Wednesday, July 16, 1969

Nashua Telegraph

Location: Nashua, New Hampshire

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Nashua Telegraph (Newspaper) - July 16, 1969, Nashua, New Hampshire Today's Chuckle Never before has the American dollar had such tre- mendous good-tying power. Celeara New Hampshire's Largest Evening Newspaper J Weather Worm Tonight More Humid Thursday Full Report on Page Two VOL 101 NO. IIS Continuing the Hampshire Telegraph Established October JO. IBM NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE, WEDNESDAY, JULY 14, IW Second QISJ Postage Paid AtNuhut.N.H. 44 PAGES Prie. TEN CENTS Mighty Apollo Heads For The Moon After.launch frorji Cape Kennedy spacecraft orbit Engines fire (3) .to set course for moon. Command module separates turns-around'and docks with Landing Module. Midcourse correction enters lunar orbit Armstrong; and Aldrin transfer to LEM separate from Command Module. LEM moon' spend 21 hours, 38-min- 11 Flight Plan U. S. Astronauts Reach for Dream By HOWARD BENEDICT CAPE KENNEDY, Fla- (AP) With a jolting burst ol rocket power, the Apolto 11 astronauts today shot out of, earth orbit to propel the ship toward the moon and man's first landing oh another celestial bodyl Civilian commander Neil A. Armstrong, Air Force Col. Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. and Air Force Lt. CoL Michael Collins started the journey on the awesome power of a Saturn 5 super-rocket that thundered from Cape Kennedy at a. m. EOT-with a roar heard round the globe. Houston Aditstd "He was she said. 'Houston, be.advised the usual self. Just like he al- oal is one of the as-.ways is." tronants said shortly: after the .As the astronaut's parents spacecraft left the ground, spoke, one of the spacemen la "They finally gave-me a win-the capsule told Mission Con- dow to look cut." [trol: "It sore is. clear, dowa first words on there. It's like, sitting in your achieving were very busi- living room." _ nesslike.- The astronauts go to ihe moon "The booster has been con- as men of peace, bearing utes on lunar surface, including 2 hours, 20 minutes outside LEM conduct- ing experiments Armstrong and Aldrin'return to LEM and blast off (10) to rendezvous with Collins in Command Module Discarding LEM, astronauts fire Command Module! engines on earth'course After midcourse correction spacecraft reenters earth orbit (14) f or Pacific splashdown By CLAUDEITE DUROCHEB J. .Sullivan '.vowing resist .'the? proposal tp the end, the finance committee' has ;vot> ed 5-2 'to recommend'pass- age of "the land 1 damage assessment for the Nev'erett i 'Long Dtscnssioa' The committee voted on the last night after nearly an hour's discussion on it Sullivan said he intends to veto the measure even though Cry So- licitor Arthur 0. Gormley Jr. had advised him this type of resolution is not subject to.veto. Voting against the recommen- dation were AHermarrat-Large Maurice L. Bouchard and SuUi- Supporting it were AJdennerhat- large-Maurice L. Arel, Francis IxiFlamme. Donald R. Hatdy, Bertrand J. Bouchard and John V. .'private J venture..' I have' said hat w'e should; get :faut of parking usiness because we .'don't" get it" He_iaid be intends to push the ssue'as faris1 be: ie; did' not-vant'.to go1 beyond ic Itw but that be questioned the interpreted by, Gormley. He iaid he'.wai 'isoinewhat dii- and wondered it his opinions on the issue lacked'sufficient home- work. "He has been involved In aiany is Sullivan said, "per- taps he is letting things slide by." Hardy said be didn't agree that rormley did not do enough home- work on tbje subject. Procedures for approving the bond issue for the property, he said, were laid down by the. book. "You say you don't want, to go gainst the law, jwfare'question-, -.__. ing the law. That's ihe tame thing to contribute finanaauy to it LaFlamme and B. Bouchard moved and seconded tbe measure be recommended for passage in compliance with a motion' ap- proved at the July 8 aldennanic meeting that called for the reso- acted upon at the finance committee session and returned to the Aug. IJ alderman- ic meeting. r Slain Opposition Sullivan said his main opposl- lion to the purchase is that he does not think it is "I wouldn't care if someone this right jald. "If someone, pul up a parking garage it should be IN.H. Draft Call 108 in August CONCORD, N.H. (AP) -The llate Selective Service System announced today that W men will be drafted in August. The July call was 87. The largest number to be conscripted will be 14 men each from the Manchester area an< Bclkriap Cotmty. Rockfngbam County and the MUford area will contribute 11 each. The breakdown for other ireas: 11 from Coos County; 1 from the Portsmouth area; I1 from Strafford County; mm Hardy said. Sullivan replied that he fell the city 'had.not been sufficiently wary during negotiating rrocedares and be felt'the min- rtes lands, and buildings and for the future expansion of smmittee 'meetings on the sub- ect were lacking. 1 Favored Acquisition B..Bouchard said he favored acquisition of the property for ong'-range City Hall expansion and downtown parking needs. LaFlamme looked to the past o explain' Jus stance on the each from Ihe Nashua anc Keene areas; and two eac from Carroll, Merrimack am Sullivan counties. PIZZA brCharles Famous thruoul Kew; Eaglartd W. PEARL St. Finest in Pizzas Grinders (afl varieties) Regular 90c PLAIN PIZZA TUESDAY ONLY T.I.pnon. 88M54J A.M. fo 2 A.M. Mon. thnrSaj. Sundsyj 3.P.M. the 'group, agreed, to have ,the first ?ap'praisa( for, tie property The Njverett interests sought J189.000''originally for the taid.1 Hardy and Chesson pointed out that- withoot demoUshing any of the the Nev'er- ppoiBted'.Vwrth 'the city soEdtar ipaces wiold be; helpful ett 'propertiti "could about 70. additional p a rkI irovlde ng to restore some of the M park- ing spaces to be lost when parallel parking on Main Street City Obligation This led Sullivan to question why the city should be obliged to provide downtown parking. Hardy said the downtown in- terests had something moving on providing parking facilities for themselves but Sullivan said he doubted it would ever go through if the downtowners had Chesson said the fact that the city owns the property border- ing the Neverelt property would make the property that much more valuable both In money He said the city in the past las', delayed purchasing prop- erty deemed necessary because if the costs Involved only to ind that .it had to pay much more when it moved to acquire these same properties later. He cited the; High Street project as an example.'. An In-depth report on the ne- gotiation procedures for the property, he said, would be pro- vided at Ibe next meeting..' He said it was while Arel .was chairing the buildings committee In city.' City Hall. Sullivan mentioned that some departments may be moving out of City Halt Hardy remarked that this hat been mentioned since he took office but nothing; seems to hap- xn. And, he remarked, that he did not think each departmen planning their own move independently. This should be decided by an ad ninistrator, ht .said, specifical ly the mayor.' This precipitated an extends discussion, on the. difficulty in ;oTemink semi-autonomous de- partments, the role of the plan rung department, and Its pres ent staffing Arel commented that ther are some'departments tha should 'ranaln in City HaH and should 'not be allowed to frag men the in different parts of th firmed for orbital flight. Both'flags and spacecraft are looking messages of many he <aid. He. referred to the still attached third stage of the fat- urn S which was to Ignite later to boost Apollo 11 toward- the moon. .-The astronauts were to circle! globe for IH hours to make certain the spaceship's thou- sands of systems were function- ing. Then, at p.m. they.wtre to restart the still-at- tached third stage of the Saturn S to start toward, their target, 250.W1-miles away. 'Barring problems, these three Columbu'ses Spact Age Astronauts Head The Apollo 11 astronauts, Neil A. Armstrong followed by Mi- chael Collins and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., leave their quarters -to get- into a a Job; transfer van to take them to their spaceship for the blastoff -toward a landjrig on the moon. Streefer Criticizes; Report On Mrs. Malarkey Dismissal Councilor Bernard A. Streeier Jr., today criticized a report by Robert DeVoid; state head'of the Office of Economic Opportunity, on the ouster'of Mrs. Mary B Halarkey as director of the Head Start program here. i He branded DeVoid's investi- gation as a and said it was incomplete. He charged that the Community Ac- Jon Program directors failed to explain charges against Mrs. Mal- arkey. The Nashua Republican's statement follows: "The report was Incomplete as far as I am concerned for it failed to spell' out completely what the charges were that led to the firing of Mrs. Malarkey, why .the local CAP .board did not grant her a hearing and explain the specific and why the iillsborough County CAP admWs- ration. and the board did not consult with the Head Start Pol- cy' Advisory Committee on. the dsmissal as wtll as the entire operation of the Head Start pro- Of f Support Canal Park Mboyai.Knew of Assassination Plot, By- JOSEPH Ytrk Tmt Hm (triiu NEW-YOHK Tom Mboya, the brfflianl young Kenyan leader to J THE TELEGRAPH Pearson 4 Sport) ]2, J3 Suburban U Taylor 4 Television 40 Tbeaterj a Dr. Tbosteson V. Abby 41, 43 Comics M Crossword t ;W Editorial Financial Horoscope Nashua Scene 4 t Weather Wider .tewij IJ U who was to death on Nil- opened fire on the man h rtchen' to shorten, of bond Issues so interest' payments wvviCt KA measure when it received the committee's favorable .'recom- mendation .last night.-, The Voan win be made by the Nashua-New Hampshire Found jtjon owner. In other business, the commit- tee: -Held up a supple- mentary bond issue resolution for purchase of the Four Hills san- itary landfill site off West Hotlis Street unta a report on expendi- tures from other appropriations for the purchase is received. op a resolution to 'grant an arlnail pension of J3.1S5 to Police Cap'L' pending meeting will) the potke commbstoneri to.discuss wiry to OUT of Our- late beloved Mother Mrs. OsannaTomasion The Littles Shoe Store And Little Shoe Store Annex Will Be Closed thurs.', July 17 with the dtyti end brokers. idrked the'length of the bond is- cues were programmed se; the ax rate would not be1 unduly af- "ecled contract to Equity Wishing Corp. for. printing of 968 ordinances as a to the newly revised manual of ordinances on a bid price of ut award lot steel desks for the assessors until Fi- nance Officer John Bock com- piles i. roaster list equipment over to be -par- chased from 'now.'unta.the.'end of the year. Tbe same was also done with a. request for purchase of .dectrtc typewriter by: the Department Soviets Ignore Apollo MOSCOW (AP) Moscow'i morning newspapers today Ig- nored the- Apollo U flight to the moon.' Only the weekly. Lileralurna- ya Gazeta (Literary rablished today, made mention of Apollo 11. Its article was a re- print from a French magazine. Silence also continued on Uina 15, the unmanned Soviet spaceship expected to reach moon today or Thursday. Ifj specific mission has not been di- vulged, although some Soviet sources said it would attempt (o scoop up a sample of moon soil and return it to earth. We Carry A'- 'FULL LINE of CABOTS Stains 6 Points Nashua Wallpaper Co. Pearl St Kt-MJl 1 Openi Thin. Till' New Principal Vincent W. Duman wil 36 the new principal at Nashua Hfeh School. The 35-year-old Vermont man was elected to the a-year post by the Board of Education. He will succeed Patrick J. Morley, who re- tired from the post in June. Duman plans to arrive In Nashua in mid-August. Area Gripped In Heat Wave f TOO Jo. Shop. sNOTATTHE ENCLOSED AIR-CONprnONED NASHUA MAIL Kiev! There miy well be a few Nadmaas who woald hie la tie ApoTta 11 crew oat hi space, as got ai early start it (crning fnta another scortlxr. Tke official rodlog it i ajn. was 19 degrees! TV mercury weal all tbe way up to S) yesterday, and dropped no lower Ilia (2 daring the right. Temperature nfll la OK today, ovrmljbl lows fa 'itf, and oo'j very Intact [rom tie southwest. Wei tier Bonn forecast! predltt liaV the beat wave will Intensify tomorrow. It b expected ta be sunny tad very hot, wtth tfrnpoaton fa (be Ms, and eves greater hinnldityl QUARTERLY State.-Federal TAX RETURNS ARE DUE For Assistance Can FRED ACKLEY 883-3912