Monday, June 24, 1929

Laurel Morning Call

Location: Laurel, Mississippi

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Morning Call, The (Newspaper) - June 24, 1929, Laurel, Mississippi A. M. Edition FULL EIGIIV HOUR LEASED UNIVERSAL SERVICE THE MORNING CALL The Weather Partly cloudy Wednesday and Thursday; probable light showers. Vol. 104. LAUREL, MISS., WEDNESDAY, JULY "ONE DAY AHEAD" AFTER WICKERSHAM, HE'S SILENT St. Louis Crew and Plane, Still Going Strong Will Talk Peace When Railway is Clear Again AND PROTECTION May Evict Chink Of- ficial Unless He is Out Soon RIGA, July is determined to avoid war, but insists that the Russian sec- tion of the Chinese Eastern railway be released by China; that personal security and freedom is guaranteed to Soviet employees on the rail- way, and urges that a commit- tee be established at Harbin to settle the railway dispute without delay. These provisions are incor- porated in the latest Soviet answer to the Chinese note re- ceived jesterday. ROME, July 23.------Italy is will- ing and anxious to cooperate with other powers in aiding a peaceful settlement of the Chinese-Russian dispute. The Mussolini government has accepted the -invitation of the American Secretary of State Stim- son to help prevent war coming in China. Flieifs Make New World Continuing, Try For 300 Hour Mark Senior Air Pilot Finishes Million Miles of Flying Working Agreement With America is Desired CREATES FUROR ABOUT EUROPE Naval Disarmament Talk With U. S. is Admitted CHICAGO. July Hamil- ton Lee, senior air mail pilot of the United States, today com- pleted miles of flying. Lee, who is employed by the j IloIIeHing system, has been flying for 1C years and has never bad a serious crash and less than a doz- j en forced landings. He is con-1 fiidercd an authority on all bran- ches of and military, recognized as among the most expert fliers and held in highest esteem. He is known as the veteran pilot of America. They May Smoke Chairman Out of Present Position NANKING, July Nan- king government stands ready to submit its dispute with Soviet to the League of Nations or signatory powers of the Kel- logg pact. Foreign Minister C. T. Wang, after conferences with president Chiang Kai-Shek, announced that the government is enter negotiations looking to a peaceful solution. MOSCOW, July a week has elapsed since the Soviets broke off relations with China, the Chinese Legation is showing little hurry about moving out except to give a round of farewell dinners and parties. The Chinese charge d'affaires says he is waiting for instructions from Nanking about leaving. If he lingers "iuch longer the Soviet authorities .nay evict him. The Soviet press scorns the in- voking of the Kellogg pact signa- tories in conference to settle the dispute. The papers ask how fair trr-atment can be expected from England, France, Japan, and the United States when these powers "fomented" the Nanking generals into seizing the Chinese Eastern lailway. BERLIN, July is not seeking the role of mediator in -the Chinese-Russian dispute. De- spite reports here from Washing- ton Wilhelmstrasse has not ye; been asked by any power to act as her arbitrator. Germany is maintaining strict neutrality and any intervention to help settle the Far East conflict independent of other great powers is not even being considered, Uni- versal Service is informed. Germany would be reluctant to act as sole arbitrator since her in- trcsts in both countries, and espe- cially m China, arc far more ex- tensive than generally exposed. Thefceling expressed here in quasi' official circles is that Russia's re- fusal to accept French mediation is no indication that Russia has rejected all steps to avoid open warfare. American Border Men Lose One Man in Battle Thousands Assemble at Field and Greet Flyers DEMONSTRATION RECORD RESULT Great Plane Lazily Soars Along, High Altitude Music and Melon At Powers Meet EL PASO, Texas, July Mexican border patrolmen tonight took extra precautions following the fierce batlc of four patrol- men with a band of smugglers last night, the second in 48 hours. In last night's battle two Mex- ican smugglers were killed and three were wounded. None of the patrolmen were injured. At the same time more than 200 gallons of liquor, two automobiles and three trucks were seized. One of the trucks seized bore the name of a local wholesale pa- per dompany and federal author- ities began an investigation into its use. The company officials declared that a negro driver had taken the truck home with him last night following the last de- livery. In last night's battle thc pa- trolmen were "tipped" that a delivery was to be made across the Rio Grande and advised not to be too hasty in flushing the cov- ey. The first group of "runnert." came down to the river and sens- ing, perhaps, they were watched, attempted to draw the officers out of hiding but without success. Soon the second group appeared and the battle was on. Chief Border Patrolmen C. C. Horseley said tonight that last night's experience showed that the smugglers were running "in sections" and have used as many as 10 to 12 high-powered motor cars, on both sides of thc in maneuvering to outwit the pa- the trim monoplane, piloted by ST. LOUIS, Mo., July Superstitious? No. Cautious? Yes. And, if Dale "Red" and Forrest O'Brine keep their St. Louis-Robin aloft 300 hours it will have been Dales' left nind foot of a rabbit and Forrett's bunch of four-leaf-clovers, that "did" the stunt. On the other hand the wives of the fliers and their ground crew scout the rabbit foot and four-leaf clovers saying their'record-breaking flight is due' to: Ability to sleep on a two- inch inflated mattress behind a pounding mptor. Having carefully prepared food sent them by their wives. A daily bath and shave. Nerve. 254 hours and still going strong. N SI Bought by American Oldest of Kind, to Gome'Home LONDON, July 23. An- toine Houdon's famous bust of George Washington, thc sde of which was announced this after- noon, has been bought on behalf of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Universal Sen-ice learned tonight. Sought after for many years by collectors and museums, thc bust was sold by Godfrey Locker- Lampson to J. I. McGurk, notec American art expert and agent. The rumored price was McGurk, interviewed tonight, declined to state for whom he was By ROBERT WELLS RITCHIE LONDON. July mier Ramsay MacDonald has abandoned his proposed visit to Washington and all Europe is agog. The Premier's mission to further Anglo-American ami- ty and looking toward the two great English speaking nations taking a world lead ill the reduction of naval ar- maments, has been indefinite- ly postponed. On top of this sensational news, which was learned today from the lighest authority, I am also able ;o announce exclusively that Pre- mier MacDor.ald will deliver a speech in Parliament tomorrow in which he will reveal that the total of his activities so far as he has engaged in any with Ambassadors Dawes and Gibson in the matter of preliminary cllort to reach a working agreement with America in the matter of disarma- ment. Whether or not that speech will reveal that MacDonald's decision that his American visit at present is impractical I am not allowed by thc nature of my confidential in- formation to say. 'There ia every probability that the premier will intimate that it is; impossible to make the trip this year because of the pressing ex- igencies of the two most impor- tant items on the agenda of his S R y foreign program. If the Premier advances this excuse it will be a diplomatic ges ture covering thc real reason. His political enemies can take it or leave occording to West- minster lobby will take it with their tongues in their cheeks. Tate Building, Former Pride of Laurel, Gives Way NEW( STORE PLAN SOON TO ARRIVE When Building Will be Started Reportb J. C. Coates Plans and specifications for the new Kress building on the corner of Magomla Street anil Central Avenuo are due to arrive Au- gust 1. J. C. Coats, owner and supervisor of the building, statej that immediately after the plans are rcccivej construction of thc new building will be started and pushed forward as rapidy as pos- sible. It will take another week or ten days to finish cleaning the lot, clearing away thc debris pre- partory to rebuilding. With the razing of thc Tate Company building another chapter in local commercial history is added to thc Book of Laurel. About 1900 N. P. Welborn put up a one story brick building there. At that time Frank Fcrrill had a brick store near the present loca- District Meeting Is Booked For Tues. Eve. Hoover Staying Out of the Row, With Others DRY COMMISSION IS IN QUANDARY Brings 'Loads' of Mail; What May Be Done Tuesday July will be an eventful one in Laurel for the Knights of Pythias, since a dis- trict meeting will be held here at that time. This announcement followed tin impromptu meeting last night when officers and members were notified by letter from Hon. Karl Wingo of Hntticsburg, who is dis- trict deputy grand chancellor, that there would be a district meet- ing called soon and that the event would be held in this agreeable. city, if The honor was immediately recognized and without hesita- tion, Mr. Wingo was informed that they would not only be ex- pected and entertained, but would be "fed" during their stay. There will be n number of no- tables at the meeting. Among these will be Hon. N. K. Wilioy, grand chancellor, C. W. Bailey, grand keeper of records and seals, together with many others. What the prowam will be is not known at this time. It is pre- sumed that business pertaining to the lodge will bo taken up. will be the first time for several of these officers to be in the city for some time. Local members of the lodge are planning a little progiirm of their own and after the business ses- sion, will invite the visitors to a dainty luncheon and while there may be important business trans- When MacDonald advises of thc ti0tt Furniture Com- liament tomorrow of the progress :if the Anglo-American accord he acting in the purchase, but Uni- will window dress his argument in versal Service is informed by a the best possible way, but I am Yl'IaUl OUlVltU 13 lUlUIllllU UV i t il 1 source high in London art circles credibly informed that an analysis that the purchase was made for the his .statement will show the Innior Rorknfpllrr "noll! sum "f Progress made to bust was completed by Hou- Pitifully short of popular expecta- don at Mount Vcrnon in 1785, "I'mcrnss" after only 12 day.s of work on it, J and was purchased by an Amen- t measuied by Great Ilntain. pen- Aviation authorities tonight ex- Tressed the belief that Dale Jack- son and Forest O'Brine, the pilots, would be able to keep their craft aloft for at least 300 hours. WASHINGTON, July fruit fly quarantine in Florida was further modified today when th_- department of agriculture an- nounced that for the present at ST YOUIS Mo July 23 A- least, limes produced in Monroo Parliamentary source viation history was written here and Dadc counties may be moved British politics have a today when thc St. Louis-Robin' interstate throughout the United ing on MacDonald': States under permit. pany on Front Street. Thc Wal- lace Drug Company occupied thc same position it docs today except that it has grown with passing years and become a Kexall store. The First National Hank did a thriving business on the present Coca-Cola corner. With Mr. Wel- born's new store these four big business concerns constituted the commercial center. The new store for general mer- chandise was surrounded by a sea saw dust. Various small boys stuck fishing poles in what was to Central Avenue and posted signs, "No fishing allowed." Later shape of demands by coal miners, the T. B. Bonner Company took and a threatened lockout for the over the Welborn building anil an spinners, either or both of which i annex and second story were may force a crisis in Parliament added. Then the store was divided, and the fall of the labor govern- the Farmers' and Traders' Bank mcnt. i occupying the corner. It was fol- It is learned from an authentic lowed by various concerns. features, since the local lodge, WASHINGTON, July While thc latest prohibition storm rages tempestuously 01 or his head, George W. Wirker.shnm, chairman of the National Law Enforcement commissions, remains imper- turbably calm. He appears to be enjoying hugely the con- troversy that has been arous- ed by his now famous prohi- bition letter to Governor Roosevelt of New York. His office has been besieged with callers and his mail has been laden with requests seeking clari- fication of amplication of his views. These he has either ignor- ed or answered jovially, as he did today with a merry twinkle in hia eye: "I have nothing to say." But whereas Wickersham is pleasantly unmovablc, some of hii office workers have had a case of jumpy nerves ever since the pub- lication of the letter. Whenever Wickersham appears they hedge about him cautiously, endeavoring evidently to sidetrack any discus- sion wjth interviewers. The othei momberv-of -thn_ commission as complacent as Wickersham, re- plying to nil requests about the letter with thc admonition to "sec the chairman." It is cLvisus th-t thc commis- sion has discussed the letter, but in a jocular vein and not in a way that indicates any alarm or anta- gonism whatever. While Wickersham is undisturb- ed, his friends say he doesn't quite Airport Scene Fatal Accident Tuesday Afternoon that secret In thc Tatc Company was JACKSON, July .Samuel Taylor Darling was kilcd an airplane mishap at the has been raised, as there was no- thing in the letter which, was not perfectly obvious to an impartial prohibition under pres- ent conditions has not been "rea- sonably enforceable." They point- ed out he hadn't advocated any definite modification but rather in- dicated a problem which requires studious attention, that is, thc joint responsibility of the federal government and the states in en- forcing the law. The White House, like Wicker- sham and thc commission, is keep- ing out of thc row. Not so thc organized drys. They make no bones about disapproving Wickcrsham's use of the word and to the reams of statements that have emanated from dry headquarters others an to be added periodically in the concerted effort to "smoke out Wickersham." The commission plans to wind up its organization work shortly broke all previous world records for sustained flight, at P. M., trol. Ivan Scotteu, border patrol man, who was killed in an early hour Sunday morning battle with smug- glers, has been buried and h'? funeral was one of the largest Dale (Red) Jackson and Forrest O'Brine had been in the air ex- attended ever witnessed here. Cedar Rapids Honoring Boy Thc Powers Community had a taste of the sweet strains of mu- sic Tuesday evening rendered by Director II. M. villaine and thc Laurel Municipal Band. The people for miles around and including many people from Lau- rel, gathered early in the evening on 'the beautiful and t ol. tMnls.n grounds about the Powers bchool dar The previous endurance recoid 210 hours, II! minutes and 'A'l seconds, rstablUhcd by the An- geleno at City, Calif., July 12. Not Less Than Half Million (An Kdit.irial) building falls only to rise again to new and 'greater accomplishment: it typifies progress. N. P. Wel- born is still a merchant. His place of business is on Thirteenth Street where he U too busy to ponder over the good old days. He thinks tlic he a faulty landing, n hen he --------0_ SaTLincs.T.or Jackson Air' Po'n u' aT- ami "then 'rVccss for a month while delay his visit to WastJngton instigators prepare stat- it have been loyal citizens. The made1 was taken from the plane he wasf dead. Mr. Darling was married Julyt 2nd to Beatrice Flowers, daughter of W. M. Flowers in one of the j elegant chureh weddings that i 'Lottie Fooled Scribes The General Planning Commission has been called for a ,'tinir Thursday morning at The purpose of this now anii hm' of "in notes dropped to observers meeting Thursday morning at The purpose of this at the field, Jackson ami meeting, according to the call made by W. H. Smith, Secre-J ._ _. m have announced i tary of thc Cnamjjcr CommerCO, is to pass Oil and (lisCUSK 4ft NotinnC I Q motor of their plane'holds up un-1 the reports by the special committees as have completed u witnessed in the capital city in many Mr. win CIVVIKT of the death. It is that he was not a licenced flier. No one 1 was in the plane with him. LOS ANGELES, July While newspapermen and camera- dcr the strain. their work and pass on other matters submitted by the sub- "We are ready to start another cornmjttees. endurance flight, one note today u J8 UlJlt thcrc is jm drorl j expect they'll stay up there to have the financial budget for referendum early in Septem- until Friday, at Major Wil- Robertson; head of the Hear Pact Read plane in which he met his untimely] mtn hotels and churches in Los Angeles, Lottie Pickford was secretly married in her Hoi- lyvvood Hills' homo to Russell 0. Mrs. Darling H one of Ji.ckson s of MuskeRon> Mich. The Morning Call is pleased that things are beginning where the concert was to have been l.cld. But no sooner had the Mr. and Mrs. Samuel O'Brine, most outstanding recognition to million to do the work that is now under advisement. St. Louis in the aeronautical world The plans now being formulated an not a short time period of years WASINGTON, July n Retting that will outrival for dig- nity and folcmnity any similar international event since the treaty of Versailles, the Kellogg pact for the renunciation of war will be proclaimed to the world by Prrcsident Hoover, tomorrow afternoon at 10 o'clock at tin White House. Diplomatic representatives of nations have been convoked for the ceremony. The east room of General of and_ i< now- (i( ncral Council for the (5. M. N. Railroad. Mr. Darling wits a i native of Loren and "Pete" Will Try Again only be sold as'thc eccnc. the building program, are our oppor SAN FRANCISCO, July Loren Mendell and R. It. "Pete" Rinebart, former holders of the' world's endurance flight record. Hunter officiating. "We wanted to be marired without much ado, so we decid- I ed that there was only one place that no one would look for a wcd- I that was home. So we were the bride laugh- ingly announced today. After n Honolulu honeymoon the couple will make their home in thc Kast. FATHER HAYES PAYS VISIT TO MERIDIAN SHOOTS FAMILY FOR DKBT will try it again. CHICAGO, July and -io-nitudp of, Mrs. Joseph Diorio and their 15- I ___. it t people of Powers show- riding of an old motorcycle inter. the one under consideration will convince those who are con-, H ir a .pr'eciatinn by serving, through the city's .treet.s Later After breaking the endurance h h) the bind and it, director with he appeared here in motor-dome--------- K h crcuuor 01 me jamrr 'punch and angel food cake. I ridiac and then as a stunt pilot. I (Continued on page eight I and itH future. in a.i argu- mcnt over f 18 loan. The two fliers declared this af ternoon that they were happy the Father Thomas. Hayes of thc Church of the Immaculate Con- spent Wednesday in Me- geles. "Sure, we'll try it ridian with Father John Eurns they said. St. Patrick's Church. St. Louis Robin had bettered thc record they hung up at Los An-