Wednesday, July 13, 1921

Portsmouth Herald

Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Portsmouth Herald on Wednesday, July 13, 1921

Portsmouth Herald (Newspaper) - July 13, 1921, Portsmouth, New Hampshire A DRIVE FOR JPORTSMQUTH "Will you join in combined movement of all Navy Yards to prevent discharge .of workmen? It 'will prevent closing down of steel mills arid other industries." This telegram has gone out A preliminary will be held in Washingtonion Thursday. .The Naval Committee ha's been requested to give a hearing. It is ti trie; to hold up and prevent further suffering. The drive w.ill be a general one and supported by every naval station, I M 41 M t M TliWErTO TAKE NOTICE I 4 4 4 4 M M I M 4 44 444 4444 THE WEATHER Washington, July rlouily toiilglil and .Thursday; Unit) in tenipcrutui'e; liylit riiibK1 THE ra HERALD SUN AND TIDE tJlanUurd Tlnio of fJny 1.13 FIRST IN NEWS CIRCULATION GREATEST .........15.03 Hlgh'Tlilc.........5.3S am, 6.0S 'Moon' Ki'ta................12.01 jim Light Atliomolillo Fxunps at T.GVP'U VOL. XXXVI., NO. 233. TWELVE PAGES. PORTSMOUTH, N. .H.. WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 1921. PRICE TWO CENTS. EffiOFBANDON Cork, July of- Bandon who. wit ft kidiiiipp-cd toy lai-ly'.oh the oniminff of Juno 21 wns Lp antj-y Blast, iiiffht by Us ICrtrl, for. whoso safe- ty (here sonic co'uccrn, DClTJICT CTDCCTC DbLrAol omhtlo fpy Aisaociutcd I'rcss) July' occurrc 1 In tMa a .Ccnlraj riispnlch fro1? wci-o-hijiire 1 nnil; three fivlMans wore.' taken to' fcojji' gun sli LLOYD GEORGE COlEteNCE IS ALL ARRANGED (Uy AsKOclalcU ftrBt'tncotVnff Trcniicr Uoyd (Jporgu and liiimon do Viiloj-sL wilt bo litild uL l.ytO p.; in." ll.Viirsday. ai No. 10; aLrcet, tlic mltilHter'a rCSLdencc. li'vvius aiinounutd at -Sinn ]-'chi! licadqiuit-Icra this II is Itifencil chut (lio confci is to IKJ tin1 I wo invn alone.. Mr. Nloyd wuiiL lo; his comiti'y liotnc by iiHunbvira of Ills sltiff. It Is ho wiN KCfk there aorno offrhc; tsiblnet niem- liers mill his Iti'lrodnutxiry for the inOelin'g1' wllh clu Vu.- lora hcvo NETSVlOLAlOi July. H.- vlcitiitions of thu motor anil Hiihl.H cunclilcU'd hisl night liy stale pi Jutting Ihi: butiil and'as a'VpHiilt, 1C vEulatoiu of the light irny find one, siuioder were foil ml. Sumo of the drivers WL-L'O fiVnn- iipjusir In coiirt wliilii iti Um cnst' of others" Iht'' intfiitn-r of Ihc (alu'ii ii'ml the uiviiur Hummuiietl to appear ludiiy. t vchiclo Inw, the Icnscm SOLOV-HIlNIDS CO, 352 BoyUton St., Boston Announce nn Exhibition SUMMER FASHIONS -FOR MISSES'ANDi WOMEN'S DRESSilS SWEATERS BLOUSES" i Hole! -Wcntworth, July 14 Hotel Farragut, F.riday, July 15 SUMMER SHOPS: '_ YOHK HARBOR, ME. HYANNIS, MASS. NIFTY NINE WON IN THE NINTH Young McCantv.iFannel Thir- teen Men. vriie NiiVy Nino llu: scrotul fiame from llic :U tltr play- hy n of 7 ''IJ Die clBlith Icfl'tliv Nir- .tk'.i In Ilio" n'inlli .till! .NMfflcti Iho Jliml bcliijc 7 ft. .M'cCatui. oil.j-.uck. .out 13 men, VniViVi: fjinncd Cntlit stai-.f fflio i Nkfly MtCnnii p, Nuv'lllc rf. J. i it. iVooi x Vo.iinjr Shin-man U Vuiinir: Voiuly ss, O'Ndiil -Mnrstall" at j S. Xool rf. Anp'RiipB, "Unnniro, Mr. iiml Wullcr Hoyl nnil ciill- ilron of Ma-ss., nro p.'imlng Ihi- jJiiniriHM-: ill llic .Inniio of lloyt'H r.'iilu-r. Clii-laioplK1'1 llcmlcli of O.-il< KilU'i-y. the New Garments we show in the Ready-to-Wear Section. Of special in- terest SCOTTIE DRESSES of Crepe de Chine, navy .blue and white, accordion V.'iM each SPORT COATS of Jersey', DRESSES OF CHECKED GINGHAM, Pretty Voiles and Organdie. r j r CHILDREN'S WASH DRESSES of Gingham and Organdie. Of the New Wash Fabrics We mention Voiles in light and dark colors; Permanent Fin- nish ,Organdies in white and; all colors; 44-inch Plain Color Voiles in all shadca, 59c In the Toilet Section we show, the new Perfumes and Toilet Preparations of Coty Dorsay, Roger Gallet, Colgate, in splendid'assortment. Bathing Caps, Shoes and Suits. 'V Geo. B. French Co. DESTROYER PK Y PLANE G-102 Anchored ..-Target for Army Bombing Plane. (Uy I'rcss) Nrwport July 13.--The fc.eL Afr-iln" TailM itecLliillon, "Hutfl off''to VnlsU-itJ'1 Hnchoit P.'ifny Hony. "Tfie linnk l-'alli-v] TtXluy" Cycloiifl Qurnlel lluciSf nad KH. Unflainnie KOIUORO .Solo. "Only n Celehell VncsiJ I in ni, ''Only n HnolleKKvr'.H nlddljips Hros. "The Cyclone QnVrlcL Oaticlng mruln up the rent of the. program antl the prlzc.H n warded tn .Tot; licrnlor and JlerirCoiia. Policy of Kuncnok: Khrn Mnry of U'nd'lelph'n 01.0 FORT TO APMGD I'Jymonth, nlrl fort iyFilch ('nptfiln.MyifH Stn.ndlHh srl up and jiuinno'l fur tho'protccilun of Iho I ill In be ngain; ihc inUtnllvn of Iho Anrinit anrl AVHllfr.-y corn, pa.ny at Ftnston, Iho! Hrlllnh govern- nipnt Ink en frojn uiixlllnrk-H Imn nl- k-fl foj- MnKluml. A FEW OF THE SNAPPIEST AND UP-TO-DATE Pebbles ................I'jiul Biesc1 Trio} TripJ 3368 Kouiui (he Town...............All Slur Trio) TcjLCji Trot...........All Star TripJ 18750 VVhileinrin} I Whilemanj 18.758 llonolulLi I-ycs.............Paul. YVhilenum) ljox 18721. Orch.j" One-Step, .Gepson Orch.j Slop........ Bciison One Slcp........ Happy SixJ OrchcslraJ 3376 H ASSETT'S Open Evenings and Wednesday Afternoons for i' Your Convenience.