Saturday, October 31, 1896

Nevada State Journal

Location: Reno, Nevada

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Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - October 31, 1896, Reno, Nevada WEEKLY JOCENA T JU VOL. XXVI. ItENO, WASHOE COUNTY, NEVADA, SATURDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 31. 1890. NO. STATE JOURNAL I'lilill.lieil Ilitlly nuil Wwrkly by Kelley Webster. inonoy de declaims from the stamp uK.iinst hia convictions and gives the to his professions? or Hi-Hi' n Dully oho >enr. by ni'ill Ui.llv I'T Will' Weoklv, I.y mull no :i on rJnlly, Pontiiliilriir Intent tnio- Ri-iti.Mn h imlillnlitMl cvnry dny 'I ho Wijukly N puMUtioil I I'itl.slhl-.N T, U IIJ.JAM J. BRYAN, M.I'.liAsKA. I I. k. I'KI.MiiFN I, ARTHUR SKWALI, IIHVAVS TI.ST. WJicn tin- npply the Inj-nl test to nioni-y Mud thut each dollur of every ni" ii' m- form of currency, do clnri-il to he u li-K-il tondi-r, IIIIH tin mini" Tbi i dHpoaes of tho.VJ- il.'ilar, a-i it Hho-.VH that thuro can bo no i-ii-ii dollur if It Is u legal tender. Mr. Jim xiiW'xfH n ti'U by will, h the nmy know who uro to hi pMrou-i n' HIM lii'pi-bliuiiriH win. In n npi-iu-h in Iinluim :i fi.'.v d.iyH nx" ln.> "if yo'i v.itnl to know who IB to fir "purou-i uinli'i- u ningl" Hold nUlul- uril u iitiini u Kepubli- riu: ii'lmim-iliMtloli I hi'g you to u nifti who rodo to th" li pillil'-i'i ut JSt. III tl.i-.r p il.u'n nrid the vii'i r -1' I p.irlii ip.ite in tin- C i.-n'i'iiM MI when they found not. mlrol it in the tutor- krolil Am the-.- i-fiii'i.liiitinu nillllniiif to Mr f'linl for tho bi'iiollt of the ff pe.iplo Thtro N )ii fnoli-ili niinugh to be- li-'Vo th 1C ihi.y were no1 pr'Mpt-rini: iiy dm noUl Htuiidiird tindt-i I'l.'Vdan i'ri ration thc-y wouM ooiiti Iliuti' milli'iii to have It cuii- tiitiit'd "Itviiiu M'-Klnley. All tli.i) u Ki-piibliimn Conifn-a" otfm-ml Kin hint winter to re- llovo tin- Cm uiciiil ,i'i 1 coinmerciiil de- pre i 11 to provide for 1 ho if-miiiii oi' inoro liond-i. Not a dnllur did thi'y propo-.o to mM to tho circu- lating lilt-ilium. Will it inako the pro-ipnruut to continue tlmt ptrty in pr.vr? Our Senators i-nd itivo In I'oiigroNa "iu> It will, ho'.vnver, Inurcitno the protjmnty of tin- trust H i ml Mvinlicntec iiinl l hoy ure liberally to llit> in campaign [iiml llry m i.v-i, th.'V cxpiHJt to nioro from (lit pi'niilu in th'.' uuxt four yours ttiuii 'in' linn to corrupt tli" peopl i in elect ion. ..f II mm'- in i-n-x TIIK SITtMTION IN NKVAD.V Ths people of Nevada in point of in- trlligonco will compare favorably with those of Rtiy Htate in tho Union. Be- iriK intelligent they know that tbe olecti'm of William Jennings liryan and u Couaress to carry out tho principles of tho platforms on which ho was nominated will result in tho greatest possible benefit to tlifl Ktato. They Iruow tlmt under the Biiirfto gold standard, which rednued tlia roltuno of primary money one-half, Ihu country in not prospt-rouv. They mi') t jo marketable value of property (J'-'pi-ociatintf yeur by year and in this j State, with nil its undeveloped re- sources, the population steadily de- creasing. They know that if tho gold trust succeeds Iji electing Mr. Mo- Klulny, thin condition will be intensi- fied as ho 1.1 pledged to vole free i and continue the .Inuucial polity of Cleveland's administration. Tint p f, a. for gold every time tho KyuOicato dwiirea to inaUo u raid on thii gold Jt is the policy uf HID li-puulioan party, as was proved luif Winti-ir by tho passage of a bill by tho Ui'iniblluua House of Keproseuta- to wore bonds. Not n SUK- wa.M niaflo by the leaders in n t iu which there are Kepulj- In mis out of a total of members, to incro-ise tho volume of money by tho ciiiniiKO of tho silver bullion tuored in tho Treasury or tho issuance of loyal fender uotos aKainntthat bullion. They did, however, pass n tarilf bill, a cross between the McKinloy tuid Wilson measures, to increase the schedules nu average of about five por cent. Sena- tor Teller nuld no intelligent wool- grower deceived by the bill, BS it A-uuld not bcriellt their industry, aud not LI Huimtor on the Unor of Congress 'Inputed Huimtor Toiler's statement. To-day every Cleveland Democrat iu tho land is floins nil in his powr-r to ..-kvf Mr. McKinlcy, HIH! Mr. MuKinley in ono tlio Hpt'cches which ha reads iroin inaiiiiscript i.t (lanton In thosa (i.ihl to viiit him proclaimed that the iJ'Miioi-rata woro v.ith him und for hiui, v.'liy Hiiniilil iiny citixon, whether ho bo banker, merchant, prufnssional iniin, fanner, urtixiui or laborer, in Ne- lu vote to continuo tho pol- icy of Mr. Cli'vulnud four years more by supporting Mr. Mcliinlpy? We lU'.VK.M'K. Colonel KODOI" O. tngersoll wont through th" mntry HOIIIII yettiM In ronvince ,'i" oplc, who could pay u dollar c.vii fur iiifurtiuiUiHi, thut they la1" I !niTi> no hull or tin- tlorll. liivin. n food voice and u plaiitil le Hi-., tinujiit tlioiisiiniU flocked to hear I >'.i ,ui'l lie uciiuirod a fortune I '.ID on n Bubject of wrlii.'ii h- l.i.-w u- lilllo us they. When t'u' poopUi that he w.t.-i iCuttuikt their luonoy by fulao pre- tontit'ii loutiiren failed to attract them uii'l ho chiingo I hi.s subject to Iu hU ili.icouraea to the grmu'T-i lie tntil (hum of (he Krent ad- ihey nnuld derivo ftiitn tho mlvcr, tui 1 other can party in this Domination is a re- markable instance of small intellect growing smaller. They pass over Howard, Chnso and Banks, who are TELKWJKAPHIC NOTES. Li Hung Chang has been appointed _ Minister of Foreign Affairs by tho Matesmen'anTabie they take j Cninese Government, up a fourth-rate lecturer who i-annot j A call has been issued to tho Farmer's speak grammar, and who, to raif.o j National Congress to meet at ludinn- the wind, delivers his hackneyed, illit- j apolip, Norember 10th. erate compositions at u piece. Our, The French Cabinet has instructed readers will recollect, that this peri.ia-i tho Consul General at New York to tetic politician visited No.v York two i make a special study of the flonucial ituatiou. Antorie C. Nunes, a Portuguese, was j or three months UKO on tour, when, iu return for hU financial the most un- i mitigated trash, interlaced with coarse i Bnot anj iustantly killed by his step- ,.._ u_ '-'son, Joseph Soza, at Battle Creek, Te- hama county, California. December wheat closed ia Chicngo yesterday at cents per bushel. It will keep close to silver ovta if there is a scarcity of grain rn India. but the beginning of the battle. The) Au tbe mixiujj depart and clumsy jokes he filled bis empty pockets with dollars coined out of Republican fanaticism." In IStHj the New York llernlil of tho Chicago Convention: "The triumph of silverieiu and 1'opu- lisni won by the politicians at Chicago campaign for national honesty, honor I 'ueat ot the Acme "mamite Works, and safety has yet to ba tukoa up by I near Hullon. Pennsylvania, killed two the people and waged to u finish in raen domoltahed tho works. Novembsr, The people are both honodt aud patriotic, They have only to be awakened to tho new danger that men- aaeti tho country to arise to its defense us (hoy dH in '61." Tlio IfcraM is now as vituperative as it wua in Then it showered abuse oa Lincoln; now ic is pouring on Bryan. Lincoln it described us :i third-rute, penniless lawyer, and a fourth-rate lecturer, liryun it pictures HS an und a rep'idi- ator. Lincoln made ouo ot the best Preaidenli since Jackson's time, and .Bryan will make the beet President sinuo Lincoln's time. Lincoln WBH des- pised by the plutocrats in I860, and Bryan is hated by the plutocrats iu 1890. The masses of the people of the North wero with Lincoln: ths masses of tho people of tho wlmlo country are with Bryan, and UK> money of the gold syndicate and tlj.i coercive measures of tho trusts cannot; defeat him. MHTAI. AVI) IMONl'.Y. Senator Jont: in hia ablo speech at the Opera llousn disposed of tho 5.1- cent dollars which Mr. Hunuu's men in this Slate aro attempting to make the people beliove v.ih flood the country if our rniuttt aro open to free coinage. He did this effectually nnd to tha sutisfaa- tioti of G.I'li and all of his whoso is not with pnrtUun prejudice, by ainiply illuati-al- injh' tho difference between grains of silver and that, silver after the Gov- ernment stamp is put upon it at the mint. Thu unstrtiupod silver is vulu- abln only for spoons, forks, etc., uud kn >w that tlir- iro is not prosperous, I there are many subatituloa for it for that purpose. The piece of silver, therefore, id not In general demand, aa it is only valuable to jewelers, and it might bo difficult to dispose of the 412l.j grains for (i quarter of a dollar. 1 said tho Senator, "put the Gov- ernment stamp on the grains of silver and everybody, young and old, iu the community ia anxious to get possession of it." What you had to scok a purchaser for before it wao stamped beuame an object of general I desire after it was stamped. In coneo-1 quence of this desire and the limited i number of salvor dollars that would bo in circulation, even if the taiuts were i opou to silver, tliaro would be no 63 know llmt iho iniirkrt'tblo value of cropei ty iippreui.iUj iinluHa tlioru Ii more, lao.ii-y, uud know from tho e.xpiTiem-.1 of the flivt Heaslon of the present CungiPSH thai, the Re- publicans do not prupoao to increase tho vol'une. of mnnuy. Knowing those there is no reason why anybody in Nevada, except tho tow who have promises of tho federal patronage, aud who cura very little for the welfare of tliu fStatc if they provided with at the public crib, shonld voto for McKiuley or oveti for anybody who ipholdst tho gold trust, aa no greater niHfortune thuii his election could 'curcoly befall the Htate. That. four-llftiiM at leant of the peo- of Nevada will votP for Bryan there bo no reasonable doubt, unless tho xiitiity of the people in questioned. In uklitton to flint taey should, and loubtless will, voto fur Francis G. Nowlands for Congressman mil for members of the Legis- lature, who will return John P. Jones to tho Senate. Our Senators uul Keprosentutive iu Congress have Hti a-jtivo part in bringing the Inuncml question prominently before the people aud making it, for the first iuie iu the history of tbo country tho mramouut and, in fact, tho only issue. The work that they have done, the ppeeches they have made, the statistics they havo gleaned and tho money they tuvo expended from their private iu disseminating information tho people of the east' can srarcely be estimated nud that they de- servo all tbo honors uud praise that can be bestowed upon them by their 'imstltuetita no reasonable person will Impute. They nre Ibo of any Souatora nnd Representatives, aud in lobule have few equals and no piiperi- IM iu the hulls of Congress, aud the fentorat i ini I for of silver. Silver by fraud. It un upon I'Vury Holvntit m in, w frii'nl up m honest in I'nitPil Sinti-H. ft ntnagainiited lutior It XT.IH dune in the iutereiit of b" Novada should see, now that t-, be tho assured, of Culoncl us ho ev men, who hw. aloft hU el them im whote fold" them until Mr. H iima tn.- ilt gervicos In the present cam- h I--I.M t i' 'oolo that it l.i' n-ptiiliiition 11 right the of d.-mouotU-tlon uud relive doll.lo.M.ulx, the w 'old wroiu every dobtor f.'om tho Imposi- inuiji. mid priinpfrity, ami an I an) elected, iu tlioy, much better than any others that could ho selected, uuder.stau.1 the i situation and know what, nhonld be iMiiueiJiato tizution of silver. JIOW TltKY NCOIIl.I) LINCOLN, tion of rediu-ini< tho volume of money In circulation nt tho tlmo his debts wore con true t oil one-halt. Though the I Ac', of labor he In j Home people expresd surprise at tbo now tiding hU nrgumentntlre and per-1 billiug9Kat0 aud blackguardism of tbe to get worklugmbn to I Now press when it to Bryau, but It is nothing new. Thirty- six years ago the Now York papers with their ImlloU tbe orloie of the Though It done in the interent of avarice and groed it fepoko of Lincoln us they now do of bo undone by honeat men, as Bryan. May the New York bo he is now in interest of nrarlce and greed denouncing as an- "Tbe Republican Convention at arobtsts and rspndlators tbe bonest who trying to rlgbt the wrong. What confidence can any bonsst man place In Colonel logenoll, when fori Weald: "The Republican Chicago bare nominated Abraham Lin- coln of Illiuoli for President of tbe Uuited a third-rate Western lawyer, poorer even than poor Fierce. The conduct of tbe Rtpabll- Speaker Reed, who wrote an article favoring free coinage in 1895, is now in KansHd telling the people that it would be repudiation to do what he then ad- vocated. An excursion train bearing members of the G. A. R. collided with another train near Spring Park, Missouri, lioth trains wore running according to the rules of the road. French papers protest against foreign iuterfoieuce iu the internal affairs of Bpuiu, aud says Europe is especially in- terested in not permitting the United States to take possession of Cuba. Carlisle spoke at Bowling Green, Kentucky, to a larga audience, A largo number of special policemen v.ero sworn iu and stationed at various I-lacea to prevent, insult U tho Bpc.ikor Twenty-sis representatives of the H-jilway Men's Sound Money and also a delegation from Now Jersey (javo Mr. McKinloy opportunity to road oueof hit. prepared addresses yes- terday. Tho body of ex-Speaker C'ricip ia laid out in the State Capitol ut AtlniitH, Ueorgla, where a guard of honor from the Stale militia is stationed. It will bo taken to Americus to-day for inter- ment. The British steamer Wolesley put ialo iuto New York yester'duy with her cargo on lire. Sbe left New Orleans for Uurve, France, October 16th, and wbou at BOS she was discovered to bo uu lire. The vessel was loaded with cotton. A terrific wind storm, accompanied by thunder and litfhtuiuK, swept. WHAT A BISHOP SAYS. Bryan He Hopes It Not Tri At Macomber, Illinois, Bryan spoke as follows: "I want to call yonr attention to an article that appears in yesterday morn- ing's Chicago Chronicle. I waited until to-day before using it, thinking that possibly this morning's paper might make a correction, and when I speak of it I want you to understand that if there be a subsequent denial of the language used then all I say about it shall full to the ground. It ia an inter- view published yesterday morning and a dispatch from New York giving an interview with Bishop Worthiugtou of Omaha. Let me rend you what ho sajs: "When it was suggested to the Bishop that the farmers throughout j tho country were not in as prosperous a condition as they had been iu ihe past, llishop Worthiugton said: 'Tho trouble with the farmer, iu my judg- ment, ia that we have carried our free educational system entirely tno far. The sons, a groat in any of [them, who have absolutely no ability to rise, get a taete of education and follow it up. They will upver amount to uuy- r A I.ETTEK FKOW OHIO Says Tbut Indications Tberc I'oiot to its Itclng Uiveu to Brjrun-.V Silver Tlrtnl Wnve Swt-ci'liiB it. i Judge O. K. Mad- received tho fol- lowinR letter a few days ago: Covixi.Toy, Ohio, October 17. My DE VR 11 of tho 7th in- stant cama to hand during my absence from home, hence my seeming delay in answering. I ani not in possession of any insido information, and can only jiro an opinion based upon the surface indications of this section of the State. The sentiment in favor oC Bryan is very strong and growing rapidly iu this part of Ohio. If tho balance of tha State does accordingly, ho will carry Ohio without doubt. I was told within a day or two, by a Mc- that is, many of they becoinu dissatisfied to follow in tiie walk of life that Hod intended they should and drift citii'.-. [t is the over-education of thoMi who are not qualifled to receive it that fill our cities while the farm- lie idle.' "I f.iy, my frionitsi, I liopu ii may prove these words were not issued lij tri i an I free ITOI! J-lllv, your addros4 to li, K. Bncklen A- t'ii, uud yet a frpo sample box of J.'ing'n New Life Tills. A convince yoo of their 'I pilla are oasy in action particularly effective iu the Constipation and .Sick Head- l''or Malarii1. ud Livor i roubles liuv-s proved invulimble lire to bo perfectly from every deleterious BubUince mid I.) bs poroly "vepotablo. They do nut ueakcn by tbeu- action, but by giviuK tone tu stomuch anil bowels, greatly Invlxorute the Hyslem. lar size 25n. per box. Hold by S, J. through Sauta Kosa, Ci'liforuia, Huu- dny night. Smokestacks and fences were blown down, and at Foreatville there was a cyclouo which blow down tt.o barn and outbuildings of Victor Lamport. The Pacific elevator ut Chiraeu burned yesterday. Five llromcn al- most lost their lives while I flames. They stood at theii posts Dick .lo-e ut Ihr- Ttipntur. Mi' liii'oei writes of the Ki-e'it .-HH-cfB-i ofnk'kJobeal tlie Boston Theuter in IK'iinmn Xhompsou'a play of -'Old Ilome.-toad." A cliti gentleman that ought to be fairly well nformed, the gold bugs have com- pleted their poll of tho State and that it showed thorn about short, and that as a result they were bringing into tho St.ito all tho speakers they possibly could in tho hopo of stopping or turning asido tho silver tidal wave that seems to bs sweeping tho whole State. What will bo tho elf ect ia u question. Tho point to Bryau carrying Ohio, which is almost too much to ex- pect m vier. t.u-t. that our State has been nix-lag the Republicans from to majority, kind-', I i-enniu fraternally, Mrs A Ivintt-y. A Rchemo of Mr. Hanua'a 1 to parohasv fear of lynching juspiraturs frutu at- tempting to carry out their pict. They had abundance of money and proposed to llood the State, not with silver, but with gold, and its electoral vote for McKintoy. Tho party of purity und groat moral ideas has, under HuuLa's management, degenerated into a gang of corruption- ists composed of gold men of all parties, xvhoexpeot to p-irclmse enough votes to giva Presidciu-y to a man who owes to .1 syndicate who has comploto coutrol of him that ho is not permitted to lo.ivo his door step or utter a pyl ibl" on tho day written bureau. that for ll> t him liv of v'.t liiemry At th.- IliRll The exercispb ;it the High Si-'iool on l-'riduy showed mucii ability ontliepirt of the pupil-. It xxcia flrbt otvasion term 'hat rhetorical miicicul v.rre held. K.x- Kur iMt-r Fifty Lour-, Winsl.iw's .Sootliitifr Ssrup hna been by iiiiilsiiii .of mothers for Ihairoliildn-n while If illbtiirlieil nt night mM brolconof rest n oick clitltl siitTcriiiK ciiul crylncr with pain uf outiinff teetr atonco nnd gut a bottle or Wlnsluh's Soothlriff Sjrui) for chilili-t-u teethln.f. It will rollevs tlio poor httlo sulTerer bltely. Depend upon it nu.i'ifrs, there mUtnky abrmt It. It piirti, lliarrhtru, tatci ttomach uml li.jwela, Win! b.jftf ni, thoumni. Inll.Mnnmtnci ix'Cs ropot.u.l LiiorK-y t-> w hole tern. Window's Syrnp for ehlMrpn tectliii-er is plcmuut a> tlio tastr imc' la thapvcM-rlpiioii of ono of the olilost 5Bit female unrt nurses in the United States. Prieo -Lvo cents a bot- tle. !iy all ilriigirists the wor'd. unu nslt for "Mrs. othing Svrtiu." l-l> AilverlUccI l.t'lteri. The folluwiiiK is u list of tho remaiuiug uncalled for in tho Uuno Vevad.i, po.stoltico for the week c-ndi.-ig October 27, the though the roof was burniuy under I them, until U ia. large amount of iu tho elevator and tbe loss will approximate a, million and a half, The failure of oropa and tbo proa- poets of a famine iu India much attention iu London. The Bom- iiiK from lio.l-in hiy-: "The new "Ha-k 'Jiid tlio Olovorand the he to thp public to- morrow nlRtit by l! .1. Josu in 'Tho Old it Dihy be H pleasant inivuory to rci-all thp Huvcess and potunt public notice of thia uow fici'in tiiiKi'r is iii n measure due ta tlib ulbiiatioii oc aong- y-producer. Thus whom everyone was a s I hts utiful vcioo to tiie iiu'hur'a creation doulit an lo tne success is Nu Artillery Men, SAN FRANCISCO, October cent dollars; becansu the owner of prlpers Bay the nrc as bad vor bullion could exchange it at the posslble fo1' both nud cottou- mint for silver dollars which every- lhR cotton wiil uot oxceefl or body would desire to have, and to filxty per cf uu crop. The possess which would dispose of any- nntlye3 Eur if it rains within u week thing they might have for sale. famine wil1 be avertBdl The resignation aC Binns of the Second United Infantry haa been accepted to take l-'iening Punt says that the effect of the j effect immediately. He seat the War transfer of tho Aitillery troops to Department a long letter in which he Angel Island and the placing of First set forth his belief that u collision be- Infantry troops at the Presidio leaves tween the people and tho army would the latter reservation with no one com- follow tho election and ho could not potent to handle the artillery defenses servo against the people, constructed at the Presidio. The Gov- ernment has spent over three million dollars ou these guns and defense i Montenegro took place in the ball which are now virtually ne- i room of the Quirinal at Romo yestor- gluoted. _______ (jay. xho young couple went in pro, The civil marriage of the Grown Prince of Italy to Princeea Helena of Honored nnrt Plllllihed, PEKIN, October Hung Chang has been nppointed Minister of Foreign Affairs. i ci-ssiou to the Church of Hanta Marie Dogli, where tbe religious ceremony was celebrated. Bryan spoke at Buds, Illinois, yeater- Slmultaaeously with hia appointment j dny. He said two distinguiscd men as Minister of Foreign Affairs an Im- perial edict orders Li Hung Chung to be punished for presuming to enter the precincts ot the rained Summer Palace while visiting tbe Dowager Kmprees. Drowned nt Sen. CODOMBO, Ceylon, October passengers and crew of the British stcimer TaiH, which plies between Maiiritus aud Bombay, were lanJud here to-day. They report that the steamer foundered during a heavy gale. About twenty whites and twenty-seven natives were drowned. An Dead. called him to account because of tho advice he gave railroad employes. The advice he gave was that men should vote according to their convic- tions. He said when ex-President Har- rison and President Ingalls of a rail- road company condemn htm for doing that they condemn the Australian ballot. Chairman Butler and the Populist National Committed have issued un address to the urging them to loyally support Bryan and follow his banner wherever it leads. It says there will be two uionths between the (election and tbe casting of votes by tbe FOND DU LAC, Wis., October Electors and there is surely wisdom Congressman Charles A. Eldridge died I enough in tbe two parties which eup- tbl: morning after a prolonged illness. He served six terms. The beet salve in tlie world for cute, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eraptiona, and posl lively cores piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satis- faction or money refunded. Price 25ota per box. For hy S. J. HodgkltiBon Children Cry for Pilsner's port Bryan to adjust complications satisfactorily to all. Bryan waa received with the noisiest demonstration heretofore accorded him in the chapel of tbe Illinois Col- lege yesterday. His address was not political and no student could take offense at what be said. Tbe members of the Sigma Tbi President Bradley Mrs. Bryan to their carriage and act as a guard of honor. Bryan is a graduate of Illinois Collage and bis address was In defense of bimetallism. were deputed by to escort Mr. and Viuir lioj Won't J.iM' Mol.lli. .S') Mr. lirowa, of 34 Mill St., South Gardner, Mu-i., was told by the doctors. His had Lung trouble, following Typhoid Malaria, and he spent tiiret- hundred uud seventy-five dollars with doctors, who llaally gave him up, "Vour boy won't live a month." He tried Kind's New Discovery nud a few l- restored hitn to health and enabled him to go to work ti perfectly well nwu. Ho says he owes his present good health to the Barber, O Walter t, li L .Inlin k A ill, u- Questii, M Hubert, .1 N Shalior, JI Loarcsl' t'rarci U'n. i-. i tiiui- John Crocko! i.VDir-. Alleu, Mooiv, Alrc Kit'ie Allen, All -i il ,1 I'lccui, Mis Anna Barclay, Mr.-i M IV-an, N K Bock, Mrs Mci-rcu Mrn K M. THAT .lOYFL'L VKKLINt, With the exhilarating sttnsa of renewed health and strength arid internal follows the uso of Syrup of h unknown to the fexv hiive not I eyoiid the old-time medicines and the cheap subp- tilules sometitupq offered liut never ac- cepted by the well-informed. An-ithi-r Str.nv. James .Sullivan, proprietor of Hie R'iss llou-i', xvliicU i-i also tho hcud- quirters of iliw itilerest.x, triod a straw vote nUht bt-fi-ro last from 5 to 10 by placing u list on tbe hotel depk, ivith tho reqii'i'-t that each signer express hn iir.-feronco for Pres- iclent. During ttio ex-uning 2G s use of King New oveiy, und lu favor of Bryan uad 1 for McKinloy kaovvB it. to be the best in tho world for Tho Hst mn (U Luiu; trouble. Trial Bottles l-'ree ut ___ 'i. ,1. Uodftkiusou's Store. The H tliu rnx Hull. of the tax roll for tho 1800 Hi'O us fouo.vs-: Tola! val-aa. tiutJv Bute uud county i proportion of tux, '25; Uui- j versify and incorporation, 75; I special, School IJietrict No. 10, I 05; Wadsworth special, Verdi special, 45. Total tax, 489 26; State proportion, 64; county proportion, 60. This is exclusive of ibe personal property valuation and tax, which woul.l materially to the total. T'bu vnlurttiou was more last year thuii this, the reduction 011 the railroad Vdlu.iliou being the principal reason. There is only a diffeivnce of %i 30 oa the llMiverKity spec! i! and special tax for Reno School District amouuts to 88 than last year. Tho total tax, i-s 80 less than last year. Vl'ildren'it Home Finding Hocirty. i Rev. 1L W. Brayton of San Jnse, State Superintendent of the Children's Home Finding Society, baa been visit- ing Kotio in the internets of the ex- tion work of tbe eociely lit this State. He left for the coast last night. He wishes to announce that Mrs. A. A. Loring of Oakland, special field agent of the society, may be expected soon to fnrtber promote the in-' of the iooiety in this State. Tbe t society's work is that of providing i homes in well approved families for hnmulesB and dependent children. 'When a baby to the house real hap- comc-s. Worry and work and care and anxiety count for noth- i 11 g the s m o o t h I y dainty, touch of the little hands and tlie sound of the littU voice. The highest function given to hu- inan beings is bring- ing healthy, happy children into the world. Nothing equals that nothing com- pensates for the loas of it. The woman who has not borne a child never come to the fullness of womanhood. Over thirty ycurs ayo tho neic's of women ap- pealed to Dr I'ienv, TIV. chief consulting physician to and Surg- ical InstilJte, of BurTi! Y The result Of hU study sniprovd! thirty of practice U Picrce's Fa- vorite Prescription. It s. but one pur- pose. It strengthens, Tii'.r-fies and makes healthy the organs di.4ir.ctlr feminine. It gives weak women the t-trenfrth and health necessary for tbe production of healthy children and it makes the bearing of those children easy. It is sure to cure any weak- ness or derangement peculiar to women; stops pain, soothes inflammation, strength, ens, purifies, invigorates. Thousands of homes have been made happy by iu use Thousand.-} of letters like this one from Mrs. W. P. CAIX of Clinton, Co., Ptt who writrs: I was affected with all sorts of fe- male trouMe. I tri-d three doctors, and seven kinds of patent medicine, and found no relief My hmhaud -jM try Dr. Vierce's medicms I told him I as well throw hU money in the fire as to try more. I had lott oil hope. I had not taken than half a bottle, when I eouVl eat and ftlcep well I took four bottles of IJr. 1 icree's Psvottte Prescription, und vials of hii Pellets.' One year after I fV December wheat closed at Chicago yesterday at per bushel. Dr. Corjmon Sense Medical Adviser, 1008 doctor book, profuscljr Uhutnttd. of 1 which hiive been sold at li.Ju a copy will be sent papE on receipt of n to cover cost of aily. World's DUpemary Med- ical AMot-UUan, 66i Main Street, BuSUo, N .Y. t'eliout mu'ii. and tlui MK.-i lii.yii ilc.-er i IOUK Ur-t'iT' bo N'o und at Sol .-k will l are 1 I o.-t of ill, very rensxiniiblo. Professor will tl to the room- u ,t ollice, and i.t .1 f.'. pan-d to coutp uc The locn'ion i- c ro< nis 1 fur having ali-i. merits i .-u.'! I'.Iectrician i a'-r npparatos tin.- Joi RXAL if il.-.v- rire- ;1 M" 'iitic work. 'i.i lit the i" GLENDALE HERD FOR SALE. 250 square feet c m and nails, v-tL ' JNE i'AIN'i CO., i.; ii.-.t-.-r S Franelaeo Saamples t'lut. iNEWSPAFERr NEWSPAPER!

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