Monday, January 17, 1921

Portsmouth Herald

Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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Text Content of Page 1 of Portsmouth Herald on Monday, January 17, 1921

Portsmouth Herald (Newspaper) - January 17, 1921, Portsmouth, New Hampshire WINTER SPORTS We must provide suitable places for ice skating. For the old and young there is no more healthy sport. Plans are being considered for "ice rinks" Ml Cimstiau Shore and llie public play grounds. Ice hockey between teams from every section of the city would provide good keen rivalry. Should the winter provide good coasting certain sections should be eel off where the youlii of the city con slide in safety WE MUST PROVIDE HEALTHY EXERCISE ozm nrm THE WEATHER Jnn. lo- nlglit ami Tuesdtiy; colder; cold lonlglit; west :to tflllt'.S. l THE PORTSMOUTH HERALD AND TIDE First in Circulation Greatest Standard Sun 7.10 Hun 4.-10 of 8.30 USSli Tldo.........4 IJ am. 0.12 Moon Sols. ...............12.13 lira Light Auloniobtio 5.10 pm VOL. XXXVI., NO. 96. PORTSMOUTH, N. H., MONDAY, JANUARY 17, 1921. O'Uiiiuuth Da 11) Htri THE HERALD July 1. IM? PRICE TWO CENTS. NEW LAW WILL STOP SALE OF BAD SECURITIES Nearly Fifty Million Dollars Worth of Worthless Stock Sold in Massachu- setts During Past Year ENRIGHTBHB D 1t TO PROTECT ITS (Ity M. Boston, lulrhiff that MCCUI bo before .beJnc1 ni'd olht'r hale. r.o tl'.it bclHn? of opi equitation ul is it-commended by the special appointed Irisl summer to In- I'ress) rc- irltics1! of iniccrtaJn til upon by Jiiate of; sold and (hat bruit- t llnoufc-li bo ent- Objects to Twelve Big Cor- porations Who Seek to Use'' Rivers for Power Purposes. nnd stale. liiu toil Vn-i 1 (Hy Piess) N Y., Jan. 17.-Statos At- Newton to.l iy look ao- tlPHJeiiotl to protect the state ua- j.owor liKlit. iSifi jurl.i- iim of the iVtloral cummin- hied objections to tlio tip- Ulons' m.uU- Xow VorK for to or llic I, mill Miia Hlvcis for [.own- jim-poscf olui-cllona will In- ai-Kuvrl Ijofoio fulLMJil conmithbkin In mi .Iiinunry The stale H tlio SeNdi WiitiT 1'iiivfl1.' r-Ii pprnills tlio u-rntin lU ji rental for llhe of tlio unimJary Hirt-aln-s ami U iloltt i'onlrol over wator jiosver of d In tlild vTith Uio leglslMtin-o today. The IUIH lip hills em'lxxlyhiff ltn icroiiiinawlatlonK nuf amendment to existing lofrisldtloti to place nficons- ov coipoiatlona iccclv hitf New York Mayor and Police 1 Commissioner Must Answer to Whitman. i i (liyj Associated V'rc.Hs) New. York', Ja n. 1 u yor I lyln n d find Police Commissioner linright wlm summoned to appear before; Die grand Jury In connection with; 1 lives- of tho city administration j wero clout1 ted for on hour, today wJtb former Governor who. EH c< ducting lho Inquiry, but left the hml COUT LSI building wl ho til 1'olnt; .1 iforo the Jurlora: The- two city bud been .sitbpnened bocaiJHo of tliel refusal lo at the of tho 'jjrand juvj'- After tlu! bud tlu; inal biilldinu: Sir. h- sm tuu' tin. m to furnish t uc.-h dr> OF MANCHESTER ON A STRIKE Recent Reduction in Not Accept- able to Union Heads CALL AN EXTRA SESSION APRIL 4 Xow Yto-k, .hiii. 17--Major aiisl Ptxlicc- CoinniissSonor ivoit1 liumiiioiicd to appear today bnfoie the Errand jiuy lu lho iuvcfrljurnl under Lho JurlhJIuUon of H. WliJUiuni wlio" tho K'-'ito bunking lriK" said ho woiiM qut-y- Ic-ffihlation, coinisB onci declaitxl lio" ConinilHtunor I-Jn- the pioblcina of riKht's lefutal in fuinlsli detcctivi-h lho Kile of fiuiidulcnL In tllt! Jtny in of cannot be IU'e- 'fi> lo Know of Mayor n.o cilihhiiil can bo JIDI et'- 'K Jetlcr i mltcU from any f relive clicck In -v leu- of (lie fart Dial them. fiandulenl ot ski urltkii oi'iitiiiK to belivofii Ihlrly and fitly million dollaus so-M in Wa corn- inurus caltli tho tlM' report. "Tlio dlfflcnhy in hiich a stilleino a.s JVtnxi's lire, ici Urn iuadc'umicy of tho existing lliidtir Uie- now- cd, 1L have bec-n Intpotwiblc for I'otizl to opeiato In tills state." .Imiips l-Tahcrtv-, of tho joint, tif tlio union, a.'.H-i tccl ,hat iho union -was'ivotntf ifivc Uus (VHirrsI the .said to em- ploy five thousand i'1 '.busy livn IUIH tfrosilly. cuttiiili-xl of Iti addition Llio conipatici' bn.s tita in NaiihuU Ju- tion cffi'cllvp. In lluiL t'Ky factork'.i JKIVL- licoii [jlomid for (titd no nil noil n no-lit: f'f i'-'d'Ealo ixv.ttimpUon of, 'liti.H n in.-idu In ti Iw- 1n thin (illy. In Niiftliua oiuicoiiu'itL of cpinpnii'y fiJiid: 'Tho coinpnny li.-iJi iniado a i-t-ductJon Lit CJJ linn bc.cii to liull: of lu not '.rplii.bEe to tlio hoaijw or Itui iin'ton. itlnuji to Ijtiu'O-fiso KM ue I Lou grea 11 y n a tumi nortt (lly IVORS) (ih'jig t w i, Jan. elect Ilnrdlng-: pnuulcaly Jms decided to call u wpt-cial KOHslon ot tlio now cor.s-ross on -Il3i, inoiiiibciy o-f llio and nioiniM LronunltU'Oivcro Infonncit loday by C.'Jiiilmtiiin l-'ojtlTioy Jusl ri'turnwl from n ronfor- i-n'w ii-Jlli Mr. llnnxlhiif hi Murlon: Mr. F-'oulufy with tho clccL Kononit tn.xiitloi) and tariff (jncfj- ISin wlifnh will bo innontr lho lo co in u licfoi'o 'lho special rcfisjjon of tho now roiitrre.'wi, It In inKUiniloo'd Inltl! -.Mr, Iltirdinir tlnil thu date of llio MINION liatl u direct boarJujr on tho rnvlfduti iho coni- mlttoo iit nnd It iTiUI; Ih.'H Mr. Itirorrm-d him tlitil Itli pruclirtilly lind he di'cJiJul iipon. BEST GUILTY, GIVEN LIFE SENTENCE Milford Man Was Charged i With the Murder of of His Wife. GREENLAND TO HEAR STORY OF BALLOONISTS A SUICIDE Wlillti MI-K; Jolin .K'fforloH of Kcran- lon, 1'iiiin., In an ovor- llHi-fcnrc wllh n. tliu purlh mrddtiiiy s-awncd and UHI found lnTKi'K lookliu: iit .IcITerlcH fool Indow. Tin. 11 ncnr nil oli) rnlno, tlie roof of which had cnvcO In. Mantihcslot1, jV. K.j Jim. nnxler In tin1 flisl in iho r.ti- ci'lor conil Jntro mprhins on a, chdrijo. of UiHhg hjrt C'oixi. Uinii- homo iuMJil- ;ird c.'ivly Mn Deet'iulwr, llo to life u'nniun livinjj In a .stilnirh, ivtio iiuld Mutt hur liusbniiil wn.i very 111, otimjilnliKMi to a imiKlHtratc ttmt n. land, lord ciiJli-d t-vory 'and .Komclimea a (hiy, to lit'inlrc lie wofo dead CJniinor It. .1. r'olljjif (if i: Xo. U uill sloreoiitiuoti nl lhi> chlii'.ili TL uvcnlitK at 7. HO o'clock tlio liio St. H Vint? fliildicn hi lOtn Reduced Prices i These are a few of the price reductions, conforming to the new price levels and to make a clean sweep of all present stock. j J i Ladii-s' and Silk Hose, now................'.......; .'-----79c pair Ladies' to Silk Hose, now...............'...............98c pair Ladies' and Silk Hose, now.........'.-----'. pair Mcrode Jersey Vests and Pants that were Ladies' Jevsey Vests and Pants that were Light Weight Union Suits, now.............................. Light Weight Union Suits, Medium Weight Union Suits, Medium Weight Union Suits, now Reduced prices on All Wool, Silk and Wool and Fleeced Vests, Pants and y J <i i Union Suits for Ladies, Children and infants. Ceo. B. French Co. (By Asoctat-Ml JVffiH) (Hy I're.sM) Nnu- York, hoard of Manilla, Jan. Huwjiiiri wilV ijijiurj- iipijolntcd by Dan- of 11, Howlon who tni .-it lln- rtockiiway killed by1 a I iparu-Kfj int ill "Aln Sliifi'.a to ihvtrstiinttlon VlndJvoNtdlr In r life f the tnllooii EilooV; njioji lournliiK i trf iloalh nrcm :ind llhiton v.'hlefi tuult to a or ffom Vkidlvon- n :L i ti OIL Hi's haz D tri'p in lot icCr, liall IMIo t'iil.H to .r, LAIS WILL BE REPEALED I'y 'AtiHochi tc-il f'rOfiH) 17, Thv House lo icpial inti.Ht of i lal (Iirtc nji- (od.iy Hit! Ki-n tie jinllcl.ii-y tctr, tin. ainimdtncnl 'the fin of fncid INK! fuel cori- liouM Ijf! (Hy Awiociatfd I'rrr.a) .Inn: (s-lioul, jni "1'I binrl; i f d inoi-i- lli'nt 30 ye.-HH njro, wan Insn l.t 'oHtlmfiKxl nt Thu Mcliool Safe Milk and Cream OiiclonurCE at M.inchiialor of llio o.ilo of dlicnooj moat nnd milk ami roconl diocovorirn of tuberculosis in a dairy producing cortifnd milk in nr.irliy cily domorntrnlcB lo THOUGHTFUL PEOPLE Iho truth of llio ilatcmcnl cf Ihn Mrci.icliiiDCtls Department of Hooltli that: t d Milk is the Only Safe Milk.' Milk trenled is just as digestible anti nutritions ns raw milk." OKI ti-inl of nil casci of luijct culoali in childion under live yearn arc of Kourco, for Laws requirlnq pas- luuni.llion of oven milk nrc obvious. Every f nown ny over years' cxpcrioncu jsod for tho protection of our customers nnd ai fin-l aafcuunrtl tho milk is pastoliruad nnd holtlct) by the most up-to-dntu nnparatus known U science. liiwe availablo an ndcqu.ilo svipply of ,i Pcifectly Pasteurized Clean and Safe. !j PORTSMOUTH Tel. 131G-M. BADGER CREAMERY 160 Bow Street. (0' SUBS MAY M. Commander Itonilw, N'., o( hi- New j L lim.'hron Ji'icwl of innjor ,IIK( Uhiiinbor of itooHlhK- hiiin Oils Jio.wats afiftoinparik-U by S. AiJamw, (Ui K. anil hln tiitil (o do wltli tho proHpoclu <if all of tho O Iroulx lioru for i U'K find overhaul. Com in uioVr Hcmls vni'-nsjsiircO of lho cily'M fKt Hivl our nbllity for Uio mtn n lid (heir I lo nao thown about llio ami rcturnc-'l 10 tho ynnl. It nrcan much arlld- (lorml work for tlio i yiir'd foico ami IK thr btirlnulnb' of ?L liitci' pvosram' t NARROW ESCAPE K( <'.vr. iiidtt.'i' riiCDil of til' MfilH; liaO n from si-rlmiM Injurv. wHinV hccanif; ontatilled IEI ;i, H'.'l licroxv .'iiitl Htarti'd to .'troiiml thu nn limiiuMM.v: fo ;bv nt'ju'by oiHnlnod a llrrn K'vlp vn Cyr ami JIJIIT from nrftunU tliu wilh' Tlie innn's f'loihcH ovon lo til.H utidcrwt'ur torn to Tiio larfi-etit touring chr In tlio worM Is ownnti by Alborl of Belgium. Jt In tuo cfcdon.s ainJ accomnioflnios li for 10, Tho niiichtnc floslfincil for hi Afric 1, is Mttlit'ii, HrJCli anO ivoni. .'r.rTT TTT TTT TT-frrrrrrTT- JAlSf U A R Y SALE: The low level en prices of Dry Goods has been reached and it is safe to buy for your needs now. Our prices have dropped as fast as any changes were made, and are now at the very lowest limit. We have also marked many lines of goods, that we do not want to carry over, at prices regardless of value. Our January Corset Sale offers an opportunity to get fitted out with Corsets at great saving. LEWIS E. STAPLES 13 Market St. IUJXIIXUZZIZI

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