Wednesday, December 24, 1890

Reno Evening Gazette

Location: Reno, Nevada

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Text Content of Page 1 of Reno Evening Gazette on Wednesday, December 24, 1890

Reno Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - December 24, 1890, Reno, Nevada 1' Thin fingers fluttered uneasily about a frayed button on an equally frayed und worn overcoat, and a woman's a n x lous eyes looked into the hus- band's face. is it, his tone was gontte, with an under- current of sadness and despondency in It. "Christmas comes to-morrow, Lionel." She did not look in his face now, but "closely scrutinized tbe frayed button as if it were the absorbing object of hor thoir.fhts "I know it, Mary.1' you let me have a lit- tle monoy, Lionel'.1 For the children, know, -we have never lot the (l.'.y past vi itliout mimetltinij for them." we- must not ho said; -they will vor bn young Imtonco, poor tiiinfrs." Hi- took out a worn wallet from lilt pocket. have looked over all tho old things in of bits to make over into gar- iiicnl-i or fancy tilings for thorn.1' she continued apologetically, "but every thing Is worn so, Lionel. I try to be frugal and saving. Her eyes were lill I'd with tears no is-. "And jou Marv. Where would wo liavo bi'im hail it not boon your careful management? Will t.i-o dol- lars ho enough? It is all 1 liav this morning. Heaven knows J wish I could make it twenty or a hun- drod there is no limit to tho deserts of llio good wife you've heen to me, Mary. Don't cry, dear, it takes all my courage and strength to soo you unhappy." Tho faded face was pn.s-.fd against tlio frayed button now in a vain at- tempt to liido the hot tours which would como, and his worn much too thin for tho .soa-jon, smoothed tho thin hair tenderly. "Then I n.ust not she answered, looking up with a forced smilo. "Yes, it will bo enough more than I had ex- poctc-d, but I fool so wicked to ask you for money when I know you have so little to spare me." Vos, dobt was tho skeleton which danced, not only In tho closet but all over the house, in this humble homo, and Alary wont back to her work, hor face ilrawn up thoughtfully as she calculated just how many ponnics could bo spared for this or that, and balanced the differ- ences between tho strictly useful and the more childlike but loss material gifts. Two dollars after all was such a llttlo drop in tho bucket of necessities, to say nothing of tho ornamental or tho beautiful. It was not a dobt of caroless- IIPS.S or of extravagance, she could scarce- ly have borne tho solf-roproach and the bhaino of it if it had been, but was tho natural result of long years of sickness and reverse. Lionel Webb in his young- er days had just escaped with his life from -an attack of spinal meningitis which had resulted in a partial disabil- ity for life. JIo was very ambitious, and though obliged to accept work which had as llttlo of manual labor in it as possible, still ho did it often when stronger tnon would havo boon in bed with a physician in attendance, did it in such bodily torture that ho hardly re- alized what ho was doing. Mary had her share of sickness, too; tho anxiety and caro attendant on Lionel's disability was enough to break a woman of iron, which she was not, and in addition to it all, three darling chil- dren bad sickened and died. Lionel had secured a new situation ol late he was growing bettor with years nnil could now take up a dilfcront class of work, and his present employer was n man of largo wealth, employing many clorks in his great business. All this day Lionel worked in a maze of perplexity and regret. Mary's face, tho tears on it, was ever before him. To-night was Christmas eve, and all day long a procession of richly dressed mothers and fathers thronged tho store buying, buying, from full pursos, wbilo Mary, his true, faithful wife, whose seventeen years of married life had been ono long struggle with toil and caro, had only a pitiful two dollars with which to do her Christmas shopping, and it grieved him to tho very heart's core The rush was over now, and in a half hour more tho great establishment would be closed, whoa an errand boy touched his arm. "Mr. Dale would liko to soO you in tho private 'office, he said respectfully, Lionel's heart sank in his bosom like load. Could it bo that in addition to his other misfortunes ho was going to lose bis situation? This ongagemonthad boon provislonary, and his employer had made no sign as to whether his service was acceptable. Ho crawled rather than walked to the office in his nervous dread, for tho past had boon so persistently unkind to him that ho was coailng to dread tho future. "Sit down. Sit down, said Mr. Dale, cheerfully. Lionel took a scat near the prosper- ous business man, who noticed, as he did so, tho look of caro and dejection on his employe's thin face. "It has been my custom, sir, for some to make my employes a little on Christmas he proceed- s he took a bill from his er and laid it in Lionel's hand. "I you finu a use for it; or if "But, he stammered, "I havo been with you so short a time, 1 have not merited such consideration." all right, sir. You'll have ample opportunity to make ii up in your future years of service, for do not in- tend to part with so faithful an assist- ant." There was more in the manner than in the kind deed itself, and Lionel's heart bounded up with gratitude. Ho thought of Mary and of the many, many uses the money could be put to, %varm blankets, the winter cloak Mary had needed for years, his face [ell. There was a dunning letter in his pocket at that moment which ho had concealed from tne holder of a note against him for dollars and peremptorily demanding payment What Our Merchants Have Been Doing the Past Year. A Review of the Business; Past Present and Fv> ..u years prhvto ono dollar of tho gift for jiiH-sonal needs. Mr. Dale was a shrowil reader cf faces, and Lionel's thin, anxious face had appealed to his sympatlii. s strongly since IIP hud entered tho otliiv. and h- notcd the cshnngo of expression. "What is it, he -siiid. kindly. "You look depressed and troubled." As Lionel heard tho kind voice and looked into tlio kind face an impulse to him to tell this man his uvtbles. It was so hard to boar it alone nii-1 to wear a smiling face ovora h'-irt so lllled with anxious i-aro, and hardly knowing what ho said, ho poured out his story of the of Mary and ot her pitiful .hoppin-r ti-iUiy. '-It hurts mo so, Mr. lie said, in conclusion, "that I not use oven a dollar of your goner-. ous gh't for her." How much now would cover this on- asked Mr. Dale, o was drumming thoughfiilly on his lesk and looking keenly at Lionel, not n blame or in doubt of tho truth of his itory, but in making an effort to put linibplf in another's place. hundred dollars would pay every dollar." Mr. Dale the light of his nillions the sum seemed a very trifle; ot hero was a man whoso strength and inppincss wero being wasted for the tick of it. "What would you say, then, f I should loan you this money and let you work it out gradually as you can afford sir! I should work on wings, it ivould make my heart so light." 'Then put on your returned Mr. Dale, smiling, "for we'll have the natter arranged at .in early date. And now go home and spend this money for Mary and tho children with a clear con- tcioneo." Mary was filling tho stockings when Lionel came homo and, poor soul, she had evidently been shedding tears over the task. A pretty ruche and ribbon for Jennie, and a pair of stockings and winter loves for Amy, tho merest' necessities amid the ocean of lovely, tempting things she had soon that day; a pair of warm gloves for Lionel which he would not buy for himself lay in her bureau drawer, and thoro had been just enough .oft to buy a small chicken for the Christmas dinner, for a turkey was not to bo thought of this year. Sho had not heard him when he opened the outer door softly, and he can not, no doubt the if an angel had come him >n tbe shoulder he would not hare surprised, for it was bill.------ trading thare. He makes a specialty of watch repairing, and being a ekllllul workman guarantees perfect satisfaction, Karoos deserves auccesn and tbe GAZETTE cheerfully "commends him. He Is also tbe city agent for tbe GAZrmc, and pa- trons leaving I heir order with him will be served with certainly, celerity and dls- The pride 'in' calling attention to the enterprising business men of Reno. There has been but two or three failures, and the Reno merchant stands as well in commer- cial circles as is any town on the coast. They have all done a very prosperous business during the past year, and are in a good shape for a busy season. Reno is fast becoming a distributing center for all the country round about, and her merchants are fully alive to the importance of keeping ahead of the times. THE PALACE DRY GOODS HOUSE. JOHN Among the snccenful and enterprising business men of Nevada none stand bigher than John Sunderland, who, from A small beginning twenty years ago, hat built up In bin lines tbe most flourishing Business In the State. For many years he confined his business to and shoes and fine hats until about three years ago, When he added to these, in a separate store adjoining, a stock of clothing and gents' furnishing goods. This soon grew beyond the limits of the premls s tben occupied, and be was compelled to en- large the store, and the clothing depart- ment is now a handsome structure 100 feet In length and fitted in a style credita- ble to any large city. Handsome show- windows adorn the front of each store, which are once a week refilled wltb a fine display of tbe choicest goods of latest styles and designs, and which have be- come an attractive feature of our mtin boulevard, and always a display woitb seeing. And while each window holds a large stock at each time of some one line, Ills only a llt'le Indication of what is In- side. His stock in every line is large, and when aH taken together is immense. There Is clothing sod hats and footwear by any similar establishment In tbe State. The counters shelving are well carved In neat design and finished In white with' blue and gold trimmings, as is also the large show window. Tbe brick front is faced In carved wood also, on which appear the signs la arabesque let- ters, making a showy place that attracts Instant attention. His stock of cigars and tobacco and general very com- plete, and lovers of the weed all testify to the excellence of his This substantial and enterprising house sufficient'to supply an army, while the it. IrwntArt in vtAnn ovtrli-nttv nmnA I ATttdlent mialltv of all In ever? line he "HOW SIUCH WOULD COVEB 1HE JCNTIRB stood watching hor through tbe glass door which led from tho hallway to the little parlor. She had finished now, and with the stockings on her lap, leaned hor head dejectedly upon her hand. It was so hard to give pennies whore her warm heart would so gladly lavish pounds. "Oh, Lionel, how you startled as he opened the door and went in. "Why lia. r, J. J. Grant, achieved a reputation thnt extends far and wHe. and has become. In fact, a noted land mark. Tbe hotel is conducted on the European plnn, and all of its accommodations are of superior character. The bar and club rooms are special and noted features, and are prob- ably more widely known than any simi- lar attractions on this coast. Polite atten- tion and courteous treatment await all patrons of this hotel. S. J, HODGKINSON. At tbe pharmacy ef Mr. Hodghlnson one can find an atiroctlve display of holiday goods In bis special line. He displays rare taste In hln selection of cha'te designs and novelties in btjoulorl, and ono can always find there something fora present that will be appreciated as a keepnake by sweethearts and wires as well. Mr. Hodg- klnson Is a skillful apothecary, and as he is attentive to the demands of bis trade, has succeeded in establishing blH busi- ness on a firm basis, and Is regarded as one of our reliable and substantial busi- ness men. ARCADE HOTEL AND RESTAURANT. This well known bouse, under the new proprietor, W. T. Craig, maintains Its well earned reputation and continues to grow in popularity. It Is conducted on tho American and European plans combined and is thus enabled to cater to tbe wants of both regular and transient guests in a manner satisfactory to all. Tbe rental) rant is fitted with private dining rooms is hardly neoess-ary to add that Mr. Thurs- on 1< deserving of the excellent tiade he ban established. THE RIVERSIDE. This excellent family bou 1 under the able management of Nevada's oldest bon- Ifaoe, W. K. ChainberUlu. lias taken a leading position, and Is known tar and near for Its perfect and generous fare. cufelne Is always In tho bands of tlrst-olass white chefx, and with a larder supp led by that chief of caterers, W. 'B. Chamberlain, who is an I COLUMN. il n 1 M ire tlie Books and llgnted wHh'e'lectrtfflors In handsome groupn of 'polished' brass and wears a metropolitan Sir that says: "Now good digestion wa't on appetite, and health on both C. J. BROOKINS. The notion and variety store of C. J. Brookins Is literally the headquarters of Santa Glaus, and the endless variety ol articles here displayed Is simply bewil- dering. To name them would oxhnusl the vocabulary of the trade, for the ts a veritable bazar packed wltb toys, novelties and notions, and musical In- struments of all kinds from a tin horn to aStrodavnrlus or n. Stolnway. In school books and stationery bis stock Is alwnys replete, while In blank books and stan- dard llteriture one can always find a full assortment. His confectionery In also uu at'racllve feature, and perhaps not n child In Reno wh o has not a sweet recolectlou of tbe caramels and creams mode In thin factory. WM. DIXON JJRO. The meal market of Win. Ulxon A Bro. Is rapidly becoming one of tbe markets of the telverslde town. Tho boys are Jolly und polite and always strive to please, and with a pick at the 'best of tho clover red cattle on the Truckco Mealows they keep their stalls always 111 lei with fat and juicy meats. Their neat despatch ol orders Is winning for them a large and growing trade, and as their market Is well located It bids fair to continue prosperous. F. I.EVY BRO. This old established dry goods and car- pet house needs no Introduction to the people of Reno and vicinity, for its cheer- ful proprietor bos probably supplied tho wedding trousseaus of nearly every bride In Ihe community, and secured u share of the trade for ever afterwards. This house has for many years occupied a leading position In Its bos always car- ried a varied and complete assortment o' every article known to tho trade, and the holiday display this year of cloaks ana furs and dress goods of all descriptions Is in Keeping with Its well earned prestige. Its principal show window Is always an attractive feature with Its graceful drop a manner to awaken the envy of an artist, drees goods and trimmings in pyramids and billows, festoons and loops, and with colors mingled In a manner as fascinat- ing as the Iprlsmatlo combinations of a kaleldescope. The variety is endless, and as bewildering to the masculine eye as It is to the female heart. The firm also make a specialty of carpets and rugs, wall paper and house decorations, and carry a stock that it is a credit to the metropolis of Nevada. UNION SALOON. This elegant resort is one of Reno's es- tablished Institutions, and its proprietors, Charlie Chase and Dusen Churich, are so well known that it is unnecessary to speaK of their genial qualities. The room is ample in Its proportions and runs the entire length of Armory Hall. It is filled and furnished in metropolitan style, and ornamented by so many fine paintings and engravings that It seems like an art gallery, and tbe eye never tires of study- ing its collections. It is conducted with the quiet gentility of a private club and gentlemen can feel at perfect ease in its cheerful and homelike atmosphere. RICHARD HERZ. Reno may well feel proud of the elegant stocks of gems and Jewels carried by her leading jewelers, and we take pleasure in commending them to the public. Tbe great variety wblcb Richard Herz keeps on exhibition is deserving of mention, and frequent calls are really necewary to enable one to fully realize what Ills rich and Tailed stock consists of. Be la a di- rect importer from the famous capitals in Europe, and his collection of diamonds and rare articles of vertn have gained for him a wide reputation. Bis holiday stock is varied and attractive will make one feel rich to simply look at It. The skillful engraving done ft his establNh- ment has also gained a wide fame, and la not excelled anywhere on this coast And beside all this bis reputation for fair dealing Is a guarantee for tbe worth of everything sold. MARCUS FREDERICK. The cigar store of Marcus Frederick bas taken position as a reliable house In this line, and smokers and lovers of the weed have learned to rely on tbe sold there aa being only of the best. His stock is complete, and while the store only per- mits a display of a small part of It, the oellar Is always replete with a fall supply of fine Key West and domestic cigart of the favorite brands. A complete assortment of tobacco and smoker's ma- terials la also kept on band and one can always feel assured of getting tbe beat their money will boy, and of receiving polite and conrteons treatment when Bridge over the Truckee River on Virginia, Street. and neat alcoves to accommodate fami- lies and private dinner parties, and sup- plies excellent meals, either table d' hote or to order. He makes a specialty of serving oysters and night luncheons, and being open all night does a prosperous business. W. O. H. MARTIN Has done a large and steadily increasing business during the past year. He bas added largely to bis store and has kept up with the times. He f-tunds to-day head and shoulders above any other wholesale house in town. He carries one of the largest stocks of groceries, shelf hardware and tinware on the coast, and Is at all times prepared to furnish goods at the lowest possible price. He Is a pro- gressive man In every sease, and will continue at the bead of the business in Beno a-, long as the town If the consumer wants goods in any quantity Martin's is the place to go first. THE WHITE HOUSE. Abraham Broi. do not propose to get left or be outdone by any man doing bus- iness In the city. They carry a stock that would be a credit to a city of Inhabi- tants, and as both members of the firm arc wide awake and aatlve In thnlr line they keep ahead of the town. No one knows better how to cater to the public wants than does this firm, and as a result they are continually adding new features to their largo business. Having an abun- dance of capital at all times at their com- mand they never kuow what it is to be hard up." They look forward to a still more prosperous year to come than the joue just'drawing to a H. FREDRICK. The successor to I. Fredrick has proved himself worthy of sustaining the reputa- tion of this old reliable house, and tbe artistic finish of this little palace of dia- monds la an attractive feature on our principle thoroughfare, and an Indication of the continued success of the old house nnder the new proprietor, Hyman Fred- rick. His stock of diamonds, watches and Jewelry is varied and extensive' and includes the latest designs of the Jewelers art, and all displayed in a manner that makes inspection a pleasure. His watch clubs, with the- weekly drawings, hava secured an extensive patronage, and are waited for as eagerly as the returns from the Louisiana Lottery, for they are not marked by uny of the gambling features of that deceptive tgnus fatuus, and assure a watch to every member who bis contract. In fact, Hyman Fredrlnk bas proved himself in this respect ft public beiiefuctor, for his clubs prevented many a dolrtir from being spent in dissi- and fenabled many men in our community to be on time win have here- tofore missed a train for lack of a watch A. NELSON. The elegant cigar an i tobacco bouse of A. Kelson Is fitted up In a rich and elab- orate and In this is not surpassed RENO AND TRUCKEK MARKETS. Of the many meat markets that Keno sustains, the two above named owned by that veteran in this line, W. 8. Bailey, occupy leading positions. They are al- ways supplied with the fntlut ol beef raised on his own stock range U-JChurchill county, and slaughtered lu the bem equipped abattoir in tho State. His cut- ters are noted experts, and the sight of a Juicy steak as it falls before the knife on his blocks is appetizing to loon at. Mr. Bailey is also a shipper of dressed meats to the "San Francisco market In his own refrigerator oars, and all in all conducts an extensive business. Under the dlrec- of the able manager, J. Frank Stew- art, the markets are second to THE GRAND CENTRAL HOTKL. Mine host of this hotel, Dan O'Keefe, Is a genial and popular landlord, and ban an excellent run of patronage for bit house. Since the Ore of a year ago he has rebuilt the hotel, and now with IU mansard roof and dormer windows It presents as attractive an exterior as any hotel in Nevada's metropolis, and being centrally located, it convenient for transient or regular guests. It Is conduct- ed on tbe American plan and Is known for Its excellent cuisine and accommoda- tions. C. A. THURSTON. The news and periodical depot of C. A. Thurston is the most complete of Its kind In tbe State, and Is not equalled In any town of the lire of Keno In the west. The secret of this Is owing to the prompt busi- ness methods of the proprietor and his high standing with the leading news agencies of the country. He Is conse- quently supplied with all the latest liter- ature as soon It is out, and his counter is filled wltb the earliest numbers of all tbe leading periodicals and magazines in advanco of regular subscribers. His newspaper routes Include all the leading dallies on the coast, and his patrons are served with clockwork regularity. He also carries a floe stock of standard books and stationery; and In tbe latter line his supply Is of the finest goods and latest novelties. The display of holiday goods Includes some of tbe finest ever seen in our market, and need but a glance to awaken appreciation, for- they are selected from tbe best sent to tbe west. It Ings of rich and elegant nn-1 Is In fact one of the features of our principal The extensive stock of car pets, linoleums and oil U worthy of more than paislng mention, but we can only say that all taites and puiscs can hero bo gratified. A, H. MANNING This well known hardware houce has lost none of Its old time vim and enter- prise by the long y ears of bun I u ess experi- ence in Reno's busy mart. Mr. Manning has added Jnrgcly to his stock of sloven, tinware, hardware and general mentof shelf goods tbe past year, and to accommodate his steadily Increasing bun- InesB has been obliged to move out of me GAZXITK building, where ho lias HO the now and commoillous quarters of the Thompson building, a block ne rur the river. He has Just finished moving his stock to his new quartern. Anything that the farmer v-mui In tno lino of wagons or agricultural Implcm Mr Manning can supply on tho aborted j.os slble notlco, and ut r.ttcs uxtoiilxlnlixl low. ARCADlv SALOON, This old favorite saloon hits been r.'- modelod and refurnished In an a tr i' live and nrttsUc manner by Its present H.E.Davis 4 from location comiiiHud quires constant aMentlon, and to do this tbe proprietor gives It bis personal attention. He Is consequently MreGhigiway, This book contains 480 pages; 5s eight and one-half inches Jong, six inches wide and two inches thick. It is printed on extra heavy pa- per and is handsomely bound, with embossed cover and pslt-leltered back. It is different ironi all oth- er works ever published. First II teaches those have it how to toll what tho matter is when a person gets sick. All similar books tell what to do if you know what the disease is. This book tells you HOW TO DETECT THE DISEASE, and then what to do for it. Xo other Itook PubllMhcd tli IN. a person is really attacked by a dan- gerous disease, it enables you to know tbe fact, and in such cases iis advice is: "Send for a competent phy- sician at once." But in all ordinary cases, such as can be easily cured, it gives lull directions for treatment. is not confined to the practice used by any one class of physicians; but it gives, separately, and for each disease, the methods used by each of the different schools of medicine, and in ALL CASES tho PKE- SCaiPTIONS ABE MADE by the MOST EMINENT MEN in their respective modes of practice This- makes the work specially suited to the needs of every family, no matter what med- ical school they prefer. No otlu-r Book tlllH TESTIMONIALS: I luivo cxiiininc-1 mlvunen RlieolHOf "Our fHiul'y Physician" It KlViHino plciihurc commend the work us correct in mode of Ireiilinoiii of and It do- norvcH wide circulation. J. F. COOK, M. U., ProfeHHoMn Riirnotl'H Medical Col- lego, Chicago. After cxiimlnlni; (lie publication "Our Kuml-y fliyslelau" 1 cuii fully onclorHC the opInlotiH pri'KpcU of HH incrltx by llio above gentlemen. rt. A. OIUNN, M.D. 1'rofcnsor of tho Burnett Medical College. The book contiilnx a valuable chapter of syjnptoniH, which will aid wonderfully lu dliignoHlng dln- and Uic proper ri'ini'ilU-s are given lor Homeopath- ic, Eclectic, Hydropathic and Herbal trealinente. tt'o have a number of tho books on hnnd, and we Invite Inflection. There ure three clmpterH In Hie Family wlilch are worthy of wni-clnl ineotlon, nnme- ly. or. "D'KCHSPK of ol Infants" and "Cure- of HIP f Tin- IliNl of i lime !H a model ol Hit kind. Jt In clliixU! In iluiii-iKiKC, coiHnliiK no lor clilldlcn loliuppenon anil bfotcr- (Miri'iux all iMkcn er Is HIM most puictlcal, Ibli- und MralK'i' Ireatlix-upon IIIIK i-ver been pi inwd. 'IhlH Is worth many Union tlii- eeiHt "'f Hi- mother even l: It itsul lo be at Its tcniiliir i rice. 'I forn-d Ui arc illy well wiltlou and vnluubi'. hee -sjur l-lnn" on Jih pcgo. II lnruHUmmry with to glvn premiums to new KUomjrlb- rrh only; but tlr- publlnbcrH of the WKEKI.Y (iiXKT'K IIHMII 10 revlBe thlxol rule; they Intend lo do HH well, nl lo MI, by their old vubHcrlb- tli itc who mood liy the paper In VCHJK punt, and mild their money for It along." propon- Ui nlio w our tij'prt'C a- tlon of frli-ndx 'n u nubxliiu- t'ul manner; utid us tbe premium U> be IK exprnxlve, anil HH ou express oVJoctln oflerlngltlx to Inc'eofe our llxtof w II uxk every old KUlMcilbur muy renew Hubivrlpilon, thug receiving the valuable premium, to connliiuie hlniKClf a und thUH new Ktibscrlbcr. Come, and bring us ono new nuniH get a book liat will l.e of Incalculable viilua to you. KJThe ucw Hubiicrlber also auook. If the book is to be out of this office, 20 cento must accompany order to pay postage. Address BRAGG PORTER, Beuo, Nevada. MEWSPAPEJRl

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