Friday, February 21, 1919

Jefferson City Daily Capital News

Location: Jefferson City, Missouri

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Text Content of Page 1 of Jefferson City Daily Capital News on Friday, February 21, 1919

Daily Capital News, The (Newspaper) - February 21, 1919, Jefferson City, Missouri the World NewsAn the Local when It Is News DAILY AN INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC NEWSPAPER NEWS JEFFERSON CITY FRIDAY FEBRUARY 21 1919 No 319 T L i A n iH declared the plan to nominate a instniciea to Ask iJemoeraisman without taking politics into C0n and Republican CommitfeE tees to Ikife Upon a CaiHrresillent of the dub was ot name a committee of three to as certain of commission government culd be applied to this city FIGHT OF KANSAS U CITY REPUBLICANS IS WAXING WARM Disappointed Politicians Make r Bitter Fight to Secure Special Election Legislation ANSWER THE tG 1 UNFAIR CHARGES MADE tD ELIMINATE PARTY DECIDE Y M C A MUST BE BUILT IN THE CITY it Gun in Effort to Get a M r T 7TT B M t ns Meetmff JSight Perfects fiUSineSS Man for Mayor j Organization and Plan Will Was Fired Yesterday Be Presented President A A Speer of the Com mercial Club in pursuance of a reso lution adopted by the club yesterday to attempt to remove politics from The meetingheld at the Library last night to consider the Y M C A proposition was well attended At the close the chairman was directed to ap the election of mayor in April last a citizens committee to bring night announced a committee of f definite plan to confer with the Democratic and i 9 A Be1 of Boston ant JH Banks f Republican City Committees in an spoke and explained the fort to get them to agree to support CA ami ifc the sense of the same candidate The committee is 1 meeting that an organization be perfected at once looking to a modem as follows A Branrlenberger Rev Father Se linger T Lawson Price D F Caifee building in Jefferson City Hugh Stephens was elected chair Dr Edward Mansur and Ed S Austin I majl of the meeting and iepresenta Three are Democrats and three arc j tlves wee Pepe1t from all churches Republicans in party affiliation Thojm citv committee will offer no candidate but ask the committees of both ties to agree upon a Jefferson Cityj Only the office of will be affected This is the DAIfnnfln KAILKUAD rROPAGANDA Maecisiye step in the effort to eliir1 Declares Congressmen Are Be politics from that office and lias i the hearty support of a majority of j citizens it is believed j The committee is expected to report at of the club next j day noon at the Central Hotel Bombarded With Letters By Associated Press vASHIXGTON Feb Mr Speer also announced the folj i sentative Dyer of Missouri charged that sinister efforts were being made tenons were neingmare lowiner committee to investigate the i J ito influence members of congrses to fii 1 itT CiiCMivinrr nftivnvt i practicability of securing commission government for Jefferson City A T j Dumm Ernest W Decker and W Oakerson j Mr McHenrv declared that he had stated that if the right man could be secured for mayor lie felt the ci izens would subscribe to a fund employ an assistant to relieve h the active work For that reason Mr McHenrv declared an active busi ness man should be named Mayor Chapman was called Mr Chapman said he had studied the thp continuance of railroad A widespread propaganda has been started he said adding headquarters had been established in Washington Declare Republicans Are Trying to Bolster Up Party by Legislation The fight of some Republican politi cians of Kansas City who are disap pointed because of their defeat fur office to secure special election legis lation for their home city is waxing warm in the legislature At a committee hearing before the House committeee Wednesday evening David M Proctor defeated candidate prosecuting attorney of Jackson county accused the members of the general assembly from Jackson county of being political parasites and other things which were as equally uncom plimentary Representatives Taylor Wilkinson Keenan and Prewett of that county resent very much the charge and declare that they do not know wheth er Proctor is still sore as a result of his defeat for the office of prosecuting attorney or just playing for publicity in the Kansas City Star The argument of Proctor before p thc committee was answered by J L Harvey R E OMalley at one time Democratic nominee for mayor James Aylward chairman of thc Democratic county committee and Sam Strother chairman of the city committee It was cited by them that the pres ent election laws were enacted by a Republican house controlled by Chauncey I Filley of St Louis who during his time was a big Republican j boss and was later amended during ST MARYS HOSPITAL The Two Upper Floors of Which Were Jutted by Flames Last Night GENERAL TRAUB PRAISES TROOPS FROMISSOURI Declares the ThirtyFifth Di vision Did Great Work in the Argonne Drive GENERAL MARTIN SAYS OFFICERS MISTREATED Kansas Official Testifies They Were Transferred Without Reason ASsdciatciJ Press WASHINGTON Feb dra letters were sent be disastrous private out saying it the rail CLEMENCEAU IS REPORTED RESTING WELL affairs of the city thoroughly but the Bulletin From Paris Declares He time was growing when a man would have to be made up some way For that conduct of the financial end With the pasing of per annum lost on saloon license hefelt that it would Has Xo Excessive Tem perature the administration of Governor Had ley also a Republican The trouble with the Republicans j In Kansas City and Jackson county is that there is no Republican party i there We in Jackson county are like the Democrats of Saline Howard and i other large Democratic counties ofi the declared Mr Aylward yosj terday When the police arid election boards of Kansas City wore controlled by appointees of Governor Hadleyl the Democratic majority increased j One of the causes for our great sue cess there is the split in the opposi malic recital of the fighting of The Missouri and Kansas National Guard was given the Committee on House by Major General Traub Appearing to deny charge of the needless sacrifice of men made by Governor Allen of Kansas Genera i Traub described with great pride I work of his troop from the time Jieyj went over the top until they had j fought six days and nights over the most strongly fortified section For six days and he said we fought the best the Hoche kid We penetrated the lines for five and a half miles took prisoners and VICTOR BEGER IS CONVICTED IN COURT OF VIOLATING LAW Congressman From Milwauke Given a Penitentiary Sentence Yes terday READ AN ADDRESS DENYING DISLOYALTY Declares Punishment Could Onlj Be Dealt Out in United States and Japan 3y Associated Press PARIS Feb bulletin issued have to be made cp some way For that j this evening by the attending sur reason it would require the time of an s condition con Pulse 74 tem tion party in 1DI2 They have no recovered from it yet ami never iv concluded Mr Ayhvard It is also cited by the Kansas City I Democrats that the Hadley board wa j in control when Mayor Henry L Tost j was elected mayor by the largest jority a candidate ever received in I that citv active man to car y the city through j Qemenceaus the next two years jtinues satisfactorv i rot accept tlie pcratare i 1 BEL COMPANY FINED RATES Sts lean time for He said he wou7 nee again and he felt that politics should be forgotten in the city elecj tion Sam B Cook wa called upon Hei said he hoped to see petty politics ibandoned in the city election I am for Jefferson City he j Oklahoma Will Not Stand for remarked This brought out much anj ilause j John Sommere declared Mr Cookj lad expressed his views of the mat El I Judge Decker of the County Court uggested that if it was possible to ote oncommission form of govern lent he was heartily in favor of it it the Raise Contemplated by General Burleson By Associated Press OKLAHOMA CITY Feb Fines of were assessed against the Bell Telephone Company for put ting iiito effect rates ordered by Post Master General Burleson captured 24 of field tmd 45 machine guns lost 000 killed and wounded the mujoi ity of the latter being woundd but j slightly There never was a liner body of men than those 1 had the honoito command They a wonderful lotj wlio asked only to know what was wanted and they did it and did it well The wounded received the best of caro General Taub said the wound en through the field from the Division were hurried to the rear trucks but because of the devil ish fire they could only be moved at night One main road served the corps and one time it required 4S build a road around a cra ter causer by a German she Air planes appeared on call and flew over the German lines A shortage wasM Continued on page There is no Republican party in Jackon county and the defeated ranj didutcK are merely trying to one by legislative paid i Mr Harvey In discussing this matter Represfcni tative John H Taylor cited the tion of four years ago when two la die representing womens clubs the city stationed at ail polling places in the North End where elec tion crookedness is charged in addsj tion to Republican watchers and rep resentatives of the NonPartisan i Voters Eeague vho were there onj credentials from the Socialist ano AMERICAN TROOPS ARRIVE IN BERLIN i Are There for Purpose of tributing Food J Is Said j CHICAGO L Berger and the four other Socialists convicted of violating the espionage were each sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by Judge Landis today after he had overruled motions for a now trial Judge Landis listened patiently foi hours while each of the defendants delivered speechs on Socialism and likened themselves to the political and moral martyrs of history It was their privilege to say something before sen tence was pronounced and each took full advantage of the opportunity The sentence was the maximum IVrger is a Congressmanelect from Milwaukee and publisher of the Mil waukee Leader a Socialist daily Ho was one of the organizers with Eu gene V Deb of She National Social ist party After the motion of a new trial had i be on denied Judge Landis asked if any of the defendants desired to say anything before sentence Henry Cochems counsel for Berger declared that his clifnt wished to do so The congressmanelect thon stepped before the bar took five of typewritten matter and nervously began to read This the first of five trials T must face for the position the Socialist party and the Milwaukee Leader have taken in ihis Bergcr read I am not jruiity of the charges against me any more than Your Honor The government in this case has not shown any single instance of insub ordination or interfcrencre with the draft A verdict of this kind could not be handed down in any court racept in i the United States and possibly Japan No Lives Lost But Removal of Inmates May Result in Some Deaths It Is Thought FLAMES HARDFOUGHT BY FIRE DEPARTMENT Hundreds of Willing Hands Aid in Rescue Gardner Offers Mansion Temporarily Fire last night destroyed the root and practically the two upper floors of St Marys Hospital and caused a loss aggregating from to Thirtyfive patients many of them in a serious condition as a result of op erations recently performed were from the building but no lives were lost The fifteensisters as nurses rendered heroic sonice dur ng tlie progress of the flames in get ting their patients out of the buihl the Mother Superior and most of the nurses were getting leady for the night Father Melies who has a x on the first floor was notified and with the sisters help could be secured about the build ingthey started for the fourth floor The patients on thai floor were mostly old people They were taken down to the lower floor and for a time it seemed there was no danger Grad ually the flames spread and about 8 oclock broke through the roof a flood of light all over that parVoJ the city Hundreds of people gath ered on the scene standing in the slush and snow and watching1 the through the roof The prominenfcloi cation of the building made it easily visible from all over the west pact of thc city Then began the efforts to get the patients removed Strong men led by Father Melies Dr Haigh Dr Clark and hundreds pf others went into the rooms and picked the patients out xf their beds Sheets were The fire may have been causer by ither of two things One was he flue that runs from the lop floor o the basement and the other osition that electric liglit wires in he garret under the roof may have aused the blaze It was understood rnm early arrivals that the shaft in he building was burning some time eforc the flames broke out through lie roof Among the patients in the Hospital t the time of the fire who were res ued were Mrs Marion Ilond Crowclr aughteiof Supreme Judge and enry W Bond Dennis Kiesel ach and Mrs 15 Keown of this cftv aiouhdmblst them bodily carried out of the building L Thosc from the city were taken to their homes but those from out of the city were removed to ncaiby resi dences which were thrown open for their reception At the home of Ernest Moerschel across from the Hospital five of the worst cases were carried and Mrs Moerschel busied herself with a score of ladies in making them as comfortable as possible Four more were taken to the home of L E Giflen also directly across from the hospital They were made comfort able there One of the most danger ous cases was Mrs G Nilges who was operated upon yesterday morning She was a patient of Dr Clark and she was removed to the emergency hospital in the rear Clark said 11 of them were taken to their might not survive the and except for the excitement were j shock Mrs B Keown who has been not in a bad shape last night The in hospital was well way other patients for the most part were recovery She was taken to hei from outside of Jefferson City Many of them were from Osage Miller and home a few blocks away Mrs Dennis Kieselbach who was also operated up Gasconade counties A dozen aged on recently was removed to her home persons who occupied the top floor an automobile wore taken from the building Hundreds of willing hands aided in Fred D Gardner wife of thcitnc of the patients Some of them were brought out upon their hospital coin and were not disturbed They exhibited great governor offered the top floor of the Executive Mansion last night a temporary hospital Seven or eight1 ZrM of the patients of Drs Clark and En ami ot onc complained loe were removed to that place The womcn ovor lie city offered entire upper floor of the Mansion was jtlieir homcs temporarily for the ill ones and Fred D Gardner ar PARIS Feb troops have arrived in Berlin says a dis patch The troops are aid to belong to the Regular and LAFOLLETTE DEFENDS LOYALTY TO COUNTRY Pictures the Cause of Unrest in His Address to Senate Prohibition parties ctftd transports of food THE WEATHER MAN SAYS Cloudy Friday probably vigorousjy No crookedness was disclosed by Continued on page loyalty in the course of his address tonight in which he pictured causes i for the populai unrest in th States The senator declared he followed by rain or snow not longer permit aspersions on lower temperature on Satins loyalty and sairt he pure I democracy in this country turned over for that purpose Ernest Moerschel last night tender ed to the hospital the use of the resi dence of his father the former Jacob F Moerschel on Swifts Highway which since the death of Mr Mocr scbel has not been occupied but which is completely equipped It is likely the offer will be accepted by the sis ters The loss to the hospital is fully cov rived on the scene She found Dr Clark wading around in the water and told him that if he desired to use the top floors of the Executive Mansion she would be glad to put them in con dition to receive the patients Dr Clark had about decided last night to take up the offer of the wife of the governor in case there was no chance to get a building nearer Mrs Gard ered by insurance but the necessity said thc two floora could be for doing without it during a period j flttcfl up for hosPtal purposes of reconstruction will be the greatest Thc patients in the main were hardship St Marys Hospital repremostly from outside of Jefferson City sents an investment of about wcrc a dozen ov more from 000 There were a dozen or Osage county and some from Gas The fire started about oclock conacle countySt MaryV Capital shortly after tlie patients had beenhas a Scat reputation all over Cen given their supper Smoke was Missouri and has attracted much covered pouring out of the top floor j busijiess for that reason by a girl by the name of lone who The bulletin board ot the helps at the hospital She hastily carhanging at the front entrance con ried the news to thc lower floor where Contlnued on page

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