Tuesday, July 22, 1890

Reno Evening Gazette

Location: Reno, Nevada

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Text Content of Page 1 of Reno Evening Gazette on Tuesday, July 22, 1890

Reno Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - July 22, 1890, Reno, Nevada JOB WORK The Neatest, The Best, At the Gazette Office. ENVELOPES Printed than the Cheapest. XXIX. RENO, WASHOE COUNTY, NEVADA, TUESDAY, JULY 22, 1890. NO. 96. MISCELLANEOUS. A TRAIN WRECKED Turkey Befuses De- mands of Servia. POWDER Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar powdar. Highest of all in leavening strength. U.H. Report, Aug. 19, 1889. j Votes Taken on the Original Package Bill. Arreat of a Suspected Bobber. Stage -AT THE- Fair Store! A Largo Crayon Portrait of Your- self FREE OF CHARGE. In lo advertise our business more exlonsivoly and in a deairable manner, we Irnvo decided to present our customers enlarged por- trait ol'yourHHlf or friend. The condi- tions on which you receive this beau- tiful and npproprlHto gift are ingly light and worthy your consider- ation. We Will State Them in Few Words: Buy 00 worth of goods by paying us the vory lowest cash and the deed is 'lonn Yon cuu then furnish ua witli a cabinet phoHi, panel, tintype or other ptoUiro of yourself or trieucl ond wo will tinvo it enlarged at once, and presoat it lo you absolutely free j of charge. The rf picture will be 14x17 Inches ihe inches, ihe latter being of lato design iu antique steel brorme or Kill. These pictures aro from the studio of ouo of the best artiftt.s in Chicago, ami were never Hold for loss than 910 or without frames. Remombor, we do not auk you to buv large bills Ht ouo time, but will furnish you wllh on the margin of which are pliu-eil of convenient atnunntu, tnmi 2o cents to making a total of When you make a purchase wo punch out a sot of thfse figures, ami when all are punched out we will present you with the picture. Call at cur store and see ft (.ample of the work, pleaso do not foruet that we atve this ploiuro of we atve this ploi WIFE. CHILD. FRIEND, FAIHEB, MOTHER, SWEETHEART, or but no. lewst.MOVHKR-lN-LAW, free "A thiutj of beauty is a joy of charge forever." What couUl bo nicer for home adornment tban one of these CRAYONS? We have made arrangements with a large frame un mi u factory to mount and IrameJ trn-86 portraits tor our pulroiis ID the be-t wtyle at one- fourth the usual cost of ouoh frames. You can have either gilt or bronze frame with first-class French plate all ready to IIHIIII on ihe wall. YOU ARK, HOWEVER, NOT OBLIGED to purchase a frame at ail, or you can it at some other store. This does not matter to us; we gl ve you the picture und yofti the frame at cost if you wish it. Yours Generously, m Fair Store, RENO, NEVADA. W.F. M'GEE, MANAGER. joi6 CnniErvMMlonal Mutters. j By Press.1 WASHINGTON, July after the reading oC the journal voting began on the original package bill. The first vote was on the Adams sub- stitute, defining an original lost, 33 to 115. The House then proceeded to vote on the House substitute for the Senate bill. The following is the House measure: That whenever any article of com- merce is imported into any State from any other State, territory or foreign nation, and there held or offered for siile, the same shall then be subject to the laws of such State; provided, no discrimination shall iade by any State in favor of its citizens against those of other States m respect to the sale of any article of commerce, nor in fnvur of it? cwn products against those of a like character produced in other States, or Territories, nor shall the transportation of commerce through any State be obstructed, except so fur as nmy be necessary for the enforce- ment of the laws of such State." As the vote progressed, it was evi- dent the result would bo very doubtful, arid great interest was manifested. At the end of the first call the affirmative biul a majority of one, and at the end of the second call the majority was neither increased nor diminished. Then came a change of two dozen changes being in the alterations the affirmative came out 109, nays 04. Then GrceVeuor of Ohio, who had changed his vote for purpose, moved a reconsideration. Frank of Missouri moved to table that motion. The motion to table was agreed to, yeas 118, nays 95. The vote then re- curred on the passage of the Senate bill as amended, which passed, yeas 170, nays 33. Those voting in the negative weie Abbott, Adams, Breck- inridge Breekinridge Carter, Caruth, Chapman, Clunie, Grain, Culbertson Cummings, DiuiCBhy, Foreman, Fowler, Frank, Hayes, Lanstim, Lawler, Lehlbach, Martin Mason, Mc.Vdoo, Mc- Cirthy, Mutchler, O'Neil Olthwait, Quinn, Richardson, Sayres, Stewart Taylor Turner (N. Van Schaick, Vaux, Whit- thorne, Wike and Wiley. A conference with the Senate was for, and the proceeded to the consideration of the bankruptcy hill, SENATE. The Senate bill giving a pension of a year to Mrs. Jessie Fremont was reported from the Committee on Pensions and placed on the calendar. The Senate proceeded to the consid- eration of the Indian appropriation bill. The Senate Committee on Pensions ordered a favorable report upon the bill granting a pension of a year j Kock Island road near Limon, Colo- rado, last night was caused by the washing away of two spans of a bridge a mile and a half from that place byja cloudburst. The engine, car, day coach and chair car went into the chasm and were badly wrecked. The sleeper remained on the trrck. Twelve or fifteen people were more or less seriously injured and engineer McCormick was killed. Physicians and a wrecking outfit were at once sent to the scene of the accident. Among the more seriously injured aro: William Watson of Pueblo, Col- orado, head and face badly cut; K. W. Wheeland of Kansas City, ankle broken and bruised; M. Thompson of Buena Vista, Col., wrist sprained; C. C. Hanlin, fireman, head and neck bruised; E. H. Hendricks, baggage- man, head cut and back Bawling, porter, head and baud cut; and H. V. Bull, internally injured. Engineer McCormick was not found, but his body is thought to be under the engine. DENVER, July wreck ou the Kock Island road near Limon, Col., has been cleared up sufficiently to permit traffic to be resumed. The engine is btiil in the bottom of the bottom of the creek] upturned, and the body of the engineer is supposed to be underneath it. Among the in- jured are Miss Anna Patterson of Man- kato, Kas.; H. S. Baggs of Lincoln, Neb.; John Yates of Kiley, Kas., shoulder broken and back Injured; H. V. Ball, a news agent, face, head aud legs badly cut; Mrs. Mary Travers of New York City, side and _ head badly bruised; and Mrs. Elizabeth Keutou of Ezra, head cut. aiysterloUM BanK Kobbery. By Associated ST. Jons (N. July mys- terious robbery at the Bank of Nova Scotia in Woodstock has caused a great deal of excitement. Forty thou- sand dollars were takenfrom the vault, and an accountant of the bank, Ro'.ert W. Saunders, is locked up, charged with the theft. On Saturday morniug Saunders was found lying on the floor of the vault unconscious, the vault door being wide open. When ho came to his senses he said he had been instructed to go to the bank early in the morning to get Home money out of the vault and send it away by express on the train. As he entered the vault he was struck from behind, and fell unconscious without his assailant. No one living in the vicinity of the bank saw any one enter or depart therefrom. Many rumors are afloat concerning the burglary. One is that Saunders has a severe wound on his head, which he said he received in the vault. An- other rumor is that the money stolen has been returned to the bank, and all proceedings will cease. MatlRfncdon Declined. By Cable and Associated Press CoNSTANTtNOPLE, July 22. The Porte has declined to give the satis- faction demanded by Servia for the murder of the Servian Consul at Pri- stita, or to compensate the widow of the murdered man. PACIFIC BREWERY, Reno Soda Works and Granite Saloon. r v3T. _rV JL JTJ-J Successor to George Becker. BP.JI- by the Glass, Quart, Bottle or Keg at shortest notice. l.Ager Beer of the best quality always on naml Ov.lcrs from the country receive prompt attention. C'omiurrrlnl How. Reno. Nevada. _________JyI2tf______________ The Bishop's School for Girls, Founded in 1876 by Bishop An Kvltlent Imnntlc. By Associated Press.] Sr. JOHNS July gence of a horrible tragedy has reached here from Labrador. Thomas Oliver killert his three children and then committed suicide on May 4th. Wrecked by a Hurricane. By Cable and Associated Press.] ST. PETERSBURG, July part of the town of Olonia has been wrecked by a hurricane, and many persons were buried in the rains. Nineteen bodies have been recovered. TELEGRAPHIC BREYET1ES. Bar silver, Dr. Peters has left Zanzibar for to the widow General George B. j Europe. MoClellan. President Harrison, accompanied by his son Russel, arrived in Philadelphia this morning from Cape May, and left A HnHpectert Mtagn Kobbcr. Special to the GAZETTE.] STOCKTON July young fatm laborer named Charles Brown, about 24 years of age, was brought here Sunday night by Constable Dial of Lockford and Sheriff Cunningham, and locked up on suspicion of being the man who robbed the Mokeluirne Hill and Valley Springs stage last week. Brown has been working off and on in the vicinity of Clements, this county, for several months, claiming to have lately arrived in California from Arkansas. He away aoveraJ duys lent week at the time the robbery was and returned to the for Washington this afternoon. Five Turkish Soldiers Killed. SCALDED WITB MOOT IRON. A Thjeatened Revolution in Buenos Ayres. Ghen.MoOook Likely To Go to [Arizona. SCHOOL OFFERS SPFCiAL AD-I ranch a day or 'wo before being ar- the otudy of and rested. He says he was in Stockton 'fhc Advent term WEDNESDAY, at the time of the robbery, but the Appi> tolaiss JULIA. MEGQUIRR. officers believe they have enough evi- jy7m, to holding him. Sheriff Thorn Calaveras ar- rived to-day and found the prisoner answered the description of the man whom he tracked for several miles from the scene of the robbery. As the United States mail was robbed, the reward for the man who held up the stage is f WILLIAM DIIOK BROTHER, BEEF, MUTTON, POBK, TEAL, ETC. Are prepared to furnish the best meats the lowest living rates. novj9 Mow ttlerra Ht Forthe best and the bert material at reMopftble rates, call the GAZKTTB offioe. Mallroad Accident. By Associated Prena.] CHICAGO, July Accident to the eut-boond paaaenger twin on tbe LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Court. The judicial countenance, fortified by all the terrors of the law, frowned down this morning on two human flies who had become entangled in the spider web of the law. John Burns, for indulging in the novelty of fighting, was retired to lux- uriate in the cooler for ten days. Robert Evans, for tbe same ping disposition, was deprived of his liberty for fifteen days. Deputy Constable Coats left for Day- ton this morning, and it is hinted that some interesting criminal develop- ments will occur shortly. The Why Cinb" will convene this evening at their place of meeting. The work of replanking the iron bridge was commenced to-day. BneUlen'B Arnica Salve. The best salve in tfce world for cuts bruises ores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, chippe bands, chilblains, corua aU skin eruptions and positively cures or no pay required It in guaranteed to zive jMOtect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price "S cents per box. For by been afflicted with an tlinor the ttroat from childhood, by diphtheria, and have tried variona but have never fonni) equal to Brown's Bronchial O. M F. HAMPTON, Plketoo, KT Sold only Hunting for a By Associated Press LINKVILLE Jnly Goodlow was shot and instantly killed last evening by John Shook at a dairy twenty miles east of here. The men bad a quarrel about some cattle a few days ago. Goodlow yesterday, while under the influence of liquor, went to Shock's house with a revolver in his band and said he wanted to kill Shook. The latter drew a revolver and they fired simultaneously, one bullet entering Goodlow's breast, just over the heart, and he died <n a short titne. Shook surrendered himself to Sheriff. The shooting has caused considerable excitement, and threats of lynching are made by the friends of the dead man. HoaMtetl by Molten Iron. By Associated Press.! MILWVUKEE, July View w as shaken up shortly after 1 o'clock this morning by an explosion of such terrific force that people of that suburb jumped from their beds, believing their houses were being rocked by an earthquake. The concussion due to an explosion resulting from the leak- age of molcen from a blast fnrnace n tbe rolling mills. A large number of meu were around the furnace at the time, but only one, Joseph Lewis, was iurt. He was caught by a flood of rsolten iron and burned until the flesh dropped from his body. He still lives jut there is little hope of his recovery. The Keyes Mining Co. Sued. By Associated Fieis.] SAN FKANCISCO, July suit has been brought against the Keyes Silver Mining Company of Nevada by certain of the stockholders to recover the following damages, claimed to be the result of a conspiracy and fraud of the directors of the mine, who, it is alleged, endoavored to freeze out the stockholders in question: P. J. Keyes, Henry P. Wood, 000; Ambrose E. Ball, Frank Shay, T.K.Wilson, and K. A. Deering, The dam- ages are computed at the rate of a share.__________________ A Brute Arrested. By Cable and Associated Press.] SAN JUAN DE COSTA RICA, July The notorious bandit of San Salvador, Heriuanezillo Chavese, who foe the past five years has made traveling dangerous on the roads leading into La Libertad, has been arrested, tried, con- victed, and sentenced to be shot. He was tracked to his lair by a boy of 17, whose mother he maltreated, robbed and killed, and discovered to the troops, by whom he was surrounded, with two of his companions, and cap- tured. ___ The Account Balanced. By Cable Associated Press.) MADRID, July Arabs fired upon a detachment of Spanish cavalry near Melilla, a Spanish convict settle- ment on the corth of Morocco, and several cavalrymen were wounded. The attacking party was shelled from the fortress, and a n'imber of Arabs were killed. _______ Hlffh Water In China. By Cable and Associated Press.] LONDON, July dispatch to the Standard from Shanghai eays tbe floods in Hoang Ho destroyed the em- bankment at Lunwamiao, and Shang Tung is inundated. The Peiho is also rising, and the waters cover the coun- try as far an tbe walla ot Pekin. Vive Turks Killed. Dy Cable and Associated Press.] CANNEA CRETE, July num- ber of Turkish soldiers proceeding from a camp near hero to a well to draw water were fired upon from am- bush by a party of Christians and five Turks were killed._________ The City Agitated. By Cable and Associated Press.] BUENOS AYBES, July city is greatly agitated in consequence of the discovery of a plot to overthrow the Government. The place is garri soned by troops and armed policemen. The Bourse is domoral ized.___t t_______ Hope It (a Trae. By Associated Press.] WASHINGTON, July is prob- able that General McCook, lately ap- pointed Brigadier-General, will be given tbe command of the Department of Arizona. War to the Knlfr. By Associated Press.] NEW YORK, July Victoria, B. C., special nays: It is now defin- itely settled that the Pacific Mail and Occidental Oriental Steamship Com- panies mean war to the knife against the Canadian Pacific. George H Rice, Traffic Manager of the first-named company is in Victoria making arrangements to begin the fight on their behalf. The Canadian Pacific first declared its intention of running its China steamers to and from tbe east by way of San Francisco, and has carried out its threat by taking freight and passen- gers for that point by the Abyssinia, which will arrive there about the end of Augrst. She will be followed by the entire Canadian Pacific fleet in turn. To meet this the American corporations have determined Canada. Rice says: I am in Victoria now for the purpose of arranging to run the China steamers of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company from San Fran- cisco by way either of Tacorua or Vic- toria. The probabilities are that Vic- toria will be the point, at least for the present. If your big whaif is soon completed I will decide at once, and probably appoint agents in this city before I leave here." The first steamer, which will be the China, will arrive here from San Francisco about August 2d, for China and Japan. The first steamer from the other side will leave Hongkong to-day for Victoria. She is the City of Pekin, and has engaged both pas- suMtfors and cargo for Victoria und Sound ports. We do not intend to do any business with our steamers between Victoria and San Francisco, as our relations with the Coast Steamship Com- pany are most cordial. As far as re- gards the Canadian Pacific, we expect before that line gets its new steam- ships to get a good hold on the busi- ness. We shall take no overland bus- iness over the Canadian Pucifio, but will send our business over tho North- ern Pacific and Oregon Short Line. VVhat the policy of the Canadian Pa- cific will be is uncertain. Their new steamers for that line, which are soon to be placed on the eastern route, are rapidly approaching completion in the British dock yards. The contract re- quires the vessels to develop a speed of 18 knots on trial and knots on a 300-milo sea trip. It is confidently exoected by the buildor.i that this will be exceeded. No expense is being spared to make these vessels in every respect equal to the finest vessels afloat. _______ IMflTprenroa Adjnateil. By Associated Press.] TOPEKA, July conference between the Santa Fe general officers and tbe Trainmen's Grievance Com- mittee yesterday was fruitful in Its re- sults. It has been practically agreed to abolish the classification of passen- ger coaches on the entire system; to give the uniform pay of per month, without regard to length of service; to pay for the losses of the trainmen on account of delays occa- sioned by anything beyond their con- trol to pay for time lost where men were called upon to report for duty and are not sent out at once; and to pay for 190 miles on all runs of less than 100 miles. These concessions are nearly all made by the company. In most cases where demands were made for an increase of pay on local runs the men have withdrawn their demands. ttold ttolng Up. By Associated Press.] BUENOS AYRES, July tbe close of the Bourse yesterday gold was quoted at 213.____________ If you suffer pricking pains on moving ho ejes or c nnot bear bright light, and nd your sight weak and 1 ailing, you should romptly nee Dr. J. H, MeLeHn'sbtrength- nlngJSye Salve. 25 a box. FURMSH1NG GOODS. HATS BOOTS AND SHOES. 1 8QO My Summer Stock Is Now Complete, ConvUUng of The Latest and Best Styles 4 OF- Men's and Clothing, Underwear, Socks, Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Neckwear, AJU Shades and Patterns, Collars, I'ufis, Watew lies and Hyde Bows. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF UATO Men's, Boys and Children's 0 grades and colors. STMW All giades and colors A full line of J. B. Stetson Co. FINE HATS In all grades. A Fine Stock of SILK HATS of the Best Grade. A Large Assortment of Men'? and Boys' Suspenders. STOE ELAND'S 82 SO SHOE. Button, WBl be paid to any competent chemist whowttt Dnd, onanaljBla, a particle of Mercury, Potash, r otto poisons In Swift'a Specific (8. 8. 8.) AN EATING SORB Henderson, Tex, Aug. "For elgll- teen months I had an eating on my tongue. I waa treated by the best local physicians, bat obtained no relief, the acre gradually crowing worse, t concluded Anally to try 8.8. 8., auil waa entirely cored after nstaz a few bottles. You have my cheerful permission to publish, tba above gWTnmit for the benefit of thorn ahnilarlr afflicted." C. B. MoLmou, Treadie en Blood and Stan mailed free. THB SWTPT 8PBCIKO CO., MY STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES Is as complete as ever, Gent's Fine Hand-Sewed Boots and Shoes in all Grades, Ladies' Misses, and Children's Boots, Shoes and'Slippers in all grades and colors. All Goods sold at the Lowest Possible Price. Ladies' and GenVs Boots antl Shoes made to order; Repairing neatly done. F. LEVY BROTHER. Dry Goods Used at All Times, Be it Ever So Little. But not at all can dry goods be bought at prices like We Are Selling Them Now. Don't stop to ask those who have bought bargains of us, Come Yourself, Bring Your Cash, Because It Is Cash We Are After. And We Will Astonish You, at our Notice. ALL PARTIES OWING FOR Deenng mowers, reapers, binders, twine and "extras" to Wm. Deering Co., are hereby notified not to pay any of such de- mands, whether in form of a note or open account to O. P. Backus or Jaques Son, or any unauthorized person faques Son are no longer our agents for the collection ot said demands and we are informed that O. I. Backus is unlawfully attempting to collect the same. WM. DEERING CO. By W. C. KARIG, Agent We will make your dollar buy more goodr store than of any other store on the Coast. We don't offer one article at a low price and hang on to high prices on other goods. All Our Goods, Every Single Article WITHOUT RESERVE Must and Will Be Sacrificed AT SLAUGHTERING PRICES! People out of town can save a whole lot more besides traveling expenses by attending our great sale personally Those indebted to us please pay up at once, or we shall be obliged to enforce collection. Heno, Nevada. 'SPAPERJ

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