Tuesday, May 16, 1797

Concord New Star

Location: Concord, New Hampshire

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Concord New Star on Tuesday, May 16, 1797

Concord New Star (Newspaper) - May 16, 1797, Concord, New Hampshire THE N E IV ST AR A ULTUILICAN, MllCtLLAffSCUt/ LlTltAtT fAPt*. BY »t'^SJEt '.i DAV18, CONCORD, NEWH. No, VI.—May i6, 1797. REPUBLICAN. Frsmih V s^ GAZETTE. Tbe lyarninf^-^-No, 6. I r has btcn íren, th»t ibe gow* ernment of Frtrnw h« *n in-tíiífuubW ttfk ro tbc ctilptbk prt-etiiuseoce cf b«riog tikeo tb* ícad ir\ thc fioktiofi of ncyrral rigbfi i §ifí4 tbat thc ^tñ itiOit»6t om the pirt of tht Bíit»(h Kovtroincnt h f^arly i month poiterior to 'be cnmmeficemcnt ot the €v«t bf France. Büt it iris not tmly pof-terior. it wat slfo Ufs comprcbcn-£jvc ; thftt al Fraocecx cndc4 prw v'jsmi, that of Greaibrttmitt lo certain kindt ofiljr^ Coro, Floiir ai«d MeaL rhc f reocb decir«, as to ihe U Sratei, wat rcpeatedíf fo^iMled and revived. At to cíbcr neutral fiart^nf. tt cfMititned a p^masetit pferrdeni to l^i^diun cbe pté&ke of Greatbrttaiti. I hi» decretal terfjiility tsalofHí complete e»ldence of »am of prin ripie. If tf tKt mora ceníarable. bccfAtfe it h arcerla'u>cd ihat it pro* cetrdcd til piirt at fr<;»an a cgr-fupt r-urcc. T^e íéCred power of Ijvv fit^king brcaire the mir/ifter áíii ihe lie« üf piirai« rij.»- in«. Decree« eaafied by the ícK emn ob^gatiom of ittmty, «ere ücrlÜced 10 fea roters*—fo eoabie them to erjjy tbc prey for tbe (ei-lart of »bicb tbcy ougUt to have bees coadifoiy p«tHtOied ^ Thc next and im^íi ifijarbot of tbc «As of Greatbfiiaio, is ibeor dcrof ibe 6ib^ Noe. i-93,nbich iiiliro^ ibe rommajtdtf s cf íht^ of a«)4 privatccrt to flop, detail and carry in for m^méiiákmm ai¡ fhip« Isétm witb tbe of aoy Freocb colooy, or carrying ^r«?«. or other fuppliea foe the vie of fecb colony. It »as onder tba cotcr of rbif ordar. tb«t iter« c>3<B' mil ted (be miOMrotit depredatbot on oor ccf&Mrcc. »hicb »ere the imiiHdtate cau^ of fcndtog an es Yoy to Greatbfttaui. Th« tertm of ibis order »ere •ffiblguctis» »arrantiog a that they »ere dcfigncd to adanit of an opprci'Ele ioterpieratioo.aiid |ct to Krtvc room for a dilTowal of it. Whether tbii »a» really ti'e cafe, or »beiber thc ortkr wat in _ua * f i« ^ $§cr4im"9 #/ Sidi* tmmtttmit (MJ %ktsj émmm a tSmt etm*J t^ •mé rtftmi mms ^jfiáté i« ^mm* #/ lé# tiirm^rt tf a pri^^rntéT mtritsm Lmurms^ f gxmi ^'jf«^ itr