Tuesday, September 2, 1969

Nashua Telegraph

Location: Nashua, New Hampshire

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Nashua Telegraph (Newspaper) - September 2, 1969, Nashua, New Hampshire JUCHELE BUJOLD Thursday. Sept. 4, 19W. i to be long remembered by many vtt families. Because on this Thursday. Nashua-based Bat- tery B of the New Hampshire National Guard Is coming home. Bittery B is' coming home after l long, knely, difficult year'in Vietnam. And it hasn't been easy on toe wives either. Mrs. Bonnie Hillsgrbve of Am- bent, wife of Spec. 4 James Hills- grove who's been with the unit since it left Nashua list Septem- ber, describes the year's separa- tion In three words: "Lonely and rotten." Bonnie, who worked as a sales- girl up until last had a baby boy last March and Dad- dy has never leeo him. She notes that luM the fun In wefcoinlni him bone viil.be his reaction to their new son. Started To BolU Besides being well-occupied witb the new baby, Bonnie has kept'busy with getting ready to move toto the-cew bouse that her husband started to build be1 {ore he left. She says that her father-in-law has a a bane, aid that they plan to' lire there for a whilel Mure are still imWinile, she but-she thlntj her'husbiad'might'wort u a forester for a "years, and later start'his own-busJows. He isVearpenfcrby.tnde...- Future' plans are also indefin- ite' for Mr. and Bobert B. Nashua; When Stall Sergeant Therrien kft. their ba- 'by.bby wis JW months old, and Us mother notes that "He could barely'ufl'bls Surprised -Mrs.' who's first name'is: says that now the runs and dimbs all It should 'be quite a surprise {or him to see bow much-the baby has grown, she says. Carole has' kept busy during the darafion by working this summt r for the Public Service Company and "keeping in touch with.other Guard wives." She doesn't know what they will do after he comes home and gets settled, but she hopes they csa take t vacation tomftinw during the month. .A vacation might also be to tht. future, plans' for Mr. 'and Thomas Migneaull, 39H Arling- ton Si. Diane explains that while her husband was gone, two of ters got married. One is living in Washington, D.C., the other ABEA WIVES Page! Today's Chuckle ,In September the doors of the nation's schools open once more, amid cheers from thousands of bright eyed, eage'r mothers. New Lorijtst Evtrfftg Vkwypoper Weather i Clear, Cool Tonighr :Fair, Mild Wednesday. Full Report on Twp YOU 101 NO. 155 Continuing the New Hampshire Telegraph Established October 20.1832 NASHUA, NEW; -1969'" Second Class Postage Paid At Nashua, N.tt 24 PAGES. Pri" TEN-CENTS For Big Show Special To The Telegraph ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. Cathy Zanichkowsky of who loves the' preparing for the biggest production of her career as she makes her bid for the America crown. Cathy, who is Miss New Hampshire: 19G9, is here for a week "crammed with competitions, interviews, pa' rades and sessions.-Registration for the 50 contestants began at.noon yesterday in the Pennsylvania Room of-Haddoh Hall. Rehearsals Start stnictions from 'Mrs. Benjamin _ t i i< c. r Brick, hostess chairman, and Rehearsals also began yester- Mis, America, Pa. day under the direction of George geant officials. Cavalier, producer W the Miss Official swimsuit photographs America Pageant Cathy has the- were thefirst af ter- ttrical aspirations and hopes to major in dramatics at college. Today, she met Evehually, she says, she would members of the Spartans Drum like to have a cancer on Broad- and Bugle Corps, also of Nashua, way musicals. lead her in the Parade of "I love being in theatrical pro- j _j Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mar- in an Swart Ter. interview at The Miss Amenca most of her 13 brothers Pageafcl Control Center. are already in At jetting up and performing in front iintic City. of an audience-ls a real thrill for n T f me the r communication. with a people and the' feeling that you are making'them happy." Cathy, who Vhas performed in lected. productions of. "Bye Bye "Canxed." and tlw lives o New York eight years, and .undefeated fights a ninth-round knockout over Archie Moore. Known as a fighter who didn't know .the art of .boiiiig, he'd (ake'as many punches uutttt sgry.to land one. .'_ "I got lucky tonjgb.t I only got) nailed a: 'couple of lie'once bU a.reporter after a fight "But in tough I have headaches good "for me." Then he "added: "But I used to isore-back all the time Coming soon to Nashua Trust MASTER-CHARGE The Interbank. Card Member F.D. I. C A FULL LINE of CABOTS Stains. Paints Nashua Wallpaper Cp. W. Pearl St. Mon. thru Sat. Io Open'TTjors.' TU I "Inside the ring he was a lion, outside a was the way HARCIANO Page] He cited'his own domestip proposals as evidence of new domestic ing the: welfare plan.; had committed such While Nixon rejected the-no-, tion of a peace bonus, he did tell :he governors: City Plan fa City Qerk Uoriel Guilbert said he hopes to complete sometima today certification of the initla-" tive petition on the Neverett property purchase. All the petition' said, have been checked onct against voter check lists'in" certification' process wMdi began a'week agoi.-i added, were to consult master voting files' today la an attempt to clear: op doobts about some qiiesn'oriable sigria- lures. GuilbeH said 1.C27 certified sig- natures are needed for. a valid in- itiative petition. Iri submitting the petition. May- or Dennis J. Sullivan said it con- tained But Guilbert said be has had to reject: many'because initials .in- stead of full first names wera used. He said many of the signa- tures show that voters changed wards several years ago without registering their new addresses with the check list supervisors, creating more confusion. Byrnes' Condition Remains Critical COLUMBIA, -S.C. (AP) Former Secretary of James F. Byrnes 'remained in critical condition today but was 1C "I can assure you of this: We reported resting comfortably, are not simply going to tell you He is 90. the slates have a Job to do; we Byrnes was taken to 'Baptist are going to help you find the Hospital Friday after suffering funds and resources to do that what his doctor said was an ap- job with." Parent, heart attack. He. wai Nixon also promised "an ef- hospitalized' twice earlier thil 'ctive strategy for lim-year. ChevroJets CARS k. TRUCKS. Daily Rentals -as low as. r day 'Cdll.Teri 888-1121 MacMylkin Chevrplet' Relief as -Are? As the mercury flirted with the day alone was ''estimated at the holiday Saturday and Monday abo were cjose to that mark. A high, of 86 was 100-dcgree weekend, mark over sent heat-weary Nashua wee, area residents to lakes and beaches in corded Saturday; Sunday a reading of search .'of K'kf. SUver ;Lake State '91 was taken, and yesterday tha was no exception as the mometer bubbled to a high of 94.j iihoffrclal attendance figure for Sun-