Tuesday, June 13, 1797

Concord New Star

Location: Concord, New Hampshire

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Concord New Star on Tuesday, June 13, 1797

Concord New Star (Newspaper) - June 13, 1797, Concord, New Hampshire THE N E W S T A R. A »IPUiLlt^AK FAPt*. BY RUSSEL C/ DAV'IS, Con cot o, Niwh All PI MI t c. No. X.—June 13, '97^ Political Mißellany. tfLOu rHM CEN riNEL. FRENCH INFLUENCE. MX. lUlStt, No. VI!. It h«<l bctoniy ortgiaa,! tnttfi-1108 to prove in the prcfettit nois b^» tii cool and c#fi(s<iriftre Itn-titage^tluit the conéu^ of the Brit & cowards thti country,in the dip. kMtkdepirtMiit,»nit theif^ju. iks cßd fpo&atiom tirhkh were bf tbftB ufiwarrttitabif committed •pQO o«r irtdt» »oder colour ibe hilly and impntdent orders df liieKiaf aod Council, were of anatore whkh admitted nod jufU M the conciliatory meftfure« a* dofted by our E*eculive.—That ikose fficaTuref not only coinctded »iih the wUeO poUcy. hot met the ba^y approbatIcA of thcccol, diA paibnale, mtnñkmwxá y toaaory oí our cooajry—Thai che heat tad tfftrviíimc9 which prci^aikd la dMrcnief and tnaritint placet up« 00 fhtf {«hied, wert rather rff«ét of tha ktlaenct U iati^iMt oí French emtgrtnts, mldioiiariet aod hirtJio|f, ihao the fpoatan«. oof operatHuii <iílt>]ufy lipoo the mtk^ úf the fC«! (i¿Wtttn^Ttut the ▼ioltnt •ppofítion to ttat^n w^ith Great Brintn—?o the pcr^n arho wat appointed to condoft it—(*hoie taleatt, In-j tecrity and patrsoiiim, let fortiga ; laBoencc at <kiUnct)«*ili« ciato-! o«r agatnft the Treaty before it ! was ratified, or forrepthioiiily gtv. I to to the public—a^ind she aMrr-ill of that treaty sfter n was oil* ^ diUy approved aod promolgcared «»agiioA the apprepriatloRs whkli were to gite tc it aniaftarioo and vigoor^and iinaiJy, agaitvft the»« rtil patrioft, who, dcipifiog the clafootirt ot í»Ü!i)n cc^onferfeiitM tbt ptthik roke, virtuo^tíf dafi3 to apfirobatt and deltad it. Thia oppets^ion, I rtpeit, was ptodi^-ed, fu(^^t»ed »od í Mmiá» not from a fmcefe and eaUffhttatd ra> g*rd to the trutintercttiot America, bat frt^m the rtaior imagtn< try iattrcft of France, as who(< dwpet and loolt»arui under wh^éit Ihrtry, tht ageatt in rh^ie wan^. Hons i^tifaily ptrlornsed their piutf. But I feel tnyfelf cof^peíled to delay the deüatatkia of tbtt ha« ■dtUattag pidurt» that I a^ccm. tribute fay wkm» at ihb early two-nseot, chcck operatlaw of a daaftfoat atte«p€> to iaáoeim •ad ovtrawt the ttitlbafario» ol ihf coañitattd iíu^imáám. II I

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