Tuesday, February 16, 1926

Billings Weekly Gazette

Location: Billings, Montana

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Text Content of Page 1 of Billings Weekly Gazette on Tuesday, February 16, 1926

Billings Weekly Gazette (Newspaper) - February 16, 1926, Billings, Montana THE BILLINGS GAZETTE I VOL. 30. __ WEEKLY EDITION___ MONTANA, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1926. PRICE FIVE CENTS NEW YORK GREETS SEA HEROES Eft Padlocks Placed Upon Outer Bars; Officials View Bodies of Two Dishonored Girls. Tiitjiinim, Mcxlio. 15. IJiMlor orders of .Mayor IMlacio of Tliljumih. iwllocks iiliictil mi (inlouns in llu- oiitb-lne illslricts examine Hie lioclies of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas I'ctcet nnd their two datmh- lers. Audrey and Clyde, who lay down to die In a suicide agreement overcome by sliamc and sorrow al their experience In Tiajnana. Permis- sion lo examine Ilic liodics was granlrtl liy ilrrnnrr firiinyler C. Kolly of Sac Diego county. This in expccled lo Hie case against the nc- CllKCd. It wa.s announced that every woman entertainer in Tiajnana lias ticcn ex- pelled. I.nis Amador. c-ne of those charged with UK: immlrr of Mr. and Jlrs. T. II. Tctecl and their daughters, ahandoacd Hie hunger .strike that he had been ori since morning. Amador, it slated, accepted food when Ineak- fast was served prisoners in the jail. Chief. Examined by Doctors. Doclors 10. Chanihcn'lain nnd l.ce ITS U. SJSSUE BARRING ADULTERESS AND NOT PARAMOUR IS UNDER HOT CHALLENGE navy ing luka, both brfght with 8! SII .Stafford, who delivered tho opinion, rhrm TO f.r- vaUrliy drnvvn. Bargain Proof of Plot. "Thu facts Sfit forth in the indictment, whirh are" admitted by tho demurrer solely for (lie purpose nf presenting to ihe court the <inostirm of law .lustk-o Stafford raid, arc Ihecc: "That f-'all and lloheny entered into Corrupt agreement with each oilier, that l-'all, as secretary of the interior, should award tlir Doheuy's companies certain rontracts ami leases rolatmp to the nil ami gas lands of the Unitrd States in consideration of gifts am; Ir.aiiK to be? matli tn Fall hy Pnncny and to accomplish -p-.3rpoRC. by mtnlal appended to a bright red tricky ami dishonest methods, described an offioiM decoration of the liritu-l ng, the procession started up liio lutrbor. All Harhor Craft on Scene. Kvoi-ything that floiiicrl, Ironr lino boat to palatial liner, greeted tho Uoosevelt c-n route. HiU-. Hie greatest honor t-orcb. bonmetl from Covernor's Inland, and the din by aircraft which thundered overhead. On the hurricane deck of the rtoose- vell, bewildered seamen looked out over Hie. to joke, and Subsided into .silence. Karh (Continued on Page 2; Col. 4.) government. Medals 'for Two Dead Herpes. Doyni in Captain Fried.1? rahin. nestlt-d amoiitf other gifts, reposed two mot? medals. Their owners, will never wear Iheni. VTirtiinen and licit nmn made iften demanded in the indictment. Lack of Authority no Ple.i. "1'all was a.ssuming to net in Ihppe matters under and by virtue of u leg- islative- order of the president. Thiw 'ivdor liciwever. it is now agreed, was, null and void, h era use roughs hud on-'. Hie Miprcrpc sacrifice, IniHleil the powt-r to llift secretary of of thosft who sail the 5MF. alone. "Ur.sL men on the sail Chief "The principal point prcfontcd by the otftcer 5IilIor, bi.s voice husky, defendants is- that, inasmuch as Fall One- 'Moiiblo hero" was nmomr hail no ifgal authority to. award (hr- rnntrnels or leases, any ntlr-mpi on his part to do su would also be null and To IhiJf. .Tiistirrf Kfaffi.rd yniil. Fjovcrmnnil bad propcily replied Ihsii. 3ount and Mother Do Stroll on Beach and Little Peter Smiles, Clutching Teddy Bear 1'nlm lieach, I'la.. Feb. Ludwhj Salm von Iloogstrneton declared he WLIS "divinely happy." Monday, aftei his son. Peter hat jmid him a visit, which was as Imr- :is Sunday's visit had heei The count, was will) his son in privacy for ncurly an hour and a half. Th' dciwapc-r then took the noy fo u walk, her first public appcaranc since arriving here. The count pro cccdcd to vent his enthusiasm by play ing several sets of tennis with his frien umi adviser, William Anlieit, of the I'ictorinl Review. He display e excellrnV t.iltlo rotor's vi'iit "Monday -w: cleared by a conference between tl Satin an d Rogers 1 c fore w 1 raetl that sliKC tHti count, had1 con .Ofld milo.s" to scft his son. he -shonl him in the.privfiry of Ills room. At 10 inlnules of 3 o'clock. Viilcr, ac companlcd by hla and tlc-tectiv was brought to the Saini suite. Tl detective stnlionecl himself at the eml the hall. The dowager counters ai romit exchanged eonipiirnentary inarkK about Peter in German, to whii the child paid no attention, nor con the count pur.simdc Peter to M Vet when the party left t room an hour and a half for alk aloiiff the lieach, the smllitig1 child Even Wife of Earl Cra- ven It Is Sorry State of Affairs U. S. So Treats Her Riyal. N'cw York, Kcb. Countess of Catheart. called tlio Karl of Craven n coward, Monday, ami the Counters of Craven railed the Counte f Catlieavl "that woman" iti reply. Their pointer] exchange of ne.rjiima ities punctuated an otherwise id-1 tcrlildo In Hie attempts by the Countess of Catlieart to open the doors closed to! licr by tbe immigration authorities. Mistaken In Her Earl. Nothing hai'irened to altar the statu; of any concerned. The young: earl was safely in Montreal, tlic Countess of Catlicart was, against her will, detained l Island, and Countess of Craven vcral miles away, in a avenue when the two noblewomen their thrusts. The oarl's contrih- ion was that be was triad to be out ol -onntry and out of the way of the arrant that threatened to Aratf him 'to a predicament .similar ttj that of ie Countess of Catlicart. She was ox- mled because she admitted "morn irnitudc" in running away to Soutl frica with the carl fl.ve years ago. "I always thought the carl was she said Monday, "but nnjrar- nlly he is not. This is a terrible ordeal ov me. hut I have a lot of fight In me et. 1 have not run away as Lord 'raven ha.s." Wife Wished Them Happiness. She denied she -liad come to, this ountry "to be'vindicative against either Craven or her liu.sliand." and voii "hoped she'd divorce them again." of I.ady Craven, she paid: "1 never took her husband away from icr. Many other women did that, bast September Lady Craven invited me to :l HELEN WILLS' KNEE INJURED; GASHED IN FALL Cannes, France, Feb. njury to the knee of Helen Wills, received when she fell during her match with Didi Vtasto, was more serious than was at first thought. Notwithstanding her cou- rageous statement that she was un- hurt, it developed that she suffered rather deep gash on the right knee. The wound bled profusely, and it Is thought that the knee may. be sore arid somewhat stiff when the American champion meets Suzanne Lenglen Tuesday. The French dinner hour, which lasts for two 12 noon until 2 p. responsible for the wound not being attended to im- mediately. Miss Wills arid her mother and friends went to four drug stores, but found them closed. for luncheon. It was 2 p. m. when the fifth drug store was visited and, the proprietor gave the knee the re- quired attention. Earl Craven Goes to Montreal While War- rant Seeks Him; Lib- eral Bodies Protest icr London home and kissed rue am 'Hope you :tnd George wilt be very happy taKCthor when yon are mar- ried.' And this was after Lord Craven id 1 bad been livwg together in Soutl Africa for five years'." Tho Countess of Craven flatly ilcnEet that later, -Jlor hrr Fitid, bad hcen "a poor, sick soldie -Lord Craven lost a leg' in Ihc when be was lured away by "an olile theory. Lady Craven, hold no brie for the immigration which is ex eluding the Countess of called it a sorry state of affair.s for thi government to concern itself with on ptrsou's morality and .said -she HIM! he husband are planning to got away froi such laws, toward Ucrtnuda as ciuickl as they con Id. Helen Wills and Su- zanne Lenglen Meet at Last in Titanic Contest Over Nets. Cannes. Fr.-uice. 1'clj. 1C.. 1 .1. "pale, watery moon (liis nlrjrnhig crl tennis fans to four Hint rain might nnse n. of the l.cnylen- Vilis match. Appeals Judge Says .Government Only Caiij Contest Pardon. New York, Feb. Chnji- man. rnnvirted bandit and nimrderfr. Monday lost Uis to I IIP United StnlCR iHslrUH court nf appeals ftir a writ of habeas The apppllfilr. i-oiirl Mifbiimd the nriler of l-'eitf-ral .luilgc nf ('niniecluMil, in dis- CliapiiKurs for ihc writ. nuilcr fpntcncr- lo baiifT MnMi for th'o murder of a New Bri- tain, Conn.. Anight by Ihu invncil Atlanta rcnitcnttary, whcvA he after pprviiijr only a purl cti" his frnlrnrr for the- jinllioii dlol- marl in New York City. Tim oninii'ii linnO'-iJ Mondny rl.-- valicliiy of Ihe president's cnimniitalinn .if senlcrn-r. The court hrM that r.niy the Unitoil HlntCF povernmcnt xvonM Iinvp the ripbi IQ enter an oli- ioclir.n in Hi is ron nect ion. It i? now lo the I'mlc'l StrUe? ronrl. .dlhmisli by Kail iniplit nut have lu-tin l.imling. it have been Mich an interference- with go vein- men I a I f u noli ons an cl ope ration s n s Hf-cewarily would have embarrassed the Unilcfl StalOF. They Aimed to Defraud. "Tlir court ronPlraiimd to hold." he roiUhinoiI. "that a conspiracy as Ibis itirli.-lnu-iit nharpcs a df'frainl the Unilcil Stairs tliP that Vail aulhority lo ilu whal lie ilu." The runnion was handed ;o the Tohony dt murrer. A linn fifej overruling tl mot ion. j Prcvtoiif! iiKHcimcnts relumed ami Ihc three men were MUiished on provm'i tlial a department jusllcc nsout imi.ron.Tly in the Bnuid jury room Onr- Ci'iis-Edcrntiftn uf Ihc case. proiin. He was Fourth Officer Frank Monroe Upton. hoMcr of th.: congres- sional incdwl of wliKih be won during Ihe World war. istil a word was _of Ihfs rescue by thr rVcw dtiriiip llie As Iho lUVieevrll was into iiexl to the Inn. two more bauds .struck up. Tho iraiiRwriys fast. R not her ilf legation, headed by Covei-nor A. Harry of Sew .lersoj-. maivlird aboard, ;.i-iito npixirntus IVILS in.stnUeil. rmil another ceremony of was clasped in his grandmothers anus, clutching in his tiny hands u new teddy bear. I 'hotogra phers were- el li tl ed by he dowager who Flipped away to Casino beaeh.. wliere a number of Ihe social set wrrc out for a. swim. Tbe count announced lift de- lighted the child, whom he had never pcctt before Sunday, He disclosed that one. of the many trunks be brought here was filled with toys for Fcler. in the day, ihe comil char- aclerixcd tlie of Kundny a.s 11tr most hurnilialinp c.xpfrience of his life rind nrmomu'cvl his to re- main In bus iiuurler.s throuKhotit bis here. They came lo IVilm Hear-Ii quietly for llie jiiirposc of serins infant .son. he As for tl mother, be already had declared lie did not care to Fee her. ule Standin l j crnor in Breaks Under Praise. opi'nsite Captain Vriccl. Cov- c got hair way IbrofiK'i frum Ills chair. iHir .race Icar., l-'ivt- minutes lalcr. tio lie sliip. They all stood POLAR PARTY FROST BITTEN IN SNOW DRIFTS Xrnana. Alaska, 1-VK IniiiK Fl.illcil in snowdrifts on Iho river ncav Mtiillo. fc'i- llio Wllklns Irans-pular supply ivuly succccilccl in tricing, five finis Monday. Thn parly, which ret out Tlnivsilay from licro im the 7IW-mllo trek lo I'nint Harrow, linil niai5c a lol.il of miles wlien stoppwl hy In cruet En a re- fined way. paid, ami 51m oonhl not put up wllli it any lotiger. Terms of a settlement mode pnrt of the decree are that Ilartunir IK lo pay her a year tlurlngr IUT life. rartnin V'rEcil rcttnu'.'. l-vcv.v man ill tli bclllncl FimlttiK inrlher talk of rc.spuc im- pnssibli-. Caiilnlu l-'ridl imilri] oft into exprcs5iiif; Iho thai tlin wonli! pjinnilatc Aiueriran pliippiiir. and the audience smilf-il in al'preciatioii nf embarrassment. [XI n IS SI5 I' P b. 15. h c thr- romnnn and IliR jnsik'C-" of tlif Cnimteps of Cat h en r t f ro: ti N'e w Yo rk on prouml s of moral lurpHuiip because w.-rro tutelage when the Icaclu-rs an olltlyiliK I'ranch of llie Trust Savings banti licro, Monday. Tile rol'liory occurrotl shortly after -innoinioc-mcnl wa? mndr, lhal Cliiof (if IViIIi-c IVtoclivcs Horman '.'line luul ilc-- lallcj 300 men lo' guard I.os Angeles ikf :iRninst rnl'hcry. it also annntmccd l.y Marrns H. Hrilrnan. pronihifnl banker, tlial a "tlefcnrlvc alliance" liad hr-cn formal liy tlie local Innks lo eo- with Mice to jnil a stoi> to ac- tivities of bank rulihcrp. The lohliy of the 1 ank ivap with mslmncrs at Ihe time of tho hoM- np. The two men took their plaee.t' ii' the line; anil wailt-rl Ilielr turn at Hit window. Whipping out revolver.-, the; compelled the cashier to Ytf. on tlie flooi while one of Ihe men" looted the drawc' al the cashier's window. Afur th1 roljliery, escape was made hi an auto molille. S NOT INTERFERING. 'o Clly. l-Vb. officiate. here is every Indication that Ihe riiment intends no ahatemem ef its ipaii-'n for a slrirl ami literal en- orceinent "f the i-nnstiuition. protiiliil- I the finiclioiiinK of foreifrn prleplf im! the i.'icraliuii ot foreign religions schools. Tho Amcriran anltiassador. James II. Sheffield, lias issued .the following Ip view of the many requests winch have iH-cn to the embassy wilh resnecl to the aelton lakfii on behalf of American citizens enpascd In rollRlous .rk in Mexico who have, heen affected recent aclion on part uf tlie Mexican the ambassador (o slate that he is making a careful Investigation of the situation is kco.pins his government fully fn- formed. receipt of instructions, the prt-ters not lo rliscups Ihe matler." New York, Keh. much more, than four years ago a little clark- inirori girl in pigtails came ovit of the west lo slarUu the tennis worlrt wUh the ins of a campaign led her to tho championship. Tucftlity Ibis girl, now :i malurfitl and csperi- fncctl star, will hold universal atten- tion as s-bc gives hsltlc to the foremost woman player of Europe, tho generally recnpnized champion .of tbe worUl. lielen Wills, of the United States, win" face Huzannc Lcnijlen. of Vranco. in le as flramntlc as anything tenni has ever KEnijed: one that has nrftusei scarcely excitement tlnn :i heavy t championship jn-fco fight or world's seriea bnEcball gsimc. Suzanne Conceded Edge. From Ilic mass of opinion and pre'dic lions published abont the match, how ever, it is apparent that tho 20-year-ol American champion fncca her 2R-ycnr old French rival with the prospects licr triumph expressed tnmv hoji than runvlrtinn hy her snpnrrUTi Abroad, the Ictmis puhlii1 at 3 well as the experts, are convinced ol Suzannn's invincibility. Kv, n in this country, fandom coticertes llie l-'rtneh star nn advantage .wliilo alfii "rooting" for "our Helen." Nearly all Iho' ex- perls have predicted a l.mplen victory. Tht poneral impression among oxpfri- cnccd observers here is to concede Miss Wills 'only a "fiKhlins clianoe." mil at least one out stand in'.; f.eurpft W. nf Huston, hr-lieves ibat llie Amerii-jin pirl hns "butler than an even eliance." Mr. Wisritniun looks upon the Boniest :is match." with Miss Wills' harder hitting likely lu prove deciFive. Smashing Attack Only'Kopc. Anionj; the .wagering fraternity, how- cver. Ihe inld.s arc about Z lo 1 in favor of I.engleii. Tlie experts Renerally. as BUI" TUMcn. and Han Hardy, ajrree upon one AlUs- (Continued on Page 2, Col. 20 DIE, 250 ILL OF FLU, DALLAS OulUiF. Tcxns, tlian persons :irff st-rimifly ill with influenza and 20 tit-nth? from tho malailv i have hccn roportcd -in since Sat- ay noon, vital slalUtics show, tisaiuls nro suffering fronr rx orm of Iho disease. L.ritVL'11 IV lilt! LJILIH.-I1 dL.Llt.l UUL1 barring- of tbe countess, Imt officials explained thut the hearing was confined to consideration of the 'countess' case, .without tafcinjj up that of- Uie earl. Up to Secretary Davis. The Civil Libert its union contended hat to apply the law of deportation in ie case, would make the government ensor of morals, "applying its rules to rivatft moraSity instead of -to public rimes. The Women's party adjourned the sidewalk in front of the labor opartmcnt. bunding and held a .meeting f protest. Upon the. conclusion of the .hearing1, he hoard of review took the rase under idvisenicnt. promising to transmit its C commendations speedily lo Assistant Secretary White for final action. Should Is decision uphold the action of tba York immigration authorities In refusing lo admit the countcs-s to thti Jnlled States, her counsel said they would seek to appeal directly to Sec- retary who they had be right under the law to modify or waive entirely any deportation deci- sion. Thanks Her Supporters. In any event, tbe countess, cannot f port oil before February 27. as the law provides for deportation" on the ship line tlial brought the alien jnvolved lo' this country, and no (Junarder is .sailing before that date. Tn a message to tbe Women's party Monday Fbc said: "I thank yon all f.ir. your In- terest and support. I hoped (ho past vas for my children's sake, but iow ham liping stoned and branded and only God knows what is in my heart." G Russia Prefers Arms Parley at Copenhagen Denmark. Fob. The IVrlingske Tidendo said II learns lhal the soviet Uusyian (jovernincn and shot Well ----------------f----------------- will invpose CoiK-nhngen inslead r> .lack Kalon. Ihe latlt-r, WOULD MAKE LASTING JOG as ihc site for the CF RECLAMATION CHIEF! n.onl cipiifi-rrm'c to Ije held under th d 1-Vli. 13. senate! I'afc-ne of i.allunsi ans.iiccs. Tlic 11ns- Menulay a hill to make ni-rna-Uini, represenlalives In l.on- meni ihe eommiKsioner of] don. IV, vis and llerlin reeeiveu tele- He then alt declared lo e-fficers al Ti 1ml Kalon gruppled willi him arnierl Iiiin. ru-jrcli ;in and [jirls to Raise Cash to Bury One Slain Yoplt. Feb. 15. U1 irls rareenrrl l-> the lime of. rollickiup ;izz in a Hronklyn er.Mvet to save mi" their eonlvanie-ns fr-.m hurial in pot- tir's fieM. Monday. Whc-n (he prnpr ended early >tonday niornltlp the enotisli innney to pay lh'- mi'ler- laker's oill, ati'l 1'lsie Iheit- d assured of hurial in tlic l.ll- tiieran cemetery. Miss Hegan !ound murdered in the street last week. d poisonoiii sold Illegally. i.oiu-oclionf" Ml llto Fn 'iinjined ami nolificd ihe aulhorilics. not In the ddinrimenl i.f Mm! inslvn.-tinns from Moseow j interior an annual sitlavy al JIO.OOU ''IhiU effect, th.: iwper adds. MOVIE COUPLE'WEDS. New Yi.rk. Veil, :ih man, aetor, and Mary 1'aollne (.3arc.il motion jiiclnre .-u-lress of uiavried hi the innnieiTia Mr. Mliermau his us SI. lie was divoroeo. i I'roviOeiu-i. IV 1.. in U'22 hy V.vely rSooth. 'llis new wife uas li-jin i l on (real. Baden Handling Case of Crime Against Girl for Present lirrlin. P r b. Grovcr C. Ilerptlell. on the charge ot impairinir the- nutraTs of a minor, faera Ilio possibility of diTortalion. foreigrn office officials indicated Monday, if tho government derides lie is an "objection- :de alien." The federal authorities. Imwovcr. are ol likciv to take ;i liand until who have Bcrs- oll's in charge, ronclmlc their eerf-t invcptfgrfilion' and obtain a COH- The government would not -an: where Herednll went. would have him rscortr-d by a military i frontier ho chore. It h-is bern learned that DergdoTl I-1? :-hl under the rectum of the penal tirnllng with crimes ngntnst Biris r H years iif r'pc. Conviction nf Ibis count carries a -ontcnrc of fr--m "lie to 10 year.' for >ach offcnpe. the option of a 'iitp. '-liunpc'l the lid ti i-ccrecy, ordmuft the iaitor? and tlir state's at- torney to lu-lhiMc. Nnt cveo rrlii- wlin -it tlie flMrt-cs. aro iillowcfl lo tlu> Original Guthenberg Bible Brings New York. I'ob. of Iho ovisinnl i-opk'S fif the Ciutlienliurg years ulil. anil nnf nl ihi! jiriniul was ti.ni Mi.iulay night., in >lic A-.ulersun for Tin; purchofcf was A..K. of tTrlphla. ami Uiltliiw first auc- l alioul U ralnulos.

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