in tho majority or in the minority. They could not do it (Applause on Republirnn side) Wlir-r flio Konnbllcnns Meant. The ulilicnni meant business, and it was to doJiut busmen cnlmly, eamestly, bravely PI pitnoticnlly that they were Jwe. As I iff nimult from groat and hn M 1 In I tho speaker y rl of making theflom, i ing offl red with to a depth of over a foot, Ston.c "..dearth fell at a Tillage nif away. Only hta life, but fifty-five hon-m Tto total leu entailed by e.optiim timsted at noorly fa the first recorded option of Mount Zoo. An Important Ballroad Feb Itr kouu sed the bill authorising Frovidwoe, and Bristol railroad, now to thn Old Colony, to elevated structure from Fox Point to Union P- station And fi'oufh the of the of Uil> oily, will concur todfy. This a Vofy Im- pOrlAnt railroad connection. Shot His wife. Ruinnro, Feb Han y Lebo, Mnte character, last night shot and fatally wounded his wife, who had left him on ftocuiint of ill treatment. Daniel Fisher, Mrg. Lebo's father, died ot heart rf'fV mertl.tely after the 'hooting Lebo Ont Olee-on. SAH FRAHCBCO, Feb. Pete McCoy and Charlie Gleason, in the gymnaslnmof the Golden Athletio club list night, the contest was short but McCay Oleason out in the niltrn round. A fctrtho Probnhl" v T Bivrn Maw, rel> 1" At the niTtm of tho fjinimr union, f- pf- idrt by flin f "fM (I inilli r I -n i i Itnd 1 jii tho t it r i tinli 1 rnkfl t fn r! tllrt I i t il unmncii' os ppinn'1 fl referred the matter t< iin secretary with power to A strike in probable. INSANE AND A BIG AMIS I Douglas Green and Mrs. Snell- McCrea Married. SHE WAS DIVORCED HE AS A Surprising Scandal In Which a Promt nent Wall Street Man the Daugh ter of Murdered Millionaire Sucll, ol Chicago, Figaro They Fly to Piirope NEW YORK, Feb 18 and ac. quaintances of Douglas Green, tho well known Stock Exchange broker of the flrm of Green Bateman, were astounded yes- terday to bear that on Tuesday of last week Mr Green was married by a negro preach er at Old Point Comfort, Va., to Mrs. Alice Snell- McCrea, of Chicago, one of the prm cipals in a scandalous Chicago divorce suit, and the daughter Amos J Suell, the Chicago millionaire, whose murder by Tas- cott is one of the sensational mysteries of the time. During the day two more strik ing chapters were added to the story when it was ascertained that the broker and th< woman had secretly fled to Europe on the steamer Lahn, which sailed yesterday, and that Green had been expelled from the flrrc of Green Bateman for his connection with the scandal Ha Already Has a Wife. But what gave the case the most senna tional phase of all WRS the general knowl edge among acquaintances of Green that he was already a married man, his wife being a most estimable and accomplished lady who was a Miss Laura R. 1 ewkesbury, a niece of ex Governor Straw, of Ntw Hamp shire Ihey were married about eleven years ago and have two children, a boy and a girl, 7 and 9 years respectively, and until recently Mr Green has boon remarkable foi his affectionate devotion to his family The explanation of Mr Green's extraordinary conduct is attributed by his friends to in sanity If he had not been spirited out of the country, say his friends, by Mrs Snell McCrea, in w hose power he is, he would have been placed m confinement befoi e last night as a lunatic He has never been the same man mentally since he fell on the ice m front of. the TTTnhnnge last winter and injured lits spine Mrs Snell-Hctrea's History. Snell-McCrea came here-from Chicago about a year ago with the avowed intention of going on the stage She had been heard of before as tho daughter oi Amos J Snell, the murdered millionaire real estate dealer of Chicago, and divorced wife of illey O McCrea, a n ealthy mem ber of a Chicago board of trade firm She was rich from her father's estate and was a veiy handsome young Woman She is not yet 23 She Meets Green. After reaching this city she called on Manager J M Hill, of the Union Square theatre, and confided to him her desire to become an actress According to all accounts she was still pretending to study for the stage when she met Green She lived at the Windsor in good style, and as the hotel is the favorite resort for brokers Green found it convenient to spend a good part of his time there Under the Siren's Spell. Otreen seemed madly infatuated with the woman Some ago his relatives, upon learning of his Mrs. Mo jCrea, confronted him witti tneir knowledge and he promised to drop the woman He did not, however, and a letter was sent to Mrs. McCrea telling her that Green was a maiiied man and asking her to discontinue her relations rfith him She replied that she loved him and would not give him up It was learned that a month or more ago Mrs. McCrea said to Green "I want you to go with me to Savannah to see your wife You must say to her, 'I don't love you, I do love Mrs. McCrea, and yon must give me up and get a divorce so that lean "inrty the woman I love At the Pistol's Point. said he could not do that. It is sup- posed he had not the courage to appear be- f6fd ntA byuUltiTe nutle? tmuU Mrs. McCrea, however, did not stop here At 4 o'clock the next mnrning she appeared at Green's flat in the Barcelona, accompa- nied by two mairta Holding a pistol in her hand she pointed it at Green and exclaimed "Unleoo you go to Savannah with me at once I will shnot Green ran through the and escaped by the back stairs. He made some promise or other to her later to avert the threatened shooting. Her Storjr of tbe Marriage. Before her departure Mrs. Snell-McCrea wag mtorviewed, and tbe following is her story ot the "The whole thing was a farce It was all in tun I dutn't know there was any license WB drove out to Mr Green, Jamie Ayer, Mrs. Anna lirandt and myself We went to about seven negro churches Mr Greon got up in meeting at one place and spoke to the congregation and Jpniie Ayer a couple of Munrlay schools. "We tterenxarly from laughter, and when Jamie suggested that it would be fnn to get married we all consented He was to mairy Anna and I was to marry Douglan, Then we drove to the hotel, had supper and on the way hnme went to two more colored churches to find some one to marry Deacon Short finally agiced to perfoiui tbe ceremony, which was a regular circus, for we were all sci earning with laughter. When we could get quiet the deacon began, and his dialect was so funny that we laughed worse than ever When he asked me if I would take 'dfa mau for better or Douglas called out, 'Say, you've omitted something, "tiVeii't you? Wheiv duOu the lore, honor and obey come inf "Make it strong-." "The old fellow 'Can 1mb it al) if yo' wwt' 'AH said Douglas, 'put it in A ike it tno ceremony was started all over. "You imagine how serious we were when I tell you that we laughed so Incu- ttiat we couldn't hold hands wheuthe deacuu told us to We hadn't any ring either, Jamie pulled a little platinum snn lilig from finger and handed it to the minister. I think anything mole about the matter, but for the fnn of the thing ffo kinxed each other, and all around hands with the deacon. Douglas gave him a little foe "nd we went off and mode believe to have a wedding breakfast. I didn't Irnow-the first thing about a license. She CoulduH Murry Green. "I couldn't marry Mr Green, for he's already married and has -a family He not in luve with his wife and hnnn't been for over two years He always wanted to me, and intended to do so as soou as he could. We decided when I gave up my home in Ninety third street that I was to go abroad and be would follow as soott hS got the divorce I'm going to Paris I don't know how long I'll slay Mr Green is going to Snvnnmth to irinke his wife get a divorce ami I ?-ill 1o n mo H i A I i I 1 i i nrf) tSffaut M of iiA i icoJn i nk, I twwn on SlftOOO toil His hearing THE KEYSTONE VETERANS dings of the State Knrampnien at shaniokln, Pu bHAMOKiN Pa Feb Hist buai _3ss before tho state ment cf th< Grand Ai my of the Republic m mom ing was the reception and ccnsulti iti m o tho repoi t of the committee on The resolutions passed b) p st KM Of Ule ghtny were condemned ub tin) ha< been couriered a political nkis aunt o, Governoi Bttner Post 88 cuiUnlul tha there was misapprehension lu tho matter that comrades had acted as cit znus not aj membeis of the Grand Arim 111 il i mattei and that at tho time tho ri lutitai wen adopted General Beaver was itither gov ernoi nor a member of the Ge-ttj stui g asso elation. Resolutions denouncing th attempt ol southeiu eenatois to remove tho from the southern states wore after aspoccl by James Hector ad j A. reso lution presented by post 19, culling upontlu department commander to i fuse the ap pointment to office of any on who woulc attempt to sway tho organization m th i v t Hood S Co J r ol I, Mass. ioo POSOB ono NEWS IN BRIEF Frtih Tips limn Wlrcii urefullj ullrd C Jiuinui in Hunk r of tltn Adams hit wmtui tin stnti department that all Ii quit t an 1 st r in in Siunna "lit Ii u I ill t stratum has pin In U! e I an I in r Fornktr aud o 1 i nit i ahiviile u dismissed J D H ft s s uool of Mano yuuk lulu si i i I I iihilitlea, 000 uum 1 assets MIIIO worth ol ocL mi 1 lixtu s At tin repoit of the confer euce c inn illee on the ills fair bill tat tlut it had been unit U to agree and reeju the ointnu ut of a new eolifoleuee totninittf e adopted by the sent to and Messrs 11 n h icks, Laughlin ftnd inson ivm nppolntf d 1 i IIH o r h e nnss ntem ml to two years ipiNuuui tit loreiiteiing liance IT WAS A CLOSE CALL A Tliniimm 1 I ihxi iifi lii i> OIK Man IvlUnl Ui Ftb H has just iciuhel hiii of a collision on the Ala bama and (mat Soutluui lailioad near C Jullug All at ab nit U) clock, between usnithUunl sjecial excursion tram, con- of 1 ullmau coaches cariylug a th usund pa sungois, an 1 a north bound lu eal osa atcunniK lation En- gineei 1 1 Umhtth of thosptclal, was killed nUanti} an 1 some t u 01 fifteen people on the a et mint dati 00 voices in the chorus, and the effects weie fine Professor Hustav Bach directed tho orchestra of fifty pieces, 1 hei e n ere I 000 pnople In the audience, comprising tho elite of tho citj Governor Mcholls addresa of welcomejo the Msitmg societies, and Mayor Shake- speare did likewise A notable feature of the occasion was the singing of French anthems by the Oiphion Francois, an or- ganization composed of natives of France or descendants of Frenchmen The Bawteile MjBtoi.t. BOSTON, Feb 18 mystery surround mg the disappearance Hiram W Saw telle fiom this city still seemn as far from o solution as ever A man supposed to be hi: brother Isaac was seen on a Portland Rochester tram yesterday He got .off the train at Westbrook Junction and is sup- posed to have gone to Bangor Later de- velopments increase the belief that Isaac Saw telle knows where bis brother is if alive, and where his boi> if dead Presents in the most elegant form THE I AXATIVE AND NUTRITIOUS JUIOB FIGS OF CALIFORNIA, Combined with the medicinal virtues of plants known to be most beneficial to the human system, foi tiling an agreeable and effective laxative to peima- nently cure Habitual Consti- pation, and the many" ills de- pending on a weak or inactive condition of the KIDNEYS, LIVER AND BOWELS. Ititth-mostexcelleiitremedyVnOwnta CLFMSE THE SYSTEM El-tECTUIULr When ia Bilious or Constipated THAT- PURE BLOOD, REFRESHING NATURALLY FOLLOW. Eveiy one is using it and all are delighted with it. A3K YOUR DHUOQI8T FOR MANUFAuTURCDONLr al CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. fMHOISCO, CAL, e. KY HCW YORK, H, f. JUST AT i A Grand Assortment of Very Koveltios in KMBROIDKKIKS Among which ue entirely new de- slgm never toon befoie, whlMi have leeeived throngh sAVmtl of thelargett Importing hom In Hen York. We gumntse no finer not bet- ter-msde KmbroidedM tie In we enabled V> sell thjae bctntiftil new tt positively loner New Tork if to offer to no who foi we taught fot able to give surprising toyotf. fkll eompue onr with jwyotWi oommre brlu'i P.B. Notice. WeheiebjgiTesiw cUl notice ill the old TJmbrell" fn-'- iono, irfl am for coferlog and be oiled for within 30 ftou. ot will be toll for 15th, WAU.IS1, TWO Ernporiniii IN THK Sulk HAT, 60 nod IIAl ll-H, 15 Riiat State T HAMMOND KiiuCATOKS, NO NONSENSE in Individn.) The Shorthand Department Offe.i the very (vilitiM for acqairing skill m RAPID Morning 3d. IHOMAfl J. WJSWART, PnrwuipAr, Boi 587, iVH, N. J. 10 13 Booth Greene Street, I'lUNTTNG DONE IN A AND AT SHOfii HOilCE AND FAIR PRICES, AT THE Trenton Time; J O 15 1 'rinting i Department WASHINGTON MARKET BUILDING, Coiner of front and South Uroad Streets. LOOK OUT MR BARGAINS We have purchasetl the stuie Noith of us and intend to build on the two lots i he lincsl tUorc in frcnlonl we get rid of oar itork to do thin, RliADY-MADIi Mi'HCHAMl TAIU4IINO 10 NOnnl Advertise! YOUR "WANTS" T1MH8.

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