Thursday, September 11, 1890

Reno Evening Gazette

Location: Reno, Nevada

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Text Content of Page 1 of Reno Evening Gazette on Thursday, September 11, 1890

Reno Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - September 11, 1890, Reno, Nevada JOB WORK The Neatest, The Best, At the Gazette Office. ENVELOPES Printed Cheaper than the Cheapest. VOL. XXIX. RENO, WASHOE COUNTY, NEVADA, THURSDAY, ShPTEMBEK 11, 1890. NO. MISCELLANEOUS. Highest of all in Leavening S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889. Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE ANNOUNCEMENTS. 4WOndidutes car's inserted under this head for payable in advance. For County Recorder. ANWOUNtfE MV- a -Kccurdcr of Washoe county, nuhject to the ('ecision of the Republican Cuiwty __ WM. B. D PRTY. Foi County Cleric. IHKRKBY ANNOUNCE MYSKI.F AS A can idate for the office of ClTlc of Wmhoe County, subject to the decision ol the Republican County Cou-ention. OR1.ANDO KVANS. County Clerk. HW. HIGGINS HEREBY ANNOUNCES himself as a candidate lor County Clerk, subject to the decision of the Repubh can County Convention._________________ County Oomm'ssloner. WP. M'LAUGHUN HKRI'BY AN- nounces hlinsclt as a candidate for County (long subject to the decision of the Uemociatic County Con- veutiun. County Commissioner. BAN O'CONNOR HKKEBY ANNOUNCES hitiisui; f r the offi. col County onj{ subject to the ULCISIOU ol the Kepublicaii County Convention. For Commissioner. PARRY HEREBY ANNOUNCES lumsell for the office of long term Commissioner, subject to the decision of the Republican Couuty Convention. Short Term Commissioner. MERRII.I V a- a (.andulnte for Short Term Com nuxsioncr, subject to the decision of the Re- publican County Convention. For Sheriff. W. II. CAUGHUN ANNOUNCES HIM- self as a candidate for SI'trilt, subject to tl-e decision of the Republican County Contention. For County Clerk. W. A. I'OCJG HER'-BY ANNOUNCES liimseir ,.s a candidate lor County Clerk, subject to the decision of the Republi- can Convention. County Commissioner. JAMBS SULLIVAN ANNOUNCES TIIM- self as a cand'date for Long Term County Commissioner, subject to the decision of the Republican County Convention. For Constable. W. UPiON HEREBY ANNOUNCES hhuse fas a candidate for Constable of Reno Township, subject to the decision of the Republican County Contention. C. NOVACOVTCH. H. J. BERRY. BERRY MACOVICII, -----Wholesale Retail Dealers in----- Groceries, Provisions. PINE TEAS AND COFFEES, Fish aii: Oysters In season. FRUITS Of AJLL KINDS. Wines, Liquors. Clears, Tobacco, Crockery. We carrv a fine assortment ol FANCY GROCERIES. Commercial Row, Reno, Nevada. PACIFIC BREWERY, Reno Soda Works and Granite eJ. Or. KERTH, to George Becker. Beer by the Glass, Quart, Bottle or Keg at shortest notice Lager Beer of the best quality always on hand Orders from tlio country recelvu prompt attention. Commercial Kotv. Keno, Nevada. Lots for Sale. 1 OR MORK ELIGIBLE BUILDING 1 I Lots for sale at easy prices and easy terms, south of the TJtickte river, souh- east of Reno. Unquirt of nnvi-ir -TfOS V LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION. A IVotporrfry Orgmatfatlaa Kf- by Ttiac- toody. The Democratic State Convention mot at House at 1 o'clock tliis afternoon, and was called order by General K. P. Keating, Governor Adams, Chairman of the State Central Committee, being ab- sent. The General paid quite a tribute to General C. C. Powning. On motion of J. II. Dennis, Hon. C. H. E. Hurdm of hyon county was nominated temiwrary Chairman of the Convention, and was elected by ac- fluniutiou, unU, un I .iking the chair, he made a short address. P. II. Mnlcahy was made temporary Secrelar5- by acclamation. A. T. Morrill of Storoy county and F. C. Ujxlike of were elected assistant secretaries by acclamation. Hon. J. P. Kluliardeon was fleeted Sergeunt-at-Arms by acclamation. On motion, one from each county was appointed a C'ommittPe on Cre- dentials, which is composed of the lollowing named delegates: Greeley French, Lyon county; A. C. May, Ksmerulda; P. J. Dannc, Storey; K. S. Osburn, Washoe; F. M. Fellows, Humbolilt; J. M. Sunford, Churchill; P. Slavan, Lander; H. Sadler, Eu- reka; C. Love, Lincoln; Thomas K. Haydon S. H. Day.Ormsby Frank Hall, White Pine; J. D. Williams, Douglas. On iiiolion of Hon. W. E. F. Deal, Ihe names of all uncontest d delegates were ordered to be printed. On motion of G. W. Cassidy, the following Committee on Platform and Resolutions was appointed: General I. C. Wa-hoo ccnnt.v T. E. Haydon, W. E. F. Deal, Stoiey; N. H. A. Lyon; K. D. M. Whitman, Churchill; C. W. Hinch- i-hffe, Lander; G. W. Casnidy, Eu- reku; C. W. Grover. Elko; R. M. Ulurko, Ormfiby H. Harris, Douglas; M. S.Uonnineld.Humboldt; Sol Hilp, While Pino. On motion of Hon. H. Harris of bouylas a committee consisting of one irom each county was appointed on permanent and order of business. The following gentlemen i '.moose the committee: C. A. Jones Washoe; Thomas E. Havdon Nye; K. P. Keating, Storey; Joseph Kline, Ksmorulda; C. W. Hinchchff, Lander; John P. Wheeler, Eureka; K. P. Hurdesty, Lincoln; William Kinney, Ormsby; J. T. Williams. Douglas; ft. D. Kclley, Hiimboldt; Hichard Willis, White Pine; C. C. Thomas, Lyon. On motion uf W. E. F. Deal the adj >nrnod until to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock. UllEVITIKH. Cider vinegar for sale- see fifty-cent column. Lyon county is not represented on the Republican Stuto ticket. All this forenoon the telegraph wires were down east of Cheyenne. H. L. Lewis of tho N. N. A. C. H. li. and J. H. Bennett, Superintend- ent of the Denver Kio Grande, passed east to-day in a private car. Theodore Winters' horse El Rio Key, for which a week aico he refused lifty thousand do lars, will soon arrue in "Reno ond will be at the track dur- ing State Fair week. J. P. Sweeney of Carson participated in four pacing races at tho California State Fair with Sam Lewis, winning two and capturing second money in a third. He won second money on two occasions with Alpheus. Warm weather often causes extreme tirtxl fooling and dibiliiy, in tbf wcxkoned condition of the nyslein. .iispUHps nrisinic Irum impure blood nro liable to appnnr. To strcnuth, to overcome <lisen-e and to purify, vlializH and enr tbe blood, Hood's Bar silver, I 15. MOST PERFECT MADE. STATE ASSAY OFFICE. I hnre analyzed DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER bought by me in open market and have found it tree from Alum and Ammonia and-containing no deleterios ingredients of any kind. It makes fine light b-ead, and I can recommend it to all wishing pure and wholesome food. LOUIS FAI.KHNAU, formerly State Assayer, San Francisco, Jan. JS. 1889. A M YORK FLOOD. It Destroys a Large Lot of Property. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Chauncy M. Depew Talks to the Strikers. A Caucus of the Republican Senators. Matters. By Associated Press. 1 WASHINGTON, Sept. caucus of Republican Senators was held this morning to arrange the order of busi- ness for the rest of the session. About a dozen measures were placed on the program. They include the anti-lot- tery bill, bankruptcy bill, bills for the relief of the SupremeCourtand for the establishment of private land courts, tho compound lard bill, and the labor bills recently passed by the House. The first thing to be considered is tho conference report on the land grant forfeiture bill, now pending be- fore the Senate. The general opinion is that until the tariff bill is disposed of the day for adjournment cannot be flxcd. The engrossment of the tariff bill is completed, and it will be signed and sent to the House this afternoon, where it will be referred to the Ways and Means Committee. It will prob- ably be reported back on Monday or Tuesday. It is understood the com- mittee will recommend concurrence iti the verbal amendments which did not change the sense. Another will re- commend a non-concurrence and a conference. HOUSE. O'Farrell of Virginia made a point of no quorum. Speaker Reed, without taking note of the point, stated the question was on ordering tho previous, question ,on approving the journal of Tuesday, and directed the clerk to call the roll. The vote sfc .od, yeas 87, nays 44, no quo- rum, and on motion of McKinley, amid Democratic applause, the House ad- journed. SENATK. The Senate this afternoon is consid- ering the conference on the land grant forfeiture bill. Snath Carolina Democracy. By Associated Press.] COLUMBIA, Sept following ticket was nominated by the Demo- cratic Convention early this morning: Governor, R. Tillman; Lieutenant- Governor, E. B. Gary; Secretary of State, T. E. Tindall; Treasurer, W. T. C. Bates; Attorney-General, P. J. Pope. W. T. C. Bates was nominated for Superintendent of Education, W. D. Mayfleld for Comptroller and General H, L. Farloy for Adjutant and In- spector General. The platform particularly favors the fiee and unlimited coinage of silver, the repeal of the internal revenue sys- tem, denounces the McKinley tariff bill and the Lodge election bill, con- demns the action of Speaker Reed, de- mands the abolition of national banks, the passage of laws to prevent the dealing in futures, and to place a tax on income. on Depew. By Associated Press.] NEW YORK, Sept. committee of five ex-employes of the New York Central, who went out in the strike, called on Depew to-day to talk over the matters of the Strike. Depew told them they had resigned in his absence; that their places had been filled by Mr. Webb; that his action had been approved by the Directors of the road, and that there was nothing more to be said or done in the matter. The strik- ers left rather crestfallen. Charged With Murder. Special to GAZETTE.] SAN FBANCISCO, Sept. 11. Mra. Catherine Jordan, whose husband yesterday severed her left wrist with a knife and then attempted suicide on account of ill-health and want, died unexpectedly at the City Hospital this morning. Jordan was distracted when told of her death, and begged to be allowed to die. His condition, how- ever is somewhat improved, and a charge of murder has been entered against him. A Trmporary ppotatmrnt. By Associated Press. CBESSON SPRINGS, Sept. only official business transacted by the President this morning was the desig- nation of Chief Clerk Edwin C. Fuller to act as First Assistant P General for a period of ten days nnlera a successor to Clarkson is appointed. A By Associated Press.] ELMBA (N. Sept4 Chemung river is nbt rising now, and the worst is over. A great deal of ddmaue was done to cropa throughout the Chemung valley. At Addison the water was the highest known in twenty-six years, and the dama'ge to the crops and personal proparty in the Cohoeton vallev wan very great. W. U. Mackey of Carsou IB in Reno to-day. M. Conn aoc" H. Bergman of Cur son arn in town. Colonel Hard in of Uumboltlt county is in town to-day. R Lowers of Franktown waa In town this morning. Judge Fitzeotald arrived, in town on evening's ovc Hand. A. Hxs-ien, Assessor of Elko county, arrived in town this morning. Theodore Winters re timed last evnning from bin eastern trip. John Harry Day and C. Webber of Carson are in town, Ctiarlns May of Aurora urrlved on last evening's V. T. express. Gale of the C. <k C. nar- row icauxe was in town to-day. W H. A. Pike camfi np from Wads- worth on tills tnorninu's overUnd. Hon. W. E F Dale of V.rulma City Is attending the Democratic Slate Con- vention. Dave Wiehtman and J. M. Sanfoid of Cliurcblll arrived ia town this morning. Mrs. Mary A Jones and Mrs. lef1 this morning for Ihe Sacra- montc, Fair. Hon. J. W. Halnes, commissioner to the World's Fair, left this morning for Chli-Hgo. C. C. Wullace, Colonel J. B. and Colon 1 R. P. Keating returned this moraine; troin the Bay. County Commissioner J. K. E-itPp of Virginia Oily and Justice H. W. Fitzgerald of Gold Hill are here. J. B. FI oh of W-1N C. W. Grover of the Elko Independent ar- rived on morning's Mra. C G. left this morning for Dog on a visit to hrtr hus- band, who IH employed at J.P. F.mik'n new mill. Joseph Klein and R MoNnuehton, ol' Esmeralila county, in town as lffgalea lo the State Con- vention. R. R. Parkenson of the Carson Tribune, and S. P Davis of ibn Canton Appeal are attending the Democratic; State Convention. E. D. of Silver State, Sheriff frVllow-. J. H. SJUcMiltan and C. Delhi of Wlnneinuuca arrived In town last evening. For several dnya S. T. Gage of the Southern Pamflu Hyctcin oeen vi iting his old Iriend, J. W. Halneu of Dniiiilas county. Sol Hllpand family of TOtfite Pine county arrived here Mr. Help iHadelejjato to Jtfe Democratic State tbe fain ly will remain until afrpr Fair. A Useful I.I re Kntted. In another column will be seen the death notice of Mra. Mary J. Poor, who passed away at 3 o'clock this morning, surrounded by her relatives and friends. Deceased leaves a hus- band and four married daughters, Mrs. C. C. Powning and Mrs. Frank Bell of Reno, and Mrs. Bourne and Mrs. Irvin Avres of Oakland, and a son, Frank Poor, at Fort Bidwell. Modoc county, Cal. The funeral will take place from the Congregational Church next Saturday at 2 o'clock P. M. The Water Holt. The Silver Slate of yesterday says: In the case of Bliss vs. Dunphy et al, witnesses are still being examined in behalf of plaintiff to prove his right to the use of the water. Some of the lawyers want to go to Reno and others want to goto San Francisco, and they agreed to continue the hearing of the case nntil next Monday, providing the Court consented. The Judge had no objections to the arrangement and the Court will adjourn this afternoon. The Governor Dying. Lew Stevenson received a dispatch from Carson this afternoon saying that his father (the Governor) was sinking fast, and he left for Carson on the accommodation train. W. C. T. V. The members of the W. C. T. U. will meet at the M. E. Church on Sat- urday next at 1 o'clock to attend the funeral of their late sister, Mrs. M. J. Poor. afety from Frot ctioa from disease, not a med- icinal agtmt which merely checks the par- oxysms, Is tbe grand desideratum wherever the endemic sconrge of malaria prevails, Quinine does not afford this protection. The'hief reason why BontPttex's Stomach Bit era has won sncb Immen-e popularity Is, that it prepares the system to resl t the malarial peat. This It does by bracing and toning the physical organism; regulating and promoting HO eqnarflow and .flstrthu- t Ion of theanimM and establishing digestion on a aound basis. Not only Is fever and prevented, but the worst types of the disease are conqn entirely cured after using a few bottles. 7ou havo my cheerful permission to publish tho co o 1000; apple trees 7 to i2 feet high y> rts each by the loo ot 1000 bearing size and age, but cash must accompany the order and tbe cost of ceuts per no discount to anv one STEPHEN CONNOR. Reno and Me Hope Nurseries, sestl'im Reno, Nevada. i At this season nf tbe year the most vigor- I On> and healthy people often bare 8 feeling of- weariness tired and worn oat, without ambition to do anything, and many break out In pimples aid bol s What you re- qnlrn ig a mild tonic me I cine that will act genil.f on the liver and blood, and for this, nothing vqnals Dr. Qunu's Improved Liver Illls. They (rive an ncilvlty to liver, pu-ify th. blooi) and by their mild tonio action. vltnlltv anil strength to tbe entire system Sold at -ij contu a box by S. J ilodgklnaon A Mure for Itching Piles are known ny moisture, like perspiration causing Intense Itching when warm This lorm, as well as blind, bleed- Ing and protruding, yield at once lo Dr. Boaanko's Pile remedy, which acts directly on tbe parts affecteJ, absorbs t inors, al- lays itcitlng and effects p rmanent cme. noc. Drnggtfta or mall; treatise free. Dr. Bosunku.lnqua, o. Sold S.J.ttodg- FURMSHING GOODS. HATS BOOTS AND SHOES. Q0O My Summer Stock Is Now Complete, of- The Latest and Best Styles OF Men's and Boys' Clothing, Underwear, Socks, Gloves, Handkerchiefs, All and Patterns, Collars, enfis. Windsor Ties and Bows. SIR W HATS HATS All grades and color. A full line of J. B. Stetson Co. FINE HATS In all grades. of SILK HATS of the Best Grade. A Large Assortment of Men's and Boys' Suspenders. SUPER LAND'S S2 5O SHOE. MY STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES Is as complete as ever, consisting of Gent's Fine Hand-Sewed Boots and Shoes in all Grades, Ladies' Misses, and Children's Boots, Shoes anJ Slippers in all grades and colors. All Goods sold at the Lowest Possible Price. Ladies' and Gent's Boots and Shoes made to order; Repairing neatly done. F. LEVY BROTHER. WANTED, ON OR BEFORE SEPT. 1, 1890. ID order to raise this amout wo will continue to sacrifice our elegant stood of DRY AND FANCY GOODS Regardless of Cost! WE DAVE A SURPRISE IN STORE FOR YOU. For every dollar's worth of goods you buy of us dur- ing this sale we will give you a premium ticket, for whicr you can have your choice of the following: TTf If GIve yotl ode of tnose Combs. S TTP Ti" Give you one Sugar Shell or one Novelty Hair Pin. 10 TTPTf FTS one silver-plated Butter ,Knife, or a pair of very 1 9 VTA Give you the choice of a fine rolled gold Lace Pin. a pair ol J. gold front CUff Pins, a novelty Interlocking Clove Buttoner of fine gold plate or a handsome Bangle. 20 T f PKETS Give yOU Pln or a pair of Ear 9K. rpir'Ti'TrTC Give you the choice of a set Rogers' Tri Spoons, a beautUul 4O JL Jl-Jj J. o LacePln, a lovely pair of stylish Bracelets handsome Necklace 9K. Give you the choice of a set of Rogers' Knives, a superb pair ol Of) L Ej Jl J9 fine rolled gold plate Bracelets, a very choice pair of Bar Kings or a set of Rogers' Forks. Give you the choice of a most elaborate pair of fine rolled gold 011 llvJVUl J.O plate Bracelets, a very stylish fine rolled gold plate Necklace or set of Rogers' Table Spoons. .A This is no Lottery. No Humbug. You buy onr goods cheaper than any other store in the State will soil them to you, and in addition for no extra charge or expense yon will receive the choice of any of the above articles according to the amount of tickets you may hold. Call and t-ee these PREMIUM are on exhibition in our mammoth store. Parties indebted to us must pay up at once and save costs, SPAPFRf r'SPAPERI

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