Friday, February 19, 1897

Kalispell Inter Lake

Location: Kalispell, Montana

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Inter Lake, The (Newspaper) - February 19, 1897, Kalispell, Montana MQNTANA If a girl is not pretty she can easily make up for Some preachers forget that sheep do not stand on their hind legs to There is no use being absurdly prac tical if you really want to enjoy Many people would be more truth ful for their uncontrollable desire to i There would be more harmony in families if brothers did not know each other so People who treat themselves with due respect are seldom worried by im pertinences from No business that seeks to accumulate money without creating something of value can be called A vast amount of curiosity comes from the vanity of desiringto know something that somebody else does Women are apt to consider selves neglected when they do not feel that they are putting some man to in Leisure will always he found by per sons who know how to employ their time those who want time are the people who do It is human nature to forget to look back and see what became of ihe person who gave you a friendly boost over the fence the bull was com A real Trilby made her debut in New York a few days ago at the Spir itual Her name is Ada and though it is declared that she has never had any education and that she speaks only she sang with much feeling a solo in the Geno ese dialect while under the control oJ a She sang several selections in the same way and also played on the selecting the music at the suggestion of the Adams of belongs to a large There were twelve persons present last Thanksgiving who bore the following relation to one an other greatgrand two two grand five two five five two great two three one one one two three husbands two three four and one two sistersinlaw and two brothersinlaw The most remarkable election bet yei recorded has been paid by John Ray a farmer living at The bet was that the loser shoulo drink fifty dippers of hard cider a daj for ten consecutive His adversary supplied the dipper and got the largesl to be Winthrop got along fairlj well for the first three After thai he showed evidences of a largesizec constantly accumulated size and Later on his friends had to keep him at home by force tc keep him from being But he persevered with a determination worths of a better cause and completed the wager by drinking sixty gallons hard Uncle John says that aftei getting thirty or forty gallons down he saw green faces and many very strangf The Good Templars of Win throp now have him on their City farming is likely to become quit a feature in the a New York pa per The fact that at the receni American institute fair a woman wta has been farming on vacant lots ir this city carried off eight first prizes three second prizes and two specia amounting to and that sev eral men who have farms similar tc took prizes amounting to is looked upon by those interested in th vacant lot movement as of it When the vacant lot plan was suggested several years it was saic to be a visionary and it wa urged that poor city people without pre vious farming experience could not cul tivate land with any profit to them The men who were interested in decided that it shoulc have a fair and they now believe that its success has been demonstrated The expense of the farms for the lasi year amounted to andthe re ceipts of the planters were Th Association for Improving the Condi tion of the under whose manage ment the farms were re ceived several hundred bushels of po beets cabbages for distri This association says that at excellent showing was made this sum despite the fact that it was a bac season for city owing to early wet weather and extreme heai that came FARM AND Boston has a prodigy in the shape ol an 11yearold colored girl is a wonderful She is a child o little or no but speaks with all the delivery and gesture of a polished and experienced pulpit Her speech is fluent and easy and her voice This little girl was born in in Her father was a She began preaching when she was about 7 years She has come north to help to raise funds to build an industrial school for colored girls in Down on the lower east side of New York city lives a man who makes a fair subsistence by speculating in A funeral is about to take He goes to the with whom he is in close and offers to pay cash for the As most ol the funerals in the poorer sections ol the city are paid lor by the undertaker is glad to accept and gives a liberal dis The undertaker gets the speculator makes 25 per cent on bis in festment and the family of the dead arc put to nn MATTERS OF INTEREST TO Some Uptodate Hints About Cultiva tion ot the Soil and Yields fhureof Viticulture and flori SWEDISH corre spondent of the Al bany Cultivator has this to say about trees in Sweden We can have little idea of what an immense e x pense and trouble keep ing up the fires in a Swedish gentle mans country house entails upon the At being a farming of a large es 400 fathoms of firewood were consumed It is true the occupier got this for nothing out of his excepting the ex pense of splitting and the vjhich was BO It was reckoned that 1200 days at 18 cents per would be occupied during the year in providing firewood As soon as the ground becomes frozen in the autumn all the men living in a true forest district betake themselves to the armed with their axes and ske and provided with sledges and They have already dug some holes in the ground about two feet over which they build a with an opening for This sort of hut is called a and here the woodsmen live through the and seek their homes only on a Every morn ing they go out into the woods to fell the timber and drive it into heaps call ed As soon as the snow has become and the ice oa the frozen hard enough to they draw the timber from the forest to the near est draught of or to some place with a high perpendicular called a down which they shoot the Is of quick growth and serves to shield and foster the more valuable trees that grow in the same At the age ot to years the birch is hard enough for fire and no forest tree answers well for this as ir so much At 30 years it caa be cut down as and at 50 years it has attained its lull As the birch trees are cut down the more valuable trees are The birch thus pays for planting and preserving the beautiful trees which fatten the wtile the birch when planted alone impoverishes willow1 and mountain ash grow freely both sides of the Tornea which di vides Sweden from within the polar The alder is met with as far north as 63 to Use the Apple Apple growers in Wayne have hit upon a method whereby their entire apple crop is says Cetftral States Fruit Wayne county Is one of the largest apple growing sections in the but growers did not begin to the entire crop until low prices and insect ravages causing a large per cent of in ferior caused them to do All fruit is carefully graded and used for canning and cold storage Ordinary cider fer ments so it is filtered through a sand lacking in iron that is obtained in and comes out as a sparkling champagne that will keep for a year without This ciderchampagne is largely exported and commands a high The next grade of apples are and of these enormous quantities are which bring to Wayne county apple growers over In evaporators there are many makes on the A good capable of evaporating fifty bushels per can he bought for to and a one hundred and fifty bushel daily evaporator for Cost of evaporat ing will average one and onehalf cents per and from five to six pounds of evaporated fruit can be had from one bushel of fall and six and one half to seven and onehalf pounds from PLOWING IN THE ORKNEY OLD MOORISH logs upon the Among these work men are a better called timber who superintend the whole work and set the owners name upon each The horses stand through each winter by the side of the without any nor do they appear in the least to mind All liquors and Quarreling among the men are strictly Thomas Meehan of when in Sweden one sum remarked the curious custom prev alent there of sty ling all trees except the pine and fir tribes as leaf trees in stead of deciduous This arises no doubt from the fact that the pines and firs are incalculably more abundant than and that in a vast area hardly any leafbearing tree is save the birch or salix The pine requires more air and light than the consequently if the trees stand close together the stem is always free from as it form a crown on the The pine reaches a greater age than the and conies to maturity later the further north it In Wermland they are full grown at the age of 180 in Dala roe at 210 but in some northerly tracts they do maturity un til they are at least 300 years For fire wood the pine which is found here is better than the as it burns much brighter and leaves a better For good fire the natives cut the trees down in when all the sap is in the split it in the dry in the and bring home for burning in the following The birch is the most northerly of all the European forest It grows higher up than any other and even in 60 degrees north latitude it Is found at an elevation of 2000 feet above the Where no other tree can grow the birch reaches the height of a and even at 2500 feet elevation some few bushes are met though after that it grad ually dwindles to a The cloud berry ripens at this but no After this all bushes cease to and the ground is with a brown fell vegetation of lichen and The only berry that can ri pen among the lichen is the crow The Laps of North Sweden never pitch their tents higher than about 800 feet below the perpetual snow To say nothing of the beauty which the clear green leaves in and the silvery stem of the birch in add to the northern forest perhaps there ie more useful to the inhabitants of the For and even for it is greatly in and the outer which is easily stripped oft in the ia used for a variety of from thatching houses down to the solins of No sole is eo warm or stands better against the snow than They are called and are sold in little bunches of 60 They have one that of never The birch bark rolled or even oblong pieces of flr are much used for floating instead of No tree Is valuable In the young flr plantings as the for it The big surplus this fall makes prices unusually A finer grade of apples than those used for but not perfect is used for For ap ples are and sliced by but for canning they are peeled and cut in halves or quar To fill a dozen cans one and onehalf bushels of fruit are which can be bought for twentyfive This fall many apples are being canned in hopes of a short crop next year and good prices for canned fruit fifteen or eighteen months In the process of evaporation and skins and cores are bleached and used for jelly being seasoned and sold as jelly of almost every variety of fruit on the Among the poor of apple jelly displaces the use of For packing in cold only the very perfect and sound apples are Immense quanti ties of such fruitare now goinginto cold storage in the belief that the market will be better from March to The apple crop has got to be marketed in the most attractive or the orange will seriously compete with it as a Cooperative cold storage should be constructed and oper ated on the same business line as are the cooperative creameries and cheese and if fruit growers would thus combine in the marketing of their English buyers could as easily be attracted to American cold storage as they are to tltica or Little Falls cheese Such houses should be of to barrel ca A building 40x100 feet will store barrels of apples and will cost from f to depending on the where For cold stor age of the building is so con structed as to use air by opening the building at night to admit the cold air and closing it during the Cold storage is used to bridge overthe keep ing of fruits for a time and thereby ex clude The price per barrel of apples will tie increased from fifty cents to each and the advanced price more than pays for the building each The marketing season could be extended from October to In European markets a big red apple brings more money than an Vatae of protects the soil from the burning rays of the sun by an impervious b by by dead bj rocks and by leaves throws obstruction intheway of evaporation and wash by removing the shade and promotes evaporation and and by and especially shallow puts itin thebest possible condition for wash ing off the through millions of deepsearching roots earthworms of various provides for a free circulation of to to great and thoroughly pul verizes and mellows both the soil and the SCIENTIFIC URRENT NOTES OF INVEN TION AND L Moving Stairway One of the Productions of Genius A Chicago Mail Invents a Machine That Will Open Envelopes 111 an RECENT inven tion which will act as an auxiliary to the elevator and materially conduce to the comfort of those who have to climb stairs in such places as ele vated railway sta tions and public is de scribed in a recent issue of the Elec rical It is in effect a continu DUS moving inclined plane and has been successfully put in operation at he old Iron Pier at Coney ivhere it proved a success last sum The moving incline upon which the passengers step is practically an end less iron link belt of special construc tion passing around pairs of sprocket wheels at the top and bottom of the The surface upon which the Eeet of the passengers rest consists of a series of longitudinal ridges having corrugated upper surface which sup ports the feet comfortably and secure In as the passengers reach the upper their feet are slid upon a comblike while the ridges pass between its so that it is not necessary for the person to step off at this It is stated that there is no danger whatever of being caught at the and to test this feature cotton waste rags thrown upon the moving incline were deposited upon the comb landing without becom ing The incline has a speed of about SO feet per minute and the hand rail is movable at the same speed as the in cline The hand rail consists of an endless chain passing over sprock et wheels at both ends and concealed in the At the top of the links 3f the sprocket chain is riveted a mold id rubber cover which presents a com will be ready tor inspection some time in the The Decline of the It is scarcely possible to conceive of a manufacturing district without enor mous chimneys and great columns ot black smoke rolling out of Buf the day of the tall chimney is A large factory in England it is discarded all ol its and has substituted a definite vacuum to be held upon all The results of recent experiments are thus described The products combustion and de structive which result from the burning of coal carbonaceous are condensed and worked One of the methods noted as attracting attention in Ger many consists in sucking the gases of the furnaces away and allowing them to pass through water in the form of small which removes tne soot and some of the products of com the gases being then led to a from which they are drawn in the process of A manu factory of this it is can easily extend pipes in any and draw the gases of combustion from other the purification of the atmosphere thus assured being another important The Increase of Once the subject of city brought under there were plenty of people to take it up and dwell upon the various ills and evils that spring from the incessant din to which city dwellers are It is stated on competent authority that deafness and neurasthenia are very largely in creased by the noises of traffic and the roar and rumble and hiss of machinery and As an instance of the ef fect of it is related that a lady who had been for some time out of health became so much disturbed by the passing of trains on the elevated roads that she was obliged to change her Several times she was found standing in a dazed condition in the middle of her room after a train and fears were enter tained that her mind would become un Smoother the re moval of boiler works and noisy proc esses from and the fitting of iron work before it is put into the are together with a large number of minor sugges lortable hole for the hand and makes t impossible for the fingers to rub igainst any of the stationary The elevator carried about pas sengers per taking 2 horse power for the while when run ning without any load about onequar ter horse power was By using a motor running at a speed of 600 revolutions per minute directly con nected to the usual form of worm gearing it was found to be a simple matter to attain a speed at the driving shaft of about 15 revolutions per min thus providing a very simple me chanical positive in its action and almost The elevator is under perfect and can be stopped and started by simply pressing a With such a device as this in opera tion the second floors of many stores could be rendered available for busi ness purposes which are not now used on account of the necessity to climb Another field of usefulness for these elevators would be at the sta tions of elevated railways and at ter minal railway where the wait ing rooms are above the sidewalk and a device of this sort for the patrons Df the roads would no doubt be appre Tremendous Pressure of A crushed mass of castings now lying in a scrap yard at Pittsburg demon strates the tremendous pressure of wa er at a great It was construct d for adiving designed for use in Lake was a cube of about 5 tapering slightly at both he material being phosphor bronze of aveeighths inch Each plate was cast with a flange and the plates ivere bolted the bolts placed is closely together as was consistent with the side plates being further strengthened by ribs an inch thick and two inches the entire structure being strongly The intended for were ihree inches fortified with iron bars and set With glass plates an inch The entire weight of the bell was On completion it tvas sent to Milwaukee and towed out into the lake some twelve where there was over two hundred feet of and was sent down for a On reaching about that depth strong timbers which had been attached to it ame to the surface in a splintered on the bell being hauled it was found crushed into a shapeless The inch thick plate glass bulls were and the entire body of the bell forced inward until acne of its original outlines Dn a basis of two hundred feet the pressure that crushed this seem ingly invulnerable structure was sounds per square or acunds to each side of six feet ar tons total pressure on the The Inhabitants of the noted French as in speaking of Mars and its says the conditions on the planet are such that its inhabitants cannot resemble those of the but they may be much more perfect than we physically and incomparably higher in the sphere of He says the forms of life on proceeding from conditions different from those on the are also JTor Opening From the Chicago a clerk in the moneyorder divi sion of the Chicago has in vented a machine by which pieces of mail can be opened in one A stack of mail which would take one man at least eight hours to open by hand can be handled by this mailopener in half an The ma chine is of simple It con sists of a wood drum ten inches in diameter and three inches The rim is covered with emery This is inclosed in a box with an opening at the above which oneeighth of an inch of the drum is The box is connected by a with an other below containing a revolving An electric motor furnishes the The operator takes a packet of mail and presses the edges of the envelopes lightly on the revolving which shaves off the leaving the en velopes opened more evenly than could be done by any paper The fine shavings of paper find their way An International Map of the For the last year astronomers all ver the world have been cooperating in the construction of a great map of he All the work will be divided imong 18 and each will make a map of the section allotted to These sections will consist of so that the complete map will require Two acres 3f ground will be covered by the com pleted which is to be put together in The location of stars will be shown upon and of these will be named and As the photographic plate detect millions of stars which arc not at all visible to the naked or svcn to the most powerful slars of the thirteenth and fourteenth magnitude will be shown upon the although no printed catalogue will be kept of stars above the eleventh mag It is expected that the map THE JOKERS WIT through the pipe to the box where the revolving fan conveys them through another to a RJiss has tested a rough model of the machine for several find ing it a is having a more elaborate device The moneyorder division of the postofflce handles an enormous quantity of mail and yesterday Ross and his mail opener disposed of Ross is a and has been in the postoffice service for the last six That Explained Scott what a racket Is there a fight going on in the flat above no thats a whist whist club may be you think I believe that a ladies whist York Her Ah Effective understand that Judge Marrymore is breaking up housekeep cant be hes very busy these days deciding divorce isnt that what I said Hobbs to friend in hows business never saw mich a No time to sleep and even be hind in That was day before yesterdays lunch I just AND ORIGINAL AND A Problem That In Always the Irinluuiin Objected to Faying Fare ot the Jokca of the Y BARLING has a merry And voice like silver bells How shall I win By what magic spells 11 I frown she shakes her If I weep she smiles Time would fail me to recount IA All her wilful She flouts me stings me Yet will not let me stir In vain I try to pass her My chestnut When I yield to every whim She straight begins to Teach me how to read my How to find her out For flowers she gives me thistle Her turtle doves are I am the groaning And she the wind that My little love My teasing love Was woman made for A rose that blossomed from his side Believe who I went to sure of Some luckless summer morn A rib wastaken from my V of it made a But still I seek by some fond art To link it to my solve my married men Teach me to win my She Miss are always I never know how to take me in Dodged Her Chief Miss Cayenne has a aversion to the obtrusive the one who is fond of I dont said a rather shallow how you can enjoy the society of that very old gentleman to whom you talked the other I enjoy the reflections of a mature But isnt lie in his dotage And he were I shouldnt mind so long as it wasnt his anecdot During the Aunt sitting up writ ing at this hour its only a little note to Aunt Harry only left you five minutes but there is some thing I forgot to ask and its very Aunt asked him if he loved me and he said but I forgot to ask him if he would love me Boston More Than notice that young Fray man is still paying his attentions to the daughter of old Senator believe he still persists in that told hes a relative of a cousin twice the old man told me himself that hed removed him seven times and if he has to do it again it will probably be to a ceme Just Pat just an aint this a frae counthry Bronco lady I wuz wid yer son wen he He looked jes like an wen he was Brown did Bronco yes indeed he did and forth in de your almost ez if he had Kven in The English language must be At thats what Ive For it is still alive today Though murdered every York Tried fcnd the verdict of the people regarding Uoodi rhcu nervous troubles yield tq Moods Sarsaparilla rhe fact the One True Blood Pi lie cure I luuu S r 1119 as IiuuoM Cutcu Cold Ualf die pianos ol this country catch winter colds exactly as we They get hoarse or have a or a stiSr or some similar coraplaiut which cannot be cured by tome but which require tedious and expensive In order to prevent these avoidable ailments a piano should be kept in a moderately warm where the temperature is sixty or seventy the cold one day and hot t t The instrument should how be too near the source of ft should bo kept closed ami covered with a felt cloth when uot in par ticularly in frosty Always pisce the against an inside and a little out from OIL AND Farms for 1IO and Allen Kansas fouroil wells on adjoining farm price per acre 220 ele gant underlaid with coal price per Address Whitney To remove tar from any Icind of saturate the spot and rub it well with tur and every trace tUe tar may be TO CUKE A COLD IN O5TE Take Laxative Bromo Quinine AH Druggists refund the money if it fails to Ink stains on white goods can be removed by soaking in aud then covering the spots with powdered salts of lemon In the sun for half an wash in and FITS stopped free ami permanently Xoflts after first dayB list of Klines Great Ulerve Free S2 trial tiottli Jiml Send to Arch y At an English watering men and women are not permitted to bathe In For lung and chest Pisos Core Is the best medicine we have Bent whalebones may be straightened and aiado lit for use again by soaking in hot and then straightening under a press iill try a IQc box of candy ctv Uuest liver and bowel regulator Beware of free Do not expect lomcthing for For 1 I will send row recipes that will positively cure of leminal weakness or lost from whatever Address Srand Opera bouse BROUGHT Five Years of leased at The Past Seems Like a Terrible Night and the Present Health and Bow the Indian Accomplished a Won derful There are thousands of women throushcrat onr land who are living the lives of hopeless unable to enjoy their let alone to attend to the ordinary duties ot K more of them would follow the example of Harriet Bay there would le much less misery in the MrsJansen was an invalid for live years and had spent an untold amount of money for doctors and medicines without experiencing the slightest She was at last urged by a friend to purchase a bottle of Kickapoo Indian It is perhaps to let her tell the results in lier own words I have taken three bottles of Kickapoo Indian and now I feel like a new my appetite has I sleep and enjoy myself as I used to before I became ill and life iiad become a burden to I can again do my tiling that I was unable to do for several I am Raining in flesh and my friends say I look five years I desire to recommend your especially your Kickapoo Indian to ail suffering from disease for which you claim they are a as I am sure it will do all and more than is claimed for The principle health and how to keep of lifo and how to prolong is so simple when looked npon in a rational there is hardly any excuse whatever for the existeflce of This getting up in the morning nervous and This continual irritability where tha noise is actual loss of a general susceptibility to continual a gone feeling coated are all symptoms of some derangement of the stomach or Remove that purify the the great river of life of the human system and these disagreeable symp toms will give way to perfect health that will continue throughout a long There is no better way to procure this perfect health than by using Kickapoo Indian It is infallible as a euro for all complications of the organs above llelieJ is felt almost with the first dose and the happiest results are soon obtained by its Remember that KickapooIndian as well M all the other Kickapoo Indian tiro absolutely contain ing no poisonous ingredients of any de It is purely and almost miraculous in tha manner in which it Anyone desiring special advica will by writing ni bo us one of our of physicians will treat all correspond ence in confidence and give inch advice as ii best for Kickapoo Indian Medidm Haven All draffgliti Nil Kickapoo Indian