Tuesday, May 8, 1883

Trenton Times

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Trenton Times, The (Newspaper) - May 8, 1883, Trenton, New Jersey f r1 I VOL. I. NO. First lidilion.. ALL ABOUT MRS. LANGTRY. TliKNTON, HOW TRE-NTON l HE LILY. houw 'I'ltftr" wal. ami Not at All ami How She Acted Last Kveuiug. Mrs. Langtry's_parjor car Trenton at 0.47 last evening. .Her company had prc ceded her undj' quartered' themselves at the AmeriL-au House, Mrs; .J-aiyjtryj her maid and -the porter slept iu the car aud left Tren- tou for Wilmington about ten o'clock this -i- company, with Miwiaeers Mendum, stayed at the hotel, it was about 7.45 last evening when the Jersey Lily drove up in front of the Opera Houoe. wiai HUM! _Kvprj-- IkKly wanted to catch a oi the ttbin-Lii. but nobody -.in KXCllKMKXT OVER THE C1KCUS. ing since her first appearami---- at Wallacks Theatre, in New York: wlMjn the TtfK-TlMHM can. with all candor, sUtc T Foreiumgh Ariiveur- the Lily has improved to a very encouraging AFTKKNOOX, MAY Third lidilion. extent. .She is more at eaw, in the lirst The gtace that she always displays has gnir- u. Her gestures were exceedingly well fi graceful. Her manner 'is Jess stagy more artistic. She lias in her the ,geuiusof a really fine actress, wkich time and t tr u i i- of keeping him aud his equally-excited sister study will surely develop. Her voice is still i amateurish. She doCs not yet fully couJTol the tendencv'to rant. Her modulation is un- Jammed clamorous and excited chiU to Ae Ihirteen-year-o U hoy ubiuuitofw presence seen and telt at M j turn, much to the concern of his serious-faced r even, and now and then gets out of her reach. But her (Jnlntrt, while by no means from run over by random Hk-uwmt- exc.te.l drivers busy and hard- work'-d who upon their e Mary Anderson's, is really a very SH tory performance. It is much better suited to. Hittff wtiiMrn. Hurdc'inlk: Mrs. Langtry probably ,i ic uh.Vis i.nlv a be- witnessed lor.about two hours and a halt this acknowledges to herself that sue is ODIN d j 4- TI nilrts morning before m prwcoeion ginner IB dramatic art, Ihe difficult parts ll ire jurt her white s circus. Ihe streets and win- simple character, like chimes in with <lows of buildings fronting on all the her ability, and displays her talent adxan- presented an appearance ot the hveltt'st ,lc- m the ihirrtjlct Thr exe- i half past ten o'dock. li w'as LATEST KEWS BY WIKK. SENTENCE COMMUTED. Karl Spem-er Otaitgfft the of Law Out- of Meeting I'ar- By Prv.ss lo TllK-TlMKS. _ ..Karl Spencer, the Lord Lieutenant, has coui- TIIK MORNING NKWS. nf of Bilef World for The wife of vScnator Fair Ix-gun suit jUyp.rcejgafnal him -the of tlTV. The trial of Jere for the killing of I'.lliott, the prize-fighter, at about- muted the'death .sentence ol I'ajriek- to thv charge- uf murder of Lord Frederick Cavendish and Mr. Burke. _A meeting of" the PariielN lites, members of I Vrluiment. wits lidofliist nipM. favor of the .'ion of three retires to the festal was Uuft dranmtif jityK got a glimpse worth mentioning. Kvcn the three members of lYenton's blue toattd vvhu madf a for the. Lily rfaileit to .see Jier through the heavy veil that she wore. She stepped daintily out, of the carriage, gatheYed up her skirts an inch oyiwo and hurried' into Ihe theatre and on into .the. dressing room. Soon after her came the crowd. The house tilted very rapidly. By eight o'clock nearly every seat in the psrquot and drees circle 'aftp.n. llitf halcouy WJLS being rapidly populated. It was the finest Iwmse the city has see u for many a year. Over ItXt was taken in from the sale of seals. Scarcely Pleading citizen ab- sent. Governor Ludlow sat pretty well back. Chief Justice lieasley and Receiver Little had ieafcvoii'- the left oide ftg.fiiwt the wall. Ht-nj- F. Lee, Lewis I'-'-keT, C'-rk iu Chftncery Duryea, and in fact all of Trenton's known were there. .T.HE.l'l'BTAIJTBISK.S. Af H.I 5 Pefermain'fi ort'hcstra struck" np an oveiture Bonnie Scotland." Thrs Deemed, very appropriate, considering that the actress came- from- the Isle of Jersey. At 8.27 the curtain ascended and the play began. Pygmalion and Galatea is a comedy by W. S. Gilbert, the author of -It.- should be a as it is more accu- t 'more applause than it received. The audi- ence was not enthusiastic. The truth is, as THK" TIMES hinted yesterday, .Mrs. is a curiosity, and people went to see her more as a curiosity than an actress. This evident from the fact that no de- mand of any strength ifiade tu bring the lady befbrejhe curtain. It is to lx- regretted that Mrs. LaiTgtry jvas suffering from .a severe neuralgic attack, which made support was fairly good. Mr. Cooper's wili'on, Miss TracyV and. Mr. Mc- Donald's acting. I'hrymtx were excellent ..pieces THK MKKCKK CO! RTSv of Adam Forepawgh and one of his agents in a carriage. There were about forty wagons, interspersed with riders, whose gold and silver spangled suits glitte ed brightly in the sunlight. guy-trappings of the horses they rode als0 added greatly to the effect-of the sceate. There -was a shont Irojii-the children when the_elephants came along. There were sixteen altogether. They were separated into squads 0f three, four and lire. In the last batch ranie Boliver, the great rival of Banium'n Jumbo. The circus opcncd- this afternoon at two o'clock. It will also cxhjbit to-night. The procession was nearly a'n hour passing a given point, and the uni- versal verdict was that it was the greatest of the kind ever seen in this -citv. on I (.reign attain-, and local aOairs haOH comiumee is to be composed ot-tive meinUers. New Common Counril. Special THspiu.i-'fi t" Tut: B'iUxswu K, May j. -The old of this city "met last night, some rouliiu1 business'adjourned sine lie. Immediately the new_Board their seats, but failed to Seven- Iwn ballots were taken without 4-Kj4-ting a Presi- dent. Thev adjourned until to-night. rately- such. The story acts, all laid in the is told in tlucc -the studio of Pygmalion, the sculptor. The plot is a simple one, but exmiisitely told. Pyg- malion has bestowed txpou him the genius of art iu all its power. His masterpiece is a after his wife, "f He calls the _ staUre (iiiMra. It is perfect in its wiyj aiul ready to live Cytuxia goes on a day's juutney, and Icavcti witli iustruc-tions to console him- self with the statue absence, -and try and -consider that it is his Wife. Litt'io did she think of the consequences. After crt'x departure, J'yymiili.uH bcgHis to fate that made htnflws' powerful than the. Ke t-arve marble letter the divinities but wmnot put ito them. -Me tlve gods to hki power. hw-hoalw a voice the curtain w icre stands the statue. ars aside tlie veil, and (iaiatea thfis. She cornea to life to tell hnn that loves only I'ygmalion, and cannot uuder- ,_ why he cannot loyejhef, especially since- A Large at the Opening of the MHJ Grain! Jury Out. The May term of was b_eg.uii, at the-Court House -this morning.. Chief Jus- tice 'Beasley presided, whh Judges "Stewart, Applegate' aud Yard also on the bench. The j enclosure -rcycrved for members of the bar was well tilled, and a large audience, com- j posed of parties to suits, witnesses and spec- tators, occupied the body of the court room. The attendance was unusual in view of the nninll business which, it is ext pected, will make up the work of 'fhVtenuT Ou the' opening of court the panel of 11 rand Jurors was called, and the following re- sponded: John Walter New- bold. Joshua Jacobus, Fred. Miller. James Murphy. Richard A. Donnelly, William. Cmft, George li. Cooke. LjH'lwnlM. Heudrickson, Augustus" T. Kge, William If. CoxTSpencer M. "Xlpaugh. Willinm Sm claii. Charles Hunt, Leijfh. Henry K. Fell, Amos Scudder. (ieorge D. liower, Smith. Vincent Edward Savage. The only the Court espe- cially directed "attention was the rumor of allied violations of the law regulating the sale of iiitOkicaiits The (Jnind Jury should consider-these'allegations carefully and re their oath Tetjuired them to pre- sent afl eajwi in which it seemed.that.4he-huv li r IT FOR Farmers Wycko'ff and Come Into Court Settle a DUputo over Turkey The trial of a suit for slander, originating in a dispute between two farmers of Hopewell township as far back as was begun iu Mercer Cirtuit Court this morning. Wesley Wyckoff is the plaintiff and-the defendant is Aniofe Sked. Ccorge Scudder represents the former and Capt, W. D. HoU thetatter In opening the case, which held over from the last term of court, Lawyer Scudder sail that the action was brought on account o slanderous tfee defendant it July, against the plaintiff', to the lattep'a meat damage. used implied.theft on WyckofV's part. They were, Wes. Wyck- ofT stole Tiiy turkey eggs. I know he stole because he stole turkeys, and the-man who steals turkeys will steal turkey eggs." In add'tioi1 tbify the defendant also civJled .Wyckoff a '.'Thirham charged him rtith maintaining with Ja neighbor's' wife. Counterfeltel'pii in plead guilty to s the L'nited States Dist.rjct Court this morning, Claus Jiotger, on a similar The trial of Manuel and was fined charge, wits fined for passing counterfeit money in Jersey City, was then begun and is still in progress.. A. (J. Keasbey appears for the Govei uiiieut and John CJ.'Agej.for the defense. It is reported at Silas B. Dutcher is likely to be appointed Internal Rev- enue Commissioner. The commercial treaty between (iermany aud Mexico has passed its second leading in Reichstag. Lowls -Wolwley and Alecesler will rweive a of money instead of pensions for their services in war. The steamer Hahsburg, aftey month's absence from port, has anivod mouth with her shaft broken. ___ Arthur Sullivan and tieorge A. the wVll-known composers, and George Urove, the editor and writer, have been knighted. Senor Khnore, tlie Peruvian Minister at Washington, reoeiwd infonnatiuu Chiliuim kiUttd e" t'... tuben in the recenf "eucouirters with the of Caceres. Z Piiiicp Ihsniwuk, thinks 1-rusMlan lire insurance comjianies are making too much nifinfy, and has directed an inquiry to be made to ascertain how much th-y the. I I.I r fP national wivutli. The third trial of Timothy Kelly forparticK palion iu the Dublin murders wtw begiy yes- terday. Carey testified that with tJie exception of Joe Brady, one of prisonem, all the roatof tlie Inviucibles had ottered to turn .informers. A Trouble Again. jTwo moilths ago Benjamin Scudder, a col- ored man, wax convicted in the County Court, iu this the larceny of a coat, sen- 4enced render bernw white as the dmptry, in imitntion .of nn'rble, that enveloped her form. In the lijrht in. which she stood, her left arm looked blown and sunburned, as though she h.id bC'll .lishiug. Tliis ill-ellcct even more noticeable by the whitening on her f head. The audience were therefore not favor- ably impressed at the outset. But when Mrs. Langtiv left the pedestal and came on the stage, her beauty became more apparent, She took her wig off, which in good taste to the writer, despite the contrary rriti thing else she although her long and lai her uncomely arms become painfully prominent. Her neck, how- ever, to advance and so doon her at ion the degree of culpability ofleiiding The (irand Jury then retired, and the Court announced that were in order, Mayor Vroom was gmntetl a-rule to criter'the in the attachmeat "f NT fc'milh v. AnctfeV it.u.l. ,a nolle proocqui was allowed on the motion of the same counsel in of Schru' der v. Jacoh Oppermanii, for slander; No de- claration in the case had been tiled. On motion of Lawyer Aitken, a similar rule was entered in .the cW of Wm. Holland v. Robert Brophy In the case of v. Gibbs, Janies Buchan- an's motion was granted to from Court the money raised by execution. Lawyer A. J. Smith was allowed to enter the third default 'iu the of James Murphy v. Catharine. Mount. ff Lawyer Applegct, of Hightstown, asked for a stay of proceedings in the suit of the Borough of Jlightstowu v. Aaroii..TTawes, in the riinttrr of on ejectment from a public thoroughfare under borough ordinance. Lawyer K.'T. fnr of Sfglinrent on the motion till .9t, least Monday. 1 hr5" Court xlf to allow the case-to over fin-.the term COUM'Y LICKNSI-> -Court Action on JIot_Hs _.Biit damages were lixed'at and the defense; wW'ld a general denial of the slanderous Daniel W. HonselK wjw the first witness called. Lawyer Holt asked that :vll othei he excluded frnm tbe room nnnl t'tip for Uuir examination individually ar- rived. An order to thateftVcHwas announced, iwid nr-miediah-ly afterwards .it seemed that Hall the atose to lellir. Thrn- was a-general smile at the prospect of sitting through the testimony of this army of wit- nesses. Hou'sell's testimony was. that the' Words mentioned above among-a f men at .work on the Hopewell rpad on July IB80. present. Evans, K. I. Birch, John H. Htults and others gave corroborative trial is still on.' r Ft etAtilders Admiring One Another. The Boafd of Freeholder's did not complete thciV final meeting yesterday till late in the afternoon. The only business, of importance transacted after THK TlMKS went to press was the acceptance of the County Collector's re- port for the past It showed a balance of A vote1 of thanks was next tendered to the Director, County Collector, Clerk, Solicitor. County Physician, and mem- presK, after which the Board re- solved itself into a little mutual admiration society. Tlmy started off by voting them- selves thanks for their services during the year. Ivvwy JO respond ing to this theme I. H. Hutchiuson congratulated the Board on 41n-- large cash bahmcc to the comity's credit despite the un- usual demands occasioned during- tbe year by 4be tearing away of bridges in the September freshet County Collector Yaiikirk- the hope that next year the war debt will'be A Creditable Amateur Performance. The performance of the Young Men of St. John's parish, i if the "parish' hall on LamU-rton street, hist a cieditable IDUC in every Craig, .KiirnSlind 1 Mrs. P. Burns, of the female cast, ami Messrs. and McTue, on part of the male performers, deserve special mention. Henry McLoughlin siing pleasingly, and executed Irish dances after the approved foj-in. TO-DAY'S STOCK MARKKT. The .Latest from I'liUartflphia aiid Y..ik Messre. U-iubiteh, Wolk A t'o.. Stock and Bond Brokers of this city, report Unit the -t ,ck- market neen little more tlian u l.roke'r's nuirket. wiih'ti iniictivity in all Blocks except 111.40'New. .ler-ey Ceiiinil. Tlii- Mock is iipdn the pulley upon which miiTc.-UMl In .nhei >lofk> raise tiieir vtilue. There have "been niTlSl.litiouHl nls in .k-rsey Central, -IrtJt-the oelief in. vet must not he c.vcrlooUeil: that even sifter Uie di- rectiiK ini'eiiiin on Fridnv next, nt meeting, should -i 'hi; nj.proviil-of-the Board, n 1'icllt 111. tise'T.mnst needs en.-uv to imy transfer of the interests of'the road. The chief news of the day is the li-tini; ut last of the I'nion at- tlif set at Hb'rty, handetl over 4o (-'hief McChes- i.py of )range, a brother of Chief of this city, who with Keeper Spccr, of the Essex County 1'cnitentiary. took him to that institution to rinishxa for atrocious as saultnud" battery He had escaped from there shortly after his committal, and nothing was known of his wheieiibmiUt Until his r.r- rest and committal to the iaiLhere, upon learn- ing which, the authorities of the Essex county institution.made with the police in this city, which weVe_ cwyried out as Seven hundred'people were attrat-ted to the Cricket (tround this afternoon by the promiue of a lively ganie ofbatl between the Acltve, of Heading, STiiilhc. opened __ with "tilt- field. De-nley batted to tjuintin and was thrown out at first. Moore made his base on balls, Lynch followed with a hit to Ciwnih, who to first, Moofc thru ittoh AHAind thv IIAHW, and home on ball. Thatcher- fumbled Lurking' drove a__._ safe one to left ti'-UK- A piwsed ball gave each a and they came home on a by Boyle, to left, l-audix cloned the inning with a rly to Quintin. Three runs. .For the Tren- ton, yuintin was fielded out at lirst, and Har- kius retired on a foul tip. floodman reached lirst on Imlls ami wcfiid on a pomod ball, wlitTre. he was left, Crouin retiring at first.' The fifth rtm the sixth inning. Hoover went te. fiist on Cronin's fumblvv and'reix'hed third on pm_-jd Boyle then drove a to left field. It was captuied by Heath, but Hoover came in the. ball rtuild be fielded to Burke. Cronin retired on a foul tip, Owycr hit the air thm tim.n. Thatcher sent to his base on balls, and .slid under the second baseman as he held the ball from i-atcher: Burke _thc pitcher a mo- ment and let drive. The result WM a lovely single hit to right field, on which rlew over-the plate; Then there more cheering. Heath "called out, and Burke led at second. In this inning Key molds, com- plaining of illness, retirexTJo the fielded I dmdis w'as the pitcher. _ In the 'seventh, Ihe Trenton momentarily Itui-kjs Having Society. 7 The Bucks County Contributorship Saving Society held its annual meeting in Morrisvillf and elected the following ofl'urrs and Directors for the ensuing year: John S. President Secretary and John VVildman, Win. and Wm. I. Vanncst (of this hirer-tors Ibi three years. The financial showing of the company is excellent, there a surplus of The losses last year arhrfunted only After the business meeting the annual twiner wivs pnrtaken of at the Old Neighbor Hotel, kept by An- derson. IrlKh For the purpose of considering and (W.id'- upon a plan whereby all tlie.-t act. the opening of the May term of Mercer t off. The county owes the loan of xmrt this moraing, u umubtr.of aupli cat inns i thp TmtaijIbB of After ibflher J. Court HfTTiwR wcrf Those for saloons all lakl over till Monday. disjumitioii mwlc or 1hc of li. Perruje, of Hightstown. owing to the before tlie CoTlrt tltat the hotel keepers of that borough have been sell- ing illegally for a month past. If that be so." the Court added, they ill stand a vrry the TntljwfBe of county. "X ftet marks the Moan! adjourned may be united in one common and wiih niiu i'lixi object in view the-mip'fHHt-Of Stock Exchange imd ihe advance ol is very vuiet f.rni licaiiy w ith a divided opinion itf to course ibr I the Ifish people in their prt.ient great and either way. Money Mn ftir supply iit about purpose of carrying out the will of the, late great Philadelphia CoirventTTm of Lnited a mocting of the .delegates "ttftm Nfw'-Jenjey to that wmVwiiioh be held at Library Hall building, Market street, Newark, on evening, May at o'clock. Host their heads, and the visitors scored thrw runs. By their superior hitting immediately after the Trenton redeemed themselves to a certain evk.iit: Itonhan'. i-etirwiat 1st- Ojiintin gave the signal for music from the grand stand by driving-to right Held. Jtarkins followed this up with a tine two base hit to center and camcliome.' (ioodman sent a grounder along and Unify er hit safely to An error of the first baseman allowed Goodman and llarkius-to score. Landis, Wiley and Deasley ami and olds scored for the visitors in the eighth. Burke, Heath and proved tims on the -r In the- ninth inning, the pounded Deuham unmercifully, scoring six with a total of eight." They in six rurm, live of which wcieearntd, nulling their The' game closed with rlitB of Quin- tin, Jlarkins and GoodmaiTTwhich were all captured. _ Buffalo, WesU-ni Navigation Valley v., .J..J Northern Central Northern l'aci_tic (To Tlo 'eiinsylvairis 'hilaai-lpliiii tV Kric 1'hilutidphiaiV Rending. Tel. Co Opening.- 2 I b'.i (Joodinan, 1st b.............. YOI'.K KS. Clcvt-., Torn' H ul., I.itl'tti1 Soutln-ni Chicago (In 'n Chic.. Mil. Chic., Imrlinpteiiit Quiney................ (Jhic., St. 1'. A do Col., <'hie. I nil. Central..................... do pi'U..... Central f olnritilo l Denver iV Rio ,v (jo do K. Tenn., VH. <in........................... do pfd A: Hllll iil. do do pfd i In.I A ill.'.t Niutliville................... ml A TngraUtude. Henry a resident of Imiaystown, was driving home from Trenton on Hnturday afternoon when he overtook a dust-stained and foot-sore colored man, wlio asked to be allowed to ride. was on the wagon, and the kind-hearted man not only took him home and gave him" a supper but gave him a night's lodging. In the morning the colored man was misfung, and there had also ptred a pocket-book and notes and a watch, the whole amounting to about Thatcher, s. Burke, c, 1. Heath, 1. f.........." Denhiiin, -TB. J5p. A. K.- i -2 a 3 fi i t, 3 V -0- 0 1 0 0 13 0 1 0 0 0 1 "3 2 u t-.-i o i 10 0 2 011403. 00 0 20 0 1 0-2 1 5 7 27 15 11 H. IB. T.B. P.O. A. Deasley, s.s. I.H o 21 Weather Bj AMOClated.l'ftae Vu THB TIMKH. May b. -For the Mi33Te Atlau- tir Htates gcneially 4'air winds, shiftinx to nortlieast and southeast, sta- tionary or slight fall in temperature, slight rise in barometer. 1. Lynch, 1 Urkrnsl.f........: 2 Hoover'.TkTb "...3' Boyle, 1st 1. 0 Lamlis, c. f. and p 2 lieyuoldH, p. and c. f. T5 r. f....... 1 Totals., 1111 Tj.tr. Kriti-i. Misxoii Turuptke The stockholders "oT the Hopewell an base a trial. The ing hotel IKCILMS i. then gianted. St i-oliel. Hamilton for the ensuing ywir Dr. H. F, Welling, of PeuuingUm; Hev, Dr. (ieorge Hale, of Phila (Ff IpliTa H. Ifendriokson, of Hwing; John R. Hcndrickson, of Kwing Joseph H. Moore, Parker, Jr., of Trenton.- Directors chooe Welling for President, K. L. Hentfrickson for JJui.tttvl, rj..- Klevated and Ohio Mutual I in. in Telitrrnph N V h 11 i 11 nd St. i do New c. nini1. mid IludKon NI n ''i-ntral Nnrfrilk Western pfd New York KleiiUcd Clint .t sj. ir. N. iMinrin A Western .4i wna fined by Jus- tice Mills for tislvhiji in the Delaware .dS Wiilti tion of Fish Warden IliU, j Coronor Abbott held an this afler: noon on (lie remains of (Joseph Denniger, whufi found iu the on Saturday. verdict of accidental drowning rendered. Actives............. Trenton............ vi- 0 0 1 1 1 2 2 1 14 ft 3 1. I 3 2 2 1 0 4 7 3 2 8. 1 0 v 'Z 27 7- 8 3" -2 1. 0 1 0 2 0 0 I 1 0 0 An b Coroner Abbott ar- Tfl. t'eiiinil. !i- i in tU.it wa-- l Mi l..v ptrv. kv" a w H M KM I V M- I K List ii the to in the that she }'.r. I Cc' It .nd -t rci t I Ic V. Kiihn illt'Ul ward of the American The Amernius Club held its annual election la.sl evening, and chose for the ensuing ['resident, M Kahu- M. the wei iitci it it resident. D Croris, IT" Iti. I, ,V Rii hiuonil A Imnville Ht. i'j U'' 11 I'itt.-l.nfK.'.'... sun Kniiii do WrMcrn pfd 971 47 7U (J4 I M Chance Kx. illvkleii'l Walker; 'I lie Tlll-lees ..I the __ lit ll.H.tiv l.AVII, V ho Ic4'1 ols II m. -l "I ti-v l t i t.'n -Htd I1 tilt .11 >r Wlntc- the K'f yesterday on the remainU of Oeoige V who was'RHlixl by train on the ICailroad at Dutch Nec.k on 1 lit jury visited the 'scene of the accident and then ad- journed for un6 Yieek. On motion of lawyer Allinson, in the Mer- cer Court this morning, Monday next was down for HII examination into the sanity of John Davis, the VOIIIIK man who, for months luw Hern fttiTtnyriin jfmnf Isrftrn of Fnnton with attentions that diseased brain. The Court Pride Ixxlge, Ancittnt Order of Iivl'Mlieir and Socia- ble at the Taylor Hall Asspin'oly Ttoorus TasT There a large. The and liteiary exerciser were noil rendwr- 'ed, the iMjrformera H. Coxon, C. I'nyley, S. H. Hullork, A. Poole, J. Potts, H. Mason, Messrs: mid Rradshaw, aiwl Misses ('ain, Mer- and t-oxou. sixty repnxeuting the differ- ent linn -In -i of the citv. in the Hoard t kouiua vtBtcrdav to tjie.or- ol the Bible Aid Society. iittlr, w.-ie elected rtddilinnnl pledges for" trm adxan.r of to. .JTy the. -.wlHi-y ui i will )H <4ie in yctiterday, largely attendwl. A gold badge Captain BillMH-, under whow auspi nic was hrld, for the shooting match, was won by Millettr, of CompaiiN I'., win. u. out of a Tin- velopcd some tine marksm.i.i- ,ti onutv Lit'' nan, J NEWSPAPER! A EWSPAPER

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