Sunday, April 12, 1942

Havre Hill County Journal

Location: Havre, Montana

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Havre Hill County Journal on Sunday, April 12, 1942

Hill County Journal, The (Newspaper) - April 12, 1942, Havre, Montana THE HILL COUNTY SUNDAY JOUttNAE Sunday Morning April Kremlin I three months home Sat jurday Mr and MrisIiCRaLpli Johnson Carl Craft former Box Elder entertained Friday eve resident now of Columbia Falls ning honoring their niece Miss S visited here during the week Hazel Sorenson and nephew Enj Clifford Schleusner spent the eign Harry Guests weekend at home iu White were Mr and Mrs Carl Sorenson Mr and JMrs Arnold Sprensou and Mrs Levi Thompson arid daughters Sandra and visfted Sunday in Havre with Mr and Mrs Clarence Bishop andj daughter Mrs Joe Moore daughters Mayis and Donna Mr and family and Mrs Charles Petrie and Fred Weber left Tuesday for daughter Harriet and NilsRochester where he will fThpmpgon i to the ilayo clinic and Mrs Howard Hanii TVord beeiTrecei mond spent Easter G M Wik that her Whitewater with Mr Hammonds has been promoted from private class to corporal Washington JFairgrounds Become Jap Evacuation Camp V parents Mr and Mrs Fred Swartoax Mr Wik entered the army at and son Wallace Lewis about a year ago He day Angeles where they had spend ihe winter Air and Mrs Wendell Winter entertained at Tuesday for Mrs Winters broth er Harold Hosvser Guests were Mr and Mrs Harold Howser and little and Air and Mrs E C Winter Mr and Mrs Ed Ericksouhad as Easter Sunday guests IMr and Mrs Chrisr Haugauand son J ohn and Gle and Halvor Eriekson Mrs Harold liad as guests Jdr aud Mrs Winter children aod Mr and Mrs v Sinion who recently lurned from NorthDakota where he had spent the is now stationed iu California Mr and Mrs Clarence Rule of Great t Falls visited here Sunday at jhe Frances home C T Nolan arrived here last for a visit with his sou C J Nolan and family The churches were all filled to IOK Easter Sun day services Atthe Catholic father substitut ed for jpather Hinderer At the annual schpol election held for school here Sat 10vvMy m i Paul returned home from Paulaand Mrs Carletou Poore a very iiduie McClellen and Ben bo where they had spent successful and happy weddedlife Brandvold were in town the winter Rev Milo Lee will hold serv uonciay to get farm This community was sorry to ices at the ftluzssey school house hdcie getting ready to seed hear of the death of Bert Harmon April 19 ut Everyone wel Alex and family were of Chinook Mr Harmon was an come visitors sitthe Sem home Sunday early settler in this community Mr aud Mrs J Chvilicck and Out Bank community joins in sincerefamily were Miss Ruth Funk came down sympathy for Mrs Ilarmou and Sunday from Shelby Saturday evening to sous t Mrs Irvin spend Easter with home folks j Mr and Mrs Win Gilead and family were supper guests UK The ladies aid is sponsoring a Mary Jean and Tommy were dinLeon Fields home Sunday Thujsday afternoon ner guests at the Ben Vedig homo Mr and Kcnnetj Jackson j April 16 tor one of their mem Thursday Kbors L Rugtwedt formerly i 1 i Doris Goldberg Everyone is ini A m 1 1 i jvited This will be iu the church i J parlors Tlie iiiext meeting of the vjvll if were iu IIavra Wednesday North Eudyard JK j Carried in Marcii i ivo so Clivilicek returned home Future Farmers held a Saturday where he special the some woi k done Mrs Easter vacation at homo ofMrs II 1 Nelson Frank Jurenka visited thu in Kenneth Jackson elected vby a r v of one VQfeBpvery Sam speni her home ia t j Nick Pogreba of From fairgrounds to Jap evacuation camp in onebig step thats tbVway S j f O rtVk o Vi 4 n T3 T i t from j room of the joplin high school March iO it was decided the fol lowing hoys wouid represent Jop I HJI at the Bozeman high school jweek Bill Tern pel Nobert Van JDassel Dean Cliapen illausen This team will take parti Kenneth Ji the contests with Tempel TH USlneS as alternate Bill will also act istols ln Haue j delegate from Joplin chapter i F A and Dean Chapen will rep resent Jopliu high jn the R p A baud March 2G the chapter held j a meeting to raise Greenhamls entertained the young Cora Mao Packer who teaches in the Poplar school disirici came home to spent Easter 011 i The Circle llnclyard and Gildford and children societies at a service and breakfast on Easter morning The Circle presented a pageant and liev Koed of G116 ford gave the message weie laid for 00 at festivelv rlv tables and i was enjoyed Mrs J W enur morning jxom Harre here aast Thursday Seattle anxi Tacoma changed tilings at the site of the Puyallup Washv Western Washington Pair where guar j3 are being erected to house 8000 Japanese pending their removal from vital to permanent poWtore left Mon JHopd Jftiyer viaitjiere day morjain af tera her Jtfrand ilrs Carl Sorenson Ensign Harry JE Spr easdn ivho Jtiad also visited Jieire at his home left Diego Calif or aad HavriB ipent v Easier and and Mrs Alvin Dees and Jittle daughter of Great Palls avere Easter Bests at Aqjae parents Mr and Andrew Dees ser returned ey enjngf Los had spent the Mrs i Miss la Pollington left this a vs at at evacuation centers to Future Farmers There werv six applications presented following were raised and brought from VI enlisted their son Irvin vre Thursday He in the army service ago and received his at Salt Lake City He was ablo to return home for Kreinlin speni the and Mrs CT Nolan daughters and fWilm were iVisitors Minneota school at the Hill coiinty fair last Light in Gildford Sunday Ilex were presented Nobert Van Dasi f u lul U ll Alvin and Charles I Ilex Gulick and Jack Hunsen L Vvlnlaker r and sons were Van Wechel S on business meeting nomo jcsaon program the hostess luul ed a dainty lunch JUincoln and daughter Verda out troau Havre to spond the Easter weekend and partieipate in tJte Lincoln family dinner at the Erviu Lincoln home District No 49 elected E mitui u VJUIUJJV ttUU JitUK riilllSeil i UiSU ICL 1 ifall The children each received Mr and Mrs pie Olson and j These meetings were closed with Iavie business Saturday Suckow asschool trustee J and sou an Easter treat from their teach1 Richard of Box Elder in pledges to the flag of thegood J Jvelson ancl Harold and Mr and Mrs C er Mrs B Perry j Hinghani Tuesday old U S A The F F Gustafson and daughter left for Several people from here at Wmi Gehlen of Missoula t broadcast over KFBB March Sunday 7jatxth Noons mother Earl Johnson and to daughter Doris visited Sunday at April 15 Clarence Ramben Frederiekson called at dates in election of ithePat Lassalle home trustees returned Several from here at Tony Ericksoh home Sunday afterhaving spent tended the meeting ot the Veter to do the last five months in Shriner hospital at Spokane of AVars held Tuesday evening m Miss Kathryn Gatzmeier who Easterseiv Mrand JMrs Olive Owens and Sattleen Cathi the George Geesey have been helping j Billy j Easter at iheVhonie of jSIr and Mrs George Clink geri Ellis spent Easter vacation at her mother Mrs Gatz week ior Bay City M iThe lldies aid lunch jThurs tne afternoii ices at Big Sandy Sunday Mrs Martha Bickle of Havre called here one day last weekin regard to the school J Mr Ban house ready to move into their here Bangs and Bobbv Hoi Havre callers in town dnrin were taken through the Gas refinery the airportPraLnck clean barley a thorough investigation fjie w chapter wish to thank Mrs Bjorn stad for the use of her car for the the E Home Uev ililo Lee conducted com mini ion at Pleasant Valley school house on Good Friday Grace church enjoyed a pot Harry supper at the church parlors Sid ret urned Friday epeilt neipou one day JasL on Thursday evening followed by a service and communion trip the winter with his daughters Fresno at the basement Everyi Mrs W H Williamson medical patient at a Her manyfriends invited Catherine Johnson motored to Great on a rapid recovery from ness and Mrs Marlin Spicher Mr and Mrs Tony Schend weri in Havre ThursdaV afte r by boy April Mrs storage cx i T T i Pcrts periodically inspect your i Joe Ivupka was in Rudyard FUKS during their stav in BUT Thursday TREVS airconditioned vault This community wishes Mr lr1v i5 a C Olson of Joplin ivas out to Beatrice Perry Steve Boyee Jack j visitor e farm for a days this Lines and Ole Arnundson noon her j We have been getting a shower Mr i George Clink George Geesey of one to two inches of snowFort Benton spent the weekend j Hoon Clive Owens and C J Ramberg every two or three days here thein Hingham I is oeen employed ia Butte for some time returned home Tuesday Food and callers Monday past week j Mrs of Denver Mr and Mrs C J Ramberg i Mr and Mrs Harold Barber is visiting at the Andrew Kraft ana i Wm Gilead and uests at the AI home in Havre Easter CharlesPetrie Seeing 4H club1 were callers Thursday were Havre callers the first of the home intly here forLeonard Gustafson came out j at faster Snnday din1 the benefit ofschool students wlth home T J aier vaaestsr Mrs Mrs Sam Faechaer is sponsor of bis nigbL a lp the fnnH Qnn ATicc Vlr and Mrs Miss Mana aird j Holland is sponsor of thesewing iHavre callers Wednesday renson and Mrs Hdbfas ajid fy J J itoijii JdJinsojij Kaiherine of Butte are soil aiidNils jKjitji Mrs Ho Mrs i Mrand3lTs A C Langel and Mr and Mrs Leonard to Havre Thursday j Marian Bainbridge visited j jthe Shambo school Thursday i Some of the neighbors here at i tended the funeral of Mrs Collier in sons Mrs Mrs Lee Clark and t Hubert Dedman and dinner guests Sunday F L Thomas home sister i Hatler atf Fred Ohmeh and his Mary Kidd received two tended to farming interests here 1 very sad telegrams last Wednesday i The first one was from Ironwood I reelected as to inform them of the traga school trustee at the election ic deaths of a nephew Carl Ohheld April 4 I men and liis wife which occurred Mr and Mrs George Puimor jwhen the 3Toung couple were in Havre Monday f ing to their work on bicycles Mrs Diana Bulman and son r Mr aid Mrs Eriekson jfprmer brothers spent JVIr Swan and in OoTiTrtlTTllo s VtUiLyi iii AndrevvDees and daughter Mrs Howard Hammond motored to During the month of 3Iarch a day there they Visited Yemen a patient ihe f BoxElder recently a truck crashed into them killing j j Rudolph Boettger was a Havre j Mr and Mrs Ohmen As on e T caller Sunday Fred and his sister were debatl and Mrs Floyd Ackermanj JoePleskac called in Havre I ing the possibility of attended i vacated by 3Ixs visited Saturday j funerals a second shocking e US AIrs Raymond Lenhart andVire arrivd to tell them of the I i i i idauSnter spent their Easter vaca1 death by drowning of another Among those on me sick list ti on on the ranch i nephew 16yearold Bobby Wai I Abe Beatt spenf glmday worthj Greaj Falls resuk ed and two other boys in Havre j trying to cross the river above Rainbow falls on a raft which i immediately v Highest total of 1329 complete meals xvere 5eryed lo school ehiidren on the school lunch prbjeet f GqWstone Bohert Connor i tlzis week are Bobby Wehr Freaj Abe Beatty spent Sund j rick Elling Richard Strissel and j m Havre with his family jDarla Sanvik i joe Heavey shopped ii sung Holy communion was passed tbrbugfiput the congrega tion ty two of the young of the church was a very Im pressive and beautiful service A large number of people attended wonderful service It was enaoyed by all those present Robert Bartlett teacher at Whitewater and Irene St John j Hayes Stark left Monday torMonday j Minneapolis on a business trip Robert Mclntosh visited with they had made When half way i i Tne Rudyard high school his home folks Monday cross the wind took the rait out Mrs George Janzen spent j Of control The body of one boy1 Monday in Havre waS carried over the dam and to stheSmith place and uraay nignt I Raymond Lenhart visited and 1 was recovered the same day but i theyvisited at the E M Shipman Mrs Tllresa Wendland and shopped in Havre Friday the Walworth boys body was not i Mrs Charles Tvallner entertained Barnes Stewart and Gladys until late the next day j R Hodgdon OurSavior srLutheran iadies aidjmtosh and Howard Janzen spent One boy esc an ed without in jury i Monday rJuesday atternoon the Easter holidavs with thpfr Mv and Mrs E shopped in Radyard Monday the Easter holidays with their JBobby was the only child of Mr and Walworth arid had Ernest Shipman and Mike Rudyard callers Thursday were j parents Havre shoppers Thurs1yr and Mrs Vic Seuser and Mrs R Lenhart and daughter j spent of hiTVummeT vlca daughter Harvey Angus Frank visited with Mrs George Janzen tions at the Ohmen farm near JRuby and Melvm Stevens JohnChvihceiv and Alfred Tollefson evening Morange Betty i and Robert Hollingshead attend and rMs E M Shipman Matt Voss called Sharon spent the weekend I during the week in weekend at her home Northern Montana college studay morning dent visited here during ttel Kaihryn Gatzmeier spent weekend Ethel Formanack teacher Jit Geraldiae Alice Formanaek Mr and Mrs Alvin Dees and datigiiter Jpf Great the weekend visiting at Ed Fpr nianack home s Olywn AYolery and Mrs K Shipman and families were Joplin Carl Ohmen was the only j Havre child of Ohmen and 1 will be remembered by his many j Robert Mclntosh shopped in if riends here as he too had spent S f t Havre Wednesday I much time at the Ohmen farm celebrated his Mrs Fred Delean were birthday at a party Monday night 6 oclock dinner guests of Mr and ed Easier sunrise services Sun1 at Loma visiting the Marvin Itudyard callers Thursday The Shipman children were ed lor diphtheria imoo Mrs Minnie Safford made a Mr and Mrs Charles Mills andtrip to Havre last Friday This Lawrence Elfer and 3Iiss Jean j Mrs J T Swift were Havre visii Jas Mrs Saffords first trip to r itorg Friday aud Saturday i Havre for two months on account IVIr and Mrs Floyd Ackermau j Stevens home Thursday and Fri in Havre at the home of 1 i Mrs Howard Dove Mr and Mrs Norman Kaercher Several people from here at were town shoppers Monday j tended the wedding of Mr and ofXJildford and Mrs Urqfnhaxt were visitors tie home of Mr and Mrs John Grass and Mrs George bf Helena visited during the week end at the parental home l j Mr and IVfrs Wesley William Schend who has been family called on Wilson employed at Butte for J3ie past Monday j Mrs H JAngus were j John LyIe Thursday and Mrs Alma Norenberg and j stayed to attend a Farmers Union Slaughters June and Marlentj meeting wThich was held at the spent Easter Sunday at the Victor i Lyle home later that evening Jones home j The small son of Curtis Phillips Mike Murphy Charles Freeland who has been and Jack Murphy of Rudyanl j very ill is again able to he about were in Hingham on Sunday aft Frank Meldrum moved his ernoon i family out to the ranch Thursday j Mrs Leo Kraft and daughter after the cold months spent in and Mrs Elizabeth Kraft were in j town to bring the children nearer 1 Havre Thursday school The Catholic ladies club was Mr and Mrs Roy Peterson and THE SIGN Amundson was reelect i Juice i Rudyard Tuesday aftered trustee for district No 1 j 5 at the regularschool election i and 3Irs Dan Stevens and on April 4 Mrs Beatrice Pain Quickly If you suffer from rheumatic arthritis or this atthe Herb Mrs Beatrice Perry spent jWiite home Easter j Easter Sunday the Joe Miss Katherine Gatzmeier iSattleen home relatives here j Norman Welte i Joe Anderson and son Eugene and daughters Lois and Monai from south of Joplin Tvere among j 1 belle visited at the home of Mrs the farmers who shopped a supper gnest at the Mrs Phil Pagle visited j don home Tuesday Mr and Mrs Wendelin Schweit at the home of Mr and Mrs Jake Voice Sunday supply today Mix it with a quart of water add the juice of 4 lemons Its easy Jo trouble at all and pleasant need 3 tablespoonfuls two limes a day Often within 48 hours sometimes overnight splendid results are obtained If the pains do not quickly leave and it you do not feel better return the empty package and RnEx cost you nothing to try as it 5s sold by yomdruggistnder an absofute moneyback guarajitee Compound for sale and recommended by Drujg Com and drug stores everywhere winter jnoitths Jn California of the Lark in colors and twmed to his home Thursday i was Bought with money earned I Mr and Mrs A A the children of the Shambo f head entertained the following the Earl of Sandwich I R Hodgdon John Jilo range Mr and Mrs James Vini cent Mr and Mrs E M Shipman ir and family and Mr AndMrs D who liked to Pains oC morsels ttr cards H is hardly likely he and Jjklrs Wesley Whltaker woaM Jvave inventedth T Swift and Kent and familyvisUed at the homa of suffered stomach ulcer pains v j t VOiJT Trv a Air anc Mrs E Sunday 25c TMrofrtT 25c box of Udgaifor relief of ulcer and stomach pains Indigestion gas Mrs N W Kaercher Kf und sons were Mr and excess acid Udsa Tablets must help Mrs Angus Sunday joney At Owl and TAXPAYERS MOtlCE Taxpayers who have delinquent taxes are reminded that the present Moratorium on delinquenttaxes will end on May 31 1942 The Moratorium Law Chapter 13 1941 Session Laws provide all delinquent real estate taxesj prior toand including the first half of 1940 can be paid without penalty or interest provided 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