Monday, May 21, 1883

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Text Content of Page 1 of Trenton Times on Monday, May 21, 1883

Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - May 21, 1883, Trenton, New Jersey em Ion I. NO. st Edition. PROVED'." THK HASH IIAJ.I. Ol TI.OOK- A rHKNTOX, MONDAY "1. TWO CUNTS.' Tliird iMilionv Second Edition. Louisa (iaoville. of 1 lineman township I a _w_liii w ;i- uplifted :i- IJ.IVHIL; I'ccn i'.v a i v f li 1 -I t aiiue man mi ill-- Itli i.n-l ill, d Sat nt day iii) I'll r T1 HallTif-LAtK-r N M- MR. klLLKD. the Future" I'rotlllWJT to" i l-eiitnn The Attractions tit tin- Konoi. Where (lnyV KHHV Melorj. Hoxf Those interested in ball in Trentoij.are' bv no means disheartriied at the disastrous 1 i'ii .1 i i .1 tw'icc its present would have been none resiiltH which have thus lur attended the at- I" MM i ro ArnniTTcn tempts of the local ehampiotisto win a favora- loo large lor the throngs that Ml.-d it on .-at- JH AT fL'J'O AT ULAUWOOD CHMAN MILLER ACQUITTED. night. Tlte attraction was iln- in a 'contest. Fair. whiclMias b, en ,n fo, a A........ (.t.'el.e- m... 'rom County fills HU discil-.-ed tin- sitn.ii ion. Sev UIL'CS in sin wa- tir, il nl lift John and FlcTt Kneii. bmlhi l.-. while seek h h, i' M.'in a in in a i.iili'nad IM in STRUCK BY A I lav tun. -li'itlav. wi H i in, tlnw n l.v an l rain. John was in in two ami m- eek It will come lo a close mi d s- vv.tJ. U tier Intoxicated Then chirratv ,m ami- it is thoVlrt that day. NT, fmr r held in Tin ;Ilim A on Trial tour they vv ill be betler pi cd to haildsoine tables, prett.V gll I- to at t. lid tin m. for Forgery. ._ their __ probably be triedJUTC during the are can resist. TU.ii.j'vciimg w ill be an v......, ,-'itchmau Au-'iistiis-Miller vvas Hylandjat, of Ihe M.-ls l.leeehcr. unn-ulrThvntcPestiiui occasion, lion, tin emitted in Mercer Court this a catd'er from llroyklv n Cumm.ngs. of New that ,t w ,11 w ,tncs.s Unclose ol the tout, ,-t-i-i N _ hechait'eot assault and battery n auddiadw ;ck. of Nuwark." So the the watt h ami diamond- in- aravt hhn bv John McFarland, 'nave ten "inter Male.. games, ants fen tin- former air Lxcis, Inspector u....., ban intHctment was returned by- losir- ci-hr. Tht-v h.iu and John Coimdl. have un.m and .Jury McFarland formerly still a good t b-n, i- tl ,-MM he-, as mends w ho are-haid at in their necnttmn in llui'lingtoncountyXthcre are lift v to be played by them live inteu-ts. The diamond nn- will is p.evnt month InmphloHt thr tW the tathe! to Mr-. L-lwaitf Mahoncv Mis.- booth at ITie northwest corner game resulted in an easy victory Louisa Schneider, the choice dcp.-Mliru: upon _ tii: kill. .I and l'i. '1 >v.i- inm-iy niinieii. f'.ie III" I loie-l lilt thiil cvcl oc- n it in t uiniii! -tt.t'd v, -TI ntay in rtfi- vi in .1 s-i Vlan in ri I 1 lltn aiiniiiiil "t p'rupert v ie i- esftinat. d at mi s-.'t nnlav of the F. TI! ,i. a u i !1 ' n and i i 11 i i I ii nioii, n ui ing at No. V f J. w I- -h M't.d 'i" .nil- t'T tin N M.iu-l. i- ami. m, glt.llHll. K V I. .'Ill I ,tVl-t illeiv ma-h di-tillerv ol lini: I v ami tlie v. a- -'in k l.v the i ii 1' iphia in Nt w n I '.i ii i j ill i.i at -.'.I on l in- I't i i i.' i e the 'i. !r in i i 11111 i ii it. ins .Front streets. His story in for .tlie Trenton, as the folio at about half past two o'clock on hv -vrxiu-d the stuwl i J'HKMON. _. lu. r. doot whcH -M-iller came t-ul-1lltnn N. t H'-I.M. leM in1 Ml i l" I.U.'M- ...tLsfiilih. JL .1 inv If._.! l J. 1 1 1 liinar, r f 1 i, IIONOIUX: A MAN l -i-t If- ,i.v n t, i1 IVadw" ,-i l! I nil; 'Is v .1- ,-cotc in- vthicl'i shall have polled the latest -------------J v.Airsi by tt-n lie vvanli run :1_4 test will t.rrai lnicrt-si lLi. ]M -f- Whlfi-w-noil and u, in. TO. A.K. ilas been inahilcsted in the lottery for the ,r A ,WHi lm and shuck him on the head i I 1 'I handsome span of black hui-c.s w hidi or club. He was then i J J l Chamberlain has been exh.l..tin- al.out town tw.. main making to-the Police Station 1 L- Unrkuis.', f H 1 since the fair opened. A chaflee mi them cost- ;l wai i I ha: i n-Jn tb.w n hit, w.-ml '' 1 1 ii'it n 1 I 1 i, lies of the previous owner of the i SIHMH-C, a-- t- -4 -i i .U vv sherttlrp fact that br rMeFarlnml' possession of it, and thereupon j charged. He subsequently pre- j larne of :uid battery. Ou ation by Lawyer t mm- j seven- manager of the Last Trenton J'ottciy Voin- itenouncoiy the i.-cniur. has severed his connection, w uh tin .i l'i. I m I.-M- order to into anew -potteiv "M.I.HI i-. Mav '.'1. I'n- m -i ol M, Failaml tislilud that he had 1 renton..... before meeting with the watch- ...iii N. 1'i'Uiis i k ,as not drunk. had been 1 o n (i o .V o i o I'rrsentation uTid A.lilresscH at Hie l-la-t Ti-en- l: ;'d '''I'" !l" u-'- ''-11' ton ry Mr. itu nt. if Hi ,n like a and would not Larneil inns -Tveiiti.n, inin. lUni. i- iswick.-o.' i'as-ed hull- New nted saloons onlv that there is P.rannin. m called hall- N.-w Hrnnswi, k. enterprise on own account. On Satmda.v ''n-h-l v ti clu- n II.M s si A i MiHt r, w-htt h-.ts bet-u a rcsidrnt-f years, and watchman on j in entirely different version of the j It wa.- aboni ten minutes before j questioii when he tifst .alkini: up to the little sU'til at if Front streets. A er he heard a crash, ami walked reel trbm the Washington Market- ie had been standing. He fiHind ith his head restjnpon his h.uid.-. inst the corner ol tTiPjHjiud. and I'' panv assembled in the nl the k. Time -Two 'n.mlt.r Wood's ami fait! t The "ames out on svttirday to render some acknowledgment to iniorc 1 Cincinnati 1'hilatlelphitt dund .-Muslim 1 York I: -i-n n e to the es- tablishment hi for, lilial n i uenit in. ..MI. F.'Ill'ooks s.'lected "l.y'tTie fill o tin-M-nt Mr. -Wood with Ii..I. A TleToi fiT V.ov Iw'i. anil nim call le cell s.lO.IMIO ami rll'.OOH, lll-lllfil Inl'-.1'.1, KATIONVI. i nt' the Dr. Morris' I'nurth Sej-moM ol Ilif sei Heal ai-e a" .n t low n a I i i The Rev, Mori I-' ft.Ill ill setmoii the few before a lal'ire audience in tin I l.lccne Stieet M. I'. Chnrch la-l I'.ic' w hi, h I i :n- was from M iU'-t i iption ol heaven. Revdatiou-t -.2'.1. Vnd-l 11> Si ants Shall' do Him Serv ice.'' The speaker discussed the idea of by ('hi i-l lanit y. The text convcved I in inlimalion ot the class that lo and of then mode "i.f life That heaven wa- ineielv an i i Tfji-; iiiti holnlav lie ilnl m.t iicvc; that hie there wvan .Mr asl.i.141.1 'o- in l.lie ad ol He had -I. 'i Ni N-J-X M iv An iniiial, InminafT'd address "amT a: 7 v. iuider'tliV lu 'l llrooks performed his part in a verv -a'i-l.u ]r t, n, iar whose real nann 1-J. Detiance Aetive Latay- tory ,vay, (m lH.hall. of the woik- -ni, yes- _.. nieii at Mr. "Wood, and dvvdhni; i" m nmvhasa fnlly pro- exi-tetr x w-.r v. n. wa- fessional nine. Pollard, p.: ,limam, ,he w The a.idr, s- Detroit Rnkle.v, Straw, s. liertlebuek. 1'felVer r in the- outlidd. S. v ai-. v- l i' in i H. l -li I'.v inc.U'i I'Kij the stand Iv on the pavemelit.-j him and Columbia aventie, rhilai read reviewed th- tliat had been made by the ]iott-'-rv eo'nitan tin' -even years that Mr. Wi LlT cell "II Sutirl.T, 'Hiis ,-a'itlv --land, i L v the f a Wllll V.l' ,t vvMc- liiirke fs'broken up and unlit t itch, bttt a p. ,..i! t' the plea-antc'-t occ.i-'.on- hjs Mi. MaY-haJi. a member tjn-company, M i i v ''.K Miller to anil have a F, He had id had shared jvit.h them a poitii i. the Trenton diould w ith so uood -n liim. 1 tie imitation vvas refused, i laiti ol tne lietielils 'ienie'I a statement made bv Mc- ,1 ,1 i i The I'roVldPilce leans lor -the League pell- n-.s eiideiiee that the twij, had n i and dVsatiimintnients mint, with the t do-dv and Tr? i n as lar as tlie lonners residence. hoiu-d Mr omi iirttlr would hr-stjev, ir-wjdl; r r i the Athene is ahead in the American "--_ ..nd wa.- all'ivveu to lie on the! ro-es vv it liout a thorn, an occasional hours. Mithouijh tii-ial. I Heath, the I renton manager, rctiies irom 1 ,hc dub entirely at the clo-c of the present Votes thanks to ,ho-c..w ho had _; ,_' t weekTand That--heTn.Vir. his appearanei- adttrrss- Thaldiei'sretaemeni w hi. b a -nh- hn.-b. nnr: was snpjilied tiv Misers. Cook X' .Faque-. and the atldl'css w a-design, ii. enuios-ed anil i i i initiated bv Mr. John 1'ope. e UltMlLlht vie u eel1.. d some Itv il'iwed. inn: was treatmeliT "'liwity' on our, tnur." said thej- t id'eat ion tliat u blai or dnb t mnln on tile lUl- 11 lilt- I. lle-l ins In.II. i was on duly at the station vv hen Jed of ic-iet, is solely bv the ;t r7T M in what Millei that the latter McFarland with his cane. Mcl'ar- eased when it was shown that ot a burglar. Joseph Atier, watchman on North Greene lift ecu was in e Statww when McFarland 1, and testified that he afterwards injzer si- b.'Mds ivith MilTcr_and" n for hi- kindiievs" 'Watchman asked U .Mel'ai land was that "he was pretty well lixed." Moulton, employed by Consolloy mtchers. also testil'uvl that he saw. akinV- Horatio Hums, who now stand at the- corner ot' Front and testified trmt tire-door oT the hinged, and that in opening c kiinlest cut of all awaited us at home.wheli Tritf AiiHi'iritii to lire Latin a1 us turn thv-y-oufrtir to ,jav, Nixon granted a peremptory man----r, damns in th, luittd Stati.- in nit t lo- the city ol' to indnd, s next tav levy the amount of its ind, bt -IIII.AI.; i H. Robert (ioelet et al. A heaiim; i, i ii :r' ;i; ,i r. i_ Ml -ill'l H I t in tip ifetline 1" It'ilii'y. t was ..Hot easy to tllld do vvie'ketllie-s enough ill life uerit eternal punishment. The speakei. Tiow j tliat punishment would i. nj: because it would be Ibievt-r d. j I'hetri l Vnd heavenly felicity would be continued: i m.the ground of continued scrvi, e Tin i saved an- incitlv those w In. hni i allv called 'cluisMair-: Imt ,1P i'herc a'l'e maiiv in n. donlil it w In .f jileadied to them. The spealse'i hdn veil til i dial act uUu .tlni u-4-r iitinw (-hlist. but who fole.-.ved tin they had would be saAed. N'. nllv is lo-t- al dcalli.. ".d'- sei n licaveii ha've Ihe same natnie they 1 here. The love.of appro.bat loll, HIM -l _-a I _ j II the ambition of vai'ion i I" nieii." Vet iht n-are too inanv l--i i m bit ion -ailtl rl never fullv the >nl. 'Tiie-nat masses nit n do i-an i nl i and nl le-k a nt! ilfei, i li lo lloat. .mil ov er I n nh.i and i: tin end of the nia' t i. i mi. 11 alonn. i i on to the .'_! I- 1- -nielli of i i a i 'i came t lili- H. ,d almo-t 1 r i j; .in The ;l lip "O in i.. ii it t lie jar- I in n, I innmellt a ,'iii ioward_ihe ii.vl '4..! on to the li.n-k, il to i "V. d had col- .inv on "i l.i'iiy biokctl hack tln-'ir or he tin- f al knocked 00lle.-l 'ie-t. Tint do C put their whole account ot' the game in I dead languages." .The first nine of Lawreneeville Hi-b School ,n Sehneidei were defeated at Lawreneeville on Saturday Wm OI) ;II, r to show whv j the Kurcka of Seminary by the r score not lie set aside At'ter lit.- __ __ liy Kea-bey for and I I' i l .1 U--J.-.-y. Lawrenc'viTle.l 1 1 u n'n 11-- time taKr fit fite v-, s_ KariM-d runs laireKa, Lavviejicevi of Randall v. Three-base h'it Deeern, a. of IVmiiinzton. In the District Couit tin re wa-an Home ni" of-l-eunTrTnlon: the f.m uf ihe Lnilcd KMU- l.... -I hits lYnniiiKtoh, '-N'; "in-n ore. in which A. Ueiirv ..Umpire --AViu. I'aird.-ol Law reiicevillr.. I i i. i i was nserveil. Prisoner- ttu A Bailie ol base ball on .'vttimlay oetween _ _ the D, i-ion tin- united, ami uiai in open.UK sngp term w ill be sentenced to-morrow. twice struck on the head bv the and warehousemen ol Dav.s j. The jury agreed, alter a lew lisenee. that injury, nht, was received in the same way. d a verdict of not guilty. i 11 n i M. P.nrioni.hs. of llopewell, tiial for his father's name i made'payable to Chas. Wai- he llotir merchants of this citv. A if in ihe indictment further charged Single men. The l.eml 1'cn, il as a Pottery resulted in favor of the decorators, -1 1 to 17. "The a coi ii spondent, j "made the most of the j drunken Hungarians were An inteiesting game of ball was played jn carouse in a house on I In tad (ham-' Saturday afternoon bet w, en the manied and her-burg. bevond Roebling''s Mill, on Sat nnlav n singfl- men at Rubber Mill, re- night, when one of them ran out shrieking A suiting in a victory lor the latter by this score: held hi- hand- to hi- l.n-.'. and 11,' n Married men. -l I -J 0 0 .t (I ll in stal'bed. hatt ow ed a -in.ill lii. Moiii-' sennon Sniitlav _ will -In. w the r-'asonabh m --s liell and w iK n. i be the la-t. lit- the i V. a h'.'liii 'l i 1 1 i I nilii al ions KV "n. May '.'I. For liie Maliii, lie Stal.- d, watln r. t" in.rthwi wind-, lailinv i I.y The people' of Vat Hev llle are to he "ii evening willia i --t "I l tat v. ha- lie. n tini'le lm I "I (.any. Invitation- to attend tin openmi: of tin i ,i'.v '.iow_n on .1 _i'le' head .n, ii liotly Tie; n !.-.'.'-'I of .I.M! i ii. he day :.i. r- e-iaf.lis'-'- the i in_t he day tiii uf the de- i ri '1'n nion and i.a i int; comr ''d" year, l e In bolliiht da the toivhead. whele one ol Ills i-mu-.-r paiiions had -truck him v. ith a -bat p- tied b ad pencil. 1 h to make a TTyain-t him IJotll were tilled b.V .Ill-lice Wailnan lol I drunkenness. 1; A Trinl Oiilci-ed. a Mt; .vninr. t titird le had been given hini on account UVlltd ia.tlic that j Wh_al il KM! acknowledged tliat the On Saturday evening. Gate-Tender rgetl. On the stand this morning, the Union street crossing of the lYnnsylvania ie H. linrroughs. Railroad, went away from his post to direct hv! "ivcn lor the mg- -f- Fiancis He Chief .lustier neasley has set a-tde.iin _ and s0n considered left the gate in chai-e of two boys, with in- of the plaintiffs'counsel, .trt Mr. Walton far the structiot.s to lower it when trains came ;dfmK. Helden. the recent verd.-t injhe I', _ bv note I'l-'vei'iitor who f The. the order... .Nlrs. Anielia J.' pated said in his opening Wright, residing at 71- Soiith Warren .street, lias l.ecii ordered. [her waa now worth nothing and j c-anie along in the a nl.iv. MIL Fi.e I I'.ov win. had I., i, -I HI fit HI pn! t. 11- "t li-'i I liisn In- in il lill l'i nlay A .lmnl 'innmiil. i i ompo-i d nn mbi-i I'.av nd L. II' .'...-.I' j MCI- er i nn I- rv ve-li nlav IM a-., i i tain Samnel Ma i fin a w ctT Kii" .v n Ti.u.a i' i nilin i w.i- -n iinil.t" 1 t" ti.i.i ,1 Tin l 'I. 'inallv 1'nl 'I II. t'" i......if -h.n p axe in lh> ban.I- o! 1 .id; i iT'i'ill it MllillTM. .e, 'II 1.1V ,it'. II ,t rin k a; il a I'.' l m L''ai" d t 'n 1, ..n I fe i' a dei i' ,-a-h. hi n lal.' i'l MI 4" ..'-'I the W'.iln.l hoi-e I.i 'onuii'L' t" Miii-tian ll'i'.ei tu-t lo'iiel 'ltd j i' tnltc. Hi" dh Kin oil Ini'ii .h 'l 'Hi nl i in I.i' in In. n- ilui. li.' liK'lil Later HI lit. d.t> tonlid 'II I .1 r'.a.....I a .''I'll" l il r- 11. lt tl nil nu-B Lan'l Leau-u. have in.! i. I ii w inn, t" tonic aii.i-Tmitr :t. S I V in j Philip Mcdtorv.a rag deal, r, vXs hoisting NX stri' a hai" of ra-.'- ,nt'i Hie Lift ..f ir.- n.n-i on a In r hi- t f line "ir vnl nrilHV all ft iit'ii ol tl the In-ke i 11 onng on I'll- -tnn k irni'. "ii t head ..inl klii.ckt o ]imj, f loiti'.r lilt annua picnic in William itv l-l np fee ne street hei f Tiin'.f. nt t (rum Utvii jJ'ow French l hy Winkler'w liand. which played n gay Lenox hlll, i. in yst_. j lurw 'Lwon, making the distance in lit'twn sewdidK. Hisliop hed in the' cvwiiiiK. trnte in Ih.- nl In- waumi, win re lie lav fur a iiiuuiiiiL a-i uiu 'Ua'J.. lldy i.jiinc, ill id., was resirsd'ai.d Ilf. nunliani dresscil ;i tl, p j ,v ,r nvei Ihe lelt ey, lilid the Wounded lllllll vil'.e llnll 1 v.'ii., M At.. takeii hoiVie. .-1'lv SPAPER

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