Thursday, July 27, 1939

Sikeston Herald

Location: Sikeston, Missouri

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Text Content of Page 1 of Sikeston Herald on Thursday, July 27, 1939

Sikeston Herald, The (Newspaper) - July 27, 1939, Sikeston, Missouri 10 PAGES In This Issue THE SIKESTON HERALD A Ncwipyr Dented to tW Best literati tf Seitt Mi Volume XXXIX. Published Thursdays at. 1U W. Mo by Clint H_ IVnmmn SIKESTON, MISSOURI, THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1939 Entered matter March Number 30 Crash Fatal to Lloyd Crisler New Madrid Man Dies Here Shortly After Accident. IT TAKES ICE A LONG TIME TO That it takes 33 hours and lo j minutes for a 300-pound block of ice to melt was proved conclusive- ly Saturday night at o'clock. when, after standing on the side- walk in front of Penney's store here from o'clock Friday af- ternoon. the ice melted and releas- LJoyd W. Crisler. 23-year-oid j ed one of the store's special sale son of Mrs. Lee Crisler of Xew blankets from its frigid prison. Madrid and member of prominent 500 people of the veteran family in that city, was Sikeston district took advantage killed almost instantly early Mon- of the opportunity to win one of day evening, when his car rammed the blankets by guessing how long into the rear of a two-ton truck at the ice would take to melt. Guess a terrific rate of speed six miles were accepted until 10 o'clock north of Sikeston on Highway 61 Saturday morning. First prize was won bv Opa! Occupants or the truck were not _ 4 ot DOi Fletcher avenue. hurt seriously, the driver. Doyle Lackey, escaping without injury while his brother-in-law. Charles Gum. was treated here by Dr. H. B. Throgmorton for a slightly in- jured left arm. Crisler's automo- bile, a 1939 Chevrolet Master coupe, was shredded and nearly totally demolished from its nose back past the only seat. The rear of the truck was small degree. who was given a S4.9S blanket, and second prize by Arabelle Howbv of 711 Matthews, who won the S2.9S blanket. Willard Westmoreland. who. with the two prize winners, guess- ed 33 hours as the time required for the ice to melt, was eliminated in the drawing that determined the status of the winners, onlv two damaged to prizes being offered. I Thg Qf blankets at a special Crisler. on his way to Jackson. price thafc xvil] this crashed into the truck shortly be fore seven o'clock, "at least half fall, was more than satisfactory. Paul Brown. store, reports, blankets was manager of the The sale of the given exclusive The an hour before sundown." w nesses said. The accident occurred at a newspaper advertising in point less than half a mile north j Sikeston Herald last week. of Smith's Store and Garage j ___________________ Immediately following the crash, i ADVANCE WOMAN" HURT Crisler's mangled and bloody! ____ near-lifeless body was taken from j Otis Goza was Melon Market Opens Monday Wesco Company Again to Operate Cash Markets in District. The Wesco Foods Company, which operated cash .markets for; watermelons in Southeast Missouri' the past two seasons, will again! buy melons in this district this vear and will open markets here and at several other points next Monday. The company buys melons bv j weight, and their methods of deal- j ing with the growers have gener- ally been very satisfactory Pro- vailing pnces are posted each day. so that the grower knows in ad- vance just what he is to receive for his product i Markets will be operated at Sikeston. Charleston. Bert rand i McMullin and Matthews. The main office will be located in the j Matthews building on East Ma- lone avenue and will be in i of D. H. Shoffner of Plant City Fla.. and N. Kaufman of Chicago. Those in charge of buying mel- ons at the various stations are. SUGGESTED AS WARDEN OF STATE PENTTENTIAKY Murder Suspect Here Sunday Charged with Killing Stepmother. Illinois officers were in Sikeston NO BOXES "FOR RENT" AT LOCAL POST OFFICE For the first time in the histoiy of the !oca! post office, all lock boxes are "sold out." Postmaster Cape Girardeau Man Is Pleas M Malcolm stud yesterday There are a total of 2S7 boxes for rental purposes in the pijst office building Another "block" of boxes, Tuesday morning checking details prifinSr about Tr, nev, in regard to the movements dur- ing the week-end of George W Gore Jr. 13-year-old Cape Girar Mr MaJcoln] requested and, it is that thev will be installe i soon. dean who has been charged with murder in connection with the bed- room slaving of his stepmother. Mrs Geo. W. Gore of Ill Sunday morning. The Illinois officers the investigation in Souther's" Missouri and who were in ton Tuesday are said to have been i Chief of Police James Mundell 01 Benton and Sam Malone of the Illinois office of criminal Some of the boxes in the office building have the property of one for years. Dan McCoy at present be- ing thought to be the oldest bo'-; holder. Until three vears ago when he relinquished hLs box. J. W. Baker Sr. was the holder of ner's Jllr-v had charged Taylor as the "oldest" box in the post office Receipts for boxes, as u ell as general receipts, are increasing Bond for Murder Suspects Suit Against City Results in Act of Withdrawal. The c-ise involving W T Tay- lor and Mrs. Xelhe B Hoskir_s_ negroes, the former charged with the slaying of the Litter's hus- band. Georse Hoskins. con- tinued to the r.ext term or cir- cuit court this week and both placed under three thousar. i dol- lar bond The case had transferred Lo circuit court by Justice Tom Hodgkiss of Benton after a coro- being implicated in the death of Hoskins on July 15 in a tenant house near the Mississippi countv line just inside Scott countv. Both TOM SCOTT Tom Scott Named Warden of Prison steauilv. Mr. Malcolm said, adding TT gatlon. who were accompanied bv Tavlor and the Hoskins woman _ _ TI T, that the parcel post business has1 Mayor C. Edwin Hair of Benton. h 1 for the past six months been a Accordng to information giver, Christmas rush." The Herald local hotel. were held for circuit court after denials and confessions implicated both in the murder. Non-Suit in Damage- Suit. Attorney M. G- Gresham. acting at a local noiei. Employees of the post office. Mr. and Mrs. Gore checked in at other Mr Malcolm_ include i the hotel at noon Sunday, pay- Wilson. assistant post- j ing the room rate in advance and master- Chris L Francis John F I for Mary Davis in a SloOO suit leaving the hotel early Monday i Wood C C Cummins Roy Wag- against the City of Sikeston. wa3 _________ _____ ______ ___. morning. They are thought to have i ner Harry Young. Frank Sibley j granted leave to withdraw the I M. J. Youngblood at Sikeston. j Governor Stark Appoints i left Sikeston for Cape Girardeau j Flewelling clerks' L 'case and enter non-suit with leave Grover Jackson at Charleston. J Former Deputy tO on the five c'ock Greyhound bus. E Willard Mount and L. J.! to refile later. The plaintiff was Chief Post State's Attorney Rea Jones of j Langley. regular carriers: Jesse: suing the city for damages suf- i Benton. 111., issued the warrant for Chapman and Robert Struwe. sub- fered when her dwelling, which 'Gore's arrest after three days' in- stitute carriers: Eli Williams and.5he her s0" occupied at the vestigation during which both j Frank Dye. rural carriers, and I of the home of Dr. J. F. Wa Gore and his wife. Kathryn. were Johnnv Hitt. substitute rural car-' ters- 40t Hunter street, was torn E. Neal at McMullin. C. E i ford at Bertram! and j Gardner at Matthews. Lank- Appointment of Tom Scott of The Wesco Foods Company is Benton_ former sheriff of I 5 a subsidiary' of the Kroger Gro- the wreckage and he was brought i injured late Tuesday afternoon back into Sikeston by a man by xvhen the automobile her husband the name of Riggs. Riggs. on his I was driving and a truck collided way to his home m Cape Girar- near Richard Kut- deau and accompanied by his mother and his small niece, told people at the scene of the wreck that Crisler had pass ed him a few minutes before the accident. Riggs stated that he was driving about sixty miles an hour and that the automobile driv- en bv Crisler sped past him. Lackey, driver of the truck, was returning from Grant's Store -it scher of Jackson, driver of the truck, was unhurt. Traffic Accidents in District Show Increase eery and Baking Company i Dunklin County Melons On j Market. Watermelon shipping in Dunklm county started last week, with j eight carloads having been ship- I ned from the southern end of the county, at a price of 5110 per car. county, as warden of the Missouri State Penitentiary. was reconi- j mended yesterday Lloyd C Stark v-. n bv Governor taken into custody and questioned rier. Mrs. Gore later was released i down by the defendant under pro- Approximately 15.000 persons of i test- She actual dam- Gore was released under the Sikeston district are served asre :ind punitive damages 0 fhmiio-h the facilities of the The action was taken by the Scott would fill the nosf vic-int bai1 to await action of the Septenu tne facilities 01 trie J oeon wouiu ini uie post '_ ton rxist nffire citv in 193. after the structure several -ionths 1 ber Jurv when arraigneo ton post omce. since the death ago of Frank Ramsey of Jefferson yesterday before Justice George City. Edison Blagg of Maryville j B Shaw. A preliminary hearing, will continue as deputy warden sought by defense counsel, was "melons Scott's appointment as warder. 1 set for August 1 The bond was are leaving the countv daily, it must be made formally bv {he I signed by his father and an aunt I is reported Approximately 100 carloads of j penal board, which invariably fol Mrs Emma Choisser of Benton. j lows the suggestion of the Gover- The defendant did not indicate McMullin. w-here his vehicle ha'? An increase of nearly per cent in highway accidents in Southeast Missouri during the past melons have been shipped over the i Frisco lines from Bucoda. it was I reported this morning nor whether he would return to his i Frisco Proposes New Bus Service A new bus service, to be es- tablished bv the Frisco Railroad DIES undergone some repair work in six months was reported this week j the garage there. According to j Dy captain A. D. Sheppard of j MALDEN FARMER Lackey, he had slowed his truck Troop "E" of the State Highway down to a near stop to allow an- j patrol from his office in Poplar other truck to clear the mouth o' Bluff. a lane leading off the highway had been condemned bv the city. j Suit was filed for the March term of circuit court in 193S and actual i damages of S6000 were asked aa as S 10. 000 punitive damages. When ihe case came up it was dismissed because of the failure of the plaintiff to post a costs bond Other Cases. Clvde Henson. negro, was given The new warden-designate serv- home in Cape Girardeau or re ed as deputy warden for several j main in Benton j from Cape Girardeau south into years, resigning last year to make j Gore demed any connection with, northeast Arkansas was discussed! "years" f or robberv ami's en the race for Scott county collector! ciavinp- inri claimed he and! j ,_ I Lne anQ <-ia.imto. iit <1IIU at a hearmp held in St. Louis yes-1 tenced to intermediate retorma- on the Democratic ticket'In which i his wife were in Southeast Mis- i contest he was defeated by C K. souri an last week-end. He told From January 1 until June 30 east toward Lackey's home abou. j Qf lms wfire n2 RCC1_ half a mile away. The second _ truck was headed south but waa mov-ing on the shoulder on the .v, i, "w-onr- side of the road awav Laat year the total number from a cantaloupe stand, where accidents reported it had atopped were i peood w-as injured late w-hen a team ol bolted with a hay wagon on his 22 counties patrolled farm. 21- miles north of Maiden. Felker. the incumbent Since leaving I police he did not know of the death merce terdav before the Interstate Com- by Judge Kelly in the light criminal docket for the nast Commission during 01 the and dragged him some distance jSollie Brown. 39. died two hours I Qf later at a Poplar Bluff hospital. stepmother until he read it Details of the proposed new year, he has made his home on his jn st LOIUS newspapers Monday service have not yet been decided morning upon, but it is expected that the Mrs. Gore. 45. second wife of the schedule to be maintained if the 65 year-old physician who also line is established would include. farm near Benton. where he is en- gaged in the livestock business. Scott is a close friend of Rav B. insursnt o superintendent, who is generailv maintained offices in Cape Girar- The trucks were side by side w-hen the accident oc- curred. Witnesses told The Herald that Lackey had given proper driver's The increase may be in part due to the fact that troopers this year report all accidents which come to their attention while last year only j Brown was thrown from the wa- j credited with advising Governor J gon onto the shattered end of the stark on political appointments in I wagon tongue, which was broken Southeast Missoun. I when his team became frightened and bolted Doctors said he was dean, was shot to death early Sun- on a porch where a light ex- service. Such press and mail towns as Sikeston. Xew Madrid signals and that a car immediate- accidents m which ly trailing Lackey turned out somebody was hurt or killed were round him but that the automo- j reported- However. that does not reflect favorably in the report of persons i "nearly cut in two." Brown was a well-knov-n farm- er of the Maiden community. He RUSSELL REUNION AT ELLINGTON TOMORROW Mr. and Mrs. Arch S. Russell day morning i she and her husband had been j Hayti. Caruthersville. Kennett sleeping The killer smashed -i several towns in the northeast part pane of glass in an outer door and of Arkansas would be served. The only objector to the applica- court of common pleas tiori filed by the Frisco was Continued were the of Dixie Greyhound Lines, operatm- I Lester Edwards in which he asked fned five bullets into the woman as she arose to investigate Fred Holland of Farrnmgton was given years in the peni- tentiary for fraud with sentence to begin May 16. when he was jailed for obtaining money under false pretenses here ir. Sikeston on what turned out to be a swindle. A change of was taken ur the suit for damages against S YV. Barton by Lost Trail. Inc. The case went to the Cape Girardeau bile driven by Crisler. "goin; about seventy-five miles an hour, failed to go around the truck. is survived bv his widow and three and daughter. Miss Emily. Mr. killed and injured. Riggs came upon the scene and I The first six months nf this brought Crisler back to Sikeston. year shows 3S1 injured, an in- children. NAVY MAN VISITING BROTHER IN STKESTON and Mrs J. E. Dover. Mr. and Mrs John Russell and Tev Russell will attend a celebration to be held a: Ellington. Mo tomorrow. when FUNERAL HELD SUNDAY FOR MRS. GEORGE STUI'PV a motor-bus servic- tory. A new bus line Funeral services for Mrs. Bessie Bluff Kennett establishe Stuppy. wife of George Stuppy. tmg week Frisco held Sunuay where a doctor was summoned crease of 92 over th Crisler. however, was found to be injured in the same in too serious a condition for treat year, ment and Albritton's ambulance called to hi in to a Cape hospital. Before the victim could be plac- ed in the ambulance, however, he total. 289. period last Fatalities for the first six- months nf the two years art shown as follows: 1939. 38 killed. 1938. 27 killed. Captain Sheppard said that the died. His body was taken to big increase is. of course, partly brftton Undertaking Co.. where an due to the tact that the Patrol examination was made and his has a "complete coverage" on re- family notified. The body was rr- ports of such accidents this yea- moved to a Xew Madrid funeral '.-.hile last year many of them were home later Monday night. not reported. A long deep cut on the left side have about 97 per cent of Cnsler's head iaid bare the complete coverage." he said "Any skull showing a compound frac comparison made with last year ture that may have been the im- and this year can. therefore, hard- mediate cause of his death, al- ly be considered as authentic though his neck appeared to e cause last year we did riot get been broken and he had siif- complete reports." fered other noticeable internal Mr. ana Mrs. Jerry D Russell will I afterncxin. July 2.j. at the Sikesuon T-niis observe their golden wedding an-i t T- L.iim E WOMAN at Sikeston hich school. The groom, who attended Charleston on Sunday. August at Apple- grandchildren. Charles gate's Grove in the McMullin and Betty Ann Ray. Out-of-town schools, is, engaged in farming with his father, and the young couple plan to make their home at th farm residence for the present MILK SPILLED AS DAIRY TRUCK was caused by a fire which the Marshall farmiv will be held Matthews survive, as broke out Tuesday night in th. new- Dexter Theatre. Dr. T. G. Brenlinger. owner of community. Plans are being out-of-town relatives and the theatre, was rewinding a film formulated for the ar.nual event. friends wno attended the funeral when it caught on fire. The audi- at which a larger number than Sunday were Mrs. James ence marched quietly outside and usuai expected t.) attend. Of Memphis. Tenn Mrs i i John R McCullough of St. Louis. THE WEATHER. Mra Susie Douglas. Mrs. Pierce Approximately 12o gallons ,n Dou-las Mrs Mildred Lemon and nulk was spilled, and two automo- Cooler nights and slightly low-' children of Mayfield. Ky.. Mrs. biles were considerably damaged er temperatures this week afford- Jack Latimer. Mrs. Eva Latimer. at six o'clock this morning, wrier. ed Southeast Missounans a meas- Miss Charlotte 'Latimer. Howard a Reiss Dairy tnscK. oriven by H ure of relief from the continuous Latimer. all of Marston. Mr. and K Lane, collided the rear on.: firemen had the blaze under con- trol within a few minutes. Dr. Brentlinger suffered painful burns on his right hand and arm. HIGH SCHOOL BAND TO PLAY TONIGHT I T_ 1 1 'L IL 1 i i 1 4 -J t....--. 1 V. 3 Vi oppressive heat that has made Mrs. Robert McBride and children, of a Chevrolet co.u-h driven by Julv one of the most disagreeable Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd McEride and Glenn Alexander. r.t-r.> ice> r. at Church of the in Wednesday r'.ir Mrs The bride was a junior List yea- Rlttu. res-.'ient who dievi .it fr-e o cuH'k .it the of a Ezra in Morohouse Kev. Harold Ray was in charge- of the services ana :r.ter- mer.: in the Sikeston citv cemetery with Arden Ellise service. Mrs. Wnght. who AS NTarch 13. !So7. died of the ties of ailvanceti age She sper.t her early life in Ker-.tuokv but many years had rr.riiie her in Morehouse. Surviving Mrs sons. Ezra. Albert Wnght. all of Moreh V, -j Members of the Sikeston high one thp most school band, under the direction of nlontns of lne year Threatening children of materialize, and the need for I End- of Cape Girardeau. be felt Earl Mertz of Commerce. mn? R. D. Sorrells. high school music Lhunderstorms and showers failed Ol'.i- supervisor, will present a brief con- cert at o'clock tonight pre- ceding the Softball game, it has Verritorv. been announced. report. A short program of familiar Continued "fair and warmer" is music will be played by the young tne forecast for Southeast Missouri musicians. during the next several days. Oran. Mr. and Mrs Sikeston Groves and Miss Goldia Me- The accident IRONTON EDITOR OF PNETMONIA way 61 S-.keston about Lar.e High- north of to State Tuesday afternoon the band played a number of selections in American Legion Park, drawing a large crowd of listeners. The maximum temperature for Gus Rittt-r of Ste Genevieve and Mrs Albert Stone of Cairo. Ill Mrs. A. D Anderson of Rorno- land. Calif who is making an ex- tended visit at the home of Mr Trooper John Tandy, who investi- ter gated the accident, that the negn 1 pulled across the line as he management of the weekly paper, and a daughter. Mrs. P. U DeSoto. 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