Monday, July 15, 1889

Trenton Times

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Text Content of Page 1 of Trenton Times on Monday, July 15, 1889

Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - July 15, 1889, Trenton, New Jersey VII. NO. 2060. I HE NEWS FROM EUROPE.' 6ULLIVAN ON A -TEAR. I Troublous "l "l hreaten La Belle France. GEN. BOl'LANGER'S AMBITION. If tbe Boulanulsts Are In Coming P.esldent Carnot Hill be Removed, Even at the Bayonet'. Point Otber Old world LONDOS, July arthemntsof Bou- langtsr, who from France to fate part with their chief in the London celebra- tion- of the of fall of the for the most part confidence in the' peaceful solution of the problems which the French people have before them They deride the speech of M Brisson in which he declares that the people of France often become incapable of protecting them- selves, instancing the fact that they once allowed the republic to be destroyed and succumbed to the empire, and in which he concludes that the majority must defend the liberties of Frenchmen by force of arms. Caruot to Removed at Any Cost. Notwithstanding their disclaimer of war- like intentions however, those Boulangists do not pretend to deny that, in the event of their own success at the coming elections, they propose to remove Prudent Carnot from position at thA head of the French republic, and that this will be done at fbe point of the bayonet if necessary, and unless he yields to the wishes of Boulanger and bows to the expressed will of the people. It can be very easily surntlKed that in view of those and similar expressions on the part of the Bonlnngists, and thei equally determined tone of their enemies, the outlook for October ii ominous Crafty Bonlanger. Boulangor's assertion in his speech thnt his aiui is to work for the sliengthening of the republic, is gsnerally accepted as a to divert the threatened alliance between the Republicans and the supporters of Count de Paris, an alliance which, if consummated, must prove a death blow to Bonlangist am- bitions J'ne Dottperate Fears are expressed at Cairo that the ad- vance of dervishes along the Nile is really only a feint intended to cover a far more formidable movement by Abu Hamed, who, it is.thought, is marching with a very strong force across the desert upon Korosko. II these fears turn oat to be well grounded, Egypt will be forced to rely for safety upon the loyalty of .the Bistnreen tilbos, and this is by no means above suspicion. If the Bis- tarecns oppose the advance of the invader, and do so in earnest, they will be able to hold him in che2k until a force Of Kgypfians pan be organized to drive him hank into the doa ert Otherwise Abu TTamed "ill find only a few straggling and disorganized military posts, widely scattered and poorly officered, to interpose any serious objections to his ovei running the whole of upper The Queen la No Millionaire. The committee on royal giants, having un- der consideration the proposal of making al- lowance out of the public treasury for the Fi nice of Wales' children on appioanh- mg marriage, will urlug Oi Uielr report Thurs- day, when it will be submitted in the house of commons. It is given out that this report win contain several surprises for English people, "nil among other things it is stated that it Will show the popular idea that the queen is a vei y wealthy lady to be entirely erroneous. By direction of the queen her- self Cross, who has had charge of the royal financial for yftprs, appeared before committee soon after appomtxieot and sub- mitted to them the queen's hank account, which, it is held, shows her to be no million- aire, and shows besides that she has boon any- thing but extravagant. Mr. William Henry Smith, first lord of the treasury, will advocate tbe royal claims when the question comes up in house Thursday. Tlie New Defense Mr. Thomns Sexton's plan of Organization for the new Tenants Defnnse' league has boon submitted to the meeting of the Farnnllitcs, It contemplates the nnion of all Irish tenants in one strong, compact organisation, fonndqd on the lines of the U ades nnions and sup- ported in the same way, by npon the members themselves, proportioned to tha amount of their holdings. Inspired by Plgott. July of Mr. Par- nflllalmost unanimously incline to tho belief that iin inspection of tho books of tna Patriotic union would afford proof that the witness Pyott either wrote or fully inspired tha "Parnallism and Crime" papers. A French Editor Killed In a DueL PARIS, July Beta, the cecreWy of the committee at Marseilles, killed ia a duel M Pierrotti, an Opportunist, the editor of Petit Provencal, a Marseilles journal. He Struck a Minuter. .TORO.vrO, Ont, July 15. George Lnvett stood in fiuut of Bt Matthew's church as the. congregation was leaving and distributed among them tracts containing ATUacta from an address by the bishop of Toronto opposing ROT. J.. Scott Howard, pastor, followed thn congregation, ami noticing wbat Lovett was doing re- quested him to desist Lovett refused, and Howard snatched the Uacts from his huruU Tovett thereupon struck Mr. Howard twice in the neck. Members of the legation thrfi 'interfered and Lovett (ins roughly handled, but occaped without .ariuua injury. Mltchill Masquerading a MlnliUr. Charley Johnson at Home. CHICAGO, July came tote towu from his south Chicago retreat, and by 8 o'clock was very happy and very fnll oi red liquor. After "doing" the levee and making a tour of Clark street the champion pajd a visit to his good friend Tom OurleVj who hlH him to his Third avenue place when the slngger and Charley Johnston first ciepl into town. In Gurley's saloon John L. met Sa.iloi Browu, who sparred at Battery D with Fetoi Jackson, the colored Australian champion, Thursday night. Sullivan was introduced to brother pugilist He disdained shut- ing hands with Brpwn and said: "You're tht mart that fights uiggers, eh and to empha- his apparent disgust dealt the sailor 6 tei rible whack on the nose, sending the objecl of his wrath spinning across the room JaVe Kilrain- has left towu for the east He departed so secretly he did-hot even in- form "Parson" Davies of his proposed depart ure, but wrote him a note to be delivered thif afternoon. He very much fears arrest, and loft town disguised, as did Charlie Mitchell Mitchell at Buffalo Incag. BurrALO, July 15. Charley Mitchell totO towu today from the Canadian side and put up at the Mansion house, registering at "Rev. Edmund Edwards, Westminster, Eng He was quickly recognized. To fi friend he said he was himself incog, to New York, from which point h< won Id take the first stoamer for the othei side. He left here on the evening train, ac- companied to the depot by an admiring throng. Lowry Still on the MERIDIAN, July Attor- ney Nevili returned from Jackson Friday night, where ho had been summoned by the govomor to consult with him and the attor- general as to what steps should be taken to order to bring to justice the to the recent prizj fight It has boon freely rumored that some of the officials were bribed not to interfere with the fight Mr. Nevil will investigate the matter in all its bearing, and will take legal steps against all parties implicated to it Charley Johnson Reaches Home. NEW YORK, July Johnson, one of Sullivan's backers, has arrived here. He was asked if he knew where Sullivan was and replied that he did not, and wouldn'i tell if he did. He said that Sullivan would never tho ring again with bare hands Johnson expressed tbe opinion that when the present excitement had died out the mattet of arrest would be allowed to drop. Wrestlei William Muldoon is also here, and says Sullivan is to biding within twelve hours ol New York. HE SKIPPED TO CANADA, But was Decoyed Back to the States and Captured. BUFFALO, Jnly 15. James Farrell, an ab- sconding postmaster from Sfarucca, Pa., has been in tliis city-and locked up at police headquarters. About three weeks ago a government posfoffice inspector discovered shortages in Fui rail's accounts as postmaster amounting to This was a pretty large amount considering the buiall sized postoffice which Faiiell ran in connection with a drug' store, and as soon as the authorities iliscov- ured it an examination began. and the sheriff of a close watch of Faxoli in file maanUrnA, but he cleverly eluded reached as soon as he found tnM was dis- covered. An effort was made to the mat- ter up by Farrell's friends, but as the invco tigation into his affairs proceeded grew worse. Farrell, in the mmntime, had been living at the American hotel, in thA yil- lage of Fort P-ne. He was liaced to that place and a dose watch kept on hltn to the hope that he would cross the line at some op- pcutime moment But this hope was not Finally a scheme was planned foi his capture which he tumbled into at once. Fait ell was astonished when aiiested, and he sovnied to have boon taken completely ofl his guard. He is 30 ynars old, intelligent, And, it is said, unmarried. DASHED THROUGH A SEWER. Horrible Fate of Five Killed. PurSBuKO, July 2 a. m the mud hank over the well of the Soho street sewer .gave way and five workmen, who were try- ing to loosen a of debris from below, were in the rush of marl and water and carried hundreds of feet, through the main sewer into the valley below. William Daily was fonnd thA month of Bewoi with two colls of fire hose about hit neck, and Andrew N. McGregor died at 6 a. m Robm I Mnnn, foreman, was seriously injured. William McClay Joseph Mc- Carthy were teiiibly bjniacd. No one is directly blamod for the accident The barlits of the victims tf.ribly muti- lated by being dashed from side to side ol thA sewer and the narrow gully, dowu which they were hurled by the rush of water. A Fatal Shooting Affray. Ei.iiATU.rH, N. J., July bloody af-' fray occurred at the Half way honso on Bahway roarl, owued br Charlna Roder. John Walker and his son Goorge, of Rceelle, weld drinking at the bar, when both father and son threw beer glaxxti at Roder and ran oat of the place. Roder folluned and fired several shots. One of the bullets Werl the head-of George Walker, while an- other took effect in John Walker's right side. Both and were carried to a neighboring George bacame and thAre is little chance for recovery. The elder Walker U also to a_precarlons condi- tion. Roder escaped after doing tho shoot- THE REPORT RIDICULED. l he Rumor l hat Blaine Had Resigned Is Denied BY FRIENDS OF THE SECRETARY. Nevertheless, It b Said That the Maine Statesman's Health I, Vary Poor. Trouble Arlmh.l Klu.berly Commander Mnllan WASHINOTOS, July published re- port that Secretary Blaine harl tendered hi-- to take nffect 8opt 1, owing to ill is ridiculed by most of the cabinet "officers in this city and by otheis who are in- timate with Mr. Blaine. Secretary and Attorney General Vlller both say tbert is no foundation 'or rnmor.and that Sec- retary Elaine's health when he left Washing- ton about a week ago was better than it wa- when he secretary of state Marca. Both gentlemen spoke of the report as sen- sational and altngethAr without foundation. Aa-iatnnt Secretary of State WTiarton, whei, asked about the couectnegs of the publisheii report, laughed and said it was nlmply ridicu- ions, Trouble In tbe Na.j. W ASHINOTOX, July Herald says: The navy will send out to the steamer which leaves San Francisco Saturday for Honolulu a bxin screw weighing over puimrts. This is mtended for the Nipsic, now at that port The ordei of Admiral Kimberly the Nipsic home in tow of the Alert is looked upon as a most remarkable one. When he ordered the ship to Auckland it was against the protest of Commander Mullan The ship was with- out a rudder, and a jury was rigged by order of Admiral Tfimberly. Before the ship got cut of the harbor it broke, and it was only b'y nfforts that the Nipsic was {irtveuttid from going on the renfs for a sec- ond time. Once more she started and again broke down and had torettuii to Apia. Ad- miral Kimberly was now at a white heat and lost no time in stripping Commander Mnllan pf the comnmnd of the ship. He then or- dc-rcd both ships to Francisco. Of course the coal of the Alert soon gave out, and the poor old Nipsic harl to be left at Fanning Island until the Alert could go north and gel more coal Whon this became tnowu thc- depai-tment decided to send a new screw foi the vessel, and fortunately one was found at the Mare Island navy ..yard. Over has been spent already for coal alone and the ship is not half way home. It is considered sUnnge that such an order should have boon given, especially in the face of the protests of the two commanding officers. Alleged New Sumo-" The Alert conlrt not cairy coal enough to steam that distance. There will certainly be a court of inquii y on thn subject, as Com- mander Mullan will not rest under the impu- tation put upbn his charactpr by the admiral. It is stated inXnavy circles -that when thi appli- cation for invalid pannion at the nAndn of thp CHjkJ toi tbe marrenom mo- MSB of Hood's gaiiai-nlla 1s foond in the fact this accompllihes th.t U rl-tmed lor It -Its merit won for Hood's Sarsaparilla Wins a and .al> than that of any other blood purifler. II Rcrofola, all Hnmora, Dyapeps'a, etc. L A Co.. Lowell. Eoono-'-T Ro-iter, and The Striken PufSBUBO, July The eo-i'ereuce be- Uueu tku officers of Amalgamated ciation and the firm of Carnegie, Co, was resumed at 10 a, m The conference nntil S p. m and rnided hi a sa'islftr- tory agreement to both and fnll recog- nition to the Amalgamated option. The adoption of this scab, the to be upon ton on tha price of 4 by 4 .trot biileta. Tha minimnm ratntobe arbitrarily fixed at per ton, thus (topping thA tlirling scale in its downward mrocr. tod loner rat-; quoted than agreed PtbtMt I. JUHK., Cm, July t, thg young who miirdei his mother hi thfe city by shoo'lng her throe times through hnd, is dead His death was canard by V-.rim that he '-it throngh hkOwuU-tn wasa the office., of Chief Vurjiriy'i bu-it the door of the room in which Probst har] been watching tha rlnnr] body of hi. for hvuli. Will Hall 8.F., i.ian- fl nf Associated elevaton at Buffalo, abOUt Which etoriei of au lou. ing. Stephen Trouble. BoniOS, July 15. Bnigc., the of the Robinson Foitn- Motor pany, of Peabody, Maaa., ha. KMQ audited on the alleged ground that he was about to loave tho state to avoid payment of debta The company claims that Mr. Burger sold shares of stock of the wu.ipmy, foi which he turned in only tl per .hare, be should turned in per share. Mr. Burger claims that htn with OH company were strictly within the ol hli authority and Mr. was at one time a of the connciL Bail was obtained, ai.ionnt being placed at will AMirked by drowned while bathing fpot of Screntv-cccuud ctrmt ._ wilt el-i, atSo'd-yk P. M. (9.t- Di-aally, -4 The Confess of Three Amarlcaa. W AtmtuwroN, July conBinm ol the three whir-h will meet here in the antnmn, is a good dAal of at- tentiou in England and un the continent The state depai-li.sant, in a lanrlahln desire tc give the matter tbe widest urominpnce, has apnt oat circulars A i plain ing the purpowifl ol the rfoatlng far and wide. Those fircnlarg state to substance that it is proposed, by a of allthn Ameri- can govtu nmnnts, to Improve commercial relattuin the different conntrles, to establish a system of arbitration hi inter- national disputes, and to adopt a nniforiii monetary are the leading subjects of the convention, and wUl also donbtlrra be thooe that will develop, the greatest amonnt of rlixCiiision, Tankse Tar. Most Pi Boat Drill. W ASH i rtoruK, July The board orrlBred by Secretary Tra'-y to report upon the sub- ject of general organisation, and drill forthe will hold its first mooting at the ou Wednesday. Com- modore Jamoo A. Grocr, Capt. A. P. Cooke, Colby M Chester and Lieuts. Dnnran Kennedy and John F. Meigs, com- powi the board. One of the most salient featurm of the pruyuoCKi new.organization of vice will be in the matter of improv- ing tha boat drill on now njud. The recent disaster at flamoa and thA still later rnnning aihure of the Constellation, to both com no boats being lowered, nave slbied np the people to the fart that some improve- mmt over the drill now in ought to be adopted. A Swimmer Drowiied. ATi-Aniic CHI, N. J., July of Philadelphia, 22 years old, was' drowued while bathing to the surf. Al- thongh there ware thousands un tbe fcwch in at hi... Jrowiting. Hfe mother and did not and the ILst Intimation they had of hia death was when his body its found floating near the shore. Tate was a iptairlM swimmer, and it is sapiMed be wd witK craning to dotu water. AniBted lut- NKW YORK, Jnly Join has been ai rested for tbe aHokvd of a nun named a month At the time of the luurdu it U McMahun's doath L; ease while having a bout with Mclnlji o. p-iHoe now that the men hart a qn-'iel and that Mclntjui knocked McHahuu down, and blow was snppouod to have canned death. is held to await by lie uoruuer. Mr J. O. Shlpiiian, the of viJe.e, N. J., says: I hate Millar's rut fcl ail-ska of Ith wulch I have ST a (uod whfle I have (baud U eMedly the best I eve. Wed. the upftn a leduKfl the to mn with mwUHne .ednoM the M KiTIGH VHAT, POUL.TB7 lnu QAMK XKKBKA- Fillly gnarantocd. Poi -'e ti) O. Bnthaifo'd Avenue and Ftoivect Street, Trentnn N. J. 4lh of July Is coming and with it are numerous demands for MISSES AND (jmT.DBErJ'S SUPPI-ira JN 'i'nE T.TNE OF FANUX GOODS which an fonnd at 1 Grecue Suoct. Among the very latest arriv-la in dnrfiable Snmmer Goorls, we only mention a few being All-Silt nne GLOVES ANJU FANS, BTBBON8 and the very Styles in COR8K1S AND KT.AQK absolutely fast color, FUEP- OF POISONOUS nssd in cheap PARASOTA, HUN AND RATN UMBRKI.T.A8. the boot-made latest alyles in .fr Children's white vreiie. A Complete of than can be fonn eliowhwe. oily MuirheiH, John SPECIAL AGENT rrovident ii OF i'VBIl Co <ie. ltd. WAKDufa OOunI YOU tHINK YOOU BYtS AMI Is w and that S- n win be a Krlai hel Wen a, a only by ns. ita -'ineuded by leail tbe t to defcctlie Tlilon SO, 'JO, 1.0 4.0B, r --I j.fc, 10.0O rA it OrsWIAMS. IWW1 I Presents in the most tleganl form THE LAXATIVE AND NUTRITIOUS JUICE OF THE FIGS OF CALIFORNIA. Combined with the medicinal virtues of plants known to be inost beneficial to the human system, fonmng an agreeable and effective laxative to peiuia- nently cure Habitual Consti- pation, and the many ills de- .pending on a weak or inactive condition of the KIDNEYS, LIVER AND BOWELS. It is the most excellent remedy Icnown to CLFANSE THE SYSTEM EH-ECTUALLY When one is Bilious or Consiipared FUSE BLOOD, REFRESHING SLEEP, HEALTH and STRENGTH NATURALLY FOLLOW. Eveiy one is using it and all are delighted with it. ASK YOUR ORUOGIST FOR MANUFAUJUREDONLY BY CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAM FRAKC1SCO, I" HCW YORf. H. 1. Health is Wealth Px. E C. Wrefs NECII ASD BEIIK mi, a guaranteed specific for- Hysteria. Dfzzl- ow, ConvuMguB, Nervous Neuralgia, Kerroua Pruelratlon caused hv the of alcnhol or tcbucco, WakefnVned. Softening of the Brain resulting In ty to decay and death. ture Old Age, TUrxHimfwa, LOBS of Power in ither BKT, Tniroiuutary and Spviniatnr- cauBed by over ezertton of the bziln, abuse or over-indulgence. box COUUITH ne month's 11.00 a box, or boxes or KM, by prepaid on receipt of price. WB GCAH4MKK Six To cure any pane. WILh order received by us for six boxes, accompanied with 15 00, we will send tne purrhuer our written ftnanntee to re- fnnd the money If the tmi ment does not effect cure. Qnarantccs only by M. TIDD, Dnlg- 1st, Bole Agent, storcc S9t street and lamiiton avenue corner of Clinton, Trentnn, H. J. No. 16 State Street We are prepared to farniRh Clothing and Made to Order, EVERY! HING NEW. Piece Good a of the T.iteat A PKKFUCT FIX GUABANTKKIJ. A FUl.T. OF Heady -Made Clothing Men, Youths, dren, 16 WA8T tsi'ATJEl COMPULSORY SALE MI IjLlNM NOW GOING ON. OUT IK In order to diaposa of onr over large stocl and piepare for iduier Stoct We Btre for some time psst beca goin through obr stock and marking thin dowu, at such pricea u will guarantee th mr-t rapid clearing-oot sale ever inaogu rated in It la not oar intention to ou this for M Is the custom. Time is limited, so the le will, therefore, be confined to i short time only. Do not look for in the dnria tbe of -ale. We will too to write them up. _.od we bnsinc T 1e is jxJtiyely boua fide, and we dvpen OB car .euutation to tarn uvex a stock in an amaaingly anurt time. SPRING BTYUTO' Derbies For Spring IN CORRECT 8HAPKS AND OOUOSS. NOW RRADY. OF THB New Sprin BUST HATS MAnF- THK H ATT KB. OUTING lanncl ohirfs! 11 1 I Silk Shirts! A. W. I.H.II., 1 'N f O' w 'N 14 North Greene Street, Trenton, N. J. BUSINESS UDUCAT1ON. 'I'llH! OUI'H'.HIOU OF TH E A 60 I i A M M ti rsj .1 i MT-TO PAT T COLU'AiK FULLY APPRECIATED BY AN INTELLIGENT PUBtld. A100 QllinCUlQ enrolled during the put school year. (No OlUULlllO twice in this TH IS QRRAT BUCOSS gives special emphasis, to oar to superiority. TH e FAUf 18, school a wide and suecMsiul experience in this special Hne of educational work, has braina, energy and skill, believes in conacientioos service and mu- den it to every student THK 8UCCK8S OF OUB GRADIJATKSin thelevling Banking, Mercantile and Mi-n. fai-.ljring Institutions of this and other cities rlamonatratae: the superior worth of ou THRRR DTKl'lNfJ.' DKPABTMKMTS Commeicial, and Short Wand, 1'H.OEOtTGH IHSTifTJimON GUARANTEED IN KAUH, KM roll yonr name immediately. School Monday, September 3. For College Journal, of PAnmanthlp, iddif xnO8. J. Si-aw AHT, 627, TVenton, N. J. KOOM8, 10 and 12 8. 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