Tuesday, June 6, 1797

Concord New Star

Location: Concord, New Hampshire

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Concord New Star on Tuesday, June 6, 1797

Concord New Star (Newspaper) - June 6, 1797, Concord, New Hampshire THE NEW # ST A R A R.IPY.tLlCAK« 'JllCiLLAWfOUi, HTlfcARY fAPift. HV RU$5Ft cf COS COR», WtWH. No. iX.—June 6, 1797. Political Mifcellany. FftOM Till CENTINSL, FRENCH INFLUENCE. M ft . »USUI, No. i n. /•"T^HAT miy b« enabled the 1 more juftly to fonnan ifti. Hiite of iHt d^'grc« iind extent of the French infl.aenre in thit country, it witl be proi>er to piui« hei« • %nd rcHtd upon the na ture of pubiic opinion. ho«r it b to be coUffArJ. and tii »hat manner it may be eici:ed, created or di-re^ed. In ctery citil fociety the inajori-ry unkii roufcd by fcmr appeal to thetr palBont or tatertil, arc qui-efceot iiid tnadive. lo a republican government like oun» ibe great body of the peopk are per-tedly eafy and rtfpoit with cof>6 dence on ihe rukra whom tbey Hat« freely elected and whom ibey knOMT to be equally intcrefted wifb tKeoiielvct in the promottoa ol the p4iblic welfare and happtnei». Eiit in every («>clety homt^m' h4ppy the gener \ Hate of it may he» there will bitpcrfan« of fume one of iN dvfcrlptions : RtAIeft, uneafy fpititt Impatkrnt of rcih lint-»four, vn^rofc oknt l»«irts«-difpo£ed to tiew the ftir ohjedi of natyre and an. the b«#u ifui lyfteni of iawt» t^dtr ai.d public happineif, with jiundiced eye«-^prefitd» Jef| era e, pn I^teftbMidowed wretches. firifed of a fambUn^ iptrif. defirooa ol change» ^ vain ambt;iotss miodt, p«fla pfCMid OMii, bttt ol dull and feeble talenti, who think ihac tbdr fiierttt are owlcoked» and who wilh an oeertttrn hr the fak« of gratifybg tbeir rage lor diAinc-tion. Tbefii ▼aticut (IcfctimtMM abound i»ore or tn dilmeot coiiQirim. accf^dkig tci tbe llaic of mannerf.-——In England. Mr. B«rke computet them at oiic ftfib of th€»ie who thuik at alJ. but fap-poiet that unlef« careMly watched they are f^fickmtly oMnercm« to overthrow the govert^ment. in thij country, I do mn belirr« that cnore thao ooe tenth tboiSe who are capable of furuung any opMi-ioo for tbeuoiktirca are ol any cf th« foregoing dekrtptk&f, but tliough io dciVicabie io numbers •od t^arader. yet ihey are ^ fub tU, yAie«, par levering, indekt^a-bte and organtted, tluit we have l«en them c5e>dl In a few weeks ati almoA total chao|e itt tbe ol their Mow citltetia.— Aiimrn^ the bnguafc afod authonryof tbe pcopit* i/id tbrtateii the very ex- iftiOCf

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