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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - January 22, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey VIII. NO. TKKNTON, WKDNM0UAY. AlTTKKNOON, 1890. TWO OKN'115 WRANGLING OVER RULES. A Lively Debate Stirs Up the House. SPEAK Kit KEKD WAS SUSTAINED. Mr. of Texiui, Compares Him With the Very Warm Time Over Mr. Bluid'B Appeal from the Drrlnlon of the Chair. WASHINGTON, Jan. house spent a greater part of the day debuting a decision of the speaker, which was flually sustained. JUondffy Mr. Bland, ot Missouri, moveil tfiST the house Adjourn, and on a divisioa the speaker declared the motion lost. Mr. Bland thereupon demanded tellers, according to The Record the speaker replied: "There is no provision for tellers." No record of this appearing in the journal Mr. Bland moved to have the journal amended accord- ingly. The speaker stated that he was in- formed Mint such details were not inserted fa the journal. Mr. Blend's motion to ad- journ was submitted, and on a division the motion was declared lost by a vote of 88 to 95. Mr. Bland demanded tellers, Thespenfrer Inquired of Mr. Blind whether he had dis- covered any ground why tellers should be appointed. Mr. Bland said bis demand was made under the general practice of the house. The speaker declined to entertain the for tellers. Mr. Bland appealed from the decision of the chair. The Speaker Called a Oar. Mr. Mills, of Term, said that a vote by tellers was as much a part of the parliament- ary law as a motion to adjourn. It was tbe only vote by which the house could correct a decision ol the speaker, and if thehnuse did not have a right to this vote the speaker became a Mr. Cannon he knew of no rule authorizing tellers. A demand for ayes and nays was a constitutional right, but a demand for tellers was not Mr. Bayue, of Pennsylvania, upheld the decision of the chair, Mr. Breefcenridge, of ArJrnnws, said under the ruling the house would be at the moray of the speaker. Mr. McMillan, of Tennessee, that present occupant of tbe chair had held that the right existed to have tellers to determine whether the speaker was accurate in his count. On a previous occasion Mr. Bland had demanded tellers and the speaker had appointed them. Why should the house have one code of rules'one day and another code another? Ine of the Minority. Mr. Blount, of Georgia, said he would uphold the rights of the minority, and that who would trample off these rights must take the responsibility. The debate was continued by Messrs. Gear of Iowa, Crisp of Georgia, Perking of Kansas, Cutch- eonof Michigan and Carlisle of Kentucky. Mr. Carlisle held that the parliamentary law ought to be construed in relation to its modifications by the rules of former con- gresses. It had been held from time im- memorial in English speaking legislative assemblies that no presiding officer con il make an absolute, final decision to bind the body over which he presided. Speaker Reed Defends Himself. In submitting the question the speaker stated thnt he could not see how the rules of the last house the present house indirectly. The fact that they had bocn made as rules showed clearly the neces- sity of special enactment. The United StatM,, in filled wllh ymnlle Unusu- ally devoted to public meetings, these mAetings were governed by principles which bad boen acted upon until they had become well defined parliamentary usage. That there was no arbitrary control of the house by tho chair by the fact that at the moment an appeal from the decision the chair was pending. The chair bad iv objection to ordering tellers, but it was not a question of personal preference; it was a question of right As to the possibi lity of the speaker making a fals count which the tellers could rectify, a of the last house provided that one-fifth of a quorum must demand tcUcfn count that one-fifth. Ultimately, therefore, the speaker was the counting officer. The Appeal Tabled. Mr. Cannon, of Illinois, moved to lay the appeal on the table. Mr. Mills, of Texas raised the point of order that parliamentary niwge recognized no such motion. The point wnsoveiiiiled and Mr. Cannon's mo- tion was agreed to: Tegs, 149; nays, 1% Mr. Blond's motion to unwind the journal was then lost: Veas, 180; nays, Ha The journal wag then approval. The World's fair committee was grantee pernHiision to sit during th" actions of the house. The senate resolution was passer authorizing tbe marshal of the Unita .States supicme court to loan to the New York Bar association portraits of the chief justices for exhibition at the Judiciary cen- tennial, New YorK, Feb. 4. Seuletarj Windom ec.nt to the hous; letter requesting that the limit of cost of th. poetoffice nndcourt house at Troy, N. Y., be Increased from to instead of to as recomWwi.ided in a former letter. To Preserve the Forests. Tbe president sent to the house a letter from Professor T. C. Mendenhnll, superin tendent of thecoastsurvey, and president 01 the American Angociatiuu for the Advance- ment of Science, containing a memorial pre- pared by a committoB of the awociation relating to the preservation of the forests on the public domain. The president earn- estly recommends that adequate legislation may bo provided to prevent the rapid am, need i ess destruction of the great America i 'forest areas. The military affairs committee of the house have decided to report favorably the bill providing for an assistant oocretary ol war at a salary of pm- Ii ving Scott, of the Union iiou works o Ban Francisco, addressed the house commit- tee on naval affairs on the ship building in terests of the United States. He expressed himself as satisfied that there were enough ,-flhip building plants in the county to sue ccsstully carry out the plans for the increase of the nnvy. FrMHloii Arguments Heard. Acommittenofttho Grand Array of the Republic, cnnsHinp; of Gens, Merritt, o! 'Boston; Blue, or Kmioni; Burst, of Illinois and of. before the house committeenn hiviiiil] .niinnft, nndsulimittec arguments h, r tliodisa bility ami 1 ills. E. A. Snow of Boston, it "I lost the uso ol both arms, in fivoi 1 of the soldiers wh f his refusal to placa the flag on the war [apartment at half mast when Jefferson Davis died. Charged n-lth Unjust Discrimination. WASHINGTON, Jan. Kemble, Kemble Hastings, flour and gram dealers of Boston, has filed with the inter- state commerce commission a complaint against the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad company, the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad cuui- paivy and the Boston and Albany Railroad company. The complainant alleges that shippers of grain and flour from Chicago to Buffalo are charged unjustly discriminating rates. Removed by Noble. WASHINGTON, Jan. Noble las directed the removal of Henry A. Phil- ips, of New York, one of the rerated chiefs af division, pension office, who refused to comply with a request from Commissioner ilaum to resign. Mr. W.- B. Reynolds, of Pennsylvania, was appointed to fill the va- cancy caused by the removal of Mr. Phil- ips. RIOTING AT'PUNXSUTAWNEY. A Lively Scrimmage lEetween Hungarians I'hlkertoir "Men. BRADFORD, Pa., Jan. special dis- patch to The Era from Punxsutawuey, Pa., days: There is mart excitement here over outrage perpotrated by the Pinkerton force. A Hungarian miner who was passing a loco- motive received a sh >wer of cinders which nearly blinded him. He made an effort to resent this act, when ho was attacked by the Pinkerton men and handled very roughly. He fought "in defense, but the men beat the poor wretch until bis head and face were covered with -bl.'oil. Several Hungarians interfered, but wore overpowered by the po- lice and taken to jail. It is said the Pinker- ton men try to the men to strike back at them, but tbe miners keep their tempers. Many of the miners are pleading with the labor leaders for a chance to revenge these insults, but Jhe strike committee advise ppnonnhlf methods. -Nol the attitude of the leaders of the strike up- rising is imminent. The men are drinking heavily and, in so doing, show that they are beginning to ignore the advice of their lead- ers. Five more evictions took place at Adrian yesterday. The sheriff, accompanied by twenty-seven armed (nurds, removed tbe household effects of lh.- five families out o) their holdings and turned the wretched pec- piaout into the cold. The homeless ones were taken in baud by the strike committee and given temporary shelter. Sheriff Sutler has 100 writs of ejectment to serve at as .that (jfuctlgjhejtamping jtronn. many belligerent miners, a skirmish will probably take place. A FATAL COLLISION. One Man Killed at Omaha and Eight tiadly Injured. OMAHA, Neb., Jan. collision on a suburban train of the line division of the Missouri Pacific occurred within the city limits at 8 o'clock. William Boyle, a local DiMiou politician, waa instantly killed, J, Schwarick, deputy county treasurer, was injured internally. J. A. Harvey and a man named Vandeventer were badly proba bly fataHy crushed. S. Fraher and Frank Church had their legs broken. Two brothers named Miwlaffs, railroac shop boys, were very seriously injured, one having his skull fractured. Several other passengers were more or less brniood. Con ductor Wil mm Shields had an arm broken and was badly crushed, The Ilntflflld-McCoy Fend Again. CATI.ETTSBURG, Jan. M Long a Ouyandotte. county constable, was mur- dered and his wife dangerously wonndec by a band of ruffians, who broke into the house. A neighbor naming found tha1 the front door had bocn broken in nith a timber used as a battering ram On the bed, weltering in their life's blood, were Long and his wife. The former's body was i idd It d with bulletg, and life was extinct. The tetter had a ghastly wound in the face from which she was rendered nnconncloug, As the furniture was not disturbed anH thn wifo could' give no solution of the mystoiy after she had regained consciousness, friend of the murdered believe <W a gang of desperadoes against whom he held war- rants for "mobnshining" couiAittUnl the awful deed. Others believe it is merely a continuation of the rTatfield-McCoy fend, the victim is related to the former family The wounds of the woman are believed to be .fatal. _, Clilnexe Labor for New York. Pi-iiHBDRO, Jan. A second detach- ment of twelve Chinese laborers, bound for New York, passed through this city in the morning, The first gang pf laborers through to Now York on the 17th inst Lien Chien, the representative of the Cht- neso company, who brought the first aquai through from San Francisco, met the pfl mill took charge of them. Loin Chlen. snl< tin- company Ire represented, which wag to Mupi'iy the New York contractors with la borers, hnd another party of fifty men on tho way cost iu charge of one of the prlnoi pal men of tho company. These Chinamen, Lieu Chien snys, belong to the veiy lowest clnsd of their people, and at home do noth- ing but the very meanest kind of wort KxritliiR Tlmnt on a fltfmmor. Ni-w VOIIK. .Inn. City r t.-r, v.-liieb 'IMS just arrived from T-iv rcpcrls n, slrnnge expcri.'nctMvbicI i m red ]fihi Yhmy.-lpy. Tlu- H-Tini; VM. fim1. tho ind ril'l HwiniK Iho filennscr nrr'imrt nn i! were 01 aph'ii A panic was narrowly averted. Ii few thu break in the steering gear ndtbCTt jfl i 10 BREAK FOGG'S RECORD Miss Nelly Bly Has Reached j San Francisco. L RACE ACROSS THE CONTINENT. 'be Baa Already Traveled Over Mllei In Sixty-eight Dayi, and Will Undoubtedly Break the Bec-ord Made In Fiction by JuleB Verne's Hero. SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. Nellie Bly, ho plucky lady reporter of The New York W'ui id who t3 making her flying trip around he globe, is flying homeward toward New fork as fast as steam can carry her. She tepped from tbe deck of the steamship Oceanic here yesterday, after having trav- eled more than miles in sixty-eight days without mishap and without missing a connection. She has still a journey of nearly miles before her. Tha chances are that she will land in Jersey City on 3nnday next or perhaps before. Jules Yerue Outdone. If she accomplices this she will have beaten the imaginary trip of Phlne'as Fogg n Jules Verne'a t( Around the World in lighty and without having used any )ut the ordinary meann of travel. Not wily this, but the circumnavigator carried with ler as baggage only a Rmall hand satchel. Jhe was amply provided with funds in the shnpe of a book of Cheque bank checks. She did not possess maid, escort or guide, and was unacquainted with any other than the English language. Tn no instance did she make an error of judgment and the occasion for quick and accurate decision frequently arose and maintained her health and strength from the beginning until now, nearly the ending of the long journey. The Traveler Warmly Greeted. The rival of the Oceanic was awaited by a large gathering of people, and when Miss Bly put her feet on American soil a Hundred hands were stretched out to her hi friendly greeting. The returning kaveler Sad scarcely time to thank these hospitable welcomers before she was hurried off to tube a special train on the Southern Pacific road for a rapid rim dowii to Mojave, Cal Thin was permissible, inasmuch as the snow blockade on the Central Pacific made pas- sage by that route impossible, and the wide detour and loss of time that the change of programme neceraitated justified the devia- tion. The Trip Across America. 't The train was fuiuished and lightning time made through the personal efforts of General Passenger Agent T. H. Goodman. From Mojave, Cal., the train ran as a regular over the Atlantic and Pacific road, and will continue on to Albuquerque and over tbe Atchison, Topefea and Snnta Fe system to La Junta in southeastern Colo- rado. Beyond that point the route east- ward has not boon definitely decided upon. Miss Bly's says: "Sixty-eight days I've boon flying around the world and am once more In America Counted by hours and miles tbe trip bns been long; counted by days filled with delightfully interesting experiences, tbe trip has boon brief enough. The saddest sounds that came to me were the farewell' nailed from the Hoboken pier when I started on my trip. The sweetest sounds were the words of welcome and applause which gieeted ,y IVK! En Frnnr-lficn Most, of my Jouiiiey has boon by water and most of that has boon very rough. I have traveled noarly miles on the seas nnd am a pretty good illor by this time." The Locked Oat Hat Finishers. DANBCRY, Conn, Jan. locked out bat finishers held an excited meeting yesterday afternoon, and by a two- thirds vote passed a resolution that the act- ton calling out C. H. Merrill's finishers be rescinded, and that they return to work Wednesday muiuing. A committee was ap- pointed to investigate the mailer oi allow- not apprenticed to work IirtlialTn- Ishing department, which practice in C. W. Merrill's factory led to the prcoont trouble, and to ooe that other factories do not follow thin method. The Iowa Deadlock. DEsMontES, la. t Jin. It was expect- ed that Ewart would be present in the house to break the deadlock, but Ee ined paired- with Young. The first roll resulted in a tie, Lehman (Dem.) re- ceiving votes, "d Wilcox Two more ballots resulted in the same war. Seven more ballotg resulted in a tie, and after taking the ballot house, on motion of Holbrook, ad- join ued for the day. The met in CAUCUS immediately after adjournment. Muit Produce and Papers. BUFFALO, Jan 23. Judge BeckwJLth has granted an order, on application of Choate Seaman, of New York, in the old case of Thomas G. Crosby against Kate B, Dlmick, executrix of the estate of tbe late Alonzo Oimick, requiring Receiver Oorham to produce before the United States court in New York city, on Jan, books, papers, etc., in his hands; The amount involved in the suit is A custodian was appoint- ed to have charge of tbe books while they are away. An Ri-Depnty Marshal Bnloldci. Motinf SrisBi'TNG, Ky., Jan, uly United States Marshal W. T. Day, of Maytown, took moiphlne and died at a. m lie was in good health and left a note aligning the cause of his suicide to domestic troubles. He was a brother ot Judge B. F. Day, of thfa city. He was a man of courage and mrde an excellent officer. Are Mot Coining Our Dorian. WASHINGTON, Jan. Director ot the Mint Leach denies the published statement that illegal United States silver dollars, in Mexico and sent to the United Htates, are now in circulation. He says ho is unaware that any such coin is hi circulation anywhere la the United States. A Lawyer Snei for libel. BOSTON, JUB. B. T. Swift has sued The Record for damages for alleged libel in stating that he ble for the recent cruel eviction of tbe Car roll family by his client, Mrs. Tobin, the landlady of the Carrolls. In tha Ftrftt Degree. Nsw YORK, Jan. 33. The jury in the case of Florence Donohue, who killed his land lord, Peter Reynolds, Sept. 3ff, for suppoaoc intimacy with Mrs. Donohne, has retuinec a verdict of manslaughter in the Drat degree Sentence deferred. I for iv CHICAGO, .T.'ni. c- ronrti Iiw r-1- (5 r-nsn of Orl.indo .T. mm of Jloccl tho alienation of 4iis wife's affections by the loctor. Counsel for'the defense I Air. Blulne ,6u the C'aiiul. SAN FKASCISCO, Jan. At the mmual oioctfug of the Chamber of Commerce a let- ter from Secretary Blaiue on tho subject of Nicaraugua caual was read, in which he "The importance of the oceanic com- munication to the interest of the govern- ment and the people of the United States as been carefully comprehended, mid this overnment hns heretofore hud cK-casion to xpress its concern that an amicable adjust- ment of the pending question between Nica- augua and Costa Rica might be' reached with the friendly aid of the United States t desired by both parties. Our latest ad- ices indicate gratifying agreement upon course of action which permits the con- nuance of operations on the canal, and it snot doubted that any <tui-ytion yield to the just and honorable inndo of ettlement." A Stormy Voyage. QUKENSTOWN, Jon. The steamahlp ialim, from New York for this pnrt. ai-rivud lero iu a much battered condition Her that the weather during tho oyage was the worst ho ever expcripiweil. A heavy sous flooded the stenm- hip's decks "and forced their way into the taterooins, causing a pauic among the bleep- ug passengers. Fiveof the Qallia's life boats wore smashed and the davits wero twisted [id snapped off. The captain reports that :uring the pnssnge he saw a large steamer, which he thought belonged to the Johnston ine, lying at the mercy of the seas with only jne mast standing. The Uallia's port rails and part of her starboard rails were smashed, nd she sustained other damage. Praise for the Australian System. PORTLAND, Me., Jan The Portland Advertiser publishes letters from the chair- men of the selectmen in a score of small towns in answer to inquiries upon the working and expense of the Aus- system of voting. Every reply praihes ;he working of the new law, and several contain confessions of conversion to the sys- tem. The expense, as reported, is surpria- ugly small, only two chairmen reporting an DUtluy of over while in one town it cost only to put the machinery in working ler. Ingei-soll Was There. Jan. The State Bar associa- tion met in Harmanus Bleecker hall, thin sity, at o'clock. After music by the anil an invocation President Ar- aoux addressed the association. He was fol- owcd bv Col R, G, Jngersoll. Electricians Beaume Work. Jan. The strike of the electricians of the Allegheny County Eloc- tric Light company has been amicably eot- tled. President trompers, of the American Fedeiutiun of Lubor, mid the officials of the light company discovered that general ei- phinations wpro only necessary to bring about a satisfactory understanding. Beyond the fnct that eight of the strikers wero rein- stated tho details of the settlement have not been mide public, other than that they are mutnuliy satisfactory. Tailors in Convention. -CHICAGO, Jaa -22. The Custom -Pw email Tailors' association opened its tenth annual convention at the Grand Pacific hotel Delegates were present from every state except California and Washington. Presi- dent George Huntoou, of Jacksonville, ills., made on address in which he reviewed the nffuirs of the association. The fouwh an- nual convention of the Merchant Tailors' National Exchange is in session .Jit the About hers ire nrf'i-nt Peculiar Peculiar In comblnntion, proportion, and preparation of Ingredients, Hood's Sarsapa. rilla possesses the curative value of the best known rerae- 1 1 _ _ of the vegetable I lOUU O .kingdom. Peculiar iu Its strength and economy, Hood's Sa rsaparilla is tlie only medicine of which can truly be said, "One Hundred Doses One_Dol- W JVuirtlar In Its tflediclnal merits, Hood's Suauparillaiic-cuiiipllshercnres Mtheiio iiu- the title of "The greatest blood purifier ever discovered." Peculiar In Its "good name at there Is more of Hood's Sarsa- paiilliv sold In Lowell .than of M other blood Peculiar in Its phenomenal record sales abroad no other! Ct-ll II ill preparation ever attained so rapidly nor held steadfastly the confidence of classes of people. Peculiar Iu the bulu-woik which It represents, Hood's SarsaparlUa com- bines all the knowledge which modern research medical science has I O IIVCIT developed, with many years practical experience In preparing medicines. Be sure to get only Hood's Oarsaparilla i. Prepared only by C. I. HOOD A CO., Lowell, MMI, IOO One Dollar JUSi AT A A'sortment of Veij NoYeltiesin ?MBROIDKIIIKS V Among which an entirely de- signs never seen before, which we have just received through of the largest importing York. We that no finer nor bet- ter-made Embroideries are' IB the market, and, above all, that we are enabled to sell beaattfnl new Hambnrgs at positively lower prloos than any New York retailer Is able to offer to yon, no mutter who they are, for wo bought them for "itfh, are ab o to give surprising to yon. "I Call and compare onr Embroideries with any others and compare pritts. P. 8. Nnf-ice. We herebj glre cisl noiico that ojff and Cmbrollss from 1889, left hire for covering and repairs, matt be called for within 30 days from thlj date, or will be sold for January 15th. WAUJS- in ttir form THE t AXATIVE AND NUTRITIOUS JUICE TUB FIGS OF CALIFORNIA, Combined with the medicinal virtues of plants known to be most beneficial to the human system, forming an agreeable and effective laxative to penna- nently cure Habitual Consti- pation, and the many ills de- pending on a weak or inactive condition of the KIDNEYS, LIVER AND BOWELS. It is tt..- most excellent remedy known to "MUSE THEWSTEM EfKCTUALLY When one is Riliotis or Constipated THAT- PURE BLOOD, REFRESHING 8LIEP, HEALTH and STRENGTH NATURALLY FOLLOW. Every one is using it and all are delighted with it. ASK YOUR DRUaOIST FOR MANUFACTURED ONLY BY CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. FRANCISCO, CXI. f. MEW VOM, N. 1. a. BRAST.Ki, 00UH8EL0R-AT-T.AW, 143 KM' State Htreet, Trenton, M. J. 0 K. 1T180HKK. HM removed to2t6 EAST BTATK 8TKRRT, next door to Library H. BACK RA, OOUNSKTOR-AT-T.A W, FOEET A RHJHUI BniLDine, corum- eute Warren Streets. J AW OWKJM H. Real Mite, gale Depoilt Tlult Ot J8 West Btfeet, Trenton, H. i. DELItfQrjENT TAXPAYKiui. The Becelrer of Taxes hereby glvea notice tlia a TranBcript of the Taxes {or the year 1889, now remaining unpaid, Is being prepared, and In twenty dap after IU completion will be pab- ed B, V. RTCRABDS, Roceirer ofTniw. The old DE, BOARDMAN is not dead Be is the only Doctor of that name thai ever lived in Trenton. 40 WBMT Fsoxi' A-H1BG U1IOOK, Heaters, -Hangoo and Qenefslly. lAJUAH' IMIXKIJ PATBj'l-g (AT.T. I J. 80HAH-H, Moot And Shoe UUbTOM WORK A I i Kinds done hi tbe 188 Broad Street, Trenton. 210 M. uinholuier of rj Acw'lpUnn of OeiHfcingg Wide Dp, Pud Low J. Will be ad to upon one I, GOODS OR 8TOUK 8 Vast Street. Tbeie Ii not nor hu there erfe nueonreiu Twenty enperlenoB. The list moot cuuipoumllng, "BAIXAl OF for Cuugnii, ColAX Graui AND AOJQX MATTARIA UUBBV'' th ___t otter kjnny r; r State H, I. Bye a PEERLESS DIES Is HORTH WAHRRH ti TKMK4T, t. J, J. B, I10BEN8AOK, PHILADELPHIA, PA. Thn ipaiUng upecUllst In Yonthfnl Impm Yoiinn inen contemplating nitnd for Medical Rook. o Coi'-nlUlioa honji SA.1, Umbrella and IN THE CHY, SUN HAT, 60 and 16 State T HAMMOND Eqnipe YOUNG LAniFH GENTI.KMKK for "1ERVIOJ5 in the COUNTING BOOM. 'i'S ABM NO SMATrERING, NO NON-ESSENTIAIfl, NO NONSKPfHE in 000 HSR )F TRAINING. Modern Utthodn, Baccucfn] Ttwhlng, (UH- factory Prograw, The Shorthand Department Offers the very bout facilities for acquiring (kill in RAVI0 CKHHrUL PROGRKS3 GOABANTKRD. Motuing, and in For addr-v THOMAS J. HXEWAttT, r. ad. Boi Kfl, J. 10 12 South Greene SUoet. LOOK OUT MR HARGAIN! We have purchased the store North of us and intend to build on the two lots i I lie rincsl olorc in iron Ion! We mast get rid of oar-stock to do thin, i i i i i i i i MKUCHANT i t It K BB 8T. ili'n to NORH1 GRBKNK rmisrriNC DONKIH A -FIRST-CUSS :MHHEtl, AND Ml SHORi XOtiCF AHD FAIR PRICES, At IHt Trunton 'I'imcs J O Ii Printing Department WASHINGTON MA9KST BUI' OIMQ, Corner of <md South YOUR "WAN1G"

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