Sunday, December 17, 1939

Havre Hill County Journal

Location: Havre, Montana

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Text Content of Page 1 of Havre Hill County Journal on Sunday, December 17, 1939

Hill County Journal, The (Newspaper) - December 17, 1939, Havre, Montana Pace Two Sunday er HILL mm NEWS HINGHAM ing the last to get a chocolate iu her North Havre Farmers Union meeting met at the Mountain BOX ELDER KREMLIN and I and A Cora and Bruce Daniel School Notes Last Monday we drew names for We will each buy Lincoln a 15 cent present to give to the nlavpd af RiirfrnrH1 Rartfrilat mi fields WeWill deoat CM mas this RED ROCK and Mrs Miram Severud Mr The oasseiuau scores tor me visited this week T and Mrs CharlS sSeV by A played at Rudyard Saturat tHr Verri Hill ana Chas Rob SJ S S Jy high S eister James Rudyardhigh schbo Sd Ralph Jolinson Sto e ias y have 6fJ Senator Hayes am heen SendTns a uSe time each ss and Vincent Sedivy wereinHavre to attend tne county Lj1 annual Aiorrinn THO to come is aud William and Draegeiy and and John Wiese and and Floran Higgeiis were callers in Havre and Springer and family were at the Tony Mctlsam home and Sapp were Havre shoppers Dewayn Dolores Rule and Lee and and Stanley Sloy were guests at the home Thursday aud William Keller and family were callersat the William Wauka home Berloy Steel Filing Equipment li JSriVVN I Played here Pridav nieht werP gus farm east of are as and children Christmas shopped Wednesdav u m Mr anrt VinnPut Justus Anderson actPlayed here Friday night farm east of IM Santa Elder Big Sandy i Joe e y was served at by Warp Pittman left George Daniel attended a party at the Tbwe home in Laredo Thursday Although we havent hurt we are anxi ously looking forward to our Christmas vacation of one School will start again after va cation on January Miss Ann Molson and Miss at tUe ist Ladies aid met of Ethel were brief raiUrc Kenneth Hickithiof Big Evelyn daughter of r ThusriaJ HinenaBi callers on er and son and daughter and A Boy Scout troop was organand also of oer Miss i ized here last Carr and baby tiHarnion Hessieft for Paur has been appointed as the daughter of Glasgow and Frank i F5iday for Sam Laslo Opo TiQQ vf jt Funeral services were lield as a from the Wilson of brotherinlaov iturnea oil in Mr and Walter of Mrsl visited Tuesday are thVprbud parents of a daugh with Carrs Sf01 6 iii vvalter died ofa heart ailment Wednes played with the high score Burial was the S0ing to Mrs Leo Morse and Mar tin A delicious lunch was Coriiway was elected servedat An enjoyable master of Chinook time was had by lodge at the election and Leo Morse was held Thursday of alst visiting at the Bill Girky home j a skit by The Chinook Dasketball team Greytak was a Havre iiLe Alter a sKit by higni lue UQIUOOK DasKetoair team lAiuert ureytaK ws Mfr Howard Bartlett I school pupils selections hy thelost to Poplar 5237 and to returned homeWednesday from rhythm directed by Miss ua 2S27 in Olaf Snokane arid othftr tiPSPrn nninrc GraVCe Pterson fhrpp rmmhoicl points Grayce Ptersbn three Lund were nin Diaea at Havre Places Friday and Quite few from here took in had i by the grade school under Worb been received Ifere j the direction of Miss Marie GabrielsoiiT died at his Sathers home cnurch McSloy Sunday by Bill Richardson visiting at I sincere and heartfelt llecs several days k Tinsel Horinekvpas a Business caller in GreatFalls r and JLaufaand went to in sympathy is to his relaj tivesl over their great Julia and Anton i Horclckav World vrar veteran 1 r for burial V Charley Smith home a The local Rainbow days last week 1 jtained their mothers Christ Loskot and fam I mas party They served ilyfrom Canada were visiting at bufret presented a de the Frank Loskot home last iligatful musical program broke out on Beaver gifts to their guests i about 1 y2 miles The jurjterm of district court SEAMBO NEWS and HenrjMiller went to Prominent the fiie broke out on Beaver gave iftk to their pX Seattle and WEile in Box Elder community for manycreek Wednesday about miles S ThePinrx tpSS J HfSlVf n Spokane thev wirK Air years were married at Fort Bensouth of the aencv mart on thp if J strict court Commercial iTimmg at the Si of IvSy Mmny theHopp man for miles around turned oufdaT concluded last Satur where she has propto help check it About 300 acres anfl r erofthe FreeSoil sBentlerty wliere tbey ba at burned There was little nr K xainilv LUC i TolfGftoiitpaph she hag Will 4 at at the Ktffte or holne raltd iettb A distilled from roratncc with the tangy zest of and the haunting sweetness of crushed rose Destined to weave an aura of glamour about you glamour of Americas earliest era of gracious The Early American Assemblage includes Guest Sotf 6 cakes Toilet Sotp i Beth 3 cakei v IM Toilet 4 i Round Dnsticjf Ponder1 Oval Dusting Powder IM Keepitke complctf Vftnifv Rnv r cJk Vanity complete Toilet bottle 5M LINDELOWS DRUG STORE MrsKeitfl was little here recently from Plenty couldnt have been brought make their r der Several men are still vill be employedwith j r Dorothy Jean Myhrvold enter and Taylor tained 38 guests Thursday even Ergenri rrett entertained hnth of i atr asSr ed tno0e IflrV afia Verne of Mrs Lee ispeni1 vithi E and f Thehostess servedawholeBonfe George Drydenleft for delicious Billings to spend 3 T j 7 LloydHlmiltbn spent MrltV UUU arid taking care of the Howard wefe Sunday visitors ati It otif second JmoTntBa7 we have Games were played inf prize7 Also prize1 in ting n staying V i with Cpwell crod aKended the while hisr aresbHe aasgnerade at the ffiePrVeSoil school is naving Safrffday JoHn Weis and hpson spent thiscomr Pridav Decemhef wrere shoppers fordr Ira Mundel and at the Mrs and Henry Pagle ot at the Henry Voice home south of Havre j Mr ana JakeVoice and family and Mr and Mts were Havre callers The Senior Girls club of school entertained the J o Blackwood returned Tuesday after attending the Inj ternational Livestock exposition in and Max Jess made a business trip to Great Falls Edward McPhersori and sonof Havre this past RffiF VEAL what you have to sell aad ouipl bnyerwlltcontact yon HIGHEST GASH PRICES RAINBOW HAVRB ovs Abifthday party was given Sunday the Friday inhonor Ur r 1S staying of Richard Hamilton Thompson fOr the 7 Foster Brown and Ja7 GBu2zelV Corum arriv were Saturday to visit rela insrcallersat Jivesr and rnends for r called at the Shambo school and visited with Mrs Halvor i Flatness at and Pete Normandy jand Anton Amundson to Havre Thursday Miss Virginia Taylor spent Thursday riighi in a Havre Members of the local home de monstration clubs were hosts to their husbands at a banr quet and Christmas at the Grill cafe Tuesday The farm home of and Vernon Wads miles of was de stroyed by fire caused by a de fective chimneyTuesday morn I Were out doing 7 2i r i Jrrs MattDblezal and t Bill Voice and Miss Rosalia Osborne of Havre WedHavre Chris Neilson of Box Elder were visi Peterson j tors Sunday at the Phil Pagle I and Tuesday I Charlie isdoing chores 1 for Henry heis i f l Barbara Keller SIMPSON Gebrge Jpryden is talcing care Hamiltons place while they are f I Mac jv7ednesday eveii Jdnrisori of Havre and attended motored toHavre JOSEPH W i xjGerky Allerf Brshop were j shojipers in Bough and CnftTsBuzzelf arid baVyj Donald Amundson calied at the Sam Clayborne home 1 Willy Wederkirig of Havre is with Andy Phil Pagle Anton Amundson i The Shanibo school is prepar ing for a Christmas program af ter the program there will ie A hot lunch project has been approved for the Shambo school and the serving of lunches will start and 01 e Berg enterj tained a number of friends at a1 card party SAFEGUARD and Mrs spent past Sunday refnraed Kome from thehospital M I GiveA DAILY HEWS 1 UVOt at ihe Ed Majerus homesouth of lin Havre Saturday afternoon j Jake Hoyum was a Havre callj Jer part of the T Edward Schnitzmeier and Edrl GOLDSTONE f win peppemeier were recentcallJ L ers at the Henry Duerisirig j a Tony Schwitzer and family Great Falls this North Goldstone Suri Ingvar Tonjum motored to theday seat Sunday j Whitaker returned and Mrs Fleet from Havre Monday where she Harrer has been ill for a R SandersjTom Stevens took care of the at the Shranger Mr and Carl Warhank Bronson and and Schwitz aaughter spent Friday fer Were Rudyard visitors to j see tie junior w Starts arid Mrs were shormngin Havfel Clifford Hpdgdbn called at the nA the first of the Frances Hansonand Miss week were dinner j Boti Connors was a af the John and Havre shopper and Hughes shopped calljm Goldstone Thursday and Lloyd Eckren at the home Mrs and family visited wth the Ekrens parents and Nelson family Dan George Janzen visited NGRTII RUfiYARD Suckoiw left Friday iriorii ing for where he will purchase a registered sire for his cattle He will re turn by way of Bozeman anrl bring his daughter Alfreda home for her Alfreda is in her senior year at the nurses training school at and Vincent anil the Suckow family were guests at the Charles Mills and Swift enter tained at dinner on Thursday Charfes GENUINE John Deere HAVRE fflffLEMEOT and ind John Scnnitzmeier arid Stevens James McClellan motored to Havre the latter part of the Phillips were Havre 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