Monday, September 22, 1890

Reno Evening Gazette

Location: Reno, Nevada

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Text Content of Page 1 of Reno Evening Gazette on Monday, September 22, 1890

Reno Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - September 22, 1890, Reno, Nevada THE STATE FAIR! QO and make it a Great Success. Vacation Thla weak juut persuade your to do the and attend the Fair. VOL. XXIX. RENO, WASHOE COUNTY, NEVADA, MONDAY, SEPTEMBEK 22, 1890. MISCELLANEOUS. H. LETER, THE BON TON TAILOR, Has just received a fine line of Fall goods, both FRENCH AND DOMESTIC. made to order cheaper than nny other place in the city A perfect fit guaranteed or no VIRGINIA STRKET, NEAR COMMERCIAL ROW, RENO, NEVADA. _ coscp _ OPERA HOlSk JOHN PIPER I.KSSBE. McAuliffe and Slavin Under Bonds. 4 SWISS VILLAGE The Weather East of Missouri River. the ONE NIGHT 22, 1890, Portuguese u Ask for Appearance of Favorite Irish Comedian, J. I'KEK-A-BOO." Under the manngemenit of Augustus Pitou, his romantic four-act comedy, "MILES ABOON." Mr. Scanlan will aing the following wnrs, written and composed by him especially for this play YOU AND I I.OVK MY MA.OGIK." MY LOVE, OH LIVK." THK SWING 8ONG." his nlways PEEK-A-BOO." SCALU OF PRICES Drews Circle oo Dress Circle Admission....... i oo Balcony 75 Admission Balcony.................. Boxen 500 Box .sheet now open at Nasby's Dazaar. The Clarendon. F HOTKL IN RENO, SITUATKD on Commercial Row, directly opposite the Depot. Newly construct d and hard; finished throughout. Klectrlc light, gas, hot and cold water fixtures in every room. Bath-room and every accommodation for guests. First- class trade invited. Terms reasonable and tnblc first-class Fine bar attached, with the very choicest of nines, liquors and cignrs. nep2o A. J. CLARK, Proprietor. The PajrtliHtM LONDON, Sept, is reported that Slaven and McAuliffe have been arrested. McAulifle was arrested at his lodgings in this cjty. Slavin was arrested on hif- arrival from his train- ing quarters at dover. They will be arranged this uf ternoon on a charge of conspiricy to commit a breach of the peace. Upon his arrival at the rail- way entered a cab and immediately placed under arrest. He was conveyed quickly to the Lani- police station 'when both were arranged and bound o'ver under 000 pounds each to appear tomorrow.' BIVERSIWS HOTEL. The rate at the Riverside Hotel Fair week will be 50 per day each when- two persona occupy one room and per day for oue person. The hotel will trarmport the quests to and fron> the Fair grounds free of charge. No room without board. R. CHAMBERLAIN, BlSwl 1'roprietor. Windmill and Outfit T TRUCKKB. CONSISTING OF ONE Regulator wind mill, one wind mill frame, made out of whole timbers 33 feet hlyh, stories, well secured with large iron rods. One gallon red wood tnulc, one red wood tan both with good covers, nnd one bronze weather indicator. hot further pai titulars, enquire of Mrs. M. Mai'- tden, at Truckce, or A. O. r ol the Reno CAXItTTIv. 320 Carts, Etc WJ. CARRIES THE 1IEST o class of goods to be found on the Agent for Studebnker's Fine Carriages, which cannot be excelled, agent for Fraier'' Koad Carts and best; also agent for the U. S. Carriage Co. 'the Best Horse-shoeing in J. UTJOECE By Cable and Associated LONDON, Sept. liquidators of the Cape of Good Hope Bank report a deficit in addition to total loss of its fully paid up capital and reserve fund, which amounts to pounds. The report recommends that a first call be made on the shareholders for one hun- dred pounds per share, payable in ten monthly installments. Klllrit by By Cab'c and Associated Press.] LONDON, Sept. advicef from Goa. India, state that 18 persons killed and 50 wounded in an election riot at that place by Portuguese troops who fired on the crowd of Republicans The Portuguese residents of Bombaj have resolved to apply to tho.pngliHl unJess the Portuguese Government Ye dresses their grievances. Vartci.v IV. at her By Associntrd Pros'. WASHINGTON, Sept. has fallen in the lower Mississippi valle> and in the Gulf and South Atlantii States; elsewhere the weather has re- mained fair. The temperature lias fallen in New England, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas and Texas, und it has risen or remained stationary elsewhere. Heavy Fire By Cable and Associated Press.] Sept. village of Ruthi St. uull is on fire, and three hundred houses uro already destroyed. A loss of one life is reported, and the people are destitute. A Fnrnnornien'H Ntrikr. By Cable and Associated Press.] GiMbaow, Sept. Scotch furuaceuien have struck for higher wages, and the furnaces are being iilown out. The iron market is excited in consequence of the etriko. PROFESSOR ALFRED IMYlNAiW Gives thorough instruction in Vocal and Instrumental Music Orders may be left at C. J Brookins'. Reno BANK NOTICE. DURING HAIR WEEK will close each <tny at OUR OFPICEC _i 12 o'clock noon uud open in the evening from 6 to 7. FIRST NATIONAL BANK. BANK OH NEVADA. Nevada, Sept. 18. 1890. iw Mllver fnrchasen. By Associated Press 1 WASHINGTON, Sept. amount of silver offered to the Treasury to-day The amount pur- chased was ounces at 156. Heath of an Kx-Congressman. By Associated Press Sept. liam Heilumn, ex-Congressman, died this afternoon after a protracted illness. Bar silver, 1 15. Fur rheumatic and nenraleic pains, rnb in Dr. J. McLean's Volcanic Oil Lini- ment, and take IT. J. H. McLean's hararllln Yun will not suffer lonjr., but will be gratified with a speedy and effective care. MOST PERFECT MADE. WHAT SATS. A from the (Srrat Railroad Magnate. The Board of Trade received the fol- lowing letter from C. P. Huntington in answer to tbe one published in the GAZETTE about one month ago, and it explains itself: NEW YOKK, Sent. 13, 1890. To C. C. Pawning, M D. Fotey, W. O. H. Martin, L. D. Folaom mid A. C. Jirogg, Comm. Nevnda State Board of Frade, Reno, New. On my return to this city, after an absence of about two weeks, I find vour communication, addressed to the Directors of the South- ern Pacific Company, and two pam- phlets, all of which I have read with care, and while I do not agree with the committee in all its statements, in the main I think you are right and, as President of the Southern Pacific Com- pany, I should advice its officers to work with the committee, and do al! they can to advance the' interest ol Nevada, As every stockholder of the railroad company will be benefited by the company's doing what it can prop- erly do to benefit the State, I think we need not fear that they would Watne the management for such action; but what is done will have to be done largely by the people of the State for various reasons, one of which is that the railroad company has but little mii-plus to spend for thia or any other purpose. Then the people of the State will, in the main, always have to know of some land, its price, conditions, etc., that can be obtained by sett lei 8 to locate upon when they arrive. The acreage need not be large, but there should always be a few thousand acres ready for immediate settlement and so located that settlers can have the assurance that if there is no water on it, water can be brought to it without much loss of time and at no consider- able exoense. Every new settler, too, will have left Ixjliind him neighbors, some of whom may he induced to follow example in nettling in Nevada. Some one should see to it that he writes letters to them, as that is the best way to attract new settlers and it can be done at a smaller cost than in any other way. Then there must be schools and churches to get and keep such settlers as von want. Of course, there are many things to be thought of in this connection, perhaps .some of (hem more important than those I have briefly alluded to, and of these nil) no doubt suggest themselves to you; but I have been exceedingly busy since my return to j the city and have not been able to take up and exhaust any subject; so that the further consideration of the matter, so far as my own views are concerned, will have to wait for my arrival in PRK OF Democrats Continue to Obstruct. SOME UTAH JIOM1M1WS. THE STATE FAIR. FURNISHING GOODS. HATS BOOTS AND SHOES. finder favorable pteea and Prom tarn To Be All That Coalft Be The State Fair opened to-day with a fine exhibit of live stock and fast flv- 1 ers and promises to be a great success in every way. The attendance was not as large as the first day last year, Commencement of a Canadian Murder Trial. Killed by the Soldiery) at India. Croa, California (which I will be early next when I shall be happy to meet some of your people and try to arrange matters in a way that will bring the largest number, and the people possible to get, to your for permanent settlement. I am, gentlemen, yours very truly, C. P. HUNTINQTON. BREVITIES. Read the 50 cent ad of -a hot dinner at Dunniiigs building. Since the reception yesterday morn- ing of the news of the Govenors death, the flags of Reno hsre hong at hall mast. It has not yet been decided what day the Reno business men will give their clerks a chance to attend the Fair. J. W. Calbraith, an old resident of Carson city, who for the past thirteen months has been on a visit to Gallo- way county, Mo. returnedthts morning. Dan Mclntosh who has been riding running horses in California, got a week off, and accompanied by his sis- ter Corrie, returned yesterday from Sacramento. and Winter Citizens from all parts of the State who are attending the fair should not ail to examine the superb stock of drygoods, carpets, wall paper, blankets, Cloves and to be had at the 1'alace D ygoods and Carpet House, below San Francisco retail prices. The Place to Bay. A. Nelson, of the Free Intelligence Office, Virginia street, carries a fine .iiock of the best tobaccos, Havana ind Key West cigars, notions, cntlerv uents' underwear, overalls, bnuknkih Kloves, suspenders and Dr. Willey's Dvv" Happy Heoalera. Win Tiramons, Postmaster of Idaville, Ind writes: has done more for me than all other combined, for hat bad feeling arising fom .Kidney and wiver trouble." John Leslie, fanner and toeknmn of same place, Bays: "Find th Electric Bitter to be the best Liver and Kid- ney medicine, made me feel like a new man." W. Gardner, hardware merchant., same town, says: Electric Bitters is just the for a man who is all run down and don't care whether he lives or dies; he found new strength, good appetite and felt just like le had a new lease oil life. a hot- e a t Wm. Finniger'a drug store' BneUlea'M A naive. The best salve In Uc world for cuts, bruises res. ulcers, salt rheum, lever sores, chappe Hands, chilblains, corns al) skin eruptions or BO pay required! givejMStect satisfaction, or frier "iceutaiperbox. Fo Matters. By Associated Press.) "WASHINGTON, Sept. Virginia and Smith of Arizona were the only Democrats in the hall when the House was called to order. The Clerk, under the direction of the Speaker, called the roll on the ap- proval of Friday's journal, which re- sulted, yeas 153, nays 0. No quorum. A call of the House was ordered, when 159 members responded, and still there was no quorum. On motion of McKin'ev a Republi- can caucus was announced to be held immediately. Morey, of New Hampshire, intro- duced a rule'in the House to-day mak- ing it an offence, with punishment by a fine of for a member to abs- nt Himself for the purpose of breaking a quorum. SENATE. After the passage of a number of un- important the senate resnmed the consideration of the bill to define and regulate the jurisdiction of the courts of the United States. Congressman Frank L. Morer, of Louisiana, died this morning. Mala- rial troubles, combined With brain af- fection, were the causes of death. -Although a meeting of the confer- ence committee on the tariff bill was called for this morning, when tbe hour of meeting arrived the Democratic members were notified there wonld be no meeting. The reason for the post- ponement was a desire on the part of the Republican conferees to consult further among themselves. It appears no progress has been made since Sat- urday on the disposition of sugar, binding twine, the bonded period and the metal amendments, but that these are in such shape that an agreement can be reached upon, one which will probably also result in an agreement upon the others. Tbe conclusion reached by the Re- publican representatives in caucus this afternoon was to go on with the Lang- ston-Venable election case at all haz- ards. The live stock exhibit will be fully up to tbe standard, judging from the number of stalls already engaged. The following have engaged stalls: T. G. Herman 6, J. W. Thompson 2, Mrs. S. K. Rober of Winnemucca 3, H. Edo 1, R. Powell 2, Chas. Johnson 1, Henry Stevenson 1, J. J, Becker 8, Wm. Wright 3, B. F. Leete 1, M. Gulling 1, Robert Easw 1, j, B. Gautt ff, Alf Hill 1, Jacob MdKissick H; A- W- c- Snodgrasa 2, Ab'Suiith 4, D. H D.llurd..2, ft. Bag- ley 1, W. O. Hardm 1, M. Gulling 3, 8. J. Bryant 7, Alex McGregor 2, V. L. Bechtel 1, J. O. Sessions 6, B. F. Leete 3, James Gault 1, and Joseph Marzen 20. The following was the program for to-day. No. 1, selling purse, one mile Condor entered by L. Allen; Jackson, by E. Savage; Rbly Boly, by T. F. Lynch; Nerva, by Elmwood Stables. No. 2, running one mile, two-ye r- olds, added: Minnie B. entered by Dennison Bros.; Black Bftrt, by Thco Winters; Joe, by Win. Tlump- son; Sir Wilder, by Elm wood Stables; Duke of Milpitas, by Elmwood Sta- bles; Kit Carson, by L. Allen. No. 8, running one and one-quarter miles, purse Hotspur entered by Dennison Bros. Tom Stacy, by Win. Thompson; Princtss of Norfolk, byTheo. Winters; Applause, by Wes- ley George Nabeau, by Elmwood Sta- bles. The first race was a mile dash be- tween Nerva, Condor, Jackson, and Roly Boly. They went in a bunch to the half-mile post, when Jackson took the lead and maintained his pdsirion well into the stretch, and then Holy Boly went to the front and came in an easy winner, with Jackson second, Nerva third and Condor lust. Tune, Ci-i. 1 T -mr fetOCK ig JMOW -Consisting of- Latest Men's and Boys' Clothing, Underwear, Socks, Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Neckwear, All Shades and Patterns, Collars, Cafis, Windsor Ties and Dude Bom. STOW HATS All grades and colon L LARGE ASSORTMENT OF Men's, and Children's STRAW HATS All grades and colon. A full line of J. B. Stetson Co. FINE HATS In all grades. IP HATS of the A Large Assortment of Men's Boys' Suspenders. and SONDERLAND'S S2 5O SHOE. BnttoB.Lace.Coiw second race was between Win- tots' Black Bart and Booths stable of San Jose including Sir Walter and tbe Duke of MilpitaB. Pools sold about even for Black Bart and Booths' (-table, black Bart pot off in the lead, a posi lion that he kept until the outcome, and came in an easy winner in 1 which is pretty good timo for a five- eighths dash. The third race had not been con- cluded when tlie GAZETTE went to press. TO-MORROW'S PROGRAMME. The first race will be running one- half mile and Ed. Williams enters The Jew J. Dottd enters Sun- day H. Wilder enters Dew Drop; and Sneider Tryon enters Fida Ferguson. The second race will be a speed between Frank M. and two ponies, and prouiiue to be highly interesting and closely contested. The vuqiiero riding will be a feature and should attract a large attendance. Utah appointments. By Associated Press 1 CBESSON SPRINGS, Pa., Sept. The President sent the following nom- inations to he Seriate this morning: Probate Judges for Utah, Francis L. Daggett, of Washington county; Henry Shields, of Summit county; Charles H. Herman, of Toole county; Jacob John- son, of San Pete county; Stephen R. Fttaqier, of Jaob county; Hector W. Haight, of Davis county; Wm. Good- win, ol Cache county; and Thomas S. Watts, of Wasatch county. A Harder Trial. By Associated Press. 1 WOODSTOCK Sept. trial of Burchell for the murder of a young Englishman was began this morning. The prisoner was faultlessly attired and was perfectly self-possessed. He plead not guilty. When the work of choosing the jury was concluded the Counsel -for1 the prosecution then niude his opening ad- dress, setting forth the -chain of evi- dence on which will be asked. "A Y01CK HOME." to t guaranteed to ra refunded. Sep'em- ber 18, 1890, S. N, dark and Mrs. E. J. Williams. J Endorsed by -no be.-ul-i of the Orca, the Htrnngoxt, p and moat Healthful- contain Ammonia, Lime or Alum Lemou, orauge, Almond. Rose, etc., PRICK BAKIN0 POWDER New York, Chicago, and San Francisco BOBK. Winnemucca; Nevada, September 19, Ijoo. to the wire 'of Paul Neth a daughter. Elko Nevada, September to the wife of L. Frank Wines, a son. Piocbe, Nevada, September 9, 1890, to the wl e ol George t- September, u, to the wife of Prank. Newton, a son. B. Warren, 1890, A Well Meriteu, Compliment Jo dee BHEelow. x'he Crescent Oily JNewa, a paper published in Del Norte county, Cal., contains the following well-merited notice of Judge Bigelow: A letter received from our friend Hon. B. R. Bigelow, of the State of Nevada, informs us of his nomination by the recent Republican State Con- vention lor tbe office of Associate Jus- tice of the Supreme Court of the State. Mr. Bigelow received bis first impres- sions ol law as a student in our olnce. Afterwards be was a partner for a num- ber of years; during all of wbicli time wu learned not ouly to esteem him for his noble qualities, but to love the man, and we do nut hesitate to say Republican party of the State could uot have done itself more honor than to nominate a man of bis sterling qualities for that high position. Mr. Bigelow has served as district judge fdHten dr a dozen yearsj and baa uftritetT this high distinction at tbe bands ofebis party. We find St. Pairic'n Pills to be very extra and to give splendid satisfaction. are now about the only kind railed for A. WALLACE, For sale by Shoemaker A Co., drug- "MTiLES AROON." 'W. J. Mcanlan Tonight in, the Leading Hole. The Sacramento Record -Union of last Saturday, says of W. J, Scanlan who appears at the Opera HOIIHC to- night; W. J.- Scanlan, in "Myles filled the Opera Houpe last night. Long nefore the curtain went up eeat was taken, and when the the play began one could scarce find standing room in the Hide isles or lobby. Such a large audience has not been seen in the Opera House in two years. The box clerk says he turned away fully two hundred people and probably more, as it was impossible for any more to go beyond the lobby doors. Scanlan was at his bent as Myles. He has an excellent company and his plays are all well staged. He sings even better than when here a year ago, and as an actor ie the same faithful and painstaking comedian as of old. It is not conventional, it is not coarse, nor ignorant, not slobber- ing. In short, his Irish peasant is a picture of the real at the beat of Irish persant life; humoions, big-hearted, generous, gallant, loving, faithful, cun- ning, tireless. MY STOCK OP BOOTS AND SHOES Is as complete as ever, consisting of Gent's Fine Hand-Sewed Boots and Shoes in all Grades, Ladies' Misses, and Children's Boots, Shoes and Slippers in all grades and colors. All Goods sold at the Lowest Possible Price. Ladies' and Gent's Boots and Shoes made to order; Repairing neatly done. F. LEVY BROTHER. If You Don't Buy Dry Groods Cloaks .OF. Fair Mite Nettoled. The South Park this rooming agreed to allow the use of Washington Park for the Worlds Fair, in addition to the Jackson Park and Midway Plaisance. This pratically Bottles the vexed site question to the satisfaction of the National Commis- sion. At the opening of the set's Ion this morning, the Commission passed resolutions of regret at the death fo Govenor Stevenson of Nevada, Wffl be psJd to any competent chemist who will find, on analysis, a particle of Mcreaiy, Potsjb, or otter poisons in Swlft'a Specific (S. 8. 8.) AH EATXNO BORE BendenoD, Tex., Aag. S3, "Foe elgh- een months I had an eating sore on my tongoa. I WM treated best local physicians, bat obtained no relief, the eore gradually (powing worse. I concluded finally to try S. S. S., and was entirely cored after using a few Ton bavB my cheerful pcrmUtlon to publish the above statement for tha benefit of these stmfl afflicted." C. B. UolooBS, Tresdte on Blood and Stan mailed free, THB SWIFT 8PBCTPIC CO.. s.s.s F. Levy Brb., You don't get the best oods Our goods are new and choice; we buy and sell for cash only. Our motto Are Never Under- sold. We offer inducements extraordinary. ON: CRAND PREMIUM SALE. For every dollar's worth of goods you buy of us dur- ing this sale we will give you a premium ticket, for which you can have your choice of the following: O TlfKETS you one "'y'kh.Side 8 T'lf KETS G've you one Bilver'PIated Sugar Shell Novelty Hair Pin. 1 A Give you one silver-plated Butter ,Knife, or a pair of very pre.ty IV JL X S3 Bracelets. 1O HPTf "K" Give you the choice of a fine rolled void Lace Pin. a pair of J. A O gold front Cuff Pins, a novelty inteifocldnsr GloveJButtoner of fine gold plate or a handsome Bangle. Give you one elegant Lace Pin or a pair of Ear Rings. Give you the choice of a set ol Rogers' Tea Sooons, a beautiful Lace Pin, a lovely pair of stylish Bracelets orn. handsome Necklace Give you the choice of a set of Rogers' Knives, a superb pair ol fine rolled gold plate Bracelets, a very choice pair of Bar Rings or a set of Rogers' Forks. Give you the choice of a most elaborate pair of fine rolled cold plate Bracelets, a very stylish fine rolled gold plate Necklace or set of Rogers' Table Spoons. 25 35 50 This is no Lottery. No Humbug. Yoa buy our goods cheaper than any other store in the State flail sell them to you, and in Addition for no extra charge or expense yon will receive the choice of any of the above articles according to the amount of tickets yon may hold. Call and t-ee these PREMIUM are on exhibitiot in our mammoth store. Parties costs, indebted to us must pay up at once and save

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