Saturday, May 21, 1921

Democrat Tribune

Location: Jefferson City, Missouri

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Text Content of Page 1 of Democrat Tribune on Saturday, May 21, 1921

Democrat-Tribune (Newspaper) - May 21, 1921, Jefferson City, Missouri Daily DemocratTribune JOSEPH GOLDMAN EDITOR PUBLISHED EVERY EVENING EXCEPT SUNDAY COLE COUNTY DEMOCRAT PRINTING CO JEFFERSON CITY MO DAILY SUBSCRIPTION RATES Per Cents One Entered in the Postoffice at Jefferson City Mis souri as Second Clasg Matter TELEPHONE NUMBER 213 There so many societies of various kinds and v ilh various objects in Jefferson City at the present time that the average reader of the daily newspapers is lost in trying to keep track of them Sister So and So has called ji meeting of the M P X R Q society or brother JoinemAll has summoned members of the B of W S Z K to assemble at seven p n f t KILL DRY AGENTS ON BORDER Five Slain in Last Three Weeks Booze Runners Are Thriving Washington May Mexican border is the most unhealthful place on the globe agents Prohibition officials said todtey five federal prohibition agents have been killed along thie border in tihe last three weeks Smuggling across the border is in creasing at an amazing rate Officials slay it would require a force equal to the size of a small army to stop rum runntrs who are thriving on the traffic in all states on the Rio Gnande The Miniature Marcullus NE can have tbow of Thick Beautiful Glowy 7 Sutherland Sisters Hair Grew this Hair A Paper Within Paper Vol Jefferson City May 21 1921 No 33 WORDS USED BY CYCLES Just Now Allocation Is Popular In stead of m this evening for conferring the steenth degree of on new These kind of notices are becomingas comomn as flies in August It is all right and entirely within the constitution of the United States and the said the monger State of Missouri for every man women and child to join any lawd1 every is la word that is being given con siderable prominence It became popular during the war in connection Published weekly by the High School Student Body by courtesy of he DemocratTribune Dorrance Assistt Bedsworth Sport Meyerhardt Blair Meyerhardt we may have it But if m spirit of parsimony is to get inits sinister work just to that extent will our be ineffective The new stage curtain presented to the school by Gypsy Girls ar rived in time tor use during Com mencement Wetk The curtain is a This is no lime for the 1 deep royal purple which in the let him go away back and sit down Miguage of a student laote like a Let tha booster step to tfre pilot million It adds a great deal wheel of dignity to the auditorium and1 sup SOPHO3IORE PICNIC EDITORIAL Into Dry Dock The ship has anchored cafe and its touch of nielodrama and ro sound Its voyage closed and done From fearful trip the victor ship Comes in with object organization underthe sun or to go forth and create new organizations Itus related that few men in Europe possessed more than a single name until during the Crusade Then names were fittauhed and as there were Q ana as werewen with ships and loans Theallocation so many Smiths the very common name became worldwide among the white nf tllo people 1 he gift name cir fcnwly name as it is now known was usually at af the msns calling A man known only as John became John Smith if he was a Smith or John Miller if he was a William Weaver if ite was Sam Farmer if a farmer etc Now it is evident that the innumerable societies are going become worse mixed than the men of the Crusade if they do not discover some dis tinguishing marks The Free Masons and the Odd Fellows are such old organizations and so well and favorably known everywhere in this country that they will neverrequire distinction But a large number of other so cieties will have to establish a trade mark of some kind or be known by numbers and serials as notes are known People nave already be come badly confused Even the ordinary man who does not belong to more than 12 or 15 and can sometimes remember all of the organi alkV and apportion that zatkxns of which he as a member becomes confused and at best he does not know much about the other several hundred societies that are meeting and talking and dining rightly of Dipping and the allocation of loans came to be current phrases Not long age the senaie called bn the President for information as to Ihow he had allocated certain funds In a recent newspaper stcry about an operatic benefit in one of the big cities the newspapers said that the allo cation of boxes is to be based on the size and date of the is so closely allied to the shipping and treasury authorities just as well have said the al i lotment of ships and the apportion ment of funds or loans But words come into fashion and writers and speakers fail into or fall for the pre vailing mode in words as some per In the festivities of la nevertobe forgiotten commencement all the thrilling experiences oi a voyage fraught at times with dismal fore bodings and a pall of darkness which made tpa mightiest among us quake are forgotten and consigned to a peaceful oblivion Only the glad some rials from this on are to be re called Fondest memories will retain only thclse pictures when we floated by the emerald isles of smiles and when lazily we drank deep of the peaceful seas cf suprenrest content ment While the Sophomore Picnic was a howling success it was not without mantic sentiment Miss Miaigaret Melin while swing ing over the Moreau on a rope lost her hold an feU into very deep water shouting the tumult dies war declared by the St Louis police on Henry Fords newspaper the Deaborn Independent hssbeen dropped The city counselor has dis covered there is no Jaw to prevent the circulation of ifche newspaper and it will again be sold on the streets by thenewsboys Mr Ford ought to be isms do for the prevailing colters in willing to pay handsomely for the free advertising secured by his paper j or necktie because of the blunoer of the police department Papers ftat are built up Jn haircuts In the oWm times on personal abuse usually die early if left to some ether in their own venom The Independent is tesed on abuse of the Jewish rare just as the Menace in this state is founded on abuse of the Catholic church Both are unAmeri can unfair and umvuirthy of the support of any good citizen Not a day passes at Washington that there is not some new ruling xof that is when grandfather was in allocation had somewhat of a run as a financial word and one often haaiand see the pihrase allocation of the shares of the corn some kind announced by the prohibition forces Some seven hundred the isgents have been dropped from the government payrolls and this has caused a howl The prohibition tosses say that prohibition is not being enforced and that some of the prohibition agents have made fortunes out selling per mits to withdraw liquor Now it is proposed to give every licensed doctor all the permits to write prescriptions he may want These shifting scenes remind many of the impossibility of enforcing any kw in this country that is deemed by a large number of citizens to interfere with their personal rights Such laws make lawbreakers out of people who are not lawbreakers or bad citizens in any otfeer respect thata that they will not support a law they candidly believe to be wholly unnecessary and an infringement upon their personal liberties 60 DAILY BETWEEN CLEVELAND i BUFFALO Visit the Vanity Shoppe for Sham pooing Hairdressing facial massag ing Manicuring Scalp Treatment and chiropody Phone 1249 for appoint ments Over Dallmeyers Dry Goods Store 426526 We come down from the mountain top of ecstacy and fantasy and begin j make a survey of the old worka day world which has lain all about us from our infancy We must plunge into of things In the worlds affairs the fortyfive yraunlg people who have so recently gradu ated from the Erosr Simonsen High School are expected to play no in conspicuous part That they will make good is the wish and belief of all Thisis our advice to those whw have this year gone out from among us It is final stonza of our sdhtool song Thou wilt not falter in our trust After a sJhort struggle she was res cued by rival Romeos in form of John Joe Russell arid Leonard Robinson immediately dived to the rescue with every rag icf their clothes as the brutally direct and nonsenti mental spectators asserted Miss MeLiin who is a former gradu ate of J C H S was not injured by the MI and was in fact able to re turn to the Sophomore festivities after a quick trip to town fcir ijiry clothing Commencement Week Entertainment Wearied with seeking new methods enjoyed j ofpraising the head of thie music de The greatest source of surprise and j partment both Mr Gwinn and the i delight of us was tfoe short speech plies a longfelt need Mr Gwinn threatens to have even more in the way of stage oecoratitetn for next year We are bdhind him In this respect we have been slightly be hind otjhter high schools of our rank The greatest need is for new scenery The Hotary Club banquet for the Seniors and faculty proved a source of enjoyment to both hosts and guests The Seniors not only appre ciated the attention paid them by the citys most progressive citizens but were also aware of thSe fact that it WHS their last meeting together be sides the regular Commencement exercises which are Tar too formal to allow the social advantage offered by the banquet Helpful speeches land heartto heart talks were made by well known men friends of the school which were 3 MAGNIFICENT STEAMERS 3 The Ship SEEANDBEE CITY OF ERIE CITY OF BUFFALO CLEVELAND Daily May Kt to IW lesre CiKTOLAiro P M EASTHHS Arrire BOBPALO A M 5 i lam BUFFALO 9iOOP If STANDARD Tnre Arrire CLHVHIAJTO A M ConnecHpns at Buffalo for Niagara Falls and all Eastern and Canadian pointa Railroad tickets reading between Cleveland and Buffalo are rood for trnnnnnrf ntinn for transportation on our nuv BUUU Jiwt Mtum Donation on our steamers Anlr The CUreland Buffalo Transit Company Cleveland Ohio The Crent Ship SEEAWDBEE largest and most passenger S toumer on tho world Sleeping ccpuclty 1500 puaengcn 556 J EFFERSO The House of Comfort Tonight at 9 Write I for our Premium I Catalog No 4 I Lewis Cigar Hfg Co NEWARK N J Largest Independent Cigar Factory in the World The Modern Cigar They could be smaller But not better Smoked by men who SELZNICK PICTURES Lewis J Selzniek Presents CflNWAY TEABLE In Elaine Sternes QAD OF AMBITION Directed by William P S Earle An inspirational photodramiai of ro mance and big business A 100 per cent entertainment Dear Old High Our Dear High Thy stalwart faith we hold is just Dear Old High Our Dear Old High Remember honors sacred trust Remember righteousness is first Then all thy actions will be just Dear Old High Our Dear Old High In the meantime of thfe good ship Ernst Simonsen Already jwinters scrapers decorators smiths riggers inspectors and experts a dozen varieties are busy Overhaul ing her from stem to stern When the orders ring out on September the first we expect to be ready every one at his place and at And in the meantime what of the crew They ire to enjoy themselves staff have decided to let her own work take the place of wordy oolmmendia tions By their fruits ye shall know Personally we know that Miss Seaber spent many nerveracking hours with the orchestra the chorus the soloists in order to provide proper entertainment for Commence ment week While each individual member of the cast industriously and systema tically disliked Miss Seaber for her seeming exactness and temperament during ijife rehearsals no one was metre pleased than themselves than when for thfeconeert pro by Henley Blair the president of Senior Class With the possible ex cepticln of the members of his own class the student body has consider ed Mr Blair very shy amd retiring and if it had been known thiat he could acquit himself so well he would have been hailed as our Gladstone long before this We congratulate jlinCand confirm every wdrd of Mr Gwinns complimentary introduction Plans Al though Mr Gwinn has planned a number of improvements fo year we believe he conceived his mas ter piece when he laid the plans for a school newspaper folr next lyear The Dora Sutherland SCALP CLEANER theGreat Dandruff Remedy It icmovos the dandruff oerin iroi Sliampooiu it has no equal not now For Sale by all Druffjists and Dept Stores Seven Sutherland Sisters 243 N Y CITY nT i nelwi paper which will be named the giamme Wednesday evening proved XT and immense success While the crowd was not a record breaker it was large enough to en courage and liven the entertainers Certain it is too that those wha at tended were impressed and felt tha they were amply repaid for then trouble True to her usual policy Miss Sea ber bad the programme like th ladys dress just short enough to be interesting and broad enough to cover the Much to every ones surprise and delight the iata enee in stead of filing out while the orchestra played the last number re mained to hear the last note A critique commenting on this acticm said This is the first time I have ever seen an audience at the high school interested enough to remain to the limit On mountain or in vale I wiiitiwg for more at the close of a on land or on sea between A New Clause Shakespeares Will BUMPING INTO liliOAUWAY A 2 Reel Comedy VAUDEVILLE MARION DREW Juggling Novelty two poles you are to have the best that can be obtained Come back to us for the year 192122 phy sically mentally and morally fit Watchmantell us of the morning What its signs of promise The promise will be proportionate to our hopes our hcipes will be as are our determinations land our labors We will reap as we sow If we get ready for a great A bit idf information concerning Shakespeares life which biographers seem to have ever looked was found in a Sophomore examination paper Wihen William Shakespeare died he willed his second best bed and all the furniture to his The teachers totf the English de partment are anxious to know what the poet did with his best bed JEFFERSONIAN if possible will be published at school What could promote tjfe espit dfe the sehtool spirit any better or mioire thoroughly than fthis Considering all which are obviously for the schools gotod and to mlske the body more contented we are tempted to follow in the steps of Mr Ben Scheutz and dnoippirag the or say affectaton ately Daddy lA thie the Isst issue of our column ljhe Miniature Marcullus we wish to thank our readers and particularly theDEMOCRATTRIBUNE for the kindnes which its editor hlais shewn us We are fond of thinking that Mr Goldmans attitude toward the school is typical of all Jefferson City jusiness fact their actions have proved it The Miniature Was given a great deal of pleasure W the staff to Mr Gwinn and also stu dent body for whom it was intended Mathematics a la Mode Waffor the white folks put Rastus n jail Trigonometry Jackson he hree lusurance Agency L J FRANZ MANAGER Representing only firstclass Companies covering Fire Lightning Tornado Glass Accident Health Em ployers Liability wheel and Bonding Insurance EAST HIGH STREET Tkeo Angenesdt C A Coal and Wood Dealer Whoiesai and Ret tod Why 101 they put corn meal onthe lance floor To make the chickens feel at JohiiRuskiri BEST AND BIGGEST CIGAR Let Us Do Your Job Work Matinee lie and 17c Night lie and 22c Matinee at Get Tickets at Radkea TOMORROW ELAINE HAMMERSTEIN GREATER THAN FAME A Good Comedy NEW VAUDEVILLE Girls listen to your mothers you will never regret it NIOI matter what your advantages are above what hers were you are no betttr You can rest assured that there is no book learn ing or knowledge of fashion that will keep yiooir feet away from the many pitfalls that she can warn you from in a tender loving fashion that you can do wtll to heed No matter how mother may speak you may rest as sured that their hearts are in the right place and that they want their daughters to be inniOcent and good rather than fashionable Call fc63 Green and subscribe for the DemocratTribune Sounded Suspicious Where is my umbrella fumed father just as he was ready to rush off to the city Somebodys taken it Little Willie looked up at his dad I spect Mr Smith took it he siaid Mabel the beautiful grownup daughter of the house blushed crim son Oh she cried how can you say such a thing Well returned Willie when he was saying gotodnight to you last night I heard Mm say going to steal just Suffer BRINGING UP BILL THATS DIFFERENT COME ON WILLIE ITS GOOD CHILDREN IM BED AW GEET ITS HALF PAST EIGHT WAS AWFuL RAD TIME IS IT MOM fS wot fan 0 G A FISCHER Monthly sciatic an d rheumatic pains headache backache and all other aches are quickly re lieved by Dr MilesAntiPain Pills Contain no dangerous habit forming drugs Why dont you try them Ask your druggist