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Winona Republican-Herald, The (Newspaper) - September 25, 1953, Winona, Minnesota Cooler Tonight, Generally Fair and Warmer Saturday VOLUME 53, NO. 186 Read 'Green Water' Page 7 Today WINONA, MINNESOTA, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1953 TWENTY PAGES Mrs. Portia N. Howe, Alden, Minn., looked sorrowfully at a picture of her son, Pfc. Richard R, Tenneson, listed Thursday by the Communists as one of 23 U. S. servicemen who prefer to re- main with their Red captors in Korea. The pic- ture she is holding of her son is shown at right. Mrs Howe told a newsman, "This whole thing is so unlike" her son. "If I could oniy talk to him for at least 10 minutes I could at least make a dent in that kind of she said, add- ing, "If you accept Communism you turn against God." Tenneson, 21, was captured late in 1950 and spent several months in a Red hospital, Alden is about 10 miles west of Albert Lea. Richard was the only American Korean War POW from Minnesota refusing repatriation. (AP Wire- photo to The Republican-Herald) POW Interviews' In Korea Delayed By ROBERT B. TUCKMAN PANMUNJOM The Korean Repatriation Commission, appar- ently' wrangling over rules, today postponed until as late as next Thursday the start of Allied and Red efforts to coax home prisoners No specmc new date was set for the start of prisoner interviews, a phase of the truce which an Philippine Election Important By JOSEPH ALSOP MANILA, P. the most trying characteristic of the new world in which we live is that what is distant often matters more than what is near. Whether Gov. Thomas E. Dewey leaves politics or runs for re-election in 1954 will certainly matter to the people of New York State. But even to New Yorkers, it can perhaps be less important in the long run than whether Elpidio Quirino is beaten or is re-elected in the current con- test for the Philippine presidency. But why should this be so? The answer has to be deduced from the circumstances of the Philip- pine election itself. These-may be briefly summarized as follows: First, all impartial observers here agree that there is almost no doubt about the popular verdict. Quirino and his Liberals have al The U. N. Command agreed to postponing the start of interviews, scheduled to begin Friday or Sat- urday. It was not clear whether the neutral commission agreed to an Allied demand that the delay be deducted from the 90-day inter- view period, which the U. N. Com- mand said must be counted from the time all unrepatriated prison- ers are in neutral custody. But a commission spokesman's statement that "it is understood" the 90 days will begin on the ac- tual starting date of interviews would indicate the Allied position may have been rejected. During the 90-day interview per- iod, former prisoners of the U.N, and 359 prisoners captured by the 23 Americans to be questioned by their original side. The five-nation neutral commis- sion, composed of India, Sweden, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia and Poland, said the delay was neces- sary because "arrangements and j ui facilities" for the interviews had sentenced here Saturday. Pleas for Top I I 'IV lr Level Big 4 Meet Mounts Conclave to Ease World Tensions Pressed in U.N. UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. Pleas for a high level meeting of the West and Russia in an effort to ease world tensions mounted today as the U.N. General Assem- bly moved toward the windup of member nations' broad policy statements. Such pleas are not new in the Peace Talk s Hurricane Hits Gulf of Mexico NEW ORLEANS W The Coast uuw" QUartj reported today that a tug U.K., where little nations in the d ;ts tow barge with 50 men ____A iTio Hi O V ATI TO _ past have begged the Big Four to get together. What is new is tha't the pleas this year have come so early and so the opening sessions. France, last of the Western Big Three to speak in the policy de- bates, was on today's speaking list along with Middle East countries which have been loudest in the attacks on French policy in North Africa. With less than 20 countries left to speak, U.N. officials hoped to believed aboard, was helpless at the mouth of the Mississippi River as a hurricane plowed through the Gulf of Mexico about 430 miles south of Pensacola, Fla. The Weather Bureau said the hurricane, with winds up to 90 miles an hour, was headed gen- erally in the direction of New Or- leans on its present course. the bureau added, "while nothing is certain, it looks like it will change its course to the north.' get the formal statements out of As hurricane churned nearer the way by Monday, then start jthe coastline today, the Military the political committees to work on Transport Service began fly- such issues as Korea, Palestine, disarmament and Morocco-Tunisia. Seek Agreements Big Four seek agreements on Germany, Austria, Korea and other issues disturbing the world, have been urged by delegates from countries with wide political and geographical distribu- tion. Iceland's Thor Thors, summed up the argument for the Assembly late yesterday. He quoted recent statements by President Eisenhower, Britain's Prime Minister Churchill, and Rus- sia's Premier Georgei Malenkov IL support his contention that dis- puted issues could be settled. ing planes out of Mobile, Ala., to inland bases. Solons Disagree On Tax Cuts in View of Defense By JOHN CHADWICK WASHINGTON Republican itea issues tumu ue seiusu. ancl a Democratic senator today "When they all seem to be seek-j voiced diametrically opposed views ing to get together, why don't j Qn wnether taxes can be cut with- Frod McManus Calm After Verdict CANANDAIGUA, N. Y. (31 Fred Eugene McManus, who has Thors asked. "That the world must know, it demands to know. "The time has come to face facts. When we hear, day after day, over the radio and read in newspapers, that.over 80 leading cities and centers of population here in America are being singled out as targets for atomic attacks, and as we can imagine that such visits would be returned in the visitors' own territory, has not the time arrived for facing facts and .fl time arrived tor iacmg lacis ana been found guilty of first-degree thjs d i-nn'r'Hor in Thp vine s, not been completed. Different Proposals The commission reportedly has been trying to reconcile widely different recommendations sub- mitted by the Allies and Reds on rules to govern the operation. together lost the support of the I There are these main points of country. Since Gen. Carlos P. Ro-1 confljct between the Allied and mulo boldly led his Democrats into communist views: i i'Um XTn tViO coalition with the Nationalists, the Nationalist-Democratic candidate, Ramon Magsaysay, is certain of a huge popular majority. From the country people of the barrios to the businessmen of Man- ila from the leftwing labor lead- ers' to the famous Philippine multi- millionaire. Col. Soreanu (who still has great influence here although now an American sup- port for Magsaysay is impressively 1. The Communists insist on interviews with individual prison- ers; the Allies demand groups of 25. Justice H. Douglass Van Duserj set the time after a jury of 10 i men and two women Thursday re-1 turned the guilty verdict with a j recommendation that McManus be imprisoned for life. The 19-year-old Valley Stream, L.I., youth could be sentenced to death in the electric chair despite the jury's recommendations. In most cases, however, the jury's recommendation is followed. McManus, who has confessed four other killings, was tried on a charge of first-degree premedi- Seems Clear "But it seems clear that the decision lies with out impairing America's defense against awesome new weapons. "This is no time to drop our said Sen. Hunt a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. He pictured the Eisenhower administration as pinched between "golden campaign promises" to reduce taxes and its responsibility to keep the nation secure. But Sen. Williams a member of the tax-writing Senate j Finance Committee, said he be- Jane McGraham, 4, left, who won the title of "Miss Green River Park" at Greenfield, Mass., seems very excited and over- come by the announcement of her victory in the beauty contest, while Miss Patsy Nylander, 4, who won the title of "Miss Atom Bomb" in the same contest, seems to be very unconcerned about the whole affair. (AP Wirephoto to The Republican-Herald) Inquiry Slate J Into POW Communist 'Confessions JT HldllUC lieves that, barring an unforeseen WASHINGTON The Defense Department says it will investi- emergency, taxes can be lowered j circumstances under which some former American war pns- and the budget balanced withoutI Kflrea reportedly made false confessions or turned informer France Offers To Negotiate With Reds Korean Conference Could Take Project, U.N. Delegates Told By STANLEY JOHNSON UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. France today offered to negotiate with the Communists for peace in embattled Indochina and suggested that the projected Korean political conference be broadened to take on the task. Deputy Foreign Minister Mau- rice Schumann also told the U.N.'s 60-nation General Assembly that France would do all in its power to have the conference invite India to join in its work. Schumann said that if the Ko- rean conference didn't get around to the Indochinese problem, it might be taken up on a diplomatic level afterwards. Such a negotiated peace between French Union forces in Indochina and the Communist-backed rebels "would make it possible to look forward to the return of more normal conditions of international relations in he said. The French diplomat said he had heard "unofficial declarat ion s" from the "two powers which in- spire and arm the Vietminh reb- els" that they were disposed to negotiate an end to the war. This was a clear reference to the Soviet Union and Communist China. He then declared that "it re- mains for them to prove that these ambiguous hints are not mere propaganda" and suggested that the peace talks begin during or immediately after the Korean con- ference. endangering national defense. They expressed their views in separate interviews against the fttreunr'verdict a" I and so does the responsibility." I of yesterday's three-hour that McManuThe As did manv earlier sPeakers- closed-door session of the National that McManus De Thors emphasized that world ten- Security Council. The top strategy sions appeared to have eased with group, without disclosing any de- regime in Russia. He cited] cisions, discussed defense plans in he termed "conciliatory" the light of Russia's recent claim a new what he speeches by both U.S. Secretary of State Dulles and Soviet Delegate Andrei Vishinsky. "The doors seem to be Thors asserted, "at least not closed. Any entrance will do, if the negotiators enter in the right and solid and passionately enthusiastic, oner appearing before Red explain- Quirino, by contrast, seems to j ers might be intimidated by threat have no real adherents except the j Of reprisal and other means, members of his political machine j The U.N. holds that chances for and the beneficiaries of the ma- j coercion would be at a minimum chine's special favor. in a crowd. Moreover, the U.N. The U.N Command wants tated murder. Conviction on that the prisoner to have the right to charge would have meant a manda- refuse to listen to the explanations; tory death sentence. He pleaded the Communists demand that all innocent by reason of Pjremen Remove Pot prisoners listen. The Allies object to individual interviews in the belief that a pris- of mastery over the dread hydro- gen bomb. No Information While no information about the meeting was released, it became known that the wide- ly considered technically impossi- be so cheap and simple t0 announced last night, "is using every effort to investigate and establish what happened to these men while they were prisoners, the punishments and sufferings they endured, what false confessions some of them may have made under duress and the effect of the actions of some of them on their fellow prisoners." M. Maurice Chacchia, attorney In Huge Enough these circumstances, j view is based on the belief that it is the groups of 25 who have been clear that Quirino can only win j together while in captivity are by force or fraud or a combina-1 under the orders of their leaders ti'on of both. The question every- i and would resist repatriation to in ic not ninnicm one now asks in Manila is not whether Magsaysay is in the lead. That is taken for granted. The question asked is, rather, whether Magsaysay's lead is huge enough to overcome any attempt to steal the election. The Quirino admin- Communism. The U.N. Command says a pris- oner should be allowed to refuse to go to the explanations on the ground that he already has made his choice and that any reversal must be done by "an overt" act M Maurice Cnaccma, attorney; for McManus, said he would not! Of OverCOOKed Beans if v-in rtnspr fnl'inwed the if Van Duser followed the recommendation of the jury. A felony murder in New York state is one in which a killing occurs during the commission of a felony. McManus stole Braverman's new 4--- convertible for the crime trip cooked beans from the oven and through the east and Midwest. I returned to quarters. SALT LAKE CITY called for the fire department to- day when they saw smoke billow- ing from the Edwin Hughes home here. ....0 that only a few prisoners were swayed by Communist pressure and abuse while the vast majority resisted, Wilson said: General Principle "We do not as a general princi- ple condone those who Mill City Mailman Faces Charge of Killing Publisher OS 3U uneay <mu aimyiu pie CUUUUIIC LUUBC www that any nation could quickly pro-1 confessions contrary to the inter- duce an arsenal of them. ests of their country, or whose Until recently, the supposition actions caused their fellow prison- has been that no hydrogen bomb i ers added misery. Such cases will I could be set off without the un- be carefully and sympathetically earthly heat of an atomic bomb to trigger it. But American bomb makers are now said to be work- ing on a new technique which does away with such a requirement. Firemen removed a pot of over- No details, of course, could be i IT XU U C llllnPr- istration is now reshuffling the pro- on njs is. by applying vincial and municipal treasurers, j to the repatriation commission for who have the largest share in re-1 repatriation. porting the vote. The removal of The u.N. Command has called the Philippine army's able and tne repatriation commission to partial Chief of Staff. Gen. Cahxto Duque, has only been prevented by (Continued on Page 17, Column 3.) premature publicity. la the Army's KOREA lower ranks, however, the capable, non-political officers promoted un-l j Killer! recently been! Badger farmer Miiea As Truck Hits Tractor EVANSVILLE, Wis. Wl A 71- year-old Evansville farmer was killed Thursday when his tractor was struck from the rear by a truck. The victim was Spender Francis. The driver of the auto transit truck, Charles Barret Jr., 32, Rich- field, Minn., told authorities the brakes on his truck failed. der Magsaysay have___ transferred" to school assignments and the like, while important pro- vincial commands have suddenly been conferred on officers purged or passed over for incompetence and bad behavior. Perhaps Quirino will choose dif- ferently in the end but his par- tisans are at least readying the in- struments of force and fraud. Nor is the force wholly on Quirino's side. Magsaysay wns a brilliant guerrilla leader in the last war. j There is some evidence that a i (Continued on Page 8, Column 5) j Deer Leaps THrOUgh ALSOPS Gunmen Rob Theater Showing 'Shoot First' TUCSON, Ariz. pair of gunmen held up a drive-in movie house and escaped with S300. The customers missed it. They were intently watching the movie, "Shoot First." Windshield of Car GREEN BAY A deer bound- ed the wrong way today and fell dead in the rear seat of a moving automobile. Mr. and Mrs. George Patman, Chicago, were taken to a Green Bay hospital for treatment of cuts and bruises suffered when the doe sprang through the windshield of the car. disclosed. However, it was under- stood the basic facts involved were considered in early atomic work some 20 years and presum- ably are available to Russia and Soviet prog- ress, oasea on n.uuwia ui evidence ana me iuiei, guessed at, shows (1) Russia has I antj iaws" relating to military con- set the stage for giant scientific Wilson did not specify how strides, (2) Russian physicists are fne investigation will be handled. left pretty much to their own de- vices by Russian political commis- sars and (3) Russian-made weap- Maj. Gen. William F. Dean gets acquainted with his nieces and nephews at his home at Berkeley, Calif. G-en. Dean came home after being a prisoner of the Communists for three years in Korea. Left to right, standing; Diane Downs, two and one-half, grandniece; Judy Mehr, four, niece; Karen Dean, 11, niece; Johnny Dean, nine, nephew, and Kathy Dean, five, niece. On. the general's lap are grandchildren, Ann, seven months, and Robert Dean Williams, two and one-half. (AP Wirephoto) other nations. An assessment of ress, based on what is known or examined by the services con cerned to ascertain whether in any cf them there has been an un- reasonable failure to measure up to the standard individual con- duct which is expected even of a prisoner of war or deviations from standards of behavior prescribed by law." Except to say the inquiries would be made on an individual basis, would be just and fair and "in line with established facts and evidence and the rules, regulations His statement left open the ques- tion of whether former prisoners, released from service after their invited to answer questions of; the military. The standards for conduct of sars ana .nubMcui-jndue wcay- releasec irom service ons captured in Korea were far j to the United States, might better in design and manufacture i answer nuestions of: than expected. State Business Leveling Off MINNEAPOLIS Wl The Fed- eral Reserve Bank said today several signs suggest that a level- ling off has occurred in this area's business activity. In its month's survey of condi- tions, the bank said the most im- portant factors were continued weakness in farm prices, a growth in business inventories and some reduction in consumer spend- ing. "A better than expected and relatively heavy crop this year coupled with high business activity in urban areas are expected to have a stabilizing effect for the rest of the report went on. A major factor in the current full employment picture has been record ore shipments from the Lake Superior region, with 000 tons moving down the lakes before Sept, 1. prisoners are set forth in the 1951 Code of Military Justice, which also defines procedures for inves- tigating and trying by courtmar- tial former as well as present members of the armed forces. WEATHER FEDERAL FORECAST Winona and Vicinity Clearing and cooler tonight. Generally fair and warmer Saturday. Low tonight 42, high Saturday 72. LOCAL WEATHER Official observations for the 24 hours ending at 12 m. today: Maximum, 85; minimum, 54; noon, 54; precipitation, .18; sun sets tonight at sun rises tomor- row at AIRPORT WEATHER (No. Central Observation) Max. temp. 82 at p. m. Thursday. Low 55 at 7 a. m. to- day. Overcast at feet and visibility 15 miles plus. Noon tem- perature 55, dew point 44. Wind from west at 13 miles per hour. Barometer 29.93 steady and humid- ity 67 per cent. Henry Kruse LOS ANGELES UPI Several hours after Douglas De Vorss. 52, wealthy publisher of metaphysical literature, was shot and killed in his downtown office, Walter Henry Kruse, 53, Minneapolis postman, surrendered to police. Flanked by three attorneys, Kruse gave himself up last night and was booked on suspicion of murder. Kruse's estranged wife, Hazel Mary, 45, was quoted by officers as saying her husband had threat- Battle Raging SAIGON, Indochina (ffl French Viet Nam drive to un- hinge a series of Communist bases in the Red River delta has grown into a bitter battle 30 miles south- east of Hanoi. The attack was launch e d Wednesday morning at Hung Yen, the key to a network of defended villages and towns in the delta which the French command wants I to break up in advance of the I expected Communist drive this I fall. French and Vietminh losses in the operation have been consid- erable during the past 48 hours. An estimated Vietminh are in the delta area, principal French stronghold in Indochina. Indochina Typhoon Fatal to Hundreds SAIGON, Indochina WV-Several hundred Indochinese were believed dead and several hundred thous- and homeless in a typhoon today which struck a 90-mile stretch of the central Indochina coast. The destruction was centered on the ancient Annamite capital of Hue, 325 miles north of Saigon. A typhoon in the same area last year caused deaths and left persons homeless, Time to Help Prison Inmates, Swenson States ST. PAUL "It is time to unlock the doors of Stillwater Prison and treat the inmates as human beings." This statement was made by Edwin T. Swenson, prison warden, at a luncheon meeting of the Ki- wanis Club Friday. ened for years to kill her and one person is responsible their son and daughter. The couple I condition into which the has been married 27 years. Mrs. j prjson has degenerated and no P hniiss-1 jncjividual should take the the warden stated, "but it is our job now to rectify past mistakes and do a rebuilding job which will be a credit to the state." Painter Electrocuted DELAFIELD, Wis. L. Mulder, 26, Des Moines, Iowa, was Kruse was employed as a house-i keeper by De Vorss after his wife, Dorothy, died in childbirth last June. Employes in De Vorss' office told police that Kruse brushed by them and fired three or four shots at the publisher. His secretary, Mrs. Sunny Widen said De Vorss had not met Kruse until last Saturday, when Kruse UnLli lab I OaLUJ. UaV WllCU i" UOt J sought to learn where his wife was electrocuted Thursday as he grab- i Viprt a vnltase wire after losine living. I bed a high voltage wire after losing Mrs'. Kruse told officers her hus-1 his balance while painting a trans band had accused De Vorss of im-! mission tower, pending their reconciliation but that j An employe of the Richardson in reality he had been trying to I Paint Co. of Baraboo, Mulder fell get them back together again. feet from the tower.