Monday, August 25, 1919

Moberly Monitor Index

Location: Moberly, Missouri

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Text Content of Page 1 of Moberly Monitor Index on Monday, August 25, 1919

Moberly Monitor-Index (Newspaper) - August 25, 1919, Moberly, Missouri VOLUME 1 Member Associated Press BY MOBERLY INDEX PRINTING CO KIOBERLY EVENING AUGUST 25 1919 H0WT ROOSEVELT IADE PEACE WHEN September Number Tells Story of Remarkable Performance DEATH OF J R NEIL MUNTSV1LLE CONTRACTOR Tuesday Funeral by W T Men ton Fotloweci By Burial in iho Ccmejery John H Neil died fvoning in at oclock Woodland hos Mob or y Mon it or Establfsh cd 18 C 9 Moberly Index 1916 PALMERTO GET DORMER PRESIDENT HANDLED JOB ALONE Jphn Hay Was Oriticaly 111 Secretary Root Had De signed and Secretary Taft in Phillipines many By Associated Press NEW YORK Aug Buckim Bishop for SO yearsa per sonal friend of Colonel Theodore ItoosovoH and who five before the former death commissioned by him to wrlto tho history of tjiie period which covered his public career prCscntH In tho September Issueof Scribnefs Maga zine the flrH of a of paporn which gives for the Hrst time interesting Bidclfghls on the tho famous American The paper entitled Peacemaker selected and arranged from the expresidents public and private corrcHpodence amounting to more than 150000 letters deals with MrRoosevelts efforts to end he war between Russian and Japan ana which resulted in Portsmouth Peace Conference of 1000 For the first time apparently is revealed the fact that Japan nmdc tho injtial overtures for peace Four days Ofter the great Japanese naval victory over Rojestvonskys fleet in the Sen of Japan on May 27J 905 the minister of foreign aJVaini of Ja pan the letters show cabled Minis UT Tnkahirn Jn Washington to invoko Roosevelts aid a mediator J was amused wrote the presi by tho way in vhicb they me to invite Iho two dkOctly on my own Iho recweHt for contribuUbiiH sent jy campaign commltteea to ers wherein wero asked to rnako contrjbutioiipf ton er cent of their salary It showed a certain naivete on tho part of tho pltul of a complication of He had long buen afflicted wilh heart trouble and disease and a recent attack of influenza uggravat ed tho diseastH resulting in dealii He wan Oii years old having bean born in Louisville Ky August 10 1857 Ho in survived by a wife and eight children The sons are 0 W XTell Melloitc South Dakota A B Neil TulHH Okla A H Noil J K Neil and L I Neil all of this city and Mrs W B Slrawn Ilotaiiigton Kan sas Miss MaudeNeil of this cfty one sislur Mrs Waller of Ccntralia and one brother J Neils of Louinville Ky Mr Neil wan a well known con tractor He eaine io Mpberly J88JJ and moved io IlunlBville in JH8f where be has since resided Tin funeral will be conducted by Rev AV T IkiiKon al 10 oclock Tuesday morning in the Martin and Mahan undertaking parlors Inter ment in the Vince cemetery three and onehalf miles northeast of Mu bcrly By special request of de ceased the remains will be buried by the graven of u brother and slater who rest in that cemetery Olp LANDMARK BURNED SUNDAY LABOR CONFERS WITH WILSON Conference at White liouso Today tho Shop Slvilui Situation i stip in over a from iho cabinet enrlior and Bneretary According to his blographor every the negotiatlonB extending period of throe months was lajccn by MrRpqHovcijt without tho aid of any of bin nioat trusted couasel lora Hay his secretary of stale bolng critically ill Secretary Roof having many months Tuft being jn iho Philippines Ono reads tho thtek vnlumes Of his corrospoiidonce with aiiiaxeinent bordiring an incrodulity writes Mr Uishop It IB incredible that one man could do so much and HO well In no other laHit abnormal energy cal of Theodore RpoKcvolt put to a severer tent and from nore did ornvrre moro triumphantly His tivity was as UrdosB an his fvihiens was inoxhauntiblo The presidents activity was direet cd ho ualuYto not only wteadily and the mental and physi he ac irrlHiHtibly wyrriag forcing into Houso Oulh b Lnt R Tcrrill Furnl Oulh by Lnto John Consuiuod tuul Ixiro l At about two niorniiifc a party of Higbe th the a eonforeneu hul bringing other nallomt like KnKhnul Frixiice and Gormany to the support of hla Rus sia balked and showed of re funal he persuaded the kaiser to brluK pressure upon tho exar In tho intcrcHt of peace If Japan showed similar aiguv England appealed to to bring protmuro upon bur In Ihu end Xjoririany iilono really holpod and Roosevelt gnvo unstIntod pruiHo to the kalaor aftenvnrd for what ho did then In all of this tbo colonel wrote without restraint or reservation In a conUdcntlal tor to liny he roforrcd to tho Uaiser an a monomaniac and n juinpy crcaluru who has had another fit11 In another mintslvo ho Iho former emperor of is a pi litjjo creature m tho abnolutr of 150000000 poople day and often mwiirnl times a tiny heurged Iho owipororn of JUH siaand Japan to agroo upon tcrimt of pence Once ho uvfriend s Tho more I sec o the tho kaiser awl tho mikado tho bolter I am content with if hnvo to include the American newspapers as one of would bo bettor term auto Sunday people flaw flames hunting from the roof Vf Ihe house on Ihe McCain farm about one and onehalf miles south of thin elly They luiHtened lo notify L Mc and ho phoned to MrandMM ter of iiesldn of South Clark They soon arrived at the ffre unable to unvo anything slneiUhe walls were falling when they got to flu country Ilemhel 1 Joskin nnd family live on the farm and for iwu weuks Mrsi Defikln had been visiting at Granite City near Dus Molnes Iowa ami Friday nighl air Ouskin went lo Iowa aiul after attending Un fair they expected lo come bom middle of the week But they enme homo last night in response lo a telling of ihitt miyforiune The origin of the fire IH unknown and Iho Insuramro on the bonne nn wo 11 an the furniture will ho quaie to roplaee the ruijfi enused by Ihc flames Thin SVHH one of tinoldest housni In this par I of tho ulnle having built by tho hile IU v John It Terrill an old time BapliHt preacher beawenn sixty or sevenly ycani building well kept and of the lundmurkH of thin county During1 Ihe war Kev Torrill romalixd aLhome and freqiumt Kenrehea of houne wero madebut he iouk all philorophbiil manner Upnn one able occasion a friend of the family who helonfcd to the Union army wiut homo and a batul of iUtaokcd ho house foihifjcwhen Mrs rllla mother MM Nellie DtJMkln stuck her bend out of the window nnd naked if hey wen making war on and children One of the rjtldviH caullonvd her to her oul of the way nnd after a few more wordy encounters they rellrcd a shoil giving the it time U Blip out of theramblinii hoiuso Whon they cuino back and searched ihe liouse the old Judy gave them a piece of her mind ami until after the Avwr didthe utiavkim parly Usnrn how their man had tdud od them Rev Terrill often nerved ah u med iator stimdinit Rood for the behavior of luon an I with The wan one in a no for sympathies wero of iht controversy a itutn breuk fiiith both Hidesi nuver did him Naturally the old timers tell mnny HtorieH of tho happy an I eventful ilayi of tlte UMg ago when Ihit old Terrill honuiitead wan the weone of many family and neighbor Mrs 1 W Martin has1 from an enjoyable visit with tlveu in Fulton and Jeffcrmtn City WASHINGTON Aujf UalioiiH between the Hhopmen and tho railroad adminLstration will bo con tinued at the White HOUHO this after noon when FroHident Wilson will re ceive Director HincH and the repre of the shopmen The iiegotiationH for a in crease which wero opened when the umuithomod strike of shopmen came to an end have been carried on for four days in executive Kesnions The Irofiidenl cancelled a number of other entiaKcments this afternoon in order to receive the conferees Jle in anx iouH over the they are mak ing and tlio conchiHioiiH Ihey a reaching The HGURO Appropriations VXvc to Give Him WASHINGTON neyCionerai Palmer dOO000 io conduct ii drive on ihe profiteers ho ATTACKS KENYON BILL H Weltf Iijcroaso in of UVIMK Will Rcmih From iho WASHINGTON AUR Tn cream in the of living will result Hhould the Kcnyon bill to regulate tin packing industry be enacted into law lyM Weld bead of distribution de partment of Hwift Co told the agricultural committee today Tho main objection to the bill la in the fact that it wnH baaed on repre of tho Federal Trade Com which are saturated with flaring inaecuracIoH and miSHlate nitnlH This1 in itseff would be enough to condemn tho but the matter does Jiot rent there but cauje if pnsHrnJ it will further in Hate the pniHent of meat products Uie present the average paid for cattle on the hoof IH fundw for the same rejected by the House Committee It was slated also that for by the food 1VVV with which to employ federal juves lijrutora will be turned will jcive all that he links for and his taking llje steps eompliHh the task of brintfihg to justice the1 violators of con trol act under which he given very broad powers man of the committee the antiprof i urc passed by the House comeH up in the Senate efforts made to amend renpectH Senator Jhmhviek ifjHippj wilt attempt to have extended to include therea and rental profiteer while fight is expected on the ejfejn the firniH hSfl tijan died thousand dollaru nually s 0 WILL LID COME OFF B WIT CHASE HAS BEEN ABANDONED BYO TROOPS JSighfli Cavalry and Accom panying Aeroplanes Have Been Ordered Back DAVIS STORY the TWP Alight nnd Get in Wrong Rotated By Him MUCH BENEFIT HAS RESULTED CHAJ3E All Brigands in Miles in Widfcji South of Border Have Been Driv en to Mountains pirlci The meat and biproductH are Hold for Oft05 leaving for Tho to leaving flow will you cut and gome i net pn margin TWO PROVJNCES EXCLUDEDfl Cftbbmt TnlfoAc Rclniivo to Proposed Coiifiorliuiu My lreaH TOKIO Japan IK reported that nl day the Imperial cabinet of Japan upholding Ihe opinirmH Advanced by tho military element in Die govern ment decided to inniyt upon the chiHion of Manchuria and Mongolia from ihe by which Unl United platen Jrat Urilain IVanea and Japan will aHHiime dominant siliona In ihe financeH ofChina It in said that nogotiaiionB with the will bo ivHumed on that OCTOBER DcpnrlmeHl un IRST Will RcKch Thar Data mob VVASHINGTON Aug mobijixation is continuing HulViciently high to ber 30 the armyB authorisicdjjfrbiigth of 225000 men the war announced today The possibility of the the wartime prohibition acl has created no little tlic By JohiiEdwin Kevins SAN ANTONIO Texas Aug The American punitive expedition made ui of troops of the 8th Cavalry Company IB back from its long chaHc for tho Mexican bandits The pur suit ended when the hot trail was lost The members of the bund of brigands who hold Lieu Is Peterson and Davis American aviators for a random of 15000 escaped into the southern buttheir leader JCSIIK Ranelcrio was positively locatea more than fifty miles south of the fartherest point reached by tho expe dition 4 t llencterio wan located at a ranch near San Pedro t This news caused the Americans to withdraw as there no longer existed any chance of over Army headquarters well satisfied with the him however are MAKUA Tex Aug 25rLieutcn ants Peterson and Davis who relum ed to Marfa yesterday after leading the American expedition into th mountainous regions of Mexico last week in n Hot Trail11 effort to locale nnd capture Jesus ReiieleHo and hli bund ofbrigands dictated their ful story concerning the manner in which came to be taken caplivesby the bandits lo an I N S correspondent yesterday afternoon The gins as follows with Davis though frequently prompted by Pot urson J left here al 0 oclock Sunday morning August lOto make a patrol fromJLnjaotis to Bosqvus Wr reach ed Lajabtisjil oclock and Went fffom there lo Preisi following what wo supposed was Graiide Riv er but Which in WQS Conchns The mistake was duo tjio swollen condition of the river made it appear much larger tjuin we knew the Conchas to bo We continued to follow the river until we approached n railroad ing not shown on the map we wero holding Wo reached this crossing at H30tA M Having in air then for two hoirs and onchnlf we decided to return lo Marfa Shortly after decidmg sjart and were affording adequate pro jCroni there Thero have been discharged 3352 4 8 1 oiyieers and men and 92 per ceri t emergency troops have betm of the disuhargcd At the end of July theiv had been 580 desertions since Iebt ruary last TREATY UP Supienio Council Itoctiivec Formal Notification of By PARIS Aug troaty with by It will prob dele be Austria Ls being fiuprenx conned today ably be handed to llu gates tomorrow day a from that timn unfcsH atfk forlonger delay VLADIVOSTOCK EXCITED Ijy Afluociufed Prejm PARIS Aug rejdffnation LONDON Aug Hungarian cabinet of surrounded by InnurgenU and tho Joseph previously reported Jn town with refugees accordiidvlceH IH announced jn ing Iho Bolshevik wtrolowj recoiVreceived by the Supreme Council io CM hero today It utaliH that the day The meHHages indiciUttl tho JupntiOHo Hqnadron ban arrived at occurred tjiilurdny night VladivoHtoek mnd that the ormation of cab inut had already begun CIRCUS AT MACON Quite a number of our elllzenn at tondod the Yankee Rohlmion eirtiuii ia Mnuon today A meHHage from iheix said Hint thn attendanco wan romiirk able and the fact hut the pa Ctuy Gwynn of ono of Iho first five jnen to hmvo AJo county for overscan duty served with tlu Jlrd Djvhilon Kranec and CJnrnjany han Banded rade was delayed until after tho noon New York and will probably be spnt hour it IH nuid that no one went home lo Camp Dodge for de EAIIROADSHOP MEN AWARDED WN HOURS PAY Kftll KiaHT HOURS results of the chase into Mexican ter ritory These are pointed out to be All of tho bandit gungH be tween the border lino and a line fifty miles to the nouth of tho border have been scattered and the Mexicans have learned that the American fear to the border no longer exists 2 All of the mountain passes have been located the American aviators who in a mcnuurc have been L property American citi zens and within a short timq arrange ments will be eftected whpreby two governments will cooperate in maintaining u uompotfcnt Border vice was placed on the fact by Major General Joseph Blekman com of iho fiouthern department that the present chaso was withdrawn crossing Ihc rjver our engine became n mass of smoke were about feet and sighting a level top of it mountain we steeled it as tho only safe place lo attempt a landing fho airship was tnially wrecked in making the landing From this point we proceeded down a valley1 where we secured it drink and some food from ta Mexi can settler who wa8 unable to tejl where we were or to go to get anywhere sowe fitnrjed out and till after midnight Monday night Tuesday wo ivalkcsd UBORCAPITAL Missouri Governor Would Also Open All Western Lands to Settlement SAYS SITUATION Declares Cost of Living Be Reduced and That at 0noe for Present Condi tions Intolerable fr c WITH1ESS CAUSE Thii in Former Minister From Our Condition complications arising from the pros nce of American troops on Mexican aoll A telegram from Col to Col Oickmon aUting Gen gqnernl who tho bandits troopa of Prtinedn also was In pursuit of askod If the American bo retained to aid in capture tljo VillnutaH bandits near Thin eommiftHinn wart not Urn U S troopn wcnL ncroaH iho lino to perform a tlrflnito duty initl fuU in thivt they could bo held for pther iurpoae WhpUior Cnrranxn troops that pent on tho trail of tho Jlonc toriobandjtB arc on tlic chapb not known Jiojv IV American troopH kilhid six band KB Mix and woundud KOvorul otjiora WA8IUNOTON withdrawn of the h in ol work Uaihoa oon Admin Wilson iivos of n WASIIINCiTON Aug ol Uiornilronds rotinritl ion hours pay For digji lioiirM award ns doltMininnd upon by Director Minos uimonnctjd ly his nllonioon lio rofoived lie oini hundrod and incitthiTK railroad award amounts in oflVt o an of por hour and lo May I had anlvcd for j1 and Jl intcrnaiiona orruors Ilio nnionn cdnro undprwlood lo have iniiinaicd hoy holiovcd Jiion who we ill otif on he miaul horixed nirike UK well wluii rlid IHJ nl will with Jho Tho iinaicl fou Thn pur hour nc IIK tho expedition formally was u dJHpatch made public by tho war department hero today y men Included a communicntion from Major jiitttral Irwin to MajorGen oral tticjtman commaricjer of Houthorn and Htatcd HvportH from lort Hnncock that further of the M bandiU IH fulilo and that he tion will not Accomplish js 1 have tharuforo ordered Ihe i mined roturn of the lroopn conititutiiiK just us soon UH poHiUvG hope moro catching tho particular Irlho of out lawfl for whiqh the expedition had been went wan abandoned This it SB prevents any diplomatic ST LOUIS Mo Aug in the United Stales plhdr cause for jt thay in country in the world accord ing to Sir M Vi8VC8araya former cjilof minister of tho State pf who iiiVfoitiiHjr this city is making n tour of thu world jng economic Bocial and governmen tal conditionn homo in in Hnng India The in tho mofit this planet snyrn ViBvenvuraya He explains the United States country on for high of grlvo no nnUo tlje pnrost of iho pupplo rtnd prices in United SlaUHj due to war gnya Visvcmvaraya mJtyt wpratop pcd all prorluction jn Europe and this od to ipcreaacd prices I thn rxprdlfioii made later Kull report will Another dinpalch to Adjutant Hnr award particularly in vunv of the Bin the government is making lo bring down IK drive linl cos I oi li Colonel littndhornn hna bron given nnlcru to withdraw bin forces unlem HucccHa immediate THE WEATHER Somowhut unsettled in northwent portions fair in awt and south portions tonight nnd tomorrow Not rnueh change in UmjHrtiliirp believejn a fow yourf wheil tion again becomesiiorma over there the prices will conic down and5 wo will Jiavo a happier world has fowcr resources Jhair America and fewer thinking men to dovalop them Production is greatrr here than anywhere dueand am un nblo to undoroland the unroot Thto Hhould he tht5 most favored country In the world yet there lo Ije llttlo Btability to anything here cuiJKJdors strikes the moHt cflccUvi which labor may obtain 1 but thinks pint the government and the men higher up would figure out some way of ifottliittf difVieultieft without strikes The difficulties between capital and labor aro interfering with dUclion ho continued In my country laborers getting nn aver nge of 25 cents u Jaycpmpfircd ning to bo Poor over lu1 re Unions fliv junt porrtonB in India do not eat meat but live on barley rice and other It seems to me that labor hpre bus mimd iU Klandurd livingAnd forced up to maintain fltiindard The middle duns has lowt itn former position while tbo ay of laborers li puy more inciearnd for labor thnn for CITY Aug U Governor Grtrtlner 13 bnck in Jrffer son City for the governors confer encc ui Salt Lake City Hc b head of hc committee appointed by to confer tvUh Attorney Gonoral Palmer and lalvr with President VMiJl son relative high coat of jtying eommjtfec ia mrulcup of the governors of MujsouYf Minnesota huno Montana Arizona and South Caro will juiei Palmer at 10 A M Friday August Governor Qoruncr will Washington Wednesday will Accompanied by AttorneyGeneral Frank W McAlltfiur4 The serious icss of the food and induBirialsitua ion Jjas jrnpresaed GovornoV icr so forcefully lhat he nays he will evivc the Stato Council of Dcfonno mmediatcly nflcr ho returns 4 from Washington To the body as it instituted during war wUh B Mumford of Columbia chnlrnmnV 4 he will add iho circuit attorney of St Louis and Ihc prosecutingl attorneys J of Jackson and Buchanan counties I am convinced that the situation is very serious1 the governor I um mi optomist because I be jiftvc tlie licads and tho good judgment cofnmon sense oif the H condttions fire intolerable for man of avenge means1 V From his al Mia Lake conference Governor Gardner declares that Ihrce things must be brought nboul United Stales Senate must tnke definite qnd prompt on the i peace treaty Jt musl bo rejected at once and sonic other basis determined or itmust be accept4 cd hero must bn Increased production and strikva and Ipckouts iiU8t stop o secure t must cnte an in nlood should unite Jn nlour tlmt v Gardner f unhyr thai he favors and will suggest that be a grenfc iinlionaleonforcncc called by President Clampers of American Federation of Labor and Qhairmai pf the Cltuiftljcr Xf Comngrcr of ICmployorH rjful Eni pjoyecs to arrive at some fundnmoni basis for a working agreement that will bind both sides and that wiU be lived up Jo by ihe whole country Another tljafc J bo by tho committee of the conCcrcuce ai will be that millions of owned lands in the states be soll 10 the slotos There is in the slate of for In stance Al thin time Jovojnor Gard ner 73 per cent imHix of that ntnio ThJH land sold 911 favorable to either iliu niato oV private would largely increase the production of cattle sheep and wool The governor declares that Mis souri has far been fortunate In tlmt the of living as shown by federal statistics show lhat it low er here than in Cither tHo cafefc west but The Dial living in St cannot remain longr h anys sbown fs 17 low er than in either eastern or vrtuterl AIRPLANE TO OVER who Jmf business two Ucwl Samuel Picknrd been running n sfghUKCci Ihe here for the days Jms decided to remain over to day and will jo Shrlbina to fill a tlon wilh antoplfliie at Sholbina fair

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