Wednesday, February 6, 1918

Portsmouth Herald

Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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Text Content of Page 1 of Portsmouth Herald on Wednesday, February 6, 1918

Portsmouth Herald (Newspaper) - February 6, 1918, Portsmouth, New Hampshire VOL. XXX1IL, NO. 114. REFORMATORY BUILDINGS ARE BURNED Five of Thirteen Buildings of Indiana SEC. BAKER IS PORTSMOUTH, N. H., WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1918. Fit DESTROYS MPER RESIDENCE "ATSTRATHAM Blaze Starts From Defective Chimney; Wind Saves I Other .Tho two and a half slory dwelling of -ISmes. ifl.-i'lpcr, a. well knownVarmer j located on High Atrcct, Struham. was totally destroyed by flro on Tuesday afternoon., Tho flro started from a de- fective chimney. With Ihe thermom- below xero, tho Inmates of the hpiiKe and. ncveral neighbors who re- fought the flro but were un- nblo to check ItH progress. Home sona! clothing and bedding were the thftngB navcd (Fly Associated Press) JorrtM-srjnvHIe, Ind., Feb. of tlie thirteen buildings comprising I ho Indiana ntato reformatory wero dc rjtroycd by fire horo early today. The loss estimated al Twelve hundred and eighty-five jjrlsonors- In cells and dormitories were in orderly array Iho quadrangle, a small enclosure, where "retreat" Kounded overy even- after military drill. At tho word of command thc-y marched qututly lo another Institution building to mo dis- tance from Iho flro where they wero placed undtr guard. Nonu of the In- matcH tried to escape. Y COMMITTEE Public Hearing Secretary Defends His Recent Statements Concerning Send- ing Troops to France-Senator Weeks of Massachusetts Disagrees With Him ARREST AN I. W.W.MAN (fiy Associated Press) 1'aterHon, X. J., Feb. of being a follower of W. M. Hay wood, who is under Chicago, Michael .Wuehta, nyed 27 years, who _; northwest wind said 'ho cnmn irom 1'awtucket, H. I.. at fho time kept tho linmes from WU3 a.rrcitcJ here toduy by detectlvcu. renohlng tiro barn and connecting the Inilu'slrlnl Workers The Iho tbo World, and a book Indicating J4.000 ..lilH.membnrJiiilp in that organization, covered .by InBurancc. (ore by the police to hove been j found on tho prisoner, who held for tho federal authorities at CMcogo, DEADLY TOLL OF THE U-BOATS London Feb. U-boats AC- ON ELECTRIC LINE A. I. Mac Fan ti of a fornit-r ,.w- linesman for the Western Union Telc- cordlng to n reply given by Andrew hns been Huiioinied a government leader'In the foreman-for tho Portsmouth Klcc'rlc hoiiao of commons today, have done to j Hallway- in thin city nnd will him death non-combatant British charge of all electrical constructtoj wornon and children. and repair work. MANY KILLED IN FINNISH TRAIN WRECK <By Associated Press) London, Feb. C A large number of persona were killed and injured in con- of a colij.flojt between a train loaded 'with Jted Guards and a govern- ment (rain sent lo interrupt tho Red tlunrd train at Keml, Northern Fin- land, according to Kxchange Tele- graph dlfipatches from. Copenhagen. THE WEATHER Forecast for Portsmonth and Vicln- moderate southeast winds; Thursday cloudy, south to southeast winds. (I3y Associated Press) Feb. ination of Secretary linker before tho nate mlllt.ii-y committed was besun at n. public, hearing today. Secretary llulicr'a cross-examination was begun j by Senator Weeks of Massachusetts. In connection with the number of troops to bo sent across this year. On January 1, Mr. llaker said, thorn had to France more troops both non-crfmbalant on American ships for transportation American tonnage losses. Secretary Baker said, had bXn light. "Tho service tho navy lias rendered In protection of tho nrmy has been j ho declared. Secretary Baker said that ho has not determined whether troops would be kept in southern camps next sum- mer, but If tho summer weather was ,as extreme as It has been this winter, forcesthan had j oner To the actual purchas- -rf Knn Sun Setn fi.S3 5.05 Length of Day High Tide C.33 am, 7.08 pin Moon Rises, c 2.50 am Light AitEoinbMIc Lnmps at.... 5. 35 pin the "iS'ani Ads. bead and nrnis. Men fro'tn the (jihor" docks rushed to tho Kcenc and on their arrival found Iho engine room In (tamos. They sent In a call for the combination wag-on of (be "fire department and rusher! wls to Ilia Portsmouth hospital. He la expected to recover, Tho daniagonoJ the boat was not very serious. FOUR KILLED IN DOUBLE COLLISION Siuw Plow Crashes Into Stalled Passen- ger Train Whjchjad Previously Run Into Another Plow at Caribou, Me., Early Todrfy AVARM UNDERWEAR AND HOSIERY .With the cold itill in store for us it's timely to consider the wanner grades of hosiery and underwear. It's economy, too, to purchase now, as prices will inev- itably be higher next season. Children's Fleeced and Cotton 35c, 39c Fleeced and Cashmere to Men's Cotton and Wool Hose.................'. .....29c lo 59c Udies'Union Suits, Vests and Pants; Warm Sleeping Garments for Children; Men's Lfnion Suits, Shirts and Drawees; Vests, Pants and Union Suits for Chil- dren. B. French Co. Tljrpws BlazinB Oil Heater Into River to Save Gasoline Explosion and Destruc- tion of Craft. In an attempt lo'prevent a gasoline explosion ana save Ihe flshlnff 'JJorotliy O. from instruction by Cleveland Ixiivls of Me., lOft Ills life today nt Shea's.wharf off j Wutrr street. I.ewls, wlio commands tho lioal for Jameson Drothrra, wont aboard tho-crnft anil found n. largn gasoline stove In Die engine room all ablaze. Ho'crabbcd the bltizlnu heal- er nnd toasctl It over the sldo Into the itock. lie thnn fought Ihe fire on tho but unable (o extinguish It. Ho was badly burned about tlie face. FIRE DESTROYS NAVAL STORES (I3y Press) _ NoUTiort, bnso store house of the naval reserve here, con- taining a nu-inHiy of food, cloth- ing1 and ivas'dainaged by flrc today} Xnval authoriUes said that tho fire 'was .caused by a defect In tho healing system. The loss (a esti- mated at The plumbers were a busy lot on Tuesday as" there wero a great many freeze -ups, onsumers Owing to the extreme cold weather, the consumption of gas has gone beyond bur capacity to make enough to supply the de- mand. Our reserve supply will be ex- hausted today. We therefore request that you use as little as possible for the next few days for heating and cooking, so we may replenish our reserve. Unless you curtail your consumption we be obliged to shut the supply off entirely for at least twelve hours. PORTSMOUTH COMPANY, Feb. 6, 1918. E. SEYBOLT, Mgr. (By Associated Press) Caribou. Me., Feb. passen- gers and a trninnmn were ftlllcd.-and n dozen pa SBC tiger 3 were injured In n doublo collision on (ho 'Banger and Aroostook railroad hero early today. A passenger train bound from Ban- gor to Van Buren crashed into a plovv which hud become a snow drift, and a. moment later anoth- er anovr-plow rah Into the'rear oC tho passenger train. The dead aro Frank Harding, a-corn- merclal "Mrs. Dann. (llnckloy, Watcrvlllc'; Anna'" Shaw, d 12. Limestone; and Hrakeman St. Peter, Van Duron. ReaO Ihe Want Ada. DEFECTIVE FLUE CAUSES FIRE (By Associated Press) Kfvorside, Conn., Feb. G. Darker, aged years, a manufacturer of-.lvilr tonic In Now York city, was burned to death in his home here to- day. The mansion house with Us con- tents, valued nt were destroy- ed, A defective flue was held .account- able for tho Special Values in Rugs, Carpets and Ail Kinds of Fleer CcveriPis for the Month of February Extra Good Bar- on Remnant Pieces of Oil and Li noleunu, 1 lo 20 ydi. in each' piece, to close out, regardless of coit. Come in and look over the line. D. H. MclNTOSH Fleet and Congrew Streets. _. Portunouth, N. H. A -UP SALE Some of (lie very best of recent fief ion greatly re- duced in including Looks by "Winsfon Churchill, 'George Barr McCntcheon, Mrs. Humphrey Ward, Har- old MacGralh, Frank H. Spearman, George W. Cable, Bret Hurie, etc. -These books, are very handsomely bound and illustrated and hundreds of thousands' of- copies were sold in (heir first editions. We have been fortunate in securing'this lot of books as publishers' re- mainders and have added to the lot books from our own regular stock. This sale is for quick clearance and the titles cannot be duplicated at' this price. See these books on'display. Get them while they last. They are yours" at 35c--Three for a Dollar LEWIS E. STAPLES 11-13 Market Street

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