Monday, December 27, 1824

Missouri Republican

Location: St Louis, Missouri

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Text Content of Page 1 of Missouri Republican on Monday, December 27, 1824

Missouri Republican (Newspaper) - December 27, 1824, St Louis, Missouri ST. LOUIS, MONDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1824. "Missoori JrloteL" ST. LOUIS E. TOWN, respectfully jnforma rfUVKM.IXn PUBLIC tlis gp'im rulty; thnl in: lias mid ioi'jg cs- biblhhcd.aland, .vviiere he will coniimio'lo ru- r.i'ive visitors nnd company, nod nccnimmidiile- in n slylfi inferior to any utlicr in t.'m WBMei'ii The Hotel issi'u- on ll-ft flral hank nflnr asopndiiig from Hie i Boat and Kerry B-mt Ijiiudii'g.q. an.I inny i" said t'i bo prelty in ths of Hie part of (he city, i'orsons wljo visil [NO. Kngs very sup -rior Powder, 100 bills liRsi. Kfiiilti' tVlir-lt'-y. 10 do, tin ('.i old'i 20M do cvc.i.'llriil IG'ti'inwn 50 do Fresh su fine Citiuinnuli 1'lour. For sn'.e by H. C.SIMMONS Co. Sl. Nov 1st, A Dark Gray Horse m Supposed to lie four years-old I nil spring, no i -i( Loui, for or purposes, will in-irk or liriiml. 'ihciut 15 hiiiids nigh, unshod. wiMi find ilif Hotel (o conveniencns for tie fjiiiiik and c.ctsy dispatch of bueioess. There is a aitBr.lieil to ihtt pre.-nisns, uudei- Ihu sipcrhitciiu- of n person Ions; exj.eriomved ii lii'o, where will bu received Iftken card of. prices that cannot n.. Comprise ,o horse to side tor his soum'.i' milled for D. M tds-10 CLOTHS. dlJ2dtpml iliito, and Couburg raiil'd C-. ine l.yrH.bki.i Coatin tiiisl Gassings, yellow Kennels, f_ft KCK.I VED per nrrivnl of I he kcc! turn I, .1.. Hud for s.'iie at the lowest possible pi ice- for ID .v; ST A very complete of Si y iH VA i' 9 57. JL F r Corapri-ins in pnr! CLOTHS AND CASSUMERES, Point JUST RECEIVED AM) FOR SALE, 100 Barrels Superior FRKSH FLOUR. Tracy WaLrondorfE. Nor. 20l ii in I ilip subscribers bnvn just, revived two e'asusof b'OOKs, atnoiifpl which nns some of the late worts, by the Author of viz. l-i I A tlie rrccipts :uid ftspendil 111-01 Hie r.onrily v uf ril. Louis, for the year hundred twRiity four. lo'-M. .l.iii '2C, CiHiuty IMS of thr; yuar Fell Tax of collector follaxej, 364 82 AiiS 24- fl" tio do I do 1032 73 Nov. IV Tliisnmounl in ciart of vbltaxcs of 624. i 2230 30 This sis las oj lav- RI-II nnd ferry lint-rues fmjlS-24, 20 00 23. This HuviiiiH of olloc- lor for on licenses, i 355 f in 2vok- Qncntin do St. Well, 2 do 0 llaity.-an.oi1 the irvaA Chief, .2 da The Tlirea Perils if VVnnjHU, Grrraidino, Times, Spectre do and uncut Vclvetj Ladic-' Y. Tun and Beaver Gif.vos, d.i super lined do wliitfi mid nraorlerf bilk do nnd l.en.'i'rdo J.i sujwr whit.'.,! siik do blai'.k B'id v.iiiie silk Hosi1. black and white >ilk SlosUingj and ,viu'c tih'.in col'd lvljUe Lnrab'j wool and m-.xt t." ui n. ji, _1 Hole, 4 and 6-4 and Mil -'iina, do do Liu do do iuper Gi'uhiim do do i! innceil do Totril, I 52 _ j Kxnrnclilnre1-. 50 far n? niny asierttiincd from Have a constant supply of the following or poi Ch-tlis and Cassimcres. every d H' ZfiS, ami ii-ur. d, C'iriias-iiPii Fluids, Cmi. -e- mid 3 4 plain mid t'ai-cy Muslins, D Stripes and Muslin, Miirdwnre, Cntl.'ry. and SadU'ty, mid Boot- txid up al'i_ualitin? and fiKi'.s, GOOD HARDWARE, CUTLERY, Groiil rftdeempd in ilif year, nl so I'M- ii'ircde'-iiie'd I'.c.'rtilicfitt.-a ut iho lust lis-io (.1 county T'ni.-i of certilu'.iit.'s nl i-V-b ltnn.lS24 342 33 dr. do 547 57 P cicik for 2 copies of tax list nl iO cJs. per lOOwordi 186 00 ft'innn! ssdisrv of W Nov 1517 I'.ii i for'i ofiiuii 00 of u-es.-ur. r 100 CO -.iniou.'it for servifes. for U.. h i; nllowed by 52 07 P !J D for briJj.p over bottom 240 00 Ci riifi ?.le No 3B'> for S3 lo J. McNipht do :35i) to 0. liey- iifld- (.in juil conlract do 331 gB50 siime 1520 79 11 iiifori'i.-, the L.idiei of Cily c.f Bt Inii tsikrn ;i in llie housii of P'iiniii, rieiir ii" man inirch, Vi hare r.ho v.'iii lit In tlll'tri US i> Milliner and Mantua-mtiker, The Dressing VM. JJV'O. PERfiT. Dec.lst, SILAS LENT, [Jp.r. i'iC-1 Scott Have nccired Inj lets arrivils of steam krsl line's GO boxes Window GiasH, assorted, from 8 C13 B E CLOCK AND JIAiVMil, hit! T515 EGS leave to inform iMhrihiiililti- stro'-lier .-f Mr JjJofSt V ally, that j Co'licr ansl Powrl's slnrf, -Minis Street, ho will stri.-t t tiontohirf from a pns-feri I in srme ii.iiry C-iRwav. onu "I not HjipViirt-d ami IV'i iii.-! l.ill of d" i'- not ii rusiilcnt of j[ Tiiread ami cotton Luces, 7-Sand-H Irish fi; 8 aii'i 10 4 iri.-h Ttihle, Iriiii nr.iJ I'.u.-.-in I.iuen Ci'.ui'ii'ii; and Linen O'fimhrli Diaclc 'iinn and -iik Cilloii Shawls rui-.i faury c-.ii'd n pnblii-.. so by blai iiiit: a it, iuid tenders hir- Miictirc (o hiivo su re du Co.Teo, and An FRESH DilUGS AND P.1VfTS SPT.-i. Tl OIL. Ju'l ri'ccived Y -rk via New hy e'ei-ni bi-at Lawrence, at the -Mt'dicnl st.-re the suh-crili'er. No. 8 Noith s-treet. fis-'i of tl.e Rising v lu e and ci'unir'y m.-i chants can at ..linn a supply of the atiove articlns. xvnri-no'y f ihi- liosi quality, and HS low as they can hi- v.HV ti- ed in this counlrv. H. L. HOFFMJi.V iih- -3t RpcHtvod ;isabove, a pinall quantity of tint! V-i'- end highly leoommcnded articln, ii1" [iliafe of ?-aid 10 he nn f cure for tbfi P'j.u? und frver, Bntf CRII :n all cnst-.s wish equal, w iicre BaiU ir -e- Gr for a dose. NOTICE IS HEREBY HAT the having I Surveyor for tion to IJUMIIP-.-, an i hiu.ei-s II..IIM- n. tl> llt. i.-y from a I in snne IIUV-P.-JHT of his he lo be runiur- mat s-wi'd hill Iron and Ccd Ccmls and Lines, TOUET1IEX SUTII J .SL'PPLF OF DRY GOODS, HARD WARE AND QUEENS WARE. Pt T.oiiis, lU it to piPSPT't 'I'.e SnrVevor? ntncp for i.i -iththe CLARK. Ao-j uiereci no an'! P.T-.nrt: ar.J l.e_'jorn: jtriiw and (-'iiir) bill; and Chenille Cord Ur-iid, I'.OIlt illlil and do Nth, [Jolt's Wire Cotton, Cotton, water proof L.-iF-iyctlo I! lijMiii .mi! Wool tin Pu.inrwliitf. :in.l Khi do U'l-l-, C-Mitiorn-ns' Monroe and j nl I' V V lIl'ilTII-.S ID ready favr-red him Ilicir rluritirr reHii'.ence. here. 13 nutk-.-, and on lln: lilacl: c-.m'1 do Fnmk and Ninv M.irkfM du r ..f slid I for i i !i..-ld al til- of QTICK ii'CRKHY (i. Fail' 5 d.'K Uppnr Lcatlier, 6 do. fall' Skins, 3n V> iii kiy, 85 d-> 2 do 15 do 8 by Hi GWs, .T-.'.al Uci-.civcd in.d oi! term? iijli Ijy ;N Louis. Nov TTih By the Keel-Bcnls Coinv't aivA ud r JD, Aduir. ol'H ii t'.. A- Ttf- I 0. i': 'h1- i front 1 "K -sj- u. v T- fi i i received a iiirge of 1WMHST1C rOTTOS WOOLLEN lu'irs of Chiirlr? ftul Lind QCEEN5 WARE, GROCERIES. vr.ry srnrral. l-cl ni.d o (rout, J.iid oc.uth l> sliccli) 'i-j ie ck A M lor'Ncw O.-'oaus, N.-w Voiknnu In ill- purchase o! "muls i t'hev iissure Hll to o .Times JNONV is lima luy gisal bar "Dins. Nov 15. _____________ Bbls. cnperfinp 'our. Old Ohio Whiskey, 5 do. Apple Brandy, Ibs. Sole Leather, 10 doz- Upper do. ALSO in Store, of firmer arti-ucls. Wipp Liquors, Kt-nliBWB Salt, Liverpool do. 35 lihis AlUim do. Tons Snlpetrc. Bar Lpnd. Shot Ready made Clothing. Vv'hiuh, tnge'her with cenrral riAsortinent of H AKDW ARE. .DliY GOODS Q' APE, A.-M i.if.-n-l sole- or Bccoinin.idM-.iii; tcro. for Cash, Becs-vvpv or fes JOHN SHACKFOHD. Steam ami Ferry Warehouse. ilJCLJS Thr LoltTio Yard nri' ottWrd ,m tn pcrsdiis of every The iiro f'.rH'j1 8 t an ui'd Ri. sain sit i eon or.B lonrlh pny.ili''- Vl'-.g-Oll I I H! 1.1 I] 11 Ii H V V n! iV, t" !1-e '...'..ddiliiii 10 I'r.i-, i'toljr Villa a nvn? and vil'ni1" i.-.ries. r't- ni.iijfli'l- tlnl.> P-i- -tntp of .1 ..f Ar- R-0-.-rfei--f I.R-.H Tj- TiiE cnparfiiei-bhip hyu'ldlore llir undfT tin- firm i.f v. r.. CUYLSK. "V their bsl Yi.r.J. COMPLETE AS ana. OF .'ii, i' riiiuy. tir.m. Departures. Monday, S> A.M t Charles A iM. l P of a of BUNT. I his to Al- WILSON H HUNT T nnis Sunday Master. ideiy be cto.-ed, (he to tin; firm are in the to 61 the ninij lei receive he office of Dr. B G F-am-.r appHeat.ons for settlemciiU will be FARRARi t Ul h pu R e; i Counsellor al Lr i th.- Of- court .1 Snrviving partner. 26 St

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