Friday, June 9, 1950

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Winona Republican-Herald, The (Newspaper) - June 9, 1950, Winona, Minnesota Fair, Cooler Tonight and Saturday Paper Collection Saturday Starting 1 p. m. VOLUME 50, NO. WINONA, MINNESOTA, FRIDAY EVENING, JUNE EIGHTEEN PAGES REDS GO UNDERGROUND, HOOVER WARNS M cCarthy Demands End of Aid M <V 1 A ff 4 Ouster of Acheson Milwaukee, Joseph McCarthy called today for the removal from office of Secretary of State Dean G. Acheson. In an address prepared "or delivery before the convention of the Republican party of Wisconsin, McCarthy voiced sharp criticism of Acheson, contending he "worked on the team of world strategy to create a Red China and a Red Poland." "The people can not afford to wait until the elections of he said. "As an American not as just a Democrat the President has a duty to remove him. Democratic faces can not be saved if all faces ire lost. Even the Democratic par- ty can not be saved if America TODAY- U. S. Must Take Lead Against Reds By Joseph Alsop Paris This is a time for great- ness in America. Soviet war pre- parations, it is now officially ac- knowledged, will reach their cli- max in 1953-'54. Only American re- sources, only American leadership can rebuild" the defenses of the West in the time that remains. Wis- dom will be needed, as well as courage and self denial, if the grea' Job Is to be done. Wisdom will be especially need- ed because we can only protect ourselves by helping others to pro- tect themselves. There is one sin- gle, predominant danger among all the varied menaces of these peril- ous times. This danger is the ex- istence of a virtual military vacu- um In Western Europe, cheek by jowl with rapidly growing Soviet power. The most pressing task is McCarthy was the keynote speak- er at the convention of ihe volun- tary organization of Republicans assembled to endorse candidates for constitutional state offices and the U. S. Senate. Cites Aid to Reds To Western Europe Hit Truman Cautions U. S. Must Continue Help By Ernest B. Vaccaro Columbia, Mo. President Truman declared today that post- Marshall plan abandonment of aid to Western Europe would be dis- astrous to peace. In a world "full of he declared, the United States must continue its contributions to free nations lest "the Communists move in." He made it clear in an address prepared for graduation exercises McCarthy said that "the Latti-jof the University of Missouri that he is convinced "our vital nation- al interest in a healthy world eco- to fill this vacuum. The best way to understand the sell out. heaviness of American responsible more-Acheson axis served the pur- pose of the Kremlin in delivered millions of people into Communist slavery plus vast areas of land." Owen Lattimore has been accus- ed by McCarthy in Senate speeches of being a Communist. Lattimore has denied the charge. McCarthy added: "Acheson last week notified the world that we would not stand in the way of United Nations' recog- nition of Communist China. Inci- dentally, it is interesting to note that several weeks before he made that statement, Owen Lattimore made a speech in Philadelphia urg- ing the same, identical traitorous ity is simply to examine what must be done in practical terms. Begin- ning at the beginning, something like forty modern, powerful divi- sions are called for to provide a Western European ground defense. Hardly more than four or five com- bat-worthy divisions are available today. And the expense of buying hardware for a new division (omit- ting the extras customary in Amer- ica) is somewhere between and depending on the type of division desired. THUS THE BILL for equipping ground forces will be from to Not even such vague estimates are available of the cost of the radar devices, fighter and other aircraft, anti-air- craft weapons including guided missiles, and all the other weapons that will be required to give West- ern Europe both a strong air (3e- (Contlnued on Page 5, Column ALSOP St. Paul Rape Nabbed October, 1945, to March 1947, Acheson's law firm was re-' talned by the Communist govern- ment of Poland to obtain a 90 mil- lion dollar loan from the United States. The loan was put through and Acheson's firm received a fee of over according to Ache- son's sworn testimony. "Fifty million of that 90 million went to equip and arm the Com- munist army and the dreaded U. B. the Communist secret police just then being set up in Poland. Charges Reds Protected "It was Mr. Acheson who placed the guns, the whips, the black- snakes and the clubs in the hands ol' those Communists." Discussing the Senate investiga- tion of alleged Communism In gov- ernment office, McCarthy said that cases were being "slowly and la- Suspect VYCIC oiuw.ij' anu lev- boriously proven in the face of administration's decision to protect Communists and traitors in gov- ernment at all cost." The senator said he had photo- stats showing that the F.B.I, "gave the State department a detailed chart three years ago showing that there were a total of 124 Soviet agents, Communists, Communist sympathizers and suspects in the State department." nomy" will not end when Marshall plan aid stops in 1952. "You hear a lot of talk .these days to the effect that the world is full of dangers, and that our civilization is heading straight for the President asserted. World Full of Dangers "Of course, the world is full of dangers the world has always been fall of dangers, for people in every country and at every period of history." But' in spite of these dangers, he said, "our civilization need not wind up in disaster." "It can go onto greater heights. Those who are frightened and dis- mayed do not have faith that will use scientific advances for! good ends. They see only the dan- gers in the world not the oppor- tunities." Mr. Truman's speech was part of a program including his being awarded an honorary doctor of laws degree and a membership key in Phi Beta Kappa, the schol-j arship society. He will return to St. Louis this afternoon for a reunion of the 35th division, in which he served in the First World war. The President's speech added up to an implied warning to Russia that the emotions stirred up in this country by foreign policy de- bates do not indicate weakness in a democracy. He explained: "The democratic process is not alway easy. The driver of the motorcycle shown above was hurled nearly 50 feet after a collision with a car on the Mississippi river bridge dike Thursday afternoon. The motorcyclist, 19-year-old William Smaglikof Bluff Siding is in critical condition at the Winona General hospital where he is confined for treatment of a skull fracture and other injuries. Republican-Herald photo Long Senate Session Seen On Rent Curbs By Edwin B. Haakinson grim tug-of- war over extending federal rent controls threatened the Senate with a marathon session today. The determined delaying tactics of Senator Cain (R.-Wash.) brought promise from Democratic Leader _ 'iLucas of Illinois late yesterday that Albert Lea Tot Killed by Tractor Albrt Lea, Minn. Kath- bricklayer as "he slept in hisjleen Joanne Nelson, one year old St. Paul A gunman, frus- trated in a holdup attempt, ab- ducted an 18-year-old St. Paul girl early today, and five hours later police arrested a 35-year-old Eugene. fcelme ranteh aroused and feelings run nign. e wiU keep the 5enators car nearby. was killed Wednesday night when The victim of the abduction told a tractor her father was operating police she was twice raped by the Iran over her. The child was in front of the tractor, hidden from the view of gunman. She Identified the man in custody as her assailant. Two youthful companions of the man, who pleaded with him to leave the girl alone, also identified him as the kidnaper-rapist. Ramsey County Deputy Sheriff Pat McDonald and St. Paul de- tective John Baum, who made the arrest, said the man identified him- self as Carl Eugene Stout of Eu- gene, Ore., and said ho formerly lived in Ashland, Wis. Police said he told them he was en route to Du- luth. The girl was forced to leave the car of Merle Bergloff, 22, as It was parked In a lover's lane on the south shore of Keller lake, north of St. Paul early today. The gun- man approached the car and de- manded money. When told the couple had no money, he ordered them out of the car and demanded that Bergloff let the air out of his car's tires. Navy Plane, 3 Men Down Off Norfolk Norfolk, Navy Grum- man torpedo bomber with a crew of three is down in the Atlantic about 70 miles east of Cape Henry and a massive aerial and surface search is under way. The plane was on antisubmarine training maneuvers with three other craft from the Norfolk naval air station's composite Squadron 24. At p. m. (C.S.T.) the other planes radioed a submarine operat- ing in that area that one had gone down. There was no fire. The sub, the U.S.S. Tigrone, forwarded the S.O.S. to the air station. Senate Group Asks Coffee Price Probe Senate com- mittee today asked a Justice de- partment crack-down on specula- tive trading in coffee. fcelme ran used and feelings run nign. b until voting agreement is But when the shouting is end-reached on a bm to contmue rent ed and the decision is taken, the resulting choice rests on the solid reached on a bill to continue rent ceilings beyond the end of this month. foundation of the common wisdom That mean a of the people." lftst. ling until late tonight and even -all Debates Sign of Strength "Dictators and tyrants, whoi Cain_ a long.time opponent of thought our political debates controiS) told reporters he was cated indecision and weakness, reafl and wming to speak at length have found to their dismay that, J ..._.. instead, those debates are a source and a sign of of wisdom strength." He cited American foreign aid to the democracies after the last war when it "became clear that one nation did not want to help world recovery." Obviously speaking of Soviet Russia, he continued: "Instead, that nation wished to prolong and intensify the mlstery of others, so that it could gain domination over them. The plain her father. Norman Nelson, as he! intent of that nation was to over- started it up. throw the tradition of freedom Surviving besidss her parents are which is shared by our country sisters and five brothers. iand many others." Condition of Cyclist CriticaLAfter Crash A Bluff Siding youth today is in critical condition at the Winona General hospital where he is receiving treatment for serious injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident on the Wisconsin dike road late Thurs- day afternoon Water Board Asks Bids on Trench Digging The board of municipal works afternoon, MS advertising for excavation and Victim of the mishap was William Eugene Smaglik, 19, who suffered trenches for about a possible skull fracture, severe leg cuts and other injuries when the back-fillmg of trenches lor aooui itwo and a half miles of water today, tonight, Saturday and even Monday. His aim is to delay Senate action until the House has voted on a similar control- in I the hope that the measure will have tougher going in the House. Cain said some other he did not name rally to his cause. Senator Saltonstall commented yesterday that several Republicans want to speak on the issue. House leaders have agreed to abandon earlier plans to consider rent controls Monday. Instead the House will wait until the Senate has voted. The Senate and House almost never debate the same bill at the same time, Lucas, now busy with a re-elec- tion campaign, has made it clear to the Senate that he regards the con- tinuance of rent controls as a ma- jor political issue. Senators who attended a closed- door Democratic caucus this week quoted Lucas as saying he consid- ered the rent control issue one of the most important of the session. With Republicans driving hard to unseat seven Democratic senators this year and gain control of the Senate, Lucas apparently has con- vinced some reluctant Democrats to vote with him. Chairman Maybank (D.-S. C.) of the Senate banking committee told a reporter: "We have more than enough votes to pass this if we get motorcycle on which he was riding crashed into an automobile on the approach to the Mississippi river bridge. The accident occurred at p. m. when Smaglik was driving his motorcycle, apparently at high speed, across the dike toward Wi- nona, J. M. George, 209 Washington street, told police that he was en- tering the Wisconsin dike road from the Latsch island underpass. Mr. George that he began to drive ahead when he noticed the approaching motorcycle and stopped the car to allow the ma- chine to pass. Crashes Into Car Smaglik failed to pass the car, however, and crashed into the left front wheel of the automobile. The youth was hurled into the air by the impact and fell against a concrete curb 57 feet from the site of the crash. The cyclist was unconscious when an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital where examination revealed that he had suffered a possible skull fracture and leg in- juries. He was still unconscious at noon today. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Smaglik. The motorcycle on which Smaglik was riding was pinned into the side of the automobile after the crash and Mr. George estimates damage to his car at about The mishap was the most serious traffic accident involving a motor- cycle reported to Winona police thus far this year. At High Speed Other motorists traveling on the dike at the time of the crash, stated that Smaglik was driving at an ex- tremely high speed immediately be- fore the collision. One eyewitness said that he saw the youth hurled 12 feet up into the j air by the impact. The accident was one of two re-, President Truman smiles while walking with Missouri university President Frederick A. Middlebush around the stadium in an acade- mic procession en route to commencement exercises this morning in Columia, Mo., where the President was given an honorary degree. (A.P. Wirephoto to The Republican-Herald.) not too many absentees." Lucas said he is willing to delay the vote until Monday or Tuesday if he can get agreement on a def- inite time. With the objection of a single senator enough to block an agreement, Cain was unwilling to say whether he would ever per- mit a voting time to be set. Both the Senate and House rent measures would continue present federal rent controls for six months. Rent control areas could get an- other six months of controls by asking for them. x Fitchburg Woman Killed by Train Madison, Prank Leiber, 32, town of Fitcbburg, was tilled Thursday night when she was struck by a North Western Railway "400" as she walked home from work at a farm, four miles south of here. Mrs. Leiber was the mother of I three children. Armless, Legless Veteran Married piov k.1110 fcs-K rrTUn a vote at a time when there are Ported to police yesterday. The, not ton manv absentees." other occurred at p. m. Wed- _ nesday and involved a truck driven j Mr and MrSi Jimnly Wilson mains. Commissioners voted yesterday afternoon at their monthly meet- ing in the city building to open bids sometime within the next month for the trenches. The exact date wiU be set shortly. Pipe for the water main exten- sions was purchased by contract late in March. It will be laid by w.iter department crews. The board yesterday also author- ized the National Tank Mainten- ance Corporation, Iowa, to repair and paint the water tank at the pumping station at a cost of Since it is a main- tenance job, no advertising for bids was required, Board Secretary Henry C. Ahrens said. A plumber's license was issued to Hubert John Kramer. A section of pipe, about 300 feet long, is now being laid from, near the Hot Fish shop to the end of the line coming down the Sugar Loaf hill. This line, which has laid in the ground for many years, was found to be in good shape, and runs by most of the houses in Sugar Loaf. It was used when the brewery pumped water to the residences. ACTIVITIES INCREASING F.B.I. Head Says Communists Centered In Strategic Areas By Jerry Kern Washington J. Edgar Hoover has told Congress that U. S. Communists are going under- ground, and that there are more subversive activities in this coun- try than "at any period during the last world war." "Communism today is at a great- er height in the United States than either Nazism of Fascism was" during World War H. the F.B.I, director said. What's more, he add- ed, it is centered in strategic areas and in strategic industries. In tes- timony before a congressional com- mittee, Hoover said: "Forty-eight per cent of the membership of the Communist par- ty is in the basic industry of this country. In this manner they would be able to sabotage essential in- dustry in vital defense areas in the event of a national emergency. In Industrial Areas "Our investigations disclose that Communist activities are most pro- nounced in such strategic industrial areas as New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California and Michigan. "Communist efforts toward infil- tration have been intensified in basic industries vital to our secur- ity such as steel, heavy machin- ery, mining, communications, transportation, the electrical Indus- try and the .maritime Industry." Hoover's statements were mads to a senate appropriations -subcom- mittee in testimony released last night. He reported that the recent trial of 11 Communist party leaders In New York prompted party mem- bers to institute a security pro- gram of their including an investigation of the party's own I executive committee. Work on Orfanliatlon "The trend has been toward the perfection of a highly-developed underground apparatus and cen- tralization of Communist party op- Hoover said. In his testimony, which was tak- en by the committee several weeks ago, Hoover linked American Com- munism with 'foreign espionage. Hoaver put the number of actual Communist party members in this country at However, he said: "Hie fact remains that the party leaders themselves boast that for every member there are ten others who follow the party line and who are ready, willing and able to do the party's work. "In other words, there is a po- tential fifth column of peo- ple dedicated to this philosophy." Gold, Two Others Indicted As Spies Washington A Brooklyn grand jury today indicted Harry Gold, Philadelphia chemist, and two unidentified persons on charges of atom spying against the United States. The indictment was announced here by the Justice department. In addition to Gold, the indict- ment named "John Doe, alias 'John' and Richard Roe, alias and asserted that "the true and correct names" of these persons were un- known to the jurors. Gold was arrested at Philadelphia last May 23. Senate Passes 247 Bills In Afternoon Session By Arthur Edson the Sen- ate wants to, it can pass bills like fury. Of course, it doesn't often want to. Yesterday it wanted to. The Senate decided he should be given special permission to stay in this country. Here again the House and Mr. Truman still must give their okay. On a day like in four hours and one-half the jit's known as "calendar Senate whipped through 241 bills, (legislation supposedly is noncon- In one "inspired minute, between jtroversiaL by Robert Dzwonkowski, 852 East Third street i when it struck the auto toward parked car owned by Whiff. The moon today. Sparta man estimates damage tOj xhe 25-year-old ex-Army ser- his car at while the truck was j not damaged in the accident. a Canadian honey- shaking importance, naturally. jone says anything, Vice-President But they may be important toiBarkley says the bill has passed. the individual concerned. j In order to expedite matters, no Take Lyon P. Hibberd of route'senator may talk more than five geant who lost his hands and feet in a wartime bomber crash was WEATHER FEDERAL FORECASTS Winona and vicinity: Fair and cooler tonight, lowest 52. Saturday generally fair and quite cool, high- est 70. LOCAL WEATHER Official observations for the 24 hours ending at 12 m. today: Maximum, 87; minimum, 65; noon, 75; precipitation, .34; sun sets to- night at sun rises tomorrow at Additional weather on page 3. wed last night to Dorothy Morten- son, his classroom sweetheart. After a brief reception they head- ed for Canada with Wilson at the wheel. Afterward, they will go to Boulder, Colo., where the bride- groom will enter the University of Colorado law college. The twilight ceremony was a gay bothering nobody. Came an enlisted man from Fort, Knox, Ky., driving a government truck on official business. He pop- ped into Hibberd's car, damaging other five minutes of speech-mak- affair with no overtones of the tragedy that crippled Wilson six years ago when his bomber smash- ed into a Vermont mountainside. The nuptial pair, smiling broad- ly, dispelled any tension or con- cern among the 300 guests. four, Elizabethtown, Ky. driving happily along the Senator Flanders had a (speech he wanted to make on peace. So he'd talk for five minutes, then sit down. Ten or 15 minutes later, he'd get up and let go with an- ll, to the tune of The Senate handed down the ver- dict: Pay that man Hibberd still is quite a way from trncle Sam's cash register. The House must pass the bill, and Presi- dent Truman must sign it, before it's a law of the land. Or take the case of Dr. Ta Fu Wu. He's a Chungking, China, boy who is making good at St. Anne's hos- pital in Fall River, Mass. ing. Senator Lucas (D.-H1.) broke in to point out how much business remained before the Senate, and added: "No one is more interested in peace than I am. But I doubt if we're going to get it this after- noon." That didn't bother Flanders: He kept bobbing up. On his fourth try, he made it to the end.