Thursday, December 29, 1921

Democrat Tribune

Location: Jefferson City, Missouri

Page: 1

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Democrat-Tribune (Newspaper) - December 29, 1921, Jefferson City, Missouri THURSDAY DECEMBER 29 1921 DFHOCRATTRIEUNE f SOCIETY PHONE 263 GREEN Misses HappysDance This was given oh Wednesday night at the Madison Hotel Among the guests Misses Lucile Newton Lillian Tweedie Rachel Barker Flor ence Kathen of Trenton Elizabeth Haigh Lorue Raitihel Mary Louise Clark Grace Margaret Enloe Mabel Blair Louisa Stephens Mary C Brennusen Elizabeth Talbert Grafee Mary Blair Mary Armstrong Mary Julia Dix Cathryn and Lois Blair of Jiqiplin Margaret Henley Joplin Anna Lou OLarey Spring field Jack Burkhardt Christmas Party at the Mansion A visit from Santa Glaus games and music were the pastime John Kurtzgave tions accompanied by Mrs W C Boefer Victrola records Lazy Mary and The Farmer in the Dell were sung and enacted Mary Eliza beth Baker as the motftiter Mary Elizabeth Nolan as Lazy Mary and Herbert Rosy Cheek Young Man were in costume Mrs At her home in St Louison De cember 30th Miss Janet Gardner iwill entertain with a party she writes us that the family thoroughly enjoy ing together once more in their owh home after several years of absence Miss Lucile Newton of California Mo is the guest of Miss Hortense Kolkmeyer Wednesday evening she gave a buffet supper injher honor Roses and Sictathern smilax were the decorations Miss H Thomas of St Louis will spend Thursday and Friday as the guest of Miss Helen Clark She is visiting the of these girl are attending Sacred Heart Con By FANNIE HURST Copyright 1919 by Harper and Brothers Published through ipetlal arrangement with The Wheeler SygOlcata CHAPTER 1 On a slope a white sprinkling of wood anemones lay ahead like a patch redsatin ribbon for my spring open His heart rose In his throat I bet you look swell in red Miss of linen bleaching in the sun From Sadie But a girl like you looks swell vent Dumm as Santa candy snowballs Glaus distributed Bridge Luncheon On Thursday Miss Isabel Rader gave a bridge luncheon Mrs John Riader of Kansas City being the honoree The guests were mostly from outofthecity being Mesdantes Kader Charles Hokgh S E Morrow Ludwig Graves Sidney Moore Earl Grant Misses Julia Tweedie Elaine Church and Mr Claude Foster has returned to his home in Atlanta Georgia and Melton Fttfster to Tulsa Oklahoma after spending Christmas with their parents Mr and Mrs Wai R Foster on E Main street Jefferson Theatre The attraction on Thunsday evening will be DorothyGish in Little Miss Pathe News The poor children Ms afternoon were the guests of Manager Billy Mueller acr cording to his annual custoni Whidi we certainly think is a commendable McClellanStuckey On December 27 the Lindell Baptist Church in Kansas City Miss Elsa McClellan of Ransas City and Mr C E Stuckey of the Highway Department were unitedin KlBffiriiage After January 3 1922 Mr Stuckey arid bride will be at home in tblscifjr at 801 East High Street 11 Monday Dance evening in the Madison tea room Margaret Morris will give a dance complimentaryto her house guests Frances Ruther ford of St Louis and Grace Stumpe These are all liindenwood girls Line Party Misses Maud Bbiilware Margaret Helen Tolson and Messrs C Miss Mary Pindell left on Thurs day for her home in St Louis She was the of Miss Helen Clark and came attend the BindiarPindell wedding Clark Leslie is spending the holi day season with his parents Mr and Mrs Byron Leslie at their home on the Moieau road He is attending the Missouri State University this year Miss Jane Enloe is to spend the rest of her vacation in Eldorado Springs with friends She is attend ing the Missouri State University this year and Paul Leslie and Lawrence Gran stead formed a line party at the Jef ferson Theatre on Wednesday even Banquet at Baptist Church Thursday evening a banquet will be given at the Baptist This is for tflteinstallationiof tKe new of ficers Mr Hale Montgomery of St Louis will spend flhte week end in the city coming to attend the Jefferson Club dance on Saturday evening Miss Martha James returned on Wednesday from the Christ mas with relatives inMaryville Mo Miss Alice Barrett returned on Thursday from weeks visit with friends in St iLouis Mrs John Boone s the guest of Miss Myrene Houchinuntil the early part of January Mr Blodgett Priest ofSt Louis iwill be a week end1 guest of Mr and Mrs James Houcihin a valley a lark cut a swift diagonal upward with a coloratura burst of song A stream slipped its ice and took up its murmur where it had left off A truant squelched his toes In the warin mud and let it ooze over and between them A mole stirred in its hole and be cause spring will find a way even dqwn in the bargain basement of the Titanic store which is far below the level of the mole Sadie Barnet who had never seen a wood anemone and never sniffed in Reds my color Dee Dee says my maina was a gay one too when It came to color Gimme red every time Dee Dees the one thats always kick ing against red she says I got too flashy Say if she keeps bossing and boss ing at you what do you keep on living with her for Wouldnt you live with your own mothers sister if she raised you from a kid What am I going to do put of thaw or the wet wild smell of her In cold storage now that her eyes lets felt the blood rise In her veins like sap and across the aisle behind the whitegoods counter Mas Meltzer writhed in his woolens and Sadie Barnet presiding over a bin of spe clally priced millendsin midaisle be tween the white goods andthe muslin underwear leaned toward him and are going back on her Up in the rib bons she cant hardly keep her colors graduated no more thats how blind shes getting What am I going to do Honest Miss Sadie I didnt know that she was your aunt and that her eyes was bad I just thought she was her smile was as vivid as her lips j some eirl in the ribbonsyou Say Max guess why I think youre like a rubber Classic Delphi was never more ready with ambiguous retort Behind a stack of JoyoftheLoom bedsheets Mas Meltzer groped for oracular divination and his heart beats fluttered In his voice Like a rubber band Give Aw give a Well I dont know Miss its because Im stuck on Call 263 Green arid subscribe the DemocratTribune for 1922 for Do not ascetic at the unsocratic plane Meltzer j had neither the brainnor the leisure ofj a sophist a capacity for tenses or an appreciation of Kant He had never built a bridge led a Bible class or at tempted the first inch of the fivefoot bookshelf But on twofigure salary he subscribed an annual donation to a skinandcancer hospital wore nonre versible collars and maintained a smile that turned upward cor ners of a cycle moon Remember then ascetic reader that a rich man once licked a leper Kants own heart that It might turn the worldsheart out ward burst of pain aad in the gran ite canon of Wall Street one smile in every threescore and ten turns up ward Sadie Bamet met Max Meltzers was living with for company Hon est I didnt know she had bad eyes Gee No they aint bad Only shes so blind she reads her paper upside down and gets sore if you tell her about Andme thinking she was nothing but a nearsighted old grouch with a name like Miss Barnet laughed with an up ward trill Dee Dee aint her real was a kid and she took me to raise7 thats the way I used to pronounce Aunt Edith Gee you dont think Dee Dee was the name they sprinkled on her when they christened her did j Max Meltzer leaned to the breath of her laughter as If he would fill his lungs with it Gee but youre a cute little lady when you laugh like Say and aint you a freshte Just because youre going to be promoted to Juyer for your department wont get your picture in the Sunday supple xshe wont cnt an Inch after the beH Aint that luck for yon Aint thftt luck Her lips drew to a pout Lemme get it for you Miss Sadie know a girl up in the No no Mr Meltzer got to charge It to Dee Dee and anyways she gets mad like anything if I keep bet waiting I gotta go Night Mr Meltzer I Night She was off through the maze of the emptying store in the very act of pin ning on her little hat with Its Jaunty Imitation fur pompon and he breathed In as she passed as If of the perfume of her personality At the ribbon counter on the main I floor the last of a streamlet of out going women detached herself from the file as Miss Barnet ascended the staircase Hurry Dee Dee Howd you girls up here get on your duds so soon I thought maybe If Id hurry upstairs find time to cut tne a twoyard piece i of threeinch red satin for my hat Dee being Sunday Two yards Dee Dee and make two sixtynine I owe you Aw Dee Dee it wont take a minute tomorrow Sunday and all I Aw Dee Dee 1 Miss Barnet slid ingratiating fingers Into the curve of theolder womans arm her voice was smooth as salve j Aw Dee Dee who ever heard of wearing fur on a hat In April I gotta stick a fed bow on my last summers sailor Dee Miss Edith Worte stiffened so that themuscles sprang out in the crook of her arm and the cords in her long yellowingneck Years had dried on her face leaving ravages and through her highpower spectacles her pale eyes might have been staring through film and straining to see Please Dee Dee Miss Barnet held backward a little singsong note of appeal running through her voice Miss Worte jerked forward toward the open door April dusk the color of cold dishwater showed through it j Dusk in the city comes sadly crowdj Ing Into narrow streets and riddled with an immediate quickshot of elec trie bulbs I Aint you got no sense atall Aint you got in that curly head of yourn but ruination notions Aw Dee Dee They were in the flood tide which bursts through the dam at six oclock like a human torrent flooding the streets then spreading and finally seeping into homes hall bed rooms and Harlem flats Miss Edith Worte turned her sparse face toward the downtown tide and PAQH that fresh Mamie Grant gets you I worry If you comt quainted with are mnchy much Pm If you tfce cttnfort you strong for the old rateyed sports like to me Jerry Beck that alnt got a honest v loo say that tome many thought in his head I bet he gives yott times and you watch and what I the creeps too only youre the kind ot you watch and a girl God help you thats so cratjr for luxury you could forget the devil had horns If he hid em under a auto mobile Sure I am I aint seen nothing bat slaving and drudging and pinching all my life while other girls are strutting bed The sooner the In the act of fluting tne soft about her neck so that her fresh llttlt face rose like a bud from calyx Miss Barnet turned to the full length of back which faced her from UM the Avenue in their furs and sleeping mornings as long as they want under elderdown quilts Sure when a man like Jerry Beck comes along with a carriagecheck Instead of a subway ticket I can thaw up to him like a waterIce and I aint ashamed of It Miss Worte withdrew her arm sharply and plunged ahead her lips wry and on the verge of trembling When a girl gets twenty like you It aint none of my putin no more Only I hope to God your mother up there is witness that If ever a woman Slaved to keep a girl straight and done her duty by her It was me That man aint got no good intentions Oh aint you a mean thinking thing aint you What kind It Thats the way I feel abeut the sooner the Then we think You aint been such a holy satat ta me that I got to play up to you for It all my life You only raised me be cause you had to I been working for my own living ever since I was so lit tle I had to lie to the inspectors about my Thats the thanks I get thart Aw I know all that line of talkty heart so you dont need to jam It down me You gotta quit Insinuating about my ways to me Im as straight as you are off that ivoryhand breastpin Sure Ill take It off and thla of a girl do you think I am If the money to buy and thU didnt have therlght Intentions by me do you Oh I guess hell marry you If he cant get you no other way A di vorced old guy like him with a couple of kids and his mean little eyes knows hes got to pay up if he wants a young girl like you Oh i Dee Dee take my arm That was only an ashcan you bumped into my arm Dee Dee Here we i are home Lemme lead you i They turned In and up and through a foggy length of long hallway At j the last and third landing an empty j coalscuttle stood just outside a door as If nosing for entrance Watch out Dee Dee the scuttle Lemme go In first Gee its cold in doors and warm out aint it Wait till I light up There Lemme alone I can You with your feet on your library fender stupefied with contentment and your soles scorching your heart is not black it is only fat How can it know the lean formality of the furnished room Chambermaids know It when they knock thrice and only the faint and nauseous fumes of escaping gas answer them through the plugged key hole Coroners know It Sadie Barnet and Edith Worte knew It too and put out a hand here and there to allay it A comforting spread of gay chintz covered the sag in their against the Ilght wind tagted of white Iron bed aphotograph or two ment No whitegoods buyer I know rain d fl I stuck upright bet ween the dresser mlr iF rtfrnn hn rt tTftll rrrVi t mn WKln it u it i IMIIST ever bad to build white marble 11 Drarles or present to the city to get rid of his Say aint It hotWith ing on Monday they better get the fans working Last year three girls Honest sometimes I think Id rather spend the summer under the daisies cyclemoon smile with the blazing eyes out on the hill than down here In this of scorn and her lips quivering to a smile met in a straight line that al most ironed out the curves Cause youre stuck on me Huh Max Meltzer leaned across a counter basement Dont I wish I had an auto to take you spinning in tonight I You ought to see the flyer a friend of mine has got A Mercury Stx with thin Watch out Dee Dee Step down theres a I dont need you Its lots you care ifl go blind on the Dee Dee God if I didnt have nothing to worry me but red ribbons I told the doctor today while he was putting the drops In my eyes that If hed let me go blind I forgot Dee Dee today was your ror and Its frame and tacked full flare against the wall was a Japanese fan autographed many times over with the gay personnel of the Titanic stores an nual picnic Miss Worte dropped her dark cape from her shoulders hung it with her hat on a door peg and sat heavily on the edge of the bed God my Soak Miss Barnet peeled oft her shirt display of fringed breakfast napkins Aint that a good reason Miss Sadie Its a true JYoure one swell little guesser you are not You couldnt get Inside a riddle with a canopener Cause youre stuck on me Gee 1 Well I I didnt ask you why you was like a top like a grandopera I forgot It was your Luncheon Friday On Friday Miss Ruth Hammond to Louie a luncheon complimentary Frances Rutherford of St Miss Blanche Louise Dickbrader Mr Walter Otto and J of Washington Mm are com ing up to attend Miss Margaret Mor ris dance on Monday Notice is hereby given that letters testamentary on the Estate of Gehard Veltrop deceased were granted to the undersigned on the 13th day of De cember 1921 by the Probate Court of Cole County Missouri All per sons havingclaims against said Estate are required to exhibit them for allowance tothe Executor within six months after the date or granting of said Letters or they may be pre cluded Aom any benefit of said Estate and if such claims be not ex hibited within one yeaac from the date of granting said Letters they shall be forver barred Attest JOHN E GARMAN Judge of Probate GEORGE VELTROP Executor clean rags Will pay Sc a pound at DemocratTribune UNCING A return to oldtime prewar prices A ROOM AND BATH Absolutely fireproof 200 baths RATES SINGLE 40 80 oORoomt 20 Rooms Every rtent hat Circulating Ice Water Outside exposure Private Bath r te Hotel fMODt City Mo i I Didnt Ask You Why You Was Like a Bottle of Glue I Asked You Why You Was Like a Rubber bottle of glue I asked you why you was like arubber Aw I give it up Miss Cause youre so stretchy see Cause youre so stretchy youll yawn your arm off if you dont watch It Across the specially priced millends she flashed the full line of her teeth and with an Intensity his features ill concealed he noted how sweet her throat as it arched Its the spring fever gets inside of me and makes me so stretchy Miss Sadie Its a good thing trade Is slow down here In the basement today be cause Its the same with me every year the Saturday before springopen Ing week I just get to feeling like all till you see me with a new redsatin bow stuck on my last sum mers shape Dee Dees got to lend jne the price for two yards of threeInch a limousine guess If you got swell friends like that a boat excursion down the river aint got much of a sound for He says hes got a launch In sum Honest Miss Sadie just been trying for the better part of two weeks to ask permission if I could come and call on you some evening Miss Sadie Whoops aint he the daredevil The first boat of the season Miss Sadie a swell new one they call the White Gull goes down to Coney to night and it being real springtime and you feeling kind of full of it I thought maybe It being the first boat of the season maybe you would take a river ride this grand April night Miss Her glance slanted toward him full of quirks My Aunt Dee Dee Mr Meltzer shesright strict with me She dont j think I ought to keep company with any boys that dont come to see me i first at my I know it Miss Sadie thats the right way to do It but I think I can get around her all right Wasnt she down here In the basement the first day I heard about my promotion and lttl c J she give me the glad hand and took seem right friendly to me Anyways If her eyes aint too bad Mr Meltzer I got a date with my friend ifhis car is out of the shop from having the limousine top taken off going for a little A quick red belied her insouciance and she made a little foray into the bin of millends Gee if Ive made three sales this livelong day I dont know nothing about two of Max Meltzer met her dancing gaze pinioning It with his own quiet eyes Youre right to pick out the lucky fellow who can buy a good time A little girl like you ought tohave every enjoyment there is If I could give it to you do you think I would let the other fellows bent me to It The best aint none too good for a little lady like Aw Mr Meltzer Her bosom filled and waned Aw Mr Meltzer menu i An electric bell grilled through his eyedoctor day Hes always scarln wftiBtHer bosom strong and flat as a rose whlte from her cheaply you up Just dont pay no attention dainty underbodice at her shoulders Sure you forgot Butyou wont forf tne fiesh began to deepen and her get if I wake up alone In the dark some Dee Dee You wont forget then You wont forget to nag me even then for duds to go automoblllng with fly men that cant bring you no Dee Dee I aint been but one night this week I been saving up all my nights Tonight Say if I cant keep you from going to the devil on skates Its only the second time this week Dee Dee and promised Hell have the limousine top off feel Its just like summer A girls gotta have a little something once In a What do I gotta have What do I gotta have but slave and work CHAPTER H Its different with you Dee Dee Youre older even than my mama was and didnt you say when you and her was girls together there wasnt a live lier two sisters Now didnt you Dee Dee In a respectable way yes But there wasnt the oilymouthed bald headed divorced man alive with little rat eyes and ugly lips who could have me or your mama out autorid ing before or after Aw Yes spy You keep running around with the kind of men that dont look at a girl unless shes served up with rumsauce and see where It lands you Just keep running if you want to but my money dont buy you no red ribbons to help to drive you to the devil The way you keep fussing at me when I dont even go to dances like the other girls f I Just wish I was Its the limit Even Max Meltzer gimme the laugh Youd never hear me say watch tho clock If you keep company with a boy like Max Meltzer A straight clean boy with honest Intentions by a girl look In right out of his face You let a boy like Max Meltzer begin to keep steady with you and see what I say You dont see no yellow streak In his face hes as white as the goods he I know I know You think now because hes going to be made buyer arms were round and full of curves Here Dee Dee Im so nervous when I hurry You sew In this ruche you got time before the supperbell See right along the edge like Miss Worte aimed for the eye of the needle moistening the end of the thread with her tongue and hen flut tering fingers close to her eyes God 1 ITI Just aint got the eyes no God Just Aint Got the Eyes No more I cant see Sadie I cant find the Sadie Barnet paused In the act of brushing oatthe cloud of her dark hair arid with a strong young gesture ran the thread through the needle knotting Its end with ai quirk of thumb and forefinger v Its the drops Dee Dee and this all blurry from the curling Iron iu the flame makes you see Miss Worte nodded and closedher eyes as If he would press back the tears and let them drip Inward Yes I know I Sure Here lemme do it Dee Dee I wont stay out late dearie If your the whole show Gee Nowadays that aint so muchy much for a fellow to No I think that the kind of fellows words Miss Barnet sprang reflexly for the white goods In September hes eyes are bad going out for from the harness of an eighthour Aw J wanted to sneak up before closing and get Dee Dee to snic me two yards of red satin and a little Miss Worte lay back on the chintz bedspread and turned her face to the wall red bracelet you every old thing you ever gimme Sure 111 take em all off I wish I could off these graytop shdes you paid dollar toward and I would too If I didnt have to go barefoot Ifs the tune I borrow Aw you commenced that line ot talk when you was I mean Well If you do take off them f that I bought for myself and begged right off my hands Just em off and go barehanded with your littleheaded friend maybe lie caa Oh wish I was dead I go barehanded to a snowball feast rather thanwear your dnda Theres your old I Tears were streaming and learing their ravages on the smooth surface of her cheeks I just wish was Aw no you dont Theres him nowi with a horn on his auto feat makes a noise like the devil yelltnf Theres your little rateyed lowlived fellow now You dont wlSh you dead now do you Go to him and two divorces and his little round head Thats where you belong thats where girls on the road to the devil with them kind There he Is now wait Ing toride you to the devil He dont need to honkhonk so loud he knowi youre ready and waiting for Miss Barnet fastened on her little hat with fingers that fumbled Aw no you dont When you coma home tonight you knock no more tip toe nightkey business like last time I knew you was lying to me about the You gimme that key I dont want you to have to get up with all your kicking to open the door for me Yoa gimme the If you wanna get In this room when you come home tonight jrott knock like any selfrespecting girl aint afraid I With a shivering intake of breath Miss Barnet flung wide the door slamming It after her until the windows and the blueglasa vase on the mantelpiece and Misc Worte stretched full length on the bed shivered Two flights down she flung open the front door There came from the curb the bleat of a siren wild for speed She stood for a moment in the em brasure of the door scenting Do I need my heavy coat Jerry The dim figure in the tonneau with his arms flung out their length the back of the seat moved from the center to the side No you dont Hurry up Ill keep you warm If you need a coat Climb in here right next to me Peachy Now didnt I say I was going to keep you warm Quit your squirming Touchy I wont bite Ready George Up to the Palisade Inn and let out iome miles Gee Jerry you got the limousine top off Aint this swell for summer Continued Tomorrow Capital City Building and Loan Assn This Company has authorized the issuance of its 33rd Series of Stock first payment January HO 1922 All those desiring Shares in this old and reliable association ghould call on the undersigned L Seccy Office 202 East High St Exchange Realty Bldg Great Minds Lnkad With Geneva Geneva and Its lake early became the ineccii of leaders In and literature Voltaire Mine de Stael Georges Snnd Duinns Daudet and By ron Gibbon Dickens Uiiakin Ininc8 HimMgnl Slsniondl De Sau 11 veritable parade of 11 poets novelists essayists philosophers mul scientists have IliiUitl ilnli forever with that city mill Its environs N Precautionary Measures Honey you go to break Hie news to whispered Miss Ilnuey Iortwlilstltv mi inahlen who hud Just promised young Uubc Oawloy thin slierl he liisX youd bet ter HSU liin lirsi for the loan of his plsinl mul whiMi youve got It snfe In yonr pwltei tell him were Kolng to get married mid tlion stun him right quick with n neck yoke or Country Gentleman Scriptures in a Nutshell 1eter Bales a scholar of Queen Elizabeths time lives in the Harlclan Manuscripts ill Oxford for having written the Bible In so small a hand that It was enclosed In a walnut The nut holdeth the book there are as many leaves in his little book as In the great Bible and he hath written as much on one of his little leaves as on a great leaf of the Call 218 and 700 Restaurant American From the Arklight Scrambled ordered a cus tomer in a city market restaurant Milk murmured his compan ion who was not feeling well Scramble two and a grave yard sang out the waitress with the Titian hair corrected the second man I want Youll get it replied the irl Thats what they call milk toast down in Pittsburgh where I The two customers Ihteld a ence and decide to put one over ofi he fresh yioumg thing from Pitts burgh The first one wanted a glass of milk and the second a cup of black coffee When the girl appeared to put a up of the restaurant artillery h front of the men the second man gave the following order A bottle of lacteal build for my riend and a scuttle of Java with iw ea foam for Chalk one an la dipper of houted thte girl She didnt even grin Makes a new woman of you p feeling and appearance htadachf reit lines all Oh how refreshed you feel after the New Muacletoncr in one treatment try one Fior permanent waving Marcel Waving and soft water for shampooing Call at the llariaelki Shop Phone 206