Thursday, May 19, 1966

Laurel Leader Call

Location: Laurel, Mississippi

Page: 15

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Text Content of Page 15 of Laurel Leader Call on Thursday, May 19, 1966

Laurel Leader-Call (Newspaper) - May 19, 1966, Laurel, Mississippi hrk By G. B. HERRING JR. Etrff Writer Radar Station Is Interesting Fellow: ng an on-the-spot inspection cf a radar tracking station on Highway 20 about five miles east of Ellisville, this writer is more convinced than ever that We're in sife hands with our present m'litary setup. If this is an example of Mr. McNamara's handiwork, then he not only should be left alone in his job as defense secretary, but he's probably one of the best ones this country has ever had. Did you know that Laurel is "bombed" almost every day of the year and has been a prime target for simulated "bombing" attacks for years and years? Did you know that we have here in Jones County a very in teresting, other-worldish radar network that tracks stimulated bombing of planes from all along the eastern seaboard? It is the Radar Bomb Scoring Station, the purpose of which is evaluating and computing the effectiveness of airborne crews. FOUR DETACHMENTS At its present location since 1059, the squadron headquarters is at Turner AFB in Georgia. The headquarters has four detachments of the same size including the one in Jones County and one mobile train site that can be moved anywhere in the country. The other permanent sites are at Richmond, Ky., Great Bend, N. Y., and at Statesburg, Ga. The equivalent of a small in dustry in the economy, a total of about 86 men work at the Jones County site. About half of them live in Laurel and the oth- BEE LINE 30-30-30 SALE! What The Heck You Mean?? Come By Our Lot And We'll Tell You. We Know You Will Save Money On These Used Cars. er half live in Ellisville. The work of the station is almost impossible to describe in detail. In order for B-52 bombing crews to learn to be accurate, I they must be in constant training. Therefore the need for the tracking stations, which are pinpointed at spots all across America. When a plane "practice bombs" a target (with no actual bombs dropped - this is only practice, remember) it is the job of the tracking station to find out whether the target was actually hit or not. B-52 bombers are used mostly in the practice - the old B-47s have been mostly phased out, according to Capt. Gordon E. Patterson, acting commander at the station here in the absence of Lt. Col. Alan C. Randel. DIDN'T WORK THERE Capt. Patterson said the sites were at one time located in large cities but that the operations didn't work out too well, so they had to move to the small towns and the country. One thing Capt. Patterson Is particularly proud ef is a Radar Counter Measures Trainer that went into operation last week. With a price tag of about a million dollars, it allows the trackers to measure all manner of things they were unable to measure before. Capt. Patterson, an electronic warfare officer, has been with the Jones County station nine months. He said all the crews in the. simulated bombings are Strategic Air Command crews. Combat readiness of Strategic Air Command crews must be kept at its zenith in peacetime in order to fulfill any future wartime mission, he said. To meet this requirement, radar bomb scoring is used to test the effectiveness of all combat-ready crews. Radar bomb scoring, he explained, began in 1946 with 888 bomb releases for the year against a site in the San Diego area. Seventeen years later bomber crews complete more than 20,000 simulated bomb drops monthly. AIMED AT CIRCLE During early phases of bomb scoring, crews aimed at circles drawn on sand or other surfaces, then dropped sand bags or dummy bombs on these targets. Today highly sophisticated electronic apparatus scores the accuracy of the SAC crews. The target ean bs any object within the "eyes" of scanning radar devices. Electronic equipment used to score the accuracy of the "bomb" drops is maintained by SAC radar bomb scoring detachments, Army Nike missile batteries and the Navy. Already recognized as a potent threat from high altitudes, these jet bombers are equally capable of penetrating enemy defenses from low altitudes. This capability greatly compounds a potential enemy's radar defense problem. The radars "lock on" the approaching bomber, tracking it automatically on a plotting board. Just before the simulated release of the bomb, the aircraft transmits a tone to the site by radio and indicates its point of simulated bomb release by stopping the tone. The target and the radar site have been precisely plotted on the tracking board prior to this action. By using figures on distance and direction of the bomber from its target, the aircraft's ground speed, heading and altitude, wind conditions, bomb-fall characteristics and other data, technicians can compute the accuracy of the particular bombing mission, Capt. Patterson explained. Why Do We Sigh? Because Of Need ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) -Why do we sigh? Are we merely weary or depressed? Neither. We sigh because we Leader-Call, Laurel, Mlag., Thura., May 19,1966 ~ 15 have to, gays Dr. W. J. Murray, a University of North Carolina anesthesiologist. Sighing is a physiological function which - like yawning - ventilates the lungs, he told a medical symposium of the strument Society of America at Disneyland Tuesday. Even when we f�l on tr? of the world we sight at least twice in an hour, Murray said. In Hindu mythology. Yama was the judge and ruler of the dead. 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