Wednesday, January 8, 1890

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - January 8, 1890, Trenton, New Jersey VIII. NO. TKKNTON, WKDNK8DAY AFTKKNOON, JANUAKY 8, 1890. Interesting Points on the Mi- nutiae 1 hereof. PRENTICE KULFOKD'S NOTE BOOK Log Hut Life Cettlujc -Conj Wlilsky at 11 m Noon, Dinner, After- After to Cut, Water to Brine Supper to Cook. opjriglited 1889, by the Author] VIII. E GOT out of our blankets 1 heavily. and back were apt to be a lit- tle stiff in the morning. Or if not stiff, they lacked action. Working all the day previously, possibly in the water, or with it splash- ing all about, tugging at heavy boulders, shouldering wet sluices, to say nothing ef the regular pick and shovel exercise, would make itself felt oven when the limbs blood were younger than now. Dressing was a short job. overalls, a pairof socks, a pair of shoes, or possibly the heavy rubber mining boots. Flannel shirts we slept in. A face iwab- bing with cold water m the tin basin outside and a "lick and a for the hair with the comb. That was about for week dnya. Vanity of apparel there was little for the working miner. Who was there to dress for? Woman? The nearest was half a mile, 50 years of age, and married. Then breakfast. The fire kindled in the contrary little stove. Possibly it was necessary to attack with an axe that dried old stump near by and hack off a few chips to cook with. The miner's wood pile was generally small. He got in fuel on rainy days, or at the odd intervals to be spared from work. You put on the worn tin teapot, lowered the ganre covered meat safe from the cut a steak from the chunk of bull mahogany within called beef, slung a dab of lard in the frying pan, put therein the meat and let it sirzle. Two or three boiled potatoes might be sliced, fried more or less brown in the gravy, and with bread and tea, foimeJ the breakfast. The bread was the bread of your own laborious baking, the loaf of irregular shape, the very hard thick, the color often being black where if had bumed, brown where it had bakcdy and of a pallid whiteuesi where it had not baked at all. within tha loaf might be close, fcpavy, and in color either a creamy or a canary yellow, in proportion to the improper amount of yeast powder used. The table is a broad shelf against the wall There JB no tablecloth. You did not always wash up after breakfast, for the dishes, as they stood, were all in piacB for difiiiBU SoThH faitidioiii) min- ers washed their dishes after each meal; most of us did not. was too much to of hard worked humanity. The cabin door M open while you eat and from it you look forth on the claim. There lies the bank of red earth as you left it yesterday after the "cave." There is the reservoir full of coffee col- ored ditch water which had run fn dur- ing the night after being used for wash- ing in a dozen claims "up country." Then you draw op tlxwe damp, clammy rubber boots, either to w Mp high, the outside splashed with the dried reddish mud, and smelling disagiocably of rubber as you pulled them on smelling worse as you became heated and perspiring. In these you waddle to claim. I forgot. over, one of Jhe most important of day was next on the progiamme. was the filling, lighting and mucking of your pipe. Nothing could you through this performance. The filling WAS cut in slivers with a careful and solemn consideration; the weed WM fully bestowed in the bowl; the match was applied with a deliberation of aieligiousact; the flut puff rote In the air as to the early mom, and smoking thus you waddled in your big boots to the claim. There you mgt your three paitners, all likewise imobing. There they stand on the bank, looking into the eronndslnice. There is no "good moriiing" or other greeting; if anything, grunts. There lay the toob shoreU. picks, crowbar and sluice fork help- lessly about, HB left lust evening. A liltlejoiuddy Uickloo through the line of sluices. One of goes to the reservoir, a few "hundred yards off, turns on the water. Another to the tail of the sluices with the sluice fork. Then is heard the clicking of the pick and the grating of the shovel the red dirt; coiues the water over the bank and the work has fairly commenced. We stand in a row, allowing sufficient room between each for swinging the pick. We are undermining the bant, water running at our foot and bo Iweenusand the bottom of the bank. oiinnk of red dirt dislodged by the pick falls into the running water, and W it be bard and will not readily dissolve it must be broken up by pick or shovel to keep the stream clear and unimpeded. large bowlders are picked out by and thrown behind us notindis- nriWod fashion, either. Room in the out la scarce and must be so the ever accumulating bowlder pilo is "faced up" with a neat wall, laid wirti- onf mortar, 'but with some care and The bed rock is under our fact. We are underminin Ing the stream turned m as umcb as po-sible to the part uridprinimd Hit gravel foj a foot or six nidus n prttu hard, and the btoneshere nr li9ut Md avenne Btoiw conier of Clinton, Trenton, S. J, W- tm OCULISTS' ORDERS FIUED? YOU THINK YOUR EVES ARE GOOD! It TOU hnvo tlicm examined yon will probamj flnS that tlicie Is wrong wllh them, Mid win h> a ertnl help to yon Wo UBolnlraitible "UI V and rcponimcndoa by lend- ing OcnlUlt w tin heU mdatodcfrrllTovlFilon. Solid Gol'l li1, price S5.0O S'ecl3prpt.T'> !nnt miml l-OO lod 4.OO) iiiiml prlco 1O.OO BRO.I130 S. Ninth St I Oh-'t-Hit aittf S'ecl3prp ArtlficinU V 1 roj; Scare, V> 11 d uit u count 3 Conu histonaus that rl 1105 si aro took plato one su in Juiu1, The In tao must uiiBurtbh iunl boino of t In tu leaped to the coiulubiou thnf the crack vt duom bajf been sounded Othi r-> came to the natural but almost tqimlh (lit itlful coriflusiou that tiu aruu of r- n It and In luus vvas nmrehing upon the itluno Vll n i, lit long the trombltxi m toi tor Fbo booming; tumult beamed to eoino ftoui the on the Scotland i jad vvLu during tho mgLtt given to with h force thnt they felt tht'u beds qtiuUe beneath them The frogs were seen bj lantern light to be in Kfeat trouble In the morning deaH frogs were found ab mt the ponH There were no marks of to indicate that thu> had boon fighting It ia aupfxjMtii that fiogr, were attacked by a deadly iiu In Iv -Chicago Herald Pool of Anittiig the notes o? the quarterl> state raeut of the Palettme explormtion fund is an account of discoveries at the Pool of In out the Crypt of tho church built at the angle of tho pool m the times of tho CrnRftdes, at tho northwest comer, close to an opening which permits the water to be seen drawn up, and surrounding a little door still obstructed, which doubtless affords B way of descent to the middle of the pool, were found er> m- of a mural nhich singularly confirm tho numerous jwoofa of the authenticity of the Pool of Bftthosda fanattcisiii ho-, destroyed the heads and of the figures, but not withstanding that, over the little door men tioned there ia the boautiful and well prewrvcd nimbus of a winged flgure, 'i mw the water Viv which it is am rounded In the picture to bo nuned nnd Thifl la an Inter pietat n of a familiar pns m ancient vrhioh describes h nv "an angel went down at a certain season into the pool and d lie Yoi k A you u g wh gained htt> re- puta in the political ikld, gave promise of taking the vncan' 'T i nf the greatest orator of Now Yoik bar He hnd tho capacity, doubtless but be had not tha learning, for ha was tht, bat fhi-. was Hourke Cockran, 1 ut ho girts promise uo mou He is too buav, aiifl although he is a speaker of power and an oratoi who chains he finds tl at it to to the less n nf the practice of the Nevt Yoik Letter With, your name and address, the Swift Specific Co Atlanta, Ga., is necessary to obtain an interesting treat- ise on the blood and the d iseases incMml toil. KI uption One of my customers, s highly respected InflQenttfil r but who IH rmw ftuui dtr, h" used Swift's Specific with roulL He lays 1C cured him of a afclD erupting tMt ho had been tomixnted with for thirty pun, wri mlitcd the curative of CLEPO, City, HOLIDAY PRESENTS We being in the Fancy Goods and Um- brella Liode, one of the oldest firm" in Tren- ton, believe we know just the very thing that the people like to make others a Holi- day Present in our line of business, nnd hereby mention a uf our leading Items, namely: Onr giand stock of custom-made fine with silver and gold or beau- tlfnllj-carved natural handles, at ouch sur- prisingly low prices ai to be sure of appre- ciation. Our Fancy Goods are too numerous to mention in every particular, but we call attention to oar newly-laid In assortment of Genta' Silk Muffl -re and Silk Handkerchiefs Genta' Silk MntHera, largest fizo, from 60c. up to Indies' AH Styles of Handker- chiefs, from 4o. npwards Fine Lace Pillow Luce other Tidies, Bureau Cov- en and Scarfs, Children's Gaps and Infants' Foil, Complete Supplies. Also, the very best made Hosiery, Gloves and Fine Underweur for everybody. Our DOLLS! DOU.SI DOLLS! are the very best. Handsomest in the whole State, and all our good" at prices to defy any competition. Look in onr win- duWD. i .1 Opposite City Hall. PEERLESS DYES teS cr OFiRKNTON. A supplement to the ordinance entitled "An ordinance concerning the gonera! munici- pal affairs of the City of pitted October 16th, 1888. The Inhabitants of the City of Trenton do ordain: That section number two hundred and Mv- enly-uven of the ordinance entitled "An ordln-ioe conceding the geneiai municipal affairs of the City of p-vtd Octo- ber 18th, 1883, be amended by elrlklng oat the -word "Uo" and mbulltnttng in lien thereof the word In limiting the ap- Piopr'-tlon for the use of IM, for work dona ou IN d Oonncll Des. 8th, 1SSO, T. C. OVKBlON, Attwt: JRO. 0. City Clerk. Approved DM. 18ti-, JSSS. A. A, hicii 1 lli Prescittsiii (he m I <J Kant firm THE LAXATIVE AND NUTRITIOUS JUIOE TUB FIGS OF CALIFORNIA. Combined with the medicinal virtues of plants known to be most beneficial to the human system, forming an agreeable and effective laxative to penna- nently cure Habitual Consti- pation, and the many ills de- pending on a weak or inactive condition of the KIDNEYS, LIVER AND BOWELS. It is th.most excellent remedy known to CLEANSE THE SYSTEM EftECTUALLf When one Bilious or CoDiupated PURR BLOOD, REFRESHING SLEEP, HEALTH and 8TRENOTH NATURALLY FOLLOW. Every one is using it and all sue delighted with it ASK YOUR DRUQOI8T FOR Jf At.' JJ'I'J- MANUFAuiUREDONLY BY CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. 8AH FRANCISCO, CAL, Kr NEW tORt, H. 1. H. -r.A w, 143 State HI. net, Trenton, K. J, B. BDWIN F1SCHEB, I Hm removed to 216 BAST 8TATB STRKfii, next door to Library Hull. JOHN H. OOONSKTOB-AT-T.A w, RTVHMT Buiinma, oorner BUte tod Waiitn StreeU. I j AW R. E.Ute, Depotit Tiujt Co 28 Weil Bute Street, Trenton, 17. J. rilHB AT.HXMRKA, 26JJOBTH WARRK.J 1, UfOEGBOVK i Mvi-rtJ, Proprietors. The old Ds. BOARDMAN ij not dend I He ie the only Doctor of that that ever lived in Trenton. OJCKIOB 40 WKST FEONI' UBOOK, Heate.'o, Ranges and ftuXKU PArSi-j (AI.I. Oeube 3UMt I J. Hoot and Shoe UUBlOM WORT A irindi (tone In St-1 v 188 Rrosd Street, Trentoii. OPl'iUiAN, State BUutf. (Font Riohej TKUN'iOS, H. J. Bye a SpooKUy. SA.T.HI. Of Parlor Bedroom JumttDre, Oil Cloth, tnd Window Shades, to clow the Sniinti at 128 South Bread itreet Aim money owing to the lateorifl of Bowkor A seaman, fbrgoodi sold on intuiimenti, payable to the nndenTiiii at South Broad .Ireel H. B. WII'HINGTON, Anlgnee Vir AHHiNQTOH i' ASSOCIMlON. The Eighteenth Annual Meeting of thb Aug. elation for 'he election of Directors, etc., will be held at the mtoclatlon Offlce< Market BniiiUog, on JANDABT ISTH, 1880. Potti w 111 be open at S o clock and keep open one hour. By order of the Board ofplrectort W.C.OWnSS.Soo'y. NOHOB or annual meeting nf the stockholders of the PEO- PLE'S M-gui'ino LISHT OOMPANI, tot the eleullon "f Director! for the enmlng the eilon of inch other boila.- u come properly before It, will be held at the oftoe of the company No. It Chmncey ititet. In c'ty of Tientoo, New Jener, on XONDAN, JAM- DA RT Mifl, ISSu, at the hoar of 3 o'clock F. AI.KX o. YARD, Oity Rftllwfty Oon.puny, of ton, N. J. The fourteenth meeting of this co- far election of Ac., will be held e company's office (North Clinton on tOKflDAY, J4N0ABY A. D. 1880, at I o'clock P. M Polls to be oponed M a qnuter t three o'clock, and kept open one honi. By oirter of the Bwrd Of DIrtoiot. HENRY B. N. J Deo. 91, 1WV. XSTAiK OF HOB'UB T IN WIATSB, PBUBAHItn. Notice Is glTon order, the eighteenth day of A. D one eight hnnjied and eighty -nine, hM by the of Ee coir tr of upon the applfcttlnn of th. nimlbtr, admini.irtto of Horace T. Wearer, late of ton county of Ita cer, darvea, dl.eciing the oredltoi. of nit dewdeat to bring In their oinm. the tateof dMGJent, odder ot'h ot to the nHx.lbet, month" frua, the of "Id older, or will be ftitm toy action theuttr anlt N. Jwuohtowu, M. J. l IN i i f J Of IV TKKN'l'ON And TJ t-tj-f, i- i i) Valliei. Seal-Skin Caps. Seal Turbans. .n AND sn.VKK-HRAnED C 1 A. INJ I II '._ j IIATTI-'.K, 15 Haat State Btieot. This week some especially fine numbers in all-wool lil.ACK 45 inches wide, luanfactured from choice wool, soft, rich, bail- tiful blacks, at and Priestley's Silk Warp Henriettas, handsome black, finish, superior quality, at 50, to Also, many new and desirable fabrics In Black Goods, Satin Diagonal, Luxors, Camels' Hair, North of Hog- land Cloth, Imperial Merges, Satin Stripes, All-Black Stripes, Brocaded and Fancy Weaves. Courtald's Crape and Bordered Nuns' Veilings for STKWART HAMMOND YOUNG LADIKfl GKiSTl.KMKn] for HfMK.iiTAl'K F.flriUi HF.RVIUJS in the COUNTING BOOM; ITS AKK KKl C K 1 1 K i j U CATUKS, NO 8MATTKRTNG, NO NON-BiSENTIATfl, NO NONBfcifSE in ita OF XMTNING. Modern TMflhing, Atteution, v- The Shorthand DepaUment Offen the very but facility for acquiring skill in Stenon.iphy. RAPID KHWUi. ArV.nwn in Shorthand. For idd, i THOMAH J. tffjswAKl', Pn.piuuiiT, Box 697, 5. J. 10 and 13 Bon'h Graoaa flu sat. WK WANT YOUR.TRADIv. Wonderful Bat are unable to ihow then, Wl MAKI Nil w A Child's Nice Pants Men's All-wool Pants Child's Fine Suit f g.25 An Elegant Overcoat A very heavy Storm Coat A Suit Scarlet and Natural Wool Hoae ?6c. The finest 'White Shirt 50c. Scotch Wool Underwear 75c, One of the beat Jersey Coats f 2.26 The most Fashionable Neckwear 26, 50 and 76c. Pants made to Order C1 iti i

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