Friday, May 26, 1876

Reno Evening Gazette

Location: Reno, Nevada

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Text Content of Page 1 of Reno Evening Gazette on Friday, May 26, 1876

Reno Evening Gazette (Newspaper) - May 26, 1876, Reno, Nevada IB3IMMOO VOL. I. RENO, WASHOE COTJNTY, RENO EVENING GAZETTE. rrtlHted every Evening (Sunday excepted.) PUBLISHERS AND PBOPKIETOBS. Wiimeimicca Items. From the Humboldt Register of the 2oth we clip the following: The grain crop throughout our county locks very fine indeed, and if no mishap befalla it, there will be a larger gf wheat made thaiv previous ryeiS in> the -Ci IB Kcno'atttceniB per paper forwarded by mail unless paid for fol advance. i- square (ten insertion., SlchlubMqffint Oae column, oue JJj Bair no laziness cards per month................ 3 cei-Ul transient advertisements-must .be Jfftor in United State, com. toathly advertisements payable at the cad of lae Bonth. W CRVSE 4J6 Montgomery street, is sole for" the (HwrsyMthqitzsd-pMwon- trSiOThtrailect rofSiveTOsemrotP. wtffi Jlr. M n5 other agents will be recognized ia San Francisco. t AKOTHEK CUTTING On Sunday lust James J. Billings, of La- rnoille Valley.was stabbed by William coi j cumstunce's: There' has been u long standing difficulty between tho par- ties, and naturally considerable bad feeling. 'At the" time mentioned, Messrs. Billings, Judcl -find Jolm Walker were in the sii- loon on the HnUeck-foid, near "tlie Week' Combs, accompanied by Ben Morton, caine-in, and some dmiks. y s othert'tftpinnim in a glass, winch they did, after which McCombs nsked "outside1 something to siiy-WrmirV 'The1 walked out of the house and sat down MorEofVtirfa mincer in a con- versation in the rear of the house, and Mr. Dakiif (ttttusejl at; taire." lew ''minutes 'MeCotnbs nnd Billings jumped -to their feet, the forrnqr-applying opprobrious language to the latterv wtin in turn struck Mc- Combs. McComba thea stabbed Bill- jwith 'Walker'and" Dakin took the wounded man to the honse, where an examina- tion cut in' the breast, another in the abdomen, the latter being tho more dangerous of the two. The two. gentlemen last mentioned dressed the wounds, and the injured man condition as possible. Although se- riously hurt, Mr. Billings is not con- sidered to be in 'Qange'foMr circum- gtanccs, as neither of the cuts are thought to be Indepmd- eni. p- A DESERTER "Winnemueca Silver State of Monday relates the Last week we mentioned the deser- tion of five soldiers from Camp Henry, Oregon, founigfjyuftni were The fiftfrescTvptth-iniKr "coVcrtf nigh't by wading through a slough into which an officer followed him up to his arm one of a number of'TecY'liiTs 'the unaccustomed to frontier life, found his way to the railroad, and fol- lowed Horace go- ing west. Unable to' obtain" employ- ment at Virginia City, aud becoming disgusted with a country where he had to beg the: necessaries of life, he con.qludett.-rrto "beat" his ft'SybacVorTihe cars for the purpose of He arrived here Saturday yesterday delivered Kpep The is now in jail awaiting orders of _his Officers. He says ho .prefers soldiers' life to tramping through the State irt search of if! permit- ted will devote the balance of his life to the for harvesting the last of this month S. J. Chambers arrived from Jersey City yesterday. He tells us that everything is working charmingly and ilicfsifuaffoh. "The company-shipped hist Monday to Battle Mountain 000 pounds of bullion. Albert Miller, a young inan aged about twenty years, died yesterday morning in the County. Jail from the eitects of a gathering in his head. He was serving out a .sentence of sixty days for being implicated in the rob- bery of Eberly's bakery some time since. He was buried yesterday ternoon by. his fellow prisoners. was denly sick on the Summit niglit be- fore and the of the train this'place yesterday morning it was deemed advisable to have her I'Swajia over Jiere for medical assist- ance. She is at tho Central Hotel uuder_the care. is doing'-hsr weft as caA be C. S. Phippany of Paradise Valley arived; Ah -town' ye3terdh'y'afternoon wooli J .1 r 'Is' marriagOj rate.jlias been low dunng'tlie last quarter in Epglisli ag- ricultural counties; birtlis througli, pleatifal; Uj'J itMmsUids thttDJWbhenxi; wfieaV ilnd coal have been low, potatoes and meat highj pauperismjias ,.-t. 1 i. Centennial travelling cloaks for Iat3sts e> r, They rare or proof. The shapes are loose Ulsters, elsecae ..caks, or circulars with ..cjpaks, FKOM THE EAST GUNS, PISTOLS; and RIFLES, All of the latest ;j L1..' After AT TEE CESTESSIAL. the public official 'ceTemonies were over Jhfrewas general stam- pede. the pro- gramme the eating, and that pa-rt'drth'S'pr'ogAtmme was fol- lowed out: withiSUTprijii trg animfmitT of purpose. By 2 oclock the Ameri- can 3j5tHJ pounds of whole sheep and woitder there was no butter jeft for _me, or that the waiters were running abjjut like hens with I hear that a gentleman -from Boston chicken salad alone, for six .potrple, but finally compromised with the waiter for cinnati the top of her'Tofce. "My country, 'tis -AT- D. Store, Plaza street, 2cl door from Sierra, gunsmith with us TO are prepared to repair nil kinds of fire- arms in -a satisfactory macueriuid able rates. Q yj j V; HARDWARE, STOVES ASK TINWARE. Copper, anil Sheetjlron O ANU GAS Firrrxo. inds of mechanical work connected with the above business done to order with proniptnes! anil dispatch. A share of public patronage solicited. LOUIS MARKS, i 'i-JfOrtmaiijaml Salesman. Orders for the new patent GAS MACHINES received here. '.ifiiff 3-27tf House, Sign and "Carriage SIGK a .A LATCOCK 1ALOSB, tad Eenp, Nar. r DBESSMAKIKG. Mrs. Lake and Miss M4tcbeUn have jnst arrived from the Eastern i States, have taken roonu.on tht ner of .wish to Inform the ladies of KenO" and vicin- they ue in all branches. ain wiring tone nd ret; PROVISIONS, HARDWARE, CROCKERY. THE ARE THAT BECK CO. OPIU1D THB COItKIK TIRGIXIA A IECOKD STI. With a Stock ot GROCERIES, rno VISIONS, HARDWABK, Eta BECK CO. 4-M FANCY VARIETY STOKE. Virginia C. J; BKOOKINSi Proprietor. W" HOLESALE AND EETAIL DIALIR in Foreign aud Domestic FRUITS, NUTS, -ETC.; _'. A Full Assortment of TINE FRENCH CANDIIS. Toys, Fancy Articles, and Music. BLAUK BOOKS. Foreign and Domestic Cigrard <Sc IToTDadco. Of the hes.t itaplo brands. Edged "LiUD Gum IAHT warranted not to break from heat. a amythlBf and eTerytUif want. 4-ttf ftij. BBOOKINS. KEKO MJMBEB COJ muiLXs.coniTen; THE EOIiOWIN.G 'IHiTLES, KEGULA- TIONS ANI) BATBS have been adopt- ed by the ;Renb Water Comptiny: 1st. All water "rents' nrtf ptyiibtef'Mbn'tHy advance on the FIRST day of every month. Should the collector foil to any. of the parties thev must .call ut ttie'Oiuce' of the Cumpany before the TENTH of, the month and pay.- -1 2nd. In all CUSCB of nonpayment of, water rents 'within1 TEN days of maturity, the if-ater will be cut .off and notiagain let on except on payment of the' amount duo, to- gether with Two dollars expenses Sd. No family; or person- renting -water .supply water to .or permit others to; use from' their hydrnhts, J-4th. Consnmcrs shall prevent all unncces- Bary waste of water and shall make no con- cealment of the purposes' "'for which It U. 5th. No alteration shall be made in any water pipe or fixture withont nrst giving notice at the office of tlio Company. Gth. -No person shall make any tiou .with the Company's pipes for hydrants or mnke any hose attachments to their ser- vice cocks without 'first, notifying the Com- obtalniu-; thuir consent thereto. TthT All water used for baths, wator- fountains, irrisjuting of iprlnkllng. of vavds wlll; bu charged for in proportion to tlie quantity of water used in, addition to this regular uhnrgc for and all persons having ..Eydrunts. or other attachments for sprinklliij; or irrigating .will be charged therefor iintlr notice is given at tlie ufflca of tho Company that tlie parties do not intend any longer to use .the water for jmch purposes. 8tn. Parties desiring to use water for ir- rigating or sprinkling will only- be allowed to, do so with' a hose, except .between the hours of 7 y. M. and' 0 A. M. 9th. Sti'oet sprinkling, with standing hose or irrlgatoru will not be allowed, except un- der special contract. 10th. All persons taking water from the Company shall keep their service pipes in good repair at thuir own expunge, and they will be-hold liable for nil 'damages' which mny result from thiiir failure to do so. nth. Dwelling houses will only be plled with -water bv the: year, litit. The inspector or., properly author- ized oflicer of tho Company, shall 'be admit- ted at ..all reasonable hours to all parts of any premesis supplied, lor pnrpose oi iuspectiou, 13th. Whenever ANY-of 'these regulations .hall be violated the Company .will exercise Hie right of discontinuing the supply ol water, which shall- 'not-' bo resumed until all charges, and expenses are paid. 'Bash, Blinds, Doors, Rustic Sidiij, Feither Edge i., Dressed Flooring, Dressed Lumber, 'Door and Window ftaraee, ORDERS FOB COMMOK ItJMBER PROKFTLT FDCXBD. US! f rS -Orttrt Solicited. Special attention to STYLES OT DOORS. For Dwelling-houses........ OB Per Month Saloons......... 200 Restaurants..... Hotels 40) Livery Stables.. .1.: BOO Bath Houses, per tnb.. 1..00 stores 200 Barber 800 Wash Houses .-500 1 Gardens, not exceeding 6UxlJO Icct 2 00. There w'ill be an abundant sup'ply of water ia the pipes on und 'after tho 10th 'inst. Tlie water in the pipes of the Geo. B. Hill Wutor Co, will be cut off on the 14th inst., from which date the above. rates In efl'cct; the above regulations take cll'ect from this date. RENO WATER COMPANY, Per C. A. HOYT, Agent. Riso, May 8th. (Office, on Virginia St.) ECLIPSE Horse Market. LIVERY, SALE STABLE. BUGGIES, CARRIAGES, And Saddle HORSES. tt.OUIS DEAN, Tlrfinn Street Reno, Key W. SiKDEllS. A C SANDERS CO. Building and Business, H AS been removed one door tonth om Tlr ginil itreet -DEALERS 15-J Furniture and Bedding, Coffins, Caskets, and Under- takers? Flower i i Pots, I I tW Agents for Champion Bee Hltcs Honey Boies 5-1511 Diwiox, M D. H. E Hoais, M. D ft DAWSON, Physicians and Surgeons. HOG AN Am) DAWSON rao. dated themselves-foj the practice of med- icines. and will jrj'e joint semces, when eTer they are desired, r- Emt tide of Virginia street, neu Cammerclal Row, Fcno, S-IWtf SHINGLES, E. .Proprietor. BUILDING AND DRESSED LUMBERv ALL KINDS. LLt ORDERS FOR MILL TIMJBR AKD Lumbtr maort LUMBER' SHIPPED: TO SALT LAKE; VIRGINIA.' CITY, RENO AND ALL; POINTS ON THE LINE OF THE RAILROAD AS ORDERED.! AtSO FOR SALB A1 Wholesale and Retail. March m-tf. The Trotting Stallions BOURBON AKD .DAVID HILL WILL MAKE THE 8EAS6n' OF'lSfC, in and oesin- ning April ISth and ending July 15th. David 2P.OO THE SAME PAYABLE IN TJ S Gold Cotn, or Gram Hay Potatoes, Cabbage; Peas' Dean's, Butter; Lard, Pickles, Or any other Farm Produce at the market price, Produce to be delivered at Truckoe, Eclipse or Hammond Wilson's Stables. Ajl accidents' at tho owner's risk Good pasturage furuished at reasonable rates farther particulars inquire at. the Stables LAMB 4rDAVIDS, Journal please copy Proprietors. MAY BOY I THIS PAST TBUHft STAL LION will make teason of 1876 at beginning April SOth Julj lOlh. t 1 TERMS': the season payable in TT S Gold coin at close of Mare9 not proTlng with foal on be returned next scison free 'of chuge V MAT DOT will be limited1 'to twenty flre mares For further pnrticiilm.opply it the Ec.ips.St.nle. of p Agent, Kotice To Creditors. NOTICE Is herebv siren to all ing claims against the estate of Horace H. Yesey, deceased, to exhibit tb. unu with tlie necessary vouchers within ten months af. terthe-trst publication'of1 this notice, to the nndenlgned Adminlitmtor of .said estate, at place of onslnesi, at tbe Lake Home, in Beno, Wtthoe Connty, Nevada E. A.TEBEY, AdmiiUtrator. Reno, April Sth, WMw FRONT STttEJET. Jainee A NNOUNCES to the' public that purchased tbe Kciser will hereafter be-known as the CAKDWELii" HOUSE. No clibrts will bo spared on the part of tho new proprietor to'make his guests COM- fortablc, and the house popular elingpublic. tHE.TA'BLE will atali times be supplied., all the substantial, at well' as' Inxurie'iC" that the market pains will tt spared to please and'evcry attention'' will be paid to. their, respective vvimi at aU tiuici. AU, IMISIVGin TKAINS FAMIHO OTIB FACITIC liAlLBOAQ WIT1UX A D' riiit uovsx, AXB XBABMT IK JBOXT or TUB IAJII. --i THE SUMMIT HOTEC, On tho: Sierra. JAMIS.. linovrn'hoiiso of combines attractions-not' posBfltoied by a other resort on the JAMES CAKDWELL, Truckce, Cal., March Hp for Jamison City, Quincjy Eureka Miiies, Taj. lorville and Greenville. ON and after. 1st; a regular line of sta'gcsvvill leave Reno txvicc a week for the above points.- "'A .Singes will leave Reno on Mondays and..... Fridays. N. I'roprletorf. lys. MStf. The Fast Running Stallion, KENT, Will be allowed aJj. during the present season, comnnncinc Mm 1st, eudinj JnlylSlB Terms for season, IT S Gold Cols. KENT will stand at the liickmii one, mile uorth'.of Ulendalo. Forparticularf) n'pplyto 427tf 'W A MOBM80H. -V HORSES FOB, SALE.: TOUNG HORSES for sale. All ami and well broke to work. Apply to S-STtf HAMMOND A WDLSOH. O TA5IPING FOB EMBROIDERY. A FULL A860RMIENT 07 MKS. G.y. DB. H. C. SHEETS, Mechanical and Snrpal Deiliit! ALL Wont fmvnmji nr A ianunntr MAHKIK. Will T. Frank's Drag INTERNATIONAL (Opposite the Bepot.) T. C. ElEiOTT, OPEN DAT AND NI6HT. swtr" J. S. REKO, NEVADA. Office it caqwnttr ihoy, NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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