Monday, November 22, 1920

Democrat Tribune

Location: Jefferson City, Missouri

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Democrat-Tribune (Newspaper) - November 22, 1920, Jefferson City, Missouri DEMOCRATTRIBUNE Social Peters Hall a social will given for the members of the Young Mens and Ladies So dalities of that parish By ELIZABETH McGANN tentslSTfaid Dfaohn PHONE 263 GREEN 1920 by McClure Newspaper Mrs Henry Andrae has been visit ing in St Louis Mrs Louisa Bragg has as her guest Mrs Kimbrough Winston of St Louis Mrs Sam McCormick and Mrs W E Wentzelman are back from a visit to St Louis Mr and Mrs James Young have as their guest Miss Katherine Murphy of Centertown Mo Edgar Forth of Sarcoxie is spending a few days with his father Mr George Forth Mrs Frank Sexton of Fort Worth Texas is visiting Mr and Mrs J C Russell in Wagner Place Mrs Claude Clark left on Monday for a visit with former Governor Lon V Stephens and Mrs Stephens in Sfc Louis Dr and Mrs Chas P Hough have gone to Kansas City to visit Mr and Mrs Chas P Hougih and Elizabeth Hough r Dr and Mrs H G Shobe will have as their guests Mr and Mrs J Laudfers of Springfield for the Thanksgiving season Mrs W G Hoef er came home on Sunday from a weeks visit to Frank Mrs MacClay Lyon in Kansas City Mr and Mrs James A Houchin will have as theirguests for the Thanksgiving season Wal lace Crossley and Mrs Grossley of Warrensburg Mrs Frederick D Gardner has been spending several daya in St Louis Governor and Mrs Gardner will have guests for the Thanksgiving season at the Mansion William Tweedie spent the week end with his mother Mrs Chios Twee die and sister Miss Lillian Tweedie Mr Chas Tweedie is in New York City The first of the year Mr H H Miller and Mrs Miller will be at home to their friends under their own vine and fig tree Mr Miller has bought Judge Fred Williams home on East High street Mr and Mrs Carl Brown at their home on East Main street have had as their guests from Mexico Mrs Browns sister Miss Jeanette Bragg and Miss Marie Hill who is a niece of Mr Brcwn Mrs John P Gordon and Pember ton Gordon of Mission Texas are coming from Kansas City on Tuesday to visit and Mrs I C Uptegrorve on Madison street Their many friends here are always glad to wel come them back The Allbritain Circle at the home of MrsJohn T Clarke on East Dunk lin street on Saturday afternoon was a success The friends who attended made it a delightful affair and their j fund received a substantial addition i bythe afternoons gift Mr and Mrs Ewald Goetsch left oh Monday to makejtheir home in New Orleans Mrs Goetsch was before her marriage Catherine Moersehel Mr and TVtrsVAndrew Moersehel ac companied to St Louis for a short visit J George Dibble and Carl Sheibe have gone to St Louis for a week with the BibleConference Prom there they will go to join Dr Wm Riley in Minneapolis They say that in his city he has a con gregation every Sunday both morning and evening of about persons Mrs Harry Cuthbertson of Baiyton Ohio and Mrs Frank Brown have been the recipients of many social atT tentions during their visit Among those who have entertained them have Ada Oldham Mr Old ham Mrs Laura Green Mr and Mrs Cuthbertson Mr ahdiMrs H Watts and others Mrs Chester Platf s Luncheon On Monday Chester Platt at her home on Water street was hostess for a luncheon The honoree was Mrs Harry Cuthbertson Room to Rent Miss Julia Andrae our accommodat ihg has contented in acting as la bureau of information in re gard to renting rooms so phone her in the matter D A R Entertainment The Jane Randolph Jefferson jChap ter D A are planning an tadnment called The Womanless which will be given for the purpose of raising a fund to be used in patriotic educational work of the chapter Prominent business and pro fessional men will be in the play This Chapter is giving a prize to the schools for the best essay along the lines for which it stands Church Services The Presbyterian church has se cured Messrs J George Dibble and Carl Scheibe to give services this week The first service will begin to night at sharp The public is cordially invited to attend Tuesday at 3 oclock and Tuesday night at Mr Dibble is an interesting speaker and preached at this church on the last Sunday You have heard their music Tell your friends For marcel permanent waving with oil so that not hurt the hair call at the Marinello Shop This wave can be put in as Often as necessary and it will not hurt the hair can be washed as often as you wish and it will stay Burled until it grows out For information dall Mrs A M Mc Cormick phone 206 Hair nets 3 for 25c and 2 for 25c EXECUTORS NOTICE Notice is hereby given That Letters Testamentary on the Estate of K Schwaller deceased were granted to the undersigned on the 15th day of October 1920 by the Probate Court of Cole County MissouriAll per sons having said Es tate are required to exhibit them for allowance to the Executor within six months after the date of granting of said Letters or they may be precludec from any benefit of said Estate and if such claims be not exhibited within j one year from the date of granting said Letters they shall be forever barred her KATHARINE X SCHWALLER mark Executrix Judge of Probate Attest JNO E GARMAN may be followed by serious cold troubles use WICKS W VAPORUB Ooa 17 Million Jars Used Yearly MY NEIGHBOR My neighbor leta weeds grow in his garden he lets his house rundown and all his family look patched t My neighbor decides many important things and he is sure all things would be all right if they were done his way My neighbor decided long ago that advertising was waste that he would never iead it because he did not want any one to tell him Vhat to buy My neighbor MAY be right The moon MAY be made of green cheese But as I see it My neighbor is no neighbor of mine he just lives next door be cause he was born fifty years too later My neighbor spendsi as much money to live poorly as I do to live well As most of my money goes to meet living expenses I want all the good things it will bring me Advertisements tell me all about these good things Ad vertisements give me the op portunity to compare all va1 rieties of the things I would buy Advertisements helpme pick the best for my purpose and my purse f I will not argue with my neighbor He may be right but personally I would rather be myself than be my I know reading advertise ments saves money for me Albert Wood leaned back In his vorn office chair wearily but with tttlsfactlon mentally reviewing the appenlngs of the prosperous day hen he swung open the door of the eavy safe and drew out a single pa er which he carefully placed in his est pocket He locked the office door heerfully and boarded a crowded treet car Almost before he knew it the noisy urn of the busy city was replaced y beautiful fields and country homes le watched the road ahead expectant y for an accustomed sight and when e saw It a pleasant umile spread ver his face It was a little curly aired boy sitting on the curbstone vlth his chubby arm thrown around lie neck of a huge St Bernard The car stopped with a jerk and he sprang off The impatient waiters rushed to meet him nearly throwing him over in their enthusiasm and a mall voice cried happily Daddy Hello he greeted swing ng the little boy up on his shoulder now for our home Are you ready Pinecroft located at the top of the hill was a beautiful old house which seemed to nestle down among he towering pines which surrounded t This was the home of the Woods and their little boy who was known o everyone as Hello Sonny called joy ously as he her waiting for them at the jcafe here we Yes little wifle here we an other voice added and a strong arm slipped lovingly around a slender st as the happy family entered house After the pleasant meal Albert slowly drew the paper from his vest ockct passed It to ils wife We are rich he spoke quickly our stock sailed sky high and I sold it She scanned the document in bewil derment speechless with joy But Inally she cried Oh Albert how me We are really rich at last We will move to the city at once and sell Pinecroft It sesmed too good to be true and yet the document lay before them confirming every doubt Albert spent all of his spare mo ments the following day househunt and returned home at night in high spirits No houses were to be had bur he had by luck found a fash ionable apartment There was only one thing that worried he knew that Sonnr could not take his dog In a few weeks they were ready to vacate Pinecroft and a For Sale sign was already nailed on the house Sonny sat disconsolately on the front steps with his dbg The new home was In the city and beautifully furnished The Woods were immediately invited Into all of the lending social activities and entered into a busy world No day went by when they were not enter tained somewhere It was not long before they became smothered by a Whirl of dinner parties and theaters Often Sonny had to eat alone and be put to bed by an unloveable maid He would softly cry himself to sleep wish Ing for his old home and playfellow Gradually Albert grew tired of the constant hurrying to dinner parties arrayed in an uncomfortable dress suit and longed for a quiet evening at home He did not know that Pauline was tired too and longed for her old life The weeks quickly slipped by with their busy routine No oae seemed to have time now to bother very much with Sonny But one morning he did not get up Pauline frantically phoned for the doc tor and Albert came rushing from the office The doctor stayed a long time and looked doubtful City life doesnt agree with he said slowly but Pauline and Albert rested their hopes on the as they sor rowfully watched over Sonny for the next few weeks Now they wondered if they had realized their real hap piness too late Then one day the little boy opened his eyes and whispered softly Moth er can we go home now Paulines eyes filled with tears and her heart thumped rapidly but some how she managed to say firmly Yes Sonny as soon as you can A contented smile spread over the pale face and as he settled down Into a peaceful slumber he paid softly Albert pulled his tired but thankful wife away from the bedside leaving the nurse Sn charge Down stone steps they went out clear night air Pauline did not where he led her They wandered silently along until they came to the bank of the dark silent river A few lights the opposite shore glim mered across the water and mingled In with the thousand of city lights re flected there Pinecroft is over Pauline said simply And I have a splendid chance to sell it tomorrow shall I Heasked thoughtfully Oh and her voice was wist ful I want to go back will you Their eyes met and their old love was rekindled as he took her In his arms and whispered softly In her ear Yea we will WINDS PARTY said Mr Wind do you want to come along and Join my party Do we askerl the Breeze Brothers Well we should Just say And they whis tled through their teeth and sound ed very happy and cheerful Ill tell said the Wind Im going to have a ball game and well go to the city to play Are you all ready Indeed we Breeze Brothers Are You Ready said the Everyone come said Mr Wind who belongs to my family Come little winds and big winds come everything that isa relation of the So everything that was a relation of the wind came along and as they were going towards the city Mr Wind said Were going to the city because we can have more fun there and aa I go along I will explain to you the rules of the game of ball we will play to We felt Just like a party said the Breeze Brothers said Mr Wind Thats the way I like to hear folks creatures and tilings talk when theyre going off to a party Now I will tell you Im not both ering to bring any balls along with me I dont know how to carry them very well and they would be a nui sance I dont believe in going of on par tiesall laden down with things you have to carry For those who like carrying baskets of food and games rfnd all of that well and good but not for Mr Wind He isnt patient enough for that He either wants to be sound asleep or lazily blowing or having a real time of course It Is mostly because 1 dont care for such things that I dont do them I wouldnt like to car ry baskets of food because they would bea nuisance and because I wouldnt even care about having the food What would Mr Wind do for ex ample with a tomato sandwich He might blow It about but he wouldnt eat It And what would he do with ginger ale Blow over the bottle but never drink it So when he goes off on parties he doesnt bother about the Thats said the Breeze Brothers We fed Just the same way about It as you do We too feel that it would be useless to tire ourselves all out carrying heavy baskets of food when we havent real arms and hands o carry them and when we got them anywhere we wouldnt want to eut anything that was And continued Mr Wind In stead of taking along balls to play With the balls will be all there We will find iu the city that the men wear hats nice straw hats which well blow this way and that back and forth well blow a hat and throw It and catch it and have the most glori ous of games The hats will be our balls And there will be enough hats for all of us Of course we wont take off everyones hats but we will take off a good many Sometimes too well take off a ladys hat who hasnt bothered to put a hat pin in And maybe well take a hat off of a little girl who hasnt her elastic band to keep It on Well see great omnibuses In this city with folks riding on the top and well take oft some of their hats and blow them about and theyll have to get off or some one from a bus following will pick up the hat and everyone laugh and it will be great fun G r a c I said Mr Wind I can scarcely stop for breath now Everyone will chase each others hats and try to get their CASTORIA For Infants and Children In Use For Over Always bears the Signature of Read the DemocratTribune the habit get the newt Get A Hat Off LGOHOLO PER CENT ablcPreparationforAsl Tor Infants and Children Mothers Know That Genuine Castoria Bears the Signature of in Use For Over Thirtv Years Let Us Do Yo The Best Proof of the Good Results of Alberts Rheumatic Remedy is the recommendation one to another They appreciate what the Remedy has done for them and feel their friends and acquaintances should share the benefits of Alberts Rheumatic Remedy We recommend it to any suHere of Rheumatism PRICE PER BOTTLE own and also try to keep them from flowing too far But sometimes when theyre going to pick up their hats one of us will be there at the bat and will send It flying off Oh well have a fine said the Breeze Brothers and how sensi ble of you dear Mr Wind to use the hats of people for balls to save us the trouble of taking our own games along Youre a good thoughtful Mr Perhaps the people wont say so to1 saldltfr Wind with a wink Oh what a party they had but Mr Wind and the Breeze Brothers en Joyed It far far more than the people who said they had hardly ever known windy spring day GREAT HOT Jackson Blvd Dearborn Medium of Coconuts are the common form of exchange airong the nittlves of the Nlcobars For Instance box of matches Is worth 20 coconuts while for needles the price Is one coconut each Cynical His friends could give noreason why he should have committed suicide He is Stanford Advo cate In the loop convenient to the shopping wholesale and financial districts to every form if transportation Excellent parade accommodations Committee rooms with capacities of thirty to four hundred persons Ball halls suitable for private dancing parties Large sample rooms Moderateprice cafe grill and coffee shop Tourists and Other Travelers For those travelers men or women who seek assurance of greaterthan usual comfort convenience and security at the same or less expense to which they have been accustomed in other large hotels the Great Northern has a message and a promise that will be fulfilled We invite visitors to Chicago to attend the daify recitals by a waster the mam moth organ in the front 12 noon to P and from 6 to P M JOHN C ONEILL Manager