Reno Evening Gazette, August 23, 1890 : Front Page

Publication: Reno Evening Gazette August 23, 1890

Reno Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - August 23, 1890, Reno, Nevada Reno Evening Gazette A. C. BRAOO. BRAGG POETEE. P oirietors. KATKS OK Dully, on square for on.- month f' Weekly, one suunre fur one month 1 SaUirduv." August 23, 1890 5 O'CLOCK EDITION. Come nnd MISCELLANEOUS. Wo have evidently liit the editor of the Silver Slate bdow the belt, if we can judge anything by tL.e ho bellows. We did iiot iu- tciid to hit him quile so low, how- ever, for he claims a foul, and per- haps Justly so. Wo were laboring uudcr the impression that his office was on a sand hill, but, from the way he resents it, wo think we must be mistaken, and gracefully apologize, not that we think an apology is uect-ssarj, but it appease his Ho seems bo losing his head, but with silver going up like a rocket it is not to bo wondered at that he is disap- pointed aud cross. Here is what ho about the Board of Trade: j HOMO GAZETTE tVls constraint d to inform reudern thai Boird "I it a political organization. The editor of the QAZTTK Is Secretary of HIM B'Mfd of Trade, and, a .tV. VTW1U i flint, J. H. Mitchell. D. H. Barker, W. M. Anden-on of Reno. Will transact a general Banking BusincwB. Mining and other Htock nought an3 sold on commission. Agents for several first-class In ance Companes Paints, AND Plate Sullivan Kelly Co Sacramento, California. 915.9H.91B Seconds! -i Paper, Acme Paints. Carriages, Wagons, Carts, Etc J CAR cinss of to CARRIED THK BEST found on Uie The Best Horse-shoeing in J- 9-2 T. J. GARDNER, OVER HYMER'S STABLE, Corner of Second and Sierra Street, TUB FINEST LINK Of NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER! ;

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Publication: Reno Evening Gazette

Location: Reno, Nevada

Issue Date: August 23, 1890