Wednesday, May 9, 1883

Trenton Times

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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - May 9, 1883, Trenton, New Jersey f v VOL. L, NIX First lidiiion. A -BKSTRrCTIVE "KIKK; I HE MANSION HOUSE PARTLY BURNED. ami Water as JUri.tni.vlnK on .State itfl flooded OwW-A to the FKKXTONV AFTl'ijtXOOX, MAY Third Hdition. Trtl5 TKKNTON'S BlH L VICrOKV. North America, fl.000 in the and in the (iernmnia of Mew whw-.h latU-r company Messrs. Joseph B. Wright and Son are the Trenton agents. _, Mr! Aitkin, the lawyer, had an insurance of in the MerePf County Mutual of Pen- Mr. XHHT had 'insurance of against the Harrisbuff yestenlay when in the Glen Falls Company, leprewnted in heavy wind and rain storm set ui. 'Ihfl this city bv K F. How ell Hrws. 1 inning was in progress at the time, the A Game Given to Them Before Kach Completed Five The Trenton nine were distinguishiog themselves by brilliant play in their .game the A PV minutes IK'fore l-> o'clock last night if li.v. in tj'e Jipjier story of the Mansion1 House, thr brgc three ami a hatf story building on the south' side sf State -street near 5farren, almost directly opposite tlie Board of and in leR-? than an hour the roof and third story had been en- tirely destroyed. The building is one of the old landmarks'of-the city. In early years it was ft targe hotel. it was abauttoucrt lor that purpose the lower part for .stora purposes, the largest establish "lent oi beiiigllml llftunigarfiifr A TindaH. dry goods merchants, of No. 17 East State street. One door .then-, or at No. 'to have lapsed, atid upon the question :i-s whether the error lies with them of with the company depends their ability to recover. The loss in these oflices in every case was slight. C. Mount bad an rance of in having been to the bat and Jfeam just U> 1 cny were insured in the Standard "some time ago for but bvso-me error tlif policy seems jibout to take their turn. The awre in favor of the Trenton. AI'Ur waiting hall an hour the umpire dedared game for Objection was instantly inade by. Trenton, Ihe ilarri.sburg players, on the ground that the rules provide very clearly that the urn- V" iimt mi i t jf v the-15ucks Count v Mutual, on the building pire uau'call no game in which botlj.sides ne occupied. five i j i Mr. UTKST-NKWS BY WIRK. MORF ABOUT THE IND.IAN FIGHT. The Rrcent rJiigaseiiH-nt Continued -1 rsert- Oinlodged Krmi'i Their Strong- Hours Murdering Mare In- of a Man. __ cently opened a dry store -in i the -httihl- ihF umpire, contended that his inn hnii an- insurance of irlJ uui >n their stock, uo .injustice to the visitors, they had .which to thejmt no more in Samuel L. Kailey Son, city, is the I the inning." The decision waa the talk ot all local sports "Mr. A. CK 1 leer, the photographer. last night. It is one of the most ortfls ihe thai m t 15 East State of K. L. Dobbins, Iutter and general furnishing On the side of Baumgaitner Tindall's is the _candy store of I Mount and the (try store "of Morrell Chani' be'rlifi. The stores of Mount and Morrell t'haiiitterlin are not in the Mansion House the building on the east side, The second story of the building w divided up into offices, thrw or tour of which are oc- cupied by lawyers. The third story wsw "otrupied by A: U. Beer, the well-known pho tosraphert whose large aud perfectly-equipped comprised four or live rooms. The lire is" "believed to have had its origin among some chemicals in this place. It discovered by two m.en who were passing along the street -on the "opposite side. They went to the 1'oliee Station aiul -iioti tied Ser- geant Sweeney I and Ofticer-- Murray, who, sounded the alarm at the box on the corner of suite and Greene WOKK OF THE insured for only and is ity an heaviest loser, the fiiv did not originate from any "the chepiiwds in establish- ntt-ul. loivwi uvfrythinn. il'i "u- tablishment one of the best etiiiipped in he had a large patronage among the schools "aud as well as a deserved w itli the gen'- eral public.. He was visited this morning by Mr.-John W. Bainbridge, the photographer, on Broad street, who kindly offered his assist- ance to- Hr. Beer in starteif again, Mr. Beer no.( yet decided where he slntll optn of. contracts ahead graduating claftses and others'. -He says the Are Veachecrhini just iji the -busiest sea- SOB. The tire by this time had incrtaned so rap- idly that it was visible .aev.eral blocks away. The engines quickly responded, 1 he ton Hook_ajud Ladder Companj being the tirst to arrive. Afterward Wili.Vne- Delaware, Haud-in-Hand and the Har- mony Companies. An accident occurred in the begiuiiingrwhich delayed, the firemen a minutes. The meinbers'of the ton Hook aud Ladder Company and of the Haud-in-Hand bad placed a ladder against the building, and three of them were ascending it to the upper "Story, when it broke. They were all thrown Violently to-the pavement, and Kowau layhJr, of Ihe -Hniid-iu-Ilwid, struck on the head by a-piece of the Ijladder and seriously hurt. Dr. Colcman ''dressed his wound. A member ot the Har- mony Company, Myers by name, wus severt-ly cut on the side of the ueORY meantime were spreading rapidly LT-ovcr-tfie binding, and illuminated the whole neighborhood. A great crowd -hud rned out.- There was grctit danger of the sweeping the oejc front from forf-.-ene to Warren streets, in There was a somewhat disgraceful-aflair among the firemen during the lire. T.he (linxl Fire Company had its hose, attached'to the nearest plug and jvas doing good service, When.tbe Delaware' Company appeared and right to the plug. Chief Fuhrman had placed the Good Will Company there and the Delaware came and began to.inter- nipt sent for the police. aqiisvl of Bix'or eight ofTVcrs responded, but Instead of keeping the Delaware company, from nioiepting --they drove the Goo.l Will boys away from-the plug-and put the Delaware company in charge. This caused a delay of about ten minutes, during which the lire was constantly increasing. Chief Fuhr- man says the tihW Will company'had th-; ln-en If the rule governing the point be interpreted rigidly and literally, of course the ,-laim the ifiune.' Hut rnleif were made for intelligent .men amfwele not de- signed to ruti couuter to common sense in any With an intelligent of this particular rule, .Umpire Webb's decision will be snstatned.. "riotj-Hstance, nine innings are said to constitute a game, yet the winning side1, in', case -they come to never play their half of the final inn iug.' This is a exactly parallel, to the one presented yesterday. Five are prescribed by tlu rules asiieceksary before a game heraJlefl If tvinning side come first to truf bat, t ice-would clearly require the losing side slnmld nave a chance at the bat the game be called, but the Conditions 'are re- versed, and Ihe losing side have been By Associated to THE 'I'lMi-.s. 1 ri r., .'iay The report of the recent -4ight jyith the ludi- ins in Madro Mountains is eonrirmed >y a letter received at the headijuarters of the army of Northern Mexico at HfKrtMiira.-in the State of Sonora. The occurred at Sierra .line. left headquarters Sixth u Devesa the bat and made all they could 1'irthc t( iu 'th of Ayi-il f'ol. fiarcui one company of the with nuiubering eighty-six __ were tigh ning. there can be no injustice in giving the game, to the winning side without requiring the latter to go the form of batting. There are two other points that enter into the case. First, the HarrisbiiFg took their of the jjiite. money, which isiiot allowed, whtn a gome Wen played; and secondly, they left the held when tht rain began without waiting for the umpire's lil'the case the umpire can declare the take up and follow the trail of their late raid into Sonoiy After five days forced ami hard marching they, succecdwd lij tracking Ike Indians, woo were then entrenrtiisd- in the Sierra Madras nenr thc (lliThUaiina lines. Tlii- Indians had received from tlu-ir scouts two days MI advauee_of tlie the troops, and determined td make a .desperate as Hthe.y- had seeim-d- positions in roughest part of ihe uumuuiifft and there awaited the of the troops. cia, as soon as--he had asecrtrtined and uiuler- stooU the position of the divided his troops into two columiis, placing one under ('ol. Torres of the State troops, and lusadcd tlie, other himself. The battle, was t lieu commenced. After lutiH-s of hunl the troojis succeeded in tlie Indians from their stronghold iuul putting them to flight, leaving eleven their bucks' dead on the field. Many Indians were observed during the action comvying away their woiiiideU. .The Mexicans lost three State troopersraiid two KedeiAls..were killed and some THK MORNING NKWS. BrUf OUncet at the KVenU of the World for Tuenly-Four Hours. (Jueeu Victoria has returned to It is reported that the Count de Chambord had a slight attack of apoplexy. Four jurors were secured for the Jerry Dunn murder trial iu Chicago yesterday.' A national pilgriuiage to visit Notie Danv de LounlTs lias at Montreal According to reports of I'nited States Con- miU-rm-distress in severe, by no means unusually so. Senator Van Wyck has written to the Sec- retary of the Interior" urjiing delay in the mat- ter of the New Orleans Pacific land urant. Tlie lltrman (inzittt has attacked.Mr Tanner, the American Vonsul al Liege, because be chaj'ged that German' dealers adulterate goods. The final arrangements have been made for the race between Hanhitt and Kvnucdy. will take place May at Point oTThn near Boston. in tht- (ielinall Keichstae asserted yesterday that'Tt suiie_jor a exist on the Continent-. __ Winn, who killed his ft TWO Second Hdition. A-SMALL-SIZKD CYCIONK. FOREPAUGH'S TENT BLOWN The HUMIC Veslrrdaj'fi Storm Made With the Ilig On-tiH Camns-Wlmt the Wind Old A small cyclime struck Trenton yw- terday afternoon. It cajne from the north- cast, and arrived just, aft the performance in big circus tent. The people were all riot fi DIM unflei ihe cnlnns. eicepl a few assistants-nid several performers. The can- vas a very large one. It wjw lonfc, 'Jll! feet wide, and feet high. The" wiiuK.soon began to ratHr fhe tent. The big n in the swrtwd and fro, Then lit-Ih'midj-r of the drowned by hlnw on the head with a hatchet in Nashua, N luis Imen nty yeai-s. sentence State Prison A CLAIM TO HALF OK 31KW J HUSKY.. f V Record o DrntliN in New York NKVV YoitKj_May "Hie inhabitants of New Jersey-will li sfarUed to-learn that a- Jumil.v in Loud" claims half'of the State by right of iuher tam-e. the subjec_t_ have passed be family and. Deputy Jiegister Nagl the Itureau of Vital Statistics, who -hi .ecu" asked to search the records for i mini tot.tta'bliah the. claim. The I'1 omuiunication wits received yesterday bv Nugle tVom Feiin Vaissierc, of No. h'tievor Stoke-New ingtonj nine oL tejij wounded. which had been stolen A large amount of slock bv the Indians in their against them to U. While the game continued the Trenton -p4ay_-M.- right to the plug and should not have., interfered with. THK NKW COINTV HOARD." The Freeholders and Make Appropri- for tin-Coming Year. The Board Freeholders met at the Court House this morning and effected an organization. Clerk of the last Hoard liergen tr> order and administered .he> Ad- lows Gep. U. First ward: X. H. Ivins, Ku'ond ward Samuel Wpuley, Sixth ward" Florence M.-Carty, Seventh -'-ward: Spalferd L, Bergen, Ewing John S. Vankirk, Wm. Rogers, West Windsor the the. oath of'otlic "it is rcgrrtted- it could not be completed. Bastain, the new catcher, distinguished nimself by driving a two-bagger und bringing in two runs iu the second 'inning. lie also assisted in a double play that was :LS tine "it is drove a ball to Dwyer ill right field, and- with great promptness Dwyer fielded the runner ont at find. Then who had been on third, was making his best time for home, im Jet Hyio but very ugh. Bastaiu made agreat jump, holding the mil and coming down on Cline as the .latter .wired the phife. Bpth rolled over but Cline was touched, out amid great applause. The score follows: _____! if. ButkV Washington, anjl John Sost, C'ham- damage would be tremendous, for this is he' chief the_' rrhe. __ _ _ liftmen, notwithstanding the accident, hastily put up another ladder, aud two of .them ascended to the rooT of "the adjoining build: ing, occupied by Morrell Chamberlin arid Mount, and drawn a heavy line of hose up were enabled to pour a thick stream of water upon the burning roof. After an hour's hard.wnrk the lire was gotten under control. Beet's "photographic establishment was totally destroyed, with all its This was the worst damage done' by the lire. Mr. Vanatta's R. Kobison, of Princeton, waS elected for the ensnwig year, and was-re-elertcd1 Clerk (H'the Board. Fouler. W., V.mkirk and Ktlwanl W. Evans were re-elected Cytfnty and Off FrcenokitJT McCarry-'s motion the salaries of the ollicers were made the same as those of, last year for the Collector, the i, and for the Solicitor. Water was. the chief element of the stores underneath. It flooded Bauuigart- ner Tindall's establishment, Dobbins' hat to such air extent that the ceilings Stout, Wilson and Hutchinson were appointed a committee to revise the oW rules gowning the.Bowd and report at the next The next maUer to claim attention wajn the publication of the County Collector's annual report. Isaat year tJie True Emporium, joirrnaJ and friiK-etntr- 'Prem printed it.- Freeholder Norris moved 16 fcTd Independent. It was agreed to Freeholder McCatty suggested that theTuKN- TON TIMKS also have the'publication as extensively an late, raids recaptured and sent to head- quarters, i Murdering a Mnre IiMcad of a Man. By Associated Press to THETIMKS. Ky., At the stables of the Knir; afternoon Nathan Bruce, >T "ugro, became involved in a quarrel with another netfVo. and, drawing' pistol, attempted to-shoot him. Alh.ird part.v strui-k pistol jj.isc.harg the hall going through a plank into the stable striking a lino young mare in the in-ek, killing instantly. The mare was the property K'lward Wilder, of ibis city, amTwiis valued a ShXvvas by .liru Monroe, daln by Whirl jvind, and speed. STOCU MA.KKKT. Alter asking about the registry of the death if a Mr. Bethell, who made a-will in Ibrty-tivi- or lifty yt-jiKot. tge, the writer goes on thus His, neplicw. John Fenn Bethell who is my tinclr -wits then living.with him as private secretary, and 1ms srim-e The mone; is pu't into chancery, and all relatives "ol the Bdhells are now wanted to-Haim moneys and estates, add ii' ynn would "be paiiV "handsomely- for tiontde." 1 1 1, o o 0 (J-1 Fronton..'.............................- 3 Base hits HarrUburg, Trenton, 0. with a tiftfil 'Two-base hits Quint in and- _ Trenton. 1'assi-d balls 1: Ain. I. pllch-Wisc, 1.-r..ii'Ii'- Webb.--- out of "town...resulted yesterday: The ytiwtntton-' frmn I'hHnrtrlphJa and 7 Sew York providing your efforts' enable, us ia.obtain The property. Otherwise we could not retnunei'atc yon, tire only small" peujjc] Doubtless the property, is imiiM-nsc, offe half of New Jersey belonged to greal uncle, other estates in America. His name was either lie over lo New York from.. SLOVM- Marke.t a widower with a son and daughter. The., daughter married a black man named Richardson, and they lived in Orange street. Kichardson died from sun- stroke. The son js John I-eiiri BctheH'had ,i brother who went he wind the tent, and nade (lie canvas up and like the stH-cmnbed to tlie' wind and the top >nrst out. The tent was torn into ribbons. 1'oh-s fell down and tlu-_w.hole col- of the iussistants were brniscd )v a pole. A female'pcrfonner found tangled up ciuth, but trawled outnnin- jiiivd. The rain pou'red'dow if upon" the" wreck (Hid when the showvr passed away a of diAistei awaited the of Adam Forepangb. Hl7Top. mined. Most Of it Totn '1'hf cauvsw wn? cover-- ed with mud and rendered .uuclcw forjthe____ time. Mr. Forcpangh saw that it out of to try amLgive a the eVening. Me therelitre to Jet j.....pit- that wtw declared oil .M.le, io thr-ti, kito. He thorefow started his agents oil' in every' direction. Thi'N -stopped people, and told would be no performance. Every jacket holder that c.uild be reached had his i-el'uinled. aud-'so Mr. left the with The-'sympafhy of the for -jnoinpt and manly lOiirsc. '-_. The loss "to the 1'orepaugh show ..will not airiount In nunh, str-far as material con- cerned. The cauvassMestroyed was Vftluod about But. the failure to perform t evening deprived the show of at Ill-sides'it is just possible that the loss of the ol tltv tent ;my, nerforpiance ii4 Ncwafk. The altemoon per- WolTe fi. Co.. Slock and Brokers tif Ihte city, rruiirt that the market Broktn, fiu. tt, ln, J Ameiicajrom 1iury St. m-Sut- I'l-rneilvVlugi I fojjj between Ibilv and' I illy yi ar.-rlntci, und preeeitlfK to duy luis not__ viilniiH: of buMHcss is cone.Tin that of ye-tenlny ami several prices vvrro iinaltereil, and ilui "the chief sVof-k Ix.tii fii fti'fiv itf un.l IVncVuiltti.l'is. opening in ami I., f- .i.tvuni CeiitralJ'ac.ilic has U-en the iicxUuostnctivi.- but on a from its open fell in in many places, and fullv thrwe-fimrths of Ihe stock in Li, place drencheA The of the other oty.p.pen, and also .ollowed Mount upper stuiy of theb as a candy store and residence, and by Mo'r- rell Chamberlin. was damaged by the fire. The law otlices of fcamuel Ci. Jamco S. and uTno (Tamaged. THK CllfKK The heaviest loser lunoug the tenants in tbfi building is A. C.. Beer, the photographer. ..His loss will probably reach "I100 I Third Ward, "'wTiieTi tie had in Hanover Company, of New York. Baum- gartrier TindaH arc nnable yet to state the amount of their losn, but it is fully covered by Thefe was "a large amount of gomLs damaged, including line silks and laoca. Ronip, wwe by removed "proceedings of the to anoiheV "end of the It. "lr. Uie hatter, sutlers a heavy Ions, from the fact that he had just received his Spring stock of fancy h Ux, umbrellas and other Both Ban in g.iflHM <t TindaH and Dobbins an- nounce TUalNhey will open their otorcfl on Saturday. Mr. Dobbins says he will either his damaged gooSs'In" bulk or at retail at discount. His loss w also entirely covered made k motion to that effect. Tlie rnembers holding over from the old J'oard looked at each other cnrionslj-. The idea of gTving the publication of the Collator's report .to THE although it has the largest in the county, did not please the.nt, and Free- holder McCarty's motion failed-. The following were then adopted: First Ward, Second Ward, Fourth Ward, Hi A i f Seventh Ward. F.wing. Hope- well. Princeton, Lawrence, Hast Winder, Athletic N, Baltimore 5; Louisville 1, Cincin- nati Mets 10, Allegheny 7; BuflUlo U, Cleveiau'.! Merrill 4, yukkstep 0. Ruin prevented tfie game between Brooklyn and Reading. The In Asylum. ._ XKW ARK, May 9. Judge Depue'said yes- terday to the Essex County Grand -the-Court at Newark, thai if they saw tit to investigate chargel of cruelty against the management of the- County Asylum for the Insane, it -would be satisfactory to the court and to the community. He also sog- that it might be well for the jurors to visit the asylum at the earliest opportunity, fiooit after leaving the court room thiTjuroTs to the asylum, where Major the warden, and wife, the matron, showed .tlxeiu through the asylum. A number of C'fiosen Freeholders were present, and they Jury to charges thoroughly and at once, Major artl wife anxious to prove the (-barges of enmity false. The jury will not begin the work until ten days hence, but the weft .Bdnrd of Pupholders will immediately begin an investigation. ing t'urme, to it- present priee. No sbecinl son iMissigned for the. r.-iiil this nor i.- probable Uwl'the Minlf yearly payable in-Auirust. will be Mopped, rcnnsylvania Ka'ilroad continues weak and and lower prices ure anticipated "in view of ihe additional ismie of tlie stock anil SHI.iiod.iKlO bonds. The :.ancy "f market remains virtually in There not being siitlii'ient (my chalices in v'alues either way. Money remains HKu uiu-halw-.t at percent. PHir.iTllKl.l'ItlA STOCKS. 2 H. M. iV Western........ Coal Navigation.. Viilley........................ Northern Northern 1'iieitie................... do do IViiiisvlvuiiiH............. f'hibuielphia A; Krie........... J'ldladtlphia A: am us wettave not sinw-. fi'om hinj vsc are to nlffc'ri, the evidence If lie is dead." llfen-be able lo-licgi-n jiro Nagle says he has the yet" but will look over the records very soon. (iUiuc-p-Mter New Hpeciiil tiisp.itch to The Tunes. KV, X. i.ltll, I'-Xi. The J.'Joil- cesttj- County Fiveholilers met and or- thi.s ('harles" KiiiM-ll nas Oiructo'fef Joseph Taul, Collector, and John Jessuiis_ClerL- ereclinga new court Ill-use i.< Under at the time of the writing of thfs dispatch. X'.) il Alton it Terrc II Hamilton, Chambersburg, On The total damage, including that upon the will amount to about The binlding is (XWiifd by K; VSHfeou. It is -iiisu for f 7.000, nf which is in the Merchants, of Newark, and in the ujotirm of Mr. Walter A special appropriation was made for the Ilttt stnet bvklge. Other appropriations for the wrre t-lien follows Court onrts, Board of prisoners. Justices voted of the 1'eace Constables, In discfmnt, morgue, Boards of election. County JltXI; Asylum. Printing and stationery, Otliccrs'sal- jSo.OOU; Special May The KSHCX County (irand Jury presented a batch of indictments" to Judge licpue in the Bupreme Court, in New- ark, .yesterday, and among tbeui against John Egan, who was Speaker of the New Jersey Assembly during the S4-wion of H7H, and who was accuseo ia-st Winter of ay attempt to Asue.mblyinan AwnltaKe, Ol -k 1: A: P'M'. Canada South By Associated 1'ress to THK WASHINGTON, For t he-Middle Allan tic States generally Fan cd jluring. the night .by min, northeast to winds, slight chanucx i -rrolTiTwrd bV Falling barometer." ._ do Chic., Mil. do Chic., do f'HIll.......................... do pfd................... <V 4nincy................ 1.-.3 104% Chir St. V, do do pfd.., Col., f'bje. ,v Ind, Celilnil pfd do <lo (Jenlrnl 1'iicilir Denver .V Hi" 4'.i Jij-ie W pfd l Newark, in the of the Newark Plank- road Company. Uerman Amvikan, of New Baumgartiier TindaH were for propriation for Lmber firshet Corporation Officers Klccted. The following were yesterdav ollicers bHdges dcstroy.-d 'fn the Sep- j oft fie Trenton aud New Brunswick Turnpike4 'Company: President, General 1'errihe; which more than covers their lotw. in the follow ing companies Franklin of 1'hila- -delphjji. Company Immrauic Company ol1 North "f Hartfoul. f Hi .l '.oo. The in tins ,ty there appropriation, exclnsivt- of will bt Several bills were then ordered paid, tlu bonds of the Collet-tor in the sum of I'h.nnx ol amp VV Without the special the i Directors, C.eorge li, Roberta, Kdmund amith, the spcc-iaJ, i Strickland K. T. Green, H. i J. 1'. Wrtherill, H. H Fly. The Trenton helhwaie hrklse elected the following.: President, General Lcwit< Pen me. H H Kly Treas- urer, Kdw.iid 'f Green. Directors, Mninnd Smilli, I i.ieen H. H lly Haiti. at- Mp V III! tin. were approved, and Messrs. and vsejc appoiiite.l t.. iill vacancies on street aii'l I tin-for's Creel Coiiir linllce H-.-P" I'v.-ly Tlu; tilee i i- lii P i.ilon 'I .'lit i....I .1 ...O -il'K 1 I K do pM......... ,111 i- ,v Niwhv ille.. i A U.-t i i eiitral MrtllliHtlHM Kle.llled Klevated Molillr Hlld I Itllo 'Slenil.liM ni.d The mercury marked xti degrees yesterday afternoon jlist bvfnre the stttrin arose. There pole oil Trunton Hose house until yesterday At that lime struck it und.shattered ft-lo pieces. Michael (Jjwla, tried in tlu- United States District <'ourt yesterday for passing counterfeit money, wax found guilty. He will be s.-iitcnn-il Walter S. Ix-nox.'who was and liitcil for in the Delaware on is not: 'aTter S of e.s- Kdward Furinanlt'nd 'I urpin streets, spiaiin d I Luke M '..1 (7 itic N. Y I rtt. 1'f'l Nen .itk i entml Mild Ji-nttiy Surfotk WcsU-'iM New V'.rk Kluvated Naoli., rhni. A St I. ....T--........... N. V UnlHrn. A Wfxlvrn................. PHeilii M.iil A 1 1- iiur 4 'i 1 1 i 1 1 1 n ,Kl. li A VL-.-'ie (V R.JI hi Kv M'. T lite A l ,v I IH n t .'rniinrtl r A 1'ltlll.lHK --in. Frmu i flo j.lM of ot jo-p bim in a dinner at the tnitcrt while wrestling with a friend yesterday, in the i HI'ISI- hoiiie. members ol the Trenton Hose and Del- aware Fin- companies attended in liodics fuutral George W. Krister, t nun the residence of liin iirother-in-Iaw, T. S. Werkheiscr, at street, yoiterday afternoon. Governor l.udlow yesterday appointed a.s Fish Wanrens CorneliitH W. CaHtner, of cuuuty. Joseph K. Iviirs, of bnrl'ingtoH county; Kdwin F. WeJtlcott. of May c.ounty; ajiil Kniiich, of county. The. Delaware Fire n-aoliitinus of icsprrt tn W. Hristrr, the driver of the company who ilieil pneumonia a few days ago. They also de. cnled to attend the linicral in a bodv. ami drape ctijjiTio hon-B in mn'miinf for thirty The following wen- yeaterday commissioned tty the (in'i-rnor ni ntrieers nf the Nutimial (iimrd Fniiik .1 Mathewv Fust l.u-iitcnant anil I'av ni.i-ii i I'mitli Iti gitnenl tnlalitry. ami .J.iTin VJ.iiu-. S. i oii'VT.Iclil4'naht Coiiipmv K, Sixth Krgiment 1 nUnfi y. 1 Tbr- SftniTiirv ftmnnlttee of t'oifliiiMii <Siuii- ril h.-M a ui.-et'in.: TII tin" CiTV H. rk nlfn-i- xd klld tt AV toVlnit -W-V- t Jiinnaiicc can probably be, given without the top canvas, Init there will be no means of sulficiVntly lighting the interior at night. i'he menagerie was kept open yesterday, and so were the side shows, HH they were nat in- jured to any extent by the storm. During IVinnance vestejdity afternoon MtB. 1'owcJL.oue ol thrown to the gioiind'and rendered inseqaible lorflome time. 'I'he turning of of' her saduMe as she went around the ring canned the fall. -llT'K-rTf-l.iiNK The linle cyclone jiliived havoc generally city aJid throughout sigh's wcri-blwvv ji ticvo loot of their limbs.and more Uian, one unhingmlr. 'i'he slorm struck Taterflon about biilf-piisTlive and was vrryVtolrnt. from Io cast, piiHMiig thfe high of Totowa Hill without damage, and then striking the low' giound below the falls. 1'be roof ol flic I'aper Mill was effectually destroyed, but it waw not blown off. Great holes were pressed it. It looks as if it hadvberii bombarded witJt The end of one building of the Dolphin Mills was blown out, several chimneys ofl the Rogers Liu-oniof were blown many wimlovt sasbcs blown in bodily. Windows were blown out of the Rogers works thedld.macbine shop shook uo rnwzh that all the hands ran out in a panic. was blown from its fastenil A horse and wagon from the lirund street frightened two other rati having conie in were killed. A shaft attached .Win was in one of themr' isrss, it feareil, fatsrty hart. The course of the tonuwlo showed ife abou.t a quarter of a mile wide. It up (iraud street, levelling trees and chii.meys, and tore off a part of the foot' of the St. John's Catholic landing it in front of the idencc of the Rev. Father MeNulty. The coal sheds along the Morris Canal were demolished Thr fu nitter in Thrift's lumber yard in Straight street was carried sonic windoww were blown in at Hill, where the toi nado Feft tbe city. There were several narrow escapes'. The total damage is iOtitHAted at 01 Katr of this city, were driving near the I'lainslMiro school house when the blow ranir. 1 he fop of the buggy blown off, frightening the and causing him to nin into a ditch. MISS Faus.sctt jumptd out int" the diteh. where wss nearly two feet 1 I trf deep, and helped get the nurse out. MU Dorcu prostrated by the fright and Jicen ill ever since. to ItlK owows. 1 1 N. 4., May f this city .the entire municipal ticVvt at the election, yesterday. <-m..drn tn'fnr CVMITV N .1 .County IVui. 'llnre w'f. t Hi, NEWSPAPER!

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