Saturday, May 19, 1883

Trenton Times

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - May 19, 1883, Trenton, New Jersey m VOL. L NO. J., SATURDAY, MAY TWO CKNT3. First Edition. CRUSHED BALL PLAYERS. i V THE RETURN OF THE TRENTON NINE. Their Owu Account of H Run of Hard Luck, Whlfih Began with Goodman Ex- tended Clear Down the Line Coining Home ait Honpltnl "We are nine crushed wan the'Tloleful greeting with which Quinton, of the Trenton Hall Crub, received a TIMKS re- porter at the Clinton Avemie'House this morn- ing. The players, wlio were seated togetlier, and nursing their wounds. looked crestfallen enough. They waited for the late train last night to -Trenton, and retired immediately ou reaching the hotel. The general opinion among them is that they have hard luek. Rain interfered with two of the games which they were most likely to win, and in addition the club was crippledlrom the start. Goodman opened the hospital on Mon- day night by exhibiting an incipient felon on the small finger of Vfia right hand. He could not field lit ones, as players had to be changed from their posi- in order to fill Goodman's vacated first base. Dwyer tried the base, bnt he never pre- tended to be a first baseman, and failed. Then Burke tried it, and his experience was scarcely any more gratifying. Cronin next showed a sore finger and had to leave second. Indeed there was scarcely a player this morning whj> was not found to be crippled in some way. Quinton's hands, as well as Burke's, are bruised, Dwyer has the "chilly" Harkjns is suffering with a sore finger, and Goodman still nursing his felon. CAUSE OF THE DEFEATS. Ear'ne'd Merritt 6. Two base zel. Three base hito Warner, Greenwood, Bases Merritt, 4; Trenton Tasked Sweeny, 2 (juintoii 2. Struck Merritt. 1 Trenton Ii. Bases on Treii- 1. I'nj.rrors Merritt Trenton ]2. Vm- pire, K. J. I5urt. Time of hoifv arid tifty minutes. Ot-her games out of town yesterday re- sulted Princeton (i, Harvard 5; Lafayette College 11; Stevens' New York 11, Detroit o'; Mets. 20, Jaspers 12 Brooklyn 13, Allegheny H. The Ijjnownta made away with the Aiyeri- Waiters yesterday, by a score of I iiH to Hawse, of the winning club, scored i three home runs. j The Wilmington papers characterize Thurs- j day's game between the, Quickstep and Tren- ton as a stupid affair." Tin ginnVVuts afternoon between thp Tren- ton and New Brurwwick begins at 4..H) o'clock. -OnJlondjiy the Brooklyn play an Inter-State game here. After that the Trenton will take part in no Inter-State match till June 9, when the Brooklyn will give them a tussle. It is not known how the home club will be made up today. P. Smith, of last..year's Trenton, may pitch and Burke catch. There will be a great game here on Decora- tion Day. Brown University having been en- to Visit Trenton oa that occasion. A special from- Princeton says l- The first championship game between Princeton and Harvard came off here jesterday aud piovt-d an exciting contest. The feature of the game was Moffett's excellent pitching, which the visitors found themselves unable to hit. Princeton out-batted Harvard from the start, while Harvard out-fielded Princeton. The latter had numerous errors, which attrib- uted by the students to a lack of practice, ne- cessitated by the prohibition of the Faculty to play with professionals. This prohibition is new removed. The, pitching and catching of both-teams were excellent, and the'difficult catches made by Clark, of Princeton, and Cooledge. of Harvard, were loudly applauded. Score by innings: 1- 2 :J 4 5. (i .7 H 9 Third lid i lion.. r.ATKST NKWS BY WIRE. v A CYCLONE'S GREAT WORK IN RACINE One Hundred" nnd Fifty and littrim People Killed and One Hundred Fire lnft jiatchett in General. By Associated Press to THK TIMKS. KACINK, May The cyclone which struck this city last night demolished ene hundred and fifty houses ttnd barns. AhouV twenty persons were, killed and one hjindred_wauuded. Tovyards noon the sky ut l ;Tjhurp electrical prevailed. The cyclone struck the earth with a roar and rumble similar to that wM'-h would be made railroad trains crossing abridge. Mauy occupauU-of dwellings sought refuge in cellars. Tbe storm came with such rapidity that many were killed before reaching the cellar. The storm niovexl from the city and swept over Tjike Michigan. Catholic Clergy Ordained. IHE TIMV.S. Brief i.Hvg Ktitu World for Tweiitv-Kour It is stateifthat Prince Bismarck 1s aftlicted with catarrh of i! t miif.dUig.' e Napoleon started for VIM! to cx-KmpresH Kugcnie. Bisho died on veal's. Hdilidn. LIFE ABOUT TILK CITY. centvnniaTof PriiMc ,Ie England TrlB WOTDO.IOffi Jesse T. Peck, oj' the M. K. Church, Thursday at N. Y., aged 72 Arrangements for the .Seventh Kegluienf Turn- out Educational Sugjfentlons by liitendent at the Meeting of Coiinty Huper- A minor is current in Montreal tlrat O'Don- ovan Hossa IIHS arrived in ttntt city and is stop- ping nt privnti- rcfjidi'iicc, wlit-rc he it} rt glirst. The steamer Iskatermburg, plying on the river Vulga, exploded her hoiler Twenty seven passengers were by the exjilosinn. Mr. Morton, the United States Minister to France, will give a ball on the hist. He The inspection and review in this city ou Tuesday -of the Seventh Regiment, by General He well atafT, promises to be an imposing a Hair, (ieneral his will have bin headquarters at the Tren- '2 1 0 l) Heath seems very much discour- aged. He attributes the defeats sustained during the tour to the fact that the other Inter-State Clubs have better players than the ni said, and that is the wlrivte' exphimition. I no complaint, to make. the- treatment L HrUiwton_mude_ five base hits, with a total of eight, amttwelve errors, and the Har- vard ..four base hitti with a total of six. and th-ive errors. A nine organized the Wm. S. .Shaip PrintinpjHouse, and a game between it aud J iiK VlMKn vfub wiii soon be piayeu. The contest for the Inter-State we received, but I 'simply think, we have not the material to win. We have no eatehei iu condition, and our pitchers were also used up. In this extremity, yesterday lighted upou Kittenbonsp, who done sjond vrorl; for Philadelphia auiajcur clubs, and put him against the Merritte. As you know, he failed, that's the whole arn.y." ___ Havk'ins, who is one of the best of the Tren- Um men, bolii nb to work and playing ability, takes a difffrcnt view of the matter. Rad he said, "followed us all through the tour. Our players were- Crippled .to begin with. Then the weather was against us. I think we could have won at Pottsville, but the rain interfered. Then, again, at Reading, it was anybody's game when the rain began. Every one believed we would have won. At Harrisburg, to tell you the truth, we were afraid to play. Scbappart, the pitcher, struck seven of our men early in the game. It is an old trick of his, and when we remonstrated ho oaid he'd .hit uo We got no ohow there at sill. pitching th? easiest we met. but were ah aid to aUtud up to the plate. At Wilmington we won, and yesterday the new pitcher lost the match." Complaint is also made that there was the -TROY, N. Y., May 19. The regular half-yearly 'ordinations occurred in Kt. Joseph Provincial Seminary, in this morning. Bishop O'Farrell, of Trenton, conferred the OrdeiS. Among the- candidates were Edward 3. Egan, Nicholas M. Freeman and' Terence P. Raffcrty, of Trentoii-diocese. Tire two former were pro- moted to tonsure and the last-named was among tire-Leetores. There were between IK) mid 10 receiving ttvixv ordained priests were Richard J. Burns, L. J. Evers, William J. McUiU York Patrick F. Harrigan, Matthew R. Merns and J Ruby ton House, and will review the regiment from has iiu'ited thejiromincnt member of the EUK- parch it P.-ISSPS down from Hanover i-oSi.ny to attend. '_ All the horses Mr. K, KcHiie, which were entered for the race for the Dwrby stakes, to be run on Kpsom Downs, next Wednesday, have bw.ii scratched. Twenty-four persons were poisoned at a church festival at Chattanooga, Tenu., ou Thurs- day by something in the food. All are now recovering. Henry knight, colored, was publicly hanged yesterday at Waycross, Ga., for the murder of Edward -Hunter, a colored band-master, near that place on July 1, iHrtii. Approaching Kanch 10" will by Harry Mere- dith and his troupe on Monday evening. The play is after the Buffalo Bill order, but both its style and manner of rendition is superior to the regulation blood and thunder drama. On Tuesday evening next Miss Helen Ban- _ci'oft will appear for the iirst time in Trenton Large Fire In By Associated Press to THK TIMES. BALTIMORE Md., May 19. A large five story brick warehouse, occupied by -Lurch West Pratt street, damaged by morning. 'The loss Is iutOoD; insured. Julia iu KnowW popnlpr piny of The Hunchback." Miss Bancroft is undoubt- edly an exceedingly promising young actress. She made her dibnt some weeks ago in New York and .met with almost phenomenal suc- Whilo'Khi! is nut a Mm 3 Anderson, ship to date shows the position of the differ- ent clubs, the number of games wo" lost to be ;w follows: S Mprritf, of 2 'i S Hairisburg, of '2 1 1 1 Active, of 2. 5 Quickstep, of Wilmington................." 2 1 li li S Brooklyn, of Brooklyn.................. 1........... 1 1 S Anthracite, of l......! l 2 Trenton, of Trenton....................... 1 1. 4. 8J30 hea-d work. If there were.iivo-meu on bases ana a chance to score, the batter would rather try toynake a record by driving a long hit than sacrifice and bring in a run. STILL ANOTHER IIKFKAT. reanon why tiou froiu the this city. i'ann.ioss' popular Minstrel Troupe will en- tertain :rt the riext Friday the lUvwion have beadijuart-ers at the Street House and will the fpgiuicnt at that jwint. There will be present (Jovernor Ludlow, Generals Mott, Plume and others. The regiment will form on Hanover street, with its left resting ou Greene street, at 9.30, when it will be inspected and mustered by Col_onel Murphy. It will pass the Trenton House and by General Scwell and Btaff at about This will he the first time that General Mott bus had his Division all together, and great interest is felt in the city and vicinity over the event _ SEVERAL EDUCATIONAL QUK8TION8. Home SuggoKtlonit Made by State Superintenil- emt Apgar to the County SrtperiiTtehdentH. The County of Public Hvlunds throughout the rrtate held nileting" at the Assembly to dis- cuss the question of illiteracy among the children. The meeting was held at the call of State Superintendent Apgar, who presided. .He recommended -the Superintendents trouble all through the tour lack of ciuigbt the side nf thp the the lock. Tbe limb was fright- fully crushed, bones being broken until they through. flesh. The wounded nome at UK) Bruns- wick avenue, where a physician' w'aS sum- moned. Margprnni and CAty Clerk KarJey tayc been fishing at -Asburj. Park all weefc. J Expectant graduates at the Normal, Model and High Schools are puizlmg their brains with thoughts of valedictoriw and commencernent oritionsi Michael J. Donnelly, the "South Trenton newsdealeh WHS presented other evening with a haunsome photogi-aph album by H num- ber of admiring friends. James Donnelly made the presentation speech. Captain Stahl is waiting till he wins the superb span' of- blacjts to-be chauccd off at the America Hose Company's fair before himself nud Frvd. Walter Btnrt on tlwir unnuL.1 diiviug tou.- along tboseashore The New Jersey and iron Company are at present turning out some of the biggest work 'ever known at the mill. The heaviest order is for bridge girders, the largest of which ftkfc-ct lobg and weigh pourirts. .The milljs yn full _. the fact whk-h Mr.-'iridd seems to bare A surprise patty tendere4 to Mr. and- overlooked, that his contract with the tele- Mrs. Edgar A. White, at their residence, No: company specifics that he shall .allow K ph-e thirty ladies am) gentlemen comprised the an tiniP The Trcriton' Fall Easy Vlctinm to the Merritt lit Camden Yesterday. The Trenton on needed a result ..-OH 7- that retiched in the Merritt at Camden to complete their downfall. Those who went to Camden from this city in the expectation of seeing the local repeat its victory of Friday over the re- turned home disgusted last evening. The Trenton committed their old error of putting in a new pitcher on trial, and they discovered when too late that he was a failure. The Merritt hatted him at will, driving the ball all over tlio field. Warner, Greenwood and (Gardner hit each for and Householder was vocifer- ously applauded when he niiide an earned honic i mi. The Merrill's ticliiiug wtw fine, being credited with only two errors. Thf Trenton were at the bat nnd no good in the field, could not catch Rittfiihdiise. the new his hands all tiniised The only good frn- 'in tin- Trenton nide were double plays in the ami third innings, the first by That< Kastwin and Kurke, the other by Hpcnce, Hnrke and Thatcher. The score A Child Injured by H Fall. A two-year-old child of Dr. Henry M. of No. 121 West Shite from the porch-of thf family residonce yesterday, tl and landed at tbe bottom oT an Srea-wayT seriously cutting, head. Tbe father being aliseut another physician was summoned and dressed the child's injuries. n. K. Deveriux. late of the Sumiuy two wcckv from Monday will re- t me of that sprijjhtlv little side jourKal, the which did so much to en- i liven life aT Ajbury I'aik last Slimmer. Mr. Devereus is now at ofliis nancr. certain, through the teachers, how many chil- dren between the ages of 1'2 and 1H years are growing up in illi'eiucy. This movement is directly in jthe line of the movement of the. the claims of this new lahftr people of the State, who, ut the hist seshion oTthc Legislature bad a the employment in fin tones, work-. slmiiN in nit rv-antilc i-MtubliHluneuts children under Ibnrleefi yean of tbey for two previo'usly attended school. njiokc 'of a distinction which neople diil u I s see- in tile statistics <ii attendance of children at school, and which failure to tun: led errnn- eoun conclusions. It is supposed by-many the betwoeii the uumbei given in the school census as enrolled pupils and: that do not attend school in thft 'mif-ilibrr who have no cnSication at all. This mistake. Many of these children have good educations, obtained otiUide the year iu which the census taken. Some leave school at fourteen, well trained in the various studies. To ascertain just how many persons, lietweeii the ages named, are unable to read and write, is a mat- ter of considerable moment to the State. Superintendent Apgar NnhniitUMl tv plan meeting wiiereby the nutnb-r i-an obtained with absolute noon ai'ii r th'e schools rc-bpen in Septeuilxr. The other matter of importance di.-ctiwcd meeting was u commendation Mr. Apgar that they fix upon uu Arbor Da'y. It was suggceted that the sc.hool f veiy- where be_ divided into imuOs of from (iye ta twenty, who shall be expected to plant one tree at a designated time and pWe, the bands to act ns owners, protectors and guardians ofjhe tree they plant. The suggestions will be con- sidered by the Superintendents and uy them recommended to the teachers, H. M. Pitt uud his Bijou will present the play or4 "Caste" on May 'J Thatclici, iL Vi'unt'a minstrels will arrive on May 29. Miss Minnie Hauck is expected on May 31. uive tJiejTollre The Borough Hall Committee of Chamber i.- bmg Council, at a late meeting was to have a telephone fitted up in the Police Station so as tojiring the phVce into connec- tion with the Trenton circuit. Nothing has yet bcCii done by the Committee in the riiat- ter, although Chief Collins says there is fre- quent need of communicating with the Police Station aud other poiuLs in Treu ion. It is generally conceded that a telephone would be a valuable aid to the police in "various emer- gencies. Councilman Tidd, who is one of the Hall Comntittec, is oppoood to the telephone druji store several blocks distant from the Station, and, being provided with a telephone, tells the police fthey can use his instrument whenever necessary. It is generally agreed thaffimTs aninconvenient arrangement, n The Hose Fair. The America Hose Company's Fair in the Taylor Hall Assembly Rooms will close on Monday night. This afternoon a matinee will be given for the of the Children's "Home, when the little ones of that institution will be admitted free. Other childrrn will In- admitted for live cents. Tln their linihil 11 Tm cvi n "f Mc-srs. H. W. H. 'ottnor and L. 1, n1 vu nt tn Niagara Falls on in Treutou on STOCK MAKKK1. I from rhlladelphla York Rirhangeii. irdini; and I Mr. J oil n I marrirr) OTI "I Klorn Woodward. n( performed hefi den. e i'l I lo I thr MI PemlK-rton, was :'litv last to M. i v <if nty. Tho ceremony -y-lert company ut tin- n-i i''' in i 11' i N i I MMITJO, nf tin i.- r aft. Quint. i 1 2 1 Jb Crfluin. Rttte n i thr BasUin If 1 Honth. It Burk.', Spenoe, ToUl... fevrri Bl IK i xrAmt Merritt 11 inarkPt arc rh, ,d rs of thin rily, v the >rt of HIM! thp 1 nnd '.v illi tint n-fl Tli.T.. is iipenniu prirm werp frw I'.vi ptimiR, have uell howrvcr, H lull in thp iv wHittng nntil the rtwiltt of thp tliol tlnK will fnvoraMr. Mint thf will hnvr Milled tn in I guidon to IWR rish, and a Ihcrf ulio. with ft linpp-vrim ni in A mem MM ne. i .Jonew. the wife-murderer, wtw hanged at in ihe preivnce of iinmenie en of pcopl'-. dome of whom hid traveled sixtv miloa to the oxrt'iition. tlii fain wi'h iv very pi nninbei rffilpli iliclndn, i; Ni i A vi i honsr dun. atti i.d MM. ,l H 'bun in Ib.v t r ni, for :i l ail- t 4t Ml' rb ilnel v Ih.. wei. -ndi'd trip, "f amwljt M at the H 1 'til VII inn d "f I'laieiiCe i em, h ut liatb, Gore, lUrrj Morebeiid and Dinbrow with his own oatablishment. General Weather By to THE TIMKS. May 19-For New Highland and Middle Atlantic Htatcs, wanner, fair weathffe followed by local rains, variable to south westerly, lower pressure. waizon of Amos Coitrtright, of Morris ville, wan niiatterwi on Broad ntrettt latt oven- iuK. llis horse ruu Another f4ltse alurm oi tin1 was yesterday. It was from in 'hamliersbuix and the man who sounded it WIIM not found. The funeral of the hite Whifall Stokes took pliico from the faiivJy r< sidence, 511, State yesterday. TlnTc was a large attciwl- tliee. .f K of the Greene Street M. K. vviii prciK-n to-morrow eveninir on tbe Miibp-ei VV bo to Hesvcti, and What Will Ti.ry d.. flu -re The annminpfnteiYf the jjirl wlio iwu-Hped from tbe Mate Industrial S'boiil the other day. bad been recaptured, was a mistake. Kbe HH.M not tound. Mount M I. hurch has the following Triiatei-K H. .lobimon. Rent.en '1'raimom, John Charmer, I.'iac b, lienrv Clark, John Krooko and banner I, K Rrowii.Konlplitown Srott, T iHivenfxnl, H Krunfc K HiniUt, Rs H llnnev V> (UwkhiiPit. New York 1 p -her- wood, .Icroev W. K I'ott.- and wlfn Uni l '.winner T H A Utllinitliarn rhilmlelpliiM A. llarnng and wife, Troy. H. Stone Princeton Jooeph H Kovvler SMIR Km KB. <A. P. Him, C 11 Hoffman. Lebanon. H. M ranker, HAI-MII Hani felt, Brooklyn. K. Swia, A L Jfcmart, DoiiRhty, New York A. H. Howland, Bnaton Wm. H lAnoe, Reeling. R. R. MorrUon, Daytou, O O. {NEWSPAPER! ilEWS.PA.PE.Rr

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