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Independent Record (Newspaper) - June 7, 1965, Helena, Montana Navy Rolls Out the Red Carpet; McDivitt, White In Great Shape fUxflrti Vol. 176 Helena, Montana, Monday, June 7, 1965 12 Pages Price Ten Cents North Viet Nam Hit Hard Vietnamese Planes Destroy Host of Targets Saigon, South Viet and Vietnamese planes destroyed a military radio station in North Viet Nam today and hit a radar site, a supply depot, military bar- racks and three boats, a military spokesman announced. Pilots reported destroyed 10 weapons positions around radar site on Hon Nieu Island and destroying or damagingj 19 buildings at the Chap Le army barracks complex five miles north of the border. Eight U.S. F105 jets hit the radio station and communi- cations center and pilots re- ported both were destroyed, the spokesman said. The lo- cation was not given. The pilots also reported they sank a vessel near Route 1 and left (wo others sinking after the crews opened up on them with heavy automatic weapons. The planes also hit the Vinh supply depot which has been a target before. The pilots said heavy smoke blanketed the area and most of. the 15 tons of bombs hit a warehouse complex of 11 buildings. Intense Fire The spokesmen said (he planes ran into "intense antiaircraft fire" but all returned safely. On the ground, U.S. Marines Antipoverfy Co-ordinator Budget Drawn By J. Holmes Associated Press Capitol Writer A tentative budget of for operation in Montana next fiscal year of an aiilipoverty co- ordinator's office was proposed to the federal government today by Gov. Tim Babcock. The budget figure was deter- mined atler a telephone lalk be- tween the Office of Economic Op- portunity and Edward W. Nelson, who for more than a week has been signing papers as acting state co-orclinator. Nelson, the governor's adminislrafive aide, is a former slate budget director. Nelson said the budget calls for a full-time staff of four per- co-ordinalor, two assist- ants and a July 1. It provides also for parl-timc secretarial help, travel and opera- tional expenses and up (o for use of private research facili- ties in fiscal 1965-GG. He said the federal agency di- rected by Sargent Shrivel- sug- gested the minimum staff of four (Continued on rage 10) scored their biggest sucess of the i. Viet Nam war Saturday when they killed 80 Viel Cong and wounded 60 others with artillery fire. But eight leathernecks were lost Sunday in a helicopter col- lision over the South China Sea. A U.S. military spokesman re- ported that Marine gunners on Saturday poured 63 rounds into a Viet Cong battalion spoiled nine miles southwest of the new Chu Lai airstrip. The Marines were called in lo clear the area al Ihc request of a Vietnamese district chief. The Viet Cong wounded were taken prisoner by a government force. The previous largest toll of the Viet Cong by American ground action was 20 killed by two Ma- rine patrols in the Chu Lai sector last Wednesday. The Marines did not suffer a single casualty in that action. Helicopters Collide Two Marine helicopters collided shortly after taking off from the Record Journey Ends on Time, Shade Off Course Houston, Jomes A. McDivitt and Edward H. White 11 plunged bock to earth from their four-day space flight today and at p.m. (EST) were safely aboard the USS Wasp recovery ship, Mission Control Center received word from the Wasp that the astronauts were in great spirits and they looked great except that <hcy "definitely need a They splashed down into amphibious assault ship Jima on a routine mission off Chu Lai. Each carried a crew of four. Three bodies were recovered and a search was made lor the others. U.S. guards shot and killed one Vietnamese and wounded another early today near an American en- listed men's billet in Saigon. An American military spokes- man said four Vietnamese men were seen in an alley approach- ing the billet where 50 senior noncommissioned officers arc quartered. One or the two guards shouted in Vietnamese for the four to halt. The men ran and the guards fired shots into the air. The sntries pursued the four and again shouted to the men to halt. Five more sliols iiilo (lie air were ignored, the spokesman said, and the guards opened fire. The spokesman said in addition to the dead and wounded men, one was arrested by Vietnamese police and the fourth escaped. An explosion in a Saigon park Sunday night killed three Viet- namese and wounded two others. Vietnamese authorities first blamed Communist terrorists, but a reliable informant said two militiamen tried to steal a motor- bike and one of them dropped a grenade in the resulting scuffle. LAWYERS TAKE OATH Twenty-one graduates of Montana State University Law School today were admitted to practice. They took the oath of office before Ihe Montana Supreme Court. The oath was administered by Clerk Thomas .1. Kearney. The new lawyers are: Robert T. Kaxter, Thompson Falls; J. Allen Bradshaw, Drummoiid; Floyd A. Hrower, Missoula; Alii ton Dafsopoulosj ftlissoula; Bradley E. Dugilalc, Missoula; Wade C. Farlin, Anaconda; William 13, Gilbert, Missoula; Sam E. Haddon, Believed to Be Missoula; Horfon Brierley Kocssler, Missoula; Hriiiton B. Markle, Missoula; Kenneth R. iMissonla; David N. Niklas, Helena; IJonald L. Oslrem, Shelby; C. Eugene Phillips, I! o u n d u p; Frederick Charles Kalhcrt, Wolf Piiinl; Joseph E. Hebcr, Helena; Ward MarlamI Swanscr, Grass Range; Warren G. Tlicroux, Voplar; James V. Thompson, Missoula; John W. Whclnn, Bitttc, and Douglas Jerome Wold, Laurel. (Staff photo by Kim Larscn) Kansas Farm Boy Search Launched for Bank Robber serious condition at a hospital in Denver. Killed in the holdup which netted (he gunman about last Friday were Andreas Kjcld- gaard, 77, president of the bank and uncle of the wounded man; cashier Glenn llcndrickson, 59, Salina, Kan. W) A young Kansas farm boy, fresh out of college and reportedly looking for a job, is sought in a wide man- hunt today on a federal charge of robbing a Nebraska bank in which Ihree persons were shot and killed and a fourth was wounded. Duane Pope, 22, whose par- ents live on a farm 30 miles southeast of here near Hoxbury, Kan., is named in an FBI war- rant charging robbery of Hi Farmers Stale Bank of The Associated Press Springs, Neb., and wounding! Snow in arcas and Lois Ann llolhan, 35, the bookkeeper. There is no federal statute covering a fatal shooting. 11. E. Richards, Duel County, Neb., attorney, said he would file charges of first-degree mur- der and bank robbery against Pope today. Fast Moving Cold Front Brings Snow to Wide Area he Franklin Kjeldgaard, 25, an as-jMontana Sunday after a day sistant cashier. Kjeldgaard is in (cmpcralurcs in the 70s and 80s. Temperatures skidded to near I by mghnaii a.s fast mov- ing cold front from Canada passed over Montana and brought snow lo Kreat Falls, Cut Bank and I.cwislown. But the snow melted as it fell. The cold fronl moved in on (he eve of Ihc anniversary of heavy rains which triggered the 1904 Montana floods and caused 33 Little Danger Of Frost Seen In Helena Area R. A. nightman, meteorolo- gist in charge of the Helena wcallicr bureau, said today thai Ihe danger of frost in the Hel- ena area lonighl is slight. Such places as Great Falls, lintte, and Peer Lodge may have some frost, Dighlman said, but (he danger in the Helena vicinity will be restricted to Ihc lower paris of Ihc valley, and (he possibility even then is minimal. in Cut Bank, Kalispell and of Lewistown, the coldest tempera- lures recorded in Ihe nation early today. The Wcallicr Bureau forecast clearing sky from north lo south by Monday evening and this in Million Requested Expanded Aid Program Approved in Committee deaths and property damage esti- mated al million. The cold front swept into W y o m i n g, but temperatures stayed on Ihe cool side Monday as a high pressure cell from Canada advanced into Montana. Only Helena and Missoula among (he Weather Bureau's re- porting stations failed lo record moisture Sunday. Havre led the slate wilh 3fi hundrcdlhs of an inch followed by 31 hundrcdlhs in Miles City. Temperatures dipped lo 33 de- Washington President Johnson's request for million lo launch an expanded program of economic aid in South Viet Nam, Thailand and Laos was ap- proved 13-4 today by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The action gave committee backing lo including Ihe requcsl as an amendment lo the two-year, foreign aid bill just prior to resumption of debate on lhat measure on Ihe Senate floor. Dcbale Over Form Debate in the Senate is likely lo center on what form aid should take in the future. .The Senate Foreign Relations Committee in- cluded a two-year cutoff of the program in sending the foreign aid authorization bill to the floor earlier and provided for a special 12-meniber commission to study the problem. Chairman J. W. Fulbrighl, D- Ark., long has favored separating the military and economic assist- ance portions of the aid program, and funncling much more aid through international lending or- ganizations. In fael, Fulbright refused at first lo shepherd the bill through the Senate, Ihc usual duty of a committee chairman, because it did not meet this issue. Only last Thursday he reluctantly agreed to act as floor manager, mainly because he couldn't find anyone else on the committee to handle Fulbright drew mixed reaction Friday wilh his proposal (o as- sign to the Organization of Amer- ican Slales a major voice in channeling U.S. military assist- ance to Latin America, He asked lhat military assistance funds for Latin-American stales be fur- nished lo Ihe maximum extent feasible acording to joinl plans approved by Ihe OAS. The House already has passed its version of foreign aid without any two-year cutoff. The House Foreign Affairs Commillcc has strongly opposed changing the form of foreign aid and this ideo- logical issue is expected to be the main point of difference between the Iwo bodies this year. State, National Weaffier Forecast, Helena and Partly cloudy and cooler today, high 63. Fair lonight and Tues- day. Low tonight 35. Warmer Tuesday, high 70. Tlie official Helena tempera- ture at 1 p.m. was 60 Authorities at Big Springs said Franklin Kjeldgaard described the bandit as well dressed, about 35 years old, and with crcw-cnl hair. He said thc man entered Ihe bank abonl p.m. Friday when no customers were present. Richards said the bandit or- dered the elder Kjeldgaard and Ihe three hank employes In lie face down on thc offered no rcsista said, and the bandit look money from Ihe cash drawers then went to the vault but a safe inside it was locked. Uncle Shol First he Atlantic Ocean at p.m., right on time and just a shade off target despite loss of a spacecraft computer used for precision landing. Their point of impact was 3UO miles cast of Cape Kennedy and aboiil 40 miles short ot the previ- ously calculated landing area. Aboard the Wasp the crew had red carpel rolled out and wail- ing for the newest space heroes even as Ihe helicopter ap- proached. As they stepped out- side, first McDivitl, then While, the throngs of sailors gathered on (he huge flight deck greeted them wilh wild applause. A b a n d struck up stirring martial music, and Rear AUm. William McCormiek, Wasp com :ler, greeted the smiling All U.S. Marines Leave DR Santo Domingo, Dominican Re last of the U.S Marines senl here al the heigh of Ihe Dominican revolt were sail ing toward Camp l.ejcnnc, N.C. today. The United States still has 500 airborne troops and 700 Air Force men in the Dominican He- public. They arc part of the inter- American peace force which also consists of troops from Brazil, COsla Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua. A floating battalion of about 800 Marines is remaining in the Caribbean on regular duly. U.S. troops in Ihe Dominican Repub- lic lolalcd at the height ot the crisis. General Decorated Drig. Gen. .John B. Bouker, commander of the Marine expeditionary force, was decorated wilh the Legion ot Merit by LI. Gen. Bruce Palmer, commander of U.S. forces in Ihe Dominican Republic. Danker flew to Camp Lejcune Sunday while his Iroops left by rorce majors with a handshake. Then they were escorted to the ihip's sick hay for the beginning 3f extensive medical examina- Wantcd Quick Recovery Late in the flight, which in- cluded White's dramatic space walk, McDiviU had asked for a liiick recovery and that's pre- cisely what he. got. A helicopter from the Wasp, piloted by Cmdr. Clarence O. [Tiskc, had (he Gemini 4 capsule in sight virtually as soon as it touched down and swimmers were quickly alongside attaching a flotation collar and a raft. The astronauts bobbed around for a moment to lake final blood- pressure readings, then climbed into (he raft and were hoisted one at a time into the helicopter just 30 minutes after splashdown. Three other copiers hovered nearby. As Hie swimmers were being lowered, McDivitt cried: "Hooray" "Hooray! Hooray! we've go- ing to (he He also said he and White were hungry. The marathon journey, which space flight officials already termed "100 per cent success- covered 62 circuits of the globe, a total ot miles, and lasted 97 hours and 57 min- utes. The computer, which went hay- wire during the 48th orbit, would have been used lo execute auto- matically a prc-enlry maneuver. Us loss meant that ground con- trollers rather than the pilot would have to perform the man- euver somewhat less precisely than Command Pilot McDivitt could have done. When mission director Chris- topher Kraft radioed instructions for the new maneuver, McDivitt quipped: "I just think it's old fashioned." The prime recovery ship, the USS Wasp, reported it was in radio contact with Gemini 4 as it plummeted toward a landing. A helicopter confirmed it had the capsule sighted virtually as soon as it slashed down. floor They IIc on arrival al thc The four-day journey, high- 'iw "lat "inc of his racn had I lighted by While's dramatic JUUIdlUSi.___ in nlh_ __ _ __ ____, ____ shn T shot first He could not say who been killed in action and 30 oth- ers wounded since their landing1 April 28. Sixty-three other Ma- rines, including Iwo killed, were nonbi'.ttlc casualties, he said. Nine paratroocrs and Iwo Navy been killed. lis men used only fire lo answer snip- iras killed next. Kacli of (he four allhough they had artillery, was shot twice. tanks and mortars along. turn will give additional cooling Sheriff Floyd Slahr said eight "I Ihink we demonstrated lo Monday night with scattered frost 22-caliber bullet casings were Ihe world thai we can read rap in mountain areas and in central Montana. Miles City's 83 was Montana's warmest temperature Sunday. Browning had an inch of snow on the ground and blowing snow limited visibility lo one block- Sunday night. The five-day forecasts: East of Divide Tempera- tures through Saturday arc ex- pected lo average near seasonal normals along the eastern slopes of (he liockies and about five de- grees below normal over the rest of the area. Warming trend Tues- day and Wednesday and cooling trend Thursday through Saturday. Showers during the period will range from 25 hundrcdlhs lo locally one-half inch, Normal maximum and minimum tempera- tures include Great Falls 70 and 45, Havre 72 and 47, Glasgow 72 and 49, Miles City 76 and 51, Billings 73 and 52 and Helena 69 and 45. found on (he floor of the hank, i idly with regular forces in the A green 1965 automobile rent-1 Caribbean area, and that we are from a Salina agency last to use these forces he said. the first by America middle Kansas since Hie Marine occupation of Thursday apparently was the lip- when 1 off to federal agents for an in- Tllc landing was Icnse manhunt for Pope across u-s- li'oops in Pope, the'fourth-oldest ot eight! neighboring_Haili entlcd in 1034 space slroll, answered impor- tant questions of U.S. space ex- (Contimicil on Page 10) Astronaut's Wife Thrilled to Death Houston, Texas "I'm thrilled lo dealh. I couldn't be happier for both of them." This was the first reaction to- day from Mrs. Pat White when she heard the Gemini 4 space- craft carrying her husband, Ed, was floating safely in the Atlantic Ocean. children of Mr. and Mrs. Karl I'ope, reportedly borrowed attended from his father Wednesday, say-- ing he wanlcd lo go lo Oklahoma and look for a job. That day be asked a Salina car (Coulimicd on I'agc 10) Imbert Ban-era in support his junta in (he northern coffee- growing center of Moca. II was Imberl's first trip outside Santo Domingo since lie was installed as jimla president May 8. lalf .Vatfonal Station- H. i., Slallon- nllllnus so 42 niMiinrck 33 CnlBary Brondus _ _ 80 33 nuttc _ Chicago __ 80 C3 38 Denver ._...... 17 B3 Cut Rani: _. 58 33 Las Vegas VI 98 TO J50 38 LOS Anectes 75 56 17 4< Mpll.-Sl. P'l 08 S3 82 41 Nctf Orlcnn.l 68 71 Dillon Drummond Glasgow Great Falls Havre Helena KalUpcll 80 33 81. 82 63 I.ewlxtown 72 33 Sail Lake 6C Livingston 77 40 Han Fmri. 56 UJ Miles city 80 43 Stattlc____15 50 16 34 N. York Clly B2 U 72 39 Phoenix ____102 0i II P-liaml. Ore. 78 Missoula _ 80 42 Spokane 80 43 W. yistone. 39 wash.. D.C. 8t 60 Slate precipitation: Bllllnss. .10; BcL- Rrade. .11; nroivdus, .01; nuttc. trace Rut nnnk, Glasgow. .00; Clront Fnlls .11; .36; Knllspcll, Ixnvl.slown .13; Livingston, .02; West Yellowstone .26. NftUonnl pmlpiutlnn: ctilcQGO. .OB Minneapolis-Si pnul, .07; New Orleans 81. Louis, .37; Salt Lake City, Missoula Woman Lost in Forest Missoula Sheriff of- ficers were searching a remole, forested area northwest of Afis- soula loday for Martha Ward, 25, Missoula. Miss Ward and a companion, Mrs. Heidi Mead, 25, Missoula, be- Military Pay Raise Is Debated Washington (A') Secretary of Defense Itobcrl S. McNitmara urged Congress loday to approve "without any reservation what- soever" a controversial increase bill which he called "fair lo our military "I am laughed Mrs. Ihc MeDiviu. ,icr husband, Jim, was command' pilot on the flight. Both women, with their chil- dren, had followed the final min- nles of the record-breaking four- day space flight by watching tele- vision at Ihcir homes near the space ccnlcr. Mrs. White bad begun her day by washing a few clothes. Mrs. McDivitt allended early mass. Four days of nervous strain were nearing Ihe end. Ever since Ihe astronauts were launched from Cape Kennedy last Thursday, the wives faced Ilia world with calm and confidence. They dialled lighlheartcdly wilh calls for a., across-lhe-hoard 4.8 (ncir _ admonishing them per cent increase in basic walcr bc for officers and enlisted McDivitt even enjoyed a more lhan Iwo years ot serv-1fljng al skiing. ice, and a 2.7 per ccnl increase Ulc sccrcl worrics in pay for enlisted men with less fcal.s evcn personnel and fair lo our taxpay-1 Chairman than two years in uniform though carefully disguised. Mendel Rivers, iD-S.C., of the House committee McNamara opened the introduced tbe administra- islrad'on's fight for (he bill in testimony before Ihe House Armed Services Committee whose chairman already has denounced it as "disgracefully came lost Sunday afternoon inj The defense secretary contend......... Ihc Sloncy Creek area of Squaw led that the administration McNamara pointed out lion's pay bill bill has disavowed it. The committee wanls lo boost military salaries by 10.7 per cent, totalling iibonl an- nually Peak about 25 miles northwest of Missoula. Mrs. reached the Nine Mile Ranger Station early Mon- day with her golden retriever dog and reported she had become separated from Miss Ward about 3 p.m. Sunday. She said Miss Ward had veered off lo look for a landmark. sure "will provide a significant increase in pay for onr career military personnel, compensate enlisted personnel wilh less than two years of service for Ihe in- crease in Ihc cost of living, ami conlrilnile lo the retention of skilled personnel in shorl sup- The administration proposal basic pay is less lhan half the lotal compensation for enlisted men and slightly more than half for officers. He reminded the House members lhat military men also receive the benefit o( hous- ing and food allowances and what he described as a lax advantage in (he exemption of such allow- ances from federal laxalion. Judy Holiday, Noted Actress, Claimed by Death New York Judy Hoi. lhat liday, who won an Oscar and a niche in theatrical history (or her performance as the junk dealer's squeaky-voiced babe in "Born died today. She was 42 and had been ill for months, She played Billic Dawn both in Broadway and movie produc- tions of "Born Yesterday." It wai her first major stage